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									                                                                                                        10 Accounting Report Cheaklist / 2009Academic Year

                               2010 Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science & Technology
                                           Research Grant for Ph.D. Program
                                              Accounting Report Checklist

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1. Accounting Report                                                                                                                    -           -

    1) Are all items listed? Is your seal affixed in all necessary areas?

    2) Are the subtotals correct?

    3) For the grand total, does it add up to 300,000 yen plus interest?

    4) For areas of correct, is the correction seal (or signature if you do not have a seal) affixed?

    5) For multiple business trips, are expense items listed one-by-one for each trip?

2. Receipts                                                                                                                             -           -

    1) Are receipts sorted by expense categories and then by date?

    2) Are the receipt numbers correctly listed?

    3) Do the number of receipts attached match the number of receipts listed in the Accounting Report?

    4) Are the receipts made out to "Keio University Mr./Ms. ○○×× (your name)?"
       If receipts are not available for transportation expenses, are substitute forms "4 Transportation Expense Receipts"
    5) attached?

    6) If a credit card is used to purchase an item, is the credit card statement attached in addition to the receipt?

3. Travel Expenses, Conference Participations, Etc.                                                                                     -           -
       When spending for travel expenses, did you affix your seal (or signature if you do not have a seal) to the Business Travel
    1) Report (Domestic/Overseas)?

    2) For overseas travel, did you attach the flight ticket stub, or a copy of it?
       For overseas travel, did you attach copies of pages from your passport (1. Page showing face. 2. Page showing entry and
    3) exit stamps)?

    4) For attendance of academic conferences, did you attach a copy of the conference program or materials?

    5) If you attended a conference as a presenter, did you attach a copy of program showing your name and topic?

    6) If participation fee or academic society membership fee is required, did you attach a copy showing the cost?

4. Passbook for Grant Administration                                                                                                    -           -
       Did you attach copies of your passbook (1. page showing name of account holder, bank branch, etc. and 2. page showing
    1) 0 yen as account balance.)?

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