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									Executive Summary & Covering Letter

Dear Sir,

With effective people skills and a rather contagious excitement about the opportunities IT
provides to empower the management and teams in an organization, I am adept to
streamline the business process with the help of IT tools and infrastructures, and selling
ideas to upper management, staff and clients alike.

I have developed IT strategy, and shared technology visions to lead the IT focus of
numerous small, medium and large sized organizations. I have managed my budgetary
resources, my people and their skills, and my own hands-on skills, to achieve a
consistent run of IT projects alongside ongoing support and help desk services in
various business environments.

I have achieved agreed objectives within organizations of demanding staff and
management (my customers). I am obsessive about delivering high standards of service
and satisfaction, to my customers with a smile.

My last few roles are somewhat out of step with my previous IT management and
finance career and will need some explanation!

As you will see from the details in my curriculum vitae, although I have considerable
experience in Business Analyst, IT Management, Project Management and ERP
Implementation including IT Infrastructure projects and software design and
development, I also have seven years experience in finance including analysis Trial
Balance, Income Statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow and management reporting.

I feel that I would be able to make a significant contribution to your company's
management team.

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Aziz
Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.
Mobile  (+966) 50 2289403
Curriculum Vitae

Abdul Aziz
Present Address:     Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.
                     Mobile  (+966) 50 2289403

Career Objective

Seek new challenges in IT sector which effectively utilizes my professional experience and skills.

Career Profile
Diverse experienced and goal-oriented IT Manager / ERP Consultant and with over eighteen years
experience and a demonstrated track record of leading the IT and financial functions of manufacturing,
trading and service industry. Recognized for ability to identify continues change actions to reduce cost,
enhance quality, and increase margins. Responsibilities includes in Project Management, IT Infrastructures
and planning.

Implement modern integrated ERP systems, Oracle Applications R11i, R11 and R10.7, Interface design,
Systems Analysis & Design, and led Financial Applications for finance Division or Departments. Recent
experience includes Business Process and Process Re-Engineering; implement Oracle Applications R11i
Financial, Human Resource, Supply Chain Management and System Design and Development.

Key Strengths

   Business Process and Re-Engineering.                     Planning and Controlling.
   Leadership.                                              Cost Reduction.
   Project Management.                                      Business Object XI
   ERP Application Implementation.                          System Design and Development.

Management Philosophy

In today's competitive world, the best way to ensure organizational success is to delight the customer.
Today’s customers -- and tomorrow’s -- want responsiveness, low cost and high quality. If a company does
not meet or exceed the customer’s needs, their competitor will.

It’s no longer enough for employees to simply "embrace" change: continuous improvement must become a
way of doing business, where people actively seek improvements and where systems and processes
support and drive initiative. Trust is the key. The work environment must be such that people work without
fear, within a culture that encourages pride in both personal and organizational accomplishments.

    Business Process and Process Re-Engineering

        Reduced new bill of material (BOM) cycle time from several days to one day and improved BOM
         accuracy to 100%.
        Reduced the inventory holding cost and re-engineer purchasing process with implement economic
         order quantity (EOQ) methodology.
        Developed a financial modeling system to evaluate multiple "what-if" scenarios; system reduced
         forecast and budget preparation time by 80%, increased process accuracy, and improved staff's
         awareness of actions needed to reach company objective and goals.

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Curriculum Vitae

       Implemented automated financial systems, reducing annual operational cost 20% approx and
        enhancing accuracy and timeliness.

       Led several cross-functional activities teams and coached team members, as appropriate, to
        develop skills and confidence in their ability to examine work processes, create solutions, and
        measure improvements.
       Communicated with managers and coordinated the financial and business reporting of different
        locations to consolidate financial data.
       Facilitated numerous learning programs on new reporting systems (Business Intelligence).
       Enhance accounts payable to facilitate transition from cost centers to profit centers, and trained
        employees in the new system.

