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									                                BiD Challenge 2006

                   Business plan format - Round 2
              No more than 15 pages (excl. financial plan, text only)
        Include header &/or title page with your name and title of your plan
                             To the point & concluding


        Nationwide Association Of Consumers, Inc.(NACI)

PROPONENT: Nationwide Association Of Consumers, Inc.(NACI)
            240 Narra St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City
            Telephone/Fax Number: 062-941-5417

                    14 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village
                    San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
                    Tel. / Fax Number: 062-808-4987


                      & 1 GIGC DISTILLATION PLANT
                      IN ALANNAY, LASAM, CAGAYAN

                                     BiD Challenge 2006

0. Executive Summary
   Executive Summary of your business plan

    Planting indigenous aromatic and medicinal trees, grass and herbs and harvesting these
non-timber products (bark, flowers, leaves, oleo-resins, roots and twigs) as raw materials
for a sustainable rural enterprise, is a novel way to use denuded forests and idle lands
productively while protecting them as biodiversity reserves, wildlife habitats and watersheds
and, at the same time, provide rural employment to the marginalized farmers, resident
natives and the landless unemployed.

    Engr. Bienvenido R. Baligod, President of Gold in Grass Corporation (GIGC), has
invented the GIGC Modular Essential Oil Distillation Plant (GIGC Plant), a novel techno-
logical breakthrough in the production of essential oils. It is designed to process 1,000 kilos
of fresh lemongrass leaves in 1-1/2 hours or a minimum of 12,000 kilos in 24 hours
producing 36 kilos of high quality, food-grade lemongrass oil. It will process other plant
materials (bark, flowers, leaves & twigs, roots, oleo-resins, etc.) from other aromatic and
medicinal plant species like (Pandan, Patchouli, Vetiver, Ylang-ylang, etc.), where the
appropriate extraction process is steam distillation. It is designed for remote area
installation, with multiple fuel options (firewood, rice husk, corn cobbs, charcoal or coal),
with or without electricity. Using this new technology, it is now possible to go into large
scale farming of the desired aromatic and medicinal trees, grass and herbs for the efficient
production of their respective essential oils.

    NACI franchised the Prototype GIGC Plant and organized farmers to plant a hectare each
with lemongrass in Lasam, Cagayan as part of its livelihood project. A hectare of lemongrass
yields a net income of from EU$1311.48 to EU$1639.34 per year for the next four to five
years when replanting is required.

   The plan is to set up a fully configured GIGC Plant in Lasam Cagayan to process, all year
round, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, all the grass harvest from a 50 hectare lemongrass
farm owned by the farmers themselves and show the world that such a project is
sustainable because it is profitable to both the investor and the farmers. Return on
Investment of EU$163,934.00 is 2-1/2 years.

    The lemongrass project is only a starter. Profits may then be re-invested by expanding
the lemongrass farm and installing a 2nd GIGC Plant or plant other aromatic plants which
are equally, if not more profitable than lemongrass, say: Ylang-ylang!

1. Present Situation:

   The prototype GIGC Plant was redesigned in May, 2006 to increase processing capacity
from 2,100 to 4,200 kilos lemongrass per day, re-installed and being re-commissioned as of
June 15, 2006. Redesign involved the following:
   a) The 3 Grass Baskets were made identical and interchangeable so that it can be
       assembled one on top of the other in any order, reducing loading and unloading time
       in between distilling sessions.
   b) Fabricated 3 new identical Grass Baskets so that during operations, these are always
       filled with grass ready for loading, further reducing downtime in between distilling
   c) Redesigned and made the GIGC Steam Generator “Gravity-fed” and increased its
       capacity from 5hp to 10hp.
   d) Redesigned and made the Oil Separator more efficient to ensure production of high
       quality lemongrass oil and lemongrass extract.

   Staff accommodation is under construction. Plant water system improvement is ongoing.
Redesigning product storage and delivery facilities to conform with the requirements Bureau

                                    BiD Challenge 2006

of Food & Drugs (BFAD) is next on line. Commercial operations will start by mid August,

   Farmlots audit show only 10 hectares have been actually planted to lemongrass. 10
hectares more will be planted during 2006 and another 30 hectares in 2007.

   A new GIGC Distiller set is required by yearend (2006) to increase plant processing
capacity from 4,200 to 8,400 kilos fresh lemongrass per day.

1. Personal

   1.1. Personal motivation
        Introduce yourself, your background and the reason why you want to start this
        business. What are your ambitions between now and 3 years from now. Do you
        expect to make a living from this?

       I am the Secretary General of Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc. (NACI), a
       non-government organization dedicated to consumer welfare advocacy. To address
       Consumer Right Number 1, which is the right of consumers to basic needs such as
       adequate food, modest income, education, health care, etc., we developed this
       project for our marginalized farmers in the countryside.

       Extracting Gold from Grass is one project that provides multiple benefits:
         a)    Additional Income to marginalized farmers and native residents;
         b)    Employment of the landless unemployed;
         c)    Productive utilization of idle un-irrigated land and denuded forests unfit for
               traditional farming.
         d)    The farmers, resident natives and landless unemployed deriving income
               from this project become willing guardians of the revitalized forests.
         e)    Establishment of an economically sustainable rural enterprise that would
               help pump prime the local economy and showcase the viability of large
               scale aromatic and medicinal plant farming and essential oil production
         f)    Greening of riverbanks, lakeshores, mountain road sides, railroad tracks,
               and the shores and embankments of hydroelectric and irrigation dams for
               erosion control.

       Starting year 2, we would have established a 50 hectare farmer owned lemon-grass
       farm together with a fully operational GIGC Essential Oil Distillation Plant to process
       all the grass harvested by the farmers and make this project a model for all
       interested parties to see. By year 3 we would be ready to replicate this project
       anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world.

       Because it is profitable, all stakeholders including myself will be making good income
       from this project.

   1.2. Experience & personal role
        What are your personal qualities and how will you employ them in this new venture?
        Please, include clear examples from the past indicating that you have the capability
        to make this a success. What will be your personal role in execution of the plan; i.e.
        will you set up the business yourself, or will you cooperate with others?

       From 1990 to 1993, I was a consistent top performer as Area Business Manager of
       SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. This means I know how to manage a
       marketing business and the people who work with me quite well.

                                   BiD Challenge 2006

      Prior to 1990 I was National Sales Trainor of Smithkline. My main job was to train
      our sales people develop their marketing strategy and improve their selling skills to
      maximize their sales presentation. As such, I can motivate people and help them
      learn how best to go about our essential oil business.

      Our working partnership with Gold In Grass Corporation since 2001 provided me
      with the experience necessary to train our farmers in lemongrass farming, and
      organize them into cooperatives to enable them to eventually manage their own

      I will be the Operations Manager of NACI to oversee the successful implementation
      of this project.

2. Market overview

  2.1. Market Description and Size
       Describe the market potential for your product in the target region, market size and
       trends both for the target region as well as a 3-year outlook.

      In the next 5 years we will produce lemongrass oil only for the Philippine market
      which has an annual potential of 25 metric tons, most of which are presently
      imported synthetic lemon scents. Back to basics, organic and natural, is the way to
      GO. It is the current global trend. We are responding to it on a timely basis.
      Lemongrass oil is used as ingredient and flavour in food, as ingredient and scent in
      personal care products, perfumes, aromatherapy oils, soaps and detergents. It is
      extensively used in traditional medicine as it has very potent anti-viral, anti-
      bacterial, anti-fungal properties.

      Product                     Market Potential      Proponent‟s Share     Others
                                                        Initially In 3 Yrs.
      Lemongrass Oil, Food-grade        25 MT            5 MT       21 MT     5 MT
      Lemongrass Extract               750 MT          150 MT     630 MT      0 MT

      The GIGC Lemongrass Extract is used to enhance the flavour and taste of coffee, tea
      and fruit juice turning them into delicious diuretic health drink that restores body
      balance. We continue to receive reports of its beneficial effects from users, more
      significantly, as follows:

            a) That their blood pressure have gone down and stablized at 110/70;
            b) Women‟s monthly period sickness have been relieved if not cured
            c) Migraines sufferers are finding instant relief; and
            d) As a mouthwash, it has healed bleeding gums.

      R&D along these health lines is required. Yet, even as a health drink Lemongrass
      extract has great potentials. It is proving itself to be a runaway WINNER.

  2.2. Target group & region
       Describe the main characteristics of your target group and why you selected this
       group. Specify your target region, and why do you select this region.

      Current universal trend in the market for food ingredients, scents and flavours, etc.,
      is to go natural and organic. Our target group, the Philippines, is following suit, and
      fast. In the Philippines, only the NACI/GIGC tandem has the technology and
      equipment to produce food-grade lemongrass oil and lemongrass extract in such

                                    BiD Challenge 2006

      quantities required by potential customers in the next 5 years. We selected this
      country because it has no essential oil industry to date.

  2.3. Competition and Context
       Is there already a similar product available in the target region or elsewhere? What
       is the reason for their success? Do similar or complementary products exist for this
       target group / region?

      The total lemongrass oil production by small producers in the Philippines is 3 MT per
      year and falling. They have been largely unsuccessful and many cooperatives have
      stopped production completely due to inadequacies and failure of their distillation

3. The Product (/Service)

  3.1. Short description of product
       Introduce your product, how it works, Briefly indicate the „Unique Selling Points‟ of
       your product and, the potential is has.

      For the world market, Lemongrass oil is 70+% citral, the substance used by
      pharmaceutical companies to synthesize Vitamin A and Vitamin E. What‟s leftover is
      used for lemon scent and flavours. This is a EU$4 billion industry in Europe. Citral
      has been successfully synthesized but studies show that Vitamin A derived from
      natural lemongrass citral is more stable.

      In the Philippines, Lemongrass oil is used as food ingredient, scent and flavour with
      the added advantage of eliminating the use of preservatives because of its anti-viral,
      anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Its healing properties are widely known as
      Lemongrass has been used extensively in traditional medicine.

      Our lemongrass oil is produced from organically grown lemongrass (verifiable but
      not certified), using a distiller made of food-grade (316L) stainless steel and
      adhering to BFAD sanitary production requirements. Sweet tasting water from a
      150 feet free-flowing well is used throughout the production process. No other
      producer in the Philippines can say the same.

  3.2. Location and Infrastructure
       Describe the supply chain of your product, and describe the distribution channels
       (suppliers and off-takers).

      The GIGC Plant is located in Bgy. Alannay, Lasam, Cagayan where most of the
      farmlots planted to lemongrass is located under a production contract with the
      farmers. This ensures only fresh lemongrass is used in the process of producing the
      lemongrass oil and lemongrass extract. Only lemongrass produced by contracted
      project participants are processed owing to the limited capacity of the prototype
      GIGC Plant.

      At present, our principal partner, Gold In Grass Corporation, buys all the lemongrass
      oil and the lemongrass extract produced at the GIGC plant.

  3.3. Development Stage
       Is there need for additional R&D? What resources will you tap for R&D and how will
       you finance it? Who will be your R&D suppliers and in what country are they
       located? Are there quality standards or requirements for your product or is there any
       certification involved?

                                   BiD Challenge 2006

      The European Union, being our target export market for our expansion program,
      would be the best supplier of R&D. R&D cost can be programmed in advance and
      financed by our initial lemongrass production of 300 kilos per month. If we find an
      investor or partner for this franchise, we can accelerate production schedules.
      Initial R&D required:

         g) Comprehensive Market research on Lemongrass, Patchouli, Pandan, Vetiver
            and Ylang-ylang oils. We know the Philippine Market will support one or two
            GIGC Plants for each of the above, but only have generalized information from
            the European Union.
         h) Laboratory analysis, medical research and actual test of the efficacy of our
            lemongrass extract.
         i) Possible Partner/Supplier of a “green” and environmentally friendly paper mill
            using 50+ MT spent lemongrass daily.

      For a time, there has been a wide clamour for organic certification. However,
      because of the absence of certifying bodies in Southeast Asia, there has been noted
      a softening of this demand. As for our project, lemongrass is planted as an
      additional “cash crop” on newly opened idle lands. Chemical fertilizers are not used.
      The project is not meant as a substitute for traditional farming. This will prevent
      farmers from totally shifting to lemongrass and forget producing their traditional
      daily basic needs from their original farms.

  3.4. Competitive advantage
       What is unique about your product; how will you deal with risks of potential
       competitors; how will you protect your product (legally)?

      Essential oil production has remained a backyard industry in most developing
      nations like the Philippines, where small producers sell their products to traders who
      gather and mix them together to make a single acceptable consistency for sale
      locally or for export. Adulteration is a problem and for this reason, customers insist
      that final acceptance of each shipment be based on the result of the laboratory
      analysis performed at the port of destination.

      The GIGC Plant is an efficient batch distillation system capable of processing 12 MT
      of fresh lemongrass per day and produce 36 kilos of high quality, pure and food-
      grade lemongrass oil and 1,000 kilos lemongrass extract. The equipment and its
      production technology is provided only under a franchise agreement. This will
      ensure that the essential oil produced by the different franchisees in the Philippines
      will be of uniform high quality. It is our vision and mission to establish a globally
      credible Philippine Essential Oil Industry respected in all parts of the world.
      Globalization will only encourage us to continue improving our equipment and
      production process to deal with potential competitors.

4. Marketing and Sales

  4.1. Sales
       What are your (sales) targets? How will you achieve them? If different customer
       segments are distinguished, describe your projected sales. What % of the total
       market will you claim?

      Per our franchise agreement, GIGC buy all lemongrass oil and lemongrass extract
      produced at the GIGC Plant at EU$32.78 and EU$0.25 per kilo respectively.

                                 BiD Challenge 2006

    Products:                              Year 1              Year 2       Year 3+
    Lemongrass Oil – in Kilograms           5,040               9,072        21,072
    Lemongrass Extract – in Kilograms     151,200             272,160      632,160
    Sales in EU$:
    Lemongrass Oil @ EU$32.78 per kilo    165,246             297,443      630,885
    Lemongrass Extract @ EU$0.25 per kilo 37,180               66,925      155,449
    Total EU$ Sales                       202,426             364,367      846,334

4.2. Distribution channels and networks
     How will you set up your distribution? Do you make use of (existing) distribution
     channels/networks? Do you already have agreements in place? (or contacts with off-

    The franchise agreement with GIGC frees us from any marketing and distribution
    problems. However, we are privy to GIGC operations. There are many offers by
    existing reputable distribution channels/networks, both local and foreign. But GIGC
    will not accept any offer nor sign any agreement until commercial operations is in
    place and regular production is assured.

4.3. Marketing & Communication
     Why would people buy this product? How will your customers know about your
     product? What means (media, advertisements, other PR tools) will you use to reach
     your targets?

