; Global Containerized Data Center Market 2009-2013
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Global Containerized Data Center Market 2009-2013


Containerized Data Centers are those datacenters that are mounted, configured and operated within a box or a shipping container. These containers hold the complete physical infrastructure and remote monitoring that are essential for a datacenter. Each container can hold up to thousands of servers. Recently, the concept of Containerized Data Center has sparkled interest among many industries. Advantages such as scalability, cost effectiveness and high power utilization are the major reasons behind the rising interest of such data centers. Coupled with this, many of the current data centers are reaching limits in power, cooling and space; thus driving the companies to find the best alternative strategy to scale up the requirements. The concept of hosting is picking up in the Containerized Data Centers market. This will majorly help those companies who are looking to expand their data centers; but have exhausted physical space, power and cooling capacity. This trend might get bigger in this market, as the power & cooling capacity challenges are not completely addressed by many Containerized Data Center solutions available in the market. Further, Containerized Data Centers significantly reduce the amount of time spent on expanding/building a datacenter. With the help of this concept, companies can deploy datacenters within weeks instead of months or years, that is usually spent in designing and constructing a traditional data center. From the recent developments, it can be said that the concept of Containerized Data Center is forecast to gain a significant thrust in the near future. The report by TechNavio Insights forecasts the global containerized data center market size over the period 2009-2013. Further, it discusses the segmentation of the global containerized data center market into various geographic regions. It also identifies the key market trends, drivers and challenges, and profiles some of the key vendors of this market.

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