    Project Management

       Analyzing Business Requirements.
       Process Flow Definition and Documentation.
       Scope Management and Control.
       Requirements Definition.
       Business Process and Gap Analysis.
       Project Risk Assessment and Financial Analysis.
       On-Time Quality Deliverable and Customer Satisfaction.
       Team Building and Control.
       Full Life Cycle of Application Implementation.
       Business Case Proposition Development.
       Manage External Consultants.
       Data Conversion Specifications.
       End User Training and Sign-off.

    ERP Applications Implementation
       I have performed my responsibilities in Business Analysis, Systems Analysis & Design, and
        Implemented and upgraded Oracle Applications Release 11i and 11 for leading companies in Saudi
        Arabia (Savola Group, Saudi Telecommunication, and Arabian Cement Company) and Microsoft
        Great Plains.
       Implement oracle financials (Genral Ledger, Fixed Assets, Receivable, Payable and Cash
       Implement procure-to-pay cycle.
       Implement order-to-cash cycle.
       Supervise oracle supply chain (Inventory and Purchases) project.
       Supervise oracle human resource (Human Resource, Payroll and iRecuretment) project.
       Supervise to implement Microsoft Great Plains.

    Planning and Controlling
       Structure processing, design IT departmental organization structure and find out future
       Streamline and preparation of job description for feture highring and current employees, to ensure
        and distribute the work load between the IT team members.
       Quarterly review the IT team performance and set it up competetion between the team member for
        obtain better results and out put.

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Curriculum Vitae

    Cost Reduction

       Reduced the inventory holding cost with implement economic order quantity (EOQ) methodology to
        avoid the un-necessary block the cash in inventory.

       Reduce the daily business operational cost, to introduce the IT business automated systems.
       Reduce the product cost of B.O.P.P. films through: to stream line manufacturing process and
        enhance the wastage recycling process to achieve the annual goals.

    Business Object XI

       Business Analysis and design including business data modal.
       Universe designing with drill down capabilities.
       Web Intelligence XI 3.0 - Report Design.
       Crystal Report 2008 – Report Design.
       Design Interactive Dashboard through Xcelsius 2008.
       Business Object Administration, Security and Installation.

    System Design and Development

       I adopt phase approach of system development life cycle and manage from design phase to
        operation phase. I design below the following Business Applications / Software’s.
            o      Hospital Management System (Latest)
            o      Financials.
            o      Supply chain
            o      Human Resource and Payroll
            o      Manufacturing / Product Manufacturing and costing.

Technical Skills

Oracle Technologies

ORACLE APPLICATION:               Oracle Applications – R11i, R11 and R10.7.
                                  Financial, HRMS, Supply Chain and Training Administration.
METHODOLOGY:                      Oracle AIM
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE:            Business Objects Enterprise 3.1 and Microsoft Business Intelligence.
DATABASE:                         Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, 8, and V7.
CASE TOOL:                        Erwin.
ORACLE TOOLS:                     Oracle Forms (10g, 9i R2, 6i), Oracle Enterprise Manager.
APPLICATION SERVER:               Oracle 10g R2, 9i (R2 and R1) and Oracle Portal.
REPORTING TOOLS:                  Oracle Reports (R10g, 9i, 6i), and Crystal Reports.
OPERATING SYSTEMS:                IBM AIX, Unix and Red Hat Linux.

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Curriculum Vitae

Microsoft Technologies

APPLICATION:                         Microsoft Great Plains.
DATABASE:                            SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000
CASE TOOL:                           Microsoft Visio
LANGUAGES:                           C# .Net, Visual Basic .Net
DEVELOPMENT TOOL:                    Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005
REPORTING TOOLS:                     SQL Server Business Intelligence and Crystal Reports.
WEB TECHNOLOGY:                      ASP.Net and Web Services
OPERATING SYSTEMS:                   Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0.


   Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance.
    Central Pacific University

   Masters of Computer Sciences (MCS).
    The International University

   Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com).
    Karachi University

Diploma and Trainings

   Oracle Siebel CRM on Demand.
    Oracle University

   Diploma in Computer Sciences (DCS).
    Academy of Business Computers

   Oracle Financials R11, R10.7 - Applied Technology, GL, AP and AR.
    Jaffer Brothers (Pvt.) Limited

   Oracle Programming - SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Reports.
    Inter-Soft (Pvt.) Limited


   Internal Audit (IA) … Risk Management (RM) … Integration NOT Fragmentation
   Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Balance scorecards.
   Principle of Self Management.

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Curriculum Vitae

Career History

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CENTER – Jeddah-Saudi Arabia (Hospital)                                 11/05 – To date

Application Manager

I am playing my role in International Medical Center (IMC) as a Business Process Specialist, I am actively
involved to identify cross-department process issues and meet up with department chiefs (Finance, Material
Management, HR and TQM etc. etc.) rationalize the business process for implement the future HIS system
to fulfill the daily business operations.

        Prepare half-yearly Management Reporting.
        Design new financial model and business structure for hospital industry which covers cost center,
         profit center and inter-hotpital automated transactions for future software design and enhancement.
        Design and implenent Available to Promise (ATP) and Backorder process in existing supply chain
        Business Intelligence Software (Business Object and Microsoft BI) for implement hospital wide
         KPI’s and Balance Scorecards.
        Co-Ordinate Strategic Management and Quality Control Department for identify the operational
         KPI’s and implement into the business intelligence software.
        Lookafter Genral Ledger, Fixed Assets, Receivable, Payable, Cash Management, Sales, Inventory,
         Purchases, Human Resource and Payroll applications.
        Co-ordinate with HR department for payroll and validate monthly payroll before management

    IT Projects

            Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (Business Objects XI).
            Data Center Upgrade.
            Content Management and Data Archiving.
            KAUST Clinical Application Implementation (Project Planning).
            Supply Chain process Improvement.
            Financial Process Improvements including Responsibilities Center.
            Oracle Applications Health Check and Improvements.

I also assist Chief Information Officer / IT Director to develop the strategies for IT department and
business units.

AL-KHALEEJ COMPUTERS – Riyadh-Saudi Arabia            (I.T Company)                                9/00 – 8/05

Oracle Application Consultant

I have performed my responsibilities in Business Analysis, Systems Analysis & Design, Database Design
and Implemented and upgraded Oracle Applications Release 11i and 11 for leading companies in Saudi
Arabia (Savola Group, Saudi Telecommunication, and Arabian Cement Company) and Microsoft Great

Designed Business Applications for one of the leading Sweets manufacturer company (Saadeddin Sweets).
Applications was developed in Oracle 9i database and 9i developer suite, this application consist of (General
Ledger, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Manufacturing, and Application Security) modules.

Designed Vehicle Management System (VMS) for Saudi Telecommunication Company, system was
developed in Oracle 9i database and 6i forms and reports. VMS integrated with Oracle Human Resourse
Management and Oracle Inventory Modules. Provided consultancy service for the following client.

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Curriculum Vitae

1. Qanawat Operation Company – Riyadh

I was involved in implementation of Microsoft Great Plains in Qanawat Company (Distributors of Sims and
Re-Charge Card for Mobily Telecommunication a member of Itehad Itesalat), during implementation period I
worked with coure implementation team and finalize the business process, Chart of Accounts, HR Procss
flow etc.

After successful implementation I provide the support for three months are the following modules.

        General Ledger
        Sales and Receivables
        Inventory
        Human Resource and Payroll

2. The Saudi Telecommunication Company – Riyadh

I worked as a team member and performed my responsibilities including business analysis using the oracle
AIM methodology. I Implemented / upgraded Oracle Training Administration (OTA) and filled the gap
between OTA and STC business process through custom interfaces. Interface was created as per Oracle
Application Standards, and OTA also integrated with Oracle HRMS, Oracle Self Service Modules and
Document Management Systems.