    We‟ve joined the CITEM Exhibits at the World Trade Centre since 2002. Last year
    we also joined the Manila FAME exhibit at the Philippine Trade & Training Center.
    We‟ve been featured in newspapers and magazines of wide circulations and in radio
    and television programs. The response have been very encouraging and people are
    looking for and buying whatever we can produce. For this reason, we cannot yet go
    into full marketing/advertising and other PR tools until we are operating and
    producing on a regular basis with definite quantities to market.

4.4. Sales price breakdown
     Make a breakdown of the product sales price, including the cost of production,
     distribution, promotion, sales margin, etc).

    Products:                                        Year 1       Year 2   Year 3 +
    Lemongrass Oil in kgs.                           5,040        9,072     21,072
    Lemongrass Extract in kgs.                     151,200      272,160    632,160
    Sales in EU$
    Lemongrass @ EU$32.78 / kg.                    165,246      297,443    690,885
    Lemongrass Extract @ EU$0.25 / kg.              37,180       66,925    155,449
    Total Sales                                    202,426      364,367    846,334
    Direct Materials (Lemongrass P1.00/Kg.          27,541       49,574    115,148
    Harvesting, Handling & Transport to Plant       13,770       24,787     57,574
    Fuel (Firewood @ P0.25 per Kg.)                  6,885       12,393     40,302
    Direct Labor - Processing                       27,656       27,656     27,656
    Total Cost of Production                        75,853      114,410    240,679

    Gross Profit on Sales                          126,573      249,957    605,655

    Distribution and promotions are the responsibility of Gold in Grass Corporation.

                                         BiD Challenge 2006

5. Financial aspects:

  5.1. Investment plan
       What investments are planned?
                 Particulars                     Total Start-Up      1st Year      2nd Year        3rd Year
   Office Hardware
                                furniture       1,000       0              1,000          0             0
                    computers & printers        1,500       0              1,500          0             0
                       Phones & internet          500       0                500          0             0
                  Total Office Hardware         3,000       0              3,000          0             0
   Production Hardwaare
              Instruments & Shop Tools          8,197       0             0               0             0
            Plant Building & Warehouse         11,475       0             0               0             0
                  Production Equipment        196,721       59,016        39,344          0             98,361
              Transportation Equipment         18,033       0              6,557          11,475        0
             Total Production Hardware        234,426       59,016        45,902          11,475        98,361
   Other hardware
                                   Land        11,066       11,066        0                0            0
                      Land Development         24,590        4,918      7,377           12,295          0
       Farmers Training on Cooperatives         1,639            0      1,639              0            0
                   Total Other Hardware        37,295       15,984         9,016          12,295              0

   Total Investments                          274,721       75,000        57,918          23,770        98,361

  5.2. Financing plan
       How will you fund these investments (loan, equity). What kind of assets are already
       financed (investments in fixed assets, working capital, incidental cost, amount of
       contingency buffer). What % is your own contribution and how will you finance this?
       Do you have collateral?

                           Particulars                  Total 3 Yrs.    Proponent           Investor
             Office Hardware                                                            1st & 2nd Yrs
                                          furniture             1,000           1,000
                              computers & printers              1,500           1,500
                                 Phones & internet                500             500
                            Total Office Hardware               3,000           3,000               0
             Production Hardwaare
                        Instruments & Shop Tools              8,197          8,197
                      Plant Building & Warehouse             11,475         11,475
                            Production Equipment            196,721        157,377             39,344
                        Transportation Equipment             18,033          6,557            11,475
                       Total Production Hardware            234,426        183,607             50,820
             Other hardware
                                             Land            11,066         11,066
                                Land Development             24,590         24,590
                 Farmers Training on Cooperatives             1,639          1,639
                             Total Other Hardware            37,295         37,295                  0

             Total Investments                              274,721        223,902            50,820

       Those shown on start-up column in investment 5.1 above are already financed. We
       require immediate assistance in the procurement of an additional set of GIGC
       Distiller to increase our processing capacity from 4,200 to 8,400 by end of the year

                                    BiD Challenge 2006

       to match our programmed planting of farmers‟ farmlots with lemongrass.
       Thereafter, on the second year, we need to procure one (1) stainless steel tanker to
       move/deliver our products to Manila. Real estate collaterals are available as needed.
  5.3. Projections summary (Excel workbook)
       Describe your projections on production forecasts, expected turnover etc. Provide
       the assumptions you make.


      a) 27,778 lemongrass slips is planted on a hectare of land spaced at 60 cms. It
         grows to about 41 grams per plant slip in six (6) months during the first harvest
         and up to 2 kilos in four (4) years. Subsequent harvests, every three (3) months
         thereafter for the next 4 to 5 years depending on soil type.
      b) The average of 1 kilo per plant slip maybe used in these projections. However,
         conservatism dictates we use 20,000 kilos per hectare, per harvest and compute
         our annual lemongrass oil and extract production based on four (4) harvests per
         year or 80,000 kilos per hectare, per year.
      c) The Philippine Market for lemongrass oil is estimated at 25 metric tons per year.
         At present, this is filled by imported synthetic essences which are sold as the real
         thing. The consuming public, especially the younger population, is now more
         informed and are looking for natural and organic products.
      d) Our projected initial production of 420 kilos a month will be totally absorbed by
         local demand.
      e) Now that we have redesigned our distillation equipment, and upon completion of
         the improvements being made on our water system, production, storage, and
         delivery facilities expected in August, 2006, farmers are lining up for lemongrass
         seedlings to plant in their farmlots. By year-end 2006 there would be 20
         hectares planted, sufficient for the present plant capacity. Additional land
         development will depend upon our acquisition of a new set of Distillers.

  Attach a financial plan for the first 3 years like presented in the Round 2 information
  section on the website.

  Please see our R2 BID.xlx worksheet attached.

6. Management and Organisation

  6.1. Management team
       Indicate clearly what expertise and experience is required and how will you obtain
       it? What expertise and experience is already present? Describe your management
       team, the people you already have onboard, or that you are looking for, and their
       subsequent backgrounds.

      Mr. Moises P. Talladen, Secretary General of Nationwide Association of Consumers,
      Inc. (NACI), Expert Trainor, for training and organization of farmers, Researcher,
      Farmer in avocation, always seeking new ways of improving farm production,
      utilization of waste products, environmental protection, etc. He is the Operations
      Manager of the NACI Franchise.

      Engr. Bienvenido R. Baligod, President of Gold In Grass Corporation and the
      Inventor of the GIGC Modular Essential Oil Distillation Plant. He will continue to
      provide improvements in the design of the equipment in order to improve production
      efficiencies and product quality.

      Mr. Jose P. Pepito, President, Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc. (NACI). A
      consummate consumer advocate representing NACI in most Government and non-

                                    BiD Challenge 2006

      Government affairs related to the mission and vision of NACI. He takes care of
      Liaison activities with Congress, Department of Trade & Industry and the
      Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
      Ms. Lilia B. Pelayo, Treasurer, and Product Manager of Gold In Grass Corporation.
      She is responsible for product development, promotion and marketing of our
      products both locally and abroad. Distributors have lined up offering to sell our
      products, if and when we are ready and able to produce them on a regular basis.

      Mr. Jose R. Baligod, Executive Vice-President, Gold In Grass Corporation and
      Chairman of Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc. He is the architect of the
      intimate business relationship between NACI and GIGC. He is in-charge of Finance
      and Accounting Systems and Procedures for this project.

      Atty. Antonio P. Jamon, Jr., Vice Chair and Legal Officer of NACI. He is responsible
      for all legal concerns involving this project.

