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					I   .   1S-        flitl;fc1JA       '-&-1\ ~.?6-1- .?fL"l 4I'I'C l~ 'I'C i +, lUlU '.9"                  FederalNegaritGazeta - No. 18 13thJanuary, 2004   Page   2531

                                                                                                              "Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
                    "f I!l-C =1"7.
                                                                                                     2. "Definitions
                                                                                                             In this Proclamation:
                                                                                                              Establishment (Amendment)
                                                                                                           11 "disaster" means the development of a
                        ~I     "1\y.;J"        "'11t:" f'+(J}"'~ f'~11~+"'11                                Proclamation No.
                                                                                                                situation wherein a segment of the
                               ht;:A        (J}~er         f'1\1'(-         1\1]110. ~tp6                   383/2004."
                                                                                                                community or the population of a
                               I1A7"'o.          f'+L'I'e          (J}~er "'f& ,..t. 7i                         locality cannot any longer meet the need
                                ":f.,e":f      erh1 J':"             f'er.,lIli         lb/to":f                for food and other basic necessities, due
                               ODlP~7'e                 t;:i\",,"'":f')           It"'1.0}.":"                  to unpredictable natural or man-made
                               lt~":fA        +C.,. OU(J}:"C 1\S:S:~ i\~                                        calamities, with its daily life thus falling,
                                +f&ft OOD          .(-~        J'1t lb/to":f lJCJ1,7                            into crisis which renders it unable to
                               ~ef&')         It. +'I'~        f''''1~ ":fAO:" tJ.~7                            survive without assistance from others;
                                ODh,..:" ~f&I                                                             2/ "assistance" include all measures taken to
                                                                                                                meet the need of the victims of disaster
                       II ""c J1,7" "'1It :,. f'1\y.;J ,..ltl1sP":f') f'er.,                                     for food and other basic necessities of
                            lIli      lb/to":f ODlP~~'l!                 f'~e       t;:i\-)"'~                   life;
                            Tf& ') "'1".2. :,. ~f&;                                                      3/ "assistance programme" includes the
                       rl "f't)CJ1,7Te.,"                  "'11t:" f''l,)"lIT           f'er              provision of financial aid, the supply and
                            .,lIli      lb/to":f It~e           1\ftLi\1. f'tr~             cfrll             distribution of food and other materials
                            cfr{t":f 1\~CflTli            FC6f.h:"')T             ')fJ.U f'oo                 necessary for a living, the availability of
                                              oot;C')T          f'm.lili f'+oolllm~                           clean drinking water, support in health and
                            m'l' f&"
                            er.,l1 .(-;Jt;:') li                 ') Y.      ')ftll :,. f' 0011                nutrients and the prevention of destruction
                            ,..1\- f''lm ~ ') l'                         "
                                                      " 6:"" hlJA ct :,. "'1J1,              ')')
                                                                                                              to rural wealth such as animals."
                                                                                                     2/ Sub-Article (2) of Article 3 of the Proclamation is
                            fm?Ai\A::             "                                                      deleted and replaced by the following new Sub-
           fl       f'1\tp~ 1\')+1\ r           ')().ft 1\')+1\ III +,..CJI O~                           Article (2):
                       h+ltf& 1\Jlft ')().ft 1\')+1\ III ++h:l:AI
                                                                                                         "2/ The Commission shall be accountable to the
    text               "II     11~7i~     +m6~oi: It.,lIClili        'lmC                                     Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
                               A"'1:" ~~fti;C     ~trliA::"                                                   Development. "
                                                                                                     3/ Sub-Article (1) of Article 5 of the Proclamation is
         rl          f'1\tp~ 1\')+1\ t ')().ft 1\')+1\ I~I +"'CJI
                                                                                                         deleted and Sub-Article (2) and (3) are
                       ')().ft 1\')+1\      III "li     Irl   ,,')
                                                                                                         renumbered as Sub-Article (1) and (2)
                       +h+i\Tf&        ')().ft 1\')+1\ I~I "li          III                              respectively.
                       tr~tpA::                                                                      4/ Sub-Article (2) of Article 6 of the Proclamation is
             fll      f'1\tp~ 1\')+1\ i ')().ft 1\')+1\ If I +"'CJI                                      deleted and Sub-Articles (3)-(12)               are
                       h')().ft 1\')+1\ Irl "fth 1111 f'+oolthoi::"                                      renumbered      as Sub-Articles (2)- (11)
                      ,,')     +h+i\Tf&      h')().ft 1\')+1\ III                                 respectively.
                                                                                                     5/ Article 8 of the Proclamation is deleted and
                      "fth II~I tr~'PAI                                                                  replaced by the following new Article 8:

        tl          f'1\«P~       1\')+1\       t    +"'CJI        O~h+ltf&             1\Jlft
                       1\')+1\ It I ++h:l:AI                                                               "8/ Members of the Committee
                                                                                                               Members of the Committee including the
                       "tl    rtJOt,.I:f& 1\11i\T                                                               chairperson shall be designated by the
                               tJ~ i; f& ,..1111  0.f&') "1.ere     000')"                                      Government, and their number shall be
                             F:"        f'~"'f'1JOe 1\11i\:" ~t;~7AI                                            determined as necessary."
                             cfr'l't.Tf&er ",)J1,ftLi\1.~oi: ~(J}"'liA::"
     \Ilii.?;f@!                                                                        Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 19 27tthJanuary, 2004...   Page   2534
1~                    lJ'..6-A   ~;J6:" ;J1f."I "''rC.   IV. 'rC It; +'J Ijin~   'UD

     I.    Tc~.                                                                        2. Definition
           nflU Jrttp~ ~f)'r:-                                                              In this Proclamation

             ~/    ""76hA"     "7,,:,.    nfj:C~  {1:" Jrt1.1~                                1) "Center"          means a rehabilitation center
                   (l1I~ ODIf~ ri'~;J1mn:"          "71~~SJD                                       at the          federal or regional levels to
                   ()~   i''/ ~(8      rD?.r1~n:"    n~F..~A                                       provide          rehabilitation services to any
                   m~SJD nhAA rD?**SJD "76hA ~~::                                                  persons          convicted of vagrancy;

             fi/ "7'1\. f)" ",,,:,.   r~F..~A=                             rhAA               2) "Police" means a Federal Regional or
                 m~SJD r Jrt-'tf) JrtnCJ hi'''7                            m~SJD                  Addis Ababa city or Dire Dawa city
                 r~~~tp     hi'''7 7'1\.f) ~~::                                                   police;

              r/     "11 7i1" "7,,:,. r~F..~A
                       D?                                                "7~D?f               3)  "Commission" means the Federal
                     {1-f:f 11D?7i1 "7,,:,. ~~::                                                 Prisons' Commission.
                                                                                       3.    Objective
     [.      'J~"7                                                                           The objective of this Proclamation is to
           rflU      Jrttp~       c}~"7       rJrt1.1~        (l1I~~:"      "OD~             contro I vagrancy crimes by bringing
           ~mC:     ,,~C~    ""7~~~~        "~Ct~~~                                          criminals to justice     and imposing
           i'OD~~~     ~~:,. "'-'tf17-                                                       punishment proportionate to their crimes
                                           n"7~~"? JrtSJD
           ~:f rt..,:f r~lf~n:"1       lJ.~~ "7OD:F~:"                                       and to create conditions for their
           ~~::                                                                              transformation    into law-abiding and
                                                                                             productive citizenry.
     fl.    1\1.1~ flll~ ~~
                                                                                       4.     Vagrancy
                        OD~6fi}. ih"? rn"m                                 ~fll:"             Unless it entails a heavier penalty under the
           nm1~"~                                                                             Penal Code, whosoever, being able-bodied,
           rD?ff)+~     t}AIf~ n+c=     F~                               "ODf)~:"
                                                                                              having no visible means of subsistence,
           Jrt~SJD "f"~     r~m+    ODi'                             rD?lf1              and
           10. "~Cj~~     ,,~
            /if      nJrt1.CJCJ~         m~SJD           nih1f~      ODm+D?f                   1) is found, in a public place or a public
                     Ffj:~  m~SJD "ih1f~     nD?~~     (I~                                        utility area or a place open to the
                     m~SJD "ih1f~     hfj::"    nlf~   (I~                                        public, betting or gambling or playing
                     n1111~  m~cr   nt\.~    cII"«f 'r~SJD                                        other unlawful similar games involving
                     ~CC~            m~SJD cII"7C m~SJD OD(}A                                     money or material benefits;
                     ih1m'r        £ ~ 6fi}.m:" ri'111
            fi/      ih;J«f      t,.~ ~ "~Cj ~~     r{llc ODU/tf                               2) is found to have in his possession a
                     r fll m~SJD f"n4:      SJDh1f:" "()~                                          firearm without lawful authorization or
                     m~SJD       1f)":"   "7'r4:f   rD? If 1                                       a dagger for attacking humans or
                     (J;b{1 m ~SJD f)"~SJD ODU/tf    to ~SJD                                       animals or a sharp-edged instrument or
                     t\.~   i'ODU/U/~      ODU/tf  nJrt1.CJCJ~-=                                   other similar instrument without good
                     nih1f~     OD(}~(}o.f    m~SJD OD1f~~                                         cause in a public place, a place for
                     (I~     m~SJD n:"SJDUc:"     {1:"    ~f)'r                                    public gathering or recreation or in or
                     m~SJD Jrtt}CJo. m~SJD nt\.~ n"7~~~SJD                                         around a school compound or in any
                     i'ODU/U/~ (I~ ~fI ri'111                                                      other similar place;
            r/       rCJ"{1rJ:1 mf,SJD rCJ"~fI~~1     m~SJD                                    3) is found in or upon a premise under
                     n1~~rJ:       ~~ r"7l11f OD~:" f"~1                                           private ownership or possession,
                     ()~    t,.:J- ~ "f1~    O"?A CJ"{1:"~:"                                       without the permission of its owner or
                     m~SJD ~fI~         f)C rD?1~    1~~:"                                         possessor or a person with authority on
                     ~f)'r    1~-f ri'111                                                          the property;
2.   ُ ጓ‫ה‬                           2. Definitions
                                       In this Proclamation, unless the context otherwise
     የ ִ ግ   ֶַ ُ ጉ‫ ו‬ካֶ‫ר‬ጠው   ‫ـ‬         requires:
      ዚֱ ዋጅ ው ጥ፡-
                                       1/   "modified organism'' means any biological
                                            entity which has been artificially synthesized,
     1/ “ָውጥ ׁያው” ‫ר ֳُד‬ው ‫ר‬     የֲ
                                            or in which the genetic material or the
        ወይ‫ ו‬ከֶַ ׁያው የ‫ـ‬ወ‫ר‬ደ ይ     ከ           expression of any of its traits has been
        ‫ ُע‬የ‫ـ‬ወ‫ר‬ደ ወይ‫ ו‬እ ደ ዲ የ‫אא ـ‬            changed by the introduction of any foreign
         ይ‫ـ‬ዋ ዘ‫ ָאנ‬ወይ‫ ֶַ ו‬ጥ‫ נ‬ገ               gene or any other chemical whether taken
         ֳ‫ـ‬ከ‫ ُ ــ‬የዘ‫ ٤ֹאנ‬ይዘً ወይ‫ו‬             from another organism, from a fossil
        የ ׁ ዩ ክ ‫ ُـ‬የ‫ֳـ‬ወጠ ُ ׁያው ው፤           organism or artificially synthesized;

      ÃNÇ êU                                                     nU¶T Uz¤È ±.œ.q.Ü * ¹þ1
      Unit Price                                                 Negarit G. P.O.Box 80001
gA   4¹þ9)%3   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^3   4 qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 63 9th September, 2009 …. page 4963

       2/ “እ   ‫ָ ֳُד ”ױ‬ውጥ ׁያው ‫א‬       ُ
          ወይ‫ُ ֱוֳُ ו‬፣ ֳ‫ ו ו‬፣ ֳ‫ُ ו‬፣ ወደ                     2/    "transaction'' means any making or use of any
           ገ ው ጥ ֳ‫ ד‬ገ ُ፣ ወደ ውጪ ֳ‫ֶא‬ክ፣                            modified organism in teaching, production,
           ُ  ዚُ ֳ‫ֳֶـ ד‬ፍ፣ ֳ‫ـ‬ጤ ָ ُ፣ ዝግ                           import, export, transit, release, contained
          ֳ‫ُנוד‬፣ ֳ‫ד‬ጓጓዝ፣ ֳገ ያ ֳ‫ נ ד‬፣ ֳ‫ר‬ው                         production, transport, placing on the market,
          ወይ‫ֳ ו‬እ      ‫א‬ድ٪ ُ ُ ֳ‫א‬ጠ ‫ו‬፣                            or use as pharmaceutical, as food, as feed or
          ֳ‫ו‬ግ ُ፣ ֳ‫ ُ א‬ወይ‫ֳ ו‬ፋ ‫ע‬ካ ጥ‫פ‬                              for processing;
          ዕ ُ ‫ד‬ዋָ ው፤

       3/ “‫א‬   ُ” ‫ ֳُד‬ዘ‫ א‬ዊ ጥ ׁይወُ                         3/    “making” means the development of a
          ָውጥ ׁያው እ ዲገ ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ግ ው፤                                  modified    organism through  modern
       4/ “ዝግ   ጠ   ‫ֳُד ”ו‬   ‫ר‬ው ወይ‫ו‬                       4/    “contained use” means any operation in
           እ ‫ ُ ר‬ጤ     ወይ‫ו‬    ካ   ֶይ                            which modified organisms are produced,
          የ‫ג‬ከ‫ ָـ‬ያָٍ ደ ‫ـ‬ፅዕ     ֳ‫א‬ከֶከָ                            grown, stored, destroyed or used in some
              ዊ   ጥ‫ נ‬ገ ዊ ከֳֶ ٍጥ‫נ‬ው                               other way including for teaching and research
            ֳ ָጣ    ወጣው ‫ـ‬ገ ው ‫עאא‬ያ                               isolated by physical and chemical barriers in
          ከ‫ـ‬ፈ ደው ፋُ ָ ֳጠ ٍ ‫ـ‬ወ ው                                 space not exceeding the requirement stated in
          ָውጥ ׁያዋ     እ ዲ‫סר‬፣ እ ዲያድጉ፣                            the appropriate directive issued by the
          እ ዲከ‫٠ד‬፣ እ ዲወገዱ ወይ‫-ُ ֱוُ ו‬                             Authority with a view to effectively
              ‫ו ו‬   ጨ‫ א ֶַ ֲ צו‬ገድ                               preventing their contact with, and their
           ጥ ‫ֶ ו‬ይ እ ዲውִ ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ግ ው፤                                 unintended impact on, human, animals and
                                                                the external environment;
       5/ “የ‫ـ‬ጤ ָ ُ” ‫ ֳُד‬ከግ ዛ   ‫ א‬ጨ                        5/    “deliberate release” means any introduction
           ‫ָ ُנטא ُ וו‬ውጥ ׁያው     ֳ                              into the environment of a modified organism
          ግድ፣ ֳ‫ו‬ግ ፣ ֳእ ዳٍ ‫ו‬ግ ፣ ካ                                based on an advance informed agreement and
          ֳ‫ד‬ፅዳُ፣ ֳ‫עדـ ד‬ያ ُ፣ ֳ‫ ו ו‬፣                              includes, inter alia, any use in commerce,
          ֳ‫ـ א‬ዋُ ُ፣ ֳው ው ጥ       ٍ፣                             food, aid food, remediation, teaching,
          ֳእ   ُ ‫ א‬፣ ֳ‫ר‬ው ወይ‫ֳ ו‬እ   ُ                             research, greenhouses, aqua-culture, animal
          ֱክ‫ ו‬ወይ‫ ֳֶַ ו‬ጥ ‫א ו‬ዋָ ወደ                                feed or other inputs for animals, medicines
           ካ     ዲዳ‫ד נ‬ድ‫נ‬ግ ው፤                                    for humans or animals, or disposal;

       6/ “ከግ ዛ የ‫ א‬ጨ ‫ ֳُד ”ُ וו‬ዚֱ                         6/    “advance informed agreement” means a
           ዋጅ ‫ ُנטא‬እ ድ እ    ‫ ױ‬እ ዲ                               written consent granted by the Authority for
          ‫ـ‬ገ    ከ ֳ ָጣ የ‫רג‬ጥ የ ዎ ٍ                               the undertaking of a transaction in
          ጽֽፍ ው፤                                                accordance with this Proclamation;

       7/ “ֳገ ያ ‫ָ ֳُד ” נ ד‬ውጥ ׁያው                         7/    “placing on the market” means obtaining an
          ֳ‫ـ‬ጤ ָ ُ ֳ‫ד‬ዋָ ከግ ዛ የ‫ א‬ጨ                                advance informed agreement for deliberate
           ‫ُ וו‬    ከ‫ִ ـ‬    ֶ  እ ዳٍ                              release and making available to third parties a
          ‫ו‬ግ ُ ‫ א‬ጠُ ጨ‫ ـ ׳ֳ צו‬ወገ                                 modified organism for any use by selling,
             ያጭ፣   ጦٍ ወይ‫ א ֶַ ו‬ገድ                               giving away or in any other way, and
          ‫ֳֶـ ד‬ፍ ው፤                                             includes giving as aid food;

       8/ “‫ ֱד‬ዊ    ኮ ‫ג‬ያዊ ‫ـ‬ፅዕ ” ‫ֳُד‬
          ከ‫ ד‬ው‫ ו‬እ      ‫ױ‬    ጥٍ ወይ‫ו‬                        8/    “socio-economic impact” means any direct or
           ‫ـ‬ዘዋዋ‫ א ע‬ገድ የ ገ     ኮ ‫ג‬                               indirect adverse effect that results from a
          ጨ‫צו‬   ‫ ֱד ٤ רנ ׁד‬ዊ ወይ‫ו‬                                transaction on the social or cultural
           ֶׁዊ   ٍዎ٤፣ የ ‫ُנטא צ‬፣                                 conditions, the livelihood or indigenous
          ዕው ُ ወይ‫ ו‬ጥ      ֶይ የ‫ג‬ደ                                knowledge systems or technologies of a local
           ִٍዊ ውጤُ ው፤                                           community, including on the economy of the
gA    4¹þ9)%4 ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^3   4 qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 63 9th September, 2009 …. page 4964

      9/ “ጠ ” ‫ ֳُד‬ከየُ ው‫ ו‬እ    ‫ױ‬                          9/    “risk” means direct or indirect, short,
         ጥٍ ወይ‫ـ ו‬ዘዋዋ‫ א ע‬ገድ፣   ጭ ፣                              medium or long-term danger that may befall
          ‫א‬ካከֳ   ወይ‫ו‬   ‫נ‬ጅ‫ ו‬ጊዜ   ‫ר‬ው                             human or animal health, biological diversity,
         ወይ‫ ו‬እ     ጤ ፣   ዝּ ׁይወُ፣                              the environment, socio-economic or cultural
           ካ ፣ ‫ ֱד ٤ רנ ֱד‬ዊ፣    ኮ                              conditions of local communities or the
         ‫ג‬ያዊ ወይ‫ו‬     ֱֶዊ   ٍ፣ ወይ‫ו‬                              economic condition of the country from any
           ገ‫ّע‬  ኮ ‫ג‬፣ ֶይ ֵከ‫ ָـ‬የ‫ָ٤ג‬
          ደጋ ው፤
                                                         10/ “Protocol” means the Cartagena Protocol on
      0/ “ፕ‫ِצ‬ኮָ”     ‫ֳُד‬    ዋጅ   ጥ                           Biosafety to the Convention on Biological
         3)%2/09)(5 የፀደ ው የ ዝּ ׁይወُ                          Diversity ratified by Proclamation No.
         ኮ ،      የካ ٍኼ የደׁ ‫ׁ ـ‬ይወُ                           362/2003;
         ፕ‫ِצ‬ኮָ ው፤

     01/   “ ָጣ ያֳው ‫ ׀‬ዊ ‫ע א‬ያ ُ”                          11/     “competent national authority” means the
           ‫ ֳُד‬ፕ‫ِצ‬ኮִ ከ    ጽ 7 እ ከ 02                           institution of a country of export of any
           የ‫ـ‬ዘ‫נ‬ዘ‫ُס‬  ‫ـ‬ግ ُ እ ዲያ ፈፅ‫ו‬                              modified organism designated by the
           ָውጥ ׁያው ወደ   ُዮጵያ ከ‫ֶג‬ክ ُ                            government of that exporting country to carry
            ገ ‫ א‬ግ ُ   ָጣ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ‫ו ـ‬                             out the functions stipulated under Articles 7
            ው፤                                                 to 12 of the Protocol;

     02/   “ ֳ ָጣ ”    ‫ֳُד‬  ዋጅ    ጥ                      12/ “Authority” means the Environmental
           2)(5/09)(5 የ‫א ـ‬ው  የ ُዮጵያ                          Protection Authority of the Federal
           ፌዴ ֶዊ ዲ‫ז‬ክ ‫ת‬ያዊ ‫ע‬ፐ ֵክ የ ካ                           Democratic Republic of Ethiopia established
           ጥ     ֳ ָጣ   ው፤                                   pursuant to Proclamation No. 295/2002;

     03/   “ ָጣ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ፈ ድ ‫ר‬ጪ ‫ע א‬ያ
                                                         13/ “competent licensing agency” means any
            ُ” ‫ ֳُד‬የ ግድ ወይ‫ ו‬የ  ፈ ድ
                                                             organ of government empowered by law to
           እ ዲ‫ר‬ጥ ֱግ   ָጣ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ‫ד‬                             issue a business license or a work permit;
           ው‫ ו‬የ‫ א‬ግ ُ ካָ ው፤

     04/   “‫ ـ‬ጣጣ‫ ֳُד ”ע‬ይֱ ዋጅ    ዋጁ                       14/ “inspector” means a person appointed
           ‫ ُנטא‬የወጡ ደ ٤     ‫עאא‬ያዎ٤                           pursuant the directives issued by the
           ‫א‬ከ ْው    ֳ‫נד‬ጋገጥ የፍ‫ـ‬  ֶַ                           Authority to undertake examination and any
           የ ጥጥ እ ‫ו‬ጃ እ ዲወ ድ ֳ ָጣ                             other control measures to ensure compliance
            ‫ג‬ያወጣው ‫עאא‬ያ ‫ ُנטא‬የ‫א ـ‬                             with this Proclamation and with regulations
           ‫ר‬ው ው፤                                             and directives issued hereunder;
                                                         15/ “national biosafety clearing-house” means a
     05/   “ ‫ ׀‬ዊ የደֱ ‫ׁ ـ‬ይወُ የ‫נא‬ጃ                             system of acquisition and management of,
              ዓُ” ‫ֳُד‬  ፕ‫ِצ‬ኮִ    ፅ !                          and access to, information established by the
           ‫ُנטא‬    ֳָውጥ ֱያዋ  የ‫ג‬ዘግ                            Authority based on Article 20 of the Protocol
            ይ ዊ፣ ጥ ዊ፣ ካ ያዊ ׁግ ክ                              in order to facilitate the exchange of
           ‫נא‬ጃዎ٤    የָውጥ ֱያዋ   ያያዝ                           scientific, technical, environmental and legal
            ‫ֳאג‬ከُ የָ‫ו‬ድ ָውውጥ ֳ‫ ד‬ገ ُ                           information and experience with modified
             ֳ ָጣ የ‫ـ‬ዘ‫נ‬ጋ   ዓُ ው፤                              organisms;
                                                         16/ “region” means any regional state referred to
     06/   “ክָָ” ‫ֳُד‬     ُዮጵያ ፌዴ ֶዊ
                                                             in Article 47 of the Constitution of the
           ዲ‫ז‬ክ ‫ת‬ያዊ ‫ע‬ፐ ֵክ ׁገ ‫ א‬ግ ُ                            Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and
              ጽ #7 የ‫ֳאـ‬ከ‫ـ‬ው ‫ ד‬ው‫ ו‬ክָָ                          includes the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city
           ‫ ֲת‬የ ዲ       እ የድ‫פ‬ዳዋ የከ‫דـ‬                         administrations;
             ‫ـ‬ዳደ‫ ٤צ‬ይጨ‫ָ ו‬፤
gA   4¹þ9)%5    ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^3   4 qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 63 9th September, 2009 …. page 4965

     07/       “ ‫ָא‬ካ٤”   ‫ֳُד‬   የ‫ג‬ጠይ ው                      17/     “applicant” means any person who submits
               እ    ‫דֳ ױ‬ካְድ ከግ ዛ   የ‫ א‬ጨ                          an application to the Authority seeking an
                ‫ُ וו‬   እ ዲ‫ר‬ጠው   ֳ ֳ ָጣ                           advance informed agreement to engage in a
               ያ‫ֳא‬ከ‫ר ـ‬ው ው፤                                       transaction;

     08/       “ፈ ድ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ‫ר‬ው” ‫ ֳُד‬ከግ ዛ                     18/    “authorized person” means any person who has
               የ‫ א‬ጨ ‫ ُ וו‬ከ ֳ ָጣ የ‫רـ‬ጠው                            been given an advance informed agreement by the
               ‫ר‬ው ው፤                                             Authority;

      09/ “‫ר‬ው” ‫ ֳُד‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ר צ‬ው ወይ‫ׁ ו‬ግ                         19/ “person” means a natural or juridical person;
          የ‫ר‬ው ُ ‫ ُ א‬የ‫רـ‬ጠው ካָ ው፤

     !/        ‫ ד‬ው‫ ו‬ወ ድ ጾٍ የ‫ـ‬ገֳጸው               ጋገ         20/ any expression in the masculine gender
               ‫ ו ُױ‬ይጨ‫ָ ו‬፡፡                                    includes the feminine.
gA   4ሺ4)&2   ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R @3 የካቲት 5 qN 2ሺ1 ›.M    Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 23   12th February, 2009 …. page   4472

2. ƒ`ÕT@                                                 2. Definitions           Civil Aviation
     ¾nK< ›Ñvw K?L ƒ`Ñ<U ¾T>ÁcÖ¨< "MJ’
                                                                                  Proclamation No 616/2008”.
                                                             In this Proclamation, unless the context otherwise
     ue}k` u²=I ›ªÏ ¨<eØ&                                    requires:

     1/ &›ÅÒ& TKƒ ›”É c¨< u›¨<aፕL” KS                        1/    “accident” means an occurrence associated with
        H@É uTcw u›¨<aፕL” Ÿ}dð[uƒ Ñ>²?                             the operation of an aircraft, which takes place
        ËUa eŸT>¨`ድuƒ É[e vK¨< Ñ>²?                               between the time any person boards the aircraft
        ¨<eØ Ÿ›¨<aፕL’< ”penc? Ò` Ó”–<’ƒ                           with the intention of flight until the time such
        ÁK¨< J•'                                                   person has disembarked, in which:

         G( u}ðØa U¡”Áƒ' u^c< ¨ÃU uK?KA‹                           a)    the person is injured as a result of:
            c−‹ É`Ñ>ƒ U¡”Áƒ ¨ÃU KS”ÑÅ™‹
            ¨ÃU K›¨<aፕL” W^}™‹ ŸT>Ñv¨< x
            ¨<ß uÉwp c=Õ´ ከT>Å`euƒ Ñ<ǃ

              (1) u›¨<aፕL’< ¨<eØ uSJ’<
                                                                        (1) being in the aircraft;
              (2) Ÿ›¨<aፕL’< ›"M ¨ÃU ከ›¨aፕL’<
                  ከ}Ñ’ÖK< ›"Lƒ Ò` uk؁ uS’"                             (2) detached from the aircraft, or
                  "~' ¨ÃU

              (3) K˃ õ”ǁ uk؁ uSÒKÖ<'                                 (3) direct exposure to jet blast;

              ¾T>ÁÒØS¨< Ñ<ǃ'                                           except when the injuries are from natural causes,
                                                                        self inflicted or inflicted by other persons, or when
                                                                        the injuries are to stowaways hiding outside the
         K( uV}\ "¨<K=”Óe ¨ÃU ›v] ¡õKA‡ Là                              areas normally available to passengers and crew;
            ከT>¨c” ¾V}` wMiƒ ¨ÃU u}iŸ`"]
            ›"K<' u›”‚“¨<' uÔT¨< ¨ÃU uõ_’<                         (b) the aircraft sustains damage or structural
            Là ከT>Å`c wMiƒ ¨ÃU u¨<ß ›"K<                               failure which:
            Là ከT>Å`c< ƒ””i kÇÇ−‹ ¨ÃU
            e”Øq‹ ue}k` ¾›¨<aፕL’<”'
                                                                        (1)     adversely     affects the structural
              (1) ›"L© Ø”"_ ¨ÃU ¾u[^ wnƒ                                        strength or performance of       the
                  ¾T>Ád×' “                                                    aircraft; and

                                                                        (2)     would normally require major repair or
              (2) ¾}ÑAǨ< ¡õM ŸvÉ ØÑ“ ”Ç=                                      replacement of the affected component,
                  Å[ÓKƒ ¨ÃU ”Ç=K¨Ø ¾T>Áe                                       except for engine failure or damage, when
                  ÑÉÉ'                                                          the damage is limited to the engine, its
              የAውሮፕL” SÔǃ ¨ÃU SuLgƒ'                                           cowlings or accessories or for damage
              ¨ÃU                                                               limited to propellers, wing tips, antennas,
                                                                                tires or brakes failings or small dents or
                                                                                puncture holes in the aircraft skin; or
         N( ¾›¨<aፕL” SØóƒ              ¨ÃU     Ú`f
            ¾TÃÅ[euƒ SJ”'                                                c) the aircraft is missing or is completely
            ’¨<&                                                            inaccessible.

     2/ &›?`ÁM Y^& TKƒ ›”É” ›¨<aፕL”                          2/    “aerial work” means an aircraft operation in which
        ”Å `h' Ó”v' ö„ T”dƒ' p¾d'                               an aircraft is used for specialized services such as
        p˜ƒ' ðMÔ TÇ”' ¾›?`ÁM Te¨mÁ“                               agriculture, construction, photography, surveying,
        uSdcK< M¿ ›ÑMÓKA„‹ Là ¾T>ÁሰT^                              observation and patrol, search and rescue or aerial
        ¾›¨<aፕL” *ፕ_i” ’¨<&                                        advertisement;
gA 4ሺ4)&3      ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R @3 የካቲት 5 qN 2ሺ1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 23   12th February, 2009 …. page   4473

                                                             3/    “aerodrome” means an area of land or water
        3/ &›¨<aፕL” T[òÁ& TKƒ uS_ƒU J’                             intended to be used wholly or in part for the
           u¨<H Là uŸòMU J’ uS<K< K›¨<aፕL”                         landing, take-off, movement or servicing of
           T[òÁ' S’h' S”kdkh ¨ÃU SÑMÑÁ                             aircraft and includes buildings, installations and
           ¾}ŸKK x c=J” u²=G< ¡MM ¨<eØ“                           equipment on or adjacent to such area used for
           u›ªd–< K’²=G< }Óva‹ ¾T>¨<K< Q”é                         these purposes;
           −‹”' }sV‹”“ SX]Á−‹” ÃÚU
           ^M&                                               4/    “air carrier” means an air operator that engages in
                                                                   the provision of transportation services by aircraft
        4/   &¾›¾` ›ÕÕ»& TKƒ uSÅu— ¨ÃU
                                                                   for remuneration or hire, whether directly or
             u‰`}` uk؁ ¨ÃU k؁ vMJ’ Ÿ=^Ã
                                                                   indirectly by lease or other arrangements, on
             ¨ÃU uK?KA‹ eUU’„‹ u›¨<aፕL”
                                                                   schedule or charter basis;
             ¾ƒ^”eþ`ƒ ›ÑMÓKA„‹” u¡õÁ ¨ÃU
             uŸ=^Ã KSeÖƒ ¾}cT^ ¾›¾` *ፕ_}`
                                                             5/    “aircraft” means any vehicle that can derive
                                                                   support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the
        5/ &›¨<aፕL”& TKƒ uÖð` ¨<eØ u›¾`
           KS”dðõ ¾T>Áe‹K¨<” ÉÒõ ŸS_~                              air other than the reactions of the air against the
           Ñê dÃJ”' Ÿ›¾\ G<’@ ¾T>Áј T”—                         earth's surface;
           ¨<U u^] SX]Á ’¨<&
                                                             6/      “aircraft engine” means any engine used, or
        6/ &¾›¨<aፕL” V}`& TKƒ uØpU Là                              intended to be used, for propulsion of aircraft and
           ¾ªK ¨ÃU K=¨<M ¾cu ¾›¨<aፕL’<                            includes all parts, appurtenances and accessories
           T”kdkh V}`“ T“†¨<U ¾²=G< ¡õM“                           thereof other than propellers;
           ›"M c=J” ¨<MwMu=ƒ” ›ÃÚU`U&
                                                             7/    “aircraft operator” means any person engaged in
        7/ &¾›¨<aፕL” *ø_}`& TKƒ u›¨<aፕL”                           an aircraft operation;
           *ፕ_i” ¾}cT^ T”—¨<U c¨< ’¨<&
                                                             8/    “air navigation” means the operation of guiding an
        8/ &የAየር “y=Ñ@i”& TKƒ ›¨<aፕL”” Ÿ›”É                        aircraft from one place to another, and includes the
           x ¨Å K?L x SU^ƒ c=J”' ›¨<a                            fixing of the position of an aircraft;
           ፕL’< u›¾` Là vK Ñ>²? ƒ¡¡K— x¨<”
           ¾T¨p }Óv`” ÃÚU^M&
                                                             9/    “air navigation facility” means any area, lights,
        9/ &¾›¾` “y=Ñ@i” SÑMÑÁ& TKƒ ›¨<ሮፕL”                        apparatus or equipment for disseminating weather
           c=u`' c=Á`õ ¨ÃU c=’d KSq×Ö`                             information, signaling, radio directional finding,
           ¾T>ÁÑKÓM     T”—¨<U   x'  ¾w`H”                        radio communication or any other facility for
           SX]Á' ¾›¾` G<’@ S[Í Tc^Ý'                              guiding or controlling flight in the air or the
           ¾c=Ó“M' ¾›p×Ý SðKÑ>Á ¨ÃU ¾_Ç=Ä                          landing and take-off of aircraft;
           SÑ“— SX]Á ¨ÃU T”—¨<U K?L
           SÑMÑÁ ’¨<&
                                                             10/ ''air route” means the airspace designated by the
   0/        &¾u[^ SeS`& TKƒ uvKYM×’< K›¾`                       Authority for air navigation;
             “y=Ñ@i” ¾}SÅu ¾›¾` ¡MM ’¨<&
                                                             11/     "air service" means an air transport service or an
   01/       &¾›¾` ›ÑMÓKAƒ& TKƒ uSÅu—’ƒU J’                          aerial work service, whether regular or casual;
             ›Mö ›Mö ¾T>cØ ¾›¾` ƒ^”eþ`ƒ
             ¨ÃU ¾›?`ÁM Y^ ›ÑMÓKAƒ ’¨<&
                                                             12/     “air traffic control service” means provision of
   02/       &¾›¾` ƒ^ò¡ lØØ` ›ÑMÓKAƒ& TKƒ
                                                                     service to prevent collisions between aircrafts or
             ›¨<aፕL” Ÿ›¨<aፕL” ¨ÃU Ÿ›Å“nò                             with obstructions, and for expediting and
             ’Ñ` Ò` Ó߃ ”ÇÃÅ`euƒ“ ¾›¾`
                                                                     maintaining of an orderly flow of air traffic;
             ƒ^ò¡ ”penc? uT>Ñv ”Ç="H@É“
             ”Ç=Öup ¾TÉ[Ó ›ÑMÓKAƒ ’¨<&
gA 4ሺ4)&4        ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R @3 የካቲት 5 qN 2ሺ1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 23   12th February, 2009 …. page   4474

   03/      &Ku[^ wl SJ”& TKƒ uvKYM×’< u}                       13/    “airworthiness” means the ability of an aircraft,
            ¨c’¨< SW[ƒ ›”É ›¨<aፕL” Ÿ›eðLÑ>                             with all its necessary components and
            ›"L© ¡õKA‡“ }Ñ×T> °n−‡ Ò` }Ó                               accessories, to perform its function satisfactorily
            v\” uum G<’@ TŸ“¨” S‰M ’¨<&                               as determined by the Authority;

   04/      &›ፕK=Á”e& TKƒ uu[^ Là LK ›¨<aፕL”                   14/     ''appliances'' means instruments, equipment,
            “y=Ñ@i”' *ø_i” ¨ÃU lØØ` ¾T>ÁÑKÓK<                          apparatus, parts or accessories which are used or
            ¨ÃU KTÑMÑM ¾kÆ SX]Á−‹' °n−‹'                              intended to be used, in the navigation, operation
            SÑMÑÁ−‹' ¾›¨<aýL” ¡õKA‹ ¨ÃU }Ñ
            ×T> ›"Lƒ c=J’<' û^g<„‹”“ ¾›¨<aýL’<'                        or control of aircraft in flight including
            ¾V}a‡ ¨ÃU ¾¨<MwK=u=„‡ ¡õKA‹ ÁMJ’<                          parachutes and communication equipment and
            uu[^ ¨pƒ Ÿ›¨<aýL’< Ò` ¾}ÑÖS< ¨ÃU                           any other mechanism installed in or attached to
            ¾}ÁÁ²< ¾SÑ“— SX]Á−‹”“ K?KA‹ Y`                             aircraft during flight, and which are not parts of
            ¯„‹” ÃÚU ^M&                                               aircraft, aircraft engines or propellers;
   05/       ¾}k’c ´p}— ¾Ÿõ SKÁÁ ¾›¾` ¡MM$
            TKƒ ukד¨< ¾›¾` “y=Ñ@i” eUU’ƒ SW
                                                               15/     “reduced vertical separation minimum airspace”
                                                                       means airspace where, based on regional air
            [ƒ u›¨<aፕL•‹ S"ŸM ¾3) T@ƒ` ¨ÃU
            የ1ሺ ÝT SKÁÁ }Óv^© ¾J’uƒ ¾›¾`
                                                                       navigation agreement, a vertical separation
            ¡MM ’¨<::                                                  minimum of 300 meter or 1000 feet applies ;

   06/      &¾›y=Âi” vKS<Á& TKƒ ¾c=y=M ›y=Â                    16/     “aviation personnel” means any individual who
            i”” *ፕ_i” ¨ÃU ¾‚¡’>¡ }Óv` ¾T>Á                             carries out a civil aviation operational or
            Ÿ“¨<” T”—¨<U ÓKcw c=J”'                                    technical function and includes:

            G( u›³» ûÃKƒ’ƒ' uûÃKƒ’ƒ' uS"                               a)    any individual who engages as pilot in
               ’>¡’ƒ ¨ÃU uu[^ W^}™‹ ›vM’ƒ                                    command, pilot, mechanic or member of the
               ¾T>W^ ¨ÃU ›¨<aፕL’<” uu[^ Là                                   crew, or who navigates an aircraft while the
               ÁK ¾T>S^ T”—¨<”U c¨<&                                        aircraft is underway;

            K(    u›¨<aፕL”' u›¨<aፕL” V}a‹ ¨ÃU                          b) any individual in charge of the inspection or
                 ¨<MwMu=„‹ ¨ÃU ›ፕK=Á”f‹ ¾‚¡’>¡                            maintenance of aircraft, aircraft engines or
                 lØØ` ¨ÃU ØÑ“ }Óv` Là uLò’ƒ                              propellers or appliances; or
                 ¾T>c^ T”—¨<”U c¨<' ¨ÃU

            N( uu[^ }q××]’ƒ' ¾›¾` ƒ^ò¡                                 c)    any individual who serves in the capacity of
               }q××] ¨ÃU u›¨<aፕL” Ç=eû†`                                     flight controller, air traffic controller or
               S¢””’ƒ ¾T>c^ T”—¨<”U c¨<'                                     aircraft dispatcher officer;

                                                               17/     “civil aireraft” means aircraft other than state
   07/      &c=y=M ›¨<aፕL”& TKƒ T”—¨<U ¾S”                             aircraft;
            Óeƒ ÁMJ’ K?L ›¨<aፕL” ’¨<&

   08/      &¾”ÓÉ  u[^&   ¨ÃU   &¾”ÓÉ   ›¾`                    18/     “commercial flight” or “Commercial air
            ƒ^”eþ`ƒ& TKƒ S”ÑÅ™‹”' ß’ƒ”                                 transport” means an aircraft operation involving
            ¨ÃU þe” u¡õÁ ¨ÃU uŸ=^à                                    the transport of passengers, cargo or mail for
            ¾T>ÁSLMe ¾›¨<aፕL” *ø_i” ’¨<&                               remuneration or hire;

   09/      &¾u[^ ›vM& TKƒ uu[^ Là vK ›¨<a                     19/     “crew member” means a person assigned by the
            ፕL” ¨<eØ ¾}¨c’< }Óva‹” ”Ç=                                operator to perform specific duties in aircraft in
            ÁŸ“¨<” u*ፕ_}\ ¾}SÅu c¨< ’¨<&                               flight;

   !/       &›ÅÑ— ¡MM& TKƒ u›”É u}¨c’ ¾›¾`                     20/     “danger area” means an airspace of defined
            ¡MM“ ¾}¨c’ Ñ>²? ¨<eØ K›¨<aፕL”                              dimensions within which activities dangerous to
            u[^ ›ÅÑ— ¾J’< ”penc?−‹ ¾T>"H@                             the flight of aircraft may exist at specified times;
            Æuƒ ›"vu= ’¨<&
gA 4ሺ4)&5     ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R @3 የካቲት 5 qN 2ሺ1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 23   12th February, 2009 …. page   4475

