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									Living on 750 in

    Ma Xiaoming
              We will talk about…
   Preparation
   Packing
   Renting
   Four things to do on arrival
   Tips on saving money
       Food
       Clothes
       Transportation
       Traveling
       Mobile
   Invitation letter
   Bench fee
   Work permit

   Multi-Adaptor

   Laptop & mobile: bring or buy?
 Seasonings   & Cooking utensil?

 Formal   wear?
How to find suitable accommodation?
   Types

     Dorm   on campus
     Two-bedroom flat

     Studio

     House

Temporary accommodation
       Where to find information
   University accommodation offices
   Loot and Local newspapers
   Letting agents
   Notice board and newsagent windows
   Word of mouth
              Useful websites
   Chinese Websites

 Foreign Websites
               London Map
Top postcodes
   NW1: Covering Camden and Regents Park
   SE1: Bermondsey, Borough and London Bridge
   N1: Covering Islington and Kings X
   WC1: Bloomsbury
   E1: Whitechapel, Tower Hill
   N4: Finsbury Park, Stroud Green and Green
      Inspection and Negotiation
   Check if you have everything you are looking for.
   Don’t be awkward to ask for things.
   Ask your landlord or letting agency about your
   Check other rules: Guests? House chore? Bills?
    Deposit? Notice period?
   Council tax
             Signing a contract
   whenever you hand over money, you need to get
    a receipt.
   Make sure it states clearly the amount you pay,
    the date, your name, the name of the person you
    are paying the money to, and a description of
    what you are paying for (a holding deposit?
    Damage deposit? agency charges?).
                     To-do List
   Once you get your address, you have to do the
    following things:

     Register in CSC online
     Register in police bureau

     Register in your university’s medical center (NHS)

     Open a bank account
                 Bank Account
   Passport
   Reference letter (including your university,
    duration, current address, and a stamp)
   Police registration certificate
Leading banks in England
               Bank Account
   Make appointment first
   Bring all your documents
   Open a basic current account
   Ask for Debit card, not a credit card
   Remember your passwords
   Get your card and one checkbook in mail
           Exchange currency?

   Don’t go to banks. Rate there is bad.
   Compare more exchange bureaus, especially
    those around Chinatown.
               750 Pounds?

   300-400 pounds rent
   150 pounds food
   80 pounds transportation
      Grocery shopping
              Marks & Spencer

To get some idea of the price
      Choose the right time to go
   Tesco metro
   Express Tesco
   Tesco Supermarket: open 24 hours, usu. Close
    on Sundays
   Two big sales:
       Christmas & Summer
   Factory shop
   Outlets: Bicester Village
   Duty Free shop
   In London
      Bus—Underground—Train
      Oyster card/pre-pay/Day pass, weekly pass,
       monthly pass

   Coach

   Train:
   Cheap flight

Try to book your tickets as far early as possible!
                    Schengen Visa
   High season: From Easter to August
   Go to your main destination country’s embassy
   Make a list
       Bank statement
       Itinerary
       Booking of accommodation and round flight at least
       Reference letter
   Four networks

   SIM card: pay as you talk, or pay monthly
              Where to look?
   Carphonewarehouse

Cheaper ways to stay in touch

    Skype

    Voipstunt
Have a good time in Great Britain


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