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									                         IN-CLASS BOOK REVIEW FORMAT

   Book reviews are required of each student. The book(s) will be chosen by the
instructor. When writing the review, follow the appropriate rules of grammar,
punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. Grades will be based on content and

  Use the following format to prepare your review:

     1. Give the proper citation of the book. Example: McReynolds, Edwin C.
     Oklahoma : A History of the Sooner State . Norman: University of Oklahoma
     Press, 1977, 477 pages. (5 points)

     2. Write a brief biography of the author. Be sure to include: place and date of birth
     and death, if appropriate, educational background, place of employment,
     professional experience, and other works. . (5 points)

     3. In 3-5 sentences. Identify the time period encompassed by the book Explain if
     the book progresses chronologically or if it addresses events by topic. If the book
     addresses one particular subject, explain how that event fits into a broader time scale
     (like the Renasissance era). (15 points)

   4. Describe the sources used by the author. . Does the author use secondary sources
   or primary sources, or both? Is there a pattern or any interesting observation about
   the sources the writer uses. Are the sources all new or all old? That fact could
   provide interesting insight into the validity of a thesis.
2.    Give a few examples of the material he uses as sources (outside information).
      A. Examples of primary sources include but are not limited to: works by other
   authors, diaries, letters, newspapers, government documents, and oral history. A
   primary source is an account of events at the time they occurred.

       B. Examples of secondary sources. A secondary source is an account of events
     based on primary sources. (20 points)

     5. Analize the book using the APPARTS format for Point of view, Audience.
     Purpose, individual bias etc. Can you glean from the text if the author has a strong
     opinion about an event? Is the author objective, or does he express a liberal or
     conservative viewpoint? (40 points)

     6. Write your opinion of the book. In a paragraph of 3-5 sentences. Organization.
     Discuss whether the book makes sense the way it is written or if it could have been
     better organized. Authors put a lot of time into organizing a book and sometimes
     they just don’t get it right! Clearly indicate whether you did or did not like the book
     and why.
      (15 points)

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