   !1/      &›ÅÑ— °n& TKƒ u›¾` uT>ÕÕ´uƒ                      21/     “dangerous goods” means goods capable of
            ¨pƒ KÖ?“' Ku[^ ÅI”’ƒ ¨ÃU                                posing risk to health, safety or property when
            K”w[ƒ ›eÑ> G<’@” ¾T>ðØ` T”—¨<U                         transported by air;
            °n ’¨<&

   !2/      &¾GÑ` ¨<eØ ¾›¾` ƒ^”eþ`ƒ& TKƒ                    22/ “domestic air transportation” means transportation
            u›=ƒÄåÁ ¨<eØ vK< x−‹ SHŸM                           by air carried out between places in Ethiopia;
            ¾T>Ÿ“¨” ¾›¾` TSLKe }Óv` ’¨<&
                                                             23/ “Ethiopian aircraft” means any aircraft registered
   !3/      &¾›=ƒÄåÁ ›¨<a–L”& TKƒ u›=ƒÄåÁ                         in Ethiopia;
            ¾}S²Ñu T”—¨<U ›¨<a–L” ’¨<&
                                                             24/ “flight crew member” means licensed crew
   !4/      &¾u[^ W^}™‹ ›vM& TKƒ uu[^                            member charged with duties essential to the
            ¨pƒ K›¨<a–L” u[^ Y^ }ðLÑ> uJ’<
                                                                 operation of an aircraft during a flight duty
            }Óva‹ LÃ ¾}SÅu ðnÉ ÁK¨< ¾u[^
            W^}— ’¨<&                                            period;

   !5/      &¾u[^ ¨pƒ& TKƒ ›”É ¾u[^ W^}                      25/ “flight duty period” means the total time from the
            ™‹ ›vM Y^¨<” ŸT>ËU`uƒ Ñ>²? ËUa                        moment a flight crewmember commences duty
            ›”É” u[^ ¨ÃU }ŸÃ u[^−‡”                             to the moment the he is relieved of all duties
            ›Ö“pq ŸG<K<U }Óva‹ ’í eŸT>J”uƒ                       having completed such flight or series of flights;
            ÁK¨< Ñ>²? ’¨<&

   !6/      &¾¨<ß ›Ñ` ›¨<aፕL”& TKƒ u›=ƒÄåÁ                  26/        “foreign aircraft” means any aircraft not
            ¨<eØ ÁM}S²Ñu T”—¨<U ›¨<aፕL”                             registered in Ethiopia;

   !7/      &¾¨<ß ›Ñ` ›¾` ›ÕÕ»& TKƒ u›=ƒÄ                   27/      “foreign air carrier” means an air carrier, not
            åÁ Ó³ƒ ¨ÃU ¾›¾` ¡MM ¨<eØ u”ÓÉ                           being an Ethiopian air operator engaged in
            ›¾` ƒ^”eþ`ƒ }Óv` LÃ ¾}cT^                               commercial air transport operations within the
            ›=ƒÄåÁ© ÁMJ’ ¾›¾` ›ÕÕ» ’¨<&                             borders or airspace of Ethiopia;

   !8/      &ÖpLL ¾›y=Âi” ›ÑMÓKAƒ& TKƒ u¡õÁ
            ¨ÃU uŸ=^à ከT>cØ SÅu—“ SÅu—                      28/ “general aviation services” means all civil aviation
            "MJ’ ¾›¾` ƒ^”eþ`ƒ *ø_i” ¨<Ü                          operations other than scheduled air services and
            ÁK ¾c=y=M ›y=Âi” ›ÑMÓKAƒ ’¨<&                        non-scheduled air transport operations for
                                                                 remuneration and hire;

   !9/      &uu[^ LÃ& TKƒ S”ÑÅ™‹ Ÿ}dð\                      29/     “in flight” means at any time from the moment
            u%EL ¾›¨<aፕL’< ¾¨<ß ua‹ ከT>²Ñ<uƒ                        when the external doors of an aircraft are closed
            Ñ>²? ËUa ua‡ S”ÑÅ™‡” KT^Ñõ                              following embarkation until the moment when
            eŸT>Ÿð~uƒ É[e ÁK Ñ>²? ’¨<& vM}                         any such door is opened for disembarkation;
            Öuk G<’@ KT[õ uT>ÑÅÉuƒ Ñ>²? Ó”                         in the case of forced landing, the flight shall be
            ¾T>SKŸ†¨< vKYMדƒ K›¨<aፕL’<“                           deemed to continue until the competent
            u›¨<aፕL’< ¨<eØ LK< c−‹“ ”w[ƒ                            authorities take over responsibility for the
            Lò’ƒ eŸ T>¨eÆuƒ Ñ>²? É[e u[^¨<                        aircraft and for the persons and property aboard;
            ”ÅkÖK ÃqÖ^M&

   "/       &›KU ›kõ ›¾` ƒ^”eþ`ƒ& TKƒ                       30/     “international    air    transportation”   means
            Ÿ}¨c’ ¾›=ƒÄåÁ x ¨Å }¨c’ ¾¨<ß                           transportation by air between a place in Ethiopia
            ›Ñ` x ¨ÃU Ÿ›=ƒÄåÁ }’e„ u¨<ß                            and a place outside thereof, or from and to a
            HÑ` uT[õ ¨Å ›=ƒÄåÁ ¾T>Å[Ó ¾›¾`
                                                                    place in Ethiopia with a stopping outside
            ƒ^”eþ`ƒ ’¨<&
gA    4ሺ4)&6    ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R @3 የካቲት 5 qN 2ሺ1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 23   12th February, 2009 …. page   4476

     "1/   &›³» ûÃKƒ& TKƒ ›¨<aፕL’< uu[^                       31/     “pilot-in-command” means the pilot responsible
           Là ÁK K›¨<aፕL’< *ፕ_i”“ ÅI”’ƒ                              for the in flight operation and safety of the
           Lò ¾J’ ûÃKƒ ’¨<&                                          aircraft;

     "2/   &¾ÓM ¾›¾` ›ÑMÓKAƒ& TKƒ ›”É” ›¨<                    32/     “private air service” means the use of an aircraft
           aፕL” KvKu?~ ØpU w‰ TªM TKƒ                                 for the exclusive use of its owner;

     "3/   &vKÑÅw x& TKƒ ›”Ç”É ÑÅx‹” uT                      33/       “restricted area” means an airspace of defined
           ¡u` ›¨<aፕL” ”Ç=u` }ðpÊ ¾}ŸKK                              dimensions within which the flight of an aircraft
           ¾›¾` ¡MM ’¨<&                                              is restricted in accordance with certain specified

     "4/   &¾SKª¨Ý °n& TKƒ u›¨<a–L”' u›¨<a–                  34/         “international air transportation” means
           L” V}`' u¨<MwK=u=„‡ ¨ÃU ›ፕK=Á”e                              transportation by air between a place in
           Là KSÓÖU ¨ÃU KSÖkU ¾} ²ÒË J•                                 Ethiopia and a place outside thereof, or from
           u¨p~ Ó” ÁM}ÑÖS ¨ÃU u’²=G< LÃ
           ÁM}ÁÁ² T“†¨<U °n c=J” u›¨<a–L” Là                            and to a place in Ethiopia with a stopping
           KSÓÖU ¾}²ÒË ¾›¨<aፕL” V}`” ¨ÃU                                outside thereof;
           ¨<MwK=u=ƒ” ›ÃÚU`U&

     "5/ &¾S”ÓYƒ    ›¨<a–L”&  TKƒ    K¨                       35/     “state aircraft” means any aircraft that is used for
         Å^©' KþK=e' KÑ<U\¡ ¨ÃU KK?L                                  military, police, customs or other law
         ¾QÓ TeðçT>Á ›ÑMÓKAƒ ¾T>¨<M T”—                                enforcement services of a state;
         ¨<U ›¨<aፕL” ’¨<&
                                                              36/     “Convention” means the Convention on
     "6/   &¢”y?”i”& TKƒ .›?.› Ç=c?Uu` 7 k”                          International Civil Aviation signed at Chicago
           09)#4 uˆ"Ô ¾}ð[S¨< ¾¯KU ›kõ                                on December 7, 1944 and includes;
           ¾c=y=M ›y=Âi” ¢”y?”i” c=J”'

           G(     u¢”y?”i’< ›”kê (4(G) SW[ƒ                           a)    any amendment to the Conventiion which
                  Y^ Là ¾ªK“ u›=ƒÄåÁ ¾ìÅk                                   has entered into force under Article 94 (a)
                  T”—¨<”U ¾¢”y?”i’< ThhÁ'                                   of the Conventiion and has been ratified by
           K(     u¢”y?”i’< ›”kê ( SW[ƒ }kvÃ
                  ’ƒ ÁÑ– T”—¨<”U }kêL ¨ÃU                             b) any annex or amendment thereto accepted
                  ¾²=G< ThhÁ”' “                                        under Article 90 of the Conventiion; and
           N( u¢”y?”i’< ›”kê   "7  SW[ƒ                               c)    the      international    standards   and
              u›KU ›kõ c=y=M ›y=Âi” É`σ                                    recommended practices from time to time
              SW[ƒ u¾Ñ>²?¨< }kvÃ’ƒ ÁÑ–<“
                                                                            accepted and amended by the International
              ¾}hhK< ¯KU ›kõ Å[Í−‹”“ }S
              ^ß’ƒ ÁL†¨< ›c^a‹”'                                            Civil Aviation Organization pursuant to
           ÃÚU^M&                                                           Article 37 of the Convention;

     "7/   &›Ò×T>& TKƒ Ÿ›¨<aፕL” ›ÅÒ K?L                        37/     “incident” means an occurrence, owther than an
                                                                        accident, associated with the operation of an
           ¾›¨<aፕL” ”penc?” ÅI”’ƒ ¾T>Án
           ¨<e ¨ÃU K=Án¨<e ¾T>‹M ¡e}ƒ ’¨<&                              aircraft, which affects or could affect the safety
                                                                        of operation;

     "8/ &¾}ŸKŸK x& TKƒ ›¨<aፕL” ”ÇÃu                        38/        “prohibited area” means an airspace of defined
         `uƒ }¨e• ¾}ŸKK ¾›¾` ¡MM ’¨<&                                   dimensions within which the flight of an
                                                                        aircraft is prohibited;
gA    4ሺ4)&7    ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R @3 የካቲት 5 qN 2ሺ1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 23   12th February, 2009 …. page    4477

     "9/   &TêÅp& TKƒ ÃI ›ªÏ KvKYM×’<                          39/     “validation” means the written acceptance of an
           ucÖ¨< YM×” SW[ƒ S¨cÉ uT>Ñv¨<                                 action of the civil aviation authority of another
           `UÍ Uƒ¡ uK?L ›Ñ` ¾c=y=M ›y=Âi”                              country in lieu of an action that this
           vKYM×” ¾}¨cÅ `UÍ” uêOõ                                      Proclamation assigns to the Authority;
           SkuM ’¨<::

     #/    &ƒ°³´ ¨ÃU Y`¯ƒ& TKƒ u²=I ›ªÏ                        40/      “order or rule“ means a written directive of the
           SW[ƒ ¨ÃU u›ªÌ uT>¨× Å”w                                      Authority issued under this    Proclamation or
           SW[ƒ uvKYM×’< ¾T>¨× ¾êOõ                                     regulations issued hereunder;
           SS]Á ’¨<&
                                                               41/      “regulations” means any regulations issued
     #1/   &Å”w& TKƒ T”—¨<U                u²=I   ›ªÏ
                                                                        under this Proclamation;
           SW[ƒ ¾¨× Å”w ’¨<&
                                                               42/      “contracting state” means a state that is a party
     #2/   &›vM ›Ñ`& TKƒ ¾ˆ"ÑA ¢”y?”i” }ªªÃ
           ¨Ñ” ¾J’ ›Ñ` ’¨<&                                             to the Chicago Convention;

     #3/   &›=ƒÄåÁ© ²?Ò& TKƒ                                   43/     “Ethiopian national” means

           G(     ›=ƒÄåÁ© ²?Ó’ƒ ÁK¨< ÓKcw'                              a)   an individual           who       has       Ethiopian
           K(     ›vL~ G<K< ›=ƒÄåÁ© ²?Ò ¾J’<uƒ
                  i`¡“' ¨ÃU                                             b) a partnership of which each member is a
                                                                           national of Ethiopia; or
           N(     u›=ƒÄåÁ QÓ SW[ƒ ¾}ssS“
                  ¾}S²Ñu ¾”ÓÉ TIu`'                                     c)   a company created registered under the


     #4/   &T>’>e‚`& ¨ÃU &T>’>eƒ`& TKƒ ”Åp                     44/    “Ministry” or “Minister” means the Ministry or
           ÅU }Ÿ}K< ¾ƒ^”eþ`ƒ“ SÑ“— T>’>e                               Minister of Transport and Communications;
           ‚` ¨ÃU T>’>eƒ` ’¨<&

     #5/   &vKYM×”&   TKƒ   ¾›=ƒÄåÁ               c=y=M        45/     “Authority” meand the Ethiopian Civil Aviation
           ›y=Âi” vKYM×” ’¨<&                                          Authority;

     #6/   &c¨<& TKƒ ¾}ðØa c¨< ¨ÃU uQÓ                         46/      “person” means a natural or juridical person;
           ¾c¨<’ƒ Swƒ ¾}cÖ¨< ›"M ’¨<&
gA 4‫7%)2ְך‬     ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^1 ነሐሴ 09 qN 2ሺ ›.M        Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 61   25th August, 2008 …. page 4267

 2. ُ‫ץ‬ጓ‫ה‬                                                 2.   Definitions

      የቃִ አገ‫וֹ‬ብ ֶַ ُ‫ץ‬ጉ‫ ו‬የ‫ג‬ያ‫ר‬ጠው ካֲָነ                            Unless the context requires otherwise, in this
      በስ‫ ץשׂـ‬በዚֱ አዋጅ ውስጥ፤                                      Proclamation:

      1/      “‫שּ‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬በ‫ד‬ንኛው‫ ו‬ዓይነُና
                                                              1/ “coffee” means the fruit of a coffee tree or
              ሁኔٍ የ‫ג‬ገኝ የ‫שּ‬ና ‫ـ‬ክָ ፍ‫ פ‬ወይ‫ו‬
                                                                 parts of such fruits in whatever form;
              የፍ‫פ‬ው ክፍָ ነው፣
                                                              2/    “red cherry coffee” means the red fruit of a
      2/      “‫שׂ‬ይ እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬በ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ צ‬የብስֳُ
                                                                   coffee tree picked after it is naturally ripened;
              ደ‫נ‬ጃውን የጨ‫רנ‬ና የ‫שׂ אשֳׂـ‬ይ እ₪ُ
              የ‫שּ‬ና ፍ‫ פ‬ነው፣
                                                              3/   “coffee with pulp” means a red cherry coffee
      3/      “ጀንፈָ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫שׂ ֳُד‬ይ እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና በወ
                                                                   picked and dried but not pulped;
              ቅً ‫ֳـ‬ቅ‫ ז‬የደ‫שׂנ‬ና ያָ‫ـ‬ፈֳፈֳ ነው፣
                                                              4/    “washed coffee with parchment” means red
      4/     “የٍጠበ ‫שּ‬ና ከነገֳፈً” ‫ُ ֳُד‬ክክֳኛውን                          cherry coffee which has been pulped,
             ‫שׂ‬ይ እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና በ‫רוֹרד‬ብ በው٪ በ‫ٍא‬ገዝ
                                                                   fermented, washed and dried with its husk;
             በወቅً በ‫א‬ፈָፈָ፣ በ‫א‬ዘፍዘፍ፣ በ‫ד‬ጠብና
             በ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ቅ የ‫ـ‬ዘጋጀ ከነስስ ָ‫ שוֹ‬ያֳ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣
                                                              5/ “washed coffee” means red cherry coffee
      5/      “የٍጠበ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬በٍጠበ ‫שּ‬ና አዘገጃ
                                                                  which has been pulped, fermented, washed to
              ጀُ َክኒክ ‫ـ‬ዘጋጅِ ስስ ָ‫ שוֹ‬የወጣ
                                                                  remove its sticky mucilage;
              ֳُ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣

      6/      “ያָٍጠበ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫שׂ ֳُד‬ይ እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና                        6/    “sun dried” means a red cherry coffee which
              በ‫רוֹרד‬ብና በ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ቅ ‫צֹּלשׂـ‬ና ‫ـ‬በጥ‫צ‬                           has been dried, hulled, cleaned and sorted;
              የ‫ـ‬ዘጋጀ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣

      7/      “በከፊָ የٍጠበ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫שׂ ֳُד‬ይ እ₪ُ                       7/   “semi-washed coffee” means dried and pulp-
              ‫שּ‬ና በ‫א‬ፈָፈָ ከነ ָጋጉ በ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ቅ የ‫ـ‬                            ed red cherry coffee with its sticky mucilage;
              ዘጋጀ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣

      8/      “አቅ‫ץ‬ቦُ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬በአ‫ ٤ףו‬አካ‫תּוֹ‬                       8/ “supply coffee” means coffee processed in any
              ‫ ִוֹ‬ኢንዱስُ‫ע‬ዎ٤ ‫ـ‬ዘጋጅِ ֳጨ‫ٍנ‬                              form by industries located in the production
              ‫ד‬ዕከֶُ ወይ‫ֳ ו‬ኢُዮጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ                            area for delivery to auction centers or the
              የ‫ץשׂג‬ብ በ‫ד‬ንኛው‫ָא ו‬ኩ የ‫ـ‬ዘጋጀ                              Ethiopia Commodity Exchange;
              ‫שּ‬ና ‫ ֳُד‬ነው፣

      9/      “የወጪ ገበያ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫ֶ ֳُד‬ኪዎ٤ ከጨ
                                                              9/    “export coffee” means coffee bought by
              ‫ד ٍנ‬ዕከֶُ ወይ‫ ו‬ከኢُዮጵያ ‫ُץו‬
                                                                   exporters from auction centers or the
              ገበያ ገዝ‫ـ‬ው ወይ‫ ו‬ከ‫ף‬ሳْው እ‫ ָךץ‬አ‫ו‬                           Ethiopia Commodity Exchange or produced
              ‫ـץ‬ው የአገ‫ًע‬ን የወጪ ገበያ ‫שּ‬ና የጥ                             on their own farm, prepared and processed, in
              ‫ ُף‬ደ‫נ‬ጃ በጠበ‫ָא שׂ‬ኩ አዘጋጅ‫ـ‬ው                               accordance with the country’s quality
              ֳውጭ ገበያ የ‫ָג‬ኩُ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣                                 standard, for export;

      0/      “‫נـ‬ፈ ‫שּ ُץו‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬ያָፈ‫נ‬ጠ‫א‬፣                        10/ “coffee by product” means light, broken,
              ‫ ֶָשׂ‬ፍ‫פ‬፣ ‫ ףוֹר‬ወይ‫ ٤ַֹ ו‬ጉድֳُ                            underdeveloped or including any coffee with
              ያֳ‫ْ וֹ‬ው ‫שּ‬ናዎ٤ን ያጠቃֶָָ፣                                defects:
gA 4‫8%)2ְך‬    ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^1 ነሐሴ 09 qN 2ሺ ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 61   25th August, 2008 …. page 4268

    01/      “የሀገ‫ ץ‬ውስጥ ፍጆٍ ‫שּ‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬የአቅ‫ץ‬ቦُ               11/ “domestic consumption coffee” means
             ‫שּ‬ና ወይ‫ ו‬የወጪ ገበያ ‫שּ‬ና ‫ת‬ዘጋጅ ከ‫ג‬ወጣ                   coffee which is coffee by product, or
             ‫נـ‬ፈ ‫ ُץו‬እና ከአጠቃֶይ ይዘً 05 በ‫ِא‬                  coffee the taste of which has deteriorated
             ብ٢ ንፁֱ ‫שּ‬ና የ‫ֳשֶׂשׂـ‬በُ ወይ‫ ו‬በ‫ֳـ‬ያየ
             ‫ו‬ክንያُ ֳ‫נ‬ጅ‫ ו‬ጊዜ በ‫בּא‬የً ֳወጪ ገበያ
                                                           due to mishandling or length in storage
             ብ‫ שּׁ‬ያֲָነ ወይ‫ ו‬በአያያዝ ٤ግ‫ו ץ‬ክንያُ                   and with not more than 15% purity,
             ጣዕ‫ ב‬ዝቅ ያֳ ֲኖ በ‫ר‬ው ጤንነُ ֶይ ጉዳُ                  which is not harmful to health but is not
             የ‫ד‬ያደ‫ץ‬ስ ֲኖ ነገ‫ ץ‬ግን ֳወጪ ገበያ ብ‫שּׁ‬                   fit for export;
             ያֲָነ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣

    02/      “‫שּ ֹּלשּץא‬ና” ‫ ֳُד‬በ‫שׂב‬ጫ ወይ‫ו‬                   12/ “traditionally processed coffee” means coffee
             በድንጋይ ወፍጮ በ‫א‬ጠ‫ ושׂ‬በኋֶ ‫ץשׂ‬                         processed using outdated methods of wood or
             ‫א‬ንገድ የ‫ـ‬ዘጋጀ ‫שּ‬ና ነው፣                              stone grinder;

    03/      “‫שּ‬ና አቅ‫ ֳُד ”תּף‬አስፈֶጊውን ‫א‬ስፈ                  13/    “coffee supplier” means a person who, upon
             ‫ ُץ‬አ‫ ָِח‬ጀንፈָ ‫שּ‬ና ወይ‫שׂ ו‬ይ                           meeting the required criteria, collects coffee
             እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና ከ‫שּ‬ና አ‫ ٠ףו‬ወይ‫ ו‬ከ‫שף‬                          with pulp or red cherry coffee from producers
                                                              or from his own farm for delivery to auction
             ‫ד‬ሳ በ‫רוֹרד‬ብና በ‫ד‬ዘጋጀُ ֳጨ‫ٍנ‬
                                                              centers or the Ethiopia Commodity
             ‫ד‬ዕከֶُ ወይ‫ֳ ו‬ኢُዮጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ
             የ‫ג‬ያ‫ץשׂ‬ብ ነው፣
                                                        14/ “coffee exporter” means a person who, upon
    04/      “‫שּ‬ና ֶኪ” ‫ ֳُד‬አግ‫וֹ‬ብ ካֳው ‫א‬ንግ                       being licensed to trade coffee by the
             ‫ٍם‬ዊ አካָ የ‫שּ‬ና ንግድ ፈቃድ የ‫רـ‬                        appropriate government organ and fulfilling
             ጠውና ‫ג‬ኒስَ‫ ס‬ያወጣውን ‫א‬ስፈ‫ُץ‬                          the requirements set by the Ministry, and
             አ‫ ָِח‬ከጨ‫ד ٍנ‬ዕከֶُ ወይ‫ ו‬ከኢُ                        upon purchasing coffee from auction centers
             ዮጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ የገዛውን ወይ‫ ו‬ከ‫שף‬                      or the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange or
             ‫ד‬ሳ ያ‫ـנא‬ውን ‫שּ‬ና ֳወጪ ገበያ በ‫ג‬                        collecting from his own farm, prepares,
             ‫א‬ጥን ደ‫נ‬ጃ አዘጋጅِ የ‫ָג‬ክ ነው፣                         processes and exports coffee in compliance
                                                            with the export quality and standards;

    05/      “አስፈፃ‫ ג‬ክፍָ” ‫ג ֳُד‬ኒስَ‫ס‬፣ የኢ                  15/ “executive body” means the Ministry, the Ethiopia
                                                            Commodity Exchange or a regional executive
             ُዮጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ ወይ‫ ו‬በዚֱ አዋጅ
                                                            organ authorized by law to implement the
             የ‫שּ‬ና ግብይُና ጥ‫ ףם ُף‬በአግ‫שּוֹ‬                         regulation and directive to be issued in accordance
             እንዲፈፀ‫ ו‬የ‫ג‬ወጣውን ደንብና ‫עאא‬ያ                        with this Proclamation for the proper execution of
             እንዲያስፈጽ‫ ו‬በֱግ ‫ָם‬ጣን የ‫רـ‬ጠው                        coffee marketing and quality;
             የክָָ አስፈጻ‫ ג‬አካָ ነው፣

    06/      “የ‫שּ‬ና ግብይُ” ‫ ֳُד‬በአቅ‫תּף‬ና ֶኪ፣                  16/ “coffee transaction” means the lawful buying and
             ወይ‫ ו‬በֶኪና በውጭ አገ‫שּ ץ‬ና ገዢ ወይ‫ו‬                     selling of coffee between a coffee supplier and a
             በֶኪና በጅ‫ ֶו‬ነጋዴ፣ በአቅ‫תּף‬ና ጅ‫ֶו‬                      coffee exporter, a coffee exporter and a foreign
                                                            coffee importer, or coffee exporter and a domestic
             ነጋዴ ወይ‫ ו‬በጅ‫ ֶו‬ነጋዴና ْ‫א ע٢ץ‬ካከָ
                                                            consumption wholesaler or a coffee supplier and a
             ֱጋዊ የግብይُ ‫ץם‬ዓُን በ‫א‬ከ‫ ָـ‬የ‫ג‬ከ
                                                            domestic consumption coffee wholesaler or a
             ናወን የ‫שּ‬ና ግዢና ‫ֹּל‬ያጭ ሂደُ ነው፣                      domestic consumption coffee wholesaler and
                                                            retailers ;

    07/      “የ‫שּ‬ና ጥ‫שּׁ ُף‬ጥጥ‫ ֳُד ”ץ‬የ‫שּ‬ና                     17/     “coffee quality control” means inspection
             ‫ ُץו‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫עֱוֹ צ‬ው እንደ‫ـ‬ጠበ‫שׂ‬                           and control of the picking, processing,
             ֳ‫ـ‬ጠቃ‫ג‬ው ֳ‫ד‬ቅ‫נ‬ብ ከֳ‫ דשׂ‬ጀ‫צו‬                            storage and transportation of coffee, in
             የ‫ ُץו‬ዝግጅً፣ አከ‫ًْ٢א‬ና የ‫ד‬ጓጓዝ                         accordance with acceptable norms, to ensure
             ‫ـ‬ግ‫ סוֹ‬በ‫ـ‬ፈ‫שׂ‬ደ የአ‫ץם ץףר‬ዓُ ‫טא‬                         delivery of coffee to consumers in its natural
             ‫ ُנ‬እንዲከናወን በየደ‫נ‬ጃው የ‫ג‬ፈጸ‫ו‬                          state;
             የ‫שּׁ‬ጥጥ‫ـ ץ‬ግ‫ ץוֹ‬ነው፣
gA 4‫9%)2ְך‬    ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^1 ነሐሴ 09 qN 2ሺ ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 61   25th August, 2008 …. page 4269

    08/      “‫שּ‬ና ‫ד‬ዘጋጀُ” ‫ ֳُד‬በ‫ـ‬ፈ‫שׂ‬ደ የَክ                   18/     “coffee processing” includes collecting and
             ኒክ አ‫שׂ ץףר‬ይ እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና ከዛፉ ከ‫ֳـ‬                        pulping red cherry coffee after picking,
             ‫ אשׂ‬በኋֶ የ‫ץשׂג‬በውን እ₪ُ ፈָፍֹ                          pulping and cleaning coffee with pulp, and
             ‫ד‬ዘጋጀُን፣ ወይ‫ ו‬ጀንፈָ ‫שּ‬ና ‫צֹּלשׂ‬                        processing export coffee in accordance with
             ‫ד‬በጠ‫ץ‬ን፣ የወጪ ገበያ ‫שּ‬ና በአገ‫ًע‬                          the country’s quality and grade requirements
             ጥ‫ ُף‬ደ‫נ‬ጃና በገዢዎ٤ ፍֶጎُ ‫ُנטא‬                         and the buyers’ needs as per the authorized
                                                              technical procedures;
             ‫ד‬ዘጋጀُን ያጠቃֶָָ፣

    09/      “የ‫שּ‬ና አ‫ד ֳُד ”٤٥ףו‬ንኛውን‫ו‬                     19/    “coffee producers” means any coffee
             ‫שּ‬ና የ‫ג‬ያ‫ר ُץא‬ው ֲነ አነስ‫ـ‬ኛ አ‫ו‬                         producer, including small-scale coffee
             ‫ ٤ף‬ገበ‫פ‬ዎ٤ን፣ የ‫שּ‬ና አ‫ֱ ٤ףו‬ብ‫ُנ‬                         farmers, coffee farmers’ co-operatives,
             ‫ֱד ףם‬በ‫ُף‬ን፣ የግָ ‫ֳוֹ‬ሀብِ٤ንና                          private investors, and state coffee producing
             የ‫א‬ንግ‫שּ ُם‬ና አ‫ ٤ףו‬ድ‫ץ‬ጅِ٤ን                            enterprises;

    !/       “የ‫שּ‬ና ጥ‫ُף‬ና ጣዕ‫ד ףאץו ו‬ዕከָ”                   20/ “coffee quality liquoring and inspection
             ‫ ֳُד‬ከአ‫ ٤ףו‬አካ‫ـץאـ תּוֹ‬ው የ‫ג‬                        center” means an institution under the
             ‫שּ שּץשׂ‬ናዎ٤፣ ֳውጭ ሀገ‫ ץ‬ገበያ የ‫ג‬ዘ                      Ministry, that inspects, liquors and issues
             ጋጁ ‫שּ‬ናዎ٤፣ እንዲሁ‫ ٤ד₪ֳ ו‬አካ‫תּוֹ‬                       certificates for coffee locally supplied from
             የ‫ֶג‬ኩ የ‫שּ‬ና ‫נـ‬ፈ ‫٤ِץו‬ን በጥ‫פ‬ና                        production areas, export coffee, and coffee
             በጣዕ‫ ו‬እየ‫ נאנא‬የ‫ו‬ስክ‫ ץ‬ወ‫ُשׂנ‬                         by product delivered to consumer areas;
             የ‫רג‬ጥ በ‫ג‬ኒስَ‫ ס‬ስ‫ ץ‬ያֳ አካָ ነው፣

    !1/      “የ‫שּ‬ና ግብይُ ‫ד‬ዕከֶُ” ‫ ֳُד‬በየአካ                  21/ “coffee transaction centers” includes local
                                                            markets designated by the regional organ
             ‫תּוֹ‬ው ጀንፈָና እ₪ُ ‫שּ‬ና ‫א‬ገበያያ እን
                                                            having legal power for trading of red cherry
             ዲֲኑ በ‫ֳאג‬ከ‫ـ‬ው በሕግ ‫ָם‬ጣን የ‫ـ‬
                                                            coffee and coffee with pulp; the auction
             ‫ר‬ጠው የክָָ አካָ የ‫ـ‬ከֳִ ‫ם‬ፍ‫ף‬ዎ                        centers and the Ethiopia Commodity
             ٤ን እንዲሁ‫ ו‬የ‫שּ‬ና ጨ‫ٍנ‬ና የኢُዮ                         Exchange;
             ጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ የ‫ג‬ካְድ‫ْוֹ‬ው ‫ד‬ዕከ
             ֶُን ያጠቃֶָָ፣
                                                        22/ “coffee trade” means acts including collecting
    !2/      “የ‫שּ‬ና ንግድ” ‫ ֳُד‬አግ‫וֹ‬ብ ካֳው ‫א‬ን                       coffee from producers, processing and
             ግ‫ٍם‬ዊ ከֲነ አካָ የ‫שּ‬ና ንግድ ፍቃድ                        supplying to auction centers or the Ethiopia
             አውጥِ ‫שּ‬ና ከአ‫ ٤٥ףו‬በ‫רוֹרד‬ብ                           Commodity Exchange, exporting, roasting,
             አዘጋጅِ ֳጨ‫ד ٍנ‬ዕከֶُ ወይ‫ו‬                            grinding, distributing, retailing with license
             ֳኢُዮጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ ‫ד‬ቅ‫נ‬ብን፣ ወደ                        from the appropriate government organ;
             ውጭ ሀገ‫ֶא ץ‬ክን፣ ‫ֶُשּׁא‬ን፣ ‫א‬ፍጨ
             ُን፣ ‫ד‬ከፋፈָን፣ ‫ץْץْא‬ን የ‫ג‬ያጠ
             ቃָָ ነው፣                                    23/ “domestic consumption coffee wholesaler”
                                                            means a person who, upon being licensed to
    !3/      “የሃገ‫ ץ‬ውስጥ ፍጆٍ ‫שּ‬ና የጅ‫ ֶו‬ነጋዴ”                     trade coffee by the appropriate government
             ‫ ֳُד‬አግ‫וֹ‬ብ ካֳው ‫א‬ንግ‫ٍם‬ዊ ከֲነ                        organ and fulfilling the requirements set by
             አካָ የ‫שּ‬ና የሃገ‫ ץ‬ውስጥ ፍጆٍ ‫שּ‬ና የጅ                     the Ministry, and upon purchases domestic
                                                            consumption coffee from auction centers or
             ‫ ֶו‬ንግድ ፈቃድ አውጥِ ከ‫שּ‬ና ጨ‫ٍנ‬
                                                            the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, for sale
             ‫ד‬ዕከֶُ ወይ‫ ו‬ከኢُዮጵያ ‫ ُץו‬ገበያ
                                                            in the designated market;
             በ‫א‬ግዛُ ֳ‫ـ‬ፈ‫שׂ‬ደֳُ ₪‫ ٤ד‬ክָָ ብ٢
             የ‫ג‬ያ‫ץשׂ‬ብ ነው፣
                                                        24/    “coffee roaster” means a person who, upon
    !4/      “የ‫שּ‬ና ‫בּ‬ይ” ‫ ֳُד‬አግ‫וֹ‬ብ ካֳው ‫א‬ንግ                        being licensed by the appropriate government
             ‫ٍם‬ዊ ከֲነ አካָ የ‫שּ‬ና ‫בּ‬ይ ንግድ                           organ purchases coffee from auction centers,
             ፈቃድ አውጥِ ከሃገ‫ ץ‬ውስጥ ጅ‫ֶו‬                            the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, or a
             ነጋዴ ‫שּ‬ና በ‫א‬ግዛُ ‫ ָِבּ‬ወይ‫ָבּ ו‬                          domestic consumption coffee wholesaler,
             ِና ፈጭِ ֳሃገ‫ ץ‬ውስጥ እና ֳውጭ                           roasts or roast and grinds coffee for export or
             ገበያ የ‫ג‬ያ‫ץשׂ‬ብ ነው፣                                   sale in the domestic market;
gA 4‫&)2ְך‬    ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^1 ነሐሴ 09 qN 2ሺ ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 61   25th August, 2008 …. page 4270

    !5/     “የብቃُ ‫נד‬ጋገጫ የ‫ו‬ስክ‫ ץ‬ወ‫ֳُד ”ُשׂנ‬                25/ “competence certificate” means a document
            የ‫שּ‬ና ‫ُץו‬ን ֳ‫רא‬ብ‫ר‬ብ፣ ֳ‫ד‬ዘጋጀُ፣ ֳ‫ד‬                    that certifies the ability of a person to collect,
            ከ‫ُْד‬፣ ֳ‫ד‬ጓጓዝና በአጠቃֶይ የ‫שּ‬ና ግብይ                    process, store, transport coffee, and to engage
            ُን ֳ‫ד‬ከናወን የ‫ג‬ያስ٤ָ ብቃُ ያֳው                       in all other activities related to coffee trade;
            ‫ֲא‬ኑን የ‫ג‬ያ‫נ‬ጋግጥ የ‫ו‬ስክ‫ ץ‬ወ‫ ُשׂנ‬ነው፣

    !6/     “አሳሳ٤ ድ‫ץ‬ጊُ” ‫ ֳُד‬የ‫שּ‬ና ዋጋ                     26/ “manipulation” means any act that results or
            ወይ‫א ו‬ጠን ወይ‫ ו‬ደ‫נ‬ጃ ወይ‫ ו‬ዓይነُ                       is likely to result in confusion or deception of
            በ‫ֳאـ‬ከ‫ ـ‬የገበያ ‫ـ‬ሳٍፊዎ٤ንና ‫א‬ንግ                       market participants or the Government as to
            ‫ُם‬ን ֵያሳስُ ወይ‫ֵ ו‬ያָָٍ የ‫ג‬                         the price, quantity, quality, or type of coffee;
            ٤ָ ‫ד‬ንኛው‫ ו‬ድ‫ץ‬ጊُ ነው፣

    !7/     “‫ג‬ኒስَ‫ ֳُד ”ץ‬የግብ‫ץ‬ናና               ገጠ‫ץ‬       27/ “Ministry” means the Ministry of Agriculture
            ָ‫ג ُד‬ኒስَ‫ ץ‬ነው፣                                  and Rural Development;

    !8/     “‫ר‬ው” ‫ד ֳُד‬ንኛው‫ ו‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ר צ‬ው ወይ‫ו‬                28/ “person” means a natural or juridical person;
            በֱግ የ‫ר‬ውነُ ‫א‬ብُ የ‫רـ‬ጠው አካָ ነው፣

    !9/     “ክָָ” ‫ ֳُד‬በኢُዮጵያ ፌዴ‫ֶף‬ዊ                     29/ “region” means any regional state referred to
                                                           in Article 47 of the Constitution of the
            ዲ‫ז‬ክ‫תף‬ያዊ ‫ע‬ፐብֵክ ሕገ ‫א‬ንግ‫ُם‬
                                                           Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and
            አን‫שׂ‬ጽ #7 የ‫ֳאـ‬ከ‫ـ‬ው ‫ד‬ንኛው‫ו‬
                                                           includes the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city
            ክָָ ‫ֲת‬ን የአዲስ አበ‫וֹ‬ና የድ‫פ‬ደዋ                        administrations;
            ከ‫ דـ‬አስ‫ـ‬ዳደ‫٤צ‬ን ይጨ‫ָףו‬፣
gA 4‫8#)2ְך‬   ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %9 ነሐሴ 09 qN 2ሺ ›.M          Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 59   25th August , 2008 …. page 4248

 2.   ُ‫ץ‬ጓ‫ה‬                                             2. Definitions

      1/     “‫ג‬ኒስَ‫ ֳُד ”ץ‬የُ‫ף‬ንስፖ‫ُץ‬ና ‫א‬ገ                    1/ “Ministry” means the Ministry of Transport and
             ናኛ ‫ג‬ኒስَ‫ ץ‬ነው፣                                   Communications;

      2/     “‫ָםֳוֹ‬ጣን” ‫ ֳُד‬የُ‫ף‬ንስፖ‫ֳוֹ ُץ‬
             ‫ָם‬ጣን ነው፣                                    2/ “Authority” means the Transport Authority;

      3/     “የአ‫ֹּל‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ ע‬ብቃُ ‫נד‬ጋገጫ ፈቃድ”
             ‫ֹּלـ ץـזֳוֹ ֳُד‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ע‬ዎ٤ን ֳ‫א‬ን                   3/ “driver’s qualification certification license”
             ዳُ የ‫ג‬ያስ٤ָ በዚֱ አዋጅ ‫ُנטא‬                         means a permit issued in accordance with this
             የ‫רג‬ጥ ፈቃድ ነው፤                                   Proclamation to drive a motor vehicle;

      4/     “የውጭ አገ‫א ץ‬ንጃ ፈቃድ” ‫ ֳُד‬በኢ
                                                         4/ “foreign license” means a motor vehicle driving
             ُዮጵያ ፌዴ‫ֶף‬ዊ ዲ‫ז‬ክ‫תף‬ያዊ ‫ע‬ፐብ                         license issued by any foreign government
             ֵክ እውቅና ያֳው የውጭ ሃገ‫א ץ‬ንግ                        recognized by the Federal Democratic Republic
             ‫ ُם‬የ‫ר‬ጠው የ‫א‬ንጃ ፈቃድ ነው፤                           of Ethiopia;

      5/     “የሕክ‫ו‬ና ‫ ֳُד ”והּـ‬የሕክ‫ו‬ና አገָ                   5/ “medical institution” means any medical
             ግֹُ ֳ‫א‬ስጠُ ፈቃድ የ‫רـ‬ጠው የሕክ                        institution duly licensed to carry out medical
             ‫ו‬ና ‫ והּـ‬ነው፤                                     examination;