Designed the following functionalities and registered in Oracle Training Administration Module.

        Maintain Objective, Goals, Strategies and Initiatives.
        Maintain SWOT and SWOT Analysis.
        Training Needs Identification.
        Training Budgets.
        Job Task and Task Analysis.

3. The Savola Group – Jeddah

I worked as a team member and performed my responsibilities including business analysis using the oracle
AIM methodology. I implemented, upgraded and uploaded the data into Oracle Applications general ledger,
payable and receivable modules from R11 to R11i and also designed custom forms and reports. we used
Oracle Application form template to create new functionalities.

Design corporate dashboard for top management, dashboards includes, KPI’s, stock exchange rates,
emails, and messengers.

4. Arabian Cement Company – Jeddah

I worked as a team member and performed my responsibilities including business analysis using the oracle
AIM methodology. I was engaged to implement Oracle Cash Management (CM) R11 in Arabian Cement
Company. CM module was integrated in Oracle Receivable and Payable modules. After successful
implementation I wrote user training manual and conducted end user training.

5. Saadeddin Sweet Company – Riyadh

I performed my responsibilities in Saadeddin Sweets as a project Manager of financial applications. I
analysized the business and its processes, designed solutions in terms of automated procedures,
applications integrated with other remote sites in the Kingdom.

Saadeddin Business Applications was developed in Oracle 9i database and 9i developer suite. I installed 9i
database Release-2 and Application Server Release-1 on Windows 2000 Advance Server environment.
Business applications consisted of the following modules.

        General Ledger
        Sales
        Purchases and Inventory
        Fixed Assets

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Curriculum Vitae

        Manufacturing
        Application Security System.

General Ledger and Sales modules integrated with Point of sales system (8 Branches in Riyadh).

6. The Saudi Telecommunication Company – Riyadh

I worked as a team member and designed Vehicle Management System. VMS intgrated in Oracle Human
Resourse Management and Oracle Inventory Modules. For VMS development we used Database 9i,
Application Server 9i and forms 6i tools. VMS has the following components / modules.

        Vehicle Management.
        Insurance Management.
        Fuel Management and Maintenance Management.

GUL AHMED TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED - Karachi – Pakistan           (Manufacturer)                     8/98 – 9/00

Software Engineer

During the association with Gul Ahmed I performed two major roles / responsibilities 1. Implemented Oracle
Applications R11and 2. Oracle Application Database Administrator under the umbrella of ERP Software

Achievements - Oracle Application Implementer

I was actively involved in implementation of oracle financial release 11, during implementation period I
worked with Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu team.

I studied the current business process of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills used Oracle AIM methodology, and
finalized the future business process with Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu team, created new chart of account in
Oracle General Ledger and created reports through FSG (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet etc.). After
successful implement of general ledger I was involved in implementation of Payables and Receivables

Achievements - Customization of Oracle Applications:

Customized oracle financial existing reports and also prepared new reports in developer 2000 and
registered in oracle application. I have good knowledge of oracle applications tables and internal structure.
Uploaded other sites data in Oracle Application with the help of Application Desktop Integrator (ADI).

Achievements - Applications Database Administrator:

After successful implement Oracle Applications I performed my responsibilities as an Application Database
Administrator. Following task was performed during the tenure.

   Manage Application Users and Responsibilities.
   Manage Network Printers.
   Backup and Recovery (Database and Operating System Level).
   Monitor database performance and table-spaces.
   Install Application Patches.
   Install test and vision instances for testing purposes.
   Upload other sites data.

STARSOFT (PRIVATE) LIMITED – Karachi - Pakistan          (I.T Consultancy Company)               11/97 – 8/98

Software Engineer

Analyzed the Organization, project management and provide Hardware, Softwares and Network solutions to
the clients during the association. Supervise projects developed in Visual Basic, Oracle database and
Developer 2000 tools. Provided consultancy service for the following client.

