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									                                    IEEE Region 8                   April, 25th-26th 2009
                                92th Committee Meeting                            Venice

IEEE IRAQ Section Report April 2009

Officers:                                                     Term End Date: 12/31/2009

           Chair: Dr. Eng. Sattar B. Sadkhan
           Vice Chair/ Treasurer: Dr. Eng. Muhammad Zeki Alfaiz
           Secretary: Dr. Nidaa A. Abbas
           Student Coordinator: Dr. Suha M. Hadi
           Women Coordinator: Maha Gorge
           Other Officers: Mr. Mohammed Khalil


The IEEE Iraq Section has in total 110 active members

The Meetings:

6 Technical meetings have been held since October 2008.


We held about 8 workshops in different places round Iraqi academic universities
and colleges as the following;

           11 November for the Electrical Dept. Of Kufa Univ.
           2 December for Engineering College of Basra Univ
           23 December for Computer Science Dept of Kufa University.
           13 January 2009 for Ministry of Communication.
           17 January in The First Conference of Iraqi Information Technology Society.
           24 January for Ministry of Electricity.
           24 February in AlKhawarzmi Engineering College in Baghdad University.
           26 March in Science and Education Colleges of Al-mustansiria University

Best practices:

           Alkhawarzmi Engineering College of Baghdad University hold the joint
            workshop with the section in 24 Feburary. The Section offer award for the best
            student participate in the wotkshop.
           The Call for the first national conference in cooperation with University of
            Babylon gives the section wide spread and a knowldge among all academicals
            and industeial and private industry sectors. Many section members are involved
            in arrangement of the final organization of this scientific event.
           Joining between the Academicals and Industerial fiels is implemented through
            two workshops, the first one with the Ministry of Communication and the
            second with the Ministry of Electricity. The section managed the cooperation
                                   IEEE Region 8                    April, 25th-26th 2009
                               92th Committee Meeting                             Venice

          between the staff members (from universities) with these Ministeries. And the
           section wait good results from such cooperation.
          Distributing the call of many conferences among Iraqi Academicals and
           Industerial organization, and nomination of many academicals experts in the
           TPC of the conferences.
          Nomination of many academicalls experts in the Reviewing committee of the
           International scientific Journals.

Activities in the near future:
In the near future the IEEE Iraq section will have many activities some of them
        30 March Workshop in Al-Najaf Technical College
        1 April a workshop in Salah Al-dain University.
        2 April the Meeting of the Members section in order to discussed the nearest
          activities and collect the fees of the new members.
        6 April Lecture in the Engineering College Conference / Baghdad University
        15 April Workshop in Thi qar University for Engineering and Science College.
        4-5 May 2009 1st Conference : The advanced Computer Techniques and their
          Application in Scientific and Humanity fields. (in cooperation with Babylon
        6 June workshop on the Orthogonal Transformation and their applications in
          Digital signal processing in Baghdad University.
        1 July workshop on Wireless and Mobile communication Systems.
        10 October Workshop on the Problems of generation and distributing the
          electricity in IRAQ

Increase Student Members
Increase the Women Members in the section.

Topics to be discussed in Venice:

   1. Solving the difficulties facing the section in the renewing the membership (IEEE
      membership renewal problems).
   2. Nomination of members to Senior or Fellow memberships
   3. Approaches of getting support from Region 8 in distributing the knowledge among
      Iraqi Academicals and Industrials (governmental and private sectors ).
   4. Approaches for enhancing membership development.
   5. Finding Optimal Approaches of joint Activities with the other sections in Region 8.
   6. Finding suitable way for distributing and including the sections of the Region 8 in
      the scientific activities held in the Region 8.

IEEE Iraq Section Chair
Dr. Eng. Sattar B. Sadkhan

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