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Mission Statement

U.W- Extension represents a partnership between the University of Wisconsin System and Ozaukee County.
Extension faculty and staff members serve the people of Ozaukee County through practical application of
research-based knowledge and information utilizing multiple delivery methods.

Major Goals For 2005

Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Area
 Continue offering the educational program to 50 Ozaukee County Private Pesticide Applicators, and assist
   Commercial Applicators in obtaining certification.
 Coordinate the Youth Tractor and Machinery Certification Program.
 Conduct the multi-county training program for the Wisconsin Master Gardener “General” course. Complete
   training for 50 new Ozaukee County Master Gardener volunteers.
Community, Natural Resources and Economic Development Program Area
 Land Use
 Staff the Smart Growth Committee and Citizen Advisory Committee with the County’s Planning, Resource &
   Land Management Department
 Monitor and update a Comprehensive Planning website for the County
 Facilitate a process of cooperation between the County and local units of government in the comprehensive
   planning process
 Facilitate public participation in the planning process and the creation of a public participation plan for the
 Provide educational programming to local planning commissions
Economic Development
 Continue as advisory board member to provide educational assistance to the Ozaukee County Economic
   Development Corporation (OCEDC)
 Facilitate a process to assist the OCEDC to develop a better understanding of Ozaukee’s economy
 Continue to facilitate a business plan writing course, entitled Fast Trac, that assists new business start-ups
   and existing businesses in Ozaukee County
 Represent Ozaukee County and the OCEDC on the Regional Economic Partnership, a seven-county
   regional economic development partnership
 Maintain and update census, demographic and economic data on the economic development web page for
   Ozaukee County
 Monitor and provide educational assistance for the Ozaukee County Revolving Loan Fund program
 Provide Extension-based resources for the Ozaukee County business community
 Continue as advisory board member to provide educational assistance to the Ozaukee County Tourism
   Council (OCTC) and update the OCTC web page
 Continue as an information conduit between OCTC, OCEDC and LOGIN
 Assist in the facilitation of the Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council
 Update Ozaukee Interurban Trail web page
Local Government UW-Extension Ozaukee County provides university based research and support to the
Local Government Information Network (LOGIN) in Ozaukee County and to local municipalities in various
capacities. UW-Extension’s roles in this process for 2004 are:
 Facilitate meetings of LOGIN to open lines of communication between local municipalities and Ozaukee
   County and to develop strategies to find efficiencies in providing municipal services
 Maintain and update the LOGIN web page
 Continue to provide updates to local officials on UW-Extension sponsored activities and resources available
 Continue to provide educational assistance on projects designated by the Chair of the Ozaukee County
   Board and the Ozaukee County Administrative Coordinator
Family Living Education Program Area
 Families and individuals experiencing financial difficulty will take actions that increase their financial security.
 (Family Financial Management Program-one on one educational financial counseling, Get Checking
   educational program for those who want to reestablish a relationship with a financial institution)
 Youth and families will increase their financial literacy and develop financial goals, realistic spending plans
   and increase savings and/or reduce debt levels.

 (High School Financial Planning Program, Money Talks Especially for Women, Investing in Your Future)
 Adults who care for children will increase their knowledge and use of practices that promote positive child
 (Parenting the First, Second and Third Years Newsletters, Better Kid Care-Childcare providers training)
 Parents, community members, schools and organizations will work together to increase assets in youth and
    empower them to develop into responsible citizens.
 (United for Youth-Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth)
 Individuals and families will develop interpersonal skills and resiliency strategies to help them deal with and
    adapt to the various life stages, stressors and transitions they face. (Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate,
    Caring for You: Powerful Tools for Caregivers, Legal Checkup, Critical Conversations About Long Term
 Respond to consumer calls concerning all aspect of family life.
4-H Youth Development Program Area
 Developing capable and responsible youth is a priority goal for the Ozaukee County 4-H Youth
    Development Program. Using a variety of teaching methods and settings, including Community 4-H Clubs,
    school-based programs and others, youth are encouraged and challenged to explore and participate in a
    broad range of educational offerings. The primary outcomes of these experiences are the development of
    positive “life skills” that support both youth and adult development. Through projects, camps, performances,
    teams, community service and others, 4-H members and leaders are involved in on-going, long term
    programs which contribute to skill building, character development and positive self-esteem.
 Continue to strengthen and expand the community 4-H club program with a special emphasis in the
    Saukville and Fredonia area through increased and targeted marketing in the communities and through the
    local schools.
 Strengthen character education program through enhanced communication and presentation training of 4-H
    Ambassadors, rewriting curriculum and additional school partnering to teach the classroom-based program.
    There is a continuing need for youth to learn and develop personal life skills, such as teamwork, and
    interpersonal and communication skills, that will enable them to face social pressures.
 Teach a new training session to certify first time 4-H volunteer leaders in the areas of youth development,
    liability and risk management and child abuse prevention prior to their involvement in the Ozaukee County
    4-H program.
 Work with the Northern Ozaukee School District guidance counselor and community partners to incorporate
    asset building in the school and community.
 Continue to recruit and orient adult 4-H leaders to new leadership roles on the county level.

Agriculture Extension Committee

Mark A. Cronce
Richard C. Nelson
Thomas H. Richart
Donald Dohrwardt
Maryann M. Erickson
Kathy Geracie
Randy Miller

Personnel Changes
                                  2005 Annual                                   Health, Life &         2005 Salary &
Position                               Wages           FICA     Retirement     LTD Insurance                Benefits
     O'Neil Daniel                       984.83       14.28           100.45               6.70    $        1,106.26
     Schroeder Kay                       914.54       13.26            93.28               6.42    $        1,027.50
          Change Effective 07/01/05
                                                              University Extension Office          $      2,133.77

                      All Position Change Requests Subject to Human Resources Committee Approval


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