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					                    APEC Future Education Consortium:
    focusing on APEC Network of ICT Model Schools for
                                           Future Education
                                      Jung-Chan Cha, Seung-Jin Lee

Purposes                                                       education through school communities within
                                                               the APEC region
  q Creating the on/offline network of ICT                         l Enhancing use of ICT in education in
      Model School Network in the APEC region                          accordance with school-based
      to share best practices and know-how on                          cooperative activities: Sharing
      ICT use in education between schools in the                      innovative teaching methods utilizing
      other member economies to narrow not only                        ICT and fostering best ICT model
      digital divide but also cultural divide                          schools through exchange on/offline
  q Providing       opportunities      to   exchange                   cooperative activities among member
      information and knowledge to search for the                      economies’ schools such as Online Joint
      ideal model of future education among                            Class, Cooperative Projects, English
      education          administrators,      scholars,                Homepage, Online contest, and relevant
      researchers, experts and educators and                           exchanges including bilateral school
      promote the implementation on using ICT                          visit
      in education through sharing teaching                        l Promoting on/offline exchange activities
      materials    and     methods    among     school                 between participating schools with
      teachers and students in the APEC region                         participation of school administrators,
  q Disseminating information on best ICT                              business persons related with school
      practices,   implementation      policies,   and                 operation: Operating exchange programs
      research results through on/offline journals,                    for implementing ICT in school
      annual reports, and other formats of media                       effectively with the use of IT technology
                                                                       and for sharing best practices in teaching
Principal Activities
                                                                       methods from futuristic leading schools.
                                                                    l Assisting efficient online communicat -
  q Operating APEC ICT Model School
                                                                       ion networking: Operating APEC
      Network(ICT MSN):
                                                                       Model SchoolNetwork web-portal
      Developing school network in participating
  member economies to promote ICT use in

        php) for networking among ICT                                    around 100 persons in APEC member
        Model Schools and other schools in the                           economies
        APEC region beyond regional barrier                       l Addressing a special lecture by an
    l Narrowing cultural divide between                                 invited speaker under the theme of
        APEC member economies : Operating                               ‘APEC Future Education toward the
        the cultural exchange programs to                               Edutainment Park in the APEC
        enhance mutual understanding                                    Region’
                                                                  l Sharing innovative teaching with ICT :
                                                                        Visiting exemplary ICT schools to share
q Hosting the 3rd APEC Future Education                                 best practices and creative ideas for
   Forum & 6th Steering Committee Meeting:                              teaching and learning with ICT
        Sharing successful cases on future
   education and practical teaching & learning               q Publishing          APEC     Future    Education
   models attended by          prominent scholars,               Report:
   experts,        education        administrators,              Sharing academic outcomes presented by
   entrepreneurs and students in the 3 APEC                      researchers in APEC Future Education
   Future Education Forum. Also discussing the                   Forum       and     international    cooperative
   direction for future education and search for                 education with the theme of ICT for future
   its specific model with the help of Steering                  education. The APEC Future Education
   Committee         Meeting       attended     by               Report is published through online and
   administrators in Ministry of Education from                  offline channel of Asia-Pacific Collaborative
   13 APEC economies                                             education Journal (APCJ) respectively.
    l The 3 APEC Future Education Forum:
        2007. 9. in Korea (13 economies, 365               Status of Project

                                                                With continuous support of participating
    l The 6th Steering Committee Meeting:
                                                           member economies,         we, the     APEC Future
          2007. 9. in Korea (13 economies, 16
                                                           Education Consortium have tried to implement the
                                                           project favourably. In accordance with the
    l Providing the opportunities for more
                                                           suggestions of the Steering Committee, we are
         participation of youth in the APEC
                                                           operating the Consortium and relevant activities
         through sharing the values of future
                                                           with the existing international cooperative projects
         education : Organizing 1st APEC Youth
                                                           like the APEC Learning Community for Shared
         Forum in the APEC Future Education
                                                           Prosperity    (ALCom)      and    APEC     e-Learning
         with attendance from 6 economies and
                                                           Training Program continuously.

