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									Proposal for Vision (Shenzhen)
Business Park Project

Private and confidential

      Product overview & description

             Best possible services;
            Best possible solutions;
         Best possible technologies.
                  How ACTAtek
                  Benefits Your

•Access control for tenants’ employees (PIN,smart card or fingerprint)
•Control for visitors,tenants and employees
•Using one smart card for multi-purpose (Access control,card park management,e-purse).Added
security using fingerprint for high security area,least secure area such as meeting room can be
controlled and opened by just flashing the card without the password
•Management can be instantly informed of visitor arrival,missing person,late arrival etc via SMS/email
•The ACTAtek can also be configured to control different electrical devices such as gate
barrier,lighting etc
•Secure areas in the business park like main entrance of the building,office premises like server
rooms,back doors
•User message broadcast-message will display on the ACTAtek’s LCD when authenticating the
•Access profiles are set according to authorization-only authorized users will have access to the
restricted areas of the business park
•ACTAtek can be optionally equipped with external network cameras,that are connected through the
device for added security and live monitoring
•The images from these devices can be stored on the system or in a backend server
•Network multiple locations with ACTAtek to share user database
•User activity tracking can take place for better accountability and higher security in the restricted
areas in the business park
•Disaster management (real time tracking employees attendance records,irrespective of geographic
locations for disaster management)
                           ACTAtek In The
                           Business Park

       As An Access Control                                Database storing
Administrator can                                          customer
monitor the IN and                                         information and
OUT records of user                                        event logs
in real time through
any web browser on
any computer in the            Web
network.                      Browser
                                                     Detail of entry,
                                                     reject, exit time
                                                     and identity is
                                                     logged realtime

              Location A

Once the person is                                                                        Customized to
verified and the                                                                            Specific
punch is recorded          Location B                                                        Reports
in the device,the
system will trigger                     Location C        Location D
to release the
strike and open
the door.                                               ACTAtek supports external network cameras for
                                                        added security.Theses can be installed at different
                                                        areas in the business park for live monitoring purpose.
            ACTAtek For Securing
            Restricted Areas In The
            Business Park
ACTAtek is installed at the restricted areas in the business park or
  main entrance of the building
 Only anthorized user will have access to restricted areas of the
  business park
 Permises kept secure with access given only by smart card or
  fingerprint.Two-step verification (smart card + fingerprint) for
  higher security
 Can control access and monitor from anywhere at anytime
  through any web browser
 ACTAtek can be optionally equipped with external network
  cameras,that are connected through the device for added security
 The images from these devices can be stored on the system or in
  a backend server
 Authorized access is also recorded of who has accessed the
  rooms,and at what times,and how long they were in the room-to
  provide transparency and more accountability to the process
                      ACTAtek In The
                      Business Park
 As An Intelligent Smart Card Car Park Management System
                                Card Park
Able to update information in   Management System
real time through any web       Software                                       Database
browser on any computer
 Long                                                  System Capabilities:
                        Web                            -Keep track of vehiclesIN and OUT using
                                                       smart card authentication
 card                  Browser
                                                       -Access control and season parker
                                                       -Vehicle counting with traffic flow
                                                       -Parking fee calculation

 Entrance Gate Barrier

                                                                               Live monitoring with the aid of external
                                                                               network camera.Video streaming can then
                                                                               be recorded and stored in the database
                                                    Exit Gate Barrier
             ACTAtek As An
             Intelligent Smart Card
             Car Park Management
ACTAtek is installed at the entrance and exit gate barrier of the
  car park
 Keep track of vehicles IN and OUT records using smart card
  authentication,fingerprint verification is recommended for
  higher security requirement
 Access control and vehicles counting with traffic flow satistics
 Parking fee calculation
 Save operation cost-no longer need to control the gate barrier
  for the drivers
 Only authorized vehicles have the access right to enter
 Able to set expiry date for the seasonal or daily parker
 With the aid of the external network camera,live video
  streaming can be recorded and then stored in the backend
                        ACTAtek In The Business
As A Catering Management System
Catering Management Software