      6/     “ኢን‫ץـ‬ና‫ֹּל‬ናָ ‫א‬ንጃ ፈቃድ” ‫ֳُד‬                    6/     “international driving license” means any motor
             ‫א‬ስከ‫שׂ 9 ונ‬ን 09)#2 ስዊስ ሃገ‫ ץ‬ጄኔቫ                       vehicle driver’s qualification certification
             ֶይ በ‫ـ‬ፈ‫אנ‬ው የ‫וֹـ‬በ‫א ُס‬ንግ‫ٍُם‬                            license issued in accordance with the United
             የ‫א‬ንገድ ُ‫ף‬ፊክ ስ‫וו‬ነُ ‫ُנטא‬                              Nations Convention on Road Traffic, signed in
             የ‫רـ‬ጠ ‫א‬ንጃ ፈቃድ ነው፤                                   Geneva, Switzerland, on the 19th day of
                                                                September 1949;
      7/     “‫ـ ֶָשׂ‬ሳ‫ ֳُד ”תּ‬ከፍ‫ـ‬ኛ ክብደً
                                                         7/ “light trailer” means any trailer having a
             ከነጭነً ከ7)$ ኪֹ ግ‫ וף‬የ‫ד‬ይበָጥ
                                                            maximum loaded weight not exceeding 750
             ‫ـ‬ሳ‫ תּ‬ነው፤
      8/     “የወٍደ‫ ץ‬የአ‫ֹּל‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ ע‬ብቃُ ‫נד‬ጋገጫ                  8/ “military driver’s qualification certification
             ፈቃድ” ‫ ֳُד‬በዚֱ አዋጅ በአን‫שׂ‬ጽ 06                      license” means any motor vehicle driving
             ‫ ُנטא‬የ‫א‬ከֶከያ ‫ג‬ኒስَ‫ ץ‬የ‫ר‬ጠው                         license issued by the Ministry of National
             የአ‫ֹּל‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ ע‬ብቃُ ‫נד‬ጋገጫ ፈቃድ                        Defense pursuant to Article 16 of this
             ነው፤                                            Proclamation;

      9/     “የُ‫ף‬ፊክ ፖֵስ” ‫ ֳُד‬የُ‫ף‬ፊክ ደን                    9/     “traffic police” means member of the Police
             ብን ֳ‫ד‬ስከበ‫ ץ‬የ‫אـ‬ደበ የፖֵስ ٪ይָ                           Force assigned to enforce the observance of
             ‫ָוֹ‬ደ‫ וֹנ‬ነው፤                                          traffic rules;

      0/     “የ‫ָרד‬ጠኛ ‫ ֳُד ”והּـ‬በሕግ እው
             ቅና ያֳው ‫א‬ንግ‫ٍם‬ዊ ወይ‫ ו‬የግָ የአ                    10/ “training institution” means any legally
             ‫ֹּל‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ָטד ע‬ጠኛ ‫ והּـ‬ነው፤                           recognized governmental or private driver’s
                                                             training institution;
gA 4‫9#)2ְך‬   ØÁ‰L ነU¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %9 ነሐሴ 09 qN 2ሺ ›.M    Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 59   25th August , 2008 …. page 4249

      01/    “‫א‬ንገድ” ‫ֶֶـֳ ֳُד‬ፊ ክፍُ ካֲָነ                 11/    “road” means any road, street, highway, rural
             የግָ ‫א‬ንገድ በስ‫ֹּלـ ץשׂـ‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ע‬ዎ٤                       road or any other travel route, customarily used
             በ‫וֳـ‬ዶ የ‫ג‬ጠ‫בשׂ‬በُ ጎዳና፣ የከ‫דـ‬                         by vehicles other than private roads not open to
             ‫א‬ንገድ፣ አው‫ ף‬ጎዳና፣ የገጠ‫א ץ‬ንገድ                        all traffic;
             ወይ‫ֳֶـא ו‬ፊያ ነው፤
                                                       12/     “motor vehicle” means any type of wheeled
      02/    “‫ֹּלـ ץـזֳוֹ‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ ֳُד ”ע‬በ‫ה‬ካኒካָ
                                                             vehicle moving by mechanical or electrical
             ወይ‫ ו‬በኤַክُ‫ע‬ክ ٪ይָ እየ‫ـ‬ን‫שׂ‬ሳ‫רשׂ‬
                                                             power for use on road;
             በ‫א‬ንገድ ֶይ በ‫א‬ንኮ‫ף‬ኩ‫ ץ‬የ‫ְג‬ድ
             ‫ד‬ንኛው‫ ו‬ዓይነُ ‫ֹּלـ‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ ע‬ነው፤
                                                       13/      “Licensing Body” means any government
      03/    “ፈቃድ ‫ר‬ጪ አካָ” ‫ ֳُד‬ብቃً የ‫נـ‬                        organ that gets recognition certificate from the
             ጋገጠֳُ የአ‫ֹּל‬ከ‫ץ‬ካ‫ ע‬ብቃُ ‫נד‬ጋገጫ                       Authority to issue driver’s qualification
             ፈቃድ እንዲ‫ר‬ጥ በ‫ָםֳוֹ‬ጣኑ የእውቅና                         certification license.
             ‫ـץר‬ፍኬُ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ‫ד‬ንኛው‫ ו‬የ‫א‬ን
             ግ‫ ُם‬አካָ ነው፡፡
gA    4¹þ7)^6       ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R $4 ּ‫ # ַו‬qqN 2 1 ›.M    Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 54 6th   August, 2009 …. page   4766

 2.    ُ ጓ‫ה‬                                                     2. Definitions

                                                                    1/   “private employment agency” means any person,
      1/    “የግָ     ‫ـ ט‬   ገ   ኤጀ ‫”ת‬
                                                                         independent of government bodies, which performs
            ‫ א ֳُד‬ግ ٍዊ ካָ ያֲָ      ጥ                                     any one or all of the following employment services
            ٍ‫ֲ ו‬  ‫ـ‬ዘዋዋ‫ א ע‬ገድ ከ‫ ـ ט‬ው                                      without directly or indirectly receiving payments
            ገ ዘ  ይ ָ፣                                                    from workers:
                                                                         a)     services of matching offers of and
                /   የ       ውִ ‫ـ‬ዋዋይ ወገ            ֳ‫ֲא‬
                                                                                application for local employment without
                      ገ      ው ጥ                 ‫ـ ט‬                            being a party to the employment contract;
                    የ‫ד‬ገ     ُ፣ ወይ‫ו‬

            ֳ/    ከ‫ ـ ט‬ው ጋ የ     ውָ ‫וו‬                                   b)     services of making a worker available
                   ُ  ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ግ ‫ ـ ט‬ው      ገ                                         locally or abroad to a third party by
                  ው ጥ ወይ‫ו‬   ውጭ   ገ  ֳ                                           concluding a contract of employment
                  ֳ‫ר ـ מ‬ው የ‫ נ ד‬፣                                                with such a worker;
                ገָግֹُ  የ‫רג‬ጥ  ወይ‫ו‬   እ ዚֱ
                ገָግֹِ٤ ጣ‫ צו‬የ‫רג‬ጥ ‫ר‬ው ው፣

      2/    “ፈ ድ” ‫ ֳُד‬ግָ       ‫ـ ט‬  ገ                               2/   “license” means a certificate of competence
               ُ     ֶይ ֳ‫ ُ דרא‬የ‫ג‬ያ ٤ָ                                    issued by the competent authority to a private
             ግ    ֳው ֳ ָጣ     ֳግָ                                        employment agency enabling the agency to
            ‫ـ ט‬    ገ   ኤጀ ‫ ת‬የ‫רג‬ጥ የ  ُ                                    engage in providing employment exchange
            ‫נד‬ጋገጫ የ‫ ו‬ክ ወ‫ ُ נ‬ው፣                                           services;

      3/    “ ‫ֳُד ”עט‬   ‫עט‬    ‫ـ ט‬   ጉዳይ
                                                                    3/   “employer” means shall have the meaning as
             ዋጅ    ጥ  3)&7/09)(6+ የ‫רـ‬ጠው
                                                                         defined in the Labour Proclamation No.
            ُ ጉ‫ ו‬ይ ‫נ‬ዋָ፣
      4/    “‫ֳُד ” ـ ט‬   ‫ ـ ט עט‬ጉዳይ                                 4/   “worker” means shall have the meaning as
             ዋጅ  ጥ 3)&7/09)(6 የ‫רـ‬ጠው ُ                                    defined in the Labour Proclamation No.
            ጉ‫ ו‬እ ደ‫ـ‬ጠ   ֲ እ ደ ግ                                           377/2003, and includes job seekers as
            ፈֶጊ ‫ ו‬ይጨ‫ָ ו‬፣                                                 appropriate;

      5/    “ ግ   ያֳው ֳ ָጣ ” ‫סَ ג ֳُד‬                               5/   “competent authority” means the Ministry or a
            ወይ‫ ו‬ክָָ የ ‫ ـ ט ער‬ጉዳይ ׁጎ٤                                     regional authority responsible for the
            የ‫ ד‬ፈጸ‫ֶ٪ ו‬ፊ ُ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ካָ ው፣                                     implementation of the labour law in the region;

      6/    “‫ ֳُד ” َ ג‬የ‫ـ ט‬                      ‫٭ד‬      ዊ          6/   “Ministry” means the Ministry of Labour and
            ጉዳይ ‫َ ג‬  ው፣                                                  Social Affairs;

      7/    “‫ א‬ግ ٍዊ የ     ‫ ُעו‬ገָግֹُ”
                                                                    7/   “public employment service” means the
            ‫ֳُד‬  ግ     ֳው  ֳ ָጣ   ֳግָ
                                                                         service of issuance of license to private
                 ‫ـ ט‬    ገ   ኤጀ ‫ ת‬ፈ ድ
                                                                         employment agencies, monitoring and
            የ‫ א‬ጠُ፣ የ‫א‬ከٍ‫ ָـ‬የ‫ א‬ጣጠ እ                                        supervision of such agencies and the issuance
            ዲ ‫ُ ו‬ዮጵያውያ     ውጭ ገ ‫ ـ‬ጥ                                      of work permit by the Ministry to citizens to
            ‫נ‬ው ‫א‬   ُ እ ዲ٤ִ ‫ סَ ג‬ፈ ድ                                      work abroad, and includes other services
            የ‫ א‬ጠُ እ    ዚֱ  ዋጅ የ‫ֳאـ‬ከً                                     provided in this Proclamation;
            ַֹ٤ ገָግֹِ٤ ይጨ‫ָ ו‬፣
gA   4¹þ7)^7     ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R $4 ּ‫ # ַו‬qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 54 6th   August, 2009 …. page   4767

      8/       “     ‫ـ ט‬   ‫ד‬ገ   ُ” ‫ֳُד‬                          8/   “employment exchange” means all the
               ፈֶጊ      ֳ‫ ד‬ጠ የ‫ג‬ከ ወ ‫ד‬                                 activities of hiring a job seeker and includes
                 ው‫ـ ו‬ግ   ‫ ֲת‬የ ָ ወይ‫ ו‬የጽ ፍ                             advertisement made verbally or in written
               ‫ٍ ד‬ወ ያ፣    የ‫ו‬ዝገ ፣   የ‫ֶאָו‬                             form, enlistment, recruitment and placement;
               የ‫ו‬ደ   ‫ـ‬ግ ُ ይጨ‫ָ ו‬፣

      9/       “ ‫ר ـ מ‬ው” ‫ ֳُד‬እ ደ ግ  ‫עט‬                         9/      “third party” means an employer or a person
                                                                       who receives a service only as appropriate;
               ወይ‫ ו‬ገָግֹُ     ٢ ‫ـ‬ጠ ‫ ג‬የֲ
               ‫ר‬ው ው፣
                                                               10/     “person” means any natural or juridical
      0/       “‫ר‬ው” ‫ ד ֳُד‬ው‫ ו‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ר צ‬ው                                  person;
               ወይ‫ׁ ו‬ግ የ‫ר‬ው ُ ‫ ُ א‬የ‫רـ‬ጠው
                ካָ ው፤
gA             ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R #1     @8 qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 31   6th May, 2009   ….   page   4674
      4 6)&4

                                                        2. Definitions
 2.    ُ ጓ‫ה‬

                                                            1/ “Ministry” means the Ministry of Works and
        1/     “‫ ֳُד ” َ ג‬የ               ከ‫ُדָ דـ‬               Urban Development;
               ‫َ ג‬   ው፤
                                                            2/ “building” means a permanent or temporary
        2/     “ׁ ፃ” ‫ע אֳ ֳُד‬ያ፣ ֳ ‫צ‬፣ ֳፋ ‫ע‬ካ                      construction used for the purpose of dwelling,
               ወይ‫ْ דֳ ו‬ው‫ ֶַ ו‬ገָግֹُ የ‫ג‬ውָ                         office, factory or for any other purpose;
                ‫ ג‬ወይ‫ ו‬ጊዜያዊ ግ ٍ ው፤
                                                            3/   “building officer” means a person appointed by
        3/     “የׁ ፃ ‫ ֳُד ”ו‬ይֱ   ዋጅ እ ዲ                          an urban administration or designated organ to
               ያ ፈጽ‫ ו‬ከ‫דـ‬    ‫ـ‬ዳደ ወይ‫ـ ו‬                            enforce this Proclamation;
               ‫ר‬የ‫ א‬ካָ የ‫ר א ـ‬ው ው፤
                                                            4/   “a registered professional” means a person who
        4/     “የ‫אـ‬ዘገ    ֳ‫ב‬ያ” ‫ֳُד‬  ָጣ  ֳው                        is issued with a certificate as a design or
                 ካָ ‫אـ‬ዝግ    ዲዛይ ወይ‫ ו‬ኮ ُ                          construction professional or a juridical person
               ክ    የ ֳ‫ב‬ያ ُ የ‫ ו‬ክ ወ‫ ُ נ‬የ‫רـ‬                        which is issued with a certificate as a design or
               ጠው ‫ר‬ው ወይ‫ ו‬ዲዛይ ወይ‫ ו‬ኮ ُ                             construction consultant by the relevant body;
                 ክ    የ ‫ד‬ካ‫ ُ ע‬የ‫ו‬ዝገ ‫ ו‬ክ ወ‫נ‬
                 ُ የ‫רـ‬ጠው ድ ጅُ ው፤
                                                            5/    “a registered contractor” means a juridical
        5/     “የ‫אـ‬ዘገ የ   ‫ـ‬  ጭ” ‫ֳُד‬  ָ                           person who is registered and issued with a work
               ጣ   ֳው ካָ ‫אـ‬ዝግ የ    ‫ـ‬                             permit by the relevant authority as a contractor;
               ጭ ُ የ‫ו‬ዝገ የ‫ ו‬ክ ወ‫ ُ נ‬የ‫רـ‬
               ጠው ድ ጅُ ው፤
                                                            6/     “category ‘A’ building” means a one story
        6/     “‫ו‬ድ ‘ ’ ׁ ፃ” ‫ֳُד‬   ֳُ የኮ ክ‫ُע‬                      building with a span of 7 meters or less
               ወይ‫ ו‬የ ‫ ُנ‬ወይ‫ ُ ٤ַֹ ו‬ክْ ָ                           between two reinforced concrete, steel or other
               ው ‫א ٤צ‬ካከָ ያֳው      ُ 7 ‫ُה‬                         structural frames or any dwelling house not
               ወይ‫ ו‬ከዚያ ٍ٤ የֲ    ֳ ድ ፎ ׁ ፃ                        exceeding two stories;
               ወይ‫ْ ד ו‬ው‫ ו‬ከ ֳُ ፎ      ٍ٤ የֲ
               የግָ ‫ע א‬ያ ُ ው፤
                                                            7/    “category ‘B’ building” means a building with
        7/     “‫ו‬ድ ‘ ’ ׁ ፃ” ‫ֳُד‬   ֳُ የኮ ክ‫ُע‬                      a span of more than 7 meters between two
               ወይ‫ ו‬የ ‫ ُנ‬ወይ‫ ُ ٤ַֹ ו‬ክْ ָ                           reinforced concrete, steel or other structural
               ው ‫א ٤צ‬ካከָ ያֳው     ُ ከ7 ‫ُה‬                         frames or of two or more stories not covered in
                ֶይ የֲ ወይ‫ ֳُ ֳ ו‬ፎ       ከ ֳُ                      category ‘C’ or a real estate development of
               ፎ   ֶይ የֲ     ‫ו‬ድ ‘ּ’ የ‫ד‬ይ ፈ
                                                                 category ‘A’;
               ׁ ፃ ወይ‫ו ו‬ድ ‘ ’ የ‫אـ‬ደ እ ደ‫ָע‬
                َُ ያֳ የ ِ٤ ָ‫ ُד‬ው፤
                                                            8/     “category ‘C’ building” means any public or
                                                                 institutional building, factory or workshop
        8/     “‫ו‬ድ ‘ּ’ ׁ ፃ” ‫ ֳُד‬የׁዝ ‫א‬ገָገያ
                                                                 building or any building with a height of more
               ወይ‫ ו ـ ו‬ክ ׁ ፃ፣ የፋ ‫ע‬ካ ወይ‫ו‬
               የወ ክ ፕ ׁ ፃ ወይ‫ ו‬ከ‫ ُפא‬እ ከ ‫א‬ጨ
                                                                 than 12 meters;
               ‫ נ‬ው ወֳָ ከፍٍው ከ02 ‫ُה‬  ֶይ የֲ
               ‫ْ ד‬ው‫ ׁ ו‬ፃ ው፤
                                                            9/   “construction” means the construction of a new
        9/     “ግ ٍ” ‫ ֳُד‬ዲ               ׁ ፃ ‫א‬ገ ُ                building or the modification of an existing
                                                                 building or alteration of its use;
               ወይ‫ו‬    ׁ ፃ ‫ד‬              ָ ወይ‫ ו‬ገָ
               ግֹً ‫ֳא‬ወጥ ው፤
                                                            10/ “dangerous building” means a building that is
                                                                 structurally unsafe or constitutes a special
        0/     “ ጊ ׁ ፃ” ‫ ֳُד‬ግ ٍው   ‫דדـ‬
                                                                 fire hazard or health risk;
               ያֲָ ወይ‫ ו‬ከፍ‫ ـ‬ደ‫נ‬ጃ ֳእ ُ ደጋ
               የ‫ـ‬ጋֳጠ ወይ‫ֳ ו‬ጤ   ጠ  የֲ ׁ ፃ
gA            ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R #1   @8 qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 31   6th May, 2009   ….   page   4675
     4 6)&5
                                                         11/ “designated organ” means an organ appointed by the
     01/      “የ‫רـ‬የ‫ א‬ካָ” ‫ ֳُד‬ይֱ ዋጅ ከከ                          concerned Regional State to enforce this
                                                               Proclamation in areas outside of urban centers to
              ‫ דـ‬ክָָ ውጪ ‫ـ‬ፈጻ‫ُ ֲג ג‬
                                                               which this Proclamation is applicable;
              ጊዜ   ዋጁ  እ ዲያ ፈጽ‫ו‬  ክִָ
              የ‫רג‬የ‫ ו‬ካָ ው፤                                12/     “document” means any plan, report, estimate
                                                                 or any other technical presentation required
     02/      “‫ ר‬ድ” ‫ ֳُד‬ከׁ ፃ ዲዛይ  ግ ٍ ጋ                          or prepared in connection with the design and
               ‫ـ‬ያያዘ የ‫ג‬ያ ፈָግ ወይ‫ ו‬የ‫ـ‬ዘጋጀ                            construction of a building;
              ፕֶ ፣ ‫ע‬ፖ ُ፣ የዋጋ ግ‫ ُו‬ወይ‫ד ו‬
              ው‫ ו‬የَክ ክ ጉዳይ የ‫ג‬ያ ‫נ‬ዳ ‫ ר‬ድ ው፤
                                                         13/     “private dwelling building” means a house
                                                                 containing one or more habitable rooms with
     03/      “የግָ ‫ע א‬ያ ׁ ፃ” ‫ ֳ ֳُד‬ድ ‫רـ‬
                                                                 sanitary and cooking facilities for the use of a
               ‫ע א‬ያ ُ የ‫ג‬ያገֳግִ   ድ ወይ‫ ו‬ከ ድ
                                                                 single family and may include any garage
                ֶይ ክፍֹ٤ የ‫א‬ፀዳጃ የ‫ר ד‬ያ ገָግ
               ֹِ٤ ያִُ ֲ     ‫ע א‬ያው ጥ ግ
                                                                 and other domestic outbuildings within its
               ው ጥ የ‫ג‬ገ የ‫א‬ኪ ‫ג ד‬ያ      ֳ‫ע א‬                        site;
               ያ ُ የ‫ג‬ውִ ከዋ ው ُ የ‫ ـ‬ጠִ ክፍֹ
               ٤ ֵጨ‫ ו‬ይ٤ֶָ፤
                                                         14/    “person” means any natural or juridical
     04/      “‫ר‬ው” ‫ ֳُד‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ר צ‬ው ወይ‫ׁ ו‬ግ                           person;
              የ‫ר‬ው ُ ‫ ُ א‬የ‫רـ‬ጠው ካָ ው፤
                                                         15/      “plan” means any drawing or model showing
     05/      “ፕֶ ” ‫ ֳُד‬የ ድ ׁ ፃ ‫א‬ጠ ፣ ዓይ
                                                                 the extent, nature and size of a building and
              ُ    ፋُ እ ዲ ‫ ׁ ו‬ፃው የ‫ُ טג‬
                                                                 the materials and method of assembly to be
                     የ ገ    ዘዴ የ‫ג‬ያ ይ ድፍ                          used, and it may include architectural,
              ወይ‫ז ו‬ዴָ ‫ ֲת‬የ ክَክْ ፣ የ ُ                            structural, sanitary, electrical, mechanical,
                ክْ ፣ የ ‫עـ‬፣ የኤַክُ‫ע‬ካָ፣ የ‫ה‬ካ                         fire protection and other drawings;
               ካָ፣ የእ ُ ‫א‬ከֶከָ የַֹ٤   ዎ٤
               ድፍ ֵያካُُ ይ٤ֶָ፤
                                                         16/      “Regional State” means any regional state
     06/      “ክָָ” ‫ׁ ֳُד‬ገ ‫ א‬ግ ً   ጽ                             established in accordance with Article 47 of
              #7 ‫ ُנטא‬የ‫ א ـ‬ክָָ ‫ ֲת‬የ                              the Constitution of the Federal Democratic
              ዲ      ከ‫ דـ‬እ የድ‫פ‬ዳዋ ከ‫דـ‬                             Republic of Ethiopia and includes the Addis
                ‫ـ‬ዳደ‫ ٤צ‬ይጨ‫ָ ו‬፤                                     Ababa and Dire Dawa city administrations;

                                                         17/     “stop order” means any order given by a
     07/      “የ‫ג ד‬ያ ُዕዛዝ” ‫ֳُד‬     ድ የׁ
                                                                 building officer or by a building inspector to
               ፃ ግ ٍ ٍ የ‫ג‬ካְድ       እ ዲ                           discontinue activities on a building
              ‫נ‬ጥ ወይ‫ ו‬እ ዲ ‫ ׁ ו‬ፃ ‫ ו‬ወይ‫ו‬                             construction site;
               ׁ ፃ ‫ ـ‬ጣጣ‫ ע‬የ‫רג‬ጥ ُዕዛዝ ው፤
                                                         18/      “story” means that part of a building which is
     08/      “ፎ ” ‫ֳُד‬   ֳُ ወֳֹ٤ ‫א‬ካከָ                            situated between the top of any floor and the
              ወይ‫ ו‬ከֶይ ֶַ ወֳָ ከֳַ ወֳִ                             top of the floor next above it, or if there is no
               ኰ     ‫ ָ א‬ያֳው የׁ ፃ ክፍָ                            floor above it that portion between such floor
               ው፤                                                and the ceiling;

     09/      “የከ‫דـ‬  ‫ـ‬ዳደ ” ‫ׁ ֳُד‬ግ ወይ‫ו‬                    19/    “urban administration” means an organ to
               ‫ֳאג‬ከ‫ـ‬ው ‫ א‬ግ ٍዊ ካָ ውክ                              which powers and duties of administering an
              ָ የከ‫דـ‬    ‫ـ‬ዳደ   ָጣ   ‫ـ‬ግ                           urban center have been given by law or
                 የ‫רـ‬ጠው ካָ ው፤                                    delegated by the concerned government
     !/       “ከ‫ד ֳُד ”דـ‬ዘጋጃ  ُ የ‫א ـ‬                     20/      “urban center” means any locality having a
               ُ ወይ‫2 ו‬  ወይ‫ ו‬ከዚያ ֶይ የׁ                           municipal administration or a population size
                                                                of 2,000or more inhabitants, or which at least
              ዝ   ጥ ያֳው ከዚֱ ው ጥ ያ   $
                                                                50% of its labour force has, primarily,
               ‫ ِא‬የ‫ ֲג‬ው የ‫ר‬ው ٪ይָ ከግ
                                                                engaged in non –agricultural activities.
              ውጭ ֲ       የ‫ ֲ דרـ‬የ‫ג‬ገ
gA        4¹þ7)(7   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %6   # qqN 2 1 ›.M        Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 56   6th August, 2009 …. page   4797

     2$     TRÙ»                                              2. Definitions

                                                                   1/   “Aid in kind” means any assistance received
            1/ "b›YnT yts- XRĬ" ¥lT yØÁ‰L                              by the Federal Government under a bilateral
               mNG|T kgNzB l@§ b:” wYM                                  or multilateral agreement, or from other
               bxgLGlÖT mLK bh#lT wYM bÆlBz#                            sources, that is received in the form of goods
               wgN SMMnT wYM kl@lÖC MNôC                                or services or any other form other than
               y¸qblW ¥ÂcWM XRĬ nW፤                                    money;
            2/ "¥}dQ" ¥lT kt-”llW fND §Y                           2/   “Approval” means any authorization of the
               lmKfL y¸ÃSCL b?ZB twµ×C                                  House of Peoples’ Representatives to pay
               MKR b@T y¸s_ ¥ÂcWM |LÈN nW፤                              money out of the Consolidated Fund;
            3/ “‫א‬ፍ ድ” ¥lT b?ZB twµ×C MKR                           3/   "Appropriation" means the endorsement by
               b@T yidqW bjT |‰ §Y XNÄ!WL                               the Minister of the budget allocation based on
               k¸n!ST„ y¸g" Yh#N¬ nW፤                                   the budget approved by the House of People's

            4/ "yµpE¬L wÀ" ¥lT ̸ hBT l¥F                          4/   “Capital Expenditure” means an outlay for
               ‰T wYM l¥ššL wÀ y¸drG gNzB                               the acquisition of or improvements to fixed
               s!çN l|L-½ lMKR xgLGlÖT X                              assets, and includes expenditures made for
               lMRMR y¸drgWN wÀ Y=M‰L፤                                  training , consultancy services and research;

            5/ "yt-”ll fND" ¥lT bz!H xêJ m\rT                      5/   “Consolidated Fund” means all public moneys that
               b¥ÂcWM ymNG|T m ‫ע‬ያ b@T SM b¸n!                           are on deposit at the credit of any public body
               St&„ btkftW yÆNK £œB WS_ gb! የtd                         where the bank account has been opened by the
               rg ymNG|T gNzB½ ymNG|T m ‫ע‬ያ                              Ministry under this Proclamation; all public
               b@èC lKFÃ XNÄ!WL b_Ê gNzB yÃz#T                          moneys held in cash by any public body pending
               XNÄ!h#M b›YnT ytgß XRĬ nW፤                              disbursement; and all aid in kind;

            6/ "GÁ¬" ¥lT bWL½ bSMMnT wYM                           6/   “Commitment” means an obligation that
               b?G ytmlkt$T h#n@¬ãC s!àl# y¸f                           becomes a liability if and when the terms of
               -R `§ðnT nW፤                                             existing contracts, agreements or laws are
            7/ "KFÃ" ¥lT bt-”llW fND WS_                           7/   “Disbursement” means the release of any
               ytqm-WN ymNG|T gNzB ltfq                                 public money from the consolidated fund to
               dlT ymNG|T m|¶Ã b@T wYM l@§                              the public body or any other organ to which
               xµL ¥St§lF nW፤                                           the budget is approved;

            8/ “ወጪ” ¥lT ymNG|T m ‫ע‬ያ b@èC                           8/   "Expenditure" means payment made to a
               bgb#T WL wYM ÆlÆcW yKFà GÁ¬                              person or organization who has the right to
               m\rT ktfqd§cW bjT §Y gNzb#N                              receive such payments in accordance with the
               ymqbL mBT §lW sW wYM DRJT                                contract entered into by the public body or
               wÀ xDRgÖ mKfL nW፤                                        any other obligation to pay;

            9/ "mNG|T" ¥lT             yx!T×ùà   ØÁ‰ָ              9/   “Government”     means                the       Federal
               mNG|T nW፤                                                Government of Ethiopia;

            0/ "ybjT ›mT" ¥lT k/Ml@ 1            XSk sn@         10/    “Fiscal Year” means the period beginning
               " qN ÃlW g!z@ nW፤                                        Hamle 1st and ending Sene 30th of the
                                                                        Ethiopian calender;
gA    4¹þ7)(8   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %6   # qqN 2 1 ›.M     Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 56   6th August, 2009 …. page   4798

     01/ "yCé¬ g!z@´ ¥lT ÆlfW ybjT ›mT                    11/    “Grace Period” means the thirty (30) days
         ktkÂwn yµpE¬L PéjKT UR btÃÃz                            commencing Hamle 1 of the Ethiopian calendar
         yqrbW yKFÃ _Ãq& µlfW ›mT                                during which invoices received for activities of a
                                                                 capital project carried out in the previous fiscal
         yµpE¬L bjT §Y y¸kfLbT k/Ml@ 1
                                                                 year shall be paid from the previous fiscal year’s
         qN jMé ÃlW y# qÂT g!z@ nW፤
                                                                 capital budget appropriation;

     02/   «t=¥¶ bjT´ ¥lT bbjT ›mt$                       12/    “Supplementary Budget” means a budget
           lmNG|T |‰ãC ¥Sfi¸Ã ytf                                approved in situations where the revenue budget
           qdW ygb! bjT bqE úYçN s!qR wYM                        appropriated for activities of the Government to be
           bbjT ›mt$ ¾¨Ü bjT ÃLtfqdlT                            carried out in a fiscal year is not sufficient or
           ymNG|T |‰ b¥U-Ñ wYM ytf                               where a budget is required for an activity of the
           qdW ywÀ bjT bqE Ælmçn# MKNÃT                          Government to which budget is not appropriated
           y¸fqD bjT nW፤                                         or where the expenditure budget appropriated for
                                                                 an activity is not sufficient;

     03/   "¸n!STR XÂ ¸n!St&R" ¥lT XNd                    13/    “Minster or Ministry” means the Minister of
                                                                 Finance and Economic Development or the
           QdM tktl# ygygNzB x!÷ñ¸ L¥T
                                                                 Ministry of Finance and Economic
           ¸n!STR X ygNzB x!÷ñ¸ L¥T
                                                                 Development respectively;
           ¸n!St&R nW፤
                                                          14/    “Other Receivables” means any amount
     04/   "l@lÖC tsBúb! £œïC" ¥lT kGBR
                                                                 owing to the Federal Government other than
           XÂ bGBR §Y ktÈl mqÅ bStqR
                                                                 a tax or penalty on tax;
           lØÁ‰L mNG|T l!kfL y¸gÆ ¥Â
           cWM gNzB nW፤
                                                          15/    “Public Body” means any organ of the
     05/   "ymNG|T m|¶Ã b@T" ¥lT ¥N¾
                                                                 Federal Government which is partly or
           WM bkðL wYM Ñl# bÑl# bmNG                             wholly financed by Government allocated
           |T bjT y¸tÄdR yØÁ‰L mNG|T                             budget;
           m|¶Ã b@T nW፤

     06/   "ymNG|T gNzB" ¥lT ¸n!ST„ wYM                   16/    “Public Money” means all money belonging
           ¥N¾WM yØÁ‰L mNG|T Æl|LÈN                              to the Federal Government received or
           wYM ¥N¾WM bØÁ‰L mNG|T SM                              collected (or receivable) by the Minister or
           gNzB lmqbL wYM lmsBsB |LÈN                            by any official of the Federal Government or
           yts-W sW ytqblW wYM ysbsbW                            by any person authorized to receive and
           (wYM btsBúb!nT yÃzW) ¥ÂcWM                            collect such money on behalf of the Federal
           yØÁ‰L mNG|T gNzB s!çN y¸kt                            Government and includes:
           l#TN Y=M‰L፡-

           h¼ yØÁ‰L mNG|T L† £œïC X                             a)    special funds of the Federal Government
              kXnz!h# y¸g" gb!½                                        and the income and revenue from them;
                                                                 b) revenues of the Federal Government;
           l¼   yØÁ‰L mNG|T gb!ãC½
                                                                 c) money       raised   by     the     Federal
           /¼ yØÁ‰L mNG|T yêST snìCN
                                                                    Government by the issuance and sale of
              b¥WÈTÂ bm¹_ y¸sbSbW gN
           m¼    yØÁ‰L mNG|T wYM ¥ÂcWM                           d) money received by the Federal
                ymNG|T m ‫ע‬ያ b@T bÆlh#lT wgN                         Government or any public body as loans
                wYM bÆlBz# wgN SMMnT wYM                            or as assistance under bilateral or
                kl@lÖC MNôC bBDR wYM bXRĬ                          multilateral agreements or from other
                y¸ÃgßW gNzB½ እ                                      sources; and
                                                                 e)    aid in kind.
           \¼     b›YnT y¸g" XRĬÝÝ
gA   4¹þ7)(9      ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %6   # qqN 2 1 ›.M     Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 56   6th August, 2009 …. page   4799

     07/       "ymNG|T NBrT" ¥lT kmNG|T                     17/    “Public Property” means all property, except
               gNzB X mÊT bStqR bØÁ‰L                             public money and land, belonging to the
               mNG|T Ælb@TnT |R yçn ¥ÂcWM                          Federal Government;
               NBrT nW፤

     08/       "MHrT" ¥lT GBRN፣ mqÅN wYM                    18/    “Remission” means the discharge or release
               l@lÖC tsBúb! £œïCN m¥R wYM nÚ                       from taxes, penalties or other receivables due
               ¥DrG nW፤                                            to the Federal Government;

     09/       ":Ä m\rZ" ¥lT yØÁ‰L mNG|T                    19/    “Write-off” means the cancellation from the
               tsBúb! £œïCN፤ GÁ¬ãCN wYM                            books of accounts, of receivables or
               l@lÖC yYgƾL _Ãq&ãCN k£œB mZgB                      obligations due to the Federal Government or
               m\rZ nW፤                                            any claims by the Federal Government;

      !/       "yêSTÂ snD" ¥lT yÍYÂNS ”L k!ÄN               20/    “Security” means something given or
               wYM yÍYÂNS GÁ¬N lmf[M y¸s_                          pledged to secure a financial promise or a
               wYM y¸ÃZ ¥N¾WM snD s!çN½ yGM©                       financial obligation and includes a treasury
               b@T snDN ytSÍ snDNÂ ïNDN Y=M‰L፤                     bill, a note or a bond;

     !1/       "y_¶T fND ¼s!Nk!NG fND¼" ¥lT brJM            21/    “Sinking Fund” means a fund invested to
               g!z@ XNÄ!mlS ytwsdN BDR lmKfL ̸                    repay a long-term debt, replace fixed assets
               NBrèCN lmtµT wYM y¸n!STéC MKR                       or for any other public purpose determined
               b@T    b¸ÃwÈW    dNB  l¸wSnW   l@§
               ¥ÂcWM ›§¥ XNÄ!WL y¸drG gNzB nW፤
                                                                   by regulation issued by the Council of
     !2/ "ybjT DUF" ¥lT yØÁ‰L mNG|T                         22/    “Budget Subsidy” means the annual
                                                                   budgetary amount provided by the Federal
         K¡MM S”ÓYƒ y¸s-W ›m¬êE
                                                                   Government to Regional Governments;
         ybjT DUF nW፤
                                                            23/    “Budget Transfer” means the authorized
     !3/ "ybjT ZWWR" ¥lT kxND SY]Á
                                                                   movement of funds in an approved budget
         u?ƒ' xR:ST½ N;#S xR:ST½ y£œB                              from one public body, head, subhead, project
         mdB wYM Ÿ›”É PéjKT wdl@§ y¸                               or item to another;
         drG ytfqd ybjT ZWWR nW፤
                                                            24/    “Special Purpose” means an activity of the
     !4/       "ytly ›§¥" ¥lT b?G bts- |LÈN                        Federal Government which in accordance
               m\rT tlYè b¸ÃZ ymNG|T gNzB                          with legislative authority is carried out by
               y¸kÂwN yØÁ‰L mNG|T tGÆR                             earmarked public money;
                                                            25/    “Internal Audit” is an independent and
     !5/       “yWS_ åÄ!T” ¥lT lmNG|T m|¶Ã b@T                     objective assurance and consulting activity
               t=¥¶ Xs@T b¸f_R X ymNG|T
                                                                   designed to add value and improve an
               m|¶Ã b@t$N y|‰      XNQS”s@ ¥ššL
               b¸ÃSCL xµ*“N y¸qr} nÉ X glLt¾                      organizations operations which helps an
               yçn ¥rUgÅ XÂ yMKR xgLGlÖT ymS-T                     organization accomplish its objectives by
               tGÆR     s!çN½ }ÒLß’ƒ   y¸¬YÆcWN                    bringing in a systematic and disciplined
               XNQS”s@ãC b¸gÆ lmM‰T½ lmöÈ-R                        approach to evaluate the effectiveness of risk
               XÂ l¥StÄdR ytzrUWN y|‰ £dT W-@                      management, control and governance
               ¬¥nT lmgMgM b¸ÃSCL SLT X                           process;
               Ä!s!Pl!N Xytm‰ m|¶Ã b@t$ ›§¥WN GB
               XNÄ!ÃdRS y¸ÃGZ nW፤
gA   4¹þ8)      ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %6   # qqN 2 1 ›.M     Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 56   6th August, 2009 …. page   4800

     !6/     «yWS_ q$__R´ ¥lT h#l#N y¸ÄSS y|‰             26/ “Internal Control” means an integral process
             £dT s!çN½ bmNG|T m|¶Ã b@T y|‰                     that is effected by a public body’s
             xm‰R X \‰t®C tfɸ y¸çN½                          management and personnel, designed to
             }ÒLß’ƒ” lmöÈ-R XNÄ!h#M ¸²ÂêE yçn
                                                               address risks and to provide reasonable
             ¥rUgÅ lmS-T b¸ÃSCL xµ*“N y¸qr}
             X ymNG|T m|¶Ã b@t$N tL:÷ kGB                     assurance that is the pursuit of the public
             l¥DrS y¸ÃSCL |R›T nW፤                             body’s mission;

     !7/ #Ÿu˃ uLà ¾}Å[Ñ ¨Ü$ TKƒ                          27/    “Excess Expenditure” means expenditure in
         ŸìÅk¨< “ Ÿ}ðkŨ< u˃ ¨ÃU uu˃                          excess of the budget approved or
         ´¨<¨<` Ÿ}SÅu¨< ¾Ñ”²w SÖ” uLà                            appropriated or the budget allocated through
         ¨Ü TÉ[Ó ’¨<፤                                            budget transfer;

     !8/ #¾}ÖnKK H>Xw$ TKƒ ¾S”ÓYƒ                         28/    "Consolidated Account" means the Federal
         Ñ”²w Ñu=“ ¨Ü ¾T>Å[Ñuƒ ¾S”ÓYƒ                            Government treasury account through which
         H>Xw ’¨<፤                                               public money is received and disbursements and
                                                                 expenditures are made;

     !9/ «ymNG|T :Ä´ ¥lT yØÁ‰l# mNG                       29/    "Public Debt" means domestic and foreign
         |T kxgR WS_Â kW+ xgR bq_¬                               borrowings of the Federal Government by the
         bmbdR wYM bêSTÂ snìC x¥µ"nT                             issuance of direct advances and sale of
         ywsdW BDR wYM êSTÂ ygÆbT                                securities as well as guarantees issued by the
         GÁ¬ nW፤                                                 Federal Government;

     "/      «bq_¬ mbdR´ ¥lT bêSTÂ snìC                   30/    "Direct Advance" means borrowing made by
             x¥µ"nT úYçN kxbĶW UR b¸drG                         entering into a loan agreement with the
             yBDR SMMnT gNzB bBDR mWsD                           lender and not by issuing securities;
                                                          31/    "Regional Governments" means member states of
     "1/     «¾¡Mָ S”ÓYƒ´ ¥lT      ُዮጵያ ፌዴ
                                                                 the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia listed
             ֶዊ ዲ‫ז‬ክ ‫ת‬ያዊ ‫ע‬ፐ ֵክ QÑ-S”ÓYት ›”kê
                                                                 under Article 47 of the Constitution of the Federal
             #7 ¾}²[²\ƒ ¾›=ƒÄåÁ ôÈ^L© Ç=V¡^c=
                                                                 Democratic Republic Ethiopia and for purposes of
             Á© ]øwK=¡   ָ ክָֹ٤ c=J’<' K²=I ›ªÏ                  this Proclamation it includes the Addis Ababa and
             ›ðíìU ¾É_Ǫ “ ¾›Ç=e ›uv Ÿ}T
                                                                 Dire Dawa City administrations;
             ›e}ÇÅa‹” ÃÚU^M፤

     "2// “‫ר‬ው” ‫ ֳُד‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ר צ‬ው ወይ‫ו‬                   ׁግ
                                                          32/    “Person” means a natural or juridical person.
          የ‫ר‬ው ُ ‫ ُ א‬የ‫רـ‬ጠው ካָ ው፡፡
gA        4¹þ8)#4   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R %8    @2 qqN 2 1 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 58 28th August, 2009 ….   page   4844

     2.    ُ ጓ‫ה‬                                             2. Definitions

            ዚֱ ዋጅ ው ጥ የ ִ               ገ     ֶַ ُ ጉ‫ו‬            In this Proclamation unless the context requires
           የ‫ג‬ያ‫ר‬ጠው ካֲָ   ‫ـ‬                ፡-                      otherwise:

