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                                 MANAGING WORK EXPERIENCE IN SCHOOLS
                                  “A      Guide for Senior Managers in Schools”
Work Experience is anomalous in that it is the only occasion where students, during their normal curriculum time, are both “off site” and under the
“supervision” of a Placement Provider who you may not know, are in a workplace situation with people who they do not know and who do not know them
and are not “trained” to work with students of this age!

Students on Work Experience have the status of an “employee” with respect to both insurance and employment law. For the first time in their schooling
they have the responsibility and duty of care of an employee under that law. Both the school and the placement provider have a legal responsibility and a
“duty of care” in terms of health, safety and welfare under the 1996 Education Act and the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999

In view of this, the need for the “Work Experience Organiser” (School or Pupil Referral Unit) to make sure that the student and all interested parties have
been fully prepared is paramount and these notes should help both the Work Experience Co-ordinator and their Senior Management Team Line Manager
to achieve this.

The growth of “Extended Work Experience” has meant that many more people in school are involved in dealing with Work Experience on a practical level.
This presents schools with several issues regarding the operation, management and monitoring of their Work Experience Programmes particularly in terms
of following the Children, Schools and Families Service Work Experience Policy and Guidelines. Failure to adhere to the guidelines, particularly where
health, safety and welfare is concerned could result in a claim for negligence, and in the worst case scenario a prosecution but more importantly the injury
to one of your students who should have been really enjoying their placement.

It is expected that over the next few years all Work Experience Co-ordinators will be non-teaching staff in view of the workforce reform, so to help you in
achieving this I have looked at the Work Experience Process and have outlined the major activities, issues and strategies that you as the Senior Manager
need to consider.

The Work Experience Quality Standards Framework/CSF Work Experience Policy & Guidelines sections, which apply to each part of the process, have
been signposted.

If you feel you need any clarification or further information then please contact me and I will do all I can to help.

Ian McLachlan
Cornwall Education Business Partnership – Service Manager
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           PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                     Work Experience Co-ordinator                                         SMT Line Manager
Introduction of the Scheme:-                         Block Work Experience                                           Block Work Experience and Extended Work
                                                                                                                     Experience (Pre & Post16)
                Autumn Term                             Prepare the Letter to Parents/Carers and Employers
                                                         explaining your scheme details (sample for this is on the   At the start of the Academic Year you will need to
                                                         School Support website)                                     discuss with the Work Experience Co-ordinator the
   Information for students (video, letter,            Prepare information for students and Introduction to the    management of ALL Work Experience Programmes
    assembly etc) collated.                              scheme. There is a video available (produced by             running in the school. This will include:-
                                                         Mounts Bay School and provided free of charge to all         Procedures for monitoring and evaluating each
   Information for Parents/Carers & Employers           schools by the EBP) for this purpose which should be in          programme
    collated. This must include:                         school.                                                      Procedures for managing each programme
                                                        Make sure that the current Approval and Consent Form         Line management responsibilities.
                                                         and Information for Parents/Carers & Employers Leaflet       Dates, one in each term where you can meet
           The current “Information for                 have been downloaded from the School Support                     formally with the Work Experience Co-ordinator to
            Parents/Carers & Employers” leaflet*;        website. All old forms and leaflets MUST be                      go over the health, safety and welfare aspects of
           A letter from you explaining your            destroyed to avoid the risk of them being used in                Work Experience. I suggest you keep minutes of
            scheme etc sent/given to parents.            error.                                                           theses meeting.
            There is a Sample Letter to Parents
                                                                                                                      Attendance at the Work Experience Conference.
            & a Sample Letter to Employers* to       At the start of the Academic Year, usually about November,
            help you compose this letter;            there is a Work Experience Conference for Work Experience       Once this has been clarified and recorded in writing I
           The Approval and Consent Form*           Co-ordinators. It is advisable to attend this as many aspects   would suggest the following:-
            can be issued for parents/carers and     of Work Experience are discussed and there is an
            student to complete Section 1            opportunity to network with other Co-ordinators.                Call a meeting, at the start of the term, for ALL staff
            “Information about the Student”
                                                                                                                     who may be involved in running a Work Experience
           The Child Protection – Statement of      Extended Work Experience(Pre & Post16)                          Programme at Pre & Post16 (this should include
                                                                                                                     the School’s EWO and Connexions PA). Take them
           Any other information that you feel         Make sure ALL staff who run a Work Experience               through the procedures as decided with the Work
            the parents/carers or placement              Programme have a copy of the Local Authority’s Work         Experience Co-ordinator. You need to make sure that
            provider would find helpful about your       Experience Policy & Guidelines, the current Approval &      they are aware that the LA’s Work Experience Policy &
            scheme                                       Consent Form and Information Leaflet for                    Guidelines apply to ALL Work Experience programmes
                                                         Parents/Carers & Employers and are aware of ALL the         not just the Year 10/11 Block Work Experience.
                                                         procedures relating to Work Experience.
                                                        They also need to prepare a Letter to Parents/Carers &
(QSF/Policy & Guidelines Section(s) – 1.1, 2.1,
                                                         Employers explaining their scheme. It is important to
2.3, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 4.3)
                                                         explain that setting up the placement can take some
                                                         time due to the checks required and preparing the
                                                         student to go into the workplace.