  6.2. Legal status
       Will your product be commercialised under a new / separate legal entity (e.g. Ltd
       company)? If yes, please specify how and when. What licenses and/or permits will
       be needed, and how will you obtain them?

      We are open to the question and possibility of a new/separate legal entity, under
      mutually favourable terms and conditions.

      Presently, GIGC, a registered Filipino corporation has all the local licences and
      permits required to operate, such as: SEC Registration, Tax Identification Number,
      and Makati Mayor‟s Permit. The BFAD Licence to operate together with the
      Environmental Clearance Certificate are in process.

  6.3. Partners and sponsors
       Will you work with technical or financial partners? What are their roles, motives, ties
       and commitment. Have partners already been selected, if not, how will you select
       them? What other stakeholders will be involved in your business?

      We will work with technical and/or financial partners who are willing to adopt our
      consumer and ecological advocacy providing technical and financial assistance as
      needed for the successful implementation and replication of the project. We await
      offers and accept the most qualified. Perhaps, the Philippine Government would be
      interested to enact laws in establishing the essential oil industry of the country.

7. Planning

  7.1. Milestones
       What will be the first impact of your business? What will you do with the prize
       money if you win the BiD Challenge? Please specify outlook for the first 3 years.

      Socio-economic upliftment of 114 participating farmers multiplied by 5, the average
      number of a Filipino family, equals a total of 570 beneficiaries, initially.
      Should we win the prize money of the BiD Challenge, we will use the same to
      accelerate our project implementation and expansion. Another 50 hectare farm
      using a 2nd GIGC Plant will benefit another 570 participating farmers and their
      families. Replication of this project to other areas and other crops such as Ylang-
      ylang, commencing on the 3rd year, will further increase the number of direct

                                 BiD Challenge 2006

7.2. Requirements for success and Risk factors
     What factors are critical for the success of your plan? Besides finance, what other
     ingredients (like partners, material, resources, expertise, etc) does your plan need
     in order to be a success? ½ page.

    Besides finance, a steady export market for our product is critical to our expansion
    plans. Materials for processing are locally grown, Technical expertise is available
    among us, we have a network of various organizations for our local market.

7.3. What risks does your plan face? You can address this by SWOT Analysis -Strengths,
     Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (see SWOT format on the website)

    a) Our principal partner in this project (GIGC) is the inventor of a new,
       technologically efficient distillation plant capable of producing 1000 kilos of good
       quality lemongrass oil per month.
    b) On-site installation in the middle of the farmlot locations, ensure only fresh
       lemongrass is distilled for their essential oils. Air-drying dissipates the more
       volatile and fragrant portion of the lemongrass oil.
    c) Availability of indigenous aromatherapeutic plants such as lemongrass, patchouli,
       vetiver, ylang-ylang, oregano, pandan, black pepper, etc.
    d) Our R&D and experience over the last 4 years have taught us the most efficient
       ways of producing essential oil of lemongrass.
    e) Planting lemongrass provides good additional income to farmers which
       encourages many to participate in this project.
    f) Our technical advisers are well versed in the farming technology of lemongrass
       and other native aromatic plants.
    g) Our Philippine Congress has passed a resolution to establish the essential oil
       industry of the Philippines.

    a) Lack of financial support as this business is new and no track record is available
       to convince prospective investors/partners/financiers.
    b) Local government officials, in general, do not know the economic potential of
       growing essential oil-producing crops.


    a) There is a huge market for essential oils both locally and abroad.
    b) The Philippines has millions of hectares of available idle lands and denuded
       forests waiting to be planted with aromatic anti-erosion and watershed crops.
    c) According to Data Monitor, the younger population in the western countries prefer
       to use personal care products made out of natural aromatherapeutic ingredients.
       This significantly increased the demand for natural essential oils.

    a) In the Philippines, we have no competition in the production of good quality,
       natural lemongrass essential oil.
    b) Competition comes from imported adulterated and synthetic essences which are
       sold as essential oils.

7.4. The work plan
     Planning for first year by activities per month or 3-month period. (Graphical
     demonstration in matrix form can be clarifying, see also Excel workbook).

    See attached R2 BiD.xls worksheet attached.

                                               BiD Challenge 2006

Annex 1: Development impact - Contribution to the MDGs

  1.1. What is the impact of your business on local (in)direct employment and/or (in)direct
       income and/or quality of living standards and/or knowledge and skills, and/or the
       Quantify as much as possible and mention both short-term (3 years) and long-term
       (10 years) spin-offs.
                Number of employees in first 2-3 years
                Forward and backward linkages; income/employment spin offs for suppliers
                 and off-takers
                Etc.

      (in) direct employment

      Each 50 hectare farm requires a GIGC Plant and employ 114 farmers.

      (in) direct income (Annually per 50 hectare lemongrass farm.)

                    Particulare                              Beneficiaries             Year 1     Year 2   Year 3 +
   Direct Materials (Lemongrass P1.00/Kg.      Farmers                                27,541     49,574    115,148
   Harvesting, Handling & Transport to Plant   Women, Natives & Landless unemployed   13,770     24,787     57,574
   Fuel (Firewood @ P0.25 per Kg.)             Women, Natives & Landless unemployed    6,885     12,393     40,302
   Direct Labor - Processing                   Trained Local Residents                27,656     27,656     27,656
   Total Cost of Production                                                           75,853    114,410    240,679

      Quality of living standard

      Already, those who planted lemongrass are now planning to buy motorcycles,
      television sets, etc., and to send their children to college.

      Knowledge and skills

      NACI and GIGC will conduct regular and continuing livelihood training seminars and
      including organization and management of cooperative so that in 5 to 10 years
      they will own the production facilities.

      Environment and biodiversity

      Planting vetiver along river banks, the shores of water reservoirs, mountain roads
      and railroad tracks for erosion control, and on loose mountain soil to diminish
      potential mud slides.

      Ylang-ylang planted along perimeters of denuded forests, a farmer assigned 2
      hectares for the exclusive rights to gather flowers for sale to the GIGC Plant at
      Eu$0.50 per kilo, makes him and his family, vigilant guardians of the forest.

      Patchouli is planted underneath the ylang-ylang trees as it grows well in the shade.
      Replanting patchouli and lemongrass is required every 4 to 5 years, therefore, they
      have the added advantage of preventing soil erosion.

                                         BiD Challenge 2006

  1.2. Which are the 2 most important MDGs to which your plan contributes?
       Explain how and quantify as much as possible.

      Eradicate poverty and hunger
      Initially, 114 farmers will earn Eu$240,679 yearly from a 50 hectare lemongrass
      farm. Ten (10) farms of lemongrass, vetiver and/or patchouli, translates to 1,140
      farmers earning an additional income of Eu$2,406,790 yearly. Multiplied by 5, the
      average number of family members; 5,700 are directly benefited by it.

      Environment and Biodiversity
      Planting aromatic and medicinal trees, grass and herbs indigenous to the Philippines
      in denuded forests will re-establish our forests reserves, vast un-irrigated rolling hills
      become productive while improving the environment.

      Reduced soil erosion improves water quality. Fish and other aquatic animals will
      again thrive in them, and all the animals that feed in them will return. Silting in
      water reservoirs will be minimized and more water instead of soil will fill them. This
      project will contribute its ten cents worth to stop global warming.

      Essential Oil Production is a zero waste operation. The cooling water for the
      distillate condenser is sent to a cooling tank and recycled to conserve on water
      usage. The condensed steam from the oil separator is converted into lemongrass
      extract and sold as food supplement and health drink. The spent lemongrass will
      initially be processed into organic fertilizer.

