IT Council Officers by themarketingchoice


									Duties of an Officer

    A. President: The President shall call each meeting to order, preside over all meetings, work with
       the Secretary to create agendas, work closely with the advisor(s) and general members. The
       President shall sit as an ex-officio member of all sub-committees. The President shall appoint
       with the consent of the advisor(s) members of sub-committees.
    B. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities and duties of the President
       when the President is absent or resigns. The Vice-President shall work closely with the President,
       advisor(s), and the general members. The Vice-President shall be responsible for all special
       projects. The Vice-President shall be responsible for maintaining the IT Council’s email account,
       Facebook page, and any other social media. The Vice-President shall alert the members of the IT
       Council upon direction from the Chair or the advisor(s).
    C. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the creation of the agendas, minutes and all
       other activities deemed appropriate by the IT Council and its advisor(s). The Secretary shall be
       charged with the running of elections to elect new officers. The Secretary shall assume the
       responsibility and duties of the Vice-President when the Vice-President is absent or resigns.
    D. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for reporting the financial status of the IT Council
       at regular meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for disbursement, or payment, of any funds
       from the IT Council’s general bank account.
    E. IT Council Historian: The IT Council Historian shall be responsible for archiving and documenting
       all activities of the IT Council. The Historian is responsible for maintaining all council records,
       photographs, and other important documents in a safe and secure location as designated by the
       President and/or IT Council advisor(s).
    F. Public Relations Liaison: The Public Relations Liaison is the official spokesperson of the IT
       Council. The Public Relations Liaison is responsible for the coordination of all external
       communication, including but not limited to requests for interviews and press releases. The Public
       Relations Liaison provides the final approval of any marketing materials (promotional flyers and
       other invites). The Public Relations Liaison is responsible for working with the Vice-President to
       ensure that all social media reflects the mission and goals of the IT Council.

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