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					Forrest Yoga
Yoga pose sequences with a focus on breathing and
strength. Concentrated on relieving stress as well as physical
and emotional challenges.
Hatha Yoga
Sequences of asanas designed to exercise all parts of the
body while concentrating on breath.
Hot Yoga
Uses heat to improve your immune system and promote
Intermediate Yoga
Yoga postures to balance spirit, mind and body in a faster
paced environment.
Outdoor Yoga
Yoga at beautiful Camp Sloper. Bring your own mat. In case
of inclement weather, class will be held in a pavilion. Fall
1 only.
Power Yoga
Yoga to increase overall body strength while decreasing
body fat. Class aim is to strengthen and lenghten all
Restorative Yoga
Explore yoga postures to restore energy and strength. Practice
breath and body awareness. Class ends with meditation.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
The practice of moving the body in harmony with the
breath. The focus is on using the energy of the breath to feel
centered, energized and connected.
Yoga 101
Beginner Hatha Yoga designed to teach the basics only.
Yoga Run
This unique class begins with a 45-minute run/walk on the
bike trail. A 15-minute break will follow to prepare for 45
minutes of Yoga. All levels welcome. In case of inclement
weather, the run will be held in the Health & Wellness
Center. Fall 1 only.
Mom & Me Yoga
Ages 4 & up. A creative program designed to introduce
moms and kids to the many benefits of yoga. A faster paced
class with yoga games and many partner activities.
Shortened quiet time at the end of each class.

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Description: Yoga originated in the tradition of the East, focusing on ease of body movement, breathing and mind focus on practice. According to the classical asanas principle of bionics, imitation of nature's animals, so that the body can be increased with the resumption of self-injury and more capacity to govern. However, there is a slightly faster pace of yoga methods, greater strength, support and balance the power of a large number of exercises, and often combined manner, coherent, fluid ease. And therefore have higher physical demands of practitioners, in almost all yoga centers are set up such courses, usually with a certain amount of yoga as a basis for students to improve practice. This is the energy of yoga.