                                                                 1) “ Regional State” means a Regional State
           1/ "ክָָ" ‫ֳُד‬    ُዮጵያ                ፌዴ ֶዊ                 member of the federation established in
              ዲ‫ז‬ክ ‫ת‬ያዊ ‫ע‬ፐ ֵክ ׁገ                 ‫ א‬ግ ُ                 accordance with Article 47 of the
                 ፅ  #7    ‫ُנטא‬                 የ‫א ـ‬                  Constitution of the Federal Democratic
              የፌዴ‫פ‬     ָ ክָָ ‫ֳُד‬               ው፤                    Republic of Ethiopia;

           2/ "የከ‫ـ א דـ‬ዳደ " ‫ ֳُד‬የ ዲ                              2) “Administrative City” means the Administ-
              ከ‫ـ א דـ‬ዳደ ወይ‫ ו‬የድ‫פ‬ደዋ ከ‫דـ‬                                rative City of Addis Ababa        or the
              ‫ـ א‬ዳደ ‫ ֳُד‬ው፤                                           Administrative City of Dire Dawa;

                                                                 3) “Person” means a natural or juridical person;
           3/ "‫ר‬ው" ‫ ֳُד‬የ‫ـ‬ፈጥ‫ר צ‬ው ወይ‫ׁ ו‬ግ
              የ‫ר‬ው ُ ‫ ُ א‬የ‫רـ‬ጠው ካָ ው፤
                                                                 4) “On the Right” means on the extreme right
           4/ " ‫ֳُד " ـ‬  ድ ‫ר‬ው ፊً ወደ ‫אـ‬
                                                                     with reference to the direction of a person
              ָካ٤   ጣጫ ‫ד‬ድ‫נ‬ግ ‫ ר‬ደ  ዓֶ‫ד‬ዎ٤
                                                                     standing in the line of flags facing
               ‫ ُ ב ג‬ወይ‫ ُ ִ רג ו‬ወይ‫ִ ו‬
               ُ ‫ ו ת ָ א א א‬የ‫נ ג‬ው የ
              እጅ  ጣጫ ‫ ֳُד‬ው።
 gA   4¹þ3)@4   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^4 ‫٭‬ዳ   !5 qqN 2 1   ›.M    Federal Negarit Gazeta No. .64 4th December, 2008…. page    4324

2.    TRÙ»                                                      2.   Definition

      y”l# xgÆB l@§ TRg#M የ‫ג‬ያ‫ר‬ጠው ካֲָ                                 In this proclamation unless the context requires
      ue}k` bz!H xêJ WS_Ý-                                           otherwise:

      1/   "ymg¾ Bz#¦N" ¥lT u¾ጊ²?¨< ¾T>                             1/ “Mass Media” means printed matter that
           ¨Ö< IƒS„‹”“ waɵeè‹” ¾T>Á                                    includes periodicals and broadcasters
           µƒƒ ¾IƒSƒ ^ ’¨<፡፡

      2/   "yHTmT ‰" ¥lT mg¾ Bz#¦NN XN                             2/ “Printed Matter” means all material intended
           Ä!h#M lHZB XNÄ!dRs# ¬SbW y¸s‰Œ                               for public distribution, including mass media
           yÑz!” S‰ãCN# ¾*Ç=Ä' ¾y=¸ªM ¨ÃU                               but also other printed material–including
           ¾*Ç=Äy=»ªM ^−‹”½     e°KA‹”'  tW                             musical works, plays, pictures, cartoons,
           n@èC”½ µRt$ñC”½ mAhFTN# b‰¶ {h#                              books, pamphlets, posters and commercial
           æC”½ ðLäC” ½ ±StéC”# yNGD ¥S¬                                advertisings as well as audio, visual and
           wqEÃãC”፣ የዜ     ገָግֹُ      ¥N¾WM                             audiovisual recordings, motion pictures and
           xYnT l@lÖC HTmèCN የ‫ג‬ያካُُ ‫ ֲת‬፤                                the likes, excluding;

            /     ֱግ  ውጪ፣ ዳ ُ     ׁግ                                       a) official printed matters, notices, minutes,
                 ፈፃ‫ג‬   ካֶُ ٍُ‫א‬ው የ‫ג‬ወጡ                                          reports, and decisions of legislative,
                 ይፋዊ ‫א‬ግֳጫዎ٤ ፣ ‫ٍ ד‬ወ ያ                                          judicial or executive organs; or
                 ዎ٤ ፣   ֳ ጉ ኤዎ٤ ፣ ‫ע‬ፖ ِ
                 ٤ ወይ‫ ו‬ው ዎ٤ ፣ ወይ‫ו‬

           ֳ/     ֳ ግድ    ֳُ  ፖ ُ፣ ֳ ُ                                     b) materials only intended for the purpose
                 ው ጥ ገָግֹُ ֳ‫ ֱד‬ዊ ጉዳ                                           of commerce and transport, domestic
                 ዮ٤ ٍ ው የ‫ בـٍג‬ፎ ‫ ٤ז‬፣                                          and social life, such as forms ,price lists ,
                 የዋጋ ‫ ר‬ጠ‫נ‬ዦ٤ ፤ የ ግድ የ ‫ـ‬                                        printed advertising matter, family
                 ‫ٍ ד ר‬ወ ያዎ٤ ፣ ፓ ُ ካ ዶ                                         advertisements, post cards, pictorial
                                                                              reproductions, annual business and
                 ٤ ፣ ‫ ـ‬ዝ‫ـ‬ው የ‫ ג‬ጡ እֹ٤ ፣
                                                                              administrative reports, as well as election
                 የ ግድ     ‫ـ‬ዳደ  ‫ٍא‬ዊ ‫ע‬ፖ
                 ِ٤ ወይ‫ ו‬የ‫ ו‬ጫ ‫ ר‬ዶ٤ ፣

      3/   "byg!z@W y¸wÈ HTmT" ¥lT ›”É                               3/    “Periodical” means printed material which is
           ̸ Sû bmÃZ btwsn yg!z@ KFtT                                    scheduled to appear in regular sequences of
           úYÌr_ btk¬¬Y    XNÄ!wÈ   ¬Qì                                    at least twice a year, which has a fixed title
           u=Á”S u¯Sƒ h#lT Ñ>²? ¾T>}U\                                    and which has a general distribution aimed at
           ›ÖnLà e`߃ ÁK¨<“ uÖpLL¨<
                                                                           the entire public or a section thereof, and
           Iw[}cw ¨ÃU u›”É b}¨cn ¾I´w                                      includes newspapers and magazines.
           ¡õM ”Ç=’uw ex ¾T>c^ß Ò²?Ù
           ‹”“ SîH@„‹” ¾T>Áµƒƒ y?TmT
           |‰ nWÝÝ
                                                                     4/ “Broadcaster” means a body which disseminates
      4/ "BéDµStR" ¥lT yGL wYM ymNGST
                                                                         broadcast programming, including through
          ድ ጅُ      WSÈêE GNß#nèCN y¥ÃµTT                               terrestrial transmitters, cable or satellite, for public
          MDR lM DR xSt§§ð T‰NS¸téCN፣                                    consumption and for simultaneous reception,
          k@BlÖCN út§YTN bmsִ ¥s‰ÅãC                                    whether or not by subscription, through a radio
          x¥µYnT bÊ D× wYM bt&l@v!ዥN                                     and/or television broadcast receiver or other
          yBéDµST mLXKT mqbÃãC wYM                                       related electronic equipment, but does not include
          bl@§ x@l@KTén!KS mqb ÃãC x¥µYnT                                communications internal to a private organization
          bKFÃ    wYM     ÃlKFÃ   yBé DkST                               or a government body.
          PéG‰äCN        bxND gþz@ HZB XNÄ!
          ÃdMÈcW እ         XNÄþmlk¬cW wYM
          XNÄ!s¥cW y¸ÃS‰+ sW ¥lT nW፡፡
gA   4¹þ3)@5   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^4 ‫٭‬ዳ   !5 qqN 2 1   ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. .64 4th December, 2008…. page   4325

     5/    "ymNGST xµL" ¥lT bØd‰L wY‫ו‬                              5/     “Public Body” means any body established
          bKLL ?gmNGST wYM bl@§ ?G msrT                                  under the Federal Constitution or state
          ytÌÌm wYM bØd‰L wYM bKLL                                       constitution or any other law which forms
          mNGS¬T mêQR WS_ byT¾WM XRkN
          §Y y¸g" wYM bØd‰L wYM bKLL                                     part of any level or branch of the federal or
          mNGS¬T yÆlb@TnT Yø¬ SR y¸g"                                    regional state or owned, controlled or directly
          wYM ên¾ yÍYÂNS MNŒN bq_¬ wYM                                   or indirectly substantially financed by funds
          btzêê¶ knz!h# xµ§T y¸Ãg" wYM t-                                provided by the federal or regional
          ¶nt$ lØd‰L wYM lKLL mNGST yçn                                  governments or accountable to the federal or
          ¥N¾WM xµL ¥lT nW ÝÝ                                            regional states

     6/ "mr©" ¥lT b¥ÂcWM xYnT QR}                                  6/ “Information” means any material recorded
        ytqÂbr T”—¨<U c’É TKƒ ’¨<ÝÝ                                   in any form.
                                                                   7/ “Record” means regardless of who created it
     7/   "snD" ¥lT b¥N¾WM xµL b¥N                                    or when it was created, any recorded
          ¾WM gþz¤ የ‫ـ‬ፈጠ‫ נ‬wYM ytzUj                                    information in the possession and under the
          bþçNM bmNGST xµL Yø¬Â qÜ__R                                 control of a public body and includes:
          SR y¸gŸ”-
                                                                         a)   any document, file or manuscript;
          h¼    ¥N¾WNM mZgB' ÍYL½ bXJ
                wYM b¥>N ytÚf rqEQ½
                                                                         b) any microfilm, microfiche or facsimile;
          l¼     ¥N¾WNM ¥YKé ðLM½ Tá
                að   XÂ bx@l@KTén!KS zÁ
                ywÈ ymZgB GLÆ+½
                                                                         c)   any reproduction of images embodied in
          /¼    y¯l# b!çn#M ÆYçn#M½ ¥N¾WM                                     microfilms, whether enlarged or not:
                bnz!H ¥YKéðLäC WS_ Ãl#
                MSlÖC QJ ½                                               d)   any other information which may be
                                                                              watched,read, listened to or otherwise
          m¼    b÷MP†tR wYM bl@§ u¥N¾WM                                       comprehended only using a computer or
                mú]à bm¬gZ y¸¬†½ y¸n                                          any other technical device; or
                bb#½ y¸dm-# wYM y¸¬wq$
                mr©ãCN wYM                                               e)   any other information recorded in           any
                                                                              other form or medium.
          ¿¼    b¥N¾WM xYnT QR} wYM y¥
                St§lðà zÁ y¸g"# ‫ ד‬ው ‫ו‬
                ‫נא‬ጃ ያካָٍُ፡፡                                        8/ “Personal Information” means information
                                                                      about an identifiable individual,including,
     8/ “የግֳ‫ר‬     ‫נא‬ጃ” ‫ֳـ ֳُד‬ይِ የ‫ٍג‬ወ                                  but not limited to
         ግֳ‫ר‬      የ‫ֳאג‬ከُ ֲ :-
                                                                         a) information relating to the medical,
           /     የግֳ‫ר‬   የֱክ‫ ו‬፣ የُ‫ُ ֱו‬                                       educational or the academic, employ-
                ወይ‫ ו‬የ ካዳ‫ג‬ክ፣ የ      ገָግ                                      ment , professional or criminal history,
                ֹُ፣ የ‫ב‬ያ፣ የወ ጀָ ٍ‫ע‬ኩ የ‫ג‬                                       of the individual or information relating
                ‫ֳא‬ከُ ‫נא‬ጃ     ወይ‫ ו‬ግֳ‫ר‬                                        to financial transactions in which the
                ያደ‫נ‬ጋ ْው   የ ግድ ግ    ِ٤                                      individual has been involved;
                የ‫ ֳאג‬ከً ‫נא‬ጃዎ٤ ፣ ወይ‫ו‬
                                                                         b) information relating to the ethinic,
                                                                            national or social origin,age, pregnancy,
          ֳ/    የግֳ‫ר‬   ዘ ፣ ‫ ׀‬፣ ‫ֱד‬  ዊ ‫ו‬
                                                                            maritial status colour, sexual orientation,
                ጩ ፣ እድ‫ה‬፣ እ ግዝ ፣ የጋ ٢
                  ٍ፣ የ ዳ ֳ‫ ב‬፣ የፍُወُ ዝ
                                                                            ,physical or mental health, well-being,
                ַው ፣ ካֶዊ    እ‫ צו‬ዊ ጤ ً ፣                                     disability, religion, belief, conscience,
                የጤ     ً   ጉድֳِ٠ ፣ ይ‫ד‬                                       culture, language or birth of the
                ً ፣ እ‫ ً ו‬፣ ֱֵ ው ፣  ֱִ ፣                                     individual;
                   ው ፣ ָደً የ‫ֳאג‬ከُ ‫נא‬ጃ ፣
gA   4¹þ3)@6        ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^4 ‫٭‬ዳ   !5 qqN 2 1   ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. .64 4th December, 2008…. page   4326

           ּ/        የግֳ‫ר‬   የ‫ֳא‬ያ ጥ‫٤צ‬፣ ‫ָו‬ክ                                     c)   information relating to any identifying
                     ِ٤ ወይ‫ֳא ֶַ ו‬ያዎ٤፣ ድ                                            number, symbol or other particular
                      ው ፣     ው ወይ‫ ו‬የደ‫ב‬                                            assigned to the individual, the address,
                      ይ ُ የ‫ֳאג‬ከُ ‫נא‬ጃ ፣ ወይ‫ו‬                                         fingerprints or blood type of the
           ‫/א‬         ֳֶַ ግֳ‫ ר‬ወይ‫ ֶַ ו‬ግֳ‫ר‬
                                                                              d) the personal opinions. views or
                     የ‫ד‬እ‫נ‬ግ እድገُ፣ ָ‫ ُד‬ወይ‫ו‬
                                                                                 preferences of the individual, except
                     የገ ዘ   ድጋፍ እ ዲያገ    ‫נ‬
                                                                                 where they are about another individual
                          ֶይ ‫ר‬ጣْው    ‫ـ‬ያየِ٤፣                                      or about a proposal for a grant, an award
                      ‫ֳא‬ካከِ٤ ወይ‫ ד ו‬ጭ      ٤                                      or a prize to be made to another
                     ው ጥ የ‫ד‬ይካ‫ ًـ‬የግָ     ‫ـ‬ያየ                                      individual;
                     ِ٠ ፣    ٠ ወይ‫ ו ו‬ጫዎ٠
                     የ‫ֳאג‬ከً ‫נא‬ጃዎ٤ ፣ ወይ‫ו‬

           ‫ /ט‬የ        ‫ـ‬ያየُ ‫ר‬ጭው ‫ ו‬የ‫ـ‬ወገደ ُ                                     e)     the views or opinions of another
                     ግֳ‫ר‬    የ‫ֳאג‬ከً ወይ‫ ו‬ግֳ‫ר‬                                         individual about a proposal for a grant,
                     የገ ዘ   ድጋፍ፣    ָ‫ ُד‬ወይ‫ו‬                                        an award or a prize to be made to the
                     የ‫ד‬እ‫נ‬ግ እድገُ እ ዲያገ      ‫נ‬                                       individual, but excluding the name of the
                          ֶይ ֶַ ግֳ‫ר‬    የ‫ר‬ጣْው                                       other individual where it appears with
                     የግָ     ‫ـ‬ያየِ٤፣   ‫ֳא‬ካከِ٤                                       the views or opinions of the other
                     ወይ‫ו‬     ‫ ד‬ጭ      ٤   የያዘ                                      individual;
                     ‫נא‬ጃ ፣ ወይ‫ו‬

           ‫/נ‬       ֶַ ‫ר‬ው ֳግֳ‫ ר‬ያֳው                   ‫ֳא‬ካ
                                                                              f)     the views or opinions of another
                    ከُ ወይ‫ ו‬የ‫ר‬ጠው                     ‫ـ‬ያየُ
                                                                                   individual about the individual or,
                    የያዘ ‫נא‬ጃ ፣ ወይ‫ו‬
                                                                              g)    the name of the individual where it
           ‫/ר‬       ግֳ‫ר‬    ‫ֳאג‬ከً ግֶዊ ‫נא‬ጃዎ٤                                         appears with other personal information
                     ጋ  የ‫ـ‬ያዘው    ወይ‫א ו‬ግֳፁ                                          relating to the individual or where the
                       ‫ ש‬ግֳ‫ ר‬ዊ ‫נא‬ጃ    የ‫א‬ግֳጽ                                        disclosure of the name itself would
                     ውጤُ ֵያ ከָُ የ‫ ָ٤ג‬የግֳ                                           reveal information about the individual,
                     ‫ר‬    ‫ ו‬የያዘ ‫נא‬ጃ ፣ የ‫ג‬ያካ
                     ُُ ‫ֲת‬   ‫ו ו‬     ٍ ከ‫! ـז‬                                 but excluding information about a person who
                     ዓ‫ ُא‬የ‫ֶז‬ው ግֳ‫ר‬    የ‫ֳאג‬ከُ                                  passed away before 20 years,
                     ‫נא‬ጃ ግ   ያካُُ‫ו‬፡፡

     9/    "îSt¾ wgN " ¥lT kmr© «ÃqEW                                  9/     “Third Party”, means any person other than
           WÀ wYM mr©WN kt«yqW ymN                                            the requester or the public body to which the
           GST xµL Wu yçn ¥N¾WM sW                                            request is made and includes a foreign
           wYM ¥N¾WM ymNG T xµL ¥lT                                           government, organization , an international
           sþçN# yWÀ hgR mNG TN፣ ‫ א‬ግ                                          organization or an organ of that government
                                                                              or organization
             ٍዊ ካָ ፣ ድ ጅُ ወይ‫וֳ ו‬
              ፍ ድ ጅُ ወይ‫ ו‬ካָ ያካָٍُ፡፡
                                                                       10/     “Hostile or Subversive Activities” means:
      0/   "y«§T             yx¥™þÃN     XNQSÝs¤ãC"
                                                                              a)   aggression against the country;
               h/     bhg¶tÜ §Y         ytÝÈ         ywr‰
                                                                              b) any act of sabotage or terrorism aimed at
               l/      bhg¶tÜ wYM bHZbù wYM                                      the people or a strategic interest of the
                       bhg¶tÜ ST‰t½©þµêE _QäC §Y                                 country whether inside or outside the
                       ÃnÈ«„ yWS_ wYM yWÀ                                        country;
                       yxš_R ወይ‫ ו‬y>BR tGƉT#
gA    4¹þ3)@7    ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^4 ‫٭‬ዳ   !5 qqN 2 1   ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. .64 4th December, 2008…. page   4327

                ¼/   Hg mNGS¬êE SR›tÜN b`YL                                c)   any activity aimed at changing the
                     wYM bxmA mlw_N ›§¥W                                        constitutional order by the use of force
                     Ãdrg XNQSÝs¤# wYM                                          or violence; or

                m/ ¥N¾WM yWu hgR ySl§ tGÆ                                  d) any foreign           or   hostile intelligence
                    ‰T wYM y«§T XNQ SÝs¤#                                     operation
                ¥lT nW””

       01/      "ዋ     ዘጋጅ" ¥lT     ዚֱ   ዋጅ                        11/     “Editor-in-chief” means the person who,
                bxNq} 6 btdn ggW ‫ ُנרא‬Ñl#                                  pursuant to Article 6 of this Proclamation
                የx@Ä!è¶ÃL SL ÈN ÃlW sW nW””                                exercises excllusive editorial control.

                                                                   12/ “Publisher” means any person who, represents,
      02/ "›dT>>" TKƒ mg¾ Bzù` N y¸w
                                                                        owns or has a substantial proprietary interest
            KL wYM mg¾ Bzù`      Ælb@T
                                                                        in a mass media or carries on the business of
            yçn½ bDRJt$ WS_ y¯§ yÆlNBr                                  management of a mass media.
            TnT _QM ÃlW wYM yDRJt$N
            y|‰ xStÄdR y¸m‰ ¥N¾WM
            sW nWÝÝ
                                                                    13/ “Printer” means any person who has been
                                                                        appointed by or enters into a contract with a
     03/     "›T>>" TKƒ ¾IƒSƒ e^−‹” KT
                                                                        publisher for the purpose of printing any
              }U u›dT>¨< ¾}jS
                                                                        printing matters.
             T>¨< Ò` ¾}ªªK T”—¨<U c¨< ’¨<ÝÝ
                                                                     14/     “Distributor” means any person who has
      04/       "›ŸóóÃ" TKƒ ¾IƒSƒ    ^−‹”
                                                                           appointed by or enters into a contract with
                bJM§ l¥kÍfL u›dT>¨< ¾}jS                                  the publisher for the purpose of wholesale
                ¨ÃU Ÿ›dT>¨< Ò` ¾}ªªK c¨<
                                                                           distribution of printing matters.
                                                                    15/ “Importer” means any person who imports
      05/ "›emÜ" TKƒ ¾SÑ“— w²<H” ¨                                      mass media products from abroad with a
            „‹” GÑ` ¨<eØ l¥s‰=T b¥sB                                    view to distribute them in Ethiopia or who is
            wd hgR ¾T>ÁeÑv ¨ÃU bhgR WS_                                 an agent of foreign publications circulated in
            y¸s‰Œ ¾¨<ß IƒS„‹ ¨Ÿ=M                                       Ethiopia.
            ¾J’ T”—¨<U c¨< ’¨<ÝÝ
                                                                    16/     “Ombudsman” means the Institution of the
      06/        “የֱዝ     እ     ጠ    ’’ ‫ֳُד‬           ዋጅ                   Ombudsman established under Proclamation
                 ጥ   2)01/09)(2                                            No. 211/2000.

                                                                    17/ “Region” mean a regional state established
      07/       "KLL" ¥lT bxþT×eà ØÁ‰§êE                                 under Article 47 of the Constitution of the
                ÁäK‰sþÃêE ¶pBlþK Hg mNGST                                Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
                xNqA #7 msrT ytÌÌm KLL                                   and shall ,for the purpose of this
                sþçN lzþH xêJ xfÚ™M sþÆL xÄþS                            Proclamation ,include Addis Abeba and
                xbÆNÂ DÊÄêN Y=M‰L””                                      Diredawa

      08/       "yHZB GnßùnT `§ð" ¥lT yHZB                          18/ “Public Relation Officer” mean a public
                GnßùnT S‰N l¥kÂwN bmNGST                                relation officer or any other officer
                xµL ytmdb wYM ytëm yHZB                                 designated by the public body for the purpose
                GnßùnT `§ð wYM l¤§ `§ð ¥lT                              of caring out the tasks of a public relation
                nW””                                                    officer under this Proclamation.

09/         "sW" ¥lT ytf_é sW wYM bHG
               የsWnT ‫ ُ א‬yts-W xµL nWÝÝ                             19/ “Person” mean a physical or juridical person.
gA    4¹þ9)&7    ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^4   መስከረም 7 qqN 2 2 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 64 17th September, 2009 …. Page 4977

 1.      ›ß` `°e                                            1.     Short Title
        ÃI ›ªÏ &¾Ÿõ}— ƒUI`ƒ ›ªÏ lØ`                                This Proclamation may be cited as the "Higher
        6)$/2 1& }wKA K=Öke ËLM::                                 Education Proclamation No. 650/2009."

 2.      ƒ`ÕT@                                              2.      Definitions
                                                                   In this Proclamation, unless the context requires
        ¾nK< ›Ñvw K?L ƒ`Ñ<U ¾T>ÁcÖ¨<                               otherwise:
        "MJ’ uk` u²=I ›ªÏ ¨<eØ፡-
                                                                   1/    "academic community" means all those
        1/      "›"ÇT>¡ TQw[cw" TKƒ u}sU ¨<eØ                            persons studying, teaching and doing
                uSÅu—’ƒ ¨ÃU uÑ>²?Á©’ƒ uST`'                              research as permanent or visiting members of
                uTe}T` “ uU`U` }Óv` Là                                  an institution;
                }cT`}¨< ¾T>Ñ–< c−‹” Ákð ’¨<&
                                                                   2) "academic officer" means          research and
        2/ " ካዳ‫ג‬ክ ‫א‬ኮ " ‫ ֳُד‬የ‫ו ו‬                                       publication officer, registrar and other similar
           ֱُ‫א ُא‬ኮ ፣ ‫פ‬ጂ ُ       እ                                     officers;
           የ‫א ִُר א‬ኮ ٤ ‫ ֳُד‬ው፤
                                                                   3/    "academic staff" means members of an institution
        3/      "¾›"ÇT>¡ c^}—" TKƒ uTe}T`                                employed in the capacity of teaching and/or
                “/¨ÃU uU`U` }Óv` Là ¾}cT^                               research, and any other professional of the
                ¾}sU c^}— c=J” c’@ƒ uT>Á¨×¨<                             institution who shall be recognized so by senate
                Å”w SW[ƒ ¾›"ÇT>¡ W^}— }wKA                               statutes;
                ¨<p“ ¾}cÖ¨< K?L ¾}sS< vKS<Á”U
        4/      "¾ƒUI`ƒ ¡õM" TKƒ ¾›”É }sU                          4/    "academic unit" means a college, faculty,
                ›"M ¾J’ ¢K?Ï' ó"M+' ƒUI`ƒ                                school, an institute, a department or a centre
                u?ƒ' ›=’>e+ƒ¿ƒ' T°ŸM ¨ÃU                                 established as a constituent unit of an
                Ç=û`ƒS”ƒ ’¨<&                                            institution;

        5/ "¾›e}ÇÅ` ÉÒõ cÜ c^}—" TKƒ                               5/    "administrative support staff" means
           ¾›e}ÇÅ`' ¾u=´’e ›S^`' ¾óÓ-                                   personnel of an institution employed to
           ”e“ ¾H>dw Y^' ¾UÓw ›ÑMÓKAƒ                                    provide        administrative,      business
           Tp[w' ¾ØÑ“' ¾Øun“ ÅI”’ƒ                                       management,        accounting,      catering,
           ¨ÃU ¾SdcK<ƒ” }Óv^ƒ ¾T>ÁŸ“                                     maintenance, safety, security and such other
           ¨<” ¾}sU c^}— ’¨<&                                            services;
        6/ "›?Ë”c=" TKƒ uT>’>eƒa‹ U¡` u?ƒ                          6/     "Agency" means Education Relevance and
           Å”w ¾T>ssU ¾ƒUI`ƒ ›Óvw’ƒ“                                     Quality Agency to be established by
           Ø^ƒ ›?Ë”c= ’¨<&                                               regulation of the Council of Ministers;
                                                                   7/    "Centre" means Education Strategy Centre to
        7/ "T°ŸM" TKƒ uT>’>eƒa‹ U¡`                                      be established by regulation of the Council of
           u?ƒ Å”w ¾T>ssU ¾ƒUI`ƒ eƒ^-                                    Ministers;
           }Í= T°ŸM ’¨<&
                                                                   8/    "higher education" means education in the
        8/ "Ÿõ}— ƒUI`ƒ" TKƒ ue’Øuw'                                      arts and sciences offered to undergraduates
           TQu^© dÔe“ udÔe“ ‚¡•KAÍ=                                    and graduate students who attend degree
           Se¢‹ upÉS U[n“ ÉI[ U[n                                        programmes through any of the delivery
           ¾Ç=Ó] ፕaÓ^V‹ u²=I ›ªÏ ›”kê                                    modes stated under Article 19 of this
           09   Y`   u}SKŸ~ƒ   ¾ƒUI`ƒ                                    Proclamation;
           ›Óvx‹ ¾T>cØ ƒUI`ƒ ’¨<&
gA   4¹þ9)&8   ØÁ‰L   U¶T Uz¤È qÜ_R ^4   መስከረም 7 qqN 2 2 ›.M   Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 64 17th September, 2009 …. Page 4978

       9/ "}sU" TKƒ ¾S”ÓYƒ ¨ÃU ¾ÓM                               9/    "institution" means a public or private higher
          ¾Ÿõ}— ƒUI`ƒ }sU ’¨<&                                         education institution;

       0/ "T>’>e‚`" ¨ÃU "T>’>eƒ`" TKƒ                            10/ "Ministry" or "Minister" means the Ministry
          ”ÅpÅU }Ÿ}K< ¾ƒUI`ƒ T>’>e‚`                                or Minister of Education, respectively;
          ¨ÃU T>’>eƒ` ’¨<&

       01/ "c¨<"  TKƒ ¾}ðØa c¨< ¨ÃU                              11/ "person" means a natural or juridical person;
           uIÓ ¾c¨<’ƒ Swƒ ¾}cÖ¨< ›"M
                                                                 12/ "private institution" means a non-public
       02/ "¾ÓM }sU" TKƒ u›”É ÓKcw                                   higher education institution established by
           ¨ÃU Ÿ›”É uLà lØ` vL†¨< c−‹                                one or more individual owners or by non-
           vKu?ƒ’ƒ ¨ÃU ¯LT†¨<    Kƒ`õ                                profit making associations, founded as co-
           vMJ’ TQu^ƒ ¨ÃU uQw[ƒ e^                                   operative society or commercial association,
           TIu^ƒ ¨ÃU u”ÓÉ TQu`’ƒ
           ¾}SW[} ¨ÃU u¨<ß ›Ñ` ¾}S-                                  or higher education institution established
           W[}“ u›=ƒÄåÁ ¨<eØ ¾T>”kdke                                abroad and operating in Ethiopia;
           ¾Ÿõ}— ƒUI`ƒ }sU ’¨<&
       03/ "¾S”Óeƒ }sU" TKƒ ”Å ›Óv-                             13/ "public institution" means an institution
           w’~ uË~ uôÈ^M ¨ÃU u¡MM                                    whose budget is allocated by the Federal or
           S”Óeƒ ¾T>SÅwKƒ ¾Ÿõ}— ƒUI-                                 State Government, as the case may be;
           `ƒ }sU ’¨<&
       04/ "¡MM" TKƒ u›=ƒÄåÁ òÈ^L©                               14/ "state" means any state specified in Article
           Ç=V¡^c=Á© ]øwK=¡ QÑ-S”Óeƒ                                 47 of the Constitution of the Federal
           ›”kê #7 ¾}SKŸ}¨< T”—¨<U                                   Democractic Republic of Ethiopia and
           ¡MM c=J” ¾›Ç=e ›uv“ ¾É_Ǫ                                 includes the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city
           Ÿ}V‹ ›e}ÇÅa‹” ÃÚU^M&                                      administrations;
       05/ "¾‚¡’> c^}—" TKƒ ¾›e}ÇÅ`                              15/ "technical staff" means non-administrative
           ÉÒõ cÜ c^}— ÁMJ’“ ¾ST`                                    personnel employed to support the teaching-
           Te}T`”“ ¾U`U` Y^” KTÑ´                                    learning and research processes and non-
           ¾}kÖ[ c^}— c=J” uTe}T`Á                                   academic professional medical personnel
           JeúKA‹ ¨<eØ ¾}kÖ[ ¾›"ÇT>¡                                employed in a teaching hospital;
           c^}—     ÁMJ’”    vKS<Á”U
                                                   fh.+f-kl       A..1..t."ce-'l'l"tJt.ftlce tT-fla\.h

                ~lo~A                                                 ";Jt:" ;JltllJ
                                  OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                        1i0D-1- cfI'I'C C!)~                                                                         5th Year No. 38
                                                    nh.-1-r-A-f t..f..t.",£ JllfDht.l1..t''£ ~T-fll\.h         DIS ABABA - 9th February,            199
      ~Jlla ~nl1-ft}i:-1-        1 +'} IiiY.~l!
                                                    f Ch1.-fl"'lDt}r-:'f 9"hC 0.-1- 11111<t~-1-flDlI]

                                     0'/(Dc6liJ,                                                          CONTENTS

fh.-1-r-*ll1th.&.'£     f9"C651 (1C~ f.'}-fl <k'l'C I/IiiY.1l! q.9".               National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Regulations No. 2/1999
    ODt.(,-:'f n'''ODt.~:'f    ".f. hoo~:r ,t'm ooO'.,.') f0l/.1A~.                  Detennination of the Procedure for Expression by the
      n-1-'} P'Cq..,.     t\OOlD(}'} flDII] f-f1th.t.'£     9"C651 (1C~              Electorate of the Loss of Mandate of Deputies
      f.'}-fl                                                       'l~      National Electoral Board Regulations            Page 987

       fJ\.-1-r-*.t' oflth.t.'£ f9"C651 (1C~ f.'}-fl <k'l'C I/IilY.1l!                  NATIONAL ELECTORAL BOARD OF ETHIOPIA
                                                                                               REGULATIONS NO. 2/1999
 nff.~~OJ- f0l/.11- 9"hc n..y.:'f hl1"'-" foolIl]TOJ-') Ch1.-fl
~oo~:r nOl/..t'mtH' 'UI. hhIIA~'-" fOl/.lD'lJ;.n.-,.'} fh4.~~9"                      REGULATIONS TO DETERMINE THE PROCEDURE
                         P'Cq.-,. t\ 00 lD(}') f lDtI) f. '}-fl                       FOR THE EXECUTION OF THE RECALL, UPON
                                                                                      LOSS OF THE MANDATE OF THE ELECTORATE,
                                   9"cM.lj: h '}~                                    OF DEPUTIES ELECTED TO COUNCILS AT EVERY
                                       111:""                                                          LEVEL
                                                                                                    CHAPTER ONE
l!'      ~OJ-'L1.OJ- '1t\P' A tI)'}
         -flth.t.'£ f9"C651 (1C~' fh..-,.r-A-f t..f..t.",£ JllfDht.
                                                                    1. Issuing Authority
         f1.f'£ ~T-fll\.h f Ch1.ofl "'lDt}r-:'f 9"hC 0.-1- hl1"'-"
         nOO~.~:FTOJ- ~oo~:r') nOl/..t'mn'-" l.U. ltt\OI/.lD(}~        These Regulations are issued by the National Electoral
                                                                       Board pursuant to authority vested in it by Article 4 sub-
         "C9"~ nlDtI)OJ-~«p~ <k'l'C .it~/Iiifitii    ~'}+~ ~'}o-lt     Articles (1), (2) and (3) of the Loss of Mandate of
         ~'}+~ (ji) . (I) "c; (r.) "'JJlv.9" hAt\..:y-. I1mtp.TOJ-     Members of the House of Peoples' Representatives
         ~'P;(:'f ~"'I1-fl~"" '''Tm- h'J+Y.:y-. n"'(}I11OJ-P'AtI)'}    Proclamation No. 88/1997 and by the relevant provisions
         OOIP~"" .e.tJ'J 1.'J1I hOJ''r~A           II                                   of respective laws enacted by Regions.
         hlifJ'C C6la                                                              2.   Short Title
                                                                                        TheseRegulationsmaybe citedas the . 'Detennination of
         ~tJ 1.'J of. ~~ ".",... l' ()"'flJItH"" l' ~~ hfIPt.:r fill'                   the Procedure for Expression by the Electorate. of the
         flJIlf}' VIP/."A~.IJ:"1 FC:lJt AflJIl1Ir.1 Vl1IflJV1Ith.&.'£                   Loss of Mandate of Deputies, National Electoral Board
         1J"CMiJ.PCI: 1.,-1. "',,'e: 1/1.uf.'lIi" ".1IA" A.m4>/a                        Regulations No. 2/1999."
         "1'''.::                                            3. Definitions
C. tC:t"l                                                       In these Jlegul~tions:
                                                                1) "Woreda Elector~l Office He&d" means:
   ml.u 1.1-1'm-/J'r 1                                              (a) the Head of the Electoral Office of a Woreda.
   i'   ~~'111/.P, 'CfiTiJ.1;ih~t ~t :"J/)fp" "1ht ~.
                 "                                                                     a
                                                                          cQmposing constituency,to whom a per-
        u) ,"'CfiTiJ.                    mI." "Pelf- 'WfIIt.
                        tJ~4' 1J1P/.1"t#Jt                                manent election executioner's identity card is
              ",c~ hItA."I11/.~t fIII;rmf/l, 'TffmlRt                     issued by the Board;
                         fmlJl          WihL+ a.l,. ~~~ tfllr f

  ,f'}.';. 'P;J                                                                                                     ";Jt..,. ;JfLtIJ 7'.'1'''''    1('i'1'.A
  Unit Price 3-4                                                                                                    Negarit G.P.O.Box             80.00 I
 .,~ v-fit~ A..lot-/A ~;l~"'" ;lUll) 4f'l'C r!}~rt)1;"'" ~ +,
                                                              IV-In ,-,.-                           Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 38-9th February, 1999-Page 988

                 i\)     hh,}~        nl\1> f.r).       w~.c;sP~ nh,}~          ff'"C8i                     (b)   the Woreda Electoral Office Head of the
                         hAA ~-r n"'ll)oP~n-r                  u-~;J- foP1.oPl,l 1.~~                        Woreda to which a larger number of the initial
                         f1>tJJ-~~A,}          1'.f<l: h:"t-f1.sP~           {HI"-r      n"t1                petitioners for recall belong, in a situation
                         -r-n-r w~.c; f"t 11 tD-f w~.c; 9"C-A Jrih4. -r n.-r                                 where a constituency is composed of more than
                         ;)I\L ~tJJ-;                                                                        one Woreda;
           ~-     uf9'"CAl        hAA"         fll/i\-r i\9"C-AtD- h4.~~9'". .,..,qC                  2) "Constituency" means a locale designated, by the
                  f ih1,-n     "'tDilr-~        9"hC        n.-r    f{}foPtD-'i i\ff'"hC                 House of Peoples' Representatives, for the purpose
                  n.-M: f"'w(}~            -n"-r .fl\TtD- "'oPt-~~                    f"tlDh             of hOlding elections and from which a specific
                  t\-n-r hilQf1. ~tD- :                                                                  number of Deputies are represented in respective
          c-      u{1C~" fll/i\-r fh.-rr-A-.f'}               f9"C~         ih., hh.-rr-A-1              Councils;
                  A..Y...t-I\ceJl 'fUht-it.fce I,T-nt\.h             ih1-oD'}.,,..+,;IC               3) "Board" means the National Electoral Board es-
                  i\fll/Il)Il)9" nWIl)tD- h"~                                     h,}+~ r                  tablished under Article 3 of the Proclamation to
                                                            ~1'C if.Ii/ft
                  oPlP~-rf"'**oPtD- .nth.t-ce f9"C8i (1C~ ).. I                                            make the electoral law of Ethiopia conform with the
                  uf9"C~    1l)f1..f" fll/i\-r {1C~ QIDIIJ" ""1,1                                          Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                  oPlP~-r nf+ni\.tD- f.,.**oo 9'"CMi hhLA-t hilA
                                                                                                           Ethiopia Proclamation No. 111/1995;
                                                                                                      4)   "Polling Station" means an election execution body
                  ~tJJ- :
                                                                                                           established in every Kebele, pursuant to directives
                  uhn.1:;J-       (}"t i1"t1:
          ~-                                         " fll/i\-r n-n""t-'e           f,.C8i
                                                                                                           issued by the Board;
                  (1C~      1.'}-n -h1'C        i/Iiifiti          h'}+;t     ~~ oPlP~-r
                                                                                                      5)    "Grievance Hearing Committee" means a commit-
                  n9'"C~         1l)f1.1 W1>9" nw~.c; 9"C~                    Jrih4.-r    n.-r
                                                                                                           tee established at the polling station or the Woreda
                 1.~~ f.,.**oo'i              nrUJ 1.'}-n h4.~~9" 'l.1.-r n"t~""
                                                                                                           Electoral Office level, pursuant to Article 48 of the
                 hn.1:;J-sP~          1\1> hh.,..c;1.t-ce             tD-Pf~     i\oohm-r
                                                                                                           National Electoral Board Reguiations No. 1/1994,
                 ,.. A Il)'}
                             f"t"" ~tJJ- i1"t 1: it.,'}; f{1C~ Jrih4. -r n.-r                              with the power to render adminsitrative decisions on
                 n"t.flDll)tD- ooOOI,.f 001P~-r ; n+ni\. 9"C~                                              complaints arising in the process of execution of
                 Jrih4.-r n.-r 1.~1f f"t**ootD-'}9"           hn.1:;J- (}"t                                these Regulations; and includes the Grievance
                 i1"t 1: 1>/,D.9'" II                                                                      Hearing Committee to be established at the Kebele
                                                                                                           Electoral Office level, in accordance with directives
                                   "11t-~ U-i\-r                                                           issued by the Secretariat of the Board.
                       foo1.ool,l1.£lf ffAJ-~~A,) ""4:
                               hA"t+C-oO+ ,..Cff+                                                                        CHAPTER TWO
          f1>tD-~~A,} r4: h+t.£-o                                                                                 Procedure For Presentation of
                                                                                                                    Initial Request For Recall
      i'         noo1.ool,.f 1.£1f h,}~ ...,. (f) f-tIT)' "U-~
                                                                                                  4. Presentation of Request
                 f 1>tJJ-£~A'} ....r-t.r=fato'} o-t, ...""'+   "£~
                                                                                                     For Recall
                 i\"t11tJJ- flD£.c;"CMi ;tihL+ 0.+;)U. A.,,,£-o
                 1>~I\t\- II
                                                                                                      I)   Initially, one hundred (100) electors may present
      I-        nf-r;;:tD-9"1.£1f O.,.H"'" ,.hc o..,.~ AQ~+ ~,.                                            their request for recall to the Head of the Electoral
                f1>tD-~~A,} ""4: t\.1+ca- fDt~t\--r .,.".~                                                 Office of the Woreda wherein they reside.
                                                                                                     2)    Tho~ qualified to make a request for the recall of
                n"twhi\tJJ- f9"C~                 hAA f"t"'''-          oot-r.a~          ~
                                                                                                        members of Councils, established at any level, shall
                'iTtD- 1=
                                                                                                        only be electors residing within the respective
      c-        ftD~.c;tD- 9"C-A JrihL-r                    n.-r ;)I\L ffAJ-~~A              '}
                                                                                                        constituency that the Deputy represents.
                ""<1: fll/OOAh~tJJ-'} f"t+ni\tD- f{1C~ Jrih4.-r n.-r
                                                                                                     3) The Woreda Electoral Office Head shall consider the
                O"t.ftDll)tJJ- ooOOI,.f oPlP~-r
                                                    "'I' fll/OOAh~tD-                                   petition for recall in accordance with directives
                O"'CMi ih., h"~         ~1'C ifIi/it~       h'}+Jr Iii                                  issued by the Secretariat of the Board and only where
                ...,.,£+      fOD9'"£... oo-n-r Ql\TtD- "i\(}{1~ f+~n
                                                                                                        it is presented by individuals qualified to elect under
                a'lIn -o;F )..        ::
                                                                                                        Article 19 of the Electoral Law Proclamation No.
      ~         "8os.,.c-1                 Jt'ih4.-r n.-r ;)I\L nll.lJ h'}+Jr                           111/1995.
                "J"'" A"J+A'"(r) O"'m+(}tD- 001P~-r f.,.+ni\tD-'}                                    4) Subject to verification that the petition received by
                -r--Ah:F         ==                                                                     him, in accordance with sub-Article (3) of this
                II)    ..t'A~~        hit')     AAOD".t.I\1:,}:                                         Article:
                                                                                                        (a) does not meet,
                                            f~~r-kJ'     ~1..~"'C -'lqoh~ttJ''C ~T11t\.h

