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Accounting Executive Summary Template by gdj21400


Accounting Executive Summary Template document sample

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									                                                               Value Stream Mapping
                                                                  March 12, 2007

        Value Stream Manager                      Kathy Stiller Banning
                    Action Item                                    Personnel                          Date                     Notes
    1 Application guidance document (write)       Jim Poling                                            5/15/2007 draft complete
      Revise application to include checklist     Jim Poling, Paul                               Draft 1/15/2007
                                                                                                 05/15/07         Paul provided comments on
    2                                                                                                             application to Jim P
      Distribute new guidance document and        Kathy, Tim, Jim Poling                                1/31/2007
    3 reissue CD requirement                                                                                      Complete
      Design the pre-meeting (output and input)   John Cargill, Paul Will                               1/19/2007
    4                                                                                                             Complete
      Design the Status Board (supplies,          Kathy, Tim, Qazi, Paul, Elaine, Todd                   1/2/2007 Preliminary Board designed and
    5 meetings [2 weeks], select milestones)                                                                      being tested (Complete)
      Map for DNREC contracting                   Marj, Morgan Price, Qazi, Yoletta                      2/1/2007 Meeting scheduled 1/10
    6                                                                                                             (Complete)
      Redesign scoping meeting                    John Cargill, Tim, Paul                        Draft 3/1/2007 Draft out for review comments
                                                                                                                  need to be received by 02.20.07
    7                                                                                                             Complete
        Redesign workplan                         Steve Johnson, Environmental Alliance, Qazi,   Draft 2/12/07
    8                                             Brightfields                                                    First Meeting Held 02/7/07
      Design excel spreedsheet for Project        (may be on scoping meeting guidance) ON
    9 Management (timeline)                       HOLD
      Design email (letter) template for workplan John Cargill, Sandie Kimbel                           4/1/2007 Draft out for review comments
      approval letter                                                                                            need to be received by 02.20.07
   10                                                                                                            Complete
      Map the Admin Process                       Marj, Yoletta, Sandie Kimbel, contractor,            3/22/2007
   11                                             Melissa, admin staff
      Map the investigation process               Steve Johnson, Qazi, Bob Schulte/Randy                5/1/2007
                                                  Wolfe, Brightfields, Environmental Alliance,
   12                                             Marj                                                             First Meeting Held 02/7/07
      Communicate changes in BF process with Kathy, Tim, Paul, Jim Werner                              5/26/2007
      HSCA consultants (documents submitted
      final, electronic requirements, PP written
      by consultant, COCR request in reg. mail)                                                                  Preliminary announcement at
   13                                                                                                            BFAC meeting complete
   14 Review Tag Process/ team review             John Cargill                                         12/1/2006 Done

12/3/2010                                                                 1 of 5   D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\86467400-2b38-42a2-bf36-49b09f6d7c37.xls
                                                                Value Stream Mapping
                                                                   March 12, 2007