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           PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                    Work Experience Co-ordinator                                        SMT Line Manager
Finding of Placements:-                             Block and Extended Work Experience                             Block and Extended Work Experience

   Students find their own placements OR           If you find the placements and match students to them or if    The Senior Manager needs to be aware of the time
    school arranges placements. Your Veryan         the students find their own placements the school has the      commitment needed by this part of the process.
    WebView has details of the placements you       duty of care to match the student to the placement and         Chasing up students, parents and employers can be
    have used in the past which pupils can use to   formally approve and consent to the placement.                 very time consuming. I would suggest that the
    make an application. The website                                                                               management of this is looked at in terms of who does has a        If the person managing the Extended Work Experience is         what and how. The Work Experience Co-ordinator
    section that students can look at the “Work     not the Work Experience Co-ordinator then there needs to       should be a member of the Support Staff and should be
    Experience Placements Available for             be a clear understanding of who is responsible for the         supported by tutors and Year Heads where appropriate.
    Students to Apply for” and find placements      checking of the Approval and Consent Form.
    that employers have posted on this website.                                                                    There also needs to be system in place to cope with the
                                                                                                                   absence of the Work Experience Co-ordinator. Other
   Approval and Consent Form circulated. This      Checking the Approval and Consent Form                         staff need to be informed and knowledgeable about the
    can be a “one pass” or “two pass” form, to                                                                     Work Experience Programmes so that all the processes
    parents/carers and the placement provider:-        If a placement involves a student working with young       can continue without risk to Health, Safety and Welfare.
                                                        people (under 18) then the school needs a process in
    1. Parents to complete Essential Medical            place which assesses the suitability of the student to     The Work Experience Co-ordinator will need support
       Information section (and return it to            work with young people. There is a process set up by       during this time, particularly where deadlines are
       school/Pupil Referral Unit for you to            the EBP Child Protection – Suitability of a Student        concerned, and I would suggest that the Senior
       check the information is complete as far         Process* which can be used details of which are on the     Manager keeps in regular contact with the Work
       as you are aware if you are checking it          School Support website.                                    Experience Co-ordinator in order to avoid things getting
       now.)                                                                                                       out of control which can happen!
                                                       The Young Persons Risk Assessments must be
    2. Form sent/taken by student to the                completed / attached to the form and the school should     Health, Safety and Welfare Aspects of Work
       placement provider to complete with:-            check to see that it is there and “fit for purpose” in     Experience
           a. a copy of the “Information for            general terms. It would be worth enlisting the skills of
              Parents/Carers & Employers”               the school’s Health and Safety Manager to check the        Over the year there needs to be a monitoring and
              leaflet                                   High Risk Placements.                                      support system for the Work Experience Co-ordinator
           b. a copy of your letter explaining                                                                     with respect to the health, safety and welfare.
              your scheme.                             The Work Experience Policy & Guidelines Part Two
           c. A copy of the Child Protection            Section 3 has the guidelines and flowcharts to assess      It is highly recommended that the SMT Line
              Statement of Principles                   whether a placement requires the “additional               Manager and the Work Experience Co-ordinator
                                                        safeguards” to be put in place and in particular an        have a minimum of Three Formal Meetings over the
    3. Form returned to parents and students            enhanced CRB check for the person supervising the          year, one in the Autumn Term and two over the
       complete rest of form and return it to           student.                                                   following two terms, with an agenda, minutes and
       school                                                                                                      Actions recorded.

