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Yoga originated in the tradition of the East, focusing on ease of body movement, breathing and mind focus on practice. According to the classical asanas principle of bionics, imitation of nature's animals, so that the body can be increased with the resumption of self-injury and more capacity to govern.
However, there is a slightly faster pace of yoga methods, greater strength, support and balance the power of a large number of exercises, and often combined manner, coherent, fluid ease. And therefore have higher physical demands of practitioners, in almost all yoga centers are set up such courses, usually with a certain amount of yoga as a basis for students to improve practice. This is the energy of yoga.

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									                         power yoga with eoin finn
                                                                                    fitness from the inside out
                                                   This class is open to anybody and everybody regardless level. Modifications are always given
                                               so beginners can learn the dynamics of the poses and more advanced practitioners can go deeper.
                                               It is a flow style class (vinyasa), gracefully transitioning from one pose to another. In this class we
                                               delve deeply into a wide repertoire of poses. No two classes are ever alike and you can always
                                               expect a fresh routine that will keep you moving in ways that never seem stale.
                                                   Power Yoga is a definitely an unreal form of fitness. You will become leaner, stronger and more
                                               supple. There will not be one part of your entire body that will not feel invigorated and alive. Even
                                               more importantly, this yoga will help to quiet the mind and give you a calming inward experience.
                                               Yoga, ultimately, is a state of mind. In these classes we try to cultivate a deeper understanding of
                                               the essence of yoga which can have positive effects of how we live our daily life. Eventually yoga
                                               won't be just something that we do for an hour and a half to stay fit. It will become an incredible
                                               tool to help us enjoy life to the fullest !
                                               The ultimate goal of this practice is full on bliss and joy!

                                                      schedule (Jan.-Feb. 2003)
                                         Power Yoga All Levels                                                              Yoga on 7th
      Monday                                                                            10:00am - 11:45am             156 East 7th Ave (@Main)
                                        Power Yoga All Levels                                                                 Kit's House
      Monday                                                                             7:00pm - 8:45pm                  2305 W.7th (@Vine)
      Tuesday                            Power Yoga All Levels                                                      Holy Trinity Anglican Church
    (Starts Feb 6)               (Level 2 - Intermediate/Advanced)                       5:30pm - 7:15pm             1440 W.12th Ave (@Hemlock)
                                                                                                                            (2nd Floor)
                                        Power Yoga All Levels                                                       Holy Trinity Anglican Church
     Wednesday                   (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced)                       5:30pm - 7:10pm              1440 W.12th Ave (@Hemlock)
                                                                                                                             (2nd Floor)
        Friday                        Power Yoga All Levels                                                                  Kit's House
                                                                                         7:00pm - 8:45pm
                               (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced)                                                         2305 W.7th (@Vine)
                                   Power Yoga with a dose of Iyengar                                                         Kit's House
      Saturday                                                                           1:00pm - 2:45pm
                                  (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced)                                                       2305 W.7th (@Vine)
                                        Power Yoga All Levels                          10:00am - 11:45am                    Kit's House
      Sunday                     (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced)                                                       2305 W.7th (@Vine)

   Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students welcome.                  Just show up.       Please check the net for updates and revisions.

        Drop In..............$9.35 + gst = $10.00
                                                      8 Class Card............$60.80+ gst = $65.00      16 Class Card...........$104.70+ gst = $112.00
        4 Class Card.. $32.70+ gst = $35.00           12 Class Card...........$82.70+ gst = $88.00      24 Class Card...........$149.55+ gst = $160.00
         * Class Cards have no expiration date and can be shared with friends.                         Yes, There are mats provided.

                                                    workshops and courses:
Intro to Power Yoga: once a month there will be a class specifically designed for beginners and intermediates to build a strong
foundation in the techniques of yoga - we will work in detail with sun salutes, updog, downdog, standing poses and forward bends
Date: Tues Jan 14th - 5:30-7:10pm Holy Trinity, 1441 W12th (@Hemlock) Cost: $10.00 or 1 Class Card Punch
Deeper Knowledge:            For those students who want to take their knowledge to the next level. Preregistration required for
this course. Space is limited to 25 people: Level: Beginner/Intermediate Dates: Sunday Feb 9,16,23 3:30-5:30pm,
Location: Kit's House 2305 W7th . Cost: $36.00 + gst = ($38.50)
Blissology - What's this whole yoga thing about anyway? This will be a stimulating evening of blissology - the philosophy of living
blissfully. The focus will be loosley based on the foundations of yoga. If you think philosophy is dry, don't worry, we'll have fun too.
All are welcome. Whether you know a lot or a little about yoga philosophy come partake in this special evening. It's All Good...
Dates: Sat., Feb 22 7:00-9:00pm Location: Kit's House 2305 W7th. Cost: $5.00 (all proceeds to the David Suzuki Foundation)
Power Yoga with Eoin Finn Videos and CD's are available at Banyen Books, Dream Designs, Lululemon, Semperviva Yoga Store

                                  email: blissologist@vancouveryoga.com tel: 604-734-8932

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