Objectives                                                        Henceforth, it can be expected to produce
                                                                  outcomes through the APEC Future Education
        The Consortium aims to take up the                        Forum and the APEC Future Education Report.
challenges of IT-based future society based on the              - Students and teachers are able to have a chance
know-how and experiences on narrowing the                         to advance extensive international cooperation
digital divide and set up the ideal model of future               in education through the APEC ICT Model
education through implementation of e-Learning                    School Network
as a way of human capacity building.         For these          - In each member economy, the Business Sector
objectives, we are implementing the projects, the                 joins in relevant projects and supports their
APEC ICT Model School Network, the APEC                           operation (e.g. ALCoB-EC: APEC Learning
Future Education Forum, and the APEC Future                       Community Builders-Entrepreneur Committee).
Education Report which was published on as the
special     issue   of   Asia-Pacific    Collaborative                    The accomplishment of the Consortium
education Journal (APCJ).                                         derives the participation of local community like
                                                                  parents of participating students and volunteers
        Based on autonomous and positive support of               and contributes to enhancing the understanding
participating member economies, we try to carry                   on international cooperation in education and
out theoretical ideas at the APEC Future Education                expanding relevant activities.
Forum and apply them to the field of international
cooperation in education like the APEC ICT                      Methodology
Model School Network for crystallizing the vision
of future education in the APEC region.                              According to the agreement at the Steering
                                                                Committee       Meeting,    we      promote    relevant
Linkages                                                        activities      for    strengthening     international
                                                                cooperation as “Total supporting system for
        The beneficiary institutions of the project and         Human Capacity Building” reflecting the APEC
their       activities     are     as     follow       :        vision,      “Shared   Prosperity    through   Human
Ministries/Departments of Education are able to                 Capacity Building.”
share information and opinions on educational
policies and exemplary cases of the use of ICT in                    At present, the Consortium concentrates on
schools to adopt for their own ICT Policies.                    fostering autonomous participation and expanding
- Educational Institutions and research centers are             the participants in local community like parents
  able to exchange knowledge and information to                 and people who are interested in international
  search for ideal model of future education                    cooperation.
  through       Research      Committee      activities.

Budget                                                            APEC ICT Model School Network is the
                                                             school-based project for international cooperation
     We have implemented the projects under the              in education and aims to search and realize ideal
budgeting plan and tried to organize the whole               future school model in the APEC region and foster
project economically and effectively. In 2007,               understanding on various education, culture, and
Korean Ministry of Education, Science and                    history of member economies. As strengthening
Technology provided financial support for the                sisterhood among schools, participating member
projects of the Consortium.                                  economies and school members expect to go
                                                             through this project continuously.

Gender Considerations                                             The major outcomes of APEC ICT Model
                                                             School Network can be described as follows:
     In the two types of committees consisting of
Research Committee and Steering Committee in
                                                             First, offering international cooperation through
the APEC Future Education Consortium, it is
                                                             exchange activities:
succeeded to make balance in female and male
                                                              • No. of participants in APEC ICT Model School
participation without any restraint on gender issues.
                                                                Network(as of March. 2008) : 112 schools in
In addition, through APEC ICT Model School
                                                                12 economies including 43,680 teachers and
Network activities, we expect this to contribute to
                                                                students) (see, Appendix 1,2)
foster future leaders focusing on not only males
                                                              • Proceeding collaborative projects online and
but also female students in the APEC region.
                                                                offline between sister schools : Participating in
                                                                international collaborative activities based on
Progress since last report
                                                                various projects with cooperative performance

     Inheriting the accomplishments of the Con-                 such as visit and joint classes between sister

sortium for APEC Cyber Education Cooperation                    schools in Network members

(ACEC) Task I & II starting from 2004, APEC                   • Operating volunteering student groups for edu-

Future Education Consortium has initiated three                 cation activity: Stimulating autonomous ex-

sub-projects:   APEC ICT Model School Network,                  change activities of students by constructing

APEC Future Education Forum, and APEC Future                    English homepage, ICT S/W usage Competi-

Education Report successfully for 3 consecutive                 tion and so forth

years.                                                       Second, promoting ICT use in education through
                                                             sharing and helping each other:

  q APEC ICT Model School Network                             • Exchanging innovative teaching materials using
                                                                ICT: Sharing educational contents and

   on/offline teaching materials between schools,               tween sister schools in the APEC region
   teachers, and students in the APEC member                    • Designing exchange program harmonized with
   Economies (see, Appendix 3)                                  experiential learning and recent technology tar-
 • Implementing ICT Simulation Classes: Sharing                 geting students and teachers in APEC Model
   practical skill and know-how on education us-                School Network members as ALCoB schools
   ing ICT through exchange of teachers between                • Narrowing cultural divide for more understand-
   APEC ICT Model School Network member                         ing in the APEC region through cultural ex-
   schools                                                      change: contributing to narrowing not only the
 • Complementing ICT facilities in schools: Nar-                digital divide but also the cultural gap through
   rowing the digital divide by establishing and                implementing cultural exchange program in
   improving teaching equipments such as com-                   AEEP
   puters, screens, and so forth
                                                                   Based on these activities, operating ICT
Third, enhancing language education opportunities             Model School Network has contributed to expand-
for schools based on autonomous participation:                ing ICT Model School Network with quantitative
 • Resulting training programs for language edu-
   cation organized by teacher, students, and par-
   ents: Designing school-based training model for            growth of participating schools and participants
   English education using ICT software                       since 2005. At the same time, qualitative growth
 • Proceeding various language activities: Hold-              has come out by organizing various programs for
   ing English speech contest, English camp, play             future education like cultural exchange, experien-
   contest, and setting up English Zone in schools            tial learning, and sister school activities between
                                                              ICT Model School Network members.
Forth, promoting APEC ICT Model School Net-
work to connect with Edutainment Park through                   q APEC Future Education Forum
Implementing exchange program named ALCoB
Edutainment Exchange Program(AEEP) to devel-                       APEC Future Education Forum supported by
op them as ideal model schools for future educa-              the Research Committee consisting of education
tion:                                                         administrators, professors, researchers, and stu-
 • Supporting the actualization of Edutainment                dents is a place for carrying out the vision of ideal
  Park in ideal environment and conditions har-               future education and deliberating theoretical and
  monized with human value and technologies                   practical ways to materialize ideal school model
  based on mutual understanding through expe-                 through the APEC ICT Model School Network.
  riencing culture, arts, history, and social life be-             Inheriting the achievements of the 1st ~ 2nd

Forum, 3rd Forum was convened in Busan, Korea                  Park) as a practical outcome for ideal model for
in September with the presence of around 360 par-              future education since it had been discussed for the
ticipants from 13 economies. The 3 APEC Future                 past two years in the APEC Future Education Fo-
Education Forum was held for reviewing the                     rum. The ET Park is a place for realizing a practic-
progress activities implemented by the APEC Fu-                al model with integration tools including experien-
ture Education Consortium. (see, Appendix 4)                   tial learning with IT, community-based learning
     The theme of the 3 APEC Future Education                  for futuristic development as a holistic approach.
Forum is designing the Edutainment Park(ET

                              The 3 APEC Future Education Forum

• Date: September, 2007
• Venue: Korea, Busan
• Participants: 365 persons from 13 economies
• Theme: Designing the Edutainment Park for APEC Future Education
• Program Overview
  - Lectures: Methods for implementing an international cooperation for future education
  - Research Outcomes: Sharing project outcomes in implementing APEC ICT Model School
 - School Visit: Simulation class for ICT use in education and presentation done by teachers
   on cases of innovative teaching & learning activities
  - The 1 APEC Youth Forum

     With the participation from government sec-               in education for harmonizing technology and hu-
tor(Steering    Committee),       academic         sec-        man values. The participants also mentioned the
tor(Research    Committee)     and        school   sec-        importance of school based international coopera-
tor(teachers and students), all of participants deli-          tion like the APEC ICT Model School Network
berated ideas and opinions to go through interna-              and continuous and systematical support of gov-
tional cooperative activities at the session of Gen-           ernment.
eral Discussion. Through exchanging various
views, the discussants and the audiences agreed to                  In particular, for APEC youth, the Consor-
emphasize experience learning and mutual under-                tium convened the 1st APEC Youth Forum this
standing through educational and cultural ex-                  year to hear ideas and opinions from the Youth and
changes and strengthen international cooperation               facilitate their participation in the APEC activities

of member economies. Through this opportunity, it          2007, the Committee members discussed on work
provided a place for youths from APEC member               plan of Year 2008 with an emphasis on the 4th
economies to share the values about future educa-          APEC Education Ministerial Meeting (AEMM).
tion under the theme of ‘Future of APEC and                To promote more participation in the APEC Future
Youths’. (see, Appendix 5)                                 Education Consortium and ICT Model School
                                                           Network from members in Latin America includ-
  q APEC Future Education Report                           ing Per, which has not been familiar so far, and to
                                                           increase an interest on future education in the 4th
     APEC Future Education Report is a kind of             AEMM with government officials, researchers and
blue print for philosophy, vision, and practical           experts on educational policy, it is considered to
strategies for APEC future education through ga-           hold he 4th APEC Future Education Forum in Peru.
thering various view points and strategies on fu
ture education and sharing the outcomes with                    Particularly, with regard to ‘ICT and Systemic
member economies.                                          Reform’ as one of priority areas to discuss in the
                                                           4th AEMM, ICT Model School Network will ex-
     In 2007, 26 Research Committee members                pand its member schools through joining interna-
from 11 member economies contributed the re-               tional collaborative activities with ALCoB Com-
search outcomes on the projects of the Consortium.         munity (19 economies, around 2600 participants)
Those outcomes are classified into subjects like           to promote ICT use in education narrowing the
Edutainment Park(ET Park), ALCoB Edutainment               digital divide in the APEC region.
Exchange Program (AEEP) and ICT for Future
Education in the APEC region, E-learning and                    Lastly, as main outcome of the APEC Future
Experiential learning and so forth.                        Education Consortium, Edutainment Park will
                                                           proceed its first step to be realized in the APEC
     To share these academic outcomes from the             region under connection with APEC-based ex-
APEC Future Education Consortium and ICT                   change program called ALCoB Edutainment Ex-
Model School Network, the special edition of the           change Program (AEEP) under the support from
Asia-Pacific   Collaborative    education   Journal        APEC Education Foundation. Targeting K-12
(APCJ) was published including the materials and           school students, teachers and University students,
it will be shared with other member economies              the AEEP provides online and offline exchange
through online publication later. (see, Appendix 6)        activities for around 1 year aiming at holistic edu-
                                                           cation with experiential learning and technology,
Future Steps                                               knowledge and human value and so forth. More
     In the 6th Steering Committee Meeting in              detailed information will be distributed to member

      economies with specific program and number of                            geting K-12 school students,
      participants.                                                            teachers and University students in
      - May~2008      Recruiting new members in ICT                            member economies
                      MSN targeting 20~30 schools in the          - November~2008   Convening the 4th APEC
                      APEC region in 2008                                           Future Education Forum &
      - July~2008     Connecting ICT MSN activities to                              the 7th SC meeting in Peru
                      ALCoB community such as AIV,                                  (tentatively)
                      ALCoB International Conference,             - December~2008   Publishing 4th APEC Future
                      ALCoB Cooperative Projects                                    Education Forum Report
      - August~2008 Implementing the 1 ALCoB Edu-
                      tainment Exchange Program tar-

                          [Appendix 1] Growth of APEC ICT Model School Network


                                       71                                                            43,680

                 68                                                           37,364

                      2005                    2006                  2007                2008 (by March)

                                                                                           Num. of Schools
                                                                                           Num. of Participants
                                                                                           (teachers, students)

              [Appendix 2] Number of APEC ICT Model School Network (As of March, 2008)

                  KR    CN     CT     ID    JP      MX    MY      NZ   PH   PR     TH   VN   Total

 Elementary                                                                                   35
                  20    3       2     1     1        -        -   1    -       -   6    1
   School                                                                                    (△2)

   Middle                                                                                     37
                    2   3       2     7     2        3        1   1    10      1   2    3
   School                                                                                    (△10)

    High                                                                                      28
                  18    1       2     2     1        -        3   -    1       -   -    -
   School                                                                                    (△1)

Comprehensive                                                                                 12
                    -   1       -     1      -       1        1   -    1       1   6    -
   School                                                                                    (△2)

    Total         40    8       6     11    4        4        5   2    12      2   14   4

 KR: Korea, CN: China, CT: Chinese Taipei, ID: Indonesia, JP: Japan, MX: Mexico, MY: Malaysia,
NZ: New Zealand, PH: Philippines, PR: Peru, TH: Thailand, VN: Viet Nam

            [Appendix 3] Principal Activities of APEC ICT Model School Network

       Theme                                     Activities                        Related Photo

                        - Exchanging innovative ICT teaching materials
  Promoting ICT use     - Opening the exhibition for ICT use in education
     In Education       - Conducting ICT Simulation Class
                        - Complementing ICT facilities in schools

                        - Forming sisterhood schools among APEC ICT
                            Model School members
                        - Implementing on/offline exchange activities
   international ex-
                            between sister schools (e.g. Visit, E-mail, mes-
                            senger, etc)
                        - Opening volunteering student groups for

                           education activity with ALCoB

                          - English Daily Conversation Training initiated by
                           schools with participants of students, teachers,
 Fostering language        and parents
     education            - Offering various opportunities such as English
                           Camp, English Homepage, and Speech Con-
                           , language zone of APEC

Encouraging cultural      - Experiencing traditional cultural performance
exchange activities       - Visiting cultural heritage
toward Edutainment

       [Appendix 4] Program overview of the 3 APEC Future Education Forum

Session                                                  Title

Special      •APEC Future Education toward the Edutainment Park in the APEC Region (Ko-
Lecture          rea)
             •An effective combination between E-learning and Experiential learning     (Japan)
             •Edutainment in Class (Korea)
             •Reflective Study on the Feasibility of Experiential and E-learning (Brunei)
             •Current issues of educational informatization and blueprint of Edutainment Park
Ⅰ& Ⅱ
                 in Mexico (Mexico)
             •ALCoB Edutainment Exchange Program (AEEP) in Thailand (Thailand)

               •Korean Traditional Games (Korea)
               •Using Search Engine for Korean to English/Chinese translator (Singapore)
               •Classroom objects and proposition in English (Chinese Taipei)
               •Using simple information and communication technology(ICT) to enhance primary
                 English learning   (Malaysia)
               •Sharing Information via Internet Classroom (Malaysia)

                [Appendix 5] Activities of the 3 APEC Future Education Forum

     [Opening Remarks]                  [General Discussion]            [ICT Simulation Class]

         [Special Lecture]              [APEC Youth Forum]               [ALCoB Ceremony]

                 [Appendix 6] Main articles of APEC Future Education Report
 * Issued as a special edition of Asia-Pacific Collaborative education Journal (APCJ) in 2007

       Subject                                               Title
                           • APEC Future Education toward the Edutainment Park in the APEC
                           • Edutainment in Class (Korea)
 Edutainment Park          • An effective combination between E-learning and Experiential learning
 toward ideal model          (Japan)
for future education       • Reflective Study on the Feasibility of Experiential and E-learning (Bru-
                           • Current issues of educational informatization and blueprint of Edu-
                             tainment Park in Mexico (Mexico)
                           • A Procedural Model for Designing Ubiquitous-applied ALCoB Edu-
ALCoB Edutainment
                             tainment Exchange Program (AEEP)
Exchange Program
                           • ALCoB Edutainment Exchange Program (AEEP) in Thailand (Thail-


Jung-Chan Cha is Director General of Institute of APEC Collaborative Education, Korea
Email: gil392766@goiace.org
Seung-Jin Lee is General Manager of Institute of APEC Collaborative Education, Korea
Email: edupro@goiace.org