                ~1o/ra1A ",;J~T ;JltflJ

        ht."'~ ~ooT ck'l'CtJi                                                                               4th Year No. 26
   hJlil hnCl-fil1:T 1)9.4-1 !Ufj           nl\.Tf"kl t..1..t.I\~ Jl'fOht.c'1..r'e ~T11t\.h
                                             f ih1fll ",wilf":f 9'"hC 0."" mCl«t~T fWIlJ
                                                                                                  ~DDIS ABABA        - 3rd March,   199~

                            O?tJJc6l8}.                                                        CONTENTS
~tp~ ~1'C lifl/Iiif1 '}.r.                              Proclamation No. 102/1998
  fh..~r-kf f1'~~'i f1.l.]fsP"f flt\FAtfJ1 oytJ:tJ:tPJ..f Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia
  "tp ~                                     1 K" i f1ii   Establishment Proclamation        Page 699

                     h'P~ ck'l'Clifl/Iufj                                                    PROCLAMATION NO. 102/1998
fl\.Tr-kJ' f'l't'T'I f"l~9»:f ClI\,..,AIlJ111\"7**9'" fWIlJ                        A PROCLAMATION TO ESTABLISH QUALITY
                                                                                   AND STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF ETHIOPIA
          fl\.f1'iOlJ.A"7T1'1 i:h'i 1\-:(1 0"7?f?f f111l.,.(}(}-1
                                                           A                         WHERAS, economic development and technological
                                                                              progress towards enhancing the quality of life of the society
J\S:S:Cl\"7nA~'" f"7."l1W. ",:,oil:Jo f'l't'T1. J f"lTC-1\->
                                                                              necessitate the Promotion and application of Quality,
:(1'1 f"l~9»:f           ,..,t.1 "7il4-4-T'I 00.,...,OC1 hilLI\1.ill\"7.J'
                                                                              Metrology and Standardization;
1.C1W. :
                                                                                     WHEREAS, in order to further strengthen the measures
         lULUl11: fOlJ.w()~ "C9'"~9»:y", f.OA'I' l\"7m'lhC ~.
                                                                              to be taken in this regard, it has become necessary to re-
f1.l~9»"f-'I f'l't.T               "7il4-4-T ,.., t. ~I\~ ~T f"'llJl\n"",
                                                                              establish the government organ entrusted with the respon-
t1P1"''''';J-~ hilA "'''1'1 "7**9'" hilLI\1. tr'i 00011-1: ;-                 sibility for Standardization and Quality Promotion;
         nl\. Tf"k.r &..1..t.I\ce Jl 'fOht.c'1.J'ce ~TlIt\.h ih1OD1                  NOW, THEREFORE, in accodance with Article 55(1)
.,,..,..,. h14-?\ ~~(li) ODlPl"" fD?h.,.w. ;J-W.~A
                                                                ==            of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
~.      hlifJ'C C6il                                                          Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
        f.tJ h'P~ "fl\.""f"k.r f'l't.""'1 f"l~sP:f ClI\,..,AIlJ1 1. Short Title
        "7**D?.r h'P~ ck'l'C lifl/Iufj"                    .,.111\- t\.m.,.il      This Proclamation may be cited as "Quality and Stan-
        f.:fl\A=:                                                                  dards Authority of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation
~. ""C~"I                                                                          No. 102/1998."
        f:Jot\- h1'H1 "'1\ ""C1-9'" f"7.J'(}mw. ilAtr~ nil.,..,.c             2. Definitions
        lULU h'P~'l' ;-                                                       In this Proclamation, unless the context otherwise
      li' "f'l' t.."" "7il4-4-..,." "71\"" n f l.l~ w. n"7.1 ~ f9'"C""             requires;
              'I.""" I\f. n"'ODllJm~ fUlI"" hm:Jo4-9'" f'l't.""                    1) "Quality Promotion" means any activity aimed at
              '''~.I\'l. lJo).;J-9»"f-1'1 ~I\"79»:f1 n"7".7.1\"" ;- fh11:1              developing and improving and organization's
              ~:c~:,.         lI:Jo"" l\"7ltY...,'I   1\"7?f?fA f"7.Y.l'"               capability through optimization of resources during
              "71~w.9'" ",:"il:Jo           ~w. :                                       all product phases to meet quality requirements and
.f'},IJ. cP;J                                                                                               ~;J~.}-;JtLIfJ7'..".4:. itrLli
Unit Price 3.4                                                                                              Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
1K' %£ t..Yot.A ~:M-1- .nLtlJ 4I'I'C ~} ft}-f:-1-~2 .,., :mf1 1J.9'".        Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 26 3nJMarch, 1998-Page        700

    ~.      "'1'1..:"" 0'//\:" n"''I';r f+1AA1'1 n+"If)(p~ oP'1~
                                                                              2)     "Quality" means the totality of characteristics of an
           f+oP/\h+1        tj;I\-):" fO'/BJ.I\:" "fi\o;rlD-1 fD?11A1t
                                                                                    entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or
           fh1~      hillA hm:l>I\.f,. fI,nC.f,. ~lD- :
                                                                                    implied needs;
    f.'   "f1.l;fsP"f rl.." 0'//\:" 1.l;fsP"f fO'/";J~:" !                    3) "Standardization" means an activity which consists
        hl}:"qo fO'/lD-ff):"' foP+..,nC '/.1..y."f1 fD?lil.}..}.
                                                                                    of processes of formulating, issuing and implemen-
           1:" {}:I>. ~lD- ;                                                        ting Satandards;
    9.. "1.l;f" 0'/ /\:,. 9"C.y."f /\;r'" J;..n:" f}I\0'/ fD? {}O'/
                                                                 00-          4) "Standard" means a document established by con-
           oPlr'lTlD-1 /\O'/l;J1'1' "'1. 1.1-n ; oPoP~1 m.f,.9"                     sensus containing technical specifications or other
           "'1. flU~I:" :"C=i~ n*D?~:" /\0'/11A11A     1:h~il'C                     criteria to be used consistently as a rule, guideline or
           11C11C ll'1;rsP"f1 m.f,.9" /bfto"f oPoPtI~9'"f1          n+oP            definition of characteristics to ensure that products
           /\h+ n{}9"9"~:" f+tI;J~ (}~~ ~lD- :                                      are fit for an intended purpose;                        -
    f;'      "9"C:""     0'//\:" f"':"{}:I>a.9'"f    m.f,.9" f'/.1..y."f      5) "Product" means a result of activities or processes
           lD-m.:" f\.tr1 .f,.U9"h1/A ..,i\°:" : UC~tgC; {\tj;:" 'RC t              which may include service, hardware, software,
           TC'a.{}~ lJ:I>sP"fm.f,.9" f"HLU1 'I'9"C iLlm""/A/A                      processed materials or a combination thereof,
           .f,."fl\/A ;                                                       6) "Process': means a set of interrelated resoqrces and
    ~.      "'/.1.:"" 0'//\:" ..,-nh.}.1 m1. lD-m.:" fD?/\ID-1'                    activities whiCh transform inputs into outputs;
           f+"''nl     fU-n:"' f" 1:" {}:I>a.9'"f 'I'9"C ~lD- !               7) "Ethiopian Standard" means any standard for-
   'to      "fh.:"f"A"1 1.l;f":      0'//\:" 0'/1~lD-9" fI/\rlAff)).               mulated and approved by the Authority;
           h1t~'" fD?.rmff)lD- 1.l;f ~lD- ;                                   8) "International system of Units (SI)" means the
   ~.       "f}/\9"h"'tj;   fhUp.."f    rCf}:"    (h.{}h.f,.)" 0'//\:"             coherent system of units adopted and recommended
           fD?tl1'1 oP{}~~.r m:"I\I\ 111~l1{} (f\..:{.-r.h.9")                     by the General Conference of Weights and measures
           f +.,. n /\ lD-' nr I.. I\.f,. "'.1l1D"1A ~;J tj; f'+(}m n:"            (CGPM);
           f+"''~       fhUp.."f rCf}"" ~lD- ;                               9) "Etalon" means material measure, measuring ins-
   j}.      "h.."'i\o1" O'//\.}. h1~1 hU~ : m.f,.9" h1~ m.f,.9"                    trument, reference material or measuring system
           hh1~ nl\.f,. fIr). f~m1 "a.:"1 i\oPm(}1: n+..,flc                       intended to define, realize, conserve or reproduce a
           /\oP..,/\1t:  /\oPmn:"    m.f,.9" /\oP:"J;:" f+oP1.n                   unit or one or more value of a quantity to serve as a
           oPlPl."''C oP/\tl.r : foP/\tll oP"'~I:            fO'/oPl}h~1          reference;
           {}l:" m.f,.9" fh/\ilh :"1-nC ~lD- !                                10) "Certified Reference Materials" means reference
   ,.       "fToP(}hl/\:"        O'/oPl}h~.r {}l:""       0'//\:" f9"{}hc         material, accompanied by a certificate, one or more
          ml"'.}. .r/\lD- : fh1~       m.f,.9" hh1~    nl\.f,. ftr)'              of whose property values are certified by a procedure
          ffl,n~¥- "a..y."f f+l;J1mn:"       rCf}:" flU~¥- f+1/\R                 which establishs tractability to an accurate
          n:"1      hU~     n+'Pl~~:"           n:"hhlA   fD?11A1t Ir'i           realization of the uQit in which the property values
          f".r1J;1J;.. f+l;J1m                                                    are expressed, and for which each ~ertified value is
                                  "a.:"             "C"'m~    h/\oPtr1
          n+m(}~ h{}+O'/O'/:';~:" 1.l;f            f+1/\R fO'/oPl}h~1             accompanied by an uncertainty at a stated level of
          (}l:" ~lD- :                                                            confidence;
                                                                             11) "Measuring Instrument" means a device intended
   Ili'    "foP/\tl.r     oP.,,~.r"   0'//\:"   -nEFlD-1 m.f,.9" hh;JY
          oP.,,~.r9'"f;JC    noPff)oPc oPm'i"f1 /\oP/\il:" "'.1l1                 to be used to measure quantities, alone or in
          1/\..,/A ;r:"p.. f+lPl.. oP.,,~.r ~lD- !                                conjunction with supplementary device(s);
                                                                             12) "Quality Mark" means the certification mark
   I~' "f'l'I..:"  0'/"'+9"" 0'//\:" 11C11C ll'1;rlD- nfl/\r
       /Aff)). fD?1/\1t hh.:"f"A".r 1.l~sP"f;JC +{}0'/D?~:"1                      specified by the Authority and used to denote
                                                                                  conformity with Ethiopian Standards;
        /\O'/oP/Ah:" fD?.r1/\..,1A f'l'I..:" O'/l;J1"J. 9"lAh:"
        ~m. :
                                                                             13) "Certificate of Conformity" means a document
                                                                                 providing confidence that a duly identified product
   If.' .c'f+{}II'/D?~:" 9"{}hc ml"':"" O'/l\:" h1~1 nD?1f1
                                                                                 or process is in conformity with a specific standard;
        f+1/\R1      9"C:" m.f,.9" '/.1.:" h+m(}~ l.l;f     ;JC
                                                                             14) "Conformity Assessment System" means any ac-
        /\oP{}O'/O'/-f:net O'/l;J1"J. fD?(}'I' (}~~ ~lD- !
                                                                                 tivities which has its own application prodedure and
  I9.' "f+{}O'/D?~:"           9"tI'I rCf}.}."      0'//\:" f I..(}- ftr~
                                                                                 management method, concerned with determining
       fh(}I..C 1.1-n'l        f0'/1~oP1:"     ".f,.n. 'iC':" h"'fI-n~:"
                                                                                 directly or indirectly that relevant requirements are
       .rl\TlD- f1.l;f       +~I\1.    ll'1;r9'"f     oP"J.I\;rTlD-1
       /\oPm(}1 n"''I';r'l     "''I'+~   fllAtr~ oP11~ fD?1.l1-              15) "Consensus" means genral agreement, charac-
       "':"{}:I>a.9'"f,    fD?lil:":"    rCf}:" ~lD- !
                                                                                 terized by the absence of sustained opposition to
  If;' "(}9"9"~:""      0'//\:" oPlPl;r'e        ntr). 1-J;f""f I\.f,.
                                                                                 substantial issues by any important part of the
          n'P'I~"" hD?oP/\h;rTlD-           m1'i"f 1/\0'/* l'l' fD? ~l}          concerned interests and by a process that involves
          + :l>lD-qof /b/\ n:" tr'i : f ll' /\-19" m11 y.,,-n nO'/{}
                                                                   +'1           seeking to take into account the views of all parties
          1~'     fD?;J(,1J: Yl}n"f1       /\O'/{};rl:" noP~/\'"    I\.f,.
                                                                                 concerned and to reconcile any conflicting ar-
          f +oP IPl+ h m:l>I\.f,. oP'" fIfI:" ~lD- ;                             guments;
'lK- %fl! ~1..~-A    ~
                     ;J~"" ;JfLlIJ ~'1'C ?;j ftt-t""   ~ .,., Iitf1 ~'9'"' Federal NegaritGazeta - No. 26 3flJ
                                                                                                             March, 1998-Page                 701

     Ij-  "(}m-" DIJ/\T DlJ1~m-9" f"'~./r~ (}m- W~9" Om'"
                                                                                              16) "Person" means any natural or juridical person.
         f(}m-~T oPl1T f"'(}mm- httA ~m- ::
                                                                                          3. Re-Establishment
E- 'h1'1.1li oP**9"
cover                                                                                         1) Quality and Standard Authority of Ethiopia (hereinafter
   ~. fh.Tf"A".f f1'~-Tli f1.l~sP:r      1}/\P'AIlJ1 (hfLU 0'-1\
                                                                                                  referred to as "the Authority" is hereby re-established
        "1}/\P'AIlJ)''' 'hf"'l}/\ f"7.m~-) ~."'" f:F/\li m;J1£
        (}m-~T .f/\m- f&Of-.,~.A oP1"'P'T       httA (f'i ntLU                                    as an autonomous Federal Government organ having
                                                                                                  its own legal personality.
             h'P~ 'h11.1li .,.*-h"J.A ::
      !{. 1}/\P'AIlJ)' "'m~~1: /\m.}>I\i "7.~ilT~ ~rfliA::
                                                                                             2) The Authority shall be accountable to the Prime
 !!. 'Pli oPP'~.f fl.T                                                                            Minister.
      fl}/\P'AIlJ)' 'Pli oPP'~.f fl.T h.ltil hOI} rf'i 'h11.hilLI\1.                     4. Head Office
      ~1:9" .}>        oPP'~.f OA-:r /\..f*<h9" ~:rl\A::                            The Authority shall have its head office in Addis Ababa
 ~. ,}I\DIJ                                                                                  and may establish branch offices as appropriate.
      '1/\P' A II}). f"7. h.,. It-T ,}I\DIJP:r ~tj~;J- A ;
                                                   s                                     5. Objectives
      ~. nDIJ1n~.I£m-li nh.f1tj"7.m- flCtt: f1'~'T p'~. hoP~-C                                   The objectives of the Authority shall be:
             A9" f: hfbl\..:r f p'~. hoP~.C "''''I}~-T ;JC n.}>1~Tli
                                                                                                 I) to promote and assist the establishment of ap-
                                                                                                      propriate Quality Management practices as an in-
             'h~-"'" f:F/\ rftj f"7.oP(}lTnT1                   u-~;J- DlJil4.~Tli
             oPC.';T:                                                                                 tegral and yet distinct management function in the
      !{. fh.Tf"A".f 1.l~sP:r1                 nDIJil4.~Tli noP.,...,nc                               social and economic sectors;
                                                                                f9"C'"          2) to assist in the improvement of the quality of
             :r1li f'!.1..,.:r 1'~-"" 'h1.1t 1i1iA oPC.';T ;
      E' nh1~1:             m-il1' nu-/\.9" 1.l~ : f1.l~sP:r                     P'~.1                products and processes through the promotion and
             DlJil4.4.:,.i; DlJil"'l} nc :                                                            application of Ethiopian Standards;
      !!. /\h.f1tj"7. 'hf:1T 'h1Y- oPlPl;J-1£ oP'P.}>C (ftj f"7.11                              3) to promote and co-ordinate standardization at all
             /\..,A hil.,.DlJDIJ:';f(f~ 11ch.~.1£ fllllT~I\"j{ P'C'}T                                 levels in the country;
             DIJ**9" :                                                                          4) to establish a sound national meteorological system
      ~. nh1C h"'tt: 1.l~ hil"'DlJDIJ:';~T .fl\:r:m- ftt:.,.1i I\{1~-                                as a basic structure for economic development;
             "'~sP:r        'h 1.1til4.4-      : 'h 1.1tmlih~li        'h 1.1t',../\111:        5) to strengthen, promote and enhance the reliability of
             DlJf:lO' ::                                                                             testing laboratories nation-wide.
j.. P'A1I}1li "''''I}C                                                                   6. Powers and Duties
cover P' A II})- f"7. h.,. It-T P' A II} 1 c,' .,..., q c::r ~tj ~.oJ.A :
     q /\                                                                                   The Authority shall have the following powers and duties:
     ~. fh.-rf"A:.f            1.l~sP:r1        nl1:r::';~T DIJ?i1..}>liDlJltw.}>            1) to solely approve, and declare Ethiopian Standards as
            'h1.1tu-9" 11ch.~-1£h.;J-I\"lf:r, oPmn.}> :                                            well as maintain National Etalons;
     !{. 'h11.hilLI\1.~1:              /\hm:J'I\~       w~9" n.,./\~ /\.,.w(}~              2) to formulate, approve, declare and issue Ethiopian
            h1A..,I\"T fh.Tf"A".f 1.l~sP:r1 DlJfI;J~T :DIJ?i1..}>:                                 Standards for a general or specific application as may
            DlJil;J-w.}>lihltTIfD DlJm-II}T :                                                      be necessary.
    E' hU1-~.lf W~9" '}1\9"h+tt: f1.l~sP:r P'~.1                              3) torecognize as an Ethiopian Standard, any Standard
            n"7..fhliW.)' httl\"'- f"'fI;J~1 DlJ1~m-19" 1.l~ 'h"}1.                               established by a national regional or international
            hilLI\'L~1: 'h11. h.Tf-k.f 1.l~ 'hm-.}>li1 oPilmT ;                                   standardizing body as may be necessary;
 coverhh1~-f: fADlJT oPC,! ..,11C ;JC f"'lI}lI}oP f1'~."'-
    !!.                                                                                     4) to formulate quality promotion and standardization
           DlJil4.4.T: f1.l~ 9"1.11 7-/\,""li ilT~-1;j{ DlJfI;J~Tli                               policy and strategy in line with the development
           ""L'" y.:9" .,...,q~-lf DIJ:l..,: hLK?oo-19" oPh;J-"'A;                                programme and objectives of the cduntry and, im-
    ~. hil.,.DlJDIJ:'; f(f~               l1ch.~-lf fllllTC'I\"j{          P'C'}"""}              plement and follow-up the same;
           /\DIJ**9":                                                                       5) to establish a sound national meteorological system
           u) 11d1.~.lf h.;J-I\'f"}li f"'oP(}hll\:r:m- DlJoPlth~.f                            through:
                  ill.r.:r"} oPmn.}>li DIJ(}~.';"1.T:                                            (a) the maintenance of national Etalons and Certified
           /\) f'}/\9"h+tt: hUf.:r P'C'}T1 ('h~')                      f~fLttA                     Reference Materials and their disseminations;
                  oPmtj:r         oP/\h..f 'h"}Y. 11:r:~ fh/\tth             P'C'}T              (b) the introduction of the International System of
                  DlJil.,.'Pw.}>:                                                                      Units (SI) as the sole system of measurement of
           ,It) foP/\h..f oPPt~.fsP:f1 Thh/\:';~T DlJl;J11' 'hlil                                      physical quantities;
                  W~9" tt/\.l1~T DlJf:l.., I                                                     (c) verification and/or calibration of measuring ins-
    }. l1ch.~-lf f"'ilDIJ"7.~T 9"flli P'C'}T1 DIJ**9"li np'~.
          I\~ DIJ'P :   A                                                                  6) to establish and operate a National Conformity Assess-
   '1' 9"C-f:r h..,ql1~T ttl\:r:w- .,.LI\1. u-~;J-sP:r;JC oPilDIJ                               ment System;
          DIJ;t-:r:w-1 /\DlJl;J11' : f"1.1~ilT~li                   f'hc1i 9"C'r           7) to establish and operate testing laboratories for the
          C':r1        /\oPC.';Tli         nh1~1:       m-il1' nu-It-'r          1.l~           purpose of assisting conformance of products to
          /\",P,. f1'~-T DlJ1i?'i.fli f1.l~sP:r                P'~- 1'l-f:r
                                                                                               relevant requirements, assisting industrial and agricul-
          .r..-:Jtt: /\oPilmT:              ftt:.,.1i I\{1~.-fC':r1 DIJ**'rli                  tural researches and supporting quality promotion and
          DlJtt~Y.: :
                                                                                               standardization efforts at all levels in the country.
   t. W1.~JT f"7.W(}1 .}>C?ili 'h'}Y. hilLI\1. ~1: fbl\..:r                                8) to specify a Quality Mark and Certification of Confor-
          "'';''1.DIJ~ oP/\.fsP:r            f"7.'i lW'      f1'~-T      DlJ1"''r1             mity which shall be of such design and contain such
          oPw(}1 :
                                                                                               particulars as may be prescribed.
   it. n1'~."" DlJ1.,.9" /\oPm+'r                    L:P f: oPilmT : :             9) to grant renew, suspend or cancel a license for the use of
          DlJ1f: : w~9" oP(}ll' :
                                                                                               the quality Mark or Certificate of conformity;
                                                               fh.'rf'*,r       &..Yo/..ltlfJt lJDh/..(L,rlf tT-fllLh

               ~Y-06-l\ ~ ;Jt;"';JltlJ)

         )',/..".~: l}£IP'''' cJ:'J'C ?;~~                                                                                        4th Year No,. 28
                                                           nh.,1-\J'*',e t..,e../..ftcr. Jt lfDt}/..o..elp' /.T1llLtJ    ADDIS   ABABA - 5th March            1998
  )','-;.0 )',nl}-fi1'l;''''              nnt
                                  r;% <#>'}                f cn1'1l 'NDilf:'): rtJc n.'r mll":'l"" flUff}

hCP~:<P.'rc (if.!~/n!r.j q.9"                                                           Proclamation No.1 04/1998
      fOl/:\ p'/ lJ.'/'.,,.<;:klc.':'; )'b)!'}(t.                                     Private Employment Agency
      )',tp:~                                   ,                             '1~ %r.IQ   Proclamati on                                     "         Page 7 14

                                )',cP~ '~1'C {?~!!/I!!£1                                                        PROCLAMATION NO.1 04/ 1997
          OIlOIA P'/..';        IJ.'/..-t.~: )',1tj~ )'b~'}O- fmff} hCP:~                      PRIVATE EMPLOYMENT            AGENCY PROCLAMATION

         P'/ IJ"/.""~:'} ncry"Cj'f'} P'/..0IllO{l'~r'1tj                 fOIA .r.:c:~             WHEREAS, the participa;tion of individuals and private
,,:,f.'} OI/""'-£~hO/..ft'L Ire:' n{IP''-f'j::                       .                         entities in the employment services has bec°l1!e necessary;
         {H-Il.e      mJ'.m-6f!' )','IC IIp' /.. flPJA h- h- :"f-*",ero-,e'}                          WHEREAS, it has particularly, become Qecessary to
lJ../..".7f':f. lTD,n:F':ro-:            J'.UT, :":,:ro-tj       tJ11/..=t:ro- 't-m1l4'>       protect the rights, safety and dignity of Ethiopians employed
ft:':{I). fo1_o~.I1'}'} u'kJ.                            I
                                         lI,/lTD:J::,:'''' 1cryO/._1l1':                       an~ sent abroad;
         n)',_'}f'*'.f'    t..J'o/..ftlp' ,(;/lutJ/.'O_~ecr./.T'l1lLtJ            ;',1OD1            NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55( I)
<flp':" )','}<#>x: a;(?i) {1PlJ.11.:"lPJ_h,t-llro- :J-cu-!f.A::
                 ~                  f                                                          of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
?i'     )',61N: c:/Jo                                                                          Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
         ,eu )',CP:i';"fOIA             P'/.S   IJ'/...,.e;: )',1';:'; Jb:~'}O- hCP~           I. Short Title
         '~'I'C:   ?ir!!/:O!f.:1."
                                'f.,nll"        ILm<#>o .e'fftA::                                    This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'private Em-
~.      .}(:;~lll/,                                                                                  ployment.Agency Proclamation No. 104/1998."
         f.<J'Il' )',"'),11 Il,ft '}(:',.9" fOl/_,eomro-ilAlr'l 110't:<#>c: 2.                       Definitions
         n , l U )', cP:i'; (I}-0 1':                                                                In this Proclamation,   unless the context otherwise
         {?     "folA       P'/..l; IJ.I/..".~: )'",c,.:~ )'b:~1o." cryll:'- OD'}"1                  reqUIres;
                P':'.lp'       )',ilA ,rAI1"llj       hlPJ.h-t'Il':'-    )','}?,.'}             I) "Private Employment Agency" means any person,
                   lJ-Il":'} )'," A °lll":" {Hul' :"9" In {H'''CPCP OD'}1.r;                             independent of government bodies, whieh performs
                hIJ.l/..".~:ro' 'n"'11 tt,l'A'I1A p'/..Cj lJ'/..".;;:'} ncry1                            one or two of the following employment services
                Cj'f :,. P' /.. ft.e f(ll/p,lI'1/.. oro- 'lro-:                                          without directly or indirectly receiving payments
                                                                                                         from the worker;

                                                                                                                                  ~:Jt..,. ;JlLff} 7-,"'.'1:. 'U'jr.?i
  .n,v,. (I':J 2.80
  Unit Price                                                                                                                     Negarit G.P.O.Box          80,00 I
                             "''I'Ctt~ '"-1:+ n +, IIl!2 ,.,..
11ilfXli u.~./.\ t;J~+ ;JtLIfJ                                                 Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 28 5thMarch, 1998-Page 715

                0)       fJP~. m-/r .,..,..,." 0J1') 11 11'') Oh1C
                                                      AlID                              (a) services of matching offers of and application
                         m-h1' JPt..Ci IP~."'~,) fI1'/1Ci"1+ h1A                            for local employment without being a party to
                         1A-+ IIDhm+'                                                       the employmentcontract;
                A)       hlP~..,.tj'm- ;JC fJP~. m-A h""~+                              (b) servicesof making a worker availablelocally or
                         O"7~l1 1Pt.,"'~m-') Oh1C m-h1' OJ""                                abroad to a third party by concluding a contract
                         Om-~       h1C AJP~. A"'h"'~m-   ",m-                              of employment with such a worker.
                     ,   f"7:"l1l h1A1ft-+ IIDl\m+;
                                                                                   2)   "License" means a certificateof competence issued
      It.    "l.~~"    "7ft+ n1A P' t..CiIP~."'~ h1Ci~t+ p'~.
                                                                                        by the competent authority to a private employment
             I\~ ftllDlP"7t..+ f"7..fl\'fA h11111' I1ftm- I1ftP'
                                                                                        agency enabling the agency to engage in em-
             AtIJ' A1A P' t..Ci 1Pt...,.~ h1Ci~ h.1:'ta. f"7."'-r
                                                                                        ployment service activities;
             f1l~+ "7l;J1R1. f9'"hhC OJl++ tm-;
      r..    "1Pt...,.tj'"      "7A+ nhlP~Ci IP~."'~ ,..c;" h'P~                   3)   "Worker" shall have the meaning as defined in the
             .-rC ,1I!ifi"~            f.,.ftmm- +C,.9'" ~'i l'PA;                      Labour ProclamationNo. 42/1993.
      9.'    ~~h111111ftm- 11~P'AtIJ')" "7A+ '~l\1;~ m~,.                          4)   "Competent Authority" means the Ministry or a
             nhAA~<f"IP~Ci ,Pt.."'~ ,..c;~ ;,.~'f1- fOW/.l\L1.9'"                       Regional 'Authority responsible for the implemen-
             ~1\4C. f.,..ftmllJ4 h IlA ~1IJ4;- .
                   ~+                                                                   tation of labour laws in the Region;
      ~.     ""7.~h+C" 0J~9'" ~~"7.~l\1;C" "7A+ "'1..h111'"                        5)   "Minister" or "Ministry" means the Minister or
             flPt.."'~Ci   "7..,nt..«£ ,..c;~ "7.~l\+C m~9'"
                                         ,                                              Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs respectively.
             "7.~l\1;C ~dN
                                                                                   6) "Person" means any natural or juridical persQn.
      1;'    ~~"'m-" "7A+ "71;;:m.9'" f.,.L-rc: ftllJ4m~9'" n,n1
             fftOJ'~+ IID1I"-"
                             f'''''mw- hilA ~1IJ4;                                 7) Provisions of this proclamation set out in the
      1,'    n0J1~ ~~ f"".~11m'                fa+19'"    ~~ .fll+~A:I
                                                                                      masculine gender shall also apply to the feminine
r..   fhl.~1.9'" co...1
                                                                              3.   Scope of Application
      i'     fhlP~Ci         1Pt...,.;;: ',...c;~ h'P~   4:-rC   'K/Iif.i"~
             h1.,.1.' r.(K)(IID)n.'iC9'" I MllJ h'P~ hL~1.9'" t                    1) Notwithstandingthe provisions of Article 3(2)(d) of
             htp:t!. 4:-rC ?iK/ ft+Cti: n"7.Il't.(' P't.. I\~                the LabourProclamationNo. 42/1993, Proclamation
             I\A"'tllJlPl'" f1A h1A1tt-+ P't.. ","'-rc: nllJ4~                          No. 42/1993 shall, for the purpose of this
             h1(: 0"7."'~' h. +f"A-.f«£I\~ "'L~"7. tr}- ~'i l'PAI:                      proclamation, be applicable to an Ethiopian em-
      K'     fhlP~Ci IP~."'~ ,..c;" h'P~ 4:-rC 'K/Iif.i"~                               ployed to work abroad for personal services of non-
             h1.,." l!f(tg "11.."'mO+ IT'it "7.~l\1;~ h1.(',)                           profit making purposes.
             "IP~ +-r~ :"*N: "1.&l.fhCiIlJ41IlAL"'1.. nl\.,..,.c                   2) WithQut prejudice to Article 172 of the Labour
             "71~1IJ4'JOh.+f"A-.f'P. ftP'~. m1..lIJ4~ h1C A.'t.('                     Proclamation No. 42/1993, any Ethiopian may be
             f"7.'fAIIJ4 n1A P't..Ci IP~."'~ h1Ci~ h.1:1ta.
                                                                                      allowed to go and work abroad only through the
             h"7Il~~+ 11;1=  ~W-II
                                                                                      private employment agency unless the Minister
      r.. ntLIJ h'P~ h1+" K(i)(ft) f"'oPfth.,.w-1 h1A                                 permits the direct recruitment by an employer.
             1ft-+ 0"7."'1' h.=~1ta. ~Ci 01Pt.."'~w- oPllhA
             "71'<1m.'J'"fhlP~Ci 1Pt...,.;;:~.c;~ "Ci ntLIJ h'P~                   3) Any labour dispute and other dispute arising under
                                                                                      Article 15 of this Proclamation between the agency
             Oh1+" I~ f.,.~ftw-        tllJ1I+ OoPtIJ""'JOh11+
             f"7.~" h(:hc nhtp~ 4:-rC ''-IIif.i"~ oPlPl+                              providing a service specified in Article 3( I)(h) of
             A.:"~ ~'fI\A:I                                                           this Proclamation and the worker may be settled in
       !!.   ~IJ h'P~ "71~W-9'" f1A P't..Ci IP~."'~ h1Ci~                             accordance with Proclamation No. 42/1993.
             h.=~1ta. Ott.ft-'f ,n',..'f Ift'n+1      11.~9''f                     4) This Proclamation shall not relieve any private
             f"7..f1~ h~lr19'"::                                                         employment agency of i!S obligations imposed by
                                                                                         other laws.
9.' l.:J-.(' l\1\"7l\LI\"
      f1A P't..Ci IP~."'~ \h1Ci~ h.1:')ta. If'i ftoPP't..+ 4. Requirement of License
      f"7.LA1 "71;;:W-9'" ...w- h"7.h.,./r+ hlll\+ L~.('
                                                              Any person who wishes to operate a private employment
      "7w-tlJ+ ~'iCO~A=-
                                                              agency shall have to obtain a license from the following
      i'   ffllJ h1+" 10-A h1+" (r.) "11.."'mO.,. If'it
           fP't..Ci IP~."';;: h1Ci~~rJ:1 h1A1tt-+ nh1.('
           hAA w-l\-r f"7.ft-r hlf~ "1J1~ h1A1ft-+ n"7.ft     1) without prejudice to Sub-Article 3 of this Article,
           -r,H. hAA w-l\-r fh.p~Ci 'P~.",~ 1'.c;,e.n1'f1
                                                    ,             from the Regional Authority responsible for the
                      ~I\~~+ h.,.ftmw- h~A:                       implementation of labour laws, if the employment
                                                                  service is confined within that region;
                                                 r~~r-kf       t..f..&.i\'e .itIfDh&'f\.f'e tTllfLh

           tof-o&.A                                               ";J~T                                      ;JltffJ

          hl..'''~ (~oo..,. ~I:1'C «91;
                                                                                                                      4th Year No. 36
     },Jtil hnl) ann"" !! <f>1                      nh. ""r-k,r &"Y..I..I\ceJt lfPtJl..It,rce ~TlIhetJ
                                    Iily'j                                                                      ADDIS ABABA - 12tl'May, 1998
                                                     f c'h1'11 +ml1r-:f 9"tJC 0."" ml}<t~"" fmtl}

 ~'P~ cJ:1'CliY.I/Iilfj ~'9".                                            Proclamation No. 110/1998
    fi:9"lIC <f>~1'h'P~                                         1~ %f«9}    Stamp Duty Procl.amation                                              Page 736

                          h'P~ cJ:1'C lin/Iilfj                                                       PROCLAMATION NO. 110/1998
                ilt\1:9°1}C .<f>~1'MI4.t.A fmtl} hCP~                                       A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
       n(}~"",:r. I\f, f+tl}t\m- f1;9°,nc <f>~1'fh.~1'fH}                iJ1:1""1:                     PAYMENT OF STAMP DUlY
 f4.f,Cj1i1 +*qiJ:f1            h1:"iI,.4>(L ~,Cj fl1"(:t'A11}~""       1'lD<lD<C'}       WHEREAS, it has become necessary to amend the stamp
 N"111' nOlf_ril:r'A },i).~1 ~,1Jt7i7iA "'if:~'? hilt.I\'1. OOlr.,.                 duty levied on documents in a manner which would contribute to
 ilt\:t'oo ~n"";                                                                    the development of art, the activities of financial institutions and
                                                                                    the transfer of capital assets;
           n}\. ""f-A-.r &'s"1..I\ce Jt lfPtJl..f1.fce ~T1}hetJ c'h1°o1,?,.,,,,,
                                                                                          NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) and
Ii ,..'It' j?;(li) hCj (Ili) OOlP~:,. fOlf.h+t\lD< :t'lD<~A==                       (11) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
li' h6fbC CiJi}                                                                     Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
          f,1l h'P~ "f1:9"1}C <f>~1'h'P~ cJ:1'C lin/Iiln" +1It\°                    1. Short Title
          hem.,.iI f,:t'I\A==                                                            This Proclamation may be cited as the "Stamp Duty
        ""c~Ot                                                                          Proclamation No. 110/1998."
                                                                                    2. Definitions
       f1Illl hCP~ m-il1':
                                                                                        In this Proclamation:
       lie "OIAOIA" "'it\:'- ilt\°IAOIA: ilt\iJC:": ilt\il9"9"~""mf,9"
                                                                                         1) "Award" means a decision in writing rendered by an
             ilt\l\.1\ ,,'oo/}/}f, 1'.t;f, nV-t\"" +'P'Pf, m1e;:f n+1.~1                      arbitrator( s) on a reference made otherwise than by order
             il9"9°~:"OOlP~"" nCJ:c,~ 0."" /}f,rr1 n11\:Jr-:f hA<f.                           of court in the course of suit by parties to a compromise,
             n~~        f+(}m lD</}1~m-;                                                     conciliation or arbitral submission or other similar
       I. "o<J1!F" f+m(}~ ~1C noo&.~oo- mf,9" I}t\oot.~oo-                                   matters;
                                                                                        2) "Bond" includes any instrument, whereby a person
            9"tJ1.r"" fOlf.<f>cIre;: h1f: (}lD<       t\l\.I\lD<11f111 t\ootJt.A
                                                                                             obliges himself to pay money to another, on condition
            '?Y..:t' f0lf.11}n"" o<JCj:fm-19" (}~f: mf,9" n9"iltJc
                                                                                             that the obligation shall be void, if a specific act is
            f'I'~;J1m Ire; I ~1C on n""iJ.'1'9" rr~ t\h9"'I.1.lD<                            performed or is not performed, as the case may be; or any
            Mf,h&.An""          h1f: (}m- t\l\.I\lD<11f111 t\ootJt.A ,?y":r                  instrument attested to by a witness and not payable to
            fo<J.1'UH'1 o<JCj:fm-19° (}~,~ f,'L1.9"I..A=                                     order or bearer, whereby a person obliges himself to pay
                                                                                            money to another;

.n~ ., ;J 3,40
                                                                                                                      ., ;J
Unit Price                                                                                                                        7'..'j. <h. ';tn.?!
                                                                                                                              t':t.   ;J II.ClJ
                                                                                                                     Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,00 I
h;r 1~f.ifti:t.,fr.t.A ";1&-1- ;1f1,f1J(~'I'C: c9i "''}f1'''' Q .,.') Htlj 't.,...                                      May, 1998 - Page 737
                                                                                     Feqeral Negarit Gazeta No. 36 - 121b

