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									                                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT
I hereby apply to become an associate with The Business                     any representations regarding the actual, potential or expected
Partners Group (hereinafter TBPG) marketing program.                        earnings.
As an associate, I understand and agree that:                               11.) The Distributors acknowledge that the Distributors are wholly
                                                                            independent marketing representative who establishes and
1.) I am of legal age and a US citizen in the state in which I enter        services retail customers for TBPG products as an independent
into this agreement.                                                        contractor. The position of Distributor does not constitute either a
2.) I shall become a company Distributor upon acceptance of this            sale of a franchise or an independent marketing distributorship to
application by the company. As a distributor, I shall have the right        the sponsoring distributor from the sponsored distributor. This
to sell the services and products offered by TBPG in accordance             agreement is not intended and shall NOT be construed to create
with TBPG marketing program and statement policy which may                  a relationship of employer employee, agency, partnership or joint
be amended and changed from time to time.                                   venture between any Distributor, sponsor, and/or TBPG.
3.) Upon notification to Distributors, TBPG at its discretion may           12.) As an independent contractor, the Distributor shall:
amend the marketing plan, products, product pricing, statement of                     1.) Abide by any and all federal, state, county, and
policy, etc.                                                                            local laws, rules and regulations pertaining to this
4.) I have carefully read and reviewed TBPG’s marketing plan,                         agreement and/or the acquisition, receipt, selling,
rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and acknowledge that                     holding distributing or advertising of TBPG
they are incorporated as part of this agreement in their present                      products.
form and as modified from time to time by TBPG.                                       2.) At the Distributor own expense, make, execute, or file
5.) A Distributor shall be entitled to cancel participation in the                    all such reports and obtain such licenses as are required
marketing program at any time for any reason by sending a                             by law or public authority with respect to this agreement
written statement to TBPG. Any commission due will be forfeited                       and/or receipt, holding selling, distributing or advertising
after receipt of notice date.                                                         of TBPG products.
6.) Upon acceptance of my application by TBPG I will be an                            3.) Be solely responsible for declaration of payment of all
independent contractor responsible for my own business and                            local, state, and federal taxes as may accrue because of
NOT an employee of TBPG. I will not be treated as an employee                         the Distributors activities in connection with this
in regard to any laws covering employees, including but not                           agreement.
limited to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social              13.) No purchase necessary to become a Distributor, other than
Security Act, the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, income tax                  the purchase of a Distributor business kit for each store at the
withholding at source or for any federal or state tax laws. It is           time the store is initially opened. Distributor may purchase
totally my responsibility to pay self employment state and federal          wholesale products ONLY after the store has been opened for
taxes as required by law.                                                   that particular product.
7.) Upon acceptance of my application by TBPG, commissions or               14.) TBPG may immediately terminate a Distributor who
residual is not transferable and only continue as an active                 discredits TBPG’s name, violates any requirements contained in
Distributor.                                                                this agreement, TBPG’s Policy and Procedures, or training
8.) I will NOT use TBPG trade name and/or trademark except in               manuals misrepresents TBPG’s product or business opportunity
advertising provided to me by TBPG or in any other advertising              by making claims contrary to TBPG’s products, literature, and
without prior written approval by TBPG.                                     labels and forfeit all commissions due.
9.) Any Distributor who sponsors other Distributors, must fulfill the       15.) This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between
obligation of training those sponsored Distributor should have              the Distributor and TBPG and no other addition promises
ongoing contact, communication, and management supervision                  representations, or agreements of any kind shall be valid unless
with his or her Distributor (Business Partner). Examples of such            in writing.
supervision may include but are not limited to: newsletters, written        16.) This agreement is NOT in force until accepted by TBPG.
correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contact,                       17.) Any Distributor that has not sponsored a minimum of (2) two
voicemail, email, and etc.                                                  Distributor (business partner) prior to opening of their (8) eighth
10.) I agree, I will NOT make any claims regarding TBPG, its                store will forfeit the residual from the platinum store.
products or business opportunity for liability or fault of any result       18.) Once Business Partners enter into the $200 Store you will
of your Independent Business practice. I agree to represent                 be required to purchase a case of candles at the wholesale price
TBPG’s “compensation plan” fairly and accurately and in                     plus shipping.
accordance with the current TBPG guidelines. I will NOT make                19). I acknowledge that I have read and understand and agree to
                                                                            the terms set forth in this agreement.

My signature below indicates that I have read the Terms Conditions and Agreement and I willingly accept all the Terms
and Conditions of this Agreement.
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