      However, by the time we have five (5) GIGC plants operating, 50 metric tons of
      spent grass per day, in our opinion, would best be processed into paper. An
      environment friendly paper plant with the same capacity would best serve the
      purpose, saving the same volume (50 MT per day) of trees from being cut and help
      prevent further deforestation. Latest designs for pulp and paper making equipment
      are now capable of capturing all the chemicals used in the process for recycling
      before water is drained into the sewage system.

Annex 2: Attachments
  2.1. Financial plan (you can use the example presented on the website)             ok
  2.2. Your CV ánd, if relevant, the CV‟s of other identified team members           ok
  2.3. Two references (address, phone numbers etc.) (see CV of Author)               ok
  2.4. Copy of passport or ID*                                                       ok
  2.5. Signed intention Agreement on OECD Guidelines for CSR (see website)*          ok
  2.6. If the company (or other legal entity) that will execute this plan, already has been
       established, please include copy of company registration at the chamber of
       commerce.                                                                     ok
  2.7. If you have received other investments or subsidies for this plan, please specify.


     You can 1) scan these documents and attach them to your online plan, 2) fax them to +31 8483 00022 or
      3) send them to Marieke Pluk- BiD Challenge, Sarphatistraat 656, 1018 AV Amsterdam.

                                       BiD Challenge 2006

                                   MOISES P. TALLADEN
                        #2 IPIL-IPIL ST., SIGNAL VILLAGE, TAGUIG CITY

                              Tel. No: (mobile phone) 09197069551
                              Email address:

Birthdate        : February 20, 1947                                Civil Status : Married
Birthplace       : Tamurong, Candon City, Ilocos Sur                Citizenship : Filipino


       1. Participant in the following projects of the Department of Trade
          and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Health (DOH)

                Designing the Project Proposal on the Food Fortification Programme
                 of the Phils for funding approval by Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
                 (GAIN) in Geneva, Switzerland.(May 2005 to present)
                Member of the Food Fortification Steering Committee headed by the
                 Dep't of Health tasked to oversee the implementation of the Food Fortification
                 Programme of the government ( March 2005 to present)
                Drafting & discussing amendments for R.A. 7394 ( Consumer Act )
                 facilitated by the Bureau of Trade Regulation & Consumer Protection, for
                 enactment in Congress (2002 - 2005)
                Member of Technical Committees in the Bureau of Product Standards
                 tasked to establish standards of quality for Adhesives & Allied products and
                 Coconut & Coconut products ( 2003 & ongoing)

        2. Actively involved in various projects and activities of Non-
           Government Organizations :

                 2000 – present : As Secretary General, I am responsible for the operations
                 of the organization such as project development and implementation, training,
                 consumer education, technical assistance to affiliated member-organizations,
                 liaison with government agencies ( DTI, DOH, SEC, Congress, LGU‟s, etc.)
                BAGONG SIGLA FARMERS ASSOCIATION, INC. : January 2004 – present:
                 As Adviser, I assist the leaders/ officers in organizing their proposed Tanglad
                 Multi-Purpose Cooperative, help develop their livelihood projects, help their
                 members obtain credit assistance from government, etc.
                CATANDUANES CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE : October 2004 – present :
                 As Adviser, I provide guidance and assistance to the core leaders in
                 organizing, training, advocacy, project dev't, consumer education, etc.

                                 BiD Challenge 2006


  1.) Partnering & Project Development Workshop (P&PDW)
      conducted by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) under the United
       Nations Development Programme (UNDP), May 27 - 31, 2005 Geneva, Switzerland
  2.) Workshop on Consumer Welfare Advocacy
      conducted by Consultants from Asian Institute of Management, sponsored by the
       Dep't of Trade and Industry (DTI), March 12 & 13, 2003
      San Fernando City, La Union
  3.) Basic Training of Consumer Advocates
     conducted by Consultants from Australian Competition & Consumer Commission,
     sponsored by Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), January -
     April, 2001; Foundation for Economic Freedom, Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City
  4.) Leadership and Management Workshop
     conducted by Consultants of Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, July 20 - 24,
     1993; Caylabne Bay Resort, Batangas Province
  5.) 22 various Workshops and Seminars on Training, Marketing and
     Management Skills
     conducted by Smithkline Training & Development Department
     various venues, 1977 through 1992
  6.) Master of Arts in Chemistry (candidate)
      De La Salle University - Manila; Summers of 1972 & '73
  7.) Natural Science Teaching Workshop (12 masteral units earned)
      Post Graduate Scholarship Grant from NSDB ( now DOST)
      St. Louis University - Baguio City; Summers of 1970 & '71
  8.) Bachelor of Science in Education, major in General Science
      Divine Word College - Vigan City; June,1963 - April,1967


     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT (October 2002 - July 2003)
      Accelerated Growth, Investment and Liberalization w/ Equity (AGILE) Project :
      USAID funded project under Dev't Alternatives, Inc.( American consulting firm)
      10th Floor, STRATA 2000 Bldg., Emerald Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City

     CONSULTANT (November 2000- May 2001)
      Consumer Assistance Facilitation Project
      Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (AusAID funded)
      470 Northbourne Ave., Dickson ACT 2602 Australia

     NATIONAL SALES & TRAINING MANAGER (August 2000 - Dec.2001)
      Consumers Business Club, Inc.
      4-C Maaralin St., Diliman, Quezon City

     OPERATIONS & MARKETING MANAGER (April 1999-July 2000)
      Privilege Health Spa
      Subic Bay Yacht Club, Subic Freeport

      March 1999)
      Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc.
      4-C Maaralin St., Diliman, Quezon City

     AREA BUSINESS MANAGER for Luzon (Dec.1989-Nov. 1993)
      Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
      Victoria Valley Blvd., Cainta, Rizal

                                  BiD Challenge 2006

     NATIONAL SALES TRAINER (June 1983-November 1989)
      Smithkline & French Pharmaceuticals
      Victoria Valley Blvd., Cainta Rizal

     DISTRICT SALES MANAGER for Mindanao (July 1979-May 1983)
      Smithkline & French Pharmaceuticals

     DIVISION SALES TRAINER (May 1977-June 1979)
      Smithkline & French Pharmaceuticals

      Smithkline & French Pharmaceuticals

     BIOLOGY TEACHER (June 1967-April 1974)
      San Beda High School, Manila & Benito Soliven Academy, Ilocos Sur


