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									Cs105 – Computer Concepts

                      Module 2
          Intructor: Dan Pletea
               UMASS Boston
         Local Applications
• Local applications are programs or
  software that can be run on a single
• The computer on which the local
  application is running does not have to be
  connected to a computer network such as
• Examples
Examples of Local Applications
• Media Players (Windows Media Player,
  RealPlayer, Winamp, …)
• Word Processors(MS Word, Latex, WordPad,…)
• Graphic, photo and animation applications
  (PhotoShop, Word Photo Manager, 3D Studio
• Calculator
       Local Applications in
• Accounting (Excel, …)
• Science and Engineering (Mathematica,
  Math Lab, System R, Weka, … )
• Medicine ( Computerized Axial
  Tomography scan )
                 File Type
• Broadly classified as either text file or
  binary file.
• Text file, the data are organized as
• Binary file requires specific interpretation
  of the bits and the application which
  supports this file knows how to interpret it.
                         File Type
• Usually the file name has two parts: the main name and the file
     extension. The extension indicates the type of the file.
               File Operations
•   Create a file
•   Delete a file
•   Open a file
•   Close a file
•   Read data from a file
•   Write data to a file
•   Delete contents of a file
•   Rename a file
•   Copy a file
•   Append data to the end of a file
• Directory is a named collection of files. It is
  a way to group files so that you can
  organize them in a logical manner.
• In Windows methodology a directory is
  called a folder.
• Other than files a folder can contain other
• A sequence of well-defined steps or
  instructions for doing a task.
• An algorithm should end (Stop) at some
     Word Processors - MS Word
•   What you see is what you get!
•   Word is a very popular text editing software.
•   Enter and edit the text.
•   Insert and edit images.
•   Arrange page: orientation, border, shade, etc.
•   Use bullets in Word.
•   Check the grammar and spelling of the contents.
•   A basic tutorial for MS word 2007 is available at:
     Word Processors - LaTeX
• It is not very easy to write mathematical equations in
  MS Word. A much better alternative is LaTeX.
• LaTeX is not a WYSIWYG.
• First we write a .tex file, then we compile it.
• Example.
• A basic tutorial for Latex is available at:
• A spreadsheet is the computer equivalent of a paper ledger
  sheet used by accountants couple of decades ago.
• Using ledger sheet a small mistake could have resulted in
  redoing the whole page again. But we can undo any action.
• Also the calculation could have been overwhelming. But using
  spreadsheets, computer will take care of calculations.
        What is PowerPoint?
• A complete presentation graphics
• Gives you everything you need to produce
  a professional-looking presentation.
• Offers word processing, outlining, drawing,
  graphing, and presentation management
        Graphics Processing
• A very simple graphics processing
  application is the Paint.
• In a painting program, we decompose an
  image into a collection of small dots,
  known as pixels.
• If you zoom on a picture you will see these

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