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                           JUNE, 2007

                                   E C O N O M IC D E V E LO P ME N T

                                            Economic Outlook

                         Israel's economy grew at annual 6.6% in first half
          GDP growth is above the 5% predictions of both the Finance Ministry and the Bank of Israel.

Israel’s GDP rose by an annualized 6.6% in the first half of the year, after rising by 3.4% in the
second half of 2006 and 6% in the first half, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports. The growth is
above the 5% predictions of both the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Israel .
The present growth rate is higher than in 2003-06, and the highest since the 8.7% growth rate in
2000. The economy has now recorded five years of continuous growth, the longest period in Israel’s
history. GDP has grown 21% since 2003, an increase of NIS 135 billion. GDP is now at an all-time
high of NIS 660 billion, and GDP per capita is NIS 92,338, or $21,500 .
The rapid growth in the first half was driven by an 8.3% annualized growth in exports, 5.9%
annualized growth in investment, and an annualized growth of 7.5% in private consumption.
Business product rose by an annualized 7.9%, above expectations .

                          Fischer sees very rapid' expansion for economy

Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer, said that he "expects the country's economic
growth will accelerate". He made the comment in an interview with Bloomberg reporters at Jackson
Hole, Wyoming, where the Kansas City Fed bank is hosting its annual economic symposium.
Fischer said, “All the signals we have are for very rapid growth. Gross domestic product grew at a
6.6% annual pace in the first half of the year, the most since the Israeli economy pulled out of
recession in 2003. Unemployment has dropped to the lowest in a decade. The nation's banks don't
show any signs of suffering from the collapse in demand for securities backed by sub-prime US
                              Record tax surplus through August:
           Capital gains tax revenues rose 370% in August this year compared with
                                         August 2006.

The government posted a surplus of NIS 7.6 billion in its activity in January-August, compared with
a projected deficit of NIS 18.7 billion for the year as a whole (2.9% of GDP). There are two reasons
for the surplus: a steady increase in tax revenues thanks to higher consumer spending and imports,
and budget underperformance by ministries.
Tax revenues totaled NIS 15.8 billion in August, 4% less than in August 2006. Direct tax revenues
fell 18%, which were offset by a 23% increase in indirect taxes, caused by higher consumer
consumption and imports. Tax revenues from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and capital
market totaled NIS 407 million in August, more than double the figure for August 2006. Most of the
increase came from a 370% increase in revenue from capital gains tax on securities.
Tax revenues totaled NIS 126.9 billion in January-August, 9.2% higher in real terms compared with
NIS 119.2 billion in the corresponding period of last year.

                   Four Israeli companies make top 100 largest defense firms

Four Israeli companies have been ranked among the world's 100 largest defense firms by Defense
News, a leading industry publication. The firms - Israel Aviation Industry (IAI), Elbit, Rafael and the
Israel Military Industries (IMI) - were ranked based on revenues from defense-related activity, though
some of the companies also have civilian operations.
                       LATEST STATISTICAL DATA
                                              BASIC STATISTICS

                   Data Category                  Period of latest data          Latest data
                                                        IQ, 2007            160,551 NIS millions
       Gross domestic product                          IIQ, 2007            166,314 NIS millions
       CPI                                             July, 2007                  101.2
       CPI, % (against previous month)                  July, 2007                 1.1 %
       Unemployment rate, % of                          IQ, 2007                    7.7%
       economically active population                  IIQ, 2007                    7.6%
       Exports of goods and services                  August, 2007            3,506.6 $ million
       Imports of goods and services                  August, 2007            5,085.9 $ million
       Export to Latvia                                                            21.1 %
       Export to Lithuania                        January – July, 2007             29 %
                                                 % (of corresponding
       Import to Latvia                         period of previous year)          785.4 %
       Import to Lithuania                                                          59.1 %
       Trade with Latvia and Lithuania      

      Data from Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel (

    Gross Domestic Product reached 166,314 NIS millions in the second quarter of 2007.

    Unemployment rate continues to fall, reaching 7.6%, compared to 7.7% reported in the
     previous quarter, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported.

    The trade deficit (goods) was $1.5 billion in July and $4.9 billion in the first seven months
     of the year as against $4 billion in the year-earlier period. The trend data point to 15.4
     percent annualized growth of exports in May–July, pursuant to 20.5 percent growth in
     February–April. Imports moved ahead by 23.4 percent and 24.8 percent in the respective
     three-month periods. Imports of raw materials and consumer goods increased with
     particular vigor in May–July, at annual rates of 24.4 percent and 27.3 percent, respectively. In
     August import totaled 5,085.9 $ million, while export reachs 3,506.6 $ million.

    The State Budget (excluding net issue of credit) had an NIS million surplus in August and
     an NIS.6 billion surplus since the beginning of the year as against NIS.7 billion in the year-
     earlier period.

