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        New IBM Industry Models Accelerate SOA and Integration Projects

IBM Industry Models and consulting services help accelerate the pace at which data
warehouse, service-oriented architecture (SOA), master data management, and business
and data integration projects bring value to the business.

With new models to tackle some of the toughest information management challenges in
the banking, insurance, finance, health care, telecommunications and retail sectors,
businesses can avoid lengthy processes and planning using IBM’s step-by-step blueprints
for creating an information infrastructure. By helping accelerate the pace at which
information can be used, the new models can help reduce process, service analysis and
design time by more than 40 percent. By supporting an average of 85 percent of data
requirements, the models significantly compress project time and development costs as

The new IBM Industry Models announced today consist of integrated data, process and
service models designed to foster business and IT collaboration helping ensure complex
projects are delivered faster and with less risk.

With more than 400 customers worldwide, the IBM Industry Models have been used
successfully to accelerate the deployment of strategic business initiatives such as core
system and process renewal, data warehousing and business intelligence, risk and
compliance, new product introduction, customer experience, and financial management.
IBM’s holistic approach to business modeling through data, process and services
templates is built upon a ten-year track record of helping customers conduct real-time
business analysis.

IBM Industry Models Key Capabilities
 Enables business users to easily scope and customize their own requirements
 Facilitates step-by-step, business-focused development and roll-out of projects
 Delivers regularly updated business, technical and regulatory content
 Creates open technology platforms for any application or integration solution
 Manages definitions and standards in complex IT environments
 Integrates with IBM’s Component Business Model used for business re-engineering
 Ensures use of business definitions across data, process and services layers

                   New Industry Models Available November 2007

IBM Banking Industry Models
The IBM Banking Industry Models help banks accelerate the planning and requirements
analysis of business process transformation, core system renewal and consolidated
reporting solutions.
    IBM Information Framework (IFW) Process Models Release 8.0
    IBM Information Framework (IFW) Service Models Release 8.0
    IBM Banking Data Warehouse Release 8.0
Data Model updates include: Basel II, Payments/SEPA
SOA Model updates include: Mortgages (MiSMO), Payments/SEPA
IBM Financial Markets Industry Models
These models provide streamlining of trade processes and accelerate execution time in
the middle and back office thereby providing transparency and reducing costs. They also
help clients respond to threats by delivering insight into operational excellence,
optimization of capital allocations and fraud identification.
     IBM Financial Markets Data Models Release 8.0
     IBM Financial Markets Process Models Release 8.0
     IBM Financial Markets Service Models Release 8.0
Data Model updates include: Financial Instruments, Financial Product Markup Language
SOA Model updates include: Corporate Actions, MiFID, Middle-Back office integration

The IBM Insurance Industry Models
The IBM Insurance Industry Models provide a common solution for risk management
and regulatory requirements across multiple products, which significantly decreases
duplication of efforts.
    IBM Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) Process Models Release 8.0
    IBM Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) Service Models Release 8.0
    IBM Insurance Information Warehouse Release 8.0
Data Model updates include: Solvency II, IAS/IFRS Accounting Standards
SOA Model updates include: Risk Management, Line Of Business categorizations

IBM Retail Industry Models
This new release significantly increases the coverage of the Retail Data Warehouse
Models and provides a complete solution for addressing the biggest informational
concerns of the retail industry.
    Retail Data Warehouse Release 8.0
Data Model updates include: Retail Pharmacy, Click-stream analysis, mail order support,
KPI linkages with CGI, Corporate Financial Management

IBM Telecommunications Industry Models Release
This new release significantly increases the coverage of the Telecommunications Data
Warehouse Models.
     IBM Telecommunications Data Warehouse Release 8.0
Data Model Updates include: Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Services Bundling, Pre-
paid analysis, Accounting & Finance

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