 1.) I drafted the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for a working relationship between
     NACI and DTI. DTI approved the said draft MOA, and was formally signed last March
     4, 2004 by DTI Secretary Cesar V. Purisima and NACI President Jose P. Pepito.
 2.) As Coalition Team Leader under the AGILE Project (funded by USAID) for the
     enactment of the Pre-Need Plan Code bill. Our lobbying & coordination efforts
     influenced the Lower House of Congress to come out with the Committee Report on
     the Pre-Need Plan Code for approval last January, 2003.
 3.) As Secretary General of NACI, I do liaison work with the Committee on Trade &
     Commerce of Congress to push for our legislative proposals on Consumer Protection &
     Welfare. ( 2002 - present)
 4.) As Consultant under the Consumer Assistance Facilitation Project (funded by AusAID)
     : I served as one of the resource speakers in the Consumer Welfare symposia we
     conducted in Baguio City, Legaspi City and Pasig City last March - April, 2001. From
     these symposia we gathered relevant materials that helped us finalize our drafts on
     two legislative proposals, namely, The Fair Trade Act or Competition Code, and
     Amendments to the Consumer Act (R.A. 7394).
 5.) As Secretary of Citizens' Action Against Illegal Pyramiding in 1997 - 1998, I
     documented the scam operation of 22 pyramiding companies, coordinated with
     Director Ruben Ladia of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and got SEC Chair
     Perfecto Yasay to prosecute them until they were issued Cease & Desist Orders.
 6.) As Area Business Manager of Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals in 1990 - 1993, I
     successfully negotiated with Plan International (foreign funder) for the approval of
     the Project Proposal to vaccinate or immunize indigent subjects in Region 2
     and Cordillera Region with Hepatitis B vaccine. Actual vaccination schedules were
     implemented in 1992-1993.
 7.) As National Sales Trainer, I helped our marketing staff design successful sales
     presentations on Vaccination Program            for employees & families of Asian
     Development Bank, Motorola, San Miguel Corp., Coca-cola, Adamson Corp., major
     hospitals, medical schools and other corporate accounts. The vaccination programs
     were carried out in 1988 through 1993.
 8.) Highest Sales Growth at + 29% (1993), Smithkline Beecham Pharm.
 9.) Top Performer - Manager (1990, '91, '92, & '93), Smithkline Beecham Pharm. -
     Vaccine Division
 10.) Runner-up for the Top District Sales Manager Award (1983), Smithkline &
     French Pharmaceuticals
 11.) Runner-up for the Top Professional Sales Representative Award (1975 &
     1976), Smithkline & French Pharmaceuticals

                                    BiD Challenge 2006


  1.) Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc. (

  2.) The Anatomy of the Selling Price of Medicine, Consumer Assistance Facilitation
      Project, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

  3.) Illegal Pyramiding, Consumer Assistance Facilitation Project, Australian Competition &
      Consumer Commission

  4.) The Barefoot Consumer Advocates, Consumer Assistance Facilitation Project,
      Australian Competition & Consumer Commission


     MR. JOSE R. BALIGOD – Chairman
     Nationwide Association of Consumers (NACI), Inc.
     #6 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village, San Pedro, Laguna
     Tel Fax 869-1754
     E-mail :

     MRS. GRACE G. VALLEJOS – Sales Director
     Organon Pharmaceuticals
     7th Flr. Philcox Bldg., Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

     DR. OSCAR T. CABAHUG, MD, FPSG, PSGE - Consultant & Professor
     UERM Medical Center & College of Medicine
     Aurora Blvd., Quezon City

     ATTY. ANTONIO "BUTCH" P. JAMON, JR. - Senior Lecturer II
     College of Social Sciences
     University of the Philippines
     Diliman, Quezon City
     Tel / Fax 936-2787
     Mobile Phone No. 0917-8997036
     E-mail :


          I hereby attest and assure that the above informations are true and correct to
     the best of my knowledge.

                                         MOISES P. TALLADEN
                                             July 11,2005

                                    BiD Challenge 2006

             JOSE P. PEPITO
                (as of 26 March 2005)


POSITION                       COMPANY                                      ADDRESS
President     Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc.           240 Narra, Marikina Heights
                                                                  Marikina City
President      Marikina Heights.Senior Citizens Association, Inc. Bgy. Hall, Marikina Hts.,
                                                                  Marikina Citv
Project Director      Gintong Ani Multi-Purpose Cooperative      10 Gaspar St., Pacheco Vil,
                                                                 Valenzuela City
Member                Lupong Tagapamayapa                        Bgy. Marikina Heights,
                                                                 Marikina City
Trustee               LCP/Asthma Club Foundation                 Lung Center, Quezon Ave.,
                                                                 Quezon City


POSITION                        COMPANY                            REASON FOR LEAVING

Executive Vice-President Consumers Business Club. Inc.                  Ceased operation in
                                                                          Decembcr 2001
President              Sambayanihan Consumers Corporation               Ceased operation in
                                                                         June 1992
Consultant/Gen. Manager     Batangas Multi-Purpose Cooperative        Resigned in June 1991

Marketing Opns Manager      Smith Kline & French Human Biologicals Retired in June 1984

New Products Dev‟t. Mgr.    Smith Kline & French Overseas Co.           Transferred to
                                                                      Human Biologicals
Sales Services Manager      Smith Kline & French Overseas Co.         Appointed to New
                                                                  Products Dev‟t. Manager
Regional Sales Manager,     Smith Kline & French Overseas Co.           Appointed to
                                                                    Sales Service Manager
                                                                      Visayas – Mindanao
Division Manager       Mahlon Kline Pharmaceutical, a division Re-integration of operations
                                                                   to one Of Smith Kline
                                                                   & French Overseas Co.
District Sales Manager Smith Kline & French Overseas Co.           Appointed to Division
                                                                       Manager, MK

                                     BiD Challenge 2006


COURSES/SEMINARS/TRAINING                    COMPANY                        COMPLETED

Competition Policy Conference          DTI US FTC                      February 14, 2004
Popularizing the Law (POPLAW)          UP Law Center                   February 23-24, 2003
National Consolidation Workshop        AIM-W.Sycip Policv Center       November 7- 2001
    On the IRR of the Power Act
Consultation/Workshop on the IRR       DOE/ERC                         October 15-16,2001
    Of The Power Act
Tri-Sectoral Conference on
   Consumer Welfare                 Dept of Trade & Industry           October 09, 2000
Consumer Education & Protection initiative APEC/WEDSA/'DSAP            May 04, 2000
National Credit Union Bookkeeping Skills Phil. Federation of Credit    November 17,1990
Project Proposal Development Training BBCLFI-UP-ISSI                   September 22, 1990
Cooperative Promotion &
    Marketing Course       Phil. Federation of Credit Cooperatives     September 15, 1990
Cooperative Lending Skills Phil. Federation of Credit Cooperatives     July 18,1990
Cooperative Directors Development Training KPPKBB-BFCCI                May 23, 1990
Cooperative Trainors &
    Methodology            Phil. Federation of Credit Cooperatives     February 25, 1990
Management of Income
    Generating Programs UP Institute of Small Scale Industries         August 23, 1989


POST GRADUATE                                                             YEAR GRADUATED

De La Salle University, School of Business     MBA (Academic Units Only)     1978
University of the Visayas, Cebu City           BSE In English & General Science   1959


RANK                                         EFFECTIVE DATE               AUTHORITY

Captain                                           25 November 1998                 GO No.
1481dtd 09 Dec 1998


   AWARD                                          DATE                    AUTHORITY

Karapatan Lapulapu Badge                            2001              GO No. 70 dtd 08 May
Military Commendation Medal                         1999          GO No. 142 dtd 21 Feb.
1999 Military Merit Medal                           1998          GO No. 291 dtd 14 Sep.
1998 Military Commendation Medal                    1996          GO No. 1644 dtd 01Oct.
1996 Military Commendation Letters                  Various Dates Various Commanders
University Loyalty Medal                            1959          University President
ROTC Honor Medal                                    1959          ROTC Commandant
ROTC Duty Medal                                     1958          ROTC Commandant

                                    BiD Challenge 2006


Pambansang Kilusan Para sa Batayang Sektor (Kilusang Filipino), Pasig City
Marikina Heights Senior Citizens Association, Inc., Marikina City
Panawagan Patrol "Tita Belle," DWDD 1134 Khz, AM Band, Armed Forces Radio, Camp
Aguinaldo, Q.C.
Asthma Club, Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Prostate Club. East Avenue Medical Center. East Avenue. Quezon City