    The government posted a surplus of NIS 500 million in its activity in August: a NIS 800
     million surplus in domestic activity, offset by a NIS 300 million deficit in foreign activity.

    Government expenditures totaled NIS 17.7 billion in August, of which NIS 15.4 billion
     was spent by ministries, including credit. Government expenditures totaled NIS 116.1 billion
     in January-August, up 6.8% compared with the corresponding period of 2006.


Trade cooperation with Israel
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        P RO D U C T S A N D S E RV I C E S OF I S R A E L I C OM PA N I E S S E E K I N G A G E N T S ,
                                                 L I T H UA N I A

News on demand
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                                 July - August, 2007

Company Name             NORMAN PREMIUM LTD.
Contact Person           Mr. Amir Neuman, Ms. Yael Shulman
Address                  4 Chen Blv. Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone No.            972-3-6290500
Fax                      972-3-6290600
E-Mail          ,
Year of Establishment    2006
Summary of Offer         Beer Import
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                         known brands of premium beer from Belgium such as DUVEL,
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                         The company is interested in expanding its line of products and is
                         looking for special and interesting beer and alcoholic beverages.
Activity                 Import and distribution of beer.
Target Countries         Europe, USA, Australia and Asia

Company Name             A.G. Enterprises
Contact Person           Mr. Idan Shtadler, CEO
Address                  Shantou, China.
Telephone No.            Israel +972-3-9059470, China - +86-754-582-0591
Fax                      Israel +972-3-9059470, China - +86-754-582-0591
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                         A.G. Enterprises targets 2 main markets – the hobby market and
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                         Check their web site for the latest products and send them an
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                         With their international logistic infrastructure they can service 4
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Potential Partner:       Toy and Hobby products Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers and e-
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Activity                 Research and development, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Trading.
Target Countries         North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe
Company Name            Top Secure
Contact Person          Mr. Franck Vidal
Address                 Moshav Tzur Moshe, Israel
Telephone No.           972-9-8657567
Fax                     972-9-8854074
Year of Establishment   2000
No. of Employees        30 in Israel
                        30 abroad
Summary of Offer        Training for protection specialists in Israel
Description of Offer    TOP-SECURE offers the very highest standards of personnel and
                        expertise acquired over many years in the Israeli security
                        establishment as well as in other countries around the world.

                        In its unique training courses, TOP-SECURE undertakes to
                        provide the same professional operational capabilities, trust and
                        discretion that has characterized the commanders and members of
                        the Israeli Government’s VIP Protection Unit.
Activity                Executive protection and other security activities
Target Countries        All Countries

Company Name            Anak Metal Cladding Industries Ltd.
Contact Person          Mr. Emanuel Eldar, Sales Manager
Address                 5 Hasolelim St., Bat Yam 59599, Israel.
Telephone No.           972-3-5516282
Fax                     972-3-5517955
Summary of Offer        Aluminium Claddings for roofs
Description of Offer    Anak cladding company, a branch of the "Anak" Metal Industries
                        Group", specializes in the management and execution of projects
                        dealing with cladding of buildings and roofs in aluminum(
                        the company imports high quality tin, painted abroad) , in dry
                        hanging terracotta tiles ( the Anak company is the exclusive
                        importer of terracotta covers made in Germany by CREATION)
                        and in other metals (eg. Copper, zinc, and stainless steal),
                        rendered in especially high rank finish, including anodic treatment
                        and painting in PVDF finish.
                        The company has acquired a huge experience and knowledge in
                        the field- above 200,000 square meters of fully accomplished
                        cladding, for example: office buildings, exclusive towers, hi-tech
                        centers, trade and industry centers, bridges, residential buildings,
                        culture centers, old structures renovation and the like. The projects
                        comprise planning, designing, supplying, delivering, production
                        and assembly.
                        The Anak Cladding aluminum covers are visible today in hundreds
                        of sites throughout the country, and have become an integral part
                        of the Israeli modern scenery. Many important places, that are
                        concerned with the visual appearance and design and consider
                        this aspect as challenge and priority, have chosen to adorn
                        themselves with aluminum and terracotta covers supplied by Anak
Potential Partners      Anak Metal Cladding Industries Ltd. is interested in contacting
                        contractors, project managers and engineers involved in public and
                        private building projects, including renovation projects.
                        Also, the company is interested in cooperation involving supplying
                        and manufacturing of aluminum cassettes, e.g. Alucobond or equal
                        and 1-2 mm aluminum sheets being punched and manufactured to
                        costumer demands.
Activity                Export
Target Countries        All Countries

Company Name:           Bar On Sealing Ltd.
Contact Person:         Mrs. Sima Bar On \Mr. Eli Bar On
Address:                68, Rottem Str., P,O,box 2525 Kfar Yona 40300, Israel
Telephone No.:          972-9-8986241
Fax                     972-9-8989223
Web Site      
Year Establishment      1998
Summary of offer:       Water reservoirs, wastewater purification, landfills, fuel dumps, soil
                        stabilization, infrastructure facilities restoration works.
Description of Offer:   Contracting company deals in the lining \ sealing of reservoirs,
                        landfills, facilities for storage wastewater purification and soil
                        stabilization using geoweb meshed construction offers its services.

