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The Journal of Nutrition
Volume 139 Number 6                              June 2009


Funding Food Science and Nutrition Research: Financial Conflicts and Scientific Integrity.
S. Rowe, N. Alexander, F. M. Clydesdale, R. Applebaum, S. A. Atkinson, R. M. Black,
J. T. Dwyer, E. Hentges, N. A. Higley, M. LeFevre, J. R. Lupton, S. A. Miller, D. L. Tancredi,
C. M. Weaver, C. E. Woteki, and E. Wedrel

Biochemical, Molecular, and Genetic Mechanisms

Folic Acid Supplementation during the Juvenile-Pubertal Period in Rats Modifies the Phenotype
and Epigenotype Induced by Prenatal Nutrition. G. C. Burdge, K. A. Lillycrop, E. S. Phillips,
J. L. Slater-Jefferies, A. A. Jackson, and M. A. Hanson

Selenoprotein Gene Expression in Thyroid and Pituitary of Young Pigs Is Not Affected by
Dietary Selenium Deficiency or Excess J. Zhou, H. Zhao, J. Li, X. Xia, K. Wang, Y. Zhang,
Y. Liu, Y. Zhao, and X. Lei

Retinoic Acid Is Present in the Postnatal Rat Olfactory Organ and Persists in Vitamin A-
Depleted Neural Tissue. M. Asson-Batres, W. B. Smith, and G. Clark

Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics

Plasma Acylcarnitine Profiles Suggest Incomplete Long Chain Fatty Acid -Oxidation and
Altered TCA Cycle Activity in Type 2 Diabetes. S. H. Adams, C. L. Hoppel, K. H. Lok, L. Zhao,
S. W. Wong, P. E. Minkler, D. H. Hwang, J. W. Newman, and W. Garvey

Nutrient Physiology, Metabolism, and Nutrient-Nutrient Interactions

Indicator Amino Acid Oxidation is Not Affected By Period of Adaptation to a Wide Range of
Lysine Intake in Healthy Young Men. R. Elango, M. A. Humayun, R. O. Ball, and P. B. Pencharz

Dietary and Endogenous Amino Acids Are the Main Contributors to Microbial Protein in the
Upper Gut of Normally Nourished Pigs. A. Libao-Mercado, C. L. Zhu, J. P. Cant, H. Lapierre,
J. Thibault, B. Sève, M. F. Fuller, and C. F. de Lange
The Bioavailability of Apigenin-7-Glucoside Is Influenced by Human Intestinal Microbiota in
Rats. L. Hanske, G. Loh, S. Sczesny, M. Blaut, and A. Braune

The Leucine Content of a Complete Meal Directs Peak Activation but Not Duration of Skeletal
Muscle Protein Synthesis and mTOR Signaling in Rats. L. E. Norton, D. K. Layman, P. Bunpo,
T. G. Anthony, D. V. Brana, and P. J. Garlick

Linseed Oil in the Maternal Diet during Gestation and Lactation Modifies Fatty Acid
Composition, Mucosal Architecture and Mast Cell Regulation of the Ileal Barrier in Piglets.
G. Boudry, V. Douard, J. Mourot, J. Lalles, and I. Le Huerou-Luron

Mammary Protein Synthesis and Amino Acid Transport Kinetics in Lactating Goats.
M. D. Hanigan, J. France, S. J. Mabjeesh, W. C. McNabb, and B. J. Bequette

Nutrition and Disease

Acute Fish Oil and Soy Isoflavone Supplementation Increase Postprandial Serum (n-3)
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Isoflavones but Do Not Affect Triacylglycerol or Biomarkers of
Oxidative Stress in Overweight and Obese Hypertriglyceridemic Men. H. E. Hanwell, C. D. Kay,
J. W. Lampe, B. J. Holub, and A. M. Duncan

Dietary -Tocopherol, Linoleic Acid, Serum Insulin, and Waist Circumference Predict
Circulating Sex Hormone Binding Globulin in Premenopausal Women. F. Nayeem,
M. Nagamani, K. E. Anderson, Y. Huang, J. J. Grady, and L. W. Lu

Regular Consumption of Nuts and Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Women with Type 2
Diabetes. F. B. Hu, T. Y. Li, A. M. Brennan, N. M. Wedick, C. Mantzoros, and N. Rifai

A Plant Stanol Yogurt Drink Alone or Combined with a Low-Dose Statin Lowers Triacylglycerol
and Non-HDL Cholesterol in Metabolic Syndrome Patients. J. Plat, G. Brufau, G. M. Dallingha-
Thie, M. Dasselaar, and R. P. Mensink

Nutritional Epidemiology

The Development of the Mediterranean-Style Dietary Pattern Score and Its Application to the
American Diet in the Framingham Offspring Cohort. M. E. Rumawas, J. T. Dwyer,
N. M. McKeown, J. B. Meigs, G. Rogers, and P. F. Jacques

Maternal Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated with Bacterial Vaginosis in the First Trimester of
Pregnancy. L. M. Bodnar, M. A. Krohn, and H. N. Simhan

A Dietary Pattern Characterized by High Intake of Vegetables, Fruits and Vegetable Oils Is
Associated with Reduced Risk of Preeclampsia in Nulliparous Pregnant Norwegian Women.
A. Brantsaeter, M. A. Haugen, S. Samuelsen, H. Torjusen, L. Trogstad, J. Alexander, P.
Magnus, and H. Meltzer
Community and International Nutrition

Urinary Iodine Concentrations Indicate Iodine Deficiency in Pregnant Thai Women but Iodine
Sufficiency in Their School-Aged Children. S. Gowachirapant, P. Winichagoon, L. Wyss,
B. Tong, J. Baumgartner, A. Melse-Boonstra, and M. B. Zimmermann

No Association between Food Insecurity and Childhood Obesity under Multiple Measures of
Obesity. C. Gundersen, S. Garasky, and B. Lohman

Periconceptional Iron and Folate Status Is Inadequate among Married, Nulliparous Women in
Rural Bangladesh. A. Khambalia, D. L. O'Connor, and S. Zlotkin

Nutritional Immunology

Xanthones from Mangosteen Prevent Lipopolysccharide-Mediated Inflammation and Insulin
Resistance in Primary Cultures of Human Adipocytes. A. Bumrungpert, R. Kalpravidh,
C. Chitchumroonchokachai, C. Chuang, T. West, A. Kennedy, and M. McIntosh

Vitamin E Reverses Impaired Linker for Activation of T Cells (LAT) Activation in T Cells from
Aged C57BL/6 Mice. M. G. Marko, H. E. Pang, Z. Ren, A. Azzi, B. T. Huber, S. C. Bunnell, and
S. N. Meydani

Issues and Opinions

Time for a Positive Approach to Dietary Guidance Using Nutrient Density as a Basic Principle.
G. Miller, A. Drewnowski, V. L. Fulgoni, III, R. P. Heaney, J. C. King, and E. Kennedy

Letters to the Editor

Nutrition Search Terms Have Changed — Making the Most of Thematic Search Filters. J. Sanz-
Valero, and C. Wanden-Berghe

The Intention to Treat Principle, and the Potential Impact of Excluding Data from the Analysis
of Clinical Trial Data. C. Sempos, and M. Picciano

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