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 Publications                                     On yer bike!
                              Local USP –
                              boosting the       West Sussex county council has taken
                                                 the lead in encouraging people to take
                              The creative       up cycling, says Cllr Tex Pemberton.
                              industries are
                              of major
 significance to both the national economy       Here in West Sussex we have been                  security. Derek is currently looking at the
 and local economies around the country.         one of the first local authorities to             improvements we hope to make in West
 They are growing fast, and account for          appoint a member champion for                     Sussex to complete our part of the
 nearly two million jobs. This report sets out   cycling and government support is                 ‘Avenue Verte’ London to Paris cycle route.
 the importance of the creative industries;      being made available to encourage                       Derek will have invaluable access to
 the local government track record in            others to follow suit.                            professional and personal development
 developing the local creative economy;                In recent years cycling has moved           opportunities through the free support
 the case for a stronger local role; and the     rapidly up our political agenda, mirroring        available from Cycling England. And it
 challenges facing the sector.                   the fact that it is now set to receive            couldn’t come at a better time – here in
                                                 unprecedented levels of investment at a           West Sussex, we recognise that cycling is
 Local government: the place to be,              national level. We now have a mandatory           rapidly emerging once again as a popular
 the place to work                               cycling target in our West Sussex transport       mode of transportation, not only for leisure
 This is the fourth version of the local         plan and cycling contributes to all four of       but also as a means of getting to and from
 government workforce strategy. Some of          the shared priorities of tackling congestion,     work as well as other journeys. We need
 the areas covered include building workforce    delivering accessibility, safer roads and         to make provision for this growth activity
 support for new structures and ways of          better air quality.                               that will help us to reduce the volume of
 working; developing visionary and ambitious           However, cycling has become more            cars on our roads. Having increased cycling
 leadership; developing skills; recruitment      than just a transport or leisure issue. It        levels by around 10% during the period of
 and retention; and pay and rewards.             cuts across two of the biggest current            the first local transport plan up to 2005,
                                                 challenges to society: health and our             we have adopted a growth target of 12%
 A councillor’s guide to the new local           impact on the environment.                        for the second five year plan.
 area agreements                                                                                         Details are in the letters that are being
 The guide explains what local area                                                                sent out, or you can find out more from
 agreements are and why they are                                                                   the Cycling England website at:
                                                 Support package
 important. It illustrates just a few of the           Cycling England, the independent  
 ambitions specific councils want to achieve     expert group charged by government to
 locally through new partnership agreements:     get more people cycling, more safely,
 such as increasing the skills and job           more often, is launching a scheme to
 opportunities of local people in Swindon.       support elected members in promoting
 Councils are negotiating LAAs now and the       cycling. Letters are currently going out to
 guide explains how elected members can          leaders and executive members in local
 lead and influence the new agreements.          highway authorities and those districts
                                                 that have expressed an interest, inviting
 Growing in the community: good                  them to sign up to this.
 practice guide to the management of                   Designating a member champion for
 allotments                                      cycling offers a range of benefits, and enables
 Get your order in now for the updated           councils to access a package of support.
 version of this popular publication, due              This includes a resource pack,
 out later this month. The objective of the      consultancy support, an email discussion
 guide is to assist those who are responsible    group, a regular e-newsletter, professional
 for managing allotments, either within          training events and a cycle training
 local authorities or under schemes for          ‘refresher’ course.
 devolved management, to work more                     Cllr Derek Whittington, our champion
 efficiently and effectively in achieving a      for cycling and an active cyclist, works
 new future for allotments by emulating          closely with our cycling lead officer and
 examples of good practice.                      external stakeholder groups. He ensures
                                                 we have access to the latest best practice
 All these publications are free. Download       and assists me, for example, in making
 them at or call 020              sure we have suitable street furniture to
 7664 3131 for copies.                           meet the growing demand for cycle

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