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									WOODLAND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION                           2009 Signature Golf Event
                                         Don’t miss out on the opportunity to
                                    participate in this signature event, and receive
                                    the benefits of your chosen sponsorship level!                            Business Partner
                                                                                                            Sponsorship and Levels
                                      2009 Signature Golf Event
                                                                                                        • Registration for one foursome
                                            July 16, 2009                                HOLE-IN-       • Sunday brunch for you and your guest at the award-winning
                                              Geneva National Golf Club                    ONE            Hunt Club Restaurant and Legends Tavern
                                         1221 Geneva National Avenue South                              • Recognition as a Hole-in-One sponsor throughout the day’s events
                                                                                                        • Recognition on various WEF correspondences
                                               Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
                                                                                                        • Registration for one foursome
                                                                                           EAGLE        • Gift certificates and other merchandise amenities
                                  11:00 – 12:30         Registration                       $1,500       • Recognition as an Eagle sponsor throughout the day’s events
                                                        Bag Drop                                        • Recognition on various WEF correspondences
                                                        Driving Range Open                              • Registration for one foursome
                                                        Player lunch box                                • Recognition as a Birdie sponsor throughout the day’s events
                                                                                                        • Recognition on various WEF correspondences
                                  12:30 – 5:30          Golfers Tee Off
                                                        Shotgun Start, Trevino Course
                                                                                        INDIVIDUAL • Registration for an individual player
                                  5:30 – 6:30           Cash Bar                           $250
                                                        Hors D’Oeuvres

                                  6:30 – 8:00           Dinner                          Please make checks payable to:
                                                        Silent Auction                  Woodland Educational Foundation
                                                        Prizes                          1105 N. Hunt Club Road, Gurnee, IL 60031

                                    The Woodland Educational Foundation is qualified                            For more information, please contact
                                         as a 501 (c) (3) organization by the IRS                                Karen Berthiaume, (847) 502-1392
                                                Federal ID# 38-3733886.
                                                       2009 SIGNATURE GOLF EVENT
                                                            Geneva National Golf Club
                                                                                   July 16, 2009
Woodland Educational Foundation

                                  May	1,	2009

                                  Dear	Business	Partner:

                                  The	Woodland	Educational	Foundation	is	seeking	support	from	business	partners	who	share	a	
                                  vision	of	educational	excellence	for	our	children.

                                                                                   Established	in	2006,	the	Woodland	Educational	
                                                                                   Foundation is a not-for-profit organization
                                                                                   dedicated	to	the	pursuit	of	educational	excellence	
                                                                                   for	the	7,300	students	and	900	staff	of	Woodland	
                                                                                   School	District	50.	Through	the	Foundation,	the	
                                                                                   Woodland	learning	community	will	gain	access	
                                                                                   to	resources	that	infuse	cutting	edge	technology,	
                                                                                   innovative	programs	and	increased	opportunities	
                                                                                   with	the	arts,	science	and	extra	curricular	activities.	

                                  We	are	very	excited	to	announce	that	the	Foundation’s	3rd	Annual	Golf	Outing	will	be	once	again	
                                  held	at	Geneva	National	Golf	Club	on	July	16,	2009.	

                                  The	various	levels	of	Business	Partner	sponsorship	opportunities	are	shown	on	the	following	
                                  page.	If	you	are	unable	to	attend	the	golf	outing	this	year,	we	invite	you	to	consider	various	
                                  underwriting	and	other	levels	of	sponsorship	to	assist	with	this	
                                  wonderful	event.

                                  With	your	help,	we	will	be	able	to	raise	substantial	funds	
                                  that	will	help	take	our	children’s	educational	experiences	
                                  above	and	beyond	what	is	seen	in	the	typical	classroom.	
                                  As a Business Partner, your contribution will be recognized
                                  throughout	the	District	in	many	different	ways.		
                                         Tax-deductible	donations	can	be	sent	to:
                                  	      Woodland	Educational	Foundation
                                  	      1105	N.	Hunt	Club	Road
                                  	      Gurnee,	IL	60031	
                                  We	thank	you	in	advance	for	your	support	and	donation,	and	look	forward	to	your	participation	in	
                                  this	meaningful	and	vital	community	program.
                                  Very	truly	yours,

                                  Woodland	Educational	Foundation

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