Group Exercise Classes – Fall 2010

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					                                                               Group Exercise Classes – Fall 2010
                    Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday              Thursday               Friday             Saturday              Sunday
                  The Morning Grind      Sweatshop          WakeUp WorkOut          Sweatshop           Friday Funk
11:00 am              Michele               Katy                  Lisa                 Katy               Brittany
                      Spinning           Yoga Pilates           Spinning            Yoga Pilates          Spinning         Step & Strengthen     Kettle Bell Pump
12:00 noon             Stacey               Patti                Stacey                Patti               Stacey                Katy                 Michele
                   Absolute Abs**                            Absolute Abs**                            Absolute Abs**       Absolute Abs**        Absolute Abs**
 1:00 pm               Stacey                                    Stacey                                    Stacey                Katy                 Michele
                    Power Yoga              Spinning          Power Yoga             Spinning           Power Yoga             Spinning               Spinning
 1:30 pm               Pedro                 Erica                Elisa                Erica                Elisa                Elan                   Elan
                                        Absolute Abs**                            Absolute Abs**         Kick It Up           Yoga Flow             Boot Camp
 2:30 pm                                     Erica                                     Erica               Taryn              Stephanie               Corinne
                    Zumba Gold         Step & Strengthen       Sweatshop        Boot Camp Bonanza                                              Pilates, Core & More
 3:30 pm               Taryn                  Katy               Pedro                 Michele                                                           Liz
                 Step & Strengthen          Spinning          Power Yoga              Spinning          TGIF H.E.A.T.      Step Up Challenge          Spinning
 4:30 pm               Kailee                Anna                 Erica                  Elan              Kailee                Katy                   Erica
                  Absolute Abs**                             Absolute Abs**       Absolute Abs**       Absolute Abs**       Absolute Abs**        Absolute Abs**
 5:30 pm               Kailee                                    Taryn                  Taryn              Kailee                Katy                   Erica
                      Spinning                                  Spinning            Zumba Gold            Spinning          Pre Party Pump           Yoga Flow
 6:00 pm                Elan                                      Anna                  Taryn               Elan                  Lisa               Stephanie
                  Absolute Abs**        Absolute Abs**       Absolute Abs**       Absolute Abs**
 7:00 pm              Corinne                 Liz                Taryn                Brittany
                    Sweatshop             Boot Camp            Yoga Flow         Cardio Dance Party
 7:30 pm              Corinne                 Liz              Stephanie              Brittany
                    Cardio Party           Spinning           Cardio Party            Spinning
 8:30 pm              Michele                Leah               Michele                 Leah

               Get Fit, Stay Healthy and Meet New Friends... Come Join Us Today!

                                      Sign up in advance:
                     Visit us in our new location: University Union Room 168 (across from Susquehanna Room)

 All classes are 50 minutes except classes with ** which are 15 minutes. Walk-in’s are welcome if space permits. No membership required. Classes are open
 to students, faculty and staff with a valid University ID card. A three person minimum is required for all classes... BRING A FRIEND!
                              Updated schedules can be found online at:
                                                                                                                                                     updated 8/26/10

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Description: Yoga originated in the tradition of the East, focusing on ease of body movement, breathing and mind focus on practice. According to the classical asanas principle of bionics, imitation of nature's animals, so that the body can be increased with the resumption of self-injury and more capacity to govern. However, there is a slightly faster pace of yoga methods, greater strength, support and balance the power of a large number of exercises, and often combined manner, coherent, fluid ease. And therefore have higher physical demands of practitioners, in almost all yoga centers are set up such courses, usually with a certain amount of yoga as a basis for students to improve practice. This is the energy of yoga.