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					…it’s all about Results!

                   ….it’s all about Results!
     The World of
Telephone Service will
 never be the same…

-Break-up of Ma Bell
-Telecom Act of 1996
-Telecom Industry Failures
-Mergers & Acquisitions

                    ….it’s all about Results!
    Telecom Industry Status


    Multiple Rates, Tariffs, Contracts
    (Total Confusion)

   Constant Technology Changes

   Mergers and Bankruptcies

   Constant Change among providers
   (WorldCom, Qwest, Global Crossing,

  Thousands of disparate billing
platforms resulting in extensive billing

                                  ….it’s all about Results!
     Major Service Provider

360networks        Neon Communications
Aleron             Pangea
Carrier 1          Sigma Networks
Digital Teleport   Sphera
Ebone/GTS          Storm Telecommunications
Enron Broadband    Teleglobe
FLAG Telecom       Telergy
Global Crossing    Velocita
GST                Viatel
Iaxis              Williams Communications
Impsat             WINfirst

                             ….it’s all about Results!
                Industry Headlines!!

WorldCom CEO                           Corporate Corruption Could Cost

Convicted of over $11B                 $35 Billion Over Next Year,

fraud claim…80 years in jail           Researchers Say
                                                   - Dow Jones Business News
               - Financial Times

   SEC Files Charges Against
                                              Qwest's debt cut to
   Adelphia Insiders,
                                              junk status by Moody's
   Founders Arrested
                                                          - Financial Times
       -The Securities & Exchange

                                   WorldCom's Former Financial Chief
                                   Pleads Guilty to Fraud
    Global Crossing Extends                        - Dow Jones Business News

    Auction Date by a Week
                    -Global Crossing
                                                        ….it’s all about Results!
                   Industry Headlines!!

NorVergence announces                     AT&T announces 27,000 layoff
massive layoff prior to                                   - Feb 04 – Forbes Magazine
bankruptcy filing.                               AT&T announces 7,000 layoff
                         July 04                                WSJ Oct 04

  SPRINT announces 16,000                          MCI shuts down US call
  layoff                                           center in Sioux City
         -March 04 – Wallstreet Journal                 - June 04 - Financial Times
                                                        Verizon to acquire MCI
AT&T and BellSouth                                                   WSJ Apr ‘05
walk away from Merger                Verizon announces 6700 forced
   -Jun ’04v Wallstreet Journal      reduction in workforce
                                                 - July 04 - Dow Jones Business News

                                                 SBC To Lay Off 25,000 in 2005
                                                             Aug ’05 Wall Street Journal
 SBC Announce Acquisition of AT&T
                   Oct ‘05 Wall Street Journal

                                                               ….it’s all about Results!
          Industry Trends
$13 Billion in Overcharges , annually

Less than 2% of billing errors are found
and reported to their carriers by customers
                        - Telcore Holdings USA
                        National Research 2002

                                ….it’s all about Results!
   Why Are Billing Systems So
Local Network
  Local Loop
  Bypass providers

IntraLata Networks
   Local Toll Networks

InterLata Networks
   Long-Distance Networks

International Long-Distance Networks

Wireless Networks

                               ….it’s all about Results!
      Over 1 Billion Lines
      Programming Code
      Support Telecom Tariffs
This sets the stage for thousands of Service
      Order and Billing Errors, Daily

                               ….it’s all about Results!
                Telecom Confusion

Basic Communicators   Data Network   Accessories      Connectivity
                                                      Twisted Pair
                                                        Co Axial
                                                         Cat V

               Business Communications Requirements
                                               ….it’s all about Results!
                Telecom Confusion

Basic Communicators   Data Network   Accessories      Connectivity
                                                      Twisted Pair
                                                        Co Axial
                                                         Cat V

               Business Communications Requirements
                                               ….it’s all about Results!
About RMH Telecom Consultants
         We optimize our Client’s
         businesses by delivering
          objective, professional
            Independent services
     LargestconsultingTelecom Consulting
Organization in Southeast U.S.
   We are an Independent Telecommunications
   Consulting Firm. We have no affiliation with
any Vendor        WE LOOK OUT FOR YOU!

