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					   Cloud computing is an emerging style of IT delivery in
    which applications, data, and IT
    resources are rapidly provisioned and provided as
    standardized offerings to users over the web in a flexible
    pricing model.
   Users simply focus on the services they would like to use
    and not worry about how to implement the software that
    provides these services.
   Foundation of cloud computing comprises data
    centers(servers, storage, networking) , the business
    applications and middleware, virtualization software and of
    course operating system.
                                 Grid Computing

                 Solving large problems with parallel computing

                                Utility Computing

  Introduced in late 1900s                Offering computed resources as a metered service

                               Software as a Service

Gained momentum in 2001                      Network based subscriptions to applications

                                Cloud Computing
Next generation data centers                     Next generation Internet computing
                 Types of Cloud
      Private Cloud                                               Public Cloud
     Client owned and                                       Service provider owned and
         managed.                                                    managed.
Access limited to client and
   its partner network.
                                   Hybrid                     Access by subscription.
                                                                Delivers select set of
     Drives efficiency,        Access to client, partner   standardized business process,
 standardization and best      network, and third party          application and/or
         practices                                          infrastructure services on a
                                                                  flexible pay per
  while retaining greater
customization and control                                            use basis.
Software as a    • Most familiar and used cloud service
                 • Many Applications like ERP,CRM available
Service-SaaS       through SaaS

                 • Organization given control over resources
 as a Service-     such as hardware, servers, storage etc.
                 • A set of product development tools that
Platform as a      create applications on the provider’s
On demand self service

Ubiquitous network access

Pay per use

Location independent resource pooling

Rapid elasticity

Access anywhere and always available
                 • Allows an organization to scale up or down their IT
 Scalability       requirements quickly and efficiently
                 • Cuts down the time involved

    Lower        • Pay only for the duration that you use the service
infrastructure   • Cut down unnecessary capital expenditure
                 • Maintenance , administration cost reduced

   Better        • Reduces wastage
 utilisation     • Improves resource utilisation
SLA management and major outage impact

Security concerns and privacy

Control of IT




                                                Third, cloud computing
                                                enables specialization. By
                                                tapping technologies
                           Second, cloud        available as a service
                                                instead of owning and
                           offers access to     managing all IT systems,
                           technologies that    companies can invest
                           help companies       more of their time and
First, cloud enables       connect. This        resources in focusing on
companies to be more       drives deeper and    what truly differentiates
responsive: In a fast-     more effective       them in the marketplace.
paced, rapidly evolving
global economy, the        relationships with
ability to respond         partners and
quickly to the needs of    customers.
customers, markets
and opportunities
represents a significant
market differentiator.
 “Every company must decide if cloud computing will
  serve its particular needs. In order to do that, they
must evaluate the potential business value it offers and
               the challenges involved.”
Explore cloud-based
  offerings – Think of    Pursue a pilot – take a                                   Build a roadmap –
 the cloud as one of a   custom application that       Investigate costs –        assess the IT portfolio
                           leverages the instant                                and which applications or
number of IT options.                                      evaluate costs
                          scale, high compute, or                                 services might benefit
Consider maintaining        bandwidth intensive          associated with           the most from cloud
   control of IT that    capabilities of the cloud.   internal IT versus the     computing is step one.
 creates competitive       Such a pilot can help a    cost of cloud services.    Try to align IT strategy
    advantage, and       company become more            Such cost analysis      with the business needs.
     utilizing cloud            familiar and          will help determine if,       Decide how cloud
   technologies for        knowledgeable about         and what, should be       computing can prepare
                           cloud computing and                                  for the road. And find an
   more commodity                                     owned and managed
                         how it can benefit them.                                 organization that can
     applications.          It might also lay the      internally, and what       spot the potholes and
    Remember, the        foundation for a private     could be cloud ready .        help steer past the
journey to cloud is an      cloud infrastructure.                                       roadblocks.
                                 How to
                  Standards     integrate        Deciding       Evaluating
 ng the key
                  affecting       cloud        which cloud       costs of
                    cloud      computing       deployment         private
cs of private,
                 computing    into existing      option is     versus public
 public, and
                 deployment   infrastructur   right for your       cloud
                   choices        e and       organization     deployments