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									                                    Accounting 202
                              Intermediate Accounting I
                           6:30- 9:13pm MW Ticket #7469
                                       Instructor: Christy Kloezeman

Text: Intermediate Accounting                           Office:SR340
        Spiceland et al                                 Phone: 240-1000 X5524
        5th Edition, 2009                               Hours: M-TH 11-12 M 5-6pm
        ISBN: 13:978-0-07-352687-4                      Website:
        Homework Manager                                Fax: 626-799-1965
        Clicker Registration                  

Week Date    Subject to be Covered
===== ======   =========================

1     2/18         Class Orientation

2      2/23        Chapter 12- Investments
                   Homework for Chapter 12 due
                          Last Day to Drop w/o Note 2/28

3      3/2         Chapter 13- Current Liabilities and Contingencies
                   Quiz for Chapter 12 due
                   Homework for Chapter 13 Due

4      3/9         Chapter 14- Bonds and Long Term Notes
                   Quiz for Chapter 13 due
                   Homework for Chapter 14 Due

5      3/16        TEST 1 (Chap 12-14) Examine Test Questions
                   Quiz for Chapter 14 due

6      3/23        Chapter 15- Leases
                   Homework for Chapter 15 Due

7      3/30        Chapter 16 – Accounting for Income Taxes
                   Quiz for Chapter 15 due
                   Homework for Chapter 16 Due

8       4/6           Chapter 17 – Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits
                      Quiz for Chapter 16 due
                      Homework for Chapter 17 Due

9       4/13          Test 2 (Chap 15-17) Examine Test Questions
                      Quiz for Chapter 17 due

10      4/20          Chapter 18 – Shareholder’s Equity
                      Homework for Chapter 18 Due

11      4/27          Chapter 19 – Share-Based Compensation and Earning Per Share
                      Quiz for Chapter 18 due
                      Homework for Chapter 19 Due

12      5/4           Chapter 20 – Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
                      Quiz for Chapter 19 due
                      Homework for Chapter 20 Due

13      5/11          Test 3 (Chap 18-20) Examine Test Questions
                      Last Day to Drop with a W 5/16
                      Quiz for Chapter 20 due

14      5/18          Chapter 21 – Statement of Cash Flows Revisted
                      Homework for Chapter 21 Due

15      5/25          Memorial Day – No School
                      Quiz for Chapter 21 due

16     6/1            FINAL – Cumulative

*You must come to class to get any changes to the schedule. It WILL change. Make the
changes on this form.

                                                  Drop Policy

It is your responsibility to drop this class. Do not expect the instructor to drop you if you stop coming. However,
you could be dropped due to lack of attendance, poor scores or disruptive behavior.

                      Glendale Community College Academic Dishonesty Policy

      College study is the process of becoming an independent scholar. All students are expected to do their
own work. All forms of cheating and plagiarism are absolutely forbidden. This is the official policy of Glendale
Community College and the instructor of this course. Students found cheating will have their assignments
marked 0 for failure and may receive a failing grade for the course.

       Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to, the following:
             *using unauthorized materials on exams
             *copying other student exams
             *submitting any assigned work not the student's own
             *copying other written materials without proper credit to the original author
             *downloading from computer networks
             *purchasing papers

        Incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Vice President of Instruction and will become
part of the student's Glendale College file.


                Pts     %
Excel Sheets     ?      ?             A = 90%        450 - 500
Homework         50    12.5           B = 80%        400 - 449
Chap Quiz        50    12.5           C = 70%        350 - 399
Tests           200    50             D = 60%        300 - 349
Final           100    25             F               0 - 299

TOTAL           400

Your grade will be available at the Glendale website usually 3 days after the last final. Grades can no longer be
posted on my door. Do not ask me to email your grade or call you back.


It is strongly suggested that you keep all your work organized in a notebook. This is called a portfolio. If your
points are incorrect, you can have them changed by showing the corrected work to me. Suggested tabs are:
Homework, Quizzes. Tests will be retained by the instructor after student review.

                                             HOMEWORK (50 pts)

Homework is your way of learning the system and my way of knowing where I can help you. Homework
Manager will be used to submit your homework. You must submit your homework through Homework Manager.
You will be given points for each homework submitted on time. You will given half points if your homework is
submitted on the day of the test. No points will be given if homework is submitted after the test on the covered
chapters. You must have your homework entered by 6pm the day we will be covering the chapter, so we can
review anything you don’t understand. Since the homework is submitted online all homework will be counted.

                                               QUIZZES (50 pts)

        There will be a quiz after we finish each chapter. The quizzes will be due the week after we have covered
the chapter. All quizzes will be submitted on the Homework Manager. It must be submitted by 6pm at the first
of the class. The purpose of these quizzes is to see if you understand the chapter. Tests are based on homework
and quizzes. All quizzes will be counted as they will be entered online. Each will be worth 5 points. NO

                                                 TESTS (200 pts)

        Tests are multiple choice, matching, problems, and essay. One after every three or four chapters. Cash
Flow will be on the final. NO MAKE UP TESTS so make sure you enter all your tests online within the time
limit. The lowest test score or the one you missed will be dropped for a total of 2 tests.

                                              FINAL (100 pts)

        The final will be taken online using Homework Manager. It will cover all the theory and logic of
Chapters 11-21. An F will be earned by anyone not taking the final. It is required, so you must make prior
arrangements if you cannot submit the final at the set aside time. You cannot get an A in this class if you flunk
the final.

Students with Disabilities
All students with disabilities requiring accommodations are responsible for
making arrangements in a timely manner through the Center for Students with Disabilities.

                                        Book Organization

Inside Cover (Front/Back)
       Front Homework Manager Information
       Back          Present Value Tables

About Authors



Contents in Brief

Detailed Contents

     Learning Objectives
     Financial Reporting Case
     Text by Learning Objectives with Part A and Part B
     **Decision Makers’ Perspective
     **Ethical Dilemma
     **Concept Review Exercise with answers
     Financial Reporting Case Solution
     The Bottom Line or Chapter Review of Learning Objectives
     Questions for Review of KEY TOPICS
     Brief Exercises
     CPA and CMA Review Questions
     Broaden Your Perspective (Cases)


Subject Index

Accounting Standards Index

Present and Future Value Tables

                                          201 Grade Sheet
Quizzes                                        Tests
                                               Test One     _____   100
Chapter 11              ______        5        Test Two     _____   100
Chapter 12              ______        5        Test Three   _____   100
Chapter 13              ______        5                             200
Chapter 14              ______        5
Chapter 15              ______        5        FINAL        _____   100
Chapter 16              ______        5
Chapter 17              ______        5
Chapter 18              ______        5
Chapter 19              ______        5
Chapter 20              ______        5
Chapter 21              ______        5
       Total            ______       50

Chapter 1      ______
Chapter 2      ______
Chapter 3      ______
Chapter 4      ______
Chapter 5      ______
Chapter 6      ______
Chapter 7      ______
Chapter 8      ______
Chapter 9      ______
Chapter 10     ______
Chapter 11     ______


               Total    ______/400


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