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    4. School checks the completion of
       Approval and Consent Form:                       You will need to check with your SMT Manager who
             a. Check the Essential Medical              signs the Approval and Consent Forms saying that the
                 Information is correct if you did       school approves and consents as they in fact signing    The Autumn Term is an ideal time for the first formal
                 not do it at the start. Let             on behalf of the headteacher.                           meeting which you can discuss:
                 employer know if information is
                 missing.                                                                                                1. The checking of the Approval and Consent
             b. Check to see that Section 2          In view of the serious ramifications if the Approval &                 Forms, who is going to do what?
                 “Information about the Employer     Consent Form is not completed and a Placement                       2. Who is going to initiate the discussions with
                 and Placement” is fully             Suitability Visit is not carried out BEFORE a student                  the Head of PSHE about the preparations
                 completed.                          sets foot in a workplace this needs to be monitored                    for the Work Experience Health and Safety
             c. Checks to see if the placement       carefully. Staff need to be aware of the need to follow                Preparation Scheme of Work based on the
                 involves working with young         the procedures to the letter and if in doubt seek advice.              Programme of Study.
                 people                                                                                                  3. Who is going to initiate the discussions with
             d. Checks to see that the Young                                                                                Head of PSHE about the preparations for
                 Persons Risk Assessments is                                                                                the Educating Children About Child
                 completed/attached                                                                                         Protection on Work Experience Scheme of
             e. Checks to see that it has been                                                                              Work based on the Programme of Study.
                 signed by all partners
             f. Decides if a CRB check is            Extended Work Experience in the Autumn Term
             g. Decides if placement is suitable     If you are going to put Year 10 students on Extended        You will need to make sure that all the
                 for the student and complete the    Work Experience during the first half of term you MUST      arrangements outlined below are in place for the
                 School’s Approval and Consent       have an Education Plan for this student that explains       student on Extended Work Experience BEFORE
                 in section 4                        the rationale for this.                                     they take up their placement.
   Details of placement are entered on the
    WebView.                                         Students in Year 10 going out on a placement at this        In view of this the following information will be
                                                     time are still very young, immature and have not            apply to both Block Work Experience and Extended
(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 2.2, 2.3, 3.2, 3.3,     covered a Careers/Citizenship Course to prepare them        Work Experience
4.2)                                                 for going into the workplace.

                                                     If you put them into the workplace BEFORE the half
                                                     term there is an issue about them understanding the
                                                     health, safety and welfare preparation, Child Protection
                                                     Issues and being able to function in an adult work

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          PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                      Work Experience Co-ordinator                                     SMT Line Manager
Preparation of Students:-

   Work Experience Organisers must have a           This should have been discussed with your SMT Line           The aspect of Work Experience needs to be monitored
    Scheme of Work with learning outcomes,           Manager in the first tem and the arrangements made           carefully to make sure no student takes part in Work
    based on the work undertaken in                                                                               Experience with out adequate Health, Safety and
    Careers/Citizenship/PSHE, which prepares         The monitoring of who has completed sections 1 to 3 of the   Welfare preparation.
    students to go into the workplace. If students   Programme of Study is important. Any student who has not
    are working towards a qualification i.e.         completed these must do so before taking up a placement.     The Spring Term is good time for the second formal
    Certificate in Preparation for Employment this                                                                meeting with the Work Experience Co-ordinator to
    will provide a good grounding                    Those students working in High Risk Placements must          discuss Health, Safety and Welfare. The issues to
                                                     have received preparation as set out in section 4 and the    consider could be:-
   Scheme of Work for Curriculum Preparation        separate Programme of Study for the High Risk
    with learning outcomes based on the              Placements.                                                     1. What arrangements have been made for
    “Programme of Study for Educating Children                                                                          students who have missed part or all of the
    About Child Protection Issues on Work                                                                               health, safety and welfare preparation to catch
    Experience ”* provided by the EBP.* This                                                                            up?
    MUST be covered before ANY student takes                                                                         2. Consideration of how the Teacher Visits will be
    up a placement, Block or Extended.                                                                                  allocated and managed.
                                                                                                                     3. Arrangements for the preparation of the people
                                                                                                                        making the Teacher visits.
   Scheme of Work for Health & Safety
    Preparation with learning outcomes based on
    the “Health & Safety Preparation Programme
    of Study”* provided by the EBP. This MUST
    be covered before ANY student takes up a
    placement, Block or Extended.

(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 1.2, 3.1, 4.4)

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           PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                  Work Experience Co-ordinator                                            SMT Line Manager
Briefing of students:-
                                                     Logbooks need to be made available and used to                If Student Briefing is not built into the Careers or PSHE
   Introduction of Logbook* and how to use it.       record the briefing information. To help with this there is   Scheme of Work then you may need to help the Work
   Students initial visit to employer                a Word version which can be used as a “rough copy”            Experience Co-ordinator in setting up the briefing.
    (recommended) or telephone contact with           then students can copied it into the real Logbook nearer
    supervisor to find out important pre-             the time.                                                     It is very important that the briefing takes place as this
    placement information. Student can then          The students need to complete the “Work Experience            is part of the “duty of care” aspect of Work Experience.
    complete the “Work Experience Placement           Placement Details” and the “Preparing Your Action
    Details” section of Logbook.                      Plan” sections. needs as part of the curriculum and the
   “Preparing Your Action Plan” section of           “Targets” need to be discussed with and signed by a
    Logbook completed by students and counter         member of staff. This needs to be monitored to see
    signed by teacher.                                that it has been completed.
                                                     The other elements of the logbook need to be covered
(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 1.3, 4.1, 5.1)           so that students know what their responsibilities are in
                                                      respect of completion.
                                                     The completion of the Logbook in an essential part of
                                                      Work Experience and students should be made aware
                                                      of this.
                                                     The EBP has developed a series of “Extended Work
                                                      Experience Logbooks” which will be available for
                                                      schools to use. They will be in Word Format and can
                                                      be added to if need be.
                                                     For Vocational Courses, the staff may wish to use their
                                                      own recording documents, which is fine as long as the
                                                      Logbook contains the “Work Experience Placement
                                                      Details”, “Preparing Your Action Plan”, Health & Safety
                                                      Induction and Day to Day Log sections.

