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									                  CAREER RESEARCH POWERPOINT

Directions: Create and present a PowerPoint presentation based upon the Career
Research worksheet 1.1.2.A1. The purpose of this presentation is to inform the class
about the chosen occupation. Refer to the topics listed below for the required elements to
be included in the PowerPoint presentation.

Slide topics:
_____Title slide (occupation, name, and date)
_____Educational requirements
_____Cost (breakdown i.e.: tuition, housing, fees)
_____Nature of work
_____Working conditions
_____Job outlook
_____Advantages/disadvantages to the career
_____Debt (total that you will have to borrow)

                    Exemplary           Satisfactory        Unsatisfactory    Rati   Weight   Score
                          3                   2                   1           ng
Information     Discussed all of     Only eight to       Seven or fewer of               3
                the listed topics.   nine of the         listed topics are
                                     listed topics are   discussed.

Effectiveness   Clearly prepared     Seemed              Not prepared to                 3
of              and thoroughly       prepared and        present.
Presentation    explained each       explained each      Participant was
(Preparednes    slide leaving the    slide; however,     vague and brief
s)              class with a clear   was sometimes       when explaining
                understanding of     vague on the        the slides.
                the career.          details.
Quality of      All slides are       Only seven to       Six or less of the              3
Slides          creatively           eight of the        slides include
                designed using       slides are          little creativity
                color and            creatively          and/ or the slides
                animation. They      designed using      are difficult to
                are easy to read.    color and           read.
                                     animation and
                                     are easy to read.
Attire        Business attire    Casual business    General attire was              2
              was worn           attire was worn,   worn which was
              displaying a       but some           not appropriate
              professional look. aspects of         for the audience
                                 appearance         (jeans, shorts, t-
                                 were not           shirt, etc).
Speaking      Speaks clearly     Speaks clearly     Often mumbles or                3
Skills        and distinctly     and distinctly     cannot be
              100% of the time. most of the time    understood more
              Mispronounces      85%-95%.           than 85% of the
              no words and       Mispronounces      time.
              uses complete      a few words or
              sentences.         occasionally
                                 does not use
Posture and   Stands straight    Sometimes          Slouches and or                 3
Eye Contact   up. Looks          stands up          does not look at
              relaxed, and looks straight and       audience during
              confident.         establishes eye    the presentation.
              Establishes eye    contact with the
              contact with the   audience.
              audience during
              the presentation.
                                                                         Poin   Total
                                                                         ts     available
                                                                         Earn   51

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