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					     Resource Management and
     Accounting Working Group
•   Working Group Scope and Components
•   Progress made
•   Current issues being worked
•   Next steps
•   Discussions involving larger group
          Working Group Scope
The Resource Management Working Group
  encompasses the areas of resource management,
  scheduling and accounting.
This working group will focus on the following software
• Job Manager(/Queue Manager)
• Scheduler
• Allocation Manager (and accounting)
• Meta Scheduler
                           Proposed Component
        Security                          Meta            Information
        System                          Scheduler           Service

                           Allocation                      Discovery
                           Manager                          Service

Color    Working Group           Job/Queue
Key                                           Collector
         Resource Management
         and Accounting
         Execution Management
         and Monitoring           Process      Node
         Node Config and
                                  Manager     Manager
          Proposed Component

 Job Management                           Node Management
                    1     2     3    4

 Job       Queue
                        PBS server       Collector
Manager   Manager

Process                                   Node
                        PBS Mom
Manager                                  Monitor
Component Interaction Diagram
Job submitted to Queue Manager
       User        Meta Scheduler Allocation Job   Node     Process
     Interface   Scheduler        Manager Manager Manager   Manager
  Component Interaction Trace
Job submitted to Queue Manager

  1.    A user submits a job to the Queue Manager
  2.    The Queue Manager does a sanity balance check with the Bank
  3.    The Queue Manager notifies the Scheduler that a new job has arrived
  4.    The Scheduler queries node and job status until job can run
  5.    A bank reservation is made with the Allocation Manager
  6.    The Scheduler requests the Queue Manager to run the job
  7.    The Queue Manager passes job control to the Process Manager
  8.    The Process Manager notifies Queue Manager of job completion
  9.    The Queue Manager notifies Scheduler of job completion
  10.   A bank withdrawal is made with the Allocation Manager
  11.   The user is notified of job completion
          General Progress
• Creation of XML marshaller/unmarshaller
• Establishment of CVS repository
• Prototype demonstration: Scheduler makes
  a deposit to allocation manager using XML
          Scheduler Progress
• Creation of SSS Resource Manager interface
  (RMType SSS – half-open sockets)
• Creation of SSS Allocation Manager interface
• Creation of allocation manager and resource
  manager objects for management of arbitrary
• Integration of XML marshaller/unmarshaller
• Maui enhancements to link with C++ libs (Xerxes)
• Additional regression tests
       Meta Scheduler Progress
• Added support for data-staging interface
• Added support for network proximity optimization
• Initial support for checkpoint/restart
   – Checkpoint aware statistics
   – Checkpoint aware preemption optimizations
• Sqsub client created allowing PBS-style jobs to be
  submitted and metascheduled
• Initial work on translation library (PBS->silver &
• Stability enhancements
        Job Manager Progress
• Initial job manager specification defined
• Interacted with process manager working group
  and drafted specification proposals for task
  manager and node manager and how they will
  interact with RMWG components
• Initial study on PBS to determine viability of
  dissection possibilities and functionality
   Allocation Manager Progress
• Draft requirements document underway
• XML schema version 0.3 reworked to have
  explicit request & response elements
• From scratch allocation manager being used as
  prototype to test XML interface
• Implemented create, query, modify and delete for
  user, account and membership objects (interacting
  with database over JDBC)
Allocation Manager Progress (contd)

• Stubbed in dummy withdrawal and
  successfully demo’d XML interface with
  scheduler (validating against schema)
• Logging, config files, error handling
• General purpose dcecp-like client allows
  output formatting by utilizing metadata
  from queries
             Current Issues
• Job Manager/Queue Manager as separate or
  unified components
• How to split up PBS (if at all) and at what
  levels (if any) to refit with XML interface
• Working with Software Engineering
  Working Group to decide on test framework
                     Next Work
• All components under CVS
• Establish initial resource management interface
  specifications for release
• Scheduler demos by next face-to-face:
   –   Scheduler to process manager (over XML)
   –   Scheduler to node manager (over XML)
   –   Scheduler to job manager (over XML)
   –   Drive an end-to-end checkpoint request
   –   Scheduler talks to registry and discovery service
                  Next Work
• Job manager/queue manager milestones
  – Submission client submits job to queue manager and
    queue manager reports status to user client
  – Scheduler implements query to obtain job info from
    queue manager
  – Scheduler starts a job (requires implementation of task
    manager interface) – also cancel job
  – No prolog, epilog initially. Batch only. Simple single-
    step jobs. Supports polling mode only. No data-staging.
                 Next Work
• Allocation manager
  – Completion of XML schema for remaining
  – Review of requirements (SDSC, NCSA …)
  – Complete (1st draft of) initial requirements
  – Implement machine class, allocations,
    reservations, withdrawals, transaction register,
    simple charging algorithm
    Issues requiring inter-group
• Need to solidify SSS-wide standards for
  packaging, revision control, documentation,
  problem tracking, online project schedule…
  and establish mechanisms and places to
  home them.

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