The Best Practice pre-configured Microsoft EPM Solution by walterray


									The Best Practice
Microsoft ® EPM Solution

   Pre-configured Microsoft® EPM Solution
  ƒƒ                                                               contains over ten years of Corporate Project Solutions’
   Populated with Best Practice forms, views & documents
  ƒƒ                                                               experience and lessons learned from hundreds of EPM
   Supports PRINCE2™ & other methodologies
  ƒƒ                                                               implementations. CPS’ EPMoffice is designed for organisations
   Provides controlled project initiation
  ƒƒ                                                               wishing to advance project management maturity levels.
   Create plans from multiple templates
  ƒƒ                                                               EPMoffice supports both project teams looking for a simple
   Standardised reporting
  ƒƒ                                                               repository of project management information to large
                                                                   businesses attempting to direct global programmes.
EPMoffice for Microsoft® Project Server 2007 enables all
members of the portfolio, programme and project team to:           Modular in nature, EPMoffice can be used to support some or
                                                                   all project management processes within an organisation. As a
   Initiate projects through a controlled process
  ƒƒ                                                               minimum, EPMoffice can be used to provide a structured
   Create project plans based on templated elements
  ƒƒ                                                               initiation process for projects and a simple register of project
   Collaborate more effectively on risks, issues, other list
  ƒƒ                                                               risks and issues. More sophisticated forms for project highlight
   based items and documents                                       reports are also available along with centralised electronic
   Utilise industry best practice
  ƒƒ                                                               project auditing to ensure project quality. EPMoffice is fully
   Create template driven highlight reports – removing the
  ƒƒ                                                               configurable to meet individual organisations’ project
   need to re-enter data (optional)                                management information requirements.
   Audit projects to ensure quality data and adherence to
   best practice (optional)                                        •	 Benefits
                                                                     ƒƒCollaborate more effectively through a single repository
Projects are often initiated and executed within rudimentary         ƒƒSubstantially reduce time spent compiling project
frameworks that while successful, when not supported by an             summaries, milestone status, issue, risk, product status or
enabling technology, are not necessarily efficient or effective.       change reports
                                                                     ƒƒManage knowledge and learning across projects
CPS’ EPMoffice provides for the efficient implementation of          ƒƒDemonstrable project management cost savings
robust PM processes and supporting technologies. EPMoffice           ƒƒDirect, drive and support PRINCE2™ and other methodologies
                                                                                  •	 Features
                                                                                    ƒƒPowerful yet simple project management workflows
                                                                                      to support projects from initiation using templates
 Standard Sharepoint workspaces for each project, pre-configured with best            and forms.
 practice forms, views and documents.
                                                                                    ƒƒExtended project collaboration with Microsoft®
                                                                                      Windows SharePoint Services and integrates with
                                                                                      Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
                                                                                    ƒƒUser defined security / access controls
                                                                                    ƒƒMajor / minor document and list version management
                                                                                    ƒƒApproval histories
                                                                                    ƒƒTrack actions around any project document
                                                                                    ƒƒE-mail notification and RSS feeds
                                                                                    ƒƒCompletely embedded within Microsoft® Office Project
                                                                                      Server 2007
                                                                                    ƒƒModular and customisable

                                                                                  •	 Options
                                                                                     CPS Highlight Report
                                                                                     Automated Project Highlight Reporting to Microsoft®
 Templated risk forms and registers support risk management at a task, project,
 programme and portfolio level.                                                      Word. Extract data from project schedules, SharePoint
                                                                                     sites and other data sources and present the data in
                                                                                     configurable template based Word documents.

                                                                                  •	 Project Auditor
                                                                                     Project Auditor allows project managers or project
                                                                                     office staff to easily report on either a single or a
                                                                                     selection of projects, highlighting where projects are
                                                                                     non-compliant against standard pre-defined best-
                                                                                     practice audit checks.

                                                                                  For further information, contact CPS
                                                                                  Tel:   +44 (0)1628 895600
 Pre-configured project initiation process provides a standard form for project
 creation using one or more templated plans.

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