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Curriculum Vitae

1. Al-Murtaza Trading Company – Karachi

I performed my responsibilities as a Project Manager and provided the solution to the client, designed and
developed General Ledger in Oracle database and developer 2000 tools.

2. Barret & Hodson Pharmaceutical – Karachi

I performed my responsibilities as a Project Manager and provided the solution to the client, designed and
developed Inventory Management System and Production System. System was developed in Visual Basic
Language and SQL Server Databases.

ASSOCIATION OF ACCOUNTING TECHNICIANS OF PAKISTAN-Karachi– Pakistan               (Institute)       7/96 – 11/97

System Analyst

I established I.T. department in the organization during the tenure I provided complete IT solutions including
Hardware, Softwares and analyzed the organization recommended the solutions in terms of manual and
automated procedures, designed, and implemented education systems (Student Information System,
Student Examination System and Association Member Information system) all of the system was developed
in Visual Basic Language and Access Database.

 METAPLAST (PRIVATE) LIMITED - Karachi - Pakistan             (Manufacturer)                     12/94 – 6/96

Accountant - Department: Finance

Supervised Finance & Accounts Department and reported to the financial controller. My major
responsibilities are as under.

        Prepare financial statements (quarterly basis).
        Analysis of financial statements (quarterly basis).
        Prepare budget and budget variance analysis reports.
        Product costing for B.O.P.P films.
        Supervise Monthly reconciliations with customers and suppliers.
        Maintain cash positions and manage supplier payments as per cash inflow.
        Supervise Monthly bank reconciliation.
        Manage external auditors for annual audit and provide the financial statements, working schedules
         / papers in order to complete the audit process.
        Participate management meetings and highlight the issues.
        Manage and supervise income tax and sales tax maters.
        Supervise and Maintain store inventory records of raw material, packing material, finished goods
         and spare parts.
        Monitor daily cash and bank positions.
        Co-ordinate HR and admin department for monthly payroll process.
        Supervise and developed of the company IT function to meet the needs of the business and
        Performs all other related duties and ad hock assignments.

THE KIDNEY CENTER - Karachi – Pakistan                   (Hospital / Service Provider)              1/92 – 2/94

Assistant Accountant - Department: Finance

I assisted, the Assistant Finance Manager and Finance Manager, during the tenure my major responsibilities
are as under.

        Prepare daily voucher i.e. payable, receivable, cash payment, bank payment and journal voucher
         with monthly adjustments.

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Curriculum Vitae

        Vouchers enter and post into computerized general ledger and validate the accounts on monthly
        Prepare quarterly, half yearly and yearly management reporting including financial statements
         under the supervision of finance manager.
        Co-ordinate external auditor for yearly audit under the supervision of finance manager, and provide
         the financial statements, working schedules / papers in order to complete the audit process.
        Monitor store inventory records and spare parts.
        Monthly reconciliation of Revenues, pharmacy store, inventory store and cafeteria items.
        Design and developed the software’s to full fill the IT function for the finance department.
        Co-ordinate administration department for monthly payroll process.

For six (6) months I performed the responsibility as an Acting Finance Manager, and I reported to the
administrator and board of directors, I controlled and supervise the finance department with the strength of
eight (8) peoples; I controlled all financial activities except Legal matters. Following were the responsibilities
as an acting finance manager.

        Supervise all above mentioned activities.
        Monitor daily cash and bank positions.
        Maintain cash positions and manage supplier payments as per cash inflow.
        Prepare annual budget, and monthly budget variance reports.
        Manage donation and zakat related activities and accounts.
        Monitor income tax matters.
        Participate monthly management meetings.

Personal Information
Father Name:                Abdul Khaliq (Late)
Nationality:                Pakistani
Date of Birth:              March 31, 1967
Marital Status:             Married
Current Sponsor:            International Medical Center (IMC).
Iqama Status:               Transaferable

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