                        The CEO of the company, Mr. Eli Bar On, one of the leaders in the
                        field has rich diverse experience including renovating facilities,
                        earthwork an infrastructure work .

                        The company performs projects of a range of scopes in Israel and
                        around the world as the primary contractor for accompaniment or
                        as a subcontractor, and applies its great knowledge and
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Activity:               Services
Target Countries:       All countries

Company Name            IITS S.L.
Contact Person          Mr. Amir Cohen
Address                 Avda. Argentina 132
                        33213 Gijón Spain

                        3 Kalanit St.
                        Oranit 44813 Israel
Telephone No.           34 984 05 06 07
                        972 3 936 02 11
Fax                     34 984 05 06 06
                        972 3 936 03 76
Year of Establishment    2003
Summary of Offer         Looking for Distributors / Resellers
Description of Offer     IITS is developing Biometric Face Recognition products for access
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Potential Partner:         Companies providing access control solutions , IT companies and
                                                                 integrators in those fields.
Activity                 Biometry Software
Target Countries         All Countries

Company Name             Blue & White Info
Contact Person           Mr. Yair Galor, CEO & Founder
Address                  12 Shpinoza St., Raanana, Israel 43588
Telephone No.            972-9-7740747
Fax                      972-9-7740747
Year of Establishment:   2004
No. of Employees:        5
Summary of Offer         Branding States & Organizations
Description of Offer     States & organizations branding using the DOB model developed
                         by the company.

                         Unique method of organizations branding and production the
                         "organization's heart" or the "National " heart- A exclusive
                         development of an ID – sign registered internationally to determine
                         the organization uniqueness.

                         The model integrate all circles in states- Economy- education-
                         tourism- industry etc.
Activity                 Branding Consulting & Branding Accessories
Target Countries         USA, Canada, Europe
Company Name             HEMED Marketing and Packaging Ltd
Contact Person           Mr. Avi Agayev
Address                  P.O BOX 157, Gedera, Israel
Fax                      972-8-8662849
Year of Establishment    1997
No. of Employees         14
Summary of Offer         Seeking producers for refuse bags and food bags
Description of Offer     HEMED Marketing & Packaging Ltd. deals with import and
                         marketing of a wide range of nylon products in to Israeli market.

                         The company is seeking producers of: refuse bags, draw tape
                         bags, sandwich bags and service bags.
Potential Partner:       Producers of nylon bags
Activity                 Plastic industry
Target Countries         All Countries

Company Name             New Cells
Contact Person           Mr. Ronen Keinan
Address                  Hamesila 22 Nesher, P.O.Box 25264 Haifa, Israel
Telephone No.            972-4-8210092
Fax                      972-4-8200377
Year of Establishment    2006
No. of Employees         10
Summary of Offer         Distributors of food supplements
Description of Offer     New Cells looking for distributors for its products.

                         NewCells was established as a marketing company for ground-
                         breaking and unique health orientated products. The company's
                         products are developed by renowned scientists and researchers
                         and are manufactured by a leading company in the field.
Activity                 Food supplements
Target Countries         All Countries

Company Name             lproperty
Contact Person           Mr. Kobi Almog
Address                  15 dov fridman St., Ramat Gan
Telephone No.

Fax                      972-3-7513886
Year of Establishment:   2003
Summary of Offer         Real estate Marketing & Initiating
Description of Offer     lproperty represents numerous investors from Israel that have
                        interest in immediate large scale European acquisitions including:
                        Shopping centers, Land, Offices and Hotels.

                        lproperty also represents investors from all over the world that
                        have interest in property in Israel.
Target Countries        Europe

Company Name            Tinokal'e - New Born Fashion
Contact Person          Ms. Iris Hatzofe , Mr. Shahar Hatzofe
Address                 183 Ibn Gavirol St., Tel-Aviv 62033, Israel
Telephone No.           972-3-5467530
Fax                     972-3-6052212
Year of Establishment   1996
Summary of Offer        High quality clothing and textile products for babies
Description of Offer    Tinokal'e company manufactures high quality clothing and textile
                        products for babies, such as: baby clothing, textile baby products,
                        stroller bags, wooden horses, wooden toys and more.

                        The company specializes in high quality sewing, using satin
                        applications with wonderful colors and unique designs.

