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									February 2, 2010
Michigan Career Education Conference
Heidi Speese, Project Coordinator
 NOCTI Overview
 Test Development Process
 Michigan, NOCTI and the Accounting Assessment
 Instructors Resources
 Online Testing
 Score Reports
 Four decades of experience as a not-for-profit
 Governed by a Consortium of 50 states and territories
 Expertise in providing coordinated assessment
  services for states and educational entities.
Gather a team of Subject Matter Experts
   Secondary, Post Secondary and Industry

              Develop Standards
               & Competencies

                 Finalize               Develop
               Assessments            Assessments

               Incorporate Edits    Pilot Assessments

              Establish Cutscores     Analyze Pilot
                 (Benchmarks)          Test Results
           Sample Blueprint
      Students will demonstrate an understanding of the professional practices and
      standards related to working in the field of education.                                 Rating   Items

4.A   Determine knowledge and skills needed by teaching professionals.                         3.0      1

4.B   Demonstrate personal characteristics needed to work in the teaching profession.          3.0      1
4.C   Identify qualities of effective schools.                                                 5.0      2
4.D   Define a personal philosophy of education.                                               1.0      0

4.E   Prepare a personal career plan in preparation for a career in the field of education.    1.0      0

                   Career Awareness                                                              9%     3

                   Students will analyze career paths in the field of education.
                   Society and Culture                                                          11%     4
                   Students will understand the historical perspective of U.S. public
                   Professionalism                                                              11%     4

                   Students will demonstrate an understanding of the professional
                   practices and standards related to working in the field of education.
                   Integration of Technology and Instruction                                     6%     2

                   Students will demonstrate an understanding of the use of current
                   technologies that are directly related to effective teaching methods.
                   Classroom Climate                                                            11%     4

                   Students will create an effective learning environment.
       Quality Test Items
Developing multiple-choice assessment items

           Test only one piece of information per question
           Use only plausible distractors
           Avoid using answers that can easily be
           Review questions for inadvertent clues
           Avoid “all of the above” and “none of the
            above” as options
As part of meeting the reporting requirements of
the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006, Michigan pilot-
tested NOCTI’s Advanced Accounting assessment in
2008-2009 for possible use as the secondary
technical skill assessment f or the Finance cluster.
The assessment was administered to all secondary
CTE completers and concentrators upon leaving or
completing a Finance and Financial Management
Services program (CIP Code 52.0800).
          • Work with instructors to set test dates
          • Place orders
Before    • Identify and train proctors
Testing   • Assign user codes (using student UIC)

          • Maintain test security
During    • Oversee the testing process

          • Release online tests for scoring
 After    • Distribute score reports to instructors
                 Test Date

 Absent                           Special
Students                          Needs


      Multiple               Proctors



Practice tests?
How long will the test take?
What will the test cover?
What are the test dates?
What are the computer requirements?
Are other materials needed?
What if I need to change test date?
Are there accommodations for special needs?
Which are covered?
Which are not?
Does emphasis of a major competency area
or task in the classroom match the emphasis
on NOCTI’s assessment?
                 Study Guides
             Help Students Prepare

          Study Guide Package
   One Teacher Companion Guide

 Ten Student Study Guide Booklets

 Ten Online Practice Tests
Teacher Companion Guide
Teacher Companion Guide
Teacher’s Corner
Teacher’s Corner
Score Reports
Individual Report
Group Score Report
Analysis of Scores
                            Task Link Report
                                  Systems                                     No. of    Your
                                                                              Items    Number
Demonstrate an understanding of how business systems function within the        5         2
Demonstrate an understanding of the functions of systems in an organization     1         1

Demonstrate principles of customer service                                      5         5

Apply industry standards and practices to ensure quality work                   7         6
Program Effectiveness
Mean, Standard Deviation, Sem
Compare Individual, Group, Site, State
Trend Analysis and more…
              Using Data
Refine Curricula Based on NOCTI Results

A. What competencies do you teach?
   We had some we were not teaching
B. When do you teach the competency?
   Several moved to the senior year
C. Time spent on the competency?
   One content area removed, another expanded
               Using Data
D. How do you teach the Competency?

          1.   Theory only
          2.   Laboratory only
          3.   Theory and Laboratory
          4.   Reinforcing Activities
          5.   Use of Related Mathematics
Heidi Speese
Project Coordinator
800-334-6283 x225

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