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					GENERAL TEMPLATE Dear Senator/Representative INSERT LAST NAME, I’m deeply worried about the state of our education system. Millions upon millions keep being cut from education, and our students are suffering greatly as a result. Some will have to do without the sports that provide the incentive to stay in school and keep their grades up. Others will have to live without special area teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors and resource teachers. All of this is resulting in ruining our state’s future by failing to train our future leaders now. I realize that the budget has been cut due to a lack of funds, and that’s why I urge you to support an increase in taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. Our “sin taxes” are less than a third of the national average—and increasing them to the national standard could bring our state an additional $1 billion. This money could provide a great boost to our ailing schools and ensure that our students have the brightest future possible. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully, YOUR NAME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS