INDY FUTURE PROSPECTS CAMP JULY- 24, 26, AND 26 $200 per player Carmel Ice Skadium Carmel, IN
For player who are interested in playing junior hockey but may not know much about it. Players should be ‘92, ‘93, ‘94 ,‘95, or 96 birth year. Guaranteed 4 1.5 hr on ice sessions. 1 practice and 3 games + a chance to play in the final All-Star game. There will also be a Junior Hockey Education class. We will explain what Junior Hockey is, and what it takes to make it there. There will also be a question and answer session. Breakfast and Lunch will be served on Saturday. Players will be evaluated by Jr. Hockey scouts, and receive an interview at the end of the weekend where they will be told what they need to work on in order to make the jump to Junior Hockey. We will also track their progress through the up coming season and help them to find a place to play when they are ready. All coaches played some level of junior hockey, and some have taken their careers to college, and or Professional Hockey.

For information contact- Josh Deitsch- 317-250-2318

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