                                                                            System Capabilities:
                                                                            -Using prepaid dollar smart
                                                                            card to purchase monthly lunch
                                                                            -Credit points will be deducted
                                                           Web              from each transaction
                                                                   -Multi-application (using one smart card not only
                                                                   for e-purse,but also access control for office
                                                                   permises and card park barrier)
          -Print lunch ticket receipt
          -Show outstanding credit in the                                          Access control for car
          smart card of each transaction                                           park barrier

                                                                            Access control for office permises
                                            Smart Card
        ACTAtek As Catering
        Management System

Using one smart card for multi-
 Not only for access control and time
  attendance,but also e-purse
 No small changes anymore
 Fast and convenient
 Save operation cost
             Why Use ACTAtek?
   Web-based design-control,configure and administrate anytime anywhere
    through the web browser
   Modular design for easy integration and maintenance
   3 Access Methods-Biometrics,Smart Card or PIN
   Modifications take effect in real time across multiple locations
   Easy to use,plug and play device
   Multi-application for door access control,e-purse and car park management
    system using one smart card only
   IP-rated casing allows ACTAtek to withstand whether conditions and vandal
   Economical and cost-saving with all software and hardware built-in
   Real time update of system or user configuration
   Remote monitoring via TCP/IP communication protocol
   SSL-protected Linux-based embedded web server
   Supports optional GPRS / Wi-Fi communication for high flexibility and
                  Product Overview
   i-AD
       Embedded SSL-encrypted Web Server
       Exchange information between devices (Primary
        and Secondary configuration)
       Non-volatile memory (Default 2GB,expandable)
       Media formats supported:MPEG
       Real time ticker for predefined messages updates,stock quotes,informational /
        promotional messages,etc
                 How i-AD Benefits
                 Your Operation
   Increase revenue from promoting other
   Schedule your advertisements according to
    TARGET audience
   Promote your own business at multiple
   Application include:Display advertisement or
    company information at residential and office
   Real time ticker message for live broadcast
      i-AD In The Business

          -Each iAD can be connected to a
          splitter to split the video to multiple
          -Each screen will display identical
          -Auto-synchronization of files                 Out-door LCD
          between devices,when networked                 Screen
          -Contents of the video can be
          updated in real-time over the web
          -Display company information at
          different locations
          -iAD can be installed with a big out-
          door LCD screen,showing science
 Web      park events
Browser   -iAD can be installed in the                   Lift Lobby
          lobby,each floor,even
          rooms,meeting rooms or
          conference rooms,showing
          company’s information

                             Splitter                   Reception Area

                                        Real-time ticker message
                              Why Use i-AD?
   Fully encrypted web-based advertising system-easy to upload the
    advertisement media over the web from anywhere anytime
   Increase revenue from promoting other business
   Schedule your advertisements according to target audience to promote your own
    business, rental
   Minimal technical expertise needed
   Easy to use and install
   Plug and play device with wireless capabilities
   Real time ticker message for live broadcast
   Supports multiple media formats and various screens and sizes
   Convenience,economical and cost saving
   Built-in software and hardware
   Real-time upload/download and synchronization/configuration of media files
   Wide applications eg,.event/promotion display,business park information
    display,conferences(upload media files for presentation),canteen’s menu……etc
Presentation Overview

