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									 AMA Current Advocacy
    Efforts for 2009
Medical Society of Mobile County
Medical Association of the State
         of Alabama
   Jeff Terry, MD (
             May 12, 2009
- Health System Reform
- Coverage for the Uninsured
- Medicare Physician Payment Reform
- Medical Liability Reform
- Managed Care Reform
- Antitrust Reform
- Improving the Public Health
- Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
- Balance Billing
- Funding Research & Medical Education
  AMA Priorities for Health
     System Reform
• Expand coverage and choice
• Improve quality and patient safety
• Reform government programs
• Reduce costs and increase value
• Enhance prevention and wellness
• Payment and delivery system reforms
 Expand Coverage and Choice
• AMA Plan
• Provide subsidies to low-income (e.g., tax
  credits) to help purchase health insurance
• Make regressive tax policies more progressive
• Support direct subsidies for high-risk patients
  (e.g., risk pools, reinsurance)
• Require a greater level of individual responsibility
• Implement health insurance market reforms
• Continue to oppose single-payer plans
• Council on Medical Service Reports
Improve Quality and Patient Safety

 • Develop quality measures and appropriateness
   standards (PCPI)
 • Develop evidence-based performance measures
   that enable continual QI and are the basis for
   rewarding high quality, cost-effective, safe care
 • Support practice-based solutions (e.g., HIT,
   decision support, continual performance
   monitoring) that enable incorporating
   measurement into practice to support QI
 • Evaluate and improve PQRI (Consortium)
 • Facilitate physician involvement with patient
   safety organizations (Patient Safety Act)
Reform Government Programs

• Enroll SCHIP eligible children and expand
  eligibility to higher percentages of FPL
• Eliminate existing Medicaid categorical
  requirements and establish uniform eligibility for
  all below 100% of FPL
• Replace Medicare SGR with alternative update
  methodology & reform the Medicare program
• Eliminate subsidies for Medicare Advantage
• Improve physician payment levels
  Reduce Costs and Increase Value

• Reduce the burden of preventable disease and
  better manage chronic disease
• Support comparative effectiveness research
• Address variation in the utilization of health care
  services, particularly at the state/regional level
• Make health care delivery more efficient
• Reduce non-clinical costs that do not contribute
  value to patient care
 Enhance Prevention and Wellness

• Support integrated approach to encourage the
  adoption of healthy lifestyles for physicians and
  their patients
• Urge the inclusion of wide range of evidence-
  based preventive services in insurance plans
• Support adequate federal funding for biomedical
  research, including prevention
• Encourage CBO to score the long- and short-
  term budget deficit reductions and costs
  associated with prevention
• Eliminate racial, ethnic and gender disparities
  through infrastructure and programmatic change
Payment and Delivery System Reforms

 • Develop physician-relevant HIT systems
   (e.g., interoperability) and provide
   incentives to build the infrastructure
 • Develop value-based payment
   methodologies (e.g., patient-centered
   medical home, management of chronic
 • Pursue antitrust relief, fair physician
   contracting, and greater transparency
 • Enact medical liability reforms
AMA Fully Engaged with Policymakers
      and Other Stakeholders
• Ongoing meetings with HHS Secretary Kathleen
  Sebelius and other Administration officials
• Meetings with Nancy-Ann DeParle head of the
  new White House office for Health Reform
• Provided feedback to Sen. Baucus on health
  system reform white paper
• Testimony before House W & M Health
  Subcommittee and ongoing meetings with Rep.
  Stark’s staff
• Dialogue with Speaker Pelosi’s Office
• Participating in the Health Reform Dialogue
Health System Reform=Transformation
       Not Incremental Change
• Physicians and patients are not well-served by
  the status quo
• Need to alter our daily focus and concentrate on
  working to advance HSR objectives
• Some elements of reform will be beyond
  physicians’ current comfort level
• Constructive engagement is key to success
• Educate and activate physician and patient
  grassroots networks. Health System Reform
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  American health care (excellent)
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