    Telecommunications Expenses under
         RMH Telecom Management
                $50.7 Million +
  RMHTC is Scalable to handle accounts with
multiple sites including, MS, TN, SC & OK Trial
Lawyers Associations, First National Bankers’
Bank, Singing River Hospitals, GA Baptist
Childrens’ Homes among many others
                                  ….it’s all about Results!
About RMH Telecom Consultants
  RMH Telecom Consultants has a
   high probability of reducing its
     Clients’ Telecom Expenses.
      90% of the time we reduce
     Telecom Expenses by 20-50%

  RMHTC is affiliated with a national network of
 190 Independent Consultants across North America.

 Collectively we have over 5,200 years of Telecom
 Experience and currently we are supporting over
 10,800 Clients.

                                  ….it’s all about Results!
              What RMH Offers
               CORE SERVICES
             Expense Optimization
    Objective, Expert Analysis and Recommendations
    to Reduce Telecom Expenses:
        Wireless (Cellular / Pagers)
        Long Distance
        Local Line Services
        Data Network
        Internet Connectivity
        Yellow-pages Advertising

   Recovery of Billing Errors Natl. Studies found
   80% of telecom bills have errors (Source:
Gartner Group Feb 2002

   Implementation of Recommendations
                                        ….it’s all about Results!
                                                            Service Providers

                                                                                                         RMH Telecom

           Optimum Business Decisions & Expense Reduction

                                                              Critical Telecommunications Information
                                                                                                           Rates & Tariffs

WIRELESS                                                                                                Optimum Configuration
                                                                                                             Least Cost


   Unbiased Service Analysis Results!
                       ….it’s all about
                     RMTC Expense Optimization

               Client makes
               GO/NO GO
               Decision ….

  Phase 1                      Phase 2                     Phase 3

                               Implement                 Look for
Reconcile Records &            Recommendations
Recover Billing Errors
                                                      Additional Savings

Optimize Expenses
Prepare Least Cost
Optimum Solution

                               Prepare Monthly             Telecom
                               Validation Reports          Infrastructure

          90% of our Clients
                                                              Projects on
          Reduce Expenses        70% of our Clients
                                                              T&M Basis
           90% of our Clients
  Average   Telecom Expense Savings of
                        20 - 50%

  Best   Service and Best Value


Even after shared-savings, 10 -25% of
your annual telecom expenses should fall
to your bottom line as PURE PROFIT!

If we don’t deliver savings, you owe us
                                   ….it’s all about Results!
          70%+ of U.S. Private and Public Sector
          have 35%+ Surplus Telecom Capacity
          Source: USA Today March 2003

RMH Telecom Consultants also provide
Traditional Telecom Project-Based Services
       Needs Analysis
       RFP Bid Review and Proposal Analysis
       Vendor, Equipment & Applications
       Voice, Data, ISP, Wireless/Cellular Systems
       Implementation Services
       Project Management Services
       Disaster Prevention & Recovery Expertise
       Security                           ….it’s all about Results!
  RMH Telecom Consultants
   Optimization Services


Our fees are based upon sharing the savings
we generate for you. You incur no expense.

      Contingency Agreement
      50/50 Share in Savings
      Agreement is for 24 months

   70% of our clients never change vendors
   90% of our clients reduce their telecom
   expenses    20-50%

                                    ….it’s all about Results!
RMH Telecom Consultants
 Optimization Services
 RMH   Telecom Consultants
      Performs Expense Analysis
      Billing and Inventory Reconciliation
      Presents Findings & Recommendations

      Makes a Business Decision
      Grants Permission to Implement

 RMH   Telecom Consultants
      Implements the Recommendations and
      Manages the Project using proven Quality
      Assurance Model
      Validates Savings each Quarter over life
 of   the contract
                                   ….it’s all about Results!
         Getting Started

                It’s Easy!

      1. Sign the authorization letter

      2. Sign the service agreement

   3. Provide 3 months of telecom bills

4. Provide copies of contracts, if available

                                  ….it’s all about Results!
…it’s all about Results!

                   ….it’s all about Results!