   Product Overview
   Technology Architecture
   CMOS + Keypad Overview
   Smart Card + Keypad Overview
   Fingerprint + Keypad Overview
   Combination Model Overview
   Web Features
   Optional Software
   Contact ACTAtek
Product Overview
   ACTAtek
       100% stand-alone with all software & hardware built-in
       Network enabled for scalable multiple unit deployments
       Added security option with built-in CMOS camera
       Simple to install, effective, reduces overhead/running costs &
        fully compatible with your IT system
       Real-time tracking employee attendance records,
        irrespective of geographic locations for disaster management
       SSL-Encrypted highly secure web based network
       IP65 Impact resistant, water & dust proof casing
       3-way authentication with biometric fingerprint, smart card
        (HID, Legic, Mifare, EM, barcode and contact smart cards) &
        PIN with built-in CMOS camera!
       SDK for 3rd-parties application integration via SOAP
Product Overview
   Multi-Lingual Support – currently supports English, Spanish,
    Chinese (Simple & Traditional), Croatian, French, German,
    Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai with more in the future!
   Maximum Fingerprint user enrollment of 5,000 users.
   Maximum Smartcard user enrollment of 10,000 users.
   Maximum transaction records stored of 10,000 records.
   Real time system update and configuration!
   Supports Weigand 26-bit & 40-bit output!
   Optional IP camera support!
   Optional Wi-Fi Support!
Product Overview –
Roadmap for 2007

   Maximum Fingerprint user enrollment of 20,000 users*.
   Maximum Photo storage of 1,000 photos*.
   Maximum transaction records stored of 20,000 records*.
   SNMP support – Self diagnose
   LDAP support – single directory for corporate ID management
   External HID, Legic readers
   Super Primary for over 20,000 users
   More powerful SDK and API
   And more features to come!

*depending upon chosen model
Product Overview
   Awards

       Mar 2004 - Cebit features new product: Actatek
       Mar 2005 - Linux Pilot Editor’s Choice for Secure Access and
                    Time Attendance System
       Jun 2005 - BiometriTech Product of the Year 2004, New York
       Jun 2005 - Linux Business Award Enterprise Product 2005
       Oct 2005 - Greater China Golden Penguin Award
       Oct 2005 - Finalist of Access Control & Security Systems USA:
                    Winner of 2005 Product of the Year USA
       Nov 2005 - SC Awards 2006 Best of Biometric Device of USA
       May 2006 - Finalist of AeA High-Tech Innovation Awards – USA
       April 2007 - Finalist of AeA High-Tech Innovation Awards – USA
Product Overview
        With @20,000 installations including
       IBM
       Coca-Cola
       BMW
       Bangkok High Way Toll-Road Management
       Goodwill Management Ltd,Hong Kong (Wholly owned by
        Henderson Land Development)
       Well Born Real Estate Management Ltd,Hong Kong (Wholly
        owned by Henderson Land Development)
       Nice Property Management Ltd,Hong Kong
       British Petroleum
       KFC
       Macau, Hong Kong, Qatar and other Governments
Keypad + CMOS Camera
         Benefits include:
             Ease of use with minimal training required
             Built-in CMOS camera offers unmatched
             Stores 100 most recently captured snapshots,
              which can be backed up to your computer!
             Avoid all fraudulent behavior by logging
              rejected attempts recorded by the camera!
             Track employee attendance with built-in Time
              attendance software
             Robust with Impact, water & Dust proof casing
              for outdoor installations.
             Total control – all data can be downloaded from
              anywhere, anytime!
Smart Card + Keypad
                    Utilizes Mifare Contactless Card Technology as
                     its primary card reader/ writer module.
                    Optionally supports Legic contact card, HID
                     Proximity & iClass, as well as, EM & Barcode
                    Optionally supports External Mifare card reader
                     module for multi-door deployment at reduced
                     implementation costs!