                        The company utilizes the finest fabrics made of 100% organic

                        Tinokal'e company wishes to expand its activity and offers its
                        products to export in different countries.
Activity                Export
Target Countries        USA, Europe, South Africa, Japan, Australia

Company Name            Tikshurit LTD
Contact Person          Mr. Yaniv Fishman
Address                 43 Rambam, Petach Tiqwa, Israel
Telephone No.           972-72-2118008 ; 972-52-9974411
Fax                     972-72-2118009
Year of Establishment   2007
No. of Employees        4
Summary of Offer        Tikshurit LTD is looking for mobile phones authorized distributors
Description of Offer    Tikshurit LTD is Israeli trading company for Mobile phone and
                        mobile phones accessories. The company is looking for authorized
                        distributors of Nokia/Sony-Ericsson/Motorola.
Activity                Telecom
Target Countries        Europe, USA, Middle-East, Africa
Company Name            O.D.A.X Ltd.
Contact Person          Mr. Motty Baicher, CEO/ Ms. Adi Gonen
Address                 Odax P.O.Box 810, Even Yehuda, Israel
Telephone No.

Fax                     972-9-8996983
Year of Establishment   2003
No. of Employees        6
Summary of Offer        Export of oil, grease, lubricant and engine additive products.
Description of Offer    O.D.A.X Ltd. offers for export unique oil, grease, lubricant and
                        engine additive products, which are based on an exclusive and
                        improved Nano technology providing protection and revitalizing to
                        wear and corrosion of work surface. Products are suitable for
                        various uses from private use (car engines) to industrial use of
                        heavy equipment.
Activity                Marketing and Distribution
Target Countries        All Countries

Company Name            Colorfills
Contact Person          Mr. Laurence Seeff
Address                 Israel
Telephone No.           972-52-8227463
Summary of Offer        Colorfills is seeking global business partners. Opportunities vary,
                        from distribution rights to exclusive private labels.
Description of Offer    Colorfills is an exciting new patent pending product that adds color
                        to jewelry. Colorfills is simple to apply, exceptionally hard and
                        bonds to metals and other materials. Colorfills requires no extra
                        expensive accessories, can be applied in 2D or 3D items and can
                        be opaque or transparent. Designers see Colorfills as a means to
                        new design possibilities that were previously not technically
Activity                Joint Venture
Target Countries        All Countries

Company Name            Pery Trade Group Ltd.
Contact Person          Mr. Sharon Pery
Address                 19 David Sacharov St., Rishon Lezion, Israel
Telephone No.           972-3-9622282, 972-54-7722204
Fax                     972-3-9672747
Year of Establishment   2005
No. of Employees        5
Summary of Offer         Pery Trade Group Ltd. specializes in importing high quality
                         cultured pearls.
Description of Offer     Pery Trade Group Ltd. is looking to export cultured pearls as raw
                         material and as finished jewelry made in Israel.
Potential Partner        Marketing & distributions companies, jewelry traders, shops.
Activity                 Import, Export and Distribution
Target Countries         Europe and United States.

                            UPCOMING EVENTS 2007

    09 October – 11 October, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    SECURITY ISRAEL - International Homeland Security and Defense Exhibition - Civil
    Defense, Police, Armed Forces and Aviation

    22 October-24 October, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    ACLIMA - International Exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Refrigerating and Ventilation

    30 October-01 November, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    Watec Israel - International Water and Environmental Technologies Exhibition

    06 November-08 November, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    Fis Technologies - International Exhibition for Office Technologies, Office Equipment,
    Communication and Marketing

    06 November-08 November, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    PrintEX - Isprint - International Exhibition for Printing Industry and Cross Media

    12 November-15 November, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    TIMBER - International Exhibition for Machinery, Working Tools, Equipment and
    Fittings for the Wood and Furniture Industry

    14 November-16 November, 2007
    Tel Aviv - Israel
    IDAN - Exhibition of Dental Equipment and Dental Products
26 November-28 November, 2007
Tel Aviv - Israel
FOODPACK - Food and Beverage Packing Exhibition

26 November-28 November, 2007
Tel Aviv - Israel
ISRAFOOD - International Exhibition for Food and Beverage incl. IsraWine and
Delicacy Avenue

26 November-28 November, 2007
Tel Aviv - Israel
HOTEX - International Exhibition for Hotel Management, Restaurants, Bars, Food
Display, Marketing, Catering Institutions and Large Building Maintenance

22 December-26 December, 2007
Tel Aviv - Israel
The Electronic Saloon - International Consumer Electronics Show

                        UPCOMING EVENTS 2008

9 January – 10 January, 2008
Tel Aviv - Israel
AGRO MASHOV 2008 - International Agricultural Exhibition
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      Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center
      Kenes International
      Stier's Group Exhibitions
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