     .. "f'H11..'}- il9°9"".'}-" tPJl\.'}- nn'}~ mf,9" hn'}~                          3)          "Collective Agreement" means an agreement
         nOlJ.flAm. flP&'T1f~ tPJ'"In&..'}\"~ 1\'1 nn'}~                                   relating to conditions of work, concluded in writing
         mf!-.9u hn'}~               Am. nlPt.9'~
                               n OIJ.n                  mf,9" fnlP~                              between one.. or more representatives of trade
         tPJ'"IfM.'''' mh.l\"~        mf,9"  nlPt.9'~,}     n"tmhl\-                             unions and one or more employers or agents or
         '''mt.9'~    oPilhA ill\JP &. lJ-),;J-9'~ fOlJ.1.l..., n~lJ-tt:
                                                                                                 representatives of employers organizations;
         f lP'{'l. il9° 9" ".'}- m-:                                                        4) "Contract of Employment" means an agreement
     9.' "f JPt.. m-A" tPJl\T tPJ'};;:me9"om- 1.oPm1,1\fTh                                       formed where a person agrees, directly or indirec-
         &el\me: flnlPt. oPt.".'}- n4'T;J-9"          If" nTU'P'Pt.
                                                                                                 tly, to perform, work for a definite or indefinite
         oP'}1~ l\Tmo" mf,9" "ATmo",9" fTmo"
                                                                                                 period or, piece work in return for remuneration;
          JP I.. l\ i',ot.m- l\ oP JP t...'}- (}.iltPJtPJ n lJ-l\ 1: oPilhA
          fOT/.oPlPl..'}- m-A "m-:
                                                                                            5) "Instrument" means a written document by which
                                                                                                 any right or obligation is or purports to be created,
    ?;. "o".f.:" tPJl\.'}-tPJ'1Tme9° oP11.'}-mf,9" ..,Yo;J- f.,.oPlP
           l.Tn:,':       fof-oPJl1fHl,'}-: fT"l\,{,n.'}-~ fTm11.n.'}-~ Ahe
                                                                                                 recorded, transferred, extinguished or by which its
           f.,.mo"n.'}- 'mf,9"              f,,.il<t.4.n.'}- mf,9" f"'m4'om-                     scope is limited or extended;
                                                                                            6) "Minister" means the Minister of Finance;
           ~C'l:"        T'{'1\":LA fTI1l\n.'}- tPJ'};;:m-9" f1\lJ-tt: oPl.jf
                                                                                            7) "Notarial Act" means an act of attestation and
    f.. "OIJ.til.'}-C" tPJl\.'}- f1'}II.n OI/.til.'}-C "m-;                                      certification performed by person(s) authorized to
    %. "tPJl.:n6liJ."               tPJl\.'}- f;"1'11        1-.';f"~,}    l\tPJl.;J1T           perform such acts;
           JP A If}'} Ill\ m- 0m' no" ,. ~ "f, fOl/.o1' 9"i\h C".'}-                        8) "Person" means any natural person or any or-
           ., m-:                                                                                ganization irrespective of having juridical per-
    ~. "ome" tPJl\.'}- tPJ'1:fme9" f.,.LTc.- om- CDf,9'" n;,...,                                  sonality;
           fome".'}-            oP11.'}- fTomm-                 n.1f'}9"     1)f,1f'}9"     9) "to Execute Instrument" means to draw, issue, to
           tPJ'1:fm'9° .f.:C:(;.'}- "m-:                                                         carry into effect or to negotiate an instrument;
    !!. "o".f.' tPJil&:I.9°" tPJl\.'}- o,,~ oPi\&..'}-~ tPJm-tfJ.'}-.                      10) "Security Deed" means any instrument whereby a
           f)O"'~, f"'oPhl\.,.me'}             OIlil,{,'l.9" mf,9" o"J;. '} tPJt,CDC            borrower or guarantor gives to a lender a charge
           .,m.:                                                                                upon a part or the whole of his property;
    ,. "foP.r'", o.,~" tPJl\.'}-
    ..                                            'NMt.m- mf,9" 'PO-l\nn.';t.              11) "Articles of Association" include memorandum of
           f)OO'l\-mf,9" f)hkA '}.f)l.1:,} noP.r'\f".'}- f"tOTn.'}-                             association;
           O.,~ "m-:
                                                                                        3. Instruments Chargeable with Stamp Duty
    Hi'       "oP,,-p.y.t..r .~.'}.n" },'}1.n"'I)-n"1: foPoPi\l.:F
                                                                                           The following instruments shall be chargeable with
              ~. a_e,:'} f,';L1.9" t..A::
                                                                                           stamp duty:
f.'   f'1; 4'l.T fOlJ.h,{,AIFfm' o",.~
                                                                                             1) memorandum .and articles of association of any
      ftPJ.hof'l\':,- O.,?-~ foJ:9".nc 4'l.T f,h'{'AI)T'PA~
                                                                                                  business organization, cooperative or any other
       ~. fOI/'}<;:m'9° '}OlY: tPJ'"Inc= f'"l-nl..'}- JP&- tPJ'"Inc
              OJf,9U fOI/'}<;:me9°qf,".'}- tPJ'"Inc oPoPill.:F 1\lJ-~'1                           form of association;
              rID.,..v,.e.l..r 1.'}.n:
                                                                                            2) award;
       ~, °/AO/A:                                                                           3) bonds;
                                                                                            4) warehouse bond;
       i:' tPJ1:/::                                                                                                           -

              flJ:J> °'lhtPJ:r tPJl.;J16liJ. O,,~::                                         5) contract and agreements and memoranda thereof;
                                                                                            6) security deeds;
       l;' m-A: il9U9U".'}-'1 f}, " 'lU 00..,l\6liJ.;
       f.. foP .
       ..            r'w O""~I                                                              7) collective agreement;
                                                                                            8) contract of employment;
       l' f ;,'}- i\9"9"".'}-:
       ~. f JPt.. (~TC) m-A:                                                                9) lease, including sub-lease and transfer of similar
       !!. fh.t..f!-.: f'''ht..f!-. nht.-f,'1 oPOA oP-n.'}-ftPJi\.,."                             rights;
              l\&,.r O",.~ 6f.b9°C:                                                        10) notarial acts;
       :.:- tPJl.;J'I''''t:                                                                11) power of attorney;
     Iji. fmehA'I JPAtfJ'}:                                                                12) documents of title to property.
     I~'      f,}11l..'}- 1)l\f1,.'}-".'}-'}   tPJi\oP1I1{l! o,,~::                     4. Rates of Stamp Duty
9.' foJ:9"-nC 4'l.T nh4.&.A ~h                                                             1) The applicable rates of stamp duty for each ins-
     ji. nn,}4'1\ r. lIC nToPl\h.,.m-                        n1\!'}.';'}J;. o,,~ I\f,      -    trument mentioned under Article 3 shall be those
            oPh&eA f0lJ.1'lm- f4'l.T ODm'} hIU';JC n.,.!!IIm-'1                                 specified in the Schedule attached hereto and cons-
            fllU h'P:(; n'}~ hilA If'f n"t.fml.m- lP'}ml.Y                                      tituting an integral part hereof.
            m-ilT h'} f,1f'1 A::                                             2) The rate payable at any subsequent execution of an
     ~. h,}~ o,,~ nT1.;J;JOT/. T,{,'I."t (}.If') I\.h,{,A                                       instrument shall be as specified in the same
            fOT/,1I1me        f4'l.T oPm'} fUllJ-lP'}ml.Y m-lIT f"'oPl\
           hTme "me::
'ut ~~t.IJ..1..t.t:\        .,;M"" ;JtLIIJ'Il'l'C: ~?;(l).          it 4"   !itf~~'''''                        Negarit Gazeta -
                                                                                                        J1eger~1                    NO.45 16thJune, 1998-Page 762

      ott..}.f-A-,' L..e..&.I\C£
                               Jl'l"ht.1\.1C£6T11t\.h                               th1qD1                 NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1)
..,e:" ~1"'~ !Ill (Ii) tlPW/':" f4?h.,.t\ID-;J-ID-l(A==                                              of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
      Ii.   .   ?tIifJ'C: t:b it                                                                     Etbi()pi~,it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                                                                                                     l.$hQrt Title
                1-tJhfJJ:t;'Hf"'it":"1 f" 1itl}"" rc:,.e; "'''W}. 101
                AUY.}"1t\P't:\flJ1 11IJ**Uf.1~,,~ chTCIlI1,/                                              This Proclamationmay be cited as the "Animal, Animal
                                                                                                          Products and By-Products Marketing Development
                Iiit1-" .,.'OA..t\.m.,.it "~"A::
                                                                                                          Authority EstablishmentProclamation No. 117/1998."
                                                                                                     2. Definitions
      ~. :"c"\1IIt                                                                                       'Unless the context otherwise requires in this
                f.4>(\. h1'Hl A.It :"c.,.r                     fOl/.,efttnID-"'A"'~                       proclamation:
                flit.t''''t:nu.tJhtp~ ~.itTi                                                              I} ,'Animal' , means cattle, sheep, goati,camel,poultry,
                                                                                                          .    p*;'b,Fe ancF\~,ncludes        ';(),er anitrtats which the
      Ii' t'''1''f;\~''''A+JJ!;A;J                      h~:". n""~f~~ "'08/;\1                                 Aut:hogty' fOt: th~ ,pu:rpos~,of. thi$t;pl'oclamation
                                                                                                               "?!:I'"              '..' '.,'         ",' ,..."
                P.Co':h'"uy: '..1e; 'l(\P'AtI)}                    m1-.~:" ftlf.tJ htp:f                       designates as animals;              , "

                ~""''''h~'''roA''fOl/.ft~:f...i                       ":,,"/m~I\'M           '           2)   "Animal Ptpduct" ~,~~eat,'~k,~tter,            cheese,
      tf. "~f"")it4:';9"C:""""                 I1IJA:"P. ;JI   .   m+:,. I ~o.l h~'ftl                         egg, hQne}'Wa]S., sheep'hatt, as.wellas wool and
                "'chl\A:           I1IJC:....S'~: fn.., ,01--t:e;~tt::flt\P'AtIJ}                .             includes?ther products Whichthe Authority desig-
                                                                                                               nates as animal products;
                O11-.&.}o f"')hl}:" rc+ ..lA"fUf.ft"I1IJ:fID-1     ,fm:l"
                                                                                                         3)   "Animal by-product" means everthing of value
                A.I\Ai                                                                                         prpducedfromthe slaughterQfanimal suclras hide,
      f.'       "f"'it""".,.«rStlt"     I1IJA.}-h"'it""" ~C.(- fUf.11-                               ,horn, hoof, blood, bone and meat'meal and
                ~"1.4.~tf1."'".f : "'1. cfJ; : ~(Ol ""f;:ift1e;:hp';J                                          includes other by-products> which'the
                                                                                                                           ,."    . .,~      ,,,... ", ,. '.  .,',
                      k ,                  "'Jll1-9u 'lAP'An)).. .
                .f.9P~' ri.}- f.,."./.."ODe:' ,','        ,                                                    t~~ fut,ure g~sigl}.at,~sas M.iIllal by-:prml!Jc~.;,.,
           m1-.~.}'f" 1it".}..,.".Stlt 11A"fUf.(t"I1IJ:f~11m*                   "Quarantine" means a mode of prevention and
           AI\A:                                                                  control of the spread of various contagious and
      ~. "'.\/..11;'}" I1IJA.}-f1'A.fV.      "'I\I\&c; n"'''f'''it'':''           infectiousanimaldiseaseswithin the country, from
           rrli:r9':f flU1C m.itT hf':r (D1-.fl:r"       hU1C m-hT                the country or to the,country;                  ,

           m1-.m'~l hID-~r $" U1C m-itT "'J;,e.tf08-I:                     5) "Quarantine station" mpans a specified and demar-
                                                                                  cated area where animals, animal products and by-
           AODhl\hAe;AtIP~tI)mt: fUf..fll"f-Ahwt.t: ~m-;
                                                                                  products are kept under strict follow up and
      ?;.' "f'.\/..J1:')tlJll.r'  I1IJA.}-flh')'(- n"'lDft~c;n-t-ht\t\            control;
           fl,"''''lll}:'' :f1-t1lltH' ?'"CTe;.,.tp~lt 1\" 1'''1~.         6) "Staging point" means a demarcated area es-
           h'}-".t:\e; -k1'Tt: f"'l.1-.I...,fl.}- ~fDoi                           tablished within a limited'interval along the routes
      ,., "f{llll.4"f fl:r" 0?4.}- f"'ll".}-              ,..,.(- f.,.fI          of trade of animals to provide feed, water,
           "iJ>n}lOi1.1   "'h""A"A"'Ht"-I:fID-~:foPe:'I f tit e;e;                veterinary and resting services for trade stock;
           f"'lt.~,f h1l\ °'1\..+ t\(liJllmT fl"'mft~ C.,...,.             7) "Service charge" meaos an amount of money
           fUf.**r f-tht\A f\;t. ~m"i                                             payable, for any servicerendered by the A'uthority,
                                                                                  pursuant to regulations to be issued;
      't. ",""h1~"'A"+ tHi:r'I1IJA+ 'lA""A(I1). t\4?ftmm-
                                                                           8) "Region" mtans any of those Regions specified
            "11f':,:(o.r h1A °11\"+ my.,~T fl"tm(l1 1-.111
                                                                                  under ArtiCle 47(1) of the constitution of'the
            OD~'I.:" -f-lpittf ftllJ.h4.o~ 11"11' )1&;                            Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and, for
    ~. ""~A" 6?A+ ntt.-rf-A-.f.              4..g.t.I\-e  -t'l"ht."".r~           the purpose of this proclamatioll, includes the
            ~'r.nA.h th1oP''''~+ ~1+W,i (6)"~ f+nuAh                              Addis Ababa aridDire D~W~      Admini~thitions.
                          r\""MLtJ K4p~h4.oRRrl\.'1AfhJlll 3. Establishment!
            hOlle;f'(-~J;CP    hll,"J;gt:1~ ,,~r/..A':J                    1) The Animal, Animal Products and'By-prbducts
f.' IIP**9"                                                                     Authority (hereinafter referred to as ' 'the
    6, ,","'h""": fh1ll,,""rc:,.e;
    ~                                             "''P~lt '1t\P'AtlJ1           Authority") is h~rebyestab'ushed'asan ~ut6norlOus
            (tuLu n~I\'~'lAP'AfI)"." M'''''lA'fth..,                  'Federal Government body having juridicfj.l:'        per-
                                                                                sonality.     '                        ,    .1',\   ,
            ftm'~.}' .fAm' /..l\.1f!FA f L1..t.A fQQ''''P'T
                                                                           2) ; The AuthorityshaU':beaccounUible the Prime
            ODP't..r 0.+ Ire:' nn.v htp~ Jt.*cft,.A::                           Minister.                      \,'
    ~. fflAP'AtI)~ "'mt.~+ AIO:"I\~~tit+.". ".,.e;AII                   4. Head Office             "',                    "
~. 'fe; ODP't.,f0.+
                  ,   .'     .'.               ..'
                                                                           The Autqority shall have its head office in Addis Ababa
      f'li\P'A(f)). tplf'oPP't.,f f1.~}' &ll hfl'llr'i "'1.h1l4.oI\        and may have branch. offices in Regions as may be
      '1..,-1:nhAt\"~':"t:1~r,:x'      if}~'''' o.~~ t\.'i~"" ~:fl\A::     necessary. , .,
li'    ~I\I1IJ                                                                                       5. Objective                                               ,

       '1t\P'A(ll~f~1h"'''''        :f~'}ll...t    9';c:,.e; .,.".Stlt 1.fl,f                            The Authority shall have the objective of promoting the
       flU1t: tn~ll1'e;n~~         l)1L:"'&ll4.~ hiJ>cOi: noPm11f'                                       domestic and export marketing of animal, animal
       n"'t..}.", 1.«t.f.(-.., fl1lJ.(-I.'? ~I\I1IJ~ct(.fPA::                                            productsand by-productsthrough increasingtheir supply
                                                                                                         and improved    quality.                                       ..' .
'IX"   :U~                 t..Y..t.&\ ~;M"'" ;JtLllJ <l:1'C ~il (}~                         I~   +,Iill] '1.9".                 Federal Negarit Gazeta -             No. 49 25111
                                                                                                                                                                                June, 1998-Page       777

        n'll\9"                   h.,.": ,,~7{ h,:,'r-k.f                               n,'hf,ID;J-ce Oofl:t I\f,                        WHEREAS, in line with protecting its sovereignrights
.fl\:""} t\-ql\ce OD-o:" h"7ithnC .,.."} I\.,.."} 0-0-1: hl1"";J:                                                                   over its'biodiversity at international level and the potential
hAc.:-t-CC: nf:"~ID-9" ql\9" 1\"7.1~ f(a1D- flC hlj:"'~                                                                             contributionsof this resourceto the welfare of the Ethiopian
                                                  IP~:" n"7.111 people and the people of the world as a whole, Ethiopia has
m"''''L;J- .f1\ID-nODIf). nq 1\9" h.,.": ID-I\o"fOD
I\ODmn~ I I\OD"}hflh-Olf'nh..,fla- 1'~9" I\f, l\"7tpA f.,.it agreed to respect various international conventions in con-
"7"7"f nODIfS:;                                                 serving and properly utilizing its biologicalresources;
         f ,'hf,ID;J-ce O-O:,."} If'n.4>                                         I   9"C9"Clf' hm.4>.,.9" n01C
                                                                                                                                          WHERB\S~ it has become necessary to establish an
h.,.": ,,~7{ f"7..fhlf'lD-"} : f"7.OD~.lf' f"tJ'it.,.fI-oC                                                             ht}A
                                                                                                                                    institute which is responsible for undertaking, directing and
"7tp.,.C n"7it4.1\1- I
                                                                                                                                    coordwating biodi:versity ,conservation,research and proper'); ~~~.~ce ..:"~"'h~.""'ce: &T-oA.h ,'h1 utilizaf{onend~~o\lfsat n~tionall~v~;                                                                                                    "

OD"}"'p';f: 1eNt 2?i(1)OD';l:"f"7.h"'I\~; ;J-ID-~A;~
                     . <                                       NOW, 'I'iffiREfORE, inacto¥dance wjtl'rArti~le55(1)
Ii' hlifJ"CC~itc".                                       of theConsbtution of the Federal,Democrati,c,'Republicof
                                                                                                                                             "           :    "i.:                 ""     '\.
                                                            1\.,.A"f; Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed. as follows: '
        f,1J h~l- ",'" ~~fih"lD;J-ce O.fl~"'~I1.4>lf'~e9"C9"C
                                   "       ',      ,,"',

        :,.~:,. "7*'k"tJ' h'Pl- <kIf'Cliff1/!Df:l~' .,.-01\0I\.m+'"
                                      ;,       ".'            '..
        f,"fl\AII'                                                                               '                ,                 1. Short Tide
I'      :"C=\"'L .~.,'
               ,..                                          '.",.                                                                           This Proclamation may be cited as. the "Institute of
        f.4>t\-h1f1it "'1\ :"C1"9" t}I\(amlD-nit.,..,.c IULIJhtpl-
        ID-~'                                                                                                     .        '
                                                                                                                                            Biodiyersity Co~~en;ationand Research Establishmen(
                                                                                                                                            ProclamationNo.          120/129~."                             ,

       Ii' "u;hJ',1D7ce'" o-o:f"
                  ':','~       ";,""'c"    ",",1.;'-,""'"
                                                                                111/1\:"nh"}~         htaflll
                                                                                                                      lD-it1'   ,

                                                                                                                                    2..:;   Definition
                           f~')'P:"            I fh "}Mi:"lf' fer .4>:""},'htplt:" fI~ODI\o"flf'
                                                                                                                                            In this Proclamation un!ess the context reqUIres
                           1IC.f1P"f h9""f:"lf' it-olf'ch "}.&lV-9"n"''';1;1k                                          ~:"lf'               otherwise:
                           nh"}~~:" f"7.1J.O:""} plCq+-OOIJ~C f"tJ'm;
                                                                                                                                            1) "Biodiversity" me~ns the variability amqng living
                           '+AA'~m-,~'                              ;
                                                                                                                                                organisms, including plants, anixnalsand microor-
        I~' '~'P'C'H--oPIJt:'c" "71\:" ,'hf,1D~11\TID- ",-oitp"f
                                                                                                                                                ganisms, and the ecological complexes of which
             ,'hf,ID~bt\"'TID- ht}I\:" ;1cn+AT;1-OC':" 11\"7

                                                                                                                                                they are part and this includes diversity within
             'k~l' n "7.1\ pIDIf' ~,,:,. ID-itlf' f"7. 'i ~n:" f.,. 4.1f'a'
                                                                                                                                                species (genes),between species and ecosystems;
                           P'C~:"         ..   ~ID-I                                        ",
                                                                                                                                            2) ,"Ecosystem" means a natural system in which
        f.                 ull~tP,JA"~I\~                                   "'1D~.~.1i I1lJtf:"1 fi1?Jh.,.I\Att:
                                                                                                                                                living and non-living things are found interacting
       .,                  n"t1~1D-9" ,'hf,ID:" 1AID- .,,,c' ;~it1'                                                   f"7.1~
                           fh."7.t}A ~"}-oC ~ID-I                                                                                               with each other ,ina dynamic process;
        9.-' uUfl;J! 1'n.4>" "71\:" n.,.4.1f'a' fhS:S:C ,,.~;J- lD-it1'
                                                                                                                                            3}, "Gene" means a chemicalcompositionfound in all
             R"7.1J.ft:f' hl).~"} h"}.c;:~ f"" fh"}itlt:" :                                                                              Irvingthings, that transmitsall inherited characteris-
               ,              '..        "
                           'ftJY\'P:"lf' flf' .4>:""},'htplt"" hmflO~                                 ~ID- I
                                                                                                                                        ,   4) "In situ 'conserVation" means conserving plant,
        ~.                  U1\.flP;J- If'n.4>" "71\:" ht~lf'a' fh~5:C. v-~;J-
                            lD'~ n"7'iC °"7.t}'t~ fh"}itlt:" : fh~'P:"lf'                                                                       animal and microbial genetic resources in their
                           ,flf'.4>~" ,'htplt.,. hmfUl;" .~ID-I                                                                                 natural habitats,
        ~,u.('ID'"                                             O,'h'"
                      "71\:" -"7"}~OP9"f.,.4.1f'a' (aID-1Df,'J'"                                                                            5)       "Ex situ conservatiort;' means conserving plant,
              f(aID'~:" OD-o:" f.,.(amlD-)\t}A' ~ID-II                                                                                               anilIlaland microbialgeneticresources out sid~their

                                                                    '.. .                                                                      natural habitats;

                                                                                                             ,J                             6) "persoJ?,"means any natural orjuridical person.
 f.'     QD'k'k9"
        Ii'                 f ,'hf,ID;J-ce 0-0:" If'n.4>lf' 9"C9"C 1\."}iti:""~:"                                                    3. Establjshment
                           .(hlLIJ n~'I\ un. ,it-t:"~-I:" hf.,.fll\ f"7.nM,)'f,'h'"                                                     1) The ,Institute of Biodiversity Conservation allfJ
                            (a1D'~:".fl\lD- ~ ") f:F1\ f~';''t.A OD"}..,P':"ht}A                                                            Research (hereinafter "the Institute~') is hereby
                            If'i IUlIJ h'Pl- "''kcJ:;'''A II"                                                                               establi~tledas an aut9nomous body of the Federal
         I'                .~"}it1=:"~1.: "'~&~-I: ~1\.:"f:k1                                        f..,-o.Clf'9"C9"~                      Governmenthaving its ownjuridic~ personality.
                            ~cl-:" f,1flf'A==                                                                                           2) The Institute,shall be accountable to the Ethiopian


                                                              fh. ~f'*, 1 &\lf .ItIJPtltt-&\.llf tT11l\.h

             4of..b.A                        TGAZETA lI}
                               FEDERAL NEGARIT
                                                                                                               .   ..,             .   '"           '.'

                                            OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ;ETHIOPIA

             ~1g.~ ~oP~ 4t'l'C --.
                 ',. '                                                                                                                             , ,l't   Year No. 12
  .'\~il,~n,.~'                     I!!fifii
                        ~di4!~, <k'}.                            Illt':fV-A-y'tof..t-I\lfl "LP'ht-flflfl       tTl1/\.h        '
                                                                                                                                            ADDIS ABABA - 24,thAugust, 1995
                                                                  (";"1111 +CO'Tf-:'f 9"hC o.'rmQ~"T               ("colI) ,

                                         tllJl&6l»J.                                                                    CONTENTS
  hCP~ <kif'£<:
             IIl/Iuif'ffi~ ~;'9".                                                                  Proclamation No. 12/1995
      fl\F~.)         ~"t1i\}!0IJ**~'          1t«P~ ""''''''''''''''''         1~     'if?;                             Establishment
                                                                                                       Sports Commis~-iol1                                                     .
                                                                                                       Proclamation.                                                         Page 81

                                     ,            .'

                 f,1);rc-l: b"1JiJ'}         l\~.**9"       ftDilJ 1t«P~                                A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                                                                                                     ESTABLIiSHMENT OF THE SPORTS COMMISSION
           fl\:rr:~                  07,**9" fI~i1t"l\tl~ .;
           ftfi..~W'A\'{1 ~1..~it«f!           .tqPh&.A~.elf              tT11ru.h         fit 1         WHEREAS, it has become necessary to establish the
                                                                                                   Sports Commission;
oo1',"lP'T                ~t.(?;)oolPe¥flll/.;t"'fl\OJ-'
                  h''}<f>,W                                               :f'm-~~     ::
                                                                                                      . NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance w,ithArticle 55 (1)
                                                                                                   oLthe Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
li' tlflJ:K ~~~ .                                                                                  Etl1!op~a,it is hereby pro~laimed as follows:
       J!;Ujnm~H~hTC~ ~"t1i'} ~**0If.1 h«P:fJ#'P€HI                                                1. Short Title
       1j9flN~"';~1tm-('ttill"'i1'           J.',:FI\&\::
       ~~-  ~              t
                                                                                                      This Proclamationmay be cited'as'the" Sports Cqmmis-
Il'    ..,.~~1"L                                                                                      sion EstablishmentProclamationNo. 1211995".
                                                                                                   2, Definitions
       Olttl, xm~:;W-ilID':
       ?;. "'lh""~A't.e'»{fI>W1!J'lft1O'l;\.-I:"                ~tr.;', Oi'i:PfCCj                   In this proclamation:
                                                                                                     1)' "Etliiopian Olympic Committee" means a Committee
              1i;C;lX~~9V'rnt\OI/jlif.,}ll               oo,p~,,). Ofty"C'). &..f..10
                                                                                                         formed, in accordance with the rules of the Inter-
              7i~"" f'f**f1PflOlf.:1:           ~m- ;
                                                                                                         national Olympic Committee, by sports federations;
       Il' "l1Ta'}"~I\;"                 Ml&\ °7,p~m'l'},9"               J.',~,~&,~       ;         2) "Sport" includes physical culture;
       j;. "fl1TC')- ~1nc"~A;ih                        nlttlhm~K.'~l;J1.?':f:                        3). "Sports association" means any sport club formed in
              00"'/..')- f1-**oo         fl1TC~)'h.O~O : fil..l~r'*,f                1.l\o'}"            accordance with the provisions of this Proclamation,
              'Cflf ~~'l;,I:,tDJ.',9"f1t;,.C~} &..f..Io'li'} ~.m-';                                      the Ethiopian Olympic Committee or any sports
                                                                                                         federation;'                                         .
              "fl1TC~} '... &..U 7i'}" O11l\,}nU1t-l: m-l1T h'} X''}.
                              .                  .'
                                                                                                     4) "Sports federation" means any institution vested with
              l1TC~ l\~l14.4.')-Cj l\oD,}"II"'} ;}I\t. .,~)~f,t~ilJl\n'l'
                                                                                                        the responsibility of promoting and directing' any sport
              1-*9" '1m- ::
                                                                                                        within the country.

 .f~P,.'I',;J                                                                                                                                       ~:J/.:,. ,;JlLtlJ ;r...,.4!.   'ii",C;i
 Unit Price.     }1:'66
                  '                                                                                                                                Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,00]
                                                                     1/,          "
                                                    r~T~kl          A..1ot-I\'£-'l'fOht-lt.I'£ &Tllt\.h

               tofo~A                                                    ";J~T ;JUlfJ

                        lioo.}- ck1'C !!                                                                          5thYear No.4
                                                Oh,.}-,.kl4..1.t-I\ce Jl'l"ht-c\lce ~Ti1f\.h
      "Jlh "OlJ-ih.c;C i .,., Iilf~i                                                                       ADDIS ABABA - 10thNov., 1998
                                                f ih11i1 +m",.'f 9'"hC o..}-mlJct'l.}- fmtIJ

                                  1I'/~651                                                                CONTENTS

"'P;E- -111'C lif11ii/Iiif2li      Ii'9'"                                         Proclamation No. 129/1998
      f"'Pii    +~(ah      ID<'~ Vi1.}-. "h+.c;",C .('-c;E-.}- "7**117.1            Awash Basin Water Resources               Administration
      "'P;E-                                                   1A"~f!ll             Agency Establishment Proclamation              Page 856

                          "'P;E- -111'Cif11i/Iif2li                                           PROCLAMATION 129/1998
               f"'Pii +~(ah     ID<'VVi1.}- "h+.c;",C      .('-c;E-.}-                 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                                                                                       ESTABLISHMENT OF THE AWASH BASIN
                            /\"7**9'" fmtIJ "'P;E-
                                                                                        WATER RESOURCES ADMINISTRATION
               'Pii +~(ah      ID<'h1' f"7.11" ID<" ffi1 h ID<'VVi1.}-                               .      AGENCY
                                                                    j f"7.1h~          WHEREAS, it has become necessary to establish a
1'0:1"'1'"m?+9'"           fauh+lJi1C       ! f"7.1h+.c;.('-C
Ef-1A'if"7..flllmC        .('-C;E-.}- 7**9'" "(tLI\1.. If If 0-,1"-1:
                                    "                                         j   government agency for the purposes of co-ordinating, ad-
          Oh,.}-,.k.' 4..1.t-I\'£ Jl'l"ht.U'£             ~Ti1f\.h       ih1-'    ministering, allocating and regulating the utilization of the
..,~.}-    ",+ A" !l~(li) -Ii' l + f"7.h+/\m-           ;J-ID<'J:IA81             surface water resources of the Awash Basin;
                                                                                       NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1)
li'     "tfJ!'C CiJh                                                              of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of       .

                                                                                  Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
        "'0 "'P;E- "f"'Pii +~(ah ID<'V   Vi1.}- "h+.c;1.C .('-c;E-+
        "7**117.1 "'P;E- -111'C lif11ii/Iiif2li"   +i1A- f\.m+h                   1. Short Tide                                           .

        ", 'fl\ IA 81                                                                 This proclamation may be cited as the "A wash Basin
                                                                                      Water Resources Administration Agency Establishment
I'      .}-C~"I                                                                       Proclamation No. 129/1998."
        OtLO "'P;E- ID<'h1' j                                                     2. Definitions
        i'  "PC.('-""7/\.}-   f"'Pii        +~(ah     ID<'VVi1+ "h+.c;",C
                                                                                     In this Proclamation:
                .('-c;E-+ PC.('- 'lID<'                                               1) "Board" means the Awash Basin Water Resources
        I'      """        ~'i "";C" "7/\+ ~''''~''',.+                       Administration Agency Board;
                h+~     flD<'V Vi1.}-       ~'i ";C    'lID<'
                                                                          !          2) "Minister" and "Ministry" means the Minister and
        e.      "+~(ah" "7/\.}- f"'Pii +~(ah 'lID<' !                                     Ministry of Water Resources respectively;
        §.      "ftD-V ~t-"'f"     "7/\+ fllJ-V Vi1.}-, /\"71''1'+ j                 3) "Basin" means the Awash River Basin;
                ",IA..,A-.}- 1\'" /\"7'P1A I /\-.ftIJmC                              4) "Water Works" means activities which undertake
                                                                                          studies on water resources, regulate or control the
                /\oomO:" f"7.h'im.,. ~t-""f"7/\+    c\1f' httV-;JC                        use of water, and includes any other activities
                f+.'.'". ta.A-'f ~&,"'f, "f.U.9'"t-1AII                                   relating with it.

     11~ cP;J                                                                                                                  ,
                                                                                                           u..~A ~;J&+;Jft.1IJ.",.41. iti(li
     Unit Price 2.30                                                                                       Federal Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
                                                                         \        ,
                                                                             , i\..,j

                                               ~:   '

                                                        fJ\.+y.;klA..1.t-I\'£         Jl".,ht-f\,I,£ 6T-flt\.h

                tolo~1A                                                  ~;J~T ;JUffJ


                                                                                                                                     5thYear No.6
            ~,.,.".~ 'tlDT 4IIJ'Ci
                                                         0J\.+f"A"1 t.1.~1\'£ Jl ''£ tT11AJI                   ADDIS ABABA         - 101bNovember,     1998
         ~Jl" ~Ol}- ,,~c i+1 Iiifjl                      f ih1J11".milf"T ,.hc 0.+ I11qct~+ fmllJ

                                  OYt&~    '                                                                         CONTENTS

~"J: 4IIJ'CIft1JI/Iflf'JI""                                                       Proclamation No. 131/1998
  fT~IlJS1r1: Jrih4.T 0.+ "7!t~                          ~":E-           1Jr ~f~1   Office of the President Establishment
                                                                                    Proclamation                                                         Page 862

                        ~~:E-4IIJ'C'lf01/Ilif'Jli               '                                          PROCLAMATIONNO. 1311199~
   fJ\.+f"A"1 t.1.t.I\ce tT"'''h.''~IlJS1+        A PROCLAMATION TO ESTABLISH THE OFFICE
               Jrih4.+ 0.+ ""7!t!tr fmllJ hCP:§                        OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL
                                                                       DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA
      fJ\.Tf"lil dJ.~I\'£ Jl""h~.v.         tT-RA.h "~IlJS1+
Jr/n.~,"7H'r        ~"~I\1. 11'1(           I                        WHEREAS, it is found necessary to establish the Office
      nJ\.+f"lilt."~.I\ceJl'fDh~iL1ce               tT11A.h ih1 of the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of
tlD1..,P'+ ~1+Jr !~ 10-" ~1+" (I) tlDlPl+ f-th"."m-
                                                                Ethiopia;         -
                                                                                                   NOW,THEREFORE,in accordancewith Article55(1)
~m-J.AII                                            '

                                                                of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
I'    ~-PC C6,.                                                 Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
      ~O ~":E- "fT~IlJC1r1: Jrih4.+ 0.+ -"'IIl!t-t! ~CP:E- 1. Short Tide
      4I1J'C; if01/Ilif'JI"    "..o, A.111"'''~"ftfA II              This Proclamation may be cited as the "Office of the
I' +C=\"I                            .President                                 Establislhment Proclamation No. 131/1998."
      OILO ~cP~ m-"~ "~r~ILJS1+" "7"+ fJ\.+f"A"1 2. Definition

      t.1.t.I\,£ Jl'fDht.iL1ce tT11A.h C6(1-RAC ~m- II               In this Proclamation: "President" means the Head of
e. - tID!t!t,.                 , .                                   State of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,
                                                                3. Establishroent
     i'     fT~ILJS~'" ,..ih4.+, 0.+ (bilO 0'-1\ "Jrih4.+
            0..,," ~,       f"tmd.) t.(\-1 'f;FAt; ih~'£ (1m-~+                            .
                                                                     1. The Office of the President (hereinafterreferred to as
                                                                                                        "the Office" is hereby established as an autonomous
                II\1D- ~ilA 11'1(OILO'I\"~              ".!t4l".7.A II
                                                                                                        organ having its own juridical personality.
           I'   fA".t.4.+ 0... "'l11t~""AT~1l41-1: ~11JiA                                          2.   The Office shall be accountable to the President.
j!'         fA"ih4.+ 0.-1: P'AIIJ1'i """I}C                                                .4. Powers and Duties of the Office'
            A-ih4.+'n    r-th"'~+    P'AtI'f''i """I}C-T ~'r~~A i                              The Office shall have the following powers and duties:
                nih~"'p'~;nA.,          "f 'th1-T tlDlPl+ AT~Il,                                   1) to establish an efficient working system for the
                JS")1:A"'(1m- P'AIIJ1'i "''''I}c-"f ~4.U" +AIII4.                                      execution of the powers and duties entrused to the
                r~lPt.c P'~.f tlDUC;JTI                                                               President, under the Constitution and other laws;

     n4. 1';J 2.30                                                                                                     4..1.t.A. ~j~:,. ;JII.IIJr...,.<II,,1ti£.li
     Unit Price-                                                                                                       Federal Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
                                                                         \        ,
                                                                             , i\..,j

                                               ~:   '

                                                        fJ\.+y.;klA..1.t-I\'£         Jl".,ht-f\,I,£ 6T-flt\.h

                tolo~1A                                                  ~;J~T ;JUffJ


                                                                                                                                     5thYear No.6
            ~,.,.".~ 'tlDT 4IIJ'Ci
                                                         0J\.+f"A"1 t.1.~1\'£ Jl ''£ tT11AJI                   ADDIS ABABA         - 101bNovember,     1998
         ~Jl" ~Ol}- ,,~c i+1 Iiifjl                      f ih1J11".milf"T ,.hc 0.+ I11qct~+ fmllJ

                                  OYt&~    '                                                                         CONTENTS

~"J: 4IIJ'CIft1JI/Iflf'JI""                                                       Proclamation No. 131/1998
  fT~IlJS1r1: Jrih4.T 0.+ "7!t~                          ~":E-           1Jr ~f~1   Office of the President Establishment
                                                                                    Proclamation                                                         Page 862

                        ~~:E-4IIJ'C'lf01/Ilif'Jli               '                                          PROCLAMATIONNO. 1311199~
   fJ\.+f"A"1 t.1.t.I\ce tT"'''h.''~IlJS1+        A PROCLAMATION TO ESTABLISH THE OFFICE
               Jrih4.+ 0.+ ""7!t!tr fmllJ hCP:§                        OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL
                                                                       DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA
      fJ\.Tf"lil dJ.~I\'£ Jl""h~.v.         tT-RA.h "~IlJS1+
Jr/n.~,"7H'r        ~"~I\1. 11'1(           I                        WHEREAS, it is found necessary to establish the Office
      nJ\.+f"lilt."~.I\ceJl'fDh~iL1ce               tT11A.h ih1 of the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of
tlD1..,P'+ ~1+Jr !~ 10-" ~1+" (I) tlDlPl+ f-th"."m-
                                                                Ethiopia;         -
                                                                                                   NOW,THEREFORE,in accordancewith Article55(1)
~m-J.AII                                            '

                                                                of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
I'    ~-PC C6,.                                                 Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
      ~O ~":E- "fT~IlJC1r1: Jrih4.+ 0.+ -"'IIl!t-t! ~CP:E- 1. Short Tide
      4I1J'C; if01/Ilif'JI"    "..o, A.111"'''~"ftfA II              This Proclamation may be cited as the "Office of the
I' +C=\"I                            .President                                 Establislhment Proclamation No. 131/1998."
      OILO ~cP~ m-"~ "~r~ILJS1+" "7"+ fJ\.+f"A"1 2. Definition

      t.1.t.I\,£ Jl'fDht.iL1ce tT11A.h C6(1-RAC ~m- II               In this Proclamation: "President" means the Head of
e. - tID!t!t,.                 , .                                   State of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,
                                                                3. Establishroent
     i'     fT~ILJS~'" ,..ih4.+, 0.+ (bilO 0'-1\ "Jrih4.+
            0..,," ~,       f"tmd.) t.(\-1 'f;FAt; ih~'£ (1m-~+                            .
                                                                     1. The Office of the President (hereinafterreferred to as
                                                                                                        "the Office" is hereby established as an autonomous
                II\1D- ~ilA 11'1(OILO'I\"~              ".!t4l".7.A II
                                                                                                        organ having its own juridical personality.
           I'   fA".t.4.+ 0... "'l11t~""AT~1l41-1: ~11JiA                                          2.   The Office shall be accountable to the President.
j!'         fA"ih4.+ 0.-1: P'AIIJ1'i """I}C                                                .4. Powers and Duties of the Office'
            A-ih4.+'n    r-th"'~+    P'AtI'f''i """I}C-T ~'r~~A i                              The Office shall have the following powers and duties:
                nih~"'p'~;nA.,          "f 'th1-T tlDlPl+ AT~Il,                                   1) to establish an efficient working system for the
                JS")1:A"'(1m- P'AIIJ1'i "''''I}c-"f ~4.U" +AIII4.                                      execution of the powers and duties entrused to the
                r~lPt.c P'~.f tlDUC;JTI                                                               President, under the Constitution and other laws;

     n4. 1';J 2.30                                                                                                     4..1.t.A. ~j~:,. ;JII.IIJr...,.<II,,1ti£.li
     Unit Price-                                                                                                       Federal Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
                                              fh.:t-f"kf 4..1..t-I\'f "l'JPnt-(Lf'f tTlIt\.n

      ~~~IA                                               ";JtT ;JUff)
                   ,   FEDERALNEGARIT GAZETA
                                   OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

        v-ll+i1 'loP:" ~1'C Ii                                                                              2ndYear No.1
tt-tlt hOq-1':"9":" ~ +, I~fit~                 O~""f"k.f Uot.I\If -'L'l"tJt.fl..flf tT-fllttJ      ADDIS ABABA   -   19th October,   1995
                                                f ihll-fl +lDi1f":f 9"tJC 0."" mqct~"" flDlI}

