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					  #Cheap Samsung HL-S6187W 61-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV

Samsung HL-S6187W 61" DLP HDTV
Get the sharpest and clearest images possible from HD and standard TV with with the 50-inch
Samsung HL-S5087W DLP television, which features a full progressive HD 1920 x 1080-pixel reslution
digital format converter for all inputs (and true 1920 x 1080p picture from via HDMI). A contrast ratio of
up to 10000:1 captures blacker blacks, crisper whites and images that burst into life. And the
high-speed of the DLP chip, with millions of tiny mirrors that switch on and off over 15,000 times per
second, delivers a precise, razor-sharp picture. It has a built-in analog/digital (NTSC/ATSC) tuner,
offers both HDMI and component video connections, . It also features a smaller footpring than other
high-definition TVs (with a "hidden speaker" thin bezel), fitting where many other large-screen HDTVs
won't.     Samsung's DNIeâ„¢
 Samsung's DNIeâ„¢ (click for demo) technology offers digital perfection in naturally presented,
crystal-clear images that uncover even the most minute detail.
  Motion Optimizer: The visual data are automatically broken down into signal and noise and adjusted
through a combined spatial/temporal process to eliminate noise and blurring without the slightest
damage to the original signal. This guarantees the viewer a picture of astounding sharpness, whether
the scene is still or moving.
  Contrast Enhancer: DNIe has done away with the unwanted side-effects that conventional contrast
enhancement can produce, such as noise boost-up and flicker by developing an algorithm that
recognizes over 1 million criteria for applying contrast. Its detail contrast enhancement technology can
automatically analyze up to 70,000 local images within a frame, treating the viewer to a picture rich in
contrast even in the tiniest details.
 Color optimizer: For each scene the color optimizer calculates the saturation of red, green, and blue
in the input signal and adjusts it to the shades that the human eye accepts as natural. Even a
conventional process like white tone enhancement produces more striking results when when used
with DNIe. The end result is a palette of vivid hues and pure white tones to satisfy the most discerning
viewers eye.
 Detail enhancer: Many viewers complain of the unnatural effect that conventional uniform detail
enhancement produces by relying on artificial amplification of the input signal. In contrast, DNIe
automatically analyzes the portion to be amplified, detecting and re-processing any noise or defect to
bring the viewer a startlingly sharp and lifelike image. DLP (which stands for Digital Light
Processing) uses an optical semiconductor to recreate source material with a fidelity analog systems
can't match. While other technologies lose a certain amount of light in transit, the microscopic mirrors
in a DLP projection system bring more light from lamp to screen. It also features better color uniformity
over time--no burn-in, screen aging or color-shifting possible. It's the leading display technology for
products like small portable conference room projectors and professional venue entertainment
systems. This Samsung DLP television employs a Texas Instruments DLP chip that is comprised of
millions of microscopic mirrors. The DLP chip is faster than any HDTV technology, with the mirrors
switching on and off 15,000 times a second to deliver a razor-sharp picture for fast moving images. It
also offers Samsung's Cinema Smooth Gen 7 1080p Light Engine, which creates a picture with no
visible pixel structure for a captivating, theater-quality experience. You'll get up to a 10000:1 contrast
ratio with outstanding colors and deep black levels. The Samsung Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe)
Video Enhancer refines all analog NTSC and wideband video inputs for an overall improvement in
picture quality. DNIe improves contrast, white level, picture detail and incorporates digital noise
reduction to improve lower quality video inputs. The 3-line digital comb filter constantly analyzes the
three dimensions of picture height, picture width, and picture changes-over-time to dramatically reduce
edge image artifacts while improving transition detail. Samsung's Cinema Smooth 3:2 pull-down film
mode corrects for the artificial frames created when films are converted to DVDs. The result is a
clearer image without the subtle motion artifacts caused by 24-to-30 frames per second video
conversion. Samsung's 2.6-inch color wheel spins at 14,400 rpm for smooth, fast motion video, and
has five color segments for more accurate colors. It achieves film-like transitions without pixel breakup
found in slower color wheel designs and slower switching LCD microdisplays. Air Bearing technology
also makes it whisper quiet. Samsung also worked closely with Microsoft to create a special Game
Mode that optimizes image quality, sound and response time for more realistic video game play--with
just a single touch of a button. The Game Mode enhances dark areas, sharpens the picture, speeds up
the image processing response and enhances the sounds of your games. Other features include:
Picture format adjustment: Enjoy all your 4:3 aspect-ratio programming in smooth, wide-screen without
black bars. Four pre-set aspect ratio modes--Normal, Wide, Zoom 1 and Zoom 2--stretch your image to
fill the screen naturally. Color temperature adjustment: Selectable between Cool1, Cool2, Normal
Warm1, and Warm2 with on-screen display. Auto volume leveler: Keeps audio volume consistent
during channel changing to minimize static sound bursts. Discrete IR codes: This set is equipped with
discrete IR codes for use with a macro/programmable remote. Closed caption: Displays dialog that can
be read along with encoded broadcast TV programs and pre-recorded videos. V-Chip: Enables
parental control for channel and program blocking of TV programs that incorporate the rating code
signal. High-quality virtual surround sound can be experienced with just the speakers built into the
TV. SRS TruSurround XT technology delivers an amazing, simulated 3D effect with clear dialog and
powerful bass. It produces 10 watts of power per channel (for 20 watts total). This set utilizes
Samsung's Dual Acoustic Chamber System technology, which isolates each woofer and tweeter in its
own chamber. DACS is a revolutionary, computer-simulated technology that enhances lowrange sound
performance, sharpens mid-to-high-range sound quality, and improves overall sound clarity. It offers
the following connection options: Component (Y/Pb/Pr): 2 inputs HDMI: 2 inputs Composite (RCA
audio/video): 3 inputs (1 on the front) S-Video: 2 inputs PC: 1 D-Sub-15 input PC audio: 1 input RF: 1
input Sound monitor output: 1 USB: 1 Tech Talk
 HDMI is a lossless, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface to link any audio/video source
(such as a set-top box, DVD player, or AV receiver) with your TV--all over a single cable. HDMI
supports standard, enhanced or high definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable.
It supports all ATSC formats--standard (SDTV), enhanced (EDTV), and high (HDTV). SRS
TruSurround XT audio adds three new audio enhancement technologies to produce an amazingly
immersive sound experience. Dialog Clarity brings movie dialog into ÒfocusÓ during the playback of
any surround-encoded material to make speech much clearer and crisper. TruBass creates incredible
deep rich bass allowing a person to perceive significantly deeper, richer low bass tones that are far
beyond the physical low frequency capabilities of the speaker itself. The SRS WOW feature widens
the soundstage by processing standard two-channel stereo material as well as multi-channel encoded
material for a dramatic improvement in the playback of any stereo audio over a two-speaker system.
Component video (also called Y/Pb/Pr) features a three-jack video input, which provides separate
connections for luminance (Y), blue color difference (PB) and red color difference (PR). This results in
increased bandwidth for color information, resulting in a more accurate picture with clearer color
reproduction and less bleeding than you would get with S-Video or composite (RCA yellow video plug)
connections. You will need a separate RCA left/right audio cable for sound. What's in the Box
 DLP TV, remote control (with batteries), power cord, printed operating instructions. Warranty
 It's backed by a 1-year warrant on parts (including lamp) and labor, with in-home service backed by
Samsung toll-free support.
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