272H – Unleash the Power of Reminder Dialogs Anne Rega Hines Chief Information Office Field Office Eghosa Guobadia CAC Philadelphia VAMC Joseph Gus O’Neil VISN 1 Clinical Remi by akg31466


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									 272H – Unleash the Power of
      Reminder Dialogs

 Anne Rega, Hines Chief Information Office Field Office
      Eghosa Guobadia, CAC Philadelphia VAMC
Joseph (Gus) O’Neil, VISN 1 Clinical Reminders Manager
           Learning Objectives

• Definition of Reminder Dialog templates
• Creation of Health Factors to record patient
  care events.
• Building the Reminder Dialog components
• Use of Element and Group dialogs to
  automate CPRS order entry
• Using Branching Logic in reminder dialogs
• Use of the ‘FORM LETTERS’ TIU document

• What are Reminder Dialogs?

One of the documentation interfaces
 available in CPRS.

Can also be utilized as Note templates,
 without specific association to a Clinical
           Introduction cont.
• Advantages of Reminder Dialogs over
  regular TIU note templates –

 Enable recording of patient health events
 with Health Factors.

 Decision-support to CPRS users
            Introduction cont.
• Design of a Reminder Dialog template is
  based on the blueprint

• Collaboration – between Providers and
  CACs, is required to produce this blueprint
            Introduction cont.

• For this class, we are going to
  demonstrate reminder dialog creation by
  creating the ## RAD MAM NOTE reminder
  dialog (where ## is your student number).
              Introduction cont.

• Derived from the RADIOLOGY
  MAMMOGRAPHY NOTE reminder dialog,
  currently in use at Philadelphia VAMC

• Used by Radiologists to document BIRADS
  category scores for mammography screen
  studies, using Health Factors.

• This class is in no way intended to promote
            Introduction cont.

• The CPRS note title for this reminder
  dialog was created in the ‘FORM
  LETTERS’ TIU document class

• To permit printing of the progress note
  from CPRS as a Notification Letter to the
  patient, without sensitive, patient-
  identifying information appearing on the
  printout from CPRS.
            Introduction cont.

• No Third-party software.

• A sample blueprint for this dialog will be
  included with the class documentation on
  the VeHU website.

• Screen prints of parts of the finished ##
  RAD MAM NOTE reminder dialog follow -
Fig.1 - ## RAD MAM NOTE
Fig. 2 - expansion of the BIRADS Category 0 Group dialog
Fig.3 - display of the Patient Notification option element
Fig.4 – Note produced before signature
 (or before ‘Saving without Signature’)
Fig.5 – Note displayed in CPRS, showing the ‘FORM LETTERS’ note
                           title formatting
Fig.6 - display of the Patient Notification prompts, for ‘OTHER’ type of decision. Clicking
                     on the ‘Finish’ button will present a plaintext field
Fig.7 – Plaintext field that pops-up after ‘Finish’ button clicked.
Fig.8 – Note displayed in CPRS, after use of the plaintext field
            Using your Vista Account

Make sure you keep CAPS LOCK on throughout
 this hands-on session
When creating entries in ANY VISTA File, you should

Double click on the ‘Reflection’ icon on your
• Access Code is: ##VEHU
• Verify Code is: VEHU##
• Elec Sig Code is: VEHU##
• Where ## is the student number listed at the
  workstation where you are sitting
             Generating Patient Lists
• With the recording of medical events (in this case
  BIRADS scores) with Health Factors, Patient Lists can
  be generated based on such Health Factors

• Rule Sets are used to generate such patient lists, in the
  Reminder Patient List Manager Menu.

• The creation of Rule Sets involves -
(1)mapping Health Factors to Reminder Terms
(2)mapping Reminder Terms to Finding Rules
(3)mapping Finding Rules to Rule Sets, and the Rule Sets
   specify the logic that determines the cohort of patients
   included in the Patient List.
         Generating Patient Lists (cont.)
• Once Rule Sets have been set-up, the Patient Lists can
   be produced by non-IT Department users
Such users will require –
- Vista Access

• The following slides show use of a Rule Set, called
to detect patients with ‘BIRADS Category 0’ health factor
   recorded in their charts, from July 2007 to December

Enter at the prompt: ^PATIENT LIST MANAGEMENT
     Generating Patient Lists (cont.)
• Patient List reports are usually completed
  in minutes, except if the cohort is very
  large (All patients DUE for Flu Vaccine, for

• The following slides show completed
  Patient Lists and how they can be utilized
Sample of report captured from SmarTerm session in
                 (Notepad) text file
             Related Sessions
• Patient List creation and support are
  discussed in another VeHU 2008 session,
  the 318H – Clinical Reminders Extracts

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