Occupation: Consumer Advocate/NGO Worker
Home Address: 240 Narra Street, Marikina Heights, 1810 Marikina City
Tclcphone Number/Fax Number: 941-5417, Mobile Phone Number 0916-69087Z'3
Date/Place of Birth: March 26,1937, Cebu City. Age: 68
Father: Felix P. Pepito (Deceased)        Mother: Natividad A Paredes (Deceased).
       Family: Wife: Ma. Nieves T. Sanchez     Age: 63
              Children: Jose Antonio S. Pepito Age: 39
                       Ma. Aurora S. P. Boyd Age: 37
              Jose Felix S. Pepito II     Age: 35
                     Jose Leandro S. Pepito      Age: 24

I CERTIFY that this bio-data is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

                                BiD Challenge 2006

                          BIENVENIDO R. BALIGOD
                             AS OF May 6, 2006


DATE OF BIRTH:   OCT. 28, 1943
AGE: 61


                                     ORTIGAS AVE, PASIG CITY


NOV. 1975 - JULY 1978    COMPANY:     BROWN & ROOT
                               MANAMA, BAHRAIN

                                     STATE OF KUWAIT

                              ESTABLISHED: GOLD IN GRASS CORP. (GIGC)
                              DESIGNED & IMPLEMENTED: GIGC PROTOTYPE
                              ESSENTIAL OIL DISTILLATION PLANT
                                    REDESIGNING ESSENTIAL OIL DISTILLATION
                                    FOR COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS


                            WILL BE IMPLEMENTED ASAP.


                                      BiD Challenge 2006


14 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village
San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Telephone/Fax : (062)808-4987
Mobile: 0920-923-4559


1985                MBA Units
                    De La Salle University
                    Taft Avenue, Manila

1968                Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
                    Feati University
                    Helios St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
                    Graduated “With Distinction”

1965                Collegiate Secretarial
                    Feati University, Manila

1964                High School Graduate
                    St. Theresita‟s High School
                    Tabuk, Kalinga

1960                Intermediate
                    Tabuk Central School
                    Tabuk, Kalinga


1987 to Present

   1.     Rendering Accounting and Auditing Services to Clients
   2.     Rendering Taxation Services
   3.     Accounting Consultance and Office Administration Services
   4.     Setting up of Company Accounting and Administration Policies
   5.     Other Business Services such as SEC Registration, Mayor‟s Permit, etc.

                              BiD Challenge 2006


1985 – 1987           Resort Manager
                      Fridays Beach Resort
                      Boracay, Malay, Aklan

1981 – 1985           Finance Officer
                      Chroma Philippines, Inc.
                      Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City

1978 – 1981           Purchasing Officer
                      Metalplex, Inc.
                      Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City

1975 – 1978           Bakery Business
                      San Vicente St.
                      San Pedro, Laguna

1971 – 1975           Cost Accountant
                      International Pipe Industries Corp.
                      Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

1969 – 1971           Executive Secretary
                      International Pipe Industries Corp.
                      Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

1969                  Sales Clerk/Secretary
                      Philippine Glazing
                      Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.


Secretary -     General Parents-Teachers Community Association, Inc.
                Muntinlupa Science High School

Auditor -       STS Batch 64 Alumni Association
                Tabuk, Kalinga

Chairperson -   PPCRV, Sampaguita Village Chapter

                                  BiD Challenge 2006


JOSE R. BALIGOD, C.P.A.                                   REG. CERT. NO. 18964
6 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village                       DATE: OCTOBER, 1968
San Pedro, Laguna                                        TeleFax #:    869-1754


      1.     General Accounting Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Payroll and other
             Business, Financial & Management Information Software Systems in Dbase,
             Foxpro, Rbase, MS VB6, MS Access & SQL.
      2.     Software Systems Analysis, Design & Development including MLM Systems in
             RDBMS languages of client‟s choice.
      3.     Project, Market, Economic & Environmental Feasibility Studies.
      4.     Business/Corporate, Estate, Trust and Personal Taxes
      5.     General Auditing & Bookkeeping Services.
      6.     Organization, Registration & Start up of Corporations, Partnership,
             Foundations, Associations, Cooperatives, etc.


2003 – Present:    Chairman, Gintong Ani Multi-Purpose Cooperative
                   18 Gaspar St., Pacheco Village, Valenzuela City
2002 – Present     Chairman & CEO, Consumers Buying Corporation
                   18 Gaspar St., Pacheco Village, Valenzuela City
2001 – Present     Executive Vice President, Gold In Grass Corporation
                   14 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village, San Pedro, Laguna
1993 – Present     Chairman, Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc. (NACI)
                   Narra St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City
1990 - Present:    Private Practice providing the above services.
1987 – 1990 :      Systems Analyst/Programmer
                   Amerada Hess Oil Corporation of Abu Dhabi
                   P.O.Box 2046, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.
                   Arzanah Island Oil Production Facilities
                   a)      Fully automated Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Oil Production
                           Report in Lotus 123
                   b)      Warehouse Inventory Control & Purchasing System in Rbase for
                   c)      Brown & Root International Billing System in Lotus 123 for
                           employees seconded to Amerada Hess Oil Corp.
1981 – 1987 :      Chief Clerk/Admin Supervisor
                   Brown & Root International, Inc.
                   Seconded to: Amerada Hess Oil Corp. of Abu Dhabi
                                   Arzanah Island Oil Facilities,
                                   Arzanah Island, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.
1974 – 1981 :      Private Practice & Business Engagements in:
                   a)     Road & Irrigation Construction Projects
                          in Lagawe, Ifugao, and San Ramon, Isabela
                   b)      Lumber Production in Magallanes, Agusan del Norte. for Export
                           to Japan and Europe.

                                     BiD Challenge 2006

                      c)     Customs Brokerage Services
1970 – 1974 :         Chief Accountant
                      Spicers International Ltd.
                      Faraday Cor. South Super Highway
                      Makati, Metro Manila
1968 – 1970 :         Chief Accountant
                      Neris Philippines, Inc.
                      Taurus Drive, Shaw Blvd.
                      Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
1967 -         :      Assistant Export Manager
                      Neris International, Inc.
                      530 Fifth Avenue, New York 36, N.Y., U.S.A.
1962 - 1967:          Rising from the ranks starting as a Stenographer to
                      Accounting Clerk, Bookkeeper, to Chief Accountant
                      Neris Philippines, Inc.
1961 - 1962:          Clerk Stenographer
                      Office of the Executive Secretary & Legal Officer
                      Feati University, Manila


1994           :   M.B.A. Units
                   University of the Philippines,
                   Diliman, Quezon City
  1987 to date     :      Self-Study & Mastery of the following Programming     Languages
  in Windows 9x and 2000 Environment:
               dBase, Foxpro, Rbase, VB6, MS Access, MSDN and SQL
1967           :     The Science of Political Economy
                     Henry George School of Economics & Social Sciences
                     62nd St., East, New York City, U. S. A.
1967           :     Computer Programming
                     American Computer Institute
                     Mt. Vernon, New York, U. S. A.
1965           :     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
                     Feati University, Manila
1952 – 1956 :        St. Teresita‟s High School, Tabuk, Kalinga
1946 – 1952 :        Tabuk Central Elementary School, Tabuk, Kalinga


         1)    Chairman, Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc.
         2)    Director, Sampaguita Village Homeowners‟ Association
         3)    Vice-President, Timpuyog Ti Ilocandia, Inc.
         4)    Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
         5)    Member, Knights of Columbus, Holy Family Council 11954
         6)    Member, Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Diocese of San Pablo North Sector
         7)    Member, Bayanihan Toastmasters Club


         Reading, writing, music, Chess, Aromatherapy
         Software systems analysis, development & programming
         Computer hardware & electronic equipment maintenance & repair.

