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					                                                                         CHECK REQUEST

Complete all areas shaded in yellow, staple original documentation, and forward to Accounts
Payable. CHECK REQUEST VOUCHERS are commonly used to pay the following
expenditures: subscriptions, dues, registration fees, and for prepayment of

                                                                                              Voucher No: __________________________
TRAVEL <$2500.00. This form may not be used for Travel Reimbursement Purposes.
 Travelers should use the Travel Reimbursement Form.

City, State, Zip:
Telephone #:
Fax #:
Soc. Sec # or Tax ID #:
* Please do not abbreviate.

Account Number:
Object Code:

Justification for Check Request:

  Initiated By & Date:
  Dept. Head or Dean
  Approval & Date:

                                   FOR ACCOUNTS PAYABLE USE ONLY

           Vendor #                   Invoice #           Payable Date            Amount


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