EMBLEM Air Compressor Oil

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					EMBLEM Air Compressor Oil

                                   EMBLEM AIR COMPRESSOR OILS
  EMBLEM Air Compressor Oils are formulated with naphthenic base oils which have less tendency to absorb
  moisture than the high viscosity index paraffinic oils. These compressor oils are rust, oxidation and anti-wear
  inhibited as well as anti-foam treated. They are available in two grades.

                                                          Typical Properties

   GRADE                                                            300                                           500
   Viscosity, SUS @ 210 o F                                          47                                           51

   Viscosity, SUS @ 100 o F                                         310                                           500

   Flash Point COC o F Min                                          420                                           455

   Pour Point o F Max                                                 0                                          + 10
   Anti-Foam Treated                                                Yes                                           Yes
   Oxidation Inhibited                                              Yes                                   Yes (2500 hrs.)
   Rust Inhibited                                                   Yes                                           Yes
   Anti-Wear Treated                                                Yes                                           Yes

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