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Business Liability Proof of Insurance by ydz43907


Business Liability Proof of Insurance document sample

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									Business Contracting A-Z:
Professional Liability Insurance

 Paul Craig, RN, JD
 Medical Center Chief Risk Officer
UC Professional Liability Insurance

     The differences between commercial
      insurance & a self insurance trust
     The essentials of PL coverage for
      faculty & employees
     Certificates of Insurance (COI)
The UC Self Insurance Trust

   Like commercial professional
    liability insurance, only different
   Self insurance has important
    limitations and differences
   Key differences to MDs: no
    individual premiums, no consent
    to settle
UC PL Self Insurance Trust:
Two Governing Documents

   BUS-9: Terms & Conditions of
   BUS-63: Limits of Coverage, proof of
    self insurance, certificates of insurance
PL Coverage
Governing Rules: BUS-9
   Physicians & trainees are covered if
    engaged in university activities that
    are within the course & scope of their
    employment or appointment
   Other licensed providers are covered
    provided conditions of BUS-9 are met
PL Coverage Depends on the
Type of Appointment
   Faculty
    – Salaried
    – Voluntary (VCF)
   MSP Contract
   Non-faculty MDs appointed to peer
    review or QA committees
PL Coverage for Off Site
Services by Salaried Faculty
   Two independent Requirements
   Income must be deposited into applicable
    health science practice plan
   Must have a written affiliation agreement,
    service agreement or employment contract
   If clinical work is occasional, may be
    supported by written approval of
    Department Chair. Chair’s approval must be
    sent to Risk Management
PL Coverage for VCF
On-Site or Off-Site

   NOT covered for own professional
    clinical actions
   ONLY covered “when engaged in
    university assigned duties”
   This means teaching and supervision
Service Agreements

   MSP contract terms govern whether PL
    coverage provided
   Contracting partner (physician office,
    clinic, hospital) must agree to
    indemnify UCSD for the acts of their
    agents and carry limits specified by
Insurance Limits for
   Campuses & medical centers must abide by
    the minimum insurance limits specified in
   In certain situations, in consultation with the
    campus or medical center administrators, a
    local Risk Management office may make
    exceptions to required limits
   Vendor Matrix: Suggested Coverage Limits
Certificates of Insurance:
Governing Rules: BUS-63
   To obtain a COI or evidence of self-
    insurance coverage, a request must be
    submitted to the local Risk Management
    office at least 25 days before the
    engagement begins
   The local Risk Management office should be
    consulted early in any contracting process
    regarding insurance and indemnification
    contract provisions.
UCSD COI Process

    At least 25 days before you need the
    COI, submit “Request for Professional
    Liability Insurance Coverage At Outside
    Hospitals/Clinics” AND either:
    – The name & number of the written
      agreement under which the services are
    – Written proof of Department Chair
Coming Soon: New
Simplified Process & Form
   “Chair Authorization for Professional
    Medical & Hospital Liability Insurance
   Use when agreement pending
   Use if engagement less than 6 months
  Thank you

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