• Combination access methods include Smart Card only,
  Smart card + PIN or User ID + PIN.
• Optionally equipped with built-in CMOS camera.
• Hectrix also provides a Mifare key tag – a convenient
  access token.
• All Access logs can be tracked via the web interface.
Fingerprint Only Model
          ACTAtek uses the latest proprietary 500 dpi
           Optical Scanning Technology!
          All fingerprint templates are converted to
           encrypted binary data, that cannot be duplicated
           or stolen.
          3 possible access methods include User ID +
           Fingerprint, User ID + Password & Fingerprint
          Takes less than a second to scan and match a
          With improved fingerprint scanner, ability to take 3,
           5 or 7 templates, which is useful for difficult to
           read fingerprints.
          Primary Advantage of using biometric technology
           is that it cannot be lost or stolen!
Combination Model
          Combines Fingerprint, Smart card and
           PIN technologies.
          5 different authentication methods,
           Fingerprint only, Smart card only, Smart
           card + Fingerprint, User ID + PIN and
           User ID + Fingerprint!
          All entries are logged by the system,
           which include 10,000 access log
          Fingerprint data can be stored on the
           smart card for secure access!
          Optionally equipped with a built-in
           CMOS camera, which can be an added
           security feature when smart card or PIN
           only options are used!
Web Features
   4 different administration levels for secure administration &
   Add / Modify / Delete users and schedules online!
   View user attendance records in real time, up to 10,000 records!
   Download reports in real time!
   View up to 100 most recent snapshots on built-in CMOS
    camera models!
   Multi-lingual web interface!
   View network camera directly from ACTAtek interface!
   Easy to upgrade software features via Firmware upgrade
   Leave messages for users for them to view directly at the unit!
   Add access right schedules to prevent unauthorized entry
    outside work hours.
Optional Accessories
   Built-in CMOS Camera
       A snapshot will be taken for each
        successful or rejected authentication
        (Fingerprint, smart card or password).
       The most recent 100 photos (resolution:
        QVGA. 320 x 240) will be stored and can be
        viewed or downloaded from the web interface.
       VGA 640 x 480 sensor
       Horizontal viewing angle is about 49
       Vertical viewing angle is about 38 degrees.
Optional Accessories
         External Mifare Card Reader
             Used in conjunction with any Mifare card
              supported model of ACTAtek.
             Connected via RS-232 or RS-485 serial
             Operating Distance of about 0-8 cm
             Operating Temperature: -25°C - +65°C
             Buzzer & LED alert for accepted and
              rejected attempts.
             Supported tags : Mifare Standard, Mifare
              Ultralight, Mifare 4k and SLE55Rxx
External Relay
   Primary function is to trigger
    the opening of the door
    strike without having the
    ACTAtek directly connected
    to it - preventing any
    opportunity for malice by
   An added layer of security
    for all outdoor installations.
   Can be hidden within indoor
   Easy to use and install.
Optional Software (1)
                 ACTAtek Server
                    For remote FP registration.
                    For downloading the event log
                     (with pictures)
                    For transferring user details
                     between your PC and the

                 Key Features include:
                        Real time Log Viewer
                        User Administration
                        Attendance/Late Report
                        Import / Export Event Log
Optional Software (2)
                 ACTAtek Agent

                    Download the event log from
                     the ACTAtek database
                    To save data in ODBC / JDBC
                    All done in real time with
                     minimal effort.
                    Can synchronize with payroll
                     applications for easy
                     administration and
Optional Software (3)
            ACTAtek Sync

               For synchronizing users amount
                ACTAteks if all ACTAteks are in primary

                                 For firmware upgrading
                                  multiple ACTAeks at the
                                  same time
                                 For system backup
                                  multiple ACTAeks at the
                                  same time
Optional Software (4)

                    ACTAtek SOAP API

                       If you want to control all the
                        function of the ACTAtek,
                        you can use our SOAP API.
                        So that you can write your
                        own program to get / edit /
                        delete the data inside.
                       The programming
                        languages that the SOAP
                        API can support is: C, C++,
                        VB, VB.NET, Java,……
                       Some example like: Log
                        viewer, Door controller…
Installation examples
   Since ACTAtek is connected in IP topology, we
    can have many combinations of connections
    listed below:

   LAN connection (Any web browser connection)
   Wi-Fi connection (PDA access)
   POE connection
   ACTAtek Server with remote FP registration
   ACTAtek Agent to download the eventlog
A Standard Connection:
    Contact ACTAtek
   ACTAtek can be contacted at:

       North Asia Customers:
           + (852) 2319-1333, E-mail:
       ASEAN Customers:
           + (65) 6515-4520, E-mail:
       Europe, Middle East / Africa customers:
           +44 (121) 411-2288 , E-mail:

       North / South America / Canada customers:
           +1 (714) 505-0433, E-mail:

       Website:
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