                                 OIJfDe6IiA                                                      CONTENTS

 htp~ <k1'C rr/rilfit~ ~.r.                                               Proclamation No. 13/1995
  f ,01111+lDitf"r rnC 11.:t-'i"
                              f 4..1..~1i'}rnC 11.:t-                       Establishment of the Secretariat of the House of
                 0?'k'k"7J htp~
   f\,nL:t- 11.:t-                                         'If\   it?;      Peoples' Representatives and of the House of the
                                                                            FederationProclamation                   Page 85

                       htp~ <k'l'C rr/rilfit~                                           PROCLAMATION NO. 13/1995
                                                                               A PROCLAMATION TO ESTABLISH THE
    fh.:t-f"A"f 4..1..t-I\'f "t'JPnt-(Lf'f tTlIt\.n f,n1l1l                  SECRETARIAT OF THE HOUSE OF PEOPLES'
          +lDitf"r 9"nC 11.:t-'i"h.~f"kf 4..1..t-I\'f
                                   f                                       REPRESENTATIVES AND OF THE HOUSE OF THE
                     "t 'JPnt-(Lf'f tTlIt\.n                                      FEDERATION OF THE FEDERAL
             f4..1..~1i'} rnC 11.:t-f\,nL:t- 11.:t-'}                          DEMOCRATICREPUBLICOFETHlO~A
                      hO?'k'kr flDflJ htp~
                                                                              WHEREAS, it has become necessary to establish the
       fh.:t-f"kf 4..1..t-I\'f "t'JPnt-(Lf'f tTlIt\.h    f,n1l1l         Secretariatof the House of Peoples' Representativesand of
+lDitf"r rhc 11.:t-~'i" fh.:t-f"kf 4..1..t-I\'f "t'JPht-(Lf'f            the House of the Federation of the Federal Democratic
tTlIt\.n      f4..1..~1i'} 9"nC 11.:t- f\,nL:t- 11.:t-'} O?'k'kr         Republic of Ethiopia;
                                                                              NOW,THEREFORE,in accordancewith Article 55(1)
        Oh.:t-f"kf     4..1..t-I\'f "t'JPnt-(Lf'f tTlIt\.n  ,n'l         of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
(IIJ'}"lP':t- h'}4>f\ 2~(li) (llJ1P1.:t-
                                       f"7.h+hm- :t'm-~&\::              Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimedas follows:
                                                                         1. Short Title
lit h6f.bC C()il
                                                                            This Proclamationmay be cited as the "Establishmentof
   ~tJ htp~" f ,01111+lDitf"r rnC 11.:t-'i"4..1..t.1i') rnC
                                                                            the Secretariat of the House of/ Peoples' Represent-
   11.:t- f\,nL:t- 11.:t-0?'k'k"7J htp~ <k'l'C rr/rilfit~"                  atives and of the House of the Federation Proclam-
   +111\<'t\.m4>il ~rl\&\::                                                 ation No. 13/1995."
~. :t-C~'"L                                                         2. Definitions
    OfltJ htp~ m-il1'1                                                 In this Proclamation:
   li' "f ,01111+lDitf"r rnC 11.:t-"O?h:t-O,n'l(IIJ,}"lP'-J: 1) ''the House of Peoples' Representatives" means Mle
       h'}4>f\ 2r (llJ1P1.:t- f+'k'k(IIJ f4..1..t-1\- (IIJ,}"lP':t-
                                                                           House of Peoples' Representatives of the Federal
       f ,01111+fDitf"r rnC 11.:t-~m- I                                    Government established pursuant to Article 53 of the

                                                                                                            ~;JtT ;JtLlIJ.,    ,... 1t1£.li
 I'M. "';J ) 2. 301                                                                                         Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
 Unit Price J
1R'   iti     ~:J&.} ;Jtl.tIJ cklf'C   Ii 1f':'>9".} ~   .,.'}   Iitfit~ q.9". Negarit Gazeta- No.1 - 19th
                                                                                                         Octobert 1995-               Page 86

   fl. "f                                i
               t..Y..t.1i'} 9"nc n..}" DIJ\.} Oi'h'loP'}'" P' i: n'}'" R'      2) "the House of the Federation" means the House of the
         2r    oPlPl..} f.,.**oP ft..Y..t-/r oP,}"'P'.} ft..Y..t.1i'}             Federation of the Federal Government established pur-
         9"nc n..} ~lD-I                                                          suant to Article 53 of the constitution;
   r. "nL-.,..flo,.sPif" DlJi\.}Oi'h'loP'}"'P'i: n'}"'W 2~(Iit)                3) "Speakers" means the Speakers respectively elected by
                                                                                  the House of Peoples' Representatives and the House of
      'he; n'}"'R' :s~(IIi) oPlPl..} Oi'h1Nl .,.mllf-if 9"nc
                                                                                  the Federation pursuant to Article 55(19) and 62(11) of
      n..}e; Ot..Y..t.1i'} 9"tlc n..} f"toP l.m nL --1-flo,.sPif
                                                                                  the Constitution.
                                                                             3. Establishment
r. oP**9"
                                                                        1) The Secretariat of the House of Peoples' Representatives
   Ii. f i'h1l11.,.mllf-if 9"nc n..}e; f t..Y..t.1i'}9"tlc n..}            and of the House of the Federation (hereinafter referred to
       R'i'hL.} Jl."" (tilt 0 . O~I\ " W        i'hL.} n.i:" .,.l1f\o      as ''the Secretariat") is hereby established as an
       f"tmt-Y t-(}-'} f:Fi\ /h;J'e lllD-~.} fi\lD- hilA Otto              autonomous organ having juridical personality.
       nq>~ +*cko:LA==                                                 2) The Secretariat shall be accountable both to the Speaker
   fl. R'i'hL.} n.i: "'m~~-I: f i'h1l11 .,.mllf-if 9"tlc n..}
                                              -                            of th~ House of Peoples' Represenatives and to the
       .,..J;f-if'} O"'oPi\h.,. i\ihll11 .,.mt)f-if 9"tlc n..} nL-         Speaker of the House of the Federation relative to matters
       .,..flo,. 1ft; f t..Y..t.1i'} 9"nc n..} ""~f-if'} O"'oPi\h.,.       falling under their respective jurisdiction.
       i\t..Y..t.1i). 9"tlc n..} nL--1-flo,. f.1fe;A==                4. Powers and Duties of the Secretariat
 .                         "             -
!!. fR'ihL.} n.-I: P'AtIJ'}e; .,...,flC                                          The Secretariat shall have the following powers and
    R'ihL.} l1.-I:f"7..h.,./r.} P'AtIJ'}e; "''''flC'if f.t;~;J-AI
                                                                               1) to provide secretarial services to the organs of the Houses;
   Ii. i\9"nc n..y.:,:nil",} fWi'hL.} n1A..,f\o.} f.lltIJAI                    2) to arrange for halls required for the general assemblies of
   fl. i\9"nc n.+~ m:'>"" .,..flo,.e; ~ A ~ \1"t i;sPif V"t.fft~                  the Houses and for the meetings of their various Commit-
       A.,...}1 foPlll111o.f n~t-1iif ff..t-7fAI                                  tees;
   r. f9"nC n.~ nil".} :J>i\-.,..flo,.sPif lD-4~sPife;ll~f.if                  3) to see to it that the minutes, decisions and documents of
         0 "7..1fl "'oPlI.., 0 lD- 'hVlm 0 ck f f..C;J AI                         the organs of the Houses are recorded and kept properly;
   !!. t\9"nC n.+~ nll".}e; hfl".} Vn..,. oPKi'hlj:.} t V9"C                   4) to provide library, research and information services to
       9"ct; foPl.7f n1A..,f\o.} ,."lltIJAt O"toPi\h"'lD- nllA                    the organs an(j members of the Houses; prepare draft
       O"tllmlD- oPoP~f oPlPl..} f ih.., l.<t.f>if'}fU;J14AI                       legislation subject to instruction from the concerned
   ~. 9"nC n.~              f"tfmlp.~lD-'}       oPwth..y.ife; ;JtJ.(l1if          organ;
            ih.}oP.}e; P'C6f.b.} f.h;J-.,."AI               '
                                                                               5) to follow up the publication and circulation of periodicals
                                                                                  and newsletters issued by the Houses;
   1;.   f9"nC n.~'h1"'f.~             nft~"1.lD-'} foPft.,.'}..,f.n1A         6) to cause services of cordial reception to be extended to
       ..,f\o.} 'h'}-'lf11- ff..C;JAI                                              visitors to the Houses;
   ?;. f'}l1l..} fli\n..} f.rre;A t lD-Af.q>tpItA t Oftou-f.h4At               7) to own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its
       ,."h1l4AI                                                                  own name;
   ~. f9"nC n.~'} nil",} p't-sPif i\DlJ41l.}f"tl.J;. "'f\oif                   8) to perform such other duties as are conducive to the
        "''''flC'if fhe;lD-e;A==                                                   fulfilment of the activities of the organs of the Houses.
~. fWih~.} n.-I: n*9"                                                        5. Organization of the Secretariat
   Wi'h~.} n.i:I                                                              The Secretariat shall have:
   Ii. Oihll11 .,.mt)f-if 9"tlc n..} f"toPl.1' n'}~ ~".c. I 'he;               1) a Head to be elected by the House of Peoples'
   fl. nftL"1.lD- 1Pt-.,.?fifI                                                     Represenatives;, and
                                                                               2) the necessary staff.
                                                                             6. Powers and Duties of the Head of the Secretariat
i. VR'ih~.} n.-I: ~".c. P'AtIJ'}e; .,...,flC
                                                                               1) The Head of the Secretariat shall, subject to general
   Ii. fR'ihL.}           l1.i: ~".c. hn~-7-flo,.sP~            O"tllmlD-          directives from the Speakers, direct and administer the
        nm:J>""" uPoP6' oPlPl..} fWi'h~.} n.-I:'} rt-sPif                          activities of the Secretariat.
        ""oPt-At fft"'~f:t-A==                                                 2) Withou~ limiting the generality stated in sub-Article (1)
   fl. fttO n'}"'W '}(}oftn'}"'W (Ii)nm:J>"f. ~;J'IC'h'}f...,.                    of this A.rticle, the Head of the Secretariat shall:
        mO.,. 1ft; fR'i'hL.} n.-I: ~".c.I                                         (a) exercise the powers and duties of the Secretariat
       v) OttO nq>~ n'}"'W !! V"'oPi\h-l:.}'} VWih~.} n.-I:'}                          specified in Article 4 of this Proclamation;
             PAtIJ'}e; "''''flC'if P't- "f. flD-"AI                               (b) employ and administer personn~l of the Secretariat in
                                                                                      accordance with the Federal civil service laws;
       i\) f R'i'h~.p n.-I:J IPt-.,.?f if Ot..Y..t-A ii.A llCii.ft
                                                                                  (c) prepare, and submit to the Speakers, the annual budget
             ih..,oPlPl..} """'1't-At .fft"'~~t-A I
                                                                                      and work programme of the Secretariat, and im-
       th) fR'ih~.} n.-I:'} qoP;J-'e °:l.}e; fP't- TC'..,t-9"
                                                                                      plement same upon approval;
              nU;J~.y. i\n~ -7-flo,.sP~ f"'CflAt                  ~.,. ~9"        (d) effect expenditure in accordance with the approved
              .,...,flt-'e ff..C;JA I                                                  budget and work programme of the Secretariat;
       oP) i\?i"     ihL.} n.-I: 0.,. L.,. f..lD-o:l.}e; f P' t- T C''''t-9"
               oPlPl..} 'I'}Ul1 mat. ff..C;JAI
                                                                    q.,...             Federal Negarit Gazeta -    No. 14 24tl'November, 1998-Page       900
1K'   !!~ t..fot.(;\ ,);Jt.}. ;JfL{fJ'l:'rC Di .~~c If,.,.1 I!!t1i!

~.     'h:~lI'l                                                                        2.   Definitions
       f.cj>". "1'}11     1\,1\ ')'C'J.9°     fOl/.J)(}mtD. \1t\(r~       nil.,..,.C        Unless the context    otherwise reqUIres in this
        nllU "tp~       tD-il'l' :                                                          Proclamation:
       ji.     """~'M.r"          ".,,,.). ".,.h"°:f     "~"'1I~'-'" "il4o"1.               1) "Fertilizer" means any man made substance or-
               fln.'-"''} '}'I'lo ~1c::f "OOilmT "4oC tD~~ .,.ht\                                  ganic or inorganic including mixture of fertilizer
               ,,~ fOl/.a.1.OOC\1Cf1li"., tD~~ \1C(1'} "t\1} flf~                                  physical mixture of fertilizer and granulated mixture
               (}tD. 1P1..7i 4:il (}.Ir'} ~1It\:"'} ; "\1,,,£ ~t\:"'}c;                            of fertilizer that is added to the soil or to the plant to
               tDf. ",}\J,C~'-'" f'J-"tDm         f""~'MI      ~1It\:"'}                           supply those elements required in the nutrition of
               ~l.(J.~I..t\ : ~..,: ililll7i ; "oo~: 'f.l'; tD~~ .f>1i1i                           plants manure, compost, ash, gypsum or refuse are
               n.,.t.'I'C' o-~;t':t:tD-c; 'Ulo- il""TID' "'}..,~ (F,""                             not considered as fertilizer materials when they are
               l1.tD.". (}flU "tp~ ",}f.""~'MI4:il        "~.f>m~~ ;                               used for commercial purpose in their 'original
       ~.      "~;J Yo" ".,,,:,. n".,~ 'M,r '}..,~ ,,~ f.,.(}"., I..
                                                                      .                            condition and under these names;
                                                                                            2)      "Dealer" means any person who is engaged in the
       [.      "(}lD'" ".,,,.-,.. f.,.t.'I'C:    (}tD-tD~~ n,n'" f(}tD-~'-'"
                                                                                                   business of fertilizer;
               OOil:" f"'(}mtD- "\1t\ ~tD-:
                                               ".,,,.-,.. fJ\.'-"'f-kl f.1o'P,              3)     "Person" means any natural person or juridical
       9.'     "f.lop, ,r,,":L" ".,~n/"r"
               f'l'I..'-'" OOF4oC.,.:f'} ,r,,":L" ""'}~tD-~ ""~'MI
               ~tD.:                                                                        4)     "Sub-Standard      Fertilizer" means any fertilizer
       ?j.      "f".,~n/'1    '}..,~ Fl.." ".,,,.-,.. ""~'MI ; f""~'MI                             which does not conform to the quality requirements
               ~ilt\:"      : f".,.c;'M,r t\ ~ ~1It\:"          f".,ilOOfJ}'-'" ;                  of the Ethiopian standards;
               n~~" f""h~4ot\               : fOOTCTC;      foo"hC;       f""~lo'-'"
                                                                                            5)     "Fertilizer Business" means a business dealing that
               f'}ol~' Fl.. ~tD- :                                                                 includes import, wholesale, retail, export and
       j.      "f'f'(lh"      ".,.c;n/',r" ".,,,.-,.. n.,.h"°:f  "~"'1I~'-'"                       manufacture of fertilizer, mixture of fertilizer and
               f"".tD'l\- f'}'I'lo ~1C ~U.-,..'} t\.lm~ tD~~ t\..,.'}il                            special mixture of fertilizer;
               f".,.-:;.t\ ""'}~tD-~ 'M~ 4:il f"'l.L1.OOlon'-'""~(}/"r                      6)      "Adulterated Fertilizer" means a fertilizer that
               ~tD. :                                                                              contains any foreign substance the addition of
       %.      "f"'~\1\1 hlotn.'-"''' ".,,,.-,.. il&..1: : f"Citil "7i;J1:                         which is likely eliminate or decrease the nutrient
               tD~~        (1;r ,,~ .,.40'-"'''' tD~~ "''''~f. "'}f.1c;
                      "'''                                                                         content of plants;
               n~;JYotD- tD~~ n",,, (}tD- f"'()~ ""~(}/'1 flU
                              I                                                             7)     "Tampered Bag" means a bag which contains
               hlotn.'-'" ~tD- ;                                                                   fertilzer and its stitching, lead sealing or any other
        ~.     ""oo.c;f.lI" ".,,,.-,.. n""~'MI tD-il'l' f0l/.1~ noo"'~
                                                                                                   place has been broken and stitched again by the
               f"".1"?\ f.,.ht\ ~"'il ~U.-,..~tD-;                                                 dealer or any person;
        iI'    " "9° I..:f" ".,,,.-,.. hOD1.00 /,1 tD- '1'1.. 4:il ".,~ (}/'1               8)      "Grade" means available plant nutrient content in a
               ?':f'} fOl/.IOOC.-,..(}tD-~tD- ;
                                                ".,,,.-,.. f""~(}/'1                               fertilizer expressed in terms of percentage;
        I'     "f""~'M,r          ~ilt\:""                                   "\1,,,£
                                                                                            9)      "Manufacturer"     means a person who produces
               ~ilt\:"c;        tDf. ",}\J,C~'-'" f"'"tDm                 f""~(}/'1
                                                                                                   fertilizer from the original raw material;
               ~il t\:" ~tD- :
                                 "\1,,,£ ~ilt\:""        ".,,,.-,.. n..,1.1' tD~~           10)       "Mixture of fertilizer" means a physical mixture
        Iji'    "f""~'M,r
                ,r"011.1' 4:il 0-"'-'" tD~~ ho-"'-'" n"~ flf).                                       of granulated fertilizer;
                ".,.c;n/"r?':f'} n" \1t\ n".,f.I}":" f0l/.1~ f""~'MI                        11)      "Physical mixture of fertilizer" means mixture of
                ~il t\:" ~tD- ;                                                                     fertilizers made by physical mixing two or more
        I~'     "tDf. ",}\J,C~'-'" f"'''tDm              f".,~n/'1        ~1It\:""                  types of fertilizers with or without inert material;
               ".,,,.-,.. ""~'M,r?':f'}      nOl/.4o"1tD- foom'} :"111C                     12)       "Granulated mixture of fertilizer" means mixture
                n"".1'1 n".,f.I}":" f"".1~ f""~'M,r ~1It\:" l1.1f,}                                  of fertilizers made by intimately mixing the
                "'}~. ,,~ tDf. "1\J,C~'-'" l1."tD'I' ~'}~   q~~'-'"                                  required amount of fertilizer and granulating them
                \1."".\1"'£ "O..,ilC:'-'" f""~Cj 1otD-~tD-:                                          together without involving chemical reaction;
        1['     ""'}I),c"    ".,,,:,. f"'tD(}~ f:"'}fJ}'-'" oom'} '''tD-                    13)       "Granule"    means a solid fertilizer with the
                mll}C (.f>.f>C) "~'M,r ".,,,.-,.. ~tD- ;
                                  "                                                                  specified particle size;
                                               ".,,,.-,.. h.'f.1l1.tD- 001,..,(1
        19.'    "f""~'MI      A~ ~ilt\:""                                                    14)      "Special Mixture of Fertilizer" means any mix-
                h,rUtD- ""~'M,r        q~~:" tD-6J.b"~hl..              "''''I}C                     ture offertilizer, outside ofthose fertilizers that the
                f'N';J'f. ""'}~tD-~ f".,~n/'1            ~1It\:"    ~tD-:                            Agency hold registering, prepared for experimen-
        I?j'     "tD.U~ (1n:") ""~'M,r"                           0-"'-'" (D~~                       tal purposes;
                ho-"')' n"~ '}'I'lo ~1c::f'}             f,rU ""~'MI       l1.lf1            15)      "Composite Fertilizer"      means a fertilizer which
                 n"".OOlo'-""I'-'"'Ur. \1."".\1"'£       "O..,ilC::" fOl/.CjlotD.
                                                                                                     contains two or more substance and which has a
                 ~tD. :
                                                                                                     chemical reaction during manufacturing;
1K' !!~?i &.,Yo(.'/'\";Jt.). ;)1/./" 'h're n~ '~p,e H; <I''}I!!~:i?i '}.9"                                       Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 14 2401November, 1998 -   Page 901

                                                      fIIJ/\.). fIIJ~n~.f mY.                                          16)   "Importer and/or Exporter" means a person who
          :r:'k     """'00'''''. 'hc.'/cD~9u "h,"
                    V'le m' r fO?"f"'OOffJ 'he;/m ~«JD mY. m,6J!'                                                            imports and/or exports fertilizer;
                    fO?Ah (am' ~m':                                                                                    17)   "Inspector" means an inspector of fertilizer assig-
                                        UIJ/\')' UlltJ "tp~ ",.,.'"        ?;r                                               ned under Article 24 of this Proclamation.
          I%'       "~\.'''''':h'''e''
                    001#'1..')'f",001.n ffllJ~()I"f "- '''''L'h.,.c    ~m- :                                           18)   "Ethiopian Standards" means fertilizer standards
          :r:~~.                                 fIIJ/\:"n"-')'f'k,f 'l't..:,.e;
                     "f ". ')'f'k,f ,.I..'1,$P":"'"                                                                          formulated by the quality and Standards Authority
                     ,.I..'1,$P"1' fl/\r'AffJ'         f''''';J~        ffllJ~n~,f             y.1..'1,1P"f                  of Ethiopia;
                                                                                                                       19)   "Licensing body" means as the condition requires
                     'i :,:m' :
                     "f'O,.f.'    ~,:".f.' (a'''1.''     fllJl\:"     'h".""I110'                                            Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Federal
                     f&.,1ot..A     OO'O'r")'        f'''I.f.'e;           ,~it:"~                                           Government or the Regional Bureau of Trade and
                                                                        "-                                                   Industry or Bureau of trade and Industry accoun-
                     O?tit'I:C m~«JD fhAA m~«JD '''m~~1: /\&.,1vt..A
                     CID'O,r")' flr~ fh".fIIJ f'''I.f.'e;           ,~it:"~       O.r.'                                      table to the Federal Government or other ap-
                                                                 "-                                                          propriate Federal or Regional Body;
                     O)~«JD /\.1\ "O,fHI Y/tm, f&.,1vt..A m~«JD fhAA
                                                                                                                       20)    "Board" means as the condition requires, the
                     "t1A ~m' :
                                                                                                                             National Fertilizer Industry Agency Board or the
            ?}"       "(IC.f.'" IP//\')' 'h".""IflO'                       fIIJ~()I"f
                     ".,p,.it,).~      }..:~'(a, m~«JD f"-:"f'k,f                              f'l't..:,.e;                  board of Quality and Standards Authority of
                                                            j                                                                Ethiopia;
                     '.I..'1,$P"1' 11/\r'AffJ'   f1CY.- ~m-
                                                                                                                       21)    "Agency" means the National Fertilizer Industry
          ?;,fi'     "}":~'''-''    IP//\')' fO( fIIJ~()I"f    ,~it:"~
                                                                     "-                                                      Agency;
                     }..:~:' "- ~m' :                                                                                  22)    "Authority"   means the Quality and Standards
          ?;'~.      "fl/\r'AffJ'"            fIIJ/\:"    f"-:"f'k,f    f'l't..:,.e;
                                                                                                                             Authority of Ethiopia.
                     1.1..'1,$P"1'11/\r'AffJ'       ~m' ::
                                                                                                                  3.   Scope of Application
r'        f"~,KK9U OJ""
                                                                                                                       The Provisions of this Proclamation shall apply to a
          flltJ "tp~ .f.";J1.$P";}"nfllJ~n~,f '''I.f.' r't.. n"'lPfllJt..                                              person who is engaged in the business of fertilizer.
          (aOJ',,~ "'~,KO? ~Ire; /\, ::
                                                                                                                                         SECTION TWO
                                           hC':A 0-/\')'                                                                         Competence Assurance Certificate
                          it /\ .n,<J>:" UIJI..;J 1661. «JD'" h    c   OJI..
                                                                                                                  4.   The Necessity of Competence Assurance Certificate
                  fllJl..;J16li}.f«JDithC OJI.."':" "it~,,1.                            ~:,.
~"                                                                                                                     Any person who wants to engage in fertilizer business
          fIIJ'~OJ'«JD (am- nfllJ~n/..f '''I.f.' r't.. /\OOlPfllJt..:" h}..~                                           shall possess a competence assurance certificate of the
          , (a,OJ' fO(LcJ>:" fllJl..;J16li}. f«JD{ahc OJI.."':" fllJm-ffJ:"
          ~'icn;"A            ::
                                                                                                                  5.   Conditions Enabling to Engage in the Fertilizer Business
?;.        nfllJ.-;n/.,f f'''IY.- r't.. /\OOIPIP/t..:" fOlJ.,fn<l: o-);;J-$P"f                                         Sector
          fi'     fIIJ'~OJ'«JD (am- nUIJ~n/.,f f'''IY.- r't.. /\OOlPfllJt..:"                                          I) Any person who wants to engage in fertilizer
                  }..:~, "-OJ' fO?"fcDffJ:':OJ" oo{a~.Cof"1' "t1J..A of h}..                                                business shall possess competence assurance cer-
                  1:'(a.OJ' fof1,<J>:"llJl..;J16li1.f«JDithc OJI.."':" fllJm-ffJ:"
                                       f                                                                                    tificate, acquired by fulfilling the requirments of the
                   ~'iCn;"A           ::                                                                                    Agency.
          ~.       flLtJ ",.,.'" ,o.{a "''''1,               (fi) 'h'y''''mn.,. rr'i                                   2) Notwithstanding sub-Article (1) of this Article
                   v)        fIIJ~n/.,f fO?"fOOC')' flr~ 'h".ln             nfllJ«JDl..:"                                  (a) where the applicant is a manufacturer of fer-
                             r't.. ,,~ n4"1';"          ffllJ.lPfIIJ~ fOO-,f of1,<J>:,.e;                                         tilizer, shall have qualified professional em-
                             ",}"f\o;', ,f":':OJ. 1Pt..,,.7f"f ,f/\':" :                                                          ployees who have directly engaged in manufac-
                   /\)        fO?"fOOC"'OJ'          fIIJ~n/.J'        'l't..:,.e;        f'-rl..     ~1C                         turing.
                             ~II')' 1. I..'1,OJ' fmn.,. /\oorr). oo-ht.. (tt:.,.1i)                                        (b) Where the applicant             has established     a
                             fO?,f'.C"I(I-).      "f1t..of~ !I\OJ' j oorr, ~'iC                                                    laboratory wherein he tests the quality and the
                             n;"A ::                                                                                               contents of substance of fertilizer he manufac-
          /\0(1,<J>.).(II/1..;J1661. «JD{ahc cDl...,.:,. {a/\OIJ."'Cof1 fllJOOAh:F

          fi'      UlltJ "tp~ ",.,."'. ?; OOIPI..:" NI,<J>:" fllJl..;J16li}. 6.                                        Application for Competence Assurance

     -~            9u{atU: OJI.."")' /\fllJo,,'i'} fO?,"'Co(l fllJooAh:F /\Ilo-                                        1) Pursuant to Article 5 of this Proclamation an
                   .,.O,f}C                :,.",. ,,~ .,.IJDAof /\}"~',,-m-                                                application to get competence assurance certificate
                   00:"1..0(1"I\n:" ::                                                                                     shall be in-accordance with the form prepared for
                                                                                                                           this pupose, and shall be given to the Agency.
          ~"       flLtJ ",.,."'. , ",.,."'. (fi) 'h'y''''mO.,.      rr'i :
                   fIIJ~n/.,f OJ~9U .f.'.nA:" fIIJ~()I,.f "«JDt.."f hrr~:                                              2) Notwithstanding sub-Article (1) of this Article the
                    v)                 r't.. ,,~ n"''I';J- fO?,lPfIIJ~ 11/\00-1
                          nfllJ«JDI..')'                                                                                   Agency shall record in the form designed for this
                              $P";}'" foo-.f ,n.cJ>.).e;"1'/\°;J- :                                                         purpose:
                    /\)       ffllJ..fooC"'OJ'        fIIJ~n/.,f        'l't..:,.e;                                        (a) Qualification of the professional employees
                                                                     ''1'1.. ~1C
                              ~II')' 1.I..'1,OJ" fmn.,. /\oorr). oo-ht.. (tt:.,.1i)                                              who directly engaged in manufacturing
                              fO?"f1.C"Ifl-). "(It...r-/. fIIJ**OO-'                                                       (b) whether the applicant has established            a
                                                                                                                                 laboratory wherein he tests the quality and the
                              },,:~'''-OJ'   /\ILU' ".o,fIC                1111;J:~OJ' :,.",               ,,~
                                                                                                                                 content of substance of fertilizer he manufac-
                              OOOD'''')' ,,/\(1-)' ::
                                                                              ~'z.            I

                                                           fkTf"kJ'         t...e..t-f\'£ Jl'fOtJt-l1.J''£ ~Tl1A.tJ

                ~10?-/'\                                                       ., ,;J~~                                    ;JtLlIJ
                                         OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                               quo:,. ~'Pe ?;?;                                                                                     5th Year No. 26
                                                              01\.:"V-*'1 ~1..t.l\ce "llfDht.o.1ce tTlIl\.h                  ADDIS ABABA - 29th December, 1998
     ""lit "Oil         -   ;l'UPfP' ?; +1 :Wf1fi
                                                              f c"h1fll '''(lJt}v-:f rhe 0.:" mll<t~:" f(IJ")

                                          lP/m-66J.                                                                       CONTENTS

h'P:E- ck'l'C lif.'?ii/Iitfjli             q.9"                         .                         Proclamatiol't No. 146/1998
     foo'}"lr:r-             fAD?:r- f:C:E-,y."f'} m1."lA ill\o,t,mc fmll)                             Privatization of Public Enterprises
     h'P:E-                                                                  1~ itf«!jr.               Proclamation             ;                                Page 933

                                 h'P:E- ~'I'C lif.'?i?;IIitfjli                        PROCLAMATION NO. 146/1998
f 00'}"l r:r- fA D?:r-f:C:E-,y."f'} m1."l A ill\ D?., mc f mil) "'P:E-         A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                                                                               PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC ENTERPRISES
       oo,}"lr:r-'i"7.~        "Clf: Yl\~,}     "7.'i'i .., :r-,;:
                                                                              WHEREAS, it has become necessary to change the role
oool\m'l''i f"ll\-,} htt:l\'i"7. f:c7i OD?il4.4.:r- fh1t1:,}        and participation of the state in the economy and to encourage'iOlJ.. AD?:r- D?4.m'} hilt.I\'l noolf)':                           the expansion of the private sector and thereby promote the
       f,U'}'}9" l\D?f:I."l nool1'lf: I\f, Yl\~,} fTt-f,ii:t"f,          economic development of the Country;
","li1 TC'''lt.9'" ht.~~9" D?m'ihC hilt.f\'l If'i 000111::                     WHEREAS, to achieve this objective it is found
        Oh.:r-f"kY &..1..t-I\'£ Jt'l"ht-l1.Y'£    tT11l\.h     ih100'} necessary to expedite the implementation of the ongoing
"lr:r- h,}+~ ~~(li) 001P1.:r- fOlJ..h""l\~ :t"~~A::'                     privatization programme;
                                                                               NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1)
                            htt:A h'}f:                                  of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                               m:" 1\1\                                  Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows.
                                                                                                                           PART ONE
li- h"..C C~il                                                                                                                General
           f,U   h'P:E- «foo,}"lr:r-              fAD?:r-    f:c1:,y."f'}       m1. "lA
           ill\D?"IDC fmll)                                                       ..,.11tto       1.    Short Title
                                 h'P:E-            ~'I'C    lif.'?i?;IIitf.jli»
           l\.m+il f,"fl\A::                                                                            This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Privatization of
                                                                                                        Public Enterprises Proclamation No. 146/1998."
I-         :r-C~""L
                                                                                                  2. Definition$
           f~1\-        h1'111     "'1\ :r-C1'9" f"7.Y(am~          I1AIf~      Oil..,.+C
                                                                                                     In this Proclamation, unless the context otherwise
           lULU h'P:E- ~il'l':                                                                       reqUIres:
          li-      "Tt-f,iL;J-f,tt."Ii'}"    D?l\:r- fAD?:r-     f:C:E-:r-'}f                        1. "Privatization" means the transfer, through sale, of
                   fAD?:r- f:c:E-:r-'} f""m(a~ htt:A mf,9" '}11I.:r- mf,9"                               an enterprise or its unit or asset or government share
                   n,}"lf: D?10C ~il'l' noo,}"lr:r-    f..,.YU'} fhh"-f",}                               holdings in a share company to private ownership
                   f:Cif     n"li,,,..   m1. "lA D?il..,.I\l\tt: "-If'};                                -and includes:

     n~         l' ;J                                                                                                       t..1..t.fA ~;J(."" ;JILIIJ;r''''.-Il. iti'f./i
     Unit Price 4.40                                                                                                        Federal Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
12r itf0!!     ~1.t.1A ~:JtT ;>tLII)-IITC     n    ;MJ"''''1)+, :i]Un '1.9". FederalNegaritGazeta- No. 26 29thDecember, 1998-Page 934

             U)      O..,A '1l\rHI"':y. 1\"""6: 1\"7.**9" fhhft.M                            (a) the making of an enterprise a government
                     OY"'OC fAOY"" .(-C~"'" f001..,,,.."" 00'Pr.a                                   contribution to a share company to be formed
                     "'1.(-1 ,' f ~1Jlo-9"                                                          with the participation of private inverstors; and
             1\)     fAOY"" l.C~"'"       OY~~001"" lD1. ..,A OYll+"                         (b) the privatization of the management of an
                     I\CJ:1:                                                                        enterprise.
                     YoQ;trt.A::                                                        2)    "Sale or contribution of an Enterprise" means the
      I'      "fAOY"" .(-C~"'" ooii'T lDYo9"00'P~ "'1.(-1 ,"                                  sale or contribution of the busineses and assets of an
              "'11\"" fA","" .(-C~"'"       f1..,.(- oo1.11Ce; U ,.                           enterprise;
              ooii'T lDYor 00'P~ "'1.(-1 , ~lD-;                                        3)     "Enterprise" means a public enterprise governed by
      r'      "fAOY"" ~C~..,."        "'11\"" 0001..,,,.."" fAOY""                            the Public Enterprises Proclamation No. 25/1992 or
              ,(-C~.,.:y. h'P~ ckTC ?;?;!IiifitP. OOlPt."" f"7..+                             an establishment designated by the Government as a
                     f001..,,,.."" fAOY"" .(-C~..,. lDYo9"001..,,,..""
              ..c;1..C                                                                        public enterprise for the purpose of the application of
              I\flU h"'~ h4f.~~9" iL'1A o.oP1..,,,.."" fAOY""                                 this Proclamation;
              ~C~..,. f(afoolD- +*9" ~lD-;                                              4)     "Agency" means the Ethiopian Privatization
      p"      "h.~1iL"   "'11\"" ntLU h'P~ h1+1i               n;
                                                        OOlPt.""                              Agency established pursuant to Article 16 of this
              f+**OOlD- fl\.""f"*'     T t-YoiL;l-YoU1i1 h.~1iL                               Proclamation;
              ~lD-f                                                                     5)     "Board" means the Agency's Board referred to in
      ~.       "PC.(-" "'11\"" OflU h'P~ h1+1i ?;(li) f+ool\                                  Article 20(1) of this Proclamation;
               h+lD- fh.~1iLlD- PC.(- ~lD-;                                             6)     "Supervising Authority" means a body designated
      i'       "+4>tlJtIJ~ '1l\"..AtlJ1"      "'11\"" fAOY"" '(-C~"'"f1
                                                                                              by the Government to supervise enterprises in
               Oh"'~       ~TC f)'?;!IiifitP. OOlPt."" ~ 1Jl4>tlJI11C                         accordance with Proclamation No. 25/1992;
               0001..,,,.."" f+(afOD "I1A ~lD-;
                                                                                        7)     "Board of Trustee" means the Board of Trustee for
      i'       cc'1l\h1.t. PC.(-» "'11\"" Oh'P~       ~TC Ii!Iiifit~
                        00lD- lD1. .., A Yofl;l- f +If lDo;. f 001..,,,..""
                                                                                              Privatized Public Enterprises established under
               f+**                                                                           Proclamation No. 17/1996;
               fAOY"" ,(-C~.,.:y. '1l\h1.t. PC.(- ~lD-;
                                                                                        8)     The words' 'Investor", "Domestic Investor" and
      ~.       cc'1l\Ul1""))f ccfh1C lD-IlT '1l\U...""» ~e; cc flD-~
                                                                               '"              foreign Investor" shall have the meanings assigned
                  '1l\Ul1"")) I\Otl\-"" .4''''''' 01\.1iill""001""     h'P~
                  ckTC c!j?;!Iiifit~ f+(atIJTlD- ""C~OOL        Yo'it-T'PA:                    to them under the Investment Proclamation No. 37/
                                                         001..,,, ,.e; f001                    1996; provided, however, that' 'Domestic Investor"
                  11''i9'': ccfh1C lD-IlT '1l\Ul1""))
                  ..,,, ,. fA "'I"" ,(-C~.,.:y., hYoQ;t9"C9"::                                 shall not include the Government and public enter-
r'     fT t-YoiL;I-YoU1i1 ~"OYSJJ:y.                                          3. Objectives of Privatizati~n

       fh1~i:            T t.YoiL;J-YoU1i1        TC'..,t-9"    f"7..h+A-""          The Country's Privatization Programme shall have the
       ~"OYSJJ:y.Yo'i 0;.;1-Ai                                                       following objectives:
       lie 001..,,,.."" I\OtII1'L..c;TlD- fAOY"" "..t-SJJ:y. f"7..11'1               1) to generate revenue required for financing develop-
            10. OYIl11"":                                                                 ment activities undertaken by the Government;
            001..,,,.."" 01\.f1'i"7..lD- lD-IlT 11\lD-1 "7..e;e; +"..,.,;:           2) to change the role and participation of the Govern-
            Oool\lDT Tt.i:1            fOO''''",,'''''   ..,.h.t."" o."7..I11Yo~
                                                                                          ment in the economy to enable it exert more effort on
            "..t.SJJ:y. "Yo ~1JlIlD-A          OYll!FA:                                   activities requiring its attention;
            f..,A- hCJ:I\ 1\.f1'i"7.. ~1JlIl4-4-             0."'1111 fh1ti:1
     r'                                                                              3) to promote the Country's economic development
            f I\. f1'iOt AOY"" OY4.lIn::                                                  through encouraging the expansion of the private
                                  h CJ:A 0-1\""
                                                                                                           PART TWO
                 lll\~'(-OO T t.YoiL;l-YoU1i1 ".. t.SJJ:y.
                                                                                                    Pre-Privatization Activities
          .., A lll\ Otlf lDo;.fA "'I"" ,(-C~.,.:y.
 9.' lD1.                                                                         4. Enterprises to be Privatized
             lD1. ..,A fOtlflDo;. fAOY"" ,(-C~.,.:y. 1IC1IC O.,.4>tIJ                 1) The list of enterprises to be privatized shall be
             tIJ~lD-                                                0001..,,,..""         determined by the Government upon the recommen-
                           '1 1\".. A tlJ1      h~t.n.~""
             YolD(a e;A"                                                                  dation of the Supervising Authority.
      I'     OflU h1+1i           1o-11 h1"'1i Ii! OOlPt."" lD1. ..,IA               2) The management of an enterprise decided to be
             ~1J1"'lDC lD-"~ f+(a1110"" flAOY"".(-C~..,. OY~~                             privatized in accordance with sub-Article (1) of this
             001"" hh.~1iLlD-              0"7..(}111lD-ooootl          OOlPt.""           Article shall have the duty to prepare the enterprise
             .(-CJ:i:1       I\T t.YoiL;l-You1i' I\OY";>~"" f"7..111                       for privatization in accordance with directives given
              4f.A~ ~C9"~SJJ:y., o-A- fOOlD-(a.(-..,1..;1- hl\O""::                        to it by the Agency.
                                                                                  5. Conversion of an Enterprise to a Share Company
 li' fAOY"" .(-C~"'" lD1. hhiLf"1 OY"'OC~""Ill\OOl\lDI\T
                                                                                      1) The Agency may, where it deems it necessary in the
      i'      h.~1iLlD- I\Tt.YoiL;l-YoU1i111"'~"" hll4f."1. 11''i
                                                                                           course of preparation for privatization, cause the
              iL111lD- h1'(-1 fAOY"" .(-C~..,. lD1. hhiLf"1
                                                                                           conversion of an enterprise to a share company.
                   OY"'OC~""~ 1 Jll\ lDT I\.I1.C.., Yo:y."A:'
.,1\ Uf~U l..Y..t.1A ~;JtT             ;JlLtlJ 4:-rC cBr rt)-tT                !l         lulU      ,.f'".    FederalNegaritGazeta- No.33 9thFebruary, 1999-Page 969
       ".,.., -t.- '}I\"., m-1 'I .,. A ~ "'m-1                    1\"., it tJ..,.'i"          +(j:
                                                                                         , 1\,."                   WHEREAS, it is necessary to restructure and organize
.., Y..:J-m-1      n., I}t.'£        lJw~:J-sP"f I\f. "'00 itC'" 1\OD(Dti)+                                  the Society in every region in line with the structure of the
~1Jt"fA          "1.~jf1:i:1           hh...,.r-A-.f &..Y..t.I\'£ JtlfObt.f\1f£
                                                                                                             Federal Democratic     Republic of Ethiopia so that it will be
tT11t\.h        "1.~jf1:""        "'KC                ~11."'i" nlll/«r+c nfhA~                   ~1Jt        able, based on objective realities, to fulfil its aims and mission
1.t."f: ".,1:~o, n".,it4.l\.,.               :
       f".,.., n-t.-m:"1\ 1\.,.1}'}. n 001..,                                                                and discharge its international duties;
                                              P''''' ,.hc                     n."" A ~ 1:1;1"l.
                                                                                                                   WHEREAS, it is appropriate to respond to the request of
cf:1'C r;~/Ii1f.'ft'~ .,.7i7iI\" f.,n~m-                         f".,..,n-t.- :FC.,.C ~11."'i"
                                                                                                             the General Assembly of the Society for further revision of
~1JV'i7iA.f~~"m-1'T.f.                                ".oo+nA      :
       nh.""r-k.f         "-..fo4-I\9! Jl'fDht.f\.f,£   tT11t\.h  ih.,001                                    the Charter, as revised under Council of State Special Decree
                                    ,      .
"'P''''' "'+'"        ~?;(~) 001P1.:,. fOl/.fi.,.l\m- ;:f'm-~A ::                                            No.21l1990;
                                                                                                                  NOW, THEREFORE,           in accordance with Article 55/1/
                                        h(j:A           n11:                                                 of the Constitution   of the Federal Democratic      Republic of
                                                 m:" 1\1\                                                    Ethiopia, it is hereby.. proclaimed as follows:
~.    n6J.hC C~it
      f.U nlf"f: "fh.""r-A-.¥ +f. ooit+A ".,..,nc f.,.7i7iI\m-
                                                                                                                                       PART ONE
      :FC.,.C n«r"f: cf:1'C ~f.~f/Ii1f.j~"   "'11"" t\.m+it
      f."fl\ A::
                                                                                                             1. Short Title
~.    ..,.C~ 00t
                                                                                                                 This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Revised Charter
                    "'1\ ""C.,.,.
      f.cJ>I\. n,,'Hl                                    fOl/..f{}mm- tJAIf., nit.,.+c
                                                                                                                 of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society Proclamation
      fUlU :FC.,.C m-it1' !
                                                                                                                 No. 153/1999."
       ~.       "hAA"           ".,1\"" nih.,001"'p'i:
                                                                                                             2. Definitions
                                                                        n1+'"            ~~(~) ~11.
                "'OOl\h.,.m- fh.'rr-A-.f "-.Y..t.I\'£ Jt IfOht.f\I'£                                             In this Charter, unless the context requires otherwise:
                tT.nt\.h nl}A flf., hAA f\lf1 fnJtit nfll}'i"                                                    I) "Region" means a member state of the Federal
                f ~'/"J;«r h.,.IfO"f1 f.,U."t.A ;                                                                      Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as stated under
       ~.       "+ n","         "., 1\..,.                          00 it.,.                                           Article 47(1) of the Constitution and includes the
                                  f" m C (l)f." fh.,."., + n '"
                J;1:C f.,.**oon""      ntJl}n. .,dJ. ;                                                              Cities of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa;
       f'       "f + f. 00 it+ A (I)fl)""" "., 1\ hI 9.- c!J '}oo"" I} 1\ m-                                     2) "Kebele" means a locality within which a rural or
                ~x.'U? hAA m-it1' fOl/."~ fh...,.r-A-.f +f. ooit+A                                                     urban kebele administration is established;
                ".,..,nc n'IA "(1)' :
                                                                                                                 3)    "Red Cross Youth"         means a member' of the
       9.'      "f:~~q it,.,..,.,."f" ".,1\"" I\{I1C .,.J;.,.?f"f t\.{}1'
                                                                                                                       Ethiopian Red Cross Society.between the ages of 14
                f"".,,'1m-1 hl\I\ nOl/.ool\h..,.~'h.'n'                             ""itT I~ +1
                                                                                                                       and 30 years;
                                    f1:);q f+f. ooit+A it,.,..,
                Ii1f.~i1 f"'4.~tJD<o""                                                                                                           ,
                .,.":f.'i" h.. n' n I i1f.~~ f.,. 4.~ tJD<o""
                                                            .,.,u."., t TC''''
                                                                                                                 4)'   "Geneva Conventions'            means the Red Cross
                ",,,..:1. 'i"Tm- ::                                                                                    Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 for the
                                                                                                                       protection of war victims and includes the additional

f'    fh.')'r-A-.f + f. ooit+A ".,..,nc                                                                                protocols of 1977.
      fh.'rr-A-.f + f. ooit+A ".,..,ne (hILU n'-I\ "".,..,n-t.-"                                             3. The Ethiopian Red Cross Society
      ~f""11\ fOl/.mt.m-) nuo, f{}m-.,,,,, 0011"" .fl\m- O.,C                                                    The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (hereinafter'              'the
      n+'-': ".,..,nc tfCj f1,**00(1"'" .,...,I}C mlU :FC.,.C                                                     Society' ') shall, as a national society having its own legal
      001P~"" ""h'i"(1)~1 f.+1'I\A                          ::                                                    personality, continue to undertake, under this Charter, the
                                                                                                                  activities it was established for.
      f".,.., n -t.- q c".,
9.'                                                                                                          4. Emblem
       ~.        f".,..,n-t.-'}c"., n.,6J.h001.11I\f. n.,.AU fOl/.:J-f.+f.                                      I) The emble1J1of the Society is the heraldic sign of a
                 ooi\+A        .,m- ::
                                                                                                                       Red Cross on a white background.
       ~.       f'}C".,m- :"C"''i'' nm.cJ>+,. n1:);q i\,.,..,.,."f'i"
                                                                                                                 2)    The shape and use of the emblem shall be governed
                11At. '£ ".,..,n t."" n nC"., m- fOl/.m+tJD<on"",
                                                         n.,. 1. .,.,., m-                          ~..,.              by the Geneva Conventions and regulations on the
                 lJ-);:r      nOl/.00 1\h""                                     1.111       00 IP

                 f"'(I){}"     f.1f'i"A          ::                                                                    use of the emblem by national societies.
                                                                   ..~~                           ...~   '~

                                                                          .rr~       ..
                                                                                              .      .