                      Action Item                                  Personnel                           Date                        Notes
        Develop an RI outline (what is required)  Morgan, Qazi, Steve Johnson, Tim,                       4/1/2007   Preliminary design complete,
   15                                             Brightfields                                                       needs review
   16   Educate Project Officers on Tag Process   John Cargill, Melissa Leckie                         11/23/2006    Complete
        Template for Proposed Plan and checklist Todd, Tim, Steve Johnson, Kathy, Paul, Qazi,           5/12/2007
        (executive summary, LTS, min. changes to Jim Werner, Brightfields, Liz
        be finalized, communciation to                                                                               Need to set up meeting to
   17   stakeholders, )                                                                                              develop draft
        Training on PP requirements (staff and    Tim, Qazi, Paul Will, Todd Keyser, Kathy              4/15/2007
   18   consultants)                                                                                                 Waiting for draft
        Institute management team review on       Kathy, Jim Werner, PO, Paul, Tim, Qazi                5/15/2007
   19   Proposed Plan                                                                                                Completed first one done 3.9.07
        Institute training for PO on overall SIRB Tim Ratsep, Qazi, Paul, Kathy                           9/1/2007
        Issues (timesheets, NPL, BF, Project
   20   management, DNREC proceedures)                                                                               Schedule
        Communicate color coding for folders      Yoletta, Kathy                                        1/31/2007
   21   (Director and PMII)                                                                                          Complete
        Base the legal notice on executive        Liz                                             DONE
        summary of Proposed Plan                                                                  2/12/2007          Need to implement changes on
   22                                                                                             06/01/2007         new proposed plan template
        Design BRAP meeting                       Wilmer, Rick, Lindsay, Tunde Asere, Bob                 6/1/2007   Assigned Remedial Design
   23                                             Asreen                                                             checklist to team
        Record documentation (format for verbal   ON HOLD - Qazi (technical meeting) Liz                10/1/2007
        conversations & emails, place documents
   24   into file)                                                                                                   Involve Liz in this
   25   TAG evaluation                            John Cargill                                          12/1/2006    Complete
        UECA trust account authority and          Jim Adams, Stephanie Hanson, Kathy, Jim                 BAC in
        subordination, how to implement under     Werner, Liz, SHWB, TMB, Brightfields              January (final
        state accounting rules and format of                                                          by 11/16/07)   BFAC meeting 1/26/2007,
   26   subordination agreements                                                                                     Primary Meeting Complete
        Map the loan grant process                Jim Poling, Brightfields, Marj, Melissa Leckie,         7/1/2007
                                                  Jan Sunde sub committee including WHA
                                                  through brownfields committee

12/3/2010                                                                2 of 5    D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\86467400-2b38-42a2-bf36-49b09f6d7c37.xls
                                                                Value Stream Mapping
                                                                   March 12, 2007

                    Action Item                                     Personnel                          Date                    Notes
      Template for the Construction and            Wilmer, Rick, Lindsay, Tunde Asere, Bob               8/1/2007
   28 Completion Report                            Asreen
      Map accounting procedure for invoices        Sandie Kimbel, Sandy Miller, Marj, Jan               1/17/2007
   29                                              Sunde, Melissa Leckie                                            Complete
      30 day review process (how are we            VSM Team                                       1/8/2007 (1:30-
      performing these goals and time frame for                                                   3:30)
   30 milestone)                                                                                                    Complete
      60 day review process                        VSM Team                                       2/12/07 (1:30-
   31                                                                                             3:30)           Complete
      90 day review process and set future         VSM Team                                       3/12/07 (1:30-
   32 review meetings                                                                             3:30)
   33 Metrics and Tracking                         Kathy, Melissa, Paul, Qazi, Tim                      2/12/2007 Complete 03/08/07
      Time slicing (present to the Branch)         Melissa Leckie                                       12/1/2007 Feedback due at January Staff
   34                                                                                                             meeting (Complete)
                                                                                                                  Given to John for signature
   35 Delegate BDA Signature authority             Liz, Jim Werner, Kathy                                1/2/2007 1/8/2007 (Complete)
                                                                                                                  Given to John for signature
   36 Delegate Covenant Signature (criteria)       Liz, Jim Werner, Kathy                                1/2/2007 1/8/2007 (Complete)
   37 Enforce timesheet procedure                  Tim, Kathy, Qazi, Paul                                1/2/2007 (complete) 12/20/2006
   38 Single System Mail Log                       Marj                                                 4/30/2007
      Create/Modify Submission Package             Jim P./Melissa                                        5/1/2007
   39 Template
   40 Reimbursement Guidence Subjective            Jim W. & Kathy
      Ask Jim & Kathy if he can deligate <50k to                                                         5/1/2007
   41 SIRB, PMII                                   Kathy                                                            Memo Drafted 02.20.07
      Internal SIRB Checklist for Packet to                                                              3/1/2007
   42 AccountingMelissa                            Melissa                                                          Complete 03/07/07

      Bold name indicates lead for task

12/3/2010                                                               3 of 5       D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\86467400-2b38-42a2-bf36-49b09f6d7c37.xls
                          Value Stream Mapping
                             March 12, 2007

            Action Item     Personnel                       Date                   Notes

12/3/2010                        4 of 5   D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\86467400-2b38-42a2-bf36-49b09f6d7c37.xls
               Current State   Future State

Process Time      5.5 wks        5.5 wks

Lead Time        1yr 7mo         1yr 1mo

Quality             0             40%

# of Steps          83             57

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