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               Hard Truth

• Your job is to have a resume that gets you an

• Every job posting gets many resumes, regardless of
  skill and experience level required.
   – 73 applications per position*

         *Source: MonsterTrak seminar, June 2007

                                                   Macon State Career Services
       How To Stand Out…
       Employer’s Perspective

• No Errors
   – Must be Flawless
   – Have someone proofread resume

• Write great cover letter
  – Introduction to your resume
  – All requirements of the position clearly mentioned
  – Address the letter to a person

                                            Macon State Career Services
        Adopt the Employers
• Research
   – Learn about the field
   – Learn about the employer

• Focus on what you can do for them
   – How your skills and abilities match their requirements

                                              Macon State Career Services
                  New Graduates

•Use the ¾ Rule
    • If your resume shows nothing but retail sales, restaurant work
    and the like then you need to show them why they should hire you

•¾ of your resume should be directly related to the position that you
are seeking
    •Volunteer work

                                                         Macon State Career Services
    A Word About Honesty

• Know what the employer wants
   – Comprehensive vs. selective work history
   – Educational history
• Showcase your abilities
• NEVER lie on your resume

                                          Macon State Career Services
 CFO’s were asked, “In which of the following job
application areas do you feel candidates make the
                most mistakes?”

        2%                       Cover letter
                                 Reference checks
                                 Interview follow-up

         9%                      Screening call
              9%     21%

                                 Don’t know/no

                                                Macon State Career Services
Four questions a resume should answer

 What can you do? (Abilities)

               Have you done it and stuck with
                  it? (Related Experience)

 What do you know? (Knowledge Base)

                 What kind of person are you?
               (Personal Attributes)

                                      Macon State Career Services
          Resumes should

–   Be Printed on high-grade paper conservative color
–   Be centered or aligned so it is balanced
–   Use the whole page on every page
–   Include plenty of white space
–   Be clean and crisp and easy to read
–   Avoid templates
–   Free of grammar and spelling errors
–   Tailored to each position that you apply to
–   Stress your strengths

                                                  Macon State Career Services
            Where to Begin
• Brainstorm your previous and current
  – Remember to include volunteering,
    specialized courses and trainings
• Maintain a document with all experiences
  – Pull from this document to create specific
    resume for positions in which you apply to
• Be sure to follow some key do’s and don’ts

                                        Macon State Career Services
What a resume should NOT include:

   Personal Information such as height, weight, race,
  sex or age
   Salary requirements
   Graphics, photographs, logos, or fancy fonts
   Inconsistent use of bolding, italicizing, or
   Information not related to the job for which you are
   Reason for leaving previous jobs

                                              Macon State Career Services
       Contents of your Resume
1.   Heading
2.   Objective
3.   Education
4.   Experience
5.   Leadership & Activities
       Make sure to list any awards and honors
6. Special Sections
       Computer skills, summary of skills, coursework

                                                 Macon State Career Services
       First, your Heading
                                       Jon Smith
                                   101 Clearlake Drive
Include your full name           Hamilton, Georgia 35690
Current telephone number
  Re-record a professional voicemail message
Current and long term email address
  Make sure it is professional

                                        Macon State Career Services
     Second, Your Objective
Use your objective to state your goal
Change your objective to the position
Objective should include position
  Be clear and concise

  OBJECTIVE: To obtain position as Accountant Assistant at Kim, James
                               & Pearl

                                                                Macon State Career Services
     Third, your education
Name of college
City and state of your college
Include month and/or year of completion
of degree
Degree received or field of study
GPA information (if above 3.0)
  Macon State College, Macon, Georgia                       GPA 3.4
  Bachelor of Business Administration   expected graduation May 2009

                                                            Macon State Career Services
    Fourth, your Experience
Title of position first
Company name and location
Focus on accomplishments
Bullets to make important points
Start bullets with action verbs
Include skills important in type of position
sought (show responsibility and skills)

                                    Macon State Career Services
    Resume content cont.

• Skills section
   – Useful for listing specialized abilities, computer
     skills, or foreign language ability
   – Highlight your transferable skills – see
     additional presentation online
• Volunteer Experience
   – Similar to work experience section
• Honors/Awards/Activities
   – Prioritize by date or relevance
   – Leadership positions

                                             Macon State Career Services
Combined Functional Resume

– Highlights most relevant skills and
– De-emphasize employment history in less
  relevant jobs
– Combines skills developed in a variety of jobs
  or other activities
– Minimizes drawbacks such as employment
  gaps and absence of directly related work

                                          Macon State Career Services
         Cover letter basics:

– Always address cover letters to someone specific
– Target what you want
– Emphasize what employer wants in a candidate
– Relate how experience & training can give employer
  what he/she wants
– Show interest in the company
– Keep sentences & paragraphs short, thereby easier to
  read and scan
– Have effective closing; suggest next action step
  (meeting, phone call, interview)

                                          Macon State Career Services
               Good Luck!!!

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