BiD Challenge 2006

                                  BiD Challenge 2006

             240 Narra Street, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

                               website -
                                Tel/ Fax Number 941-5417


The Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc.(NACI) is a non-government
organization (NGO) engaged in the

   1. advocacy for consumer welfare & economic empowerment of consumers;
   2. development of livelihood opportunities through which consumers could uplift
      their economic welfare.

NACI aims to:

   1. collaborate with the government in developing policies and reforms to advance
      consumer protection & welfare;
   2. conduct consumer education on consumer rights & responsibilities and
      options available to address issues of concern;
   3. provide technical assistance to members in terms of organizing and developing
      their livelihood projects.


The Nationwide Association of Consumers, Inc. is a non-stock, non- profit, and non-
government organization registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission on July 20,
1994 with SEC Registration Number AN094-002719. It is accredited by the Dep't of
Trade & Industry as a consumer organization with Accreditation Certificate No. 01
dated November 12, 2003.


   Chairman                     JOSE R. BALIGOD
   Vice-Chairman              - ATTY ANTONIO "BUTCH" P. JAMON, JR.
   Trustee/ President         - JOSE P. PEPITO
   Trustee/ Treasurer         - LILIA B. PELAYO
   Trustee/ Secretary         - MATILDA D. LUCERO
   Secretary General           -MOISES P. TALLADEN

                              BiD Challenge 2006


NCR Chapter : GILDA SOL - Regional Coordinator
    Rizal NACI Chapter : TERESITA MALACCA - Provincial Coordinator
    Laguna NACI Chapter : ANTONIO PELAYO - Provincial Coordinator
    Bulacan NACI Chapter : ZENAIDA MALACCA - Provincial Coordinator

Region 1 : CHATO L. VALDEZ - Regional Coordinator
     Ilocos Sur NACI Chapter : FRED LORENZANA - Provincial Coordinator
     La Union NACI Chapter : ATTY. FITERO GARLITOS - Acting Coordinator

Region 2 : FLORANTE B. VALENCIANO, SR. - Regional Coordinator
     Isabela NACI Chapter : FLORANTE B. VALENCIANO - Prov. Coordinator
     Cagayan NACI Chapter : AMANTE A. ULEP - Prov. Coordinator
     Kalinga NACI Chapter : ROMMER BALIGOD - Prov. Coordinator

Region 5 : IRMA BUENONSEJO-BIBOSO - Regional Coordinator
     Albay NACI Chapter : LETICIA LO - Provincial Coordinator
     Catanduanes NACI Chapter : AMPARO TEVES - Prov. Coordinator
     Sorsogon NACI Chapter : DIVINA DIAZ - Prov. Coordinator

Region 7 : TERESITA LEE - Regional Coordinator
     Cebu NACI Chapter : TERESITA LEE - Acting Coordinator
     Bohol NACI Chapter : ANASTACIO DELMO - Prov. Coordinator


1.) GOLD IN GRASS CORPORATION : 6 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village
                                           San Pedro, Laguna
2.) CONSUMERS BUYING CORPORATION : 18 Gaspar St., Pacheco Village,
                                         Balubaran, Valenzuela City


    Virac, Catanduanes
2.) TANGLAD HERBALS, INC. : Barangay Guam, San Guillermo, Isabela

                                  BiD Challenge 2006


1.) February 2005 - present : NACI participates in the ongoing hearings conducted by
    the Technical Working Group of the Senate Committee on Trade & Commerce
    tasked to discuss various proposals for the amendment of R.A. 7394, also known as
    the Consumer Act.
2.) January 2005 - present : NACI works with the Dep't of Health (DOH) and MOST-
    USAID in the implementation of the Food Fortification Program as mandated by R.A.
    8976, also known as Food Fortification Act.
3.) October 2004 - present : Provide technical assistance and guidance to the NACI
    members in Catanduanes in terms of project development and organizing &
    managing their Catanduanes Consumers Multi-Purpose Cooperative
4.) August 2004 - present : Active participant in the ongoing monthly public hearings
    conducted by the Senate Committee on Trade & Industry to discuss and propose
    solutions to various consumer-related problems like increasing prices of basic
    commodities, smuggling, price manipulation by cartels & middlemen,etc.
5.) October 28, 2004 : NACI participated in the DTI-sponsored conference on the
    proposed amendments of Republic Act 7394 ,and submitted its own proposed
    amendments to DTI and to the office of Senator Mar Roxas.
6.) April - Sept.,2004 : Provided technical assistance to our members in San Guillermo,
    Isabela in terms of organizing and training that led to the formation of Tanglad
    Herbals, Inc..
7.) March 4, 2004 : NACI, represented by President Jose P. Pepito, signed a
    Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Dep't of Trade & Industry, represented
    by DTI Secretary Cesar Purisima, detailing the areas of              partnership and
    collaboration in working for Consumer Welfare;
8.) Jan. 9-10, 2004 : Finalist at the World Bank sponsored 1 st Philippine
    Development Innovation Competition " Panibagong Paraan " with its enry :
     Gintong Ani Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GAMPC) Project which is designed to
    re-distribute the profits of business among the participating consumers.
9.) July 2001 – present : NACI collaborated with Gold In Grass Corporation in
    implementing the Gold in Grass Project, a livelihood for farmers that requires
    them to grow aromatic plants on idle lands, and earn substantial income from
    harvesting the leaves,flowers & resins for processing into essential oil at our GIGC
    Distillation Plant. Present Plant site : San Francisco, Rizal, Kalinga Province.
10.)November 2000 – present : Under the program of DTI’s Bureau of Product
     Standards, NACI is engaged as member of various Technical Committees tasked to
     establish product standards on hygienic products, lighters & matches, rubbers &
     related products, adhesives & allied products, and Coconut & Coconut Products;
11.)October 2002 - July 2003 : Collaborated with AGILE-USAID in the advocacy
     campaign for the enactment of the Pre-Need Plan Code bill in Congress.
12.)June – December 2002 : Initiated the organization of the Pre-Need Planholder
     Protection Council, Inc.(PNPC) to promote fair & transparent accountability in the
     business practice of pre-need companies, and to provide assistance to aggrieved
13.)March – December 2002 : Participated in the public hearings in both Houses of
    Congress on the proposed Pre-Need Plan Code bill, and presented its position paper
    on the various provisions under consideration;

                                  BiD Challenge 2006

14.)April – July 2002 : Actively participated with the DTI in drafting two Department
    Administrative Orders (DAO), namely, DAO #8 on Pyramiding Scam, and DAO #10
    on Accreditation of Consumer Organizations.
15.)December 2001 : NACI presented its position in favor of the parrallel importation of
   frequently prescribed branded medicines by DTI during the Congressional Hearing
   called for this purpose.
16.) November 2000 – May 2001 : Collaborated with the Australian Consumer &
   Competition Commission (ACCC) in undertaking the Consumer Assistance
   Facilitation Project funded by AusAid.
17.) May 1997 – June 1998 : Documented the illegal operation of twenty two (22)
    pyramiding companies, submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission, and
    coordinated with then SEC Director Ruben Ladia and Chairman Perfecto Yasay in
    investigating and prosecuting them until they were issued Cease and Desist Orders

BiD Challenge 2006


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