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          PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                      Work Experience Co-ordinator                                        SMT Line Manager
Students on Work Placement:-
                                                        ALL students must be visited (or contacted if Out of       It is important that the Teacher Visit aspect of the
   Teacher Visits take place:-                          County) as set out in the LA Guidelines.                   scheme is managed effectively, as this is one of the
                                                        A checklist needs to be compiled which shows clearly       main Health & Safety elements of Work Experience.
           Checklist of visits to be made – which       who will be visiting which student.
            teacher is visiting which student.          A Teacher Visit Record must be completed for each          It is worth making sure that the visits are being made
                                                         student (including Out of County) and these need to be     and reported on by the visitors.
           Teacher Visit Record Sheet* to be            kept.
            completed for each student on each          Each member of staff making visits needs to have a
            visit. Teachers must have written            copy of the Guidelines for Teacher Visits.
            guidelines for the visits.                  All staff visiting student must be made aware of any
                                                         significant risks they may encounter in a workplace that
                                                         could affect their own health, safety and welfare.
           Guidelines for Teachers visiting            Each visitor must sign the Teacher Visit Agreement
            students, to take account of their own       Form.
            health, safety and welfare.

           Visiting teachers to complete a
            Teacher Visit Agreement Form.*

           Check Logbooks – make sure
            students are completing logbooks
            and ask employer if they would
            complete the “Employers Report on
            the Student”

(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 2.4, 6.1, 6.2)

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           PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                    Work Experience Co-ordinator                                         SMT Line Manager
De-briefing of students:-
                                                       There needs to be a Scheme of Work with materials                   It would be helpful to review this aspect of the
   Scheme of Work and learning outcomes                which maybe delivered with the help of other subject        programme with the Work Experience Co-ordinator in
                                                        areas e.g. English.                                         that it may be beneficial to look at collapsing the time-
   Must include a letter of thanks from the
                                                       Make sure that student write a Letter of Thanks to their    table for a morning to develop a good scheme.
    student to the employer.
                                                        placement provider highlighting the positive outcomes.
   De-briefing needs to be carried out                The same points to students who have completed an                  Where the Extended Work Experience
    immediately after the Work Placement.               Extended Work Experience except that the style and          placement is a “motivational” placement this needs to
                                                        range of the De-briefing will differ particularly for       be on-going.
(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 7.1, 7.2, 7.3)             Vocational Work Experience.                                        Where the Extended Work Experience
                                                                                                                    placement is “vocational” this needs to related to the
                                                                                                                    course they are following.

          PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                WORK EXPERIENCE CO-ORDINATOR                                              SENIOR MANAGER
Evaluation of Scheme:-                                                                                              This is a good time for the third formal meeting with
                                                       Contact a sample of employers, parents and students to      the Work Experience Co-ordinator to discuss:
   Feedback from employers, parents, students          ask them about the scheme in terms of information,              1. The effectiveness of the health, safety and
    plus what you think went well and what needs        arrangements and preparation.                                        welfare aspects in place for the year.
    to be changed for future programmes.               From the above information and other information                2. What needs to go into the Evaluation Report
   Final Evaluation Report* for the Learning and       complete a brief Evaluation Report. The EBP has given           3. What developments and amendments are
    Skills Council(LSC) completed and given to          a guideline for this.                                                needed for the next year.
    Headteacher for presentation to Governors.
(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 8.2,8.3)

         PROCESS/ ACTIVITY                                      Work Experience Co-ordinator                                         SMT Line Manager
Feedback to Employers:-
                                                       If this has not been done as part of the De-briefing then      Although the Work Experience Co-ordinator will
   Letter of Thanks from student to                    the students need to write a Letter of Thanks.                  deal with this they may need support from the
    employer highlighting positive outcomes            Work Experience Co-ordinator could also send out a              Senior Manager when it comes to making sure all
                                                        standard Thank You letter at the end of the Work                students do it.
    sent to employer.
                                                        Experience Programme.                                          It may be that the Thank You letter from the school
                                                                                                                        could be signed by the Work Experience Co-
(QSF/Guidelines Section(s) – 8.1)                                                                                       ordinator and/or the Head teacher which some
                                                                                                                        businesses would see as a positive endorsement.

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