                                                           fh/t'f-kl      ~1..t-I\'C JLlJPht-lll'C &Tl1A.h

              40 Yo tr.A                                                  ";J ~:,. ;J It ff)
                                 FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                             OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                 1Jcl\+~ "lOOT~...c ~                                                                                                      2ndYear No.5
         ".Ilia "Oq - ftIoJ:T ~ .,., !!lfT~                  Ol\. +r-A- f U,.&-I\ «e -'t 'l"b &-la.f«e ~ Tl1f\.b                     DISABABA - 131h
                                                                                                                                                   February, 1996
                                                              f ih1l11 +tDl1fc"f rbC               0.+ mq<t~+    ftDlI)

                                         "7l&6liJ.                                                                        CONTENTS

     hCP~ chlf'C       !i/! 'J.~.                                                            Proclamation No. 17/1996
          (IJ" ..,fA1oJI;J-f+tf(IJ~ foP')"'''''T         ffA"7T f:C~T1- '1f\                          Establishmentof the Board of Trustee for'Privatized
          h"t- PCf: "7tJ:tJ:"'IJhCP~                                  1~ 1U                           Public EnterprisesProclamation             Page 99

                                 hCP~ ck1'C!                           PROCLAMATION NO.17 /1996
    (IJ" ..,fA 1oJI;J- f+tf(IJ~ foP,)"'''''T ffA"7T f:C~T1- '1f\         A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                    h"t- (lCf:') f\"7tJ:tJ:~f(IJ1J)hCP~               ESTABLISHMENT OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEE
                                                                          FOR PRIVATIZED PUBLIC ENTERPRISES
           Oh..Tf-kl fh..I1'iDY.TA.ll oPIPI.T OoP,)"'''''T f.JI;J-
    ""c "')JL4\~ h~I."'T         nla+.,.c ffA"7T f:C~T1- (IJ" ..,fA      WHEREAS, enterprises, other than those to remain
    1oJI;J- OoPlf)' !
                                                                    under government ownership, are to be privatized pursuant to
                                                                                                   the EconomicPolicy;                      }

             OtLlJc fllaJ-aJ-C       'l.1.T aJ-la1' (IJ" ..,fA 1oJI:t-
                                                                                                        WHEREAS,it is found necessaryto establishan organ,
    ffA"7T f:C~1-,)              hlil6£b'i   chhl1     0,,"1\ O"')1'fA1'fA fDY."'~
                                                                                                   havinglegalpersonality,to follow-upandhandlereceivables,
    +"'111}0. "£I}P1-,) J "-'19'1-')'1' "'1..:t-9'1-,)             ",)JLlJc~ f ih..,
                                                                                                   debts and obligationsas well as legal cases pending after the
    1--'lf-1-,) fDY.h:t-+fA'i f"'IJ lat.~~             h,) f: f ih.., ()aJ-~T       1 f\ aJ-       sale and transfer of enterprises privatized' in consequence
    hilfA 00/tJ:tJ:~hlat.I\... If'i OoP11-1: !                                                     thereof;
          Oh..Tf-kl      ~1..t-I\'C JLlJPht-lll'C &Tl1A.h ih1                                           NOW,THEREFORE,;n accordancewith Article 55 (1)
    oP,)"'''''T h,)"'~ ~~(li)oPIPI.T fDY.h+f\aJ- ;J-aJ-~fA ::                                      of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
    lie h6f!'C C6la                                                                                Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimedas follows:
            1o1lh"~       "(IJ" ..,fA1oJI;J-f+tf(IJ~ foP')",,,,,,,,, ffA"7T                         1. Sholt Title
            f:C~1-        '11\ h1.t- PCf: "7tJ:tJ:"'IJ hCP~ cr1'C IiI                                    This Poclamationmay be cited as the "Establishment of
  "     +111\- A.m.,.la 1o1-I\fA ::                                                     the Board of Trustee for Privatized Public Enterprises
                                                                                                         ProclamationNo. 17/1996."
    I'      TC=\"I
                                                                                                   2. Definition
            "ffA"7+       f:C~T"         "7f\T    OhCP~ cr1'C           ~{;!!
            (IJ1o~ O+oPl}l}1o ih.., oPlP I. T +tJ:cklJP 0"1' t-1oii.:t- 10ILli')                         "Enterprise" meansa publicenterpriseestablishedunder
            h.1:')ll "7tJ:tJ:"'IJ "~ cr1'C
                                h                      iti/Iufiti      oPlPl.''''         mS'.           ProclamationNo. 25/1992 or under a si~ilar legislation
            ..,fA f.Jf;J- f+.,ml.       foP')"'''''T    ffA"7'-" f:C~T          m1o~                     and privatized pursuant to the Ethiopian Privatization
            :"C")Al.t;:~aJ-11                                                                            Agency Establishment Proclamation No.87/1994, or a
                                                                                                         branch thereof.

                                                                                                                                          ~."~+."""1 ;r...,..,.. ...n:.i
     "If. .,:J     "\ 2;401'0.
     Unit Price    J                                                                                                                      NegaritG.P.O.Box80,001

 .,~   jii(2j    Uut.l\           ~:M"" ;JJLIfJ cft'l'C ~i eUt              +, lulU '.r.                         Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 56 15thJune, 1999--Page   1056

 g. ,.,.C=\
         "'L                                                                                                2.   Definitions
         (ULtJ 1\'P:E- t&hT;                                                                                     In this Proclamation:
         i'       uh"11J'"    "7/\"" h001"'1r"";JC      n"7.~l"'l t&A w~                                         1) "Company" shall mean the body which, in accor-
                  1\. :"r-k.f~9'"?oh hAA n"7. 10- {):J>sP"f 1\" ':".('00                                              dance with an agreement to be entered into with the
                  -T'~"" 9'"COOt. f"7..f1.C"'I .('c:E-"" ~t&;                                                         government, carries out pre-shipment inspection on
        g.        uf1-9'"?oh    hAA"      "7/\"" f~9'"?oh       ll/\rA1I)11                                           goods to be imported into the Customs Territory of
                 'h11.1'i          /\"7**9'"'i          1\lPt.?01         /\OOWc"t1 nWII)t&
                                                                                                                 2) "Customs Territory" shall mean that which is
                 1\'P:E- ckTC ~/Tli 1\1.,.;r g(il) f.,.oo/\h"'t& ~t&I
                                                                                                                      referred to under Article 2 (9) of the Re-Establish-
        f'                 "7""" "7'iTt&9'" if+T ",,1f11 ntLtJ 1\'P:E-                                                ment and Modernization of Customs Authority
            1\,+;r i '.,.Ultl?O"",1\,.u.1.9'"C9'";.                                                                   Proclamation No. 60/1997.
        9.' ut&A" "7 it T ':".('00 -T'~,.,. 9'"C00 t. 1\1A"'I\-,.,.
                                                            /                                                    3) "Goods" shall mean any commodity but does not
                 it"7"'1or,.,. nfID1"'1r""'i               nh-1l1.ft&          oot)hA f"7.1.l"'l                      include those listed under Article 6 of this
                 t&A ~t&;                                                                                             Proclamation.
        ~.        u''''''.'l.1\     '9'"COOt.       "'I~"" tTC"""              "7/\"" h-1l11t&
                                                                                                                 4) "Contract" shall mean an agreement entered by the
                                                                                                                      government and the company for the performance of
                  ':".('00         -T'~T      9'"COOt. t)t)~1.             n~1\ f9'"coot-t&
                                                                                                                      pre-shipment inspction service.
                  t&m.""           1\T;J(t          il/\OOIf~       '''7.c''tmt&                '9'"hhC
                                                                                                                 5) "Clean Report of Findings" shall mean a certificate
                  W l+""          ~t&;
                                                                                                                      issued by the Company in confirmation of the
        i'            .('C.('C f"7,.1.l"'ln""                f9'"coot. "'I~T tTCT"                                    satisfactory result of the pre-shipment inspection.
                 "7itT h-1l11t& ':".('00 -T'~"" 9'"COOt. t)t)~1. n~1\                                            6) "Non-Negotiable Report of Findings" shall mean a
                 '9'"COOt-t& t&m."" 1\T;J(t                          hl\/\OOIf~                 /\1\h.t&              document issued to. the exporter by the Company
                 f"7.c"tmt& c"t~.(' ~t&:                                                                              whenever the pre-shipment inspection results in an
        ~.       upC.(''' "7it"" f4.,lot./\. 1(tsP"f PC.(' ~t&;                                                       unsatisfactory result.
                                                                                                                 7) "Board" shall mean the Federal Revenues Board.
        ~.       u1"'1.(' 111h" "7/\"" n1\. Tr-A-1 t&ilT .,. L:" ,./\ T
                                                                                                                 8) "Commercial Bank" shall mean private or govern-
                 '''7.lPt. '"'IA W"9'" f001"'1r"" 1"'1.(' 1l1h ~t&::                                                  ment bank licensed to operate in Ethiopia.
        ,.,. L~ "7. ~,.,. wc"t1
f'                                                                                                          3.   Scope of Applicability
        (lILtJ 1\'P:E- oolPl""                '''t1.l1t&        ':".('00 -T'~"" 9'"COOt.                         Pre-shipment inspection to be carried out in accordance
        (lILtJ 1\'P:E- 1\1+;r                i nA" 1J-o~:1'
                                                         h.,.oo/\hi:"" nil.,..,.C                                with this Proclamation shall apply to all goods imported
        n"7'iTt&9'" w~ 1\.,.,.r-A-.f~9'"?oh hAA nlll/..10- {):J>sP"f                                             into the customs territory of Ethiopia except those treated
        1\" IJ-o'""'L~III/.. ,.1f'iA::
                                                                                                                 with special conditions under Article 6 of this
9.' f:".('oo -T'~ T 9'"Coot. "'110:1'h/\ 00 If ~
                                                                                                            4.   Requirement of Pre-shipment Inspection
        i'       "7'i:r:t&9'" W1. 1\.,.,.r-kJ' f"7.l\h {):J>n"7=\=\"tr 1\"
                                                                                                                 1) All goods to be imported into Ethiopia shall be
                 hoo651~ nk"" ':".('00 -T'~"" 9'"COOt. ,.1. l"'ln:1'AII
                                                                                                                    subject to pre-shipment inspection. Accordingly,
                 h/\If~9'" "7'iTW-9'" 1\hoo",l" w"9'" {):J>sP"f1 W1.                                                any Importer or any person who exports goods to
                 1\.:'-r-k.f f"7.Ah c"tl&w"9'" .('C:E-"" f:".('oo -T'~""                                            Ethiopia shall ensure that pre-shipment inspection
                 9'"COOt. '.,.1.l1 00.r~1 f"7l;J1T"'I1o:1'       1\/\nTU
                                                                           .                                        has been conducted.
        g.       (lILtJ 1\1+;r 10-h 1\1.,.;r (i) ,.,.1. ~11t& (t'iC9'"                                           2) Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-Article (1) of
                 {):J>t& fill/..6511 n""                                              ~,.,.                         this Article if the Country of shipment has special
                                                    1\1 C f:".('oo              -T'            9'"C 00 t.
                                                                                                                    law concerning pre-shipment inspection, the
                 '''7.t)~.('nT1              rC~T          n"7_oo/\h"" f.,./\' ih"'l1/\t&
                                                                                                                    execution of pre-shipment inspection shall follow
                 ",,1f1:          f9'"coot.(J).          1\4C_KK9'" flL.f1                    1\1C ih"'l
                                                                                                                    the existing law of that country.
                 flll/..h.,.A       ,.If'i   A::
                                                                                                            5.   Coverage of Pre-Shipment Inspection
~.      f:".('oo        6f.1"~""9'"coot.           'li~1
                                                                                                                 Pre-shipment inspection conducted on goods to be
        w1.1\.:'-f-k.f  fDIJ.1'1 ().4>1\" f"7.1.l1t&                             f:".('oo         ~~,.,.
                                                                                                                 imported into Ethiopia shall cover:
        9'"COOt. f{).4>w'1~                                                                                      I) price and exchange rate verification;
                 i'        'P;J "-'i f9'"111&t&1 "'001                    ""hh/\~~""I                            2) quality;
                 ~.       1'1"."":                                                                               3) quantity;
                         .n II"":                                                                                4) packaging;
                         f 1',il .,. 7i'if"'l IJ-oJ-:
                                                 k                                                               5) Tariff classification.
            ?;. f;J-ottt:9'"1.'1:                                                                           6. Exceptions
       f"7.oo/\h')- ,..r'iA::                                                                                  Pre-shipment inspection stated under Article (4) of this
                                                                                                               Proclamation shall be conducted in accordance with the
i'     A"       1J-o).;"sP":f-
                                                                                                               following special conditions regarding goods specified
       n1\1"'~'          !~ oolPl""          f"7_'.l1t&        f:".('oo        ~~,.,.          9'"COOt.        herein below:
       hlLtJ n;'-:-''' f.,.UlU?o:"1 IH-oo/\h.,. n"7.h.,.,..,.,. A"                                                   ~'"
                      f"7.4C.K9'" ,..r'i
       1J-o).;J-osP:-"-                             A:
.,~' ii;(ii~:'; ~Y..t,1A ~:J/..} ;JILt" 'h'l't: ~i (a~r;~ .,., Iilf.:iii ~,,..,                     Federal Negarit Gazeta   - No. 60   29°' June, 1999-Page   1106

       ji'    «uP.f.::~~.}.» IIII/\'}' f(aCD'11Of,9° f~'i\I}"""        n7i:J"                           1)    "Drug" means any substance or mixture of
              l\uPrlPCuPC: l\"'It19u : 1\1II/i\:"1i\ lOf,tJO l\uPhl\hA                                        substances used in the diagnosis, treatment,
              ftPJ..f11\..,A IIIn~:cD'9u 1'1'~ "1C lOf,tJO f''I'~                                             mitigation or prevention of a disease in man or
              "1{~...t. lO'U1.' (}.I"'} ft,'Ctl";h'i   VIf,\1""r.--Ch 00 1::}                                 animal. This shall include narcotic drugs and
              ~'Y:'}"':  f~1i\1}.}. t'lDfj "'1:"r.-:-"'1: OOC,'"f,: "tJO'i                                    psychotropic substances, pesticides, animal food
              ff.9° ."tp""J.9",}"'}:        i-ih(},'f:}"1: (L1,9':Y'1: ~~C                                    additives, poisons, blood and blood products,
              1',r~I\-,=  rIP.l~::~~'Y':}"'}: tli\'P";\1':.}"1: fl}~ "'1, 1''''~
                                                                                                              vaccine, sera, radio active pharmaceuticals, cos-
              'Y:'}"'}: ft"hh9uri rlDp'l,.f9"'}"1 ~r.' fihhtJO'i OO1A1
                                                                           ..,,,...,..                        metics and sanitary items, medical instruments and
              .f9"'}"1 ~ 1.&tV.9u "lIIn~''=1O'9u trCe;: 1'11             A
                                                             f,~tJO t,A:                                      medical supplies;
              ftPJ,(I)'''' O~ ,,'IIf, rIP.l~':~~''':-'"'1
       ~,     «fliC\1.,;h        uP.,::~~.}.» "'11\"'" it. ""'r-k.r n.,..,.n
                                                                                                        2)    "Narcotic Drug" means any drug subject to
              1\:}',1O' f""ln",.}'       uP' °''''' :1-"" f'iC\1-th        00 1::}                            control according to Narcotic Drugs Conventions
              ~.y.:}'. -h"''I'C i\9°9u",}, uPlP~"'" 'l1\9°1'1.,.e;: <k'l''I'C                                 of the United Nations ratified by Ethiopia. This
              fOlJ.'l~1:(H'       oo.f.':~~'}' (},If1 III\""AII)~ f'iC\1-th                                   shall also include a drug that is categorized as
              rIPJ~::~~"'" 11". ftPJ.(}.e.uPlO'1tJO f,~tJOt.A:                                                narcotic drug by the Authority;
       i:'    «fl}f,\1..,..c--Ch OO1.':~~""» tPJl\"'" it...,..r-kl n.,..,.n                             3)     "Psychotropic Substance" means any substance
              1\:}"Cf). f""ln",""        001°,,...:1-"'" fl}f,""'r.--Ch OO1::}                                subject to control according to psychotropic Subs-
              ~.Y.:t. -h'l''I'C i\9°9u.,,,,, uPlP~"'" 'll\tJ01'1"'tt: <k'l''I'C                               tances Convention of the United Nations ratified by
              flll/.f,~o'n"'"     oo1.':~~'}' (}..r1 II"""AII)~        fl}f,\1"'"                             Ethiopia. This shall also included a substance that is
              (~":h uP.(-~~"'" 1)1\. ftPJ.(}f,uPlO'1tJO f,~tJOt.A:                                            categorized as psychotropic substance by the
       !!'    «uPc'tr» tPJl\"'" n1'1.,i\.,.;;: uPm1 ""1O(}1: n(}lD-:                                          Authority;
              n~'}i\I}""       (h')C)'P""''i n1'1illln. "U1.,,,,,, I\f, 1'1";1
                                                                                                        4)     "Poison" means any substance that may cause
    \h""A "'I1;;:1O'1tJO 1'1'~ "1C "lD-:
       ?;,                                                                                                    danger to man, animal, plant and environment
               «01. ,,'IIf, oo1::}~""'» "'11\"'" "'I';;:lD-1tJO .,.qf,
              l\uPhl\hA:      l\uPef>lI)mC:                lOf,tJO "tPJ'I'4-"'" fOt.r1                        when taken in a small quantity;
              1\°'/,\ .,.~tPJl,                                                                         5)    "Pesticide" means any chemical, mixture, com-
                                   1'1'~"1C                  lO'U1: lOf,tJO. ihf,lO"'"
              .r I\CD' "1C "1O':                                                                              pound or living organism used to prevent, control
       ?;,    «\1 i\~'l:h»      "'I" .}. (}1O'"""11\0,Yt"";"'" I I\tPJef>1~""':                               or destroy pests;
              f,9oo"I'}' l\uP(,lJ.uPC ntPJ.A lOf,tJO f1'1ilA1 :"CYt"'i                                  6)     "Cosmetic" means any preparation intended to be
              1'1''''(..,,''} 1}f,+f,C       """.""
                                                       l\uP.,.fC     n11\ I\f,                                applied to the human body for cleansing,
              ftPJ.f,I.°, "'I1;;:CD'9u ,,,o(E-"'" ""If1 fef>"; :,.qof"f1:                                     beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering
              ""'lifj:}'..} : 'Ii.Y.9"'}"'}: fh1.tC      .,.l\qp:Y'1: f'lf,1'i                                the appearance without affecting the body's struc-
              f ,(..} , 1II/ef>1~ '"or~",Y:'}'" : 7i9u":9'"f11
                                 I        ,.                             f"''''C                              ture or functions. This includes products such as
              U?~''''''I..f9'"f1:       fml.1            uP.,.fl,.r 1''''~of"f1        I I}oo-
                                                                                                              skin creams, lotions, perfumes, lipsticks, finger nail
              'iSJI"}"1 ~'i         1\~"'lU        '"o':E-of"f         uP,...l,.r   fOtlD-I\-
                                                                                                              polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations,
              1'1'1. "1C'':.}''1 f,t.lJ.9u (..A:
              «fl}~.,.1,     1,o':E-'}'» 111/1\"" f(}lO''i                      f~ ,i\I}"""
                                                                                                              shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, de-
       'it,                                                                                                   odorant, medicated soaps and any ingredient inten-
              '''''ihr.'   ~1.&tV'9u          fn.'}''i      flO'i\'"       'Yt"U'i' I\oom
              n-t.f        ftPJ..r11\0'A          1II/1;;:lO'tJO 1''''~''''
                                                                                                              ded for preparing these products;
              :rJ':'}"'1: :1-9°;":}"1: f,,'Ci\ 1Yt"ih'i oomn<t.r 1''''~                                  7)    "Sanitary Item" means any preparation used in the
              'Y':}"'}:     fl\.n        rIP9um6619':Y'1:                    .&t"'C~'of"f1                    maintenance of cleanliness of man, animal and
              f,c.r.}.9u(..A::                                                                                household. This includes pads, tampons den-
       ~~,     «f,,"hh9°'i     OOVlI,.f» 111/""', f(}lO' lOf,tJO f~'i\I}"""                                   tifrices, sweat-bands, detergents;
               n'1i:" "uPuPCuPC          c')f,9u ""'IhtJO ntiJ.i\'I' lOf,tJO                             8)    "Medical Instrument" means any instrument that
               nCf).6f.1'1'1ilA I\f, ',':"9u I\f, ftPJ.lD-A UlJ1;;:lD-tJO                                     may be used on the inner or outer part of the body
               uPVlI,.f ""lr1 f"'I\.rf.                  fOOOOCOOI,.r fl\Pt.ofl,
                                                                    I                           :             for diagnosis or treatment of a disease in man or
              f.,. J'.    'r1'i'i    f,,'Ci\     ihhtJO'i     OOVlI,I9'"f1                                    animal. This includes various diagnostic,
              f,(,1J.9° t.A::
                                                                                                              laboratory, surgery & dental medical instruments;
       u'     «f ihhr'i       OO1A 1.f» "'11\"'" f(}lD- lOf,tJO f~ ,i\I}"""
                                                                                                         9)    "Medical Supply" means any article that may be
              ("Ii:" I\OOOOCOOC 1Of,9° I\UlJhtJO nlD-ta'l' lOf,tJO
                                                                                                                used on the inner or outer part of the body for
               nlO'6f.1' 1'1ilA I\f,          ',':"tJO I\f, ftPJ.lD-A UlJ1;;:lD-tJO
              uP1A1.f : f<ki\/.\ rJP,...,{..rhc-"f,                          : ",,1,1)!"f1      I
                                                                                                                diagnosis or treatment of a disease in man or
              rJPCA..9':Y'1: -$,7": "0'" : 'I''I''i OO(}A 1''''~of"f1:                                          animal. This includes, suturing materials,
              1'1C.,;,(."'iA "'C{\:}"'}:       h.Otil"":Y'1'i  ,{.A'l""f1                                       syringes & needles, bandages, gauze, cotton &
              f,(,Y.9u t,A:                                                                                     other similar articles, artificial teeth, chemicals
       !,     «frJP.f.':~~"'"     '}o'.f.' ,...1..»    "'I""" OO1::}~of"f                                        and x-ray films;
              "'I9u I..}o: '"I11oorIJ.}. rJPI\h: n:E-tJOI\'i n"fc:FC'                                   10)    "Drug Trade" means production, import, export,
              "'Ih4-,(./.\   ""lr1 ,,'t..}. OOOOCOOCI I}f, 11}ce flc-                                          wholesale and retail of drugs, This shall include
              "'I**tJO'i UlJil~1.' ~'i              n'..,1:      lOh.A""'" 00,...1.."""                        performance of quality control, establish and ran
              f,c.r.}.9°t.A:                                                                                   scientific offices and act as a comtnission agent,
                                                                                                                                       June, 1999 - Page 1107
ut i!ff.U~ ~Y..t./.\ ~:Jt,,,, ..m,1I)'I:'PCt. M~r;~ +, Iv.fjl! q.9'".                           Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 60

               «f-f1.cJ>"" 117/.;J16IiJ. f9"i\tJC CD/."''-''» 117/\'-" noo.(-                      11)    "Certificate of Competence" means a certificate
               ~~.-,. ,..,.(- "., I.. /\OtIPII7 I.. "CD- "., (..CD-' /\ 117tt'l'(-                        showing the fulfillment of organizational
               fll7..ri\'f.A       1'''':E-'-''C)' .(-c:E-:t"C£ 11.4>'-" 1/\CD- oolf)'                    requirements and preparedness by a person to carry
                                                                                                          out drug trade;
                                             /..,..-,. 'ICD-
            f .,../.;J 1m n'-" f 9" i\ tJ C CD              I
                                                                                                   12)     "Packing Material" means any article that may be
       II{' «1I71i't.r» 117/\'-" oo,f.::"~"" nCD-i\m' /\0000-1\'-" CD~9"                                  used for filling, inserting or wrapping or packing
            /\ootJ"..-,. CD~9" /\oom:"/\A             fOt,r1/\..,A fII/,'?/CD-9"
                                                                                                          drugs; and this includes immediate container and
            oor1f "'-I" hoo,f..'~~-I:;1C "''1'.'" .."j.'1'-" .rl\TCD-'
                                                                                                          other materials for wrapping the immediate con-
               oor1f9'~'            /\oom:,./\.r    fOt.r1/\..,1\--   ib/\o~ /I.4>9'~'                    tainer;
               ~'1.1.9° (..A:                                                                      13)     "Label" means any material which is printed or
       If.'    «11\~ R'lI-tj:» 117/\'-" i\/\it,.(- oo.(-~~.-,. iti\"'I\'tCD-'                             affixed to a packing material which provides the
               oo/.~ fOt1AR'             nfll/1i't.rCD- I\~ fOt:t".,..9"       CD~9"                      necessary information about a drug and this in-
               fOt/\mtj:       R'lI-tj: ".I"       nll71i't.rCD- CD-i\'I' nit'l~'1'-"                     cludes an insert;
               fll7.h'''''''CD-'    OOO'/\6IiJ.R'lI-tj: ~~1.9" (..Ai                               14)     "Counterfeiting" means using in any way, the
       IP.' «iti\ooi\/\o   117:"/.11» fII//\'-" fit'.(-'               it9"t.~      fOO.(-                packing material or indentification or any
                                                                                                          <trademark,trade name or any special mark thereon
            :"~'-" 1171i't.r CD~9" oo/\,r: f'..,.(-                   9"AtJ.-,.I    f'..,.(-
               i\9" CD~9" 117'~:CD"9" l}~'1'-" A~ 9"AtJ'-" l/\it
                                                                                                           of an authentic product of a manufacturer without
               9°(..:~ ~.:PY.' noom"'9°               oo'(-~~-I: nhCD-'1""'?/CD-                           the permission of the manufacturer and presenting
                                                                                                           such falsely labelled and packed drug as if it is
               it 90 I.:'}" h' Y..,..oo/,'I' t,i\ooi\/\o 117:"/.11 'lCD-I
                                                                                                           manufactured by the genuine manufacturer.
       I?;'    «ooh/\i\» 117/\'-" nit'.f.: oo.(-~~.-,. ~1I'-" I\~ ibl\ '11C
                                                                                                    15)     "Adulteration" means reducing the quality of a
                noo,I.1.OOC CD~9" ~1I1:'              nh~A       CD~9" 00-1\--noo-I\--
                                                                                                           drug by adding to its content a substance other than
                nibl\     '11C noo.,..I1""     CD~9" n""1n.CD- 00'1.(-                                     its content, or by substituting its content in whole or
                n,R','hC)' 'l/\oooo/.-I:C)' 'l/\oo.rtf- htM'(- '11C ;JC                                    in part by such other substance, or by storing or
                h'Jt'11111     .(-/..., '1CD-:
                             117                                                                           manufacturing it under unsanitary conditions
       rk.       «f,'htJ9"C)' oo-h(..» 117/\"" fit'.(-'  oo.(-~~.-,. L'P7i                                 whereby it may have been contaminated with any
                '1'-"C)'Y.U''1'-'' /\117/.;11'1' nh,i\",'-" CD~9" n"9'~                  I\~               other foreign matter;
                fOtY./..., foo'(-~~""        oo'h(.. '1CD-f                                         16)     "Clinical Trial" means testing a drug on human or
       I~'      «foo,f:~~'-"    'l/\oo-.r» "'//\.-,. 4.CII7",-i\'-" I .(-(..'ti\'-":                        animal subjects to prove its efficacy and safety.
                f4.CtII,". 'f:tJ~7i.r, ".If' fh,i\",'-" mS oo-.r.,..,?/,9"                          17)     "Pharmacy Personnel" means a pharmacist, drug-
                ~'1.1.9° ('.A:
                                                                                                            gist or pharmacy technician and it also includes
                «fh,i\",""     mS oo-.r'I'~:» "'//\.-,. nfJ.'./.~CD- fOt"                                   veterinary health personnel;
        I~'                                                                                                 ,
                                                                                                    18)        'Veterinary Health Personnel" means a person
                m CD" fh' i\ ",..,. ,'htJ 9"C)' '-"9" UC.-,. .,..h:t"'-" f\o
                                                                                                            trained in veterinary medicine, that enables him/her
                oo..rCD"          /\oo.,..°l(lC    fll7_.ri\~/\CD-     Jt ..,~:    JtT/\ofIII
                                                                                                            to carry out his/her profession, at a Degree,
                CD~9° "C1:~~'-"         .r/\CD' "CD- 'lCD-I                                                 Diploma or Certificate level.
        ~.-     «f ,'htJ9"C)' '1/\00' .r» "'//\.-,. ,'hOO9".,..'?/CD-' noooo                        19)      "Medical Practitioner" means a medical doctor,
                cooc fn7i:t"CD-' l}~'1"" fOt/\~C)' noo.(-~~'-" CD~9"                                        surgeon veterinarian or other health personnel who
                itl1A'  noo:"J.'.y.' fll7..rtJ9"             f"CD- CD~9" fh,i\",                            is licensed to Examine and diagnose the disease of
                chh.9° CD h 'IIlll-~' '''''''1(
                         ~9"                                 ,. h 'JtfhC)'CD-' f.,..L
                                                                                                            humans or animals and treat them by drug or
                .,. J.'./\""   "CD- '1CD':                                                                  surgical operations;
        ?}. «foo .f..':"~'-" "'/II"1f» 01'/\.-,. L.4>'(- 'l/\CD- f ,'htJ9"C)'                       20)      "Prescription" means any order for drug written or
            'l/\oo..r '''R't:: /\,'hIID.o.,'fOt"'I'     foo'(-~~'-" /If.l\                                  signed by a duly licensed or authorized medical
               ""/11'1' '1CD':                                                                              practitioner issued to a patient in order to collect
                                           ..,.C)'f ~C
        ?}Ii' «h' i\"'.-,.» "'/ /\..,. f 11.                                                                drug from dispensing unit;
                                                        h' i\ "'.-,. "'-If), f'l,'hC                         ,
              h,i\",,""C)'                                                                          21)        'Animals" means domestic and wild anima~s and
                            '1n9"         ~'I.1.9"('.AI
        ?}I{. «"CD'» "'//\.-,. f"'~.'I'c.'
                                                                                                            also include sea animals and bees.
                                                 "CD- CD~9" n,'h'" f"CD-'1'-"
                                                                                                    22)      "Person" means any physical or juridical person.
              001H. f"""mCD' it I1A '1CD-::

                                                                                                                         PART TWO
                                      hr,:A !!
                                                                                                                    Establishment of Drug
                             J.1I4'.l:f.Cr,- 4lTTC fMP'AflJ11
                                                                                                                  Administration and Control
                                    1I1tU?!I:!l:r                                                                          Authority
 f.'      00**9"                                                               3. Establishment
     Ii' fooY::"~"" iti\"'P'Y.CC)' <h'l''I'C 'l/\".,AII)'. h'lU                   1) The Drug Administration and Control Authority,
             n~\1\ «'l/\""AII)~.» noo'lA fOt:t"CD:" (lIlU it'P:E-                     hereinafter referred to as "the Authority" is hereby
             .,..* <h":l. A ::                                                        established by this proclamation.
     I{. '1/\"" t.\      11)). ""ml. '1'1: /\m:"1\~ Ot~i\'-"?- ~1fC)'t.\::        2) The Authority shall be accountable to the Prime
 P.' 'PC)'00"" I..r 11.'-"
      f'l/\".,t.\II)).     'PC)'oo""l..r 11.'-"itJti\ itn'llfli h'J.'.iti\"'I\ 4. Head Office
      .t'1-1: n"'/C)'TCD-9" ".,tj:(.. :"C, 00"" ~.r 11.'-"/\. Ii /.CD-    The head office of the Authority shall be in Addis Ababa
      ~~I\A::                                                                     and it may have branch offices elesewhere as necessary.
                                                                                   ,        -.\            /
                                                                                       \-              I         -

                                                                                                         .   ,

                                                           fh.:"f'kl         t..1..t.I\ce JtlfOtJ/,.l1.1ce tTllh.tJ

             ~Yo~A ";Jt~ ;JltlfJ
                                     OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

         lt9'"h"'o;;: 'ioo.}' +""C ;!~?i                                                                                              5th Year No. 61
      It.flh ltn'l .u. t)~ .,."} :W~:i?i
                                                          nlt.'}'V-k.' 4..1..t.I\ce -'l'l"tJt.(a..'ce (,T..It\.tJ              ADDIS ABABA       - 2~   June, 1999
                                                                f ih1'ofI .t-m'1v-:f 9'"tJc (tT m'I6f:H. fmtfJ

                                         D7lD-6liJ,                                                                        CONTENTS
                                                                                                      Proclamation No. 177/1999
It'P~ +''''C ?i~(f!:/IP.~:ili'i.9'".
    fl'1")h.}"}oouM.'''''}'' 9'"1'11)f1'
                                              +''I''I'C                                                 Registration and Control of Construction Machinery
                                                                                                        Proclamation                             Page 1117
    It'P~                                               1~ liif.liH1

                      It'P~ +,'rc ?ir.~!:IIiir.1li                                                               PROCLAMATION No. 177/1999
  hftl'1")h'}"} oUf(,.,,,"}'. 9°1'1'11i +''I''I'C fmtfJ It'P~
                       o                                                                                   A PROCLAMATION FOR THE REGISTRATION
                                                                                                               AND CONTROL OF CONSTRUCTION
             fl'1"}h'h~.h'li"}   -
                                      /"'1.. 1Il:"-':"}ft"7mlihC             fDtlh:f1A
       lJat.:'-""}""}          ()""h~_ft"'.:                                                               WHEREAS, it has become necessary to facilitate
                                                                                                      conditions enabling to strengthen the construction sector;
       n1t.'}'V-A'.t' 4..1..I..I\ce       -'l'l"tJl..l1..'ce (,TofIt\.tJ ih1
       oo")..,,,...}. It "}.,.'\ ~?;(?i) oofPl.'}' fDth.,.ftm.    :~ID-~IA ::                              NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55( 1)
                                                                                                      of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
        lt6£bC C,)h
A'                                                                                                    Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
       "tJ     It'P~   "fl'1"}h.}.t.tJ'li"}        ooUf(,.'¥'-:;- 9'"1'1'11i +'T'I'C                  1. Short Title
       It'P~ +""C ?ir.~?:IHlr.:i?i"               "'''Ift.. t\.m.,.h ,,:fl\1A ::                         This Proclamation may be cited as the "Registration and
                                                                                                         Control of Construction Machinery Proclamation
'-a     '}'C'I"'L
                                                                                                         No. 177/1999."
       (IIltJ It'P~.::' m'h'l'       :
                                     "7ft.}.   f ''''1..',- h.,."7   IA"7T     Dt~h.I;C
                                                                                       2. Definition
       ?i.      ""7.~iW:C"
                                                                                          In this proclamation:
               ~(D' :
                                                                                          1) "Ministry" means the Ministry of Works and Urban
       ~.      "ffl")h'}'I..tJ"ii"} OOIlM.'" "7ft.} Dt~h.l;~ noooo(,.'                         Development;
               f"' ftl'1"}h'}'I..h"ii"} ".. t. ~ "}-'l.'1ft..,1A 11''i              2) "Construction Machinery" means any machinery
               f"',#'I.. 00"('.'           (") ntJlAlA m,,9'" ft4..1..t.1A                 built for construction purposes and designated as
               "-IO"}"II""}' '''m(,           nlr~       h''''I'':f     Tt."}h;rCTIi           such by the directive to be issued by the Ministry
               "-10,,','0;;:fl.r.'¥'-:;' nlt'P~       +''I'C I!!ht!! fDtoot.1a-
                                                                                               but does not include construction machinery which
                                                                                               will be registered, pursuant to Proclamation
               ff1"}h'}'I..tJ"ii"} oo.,(,.t'¥'-:;."} It,,£U.9°C9'" :                           No. 14/84, by the Transport and Communication
       i:'     "f'lftn..}'~'}'        00:"',,+'.t' '.,,""C" "7ftT ftl'1"}hTt.                  Bureaux of Regional States or Cities accountable to
               h"ii"} ..-10    Uf(,.t' 'lft'HII..r-:f          f"7.(aT      f'lftn.T~T         the Federal Government;
               UlII.:J.,,.'il. "7hl.:(    ~(I). :                                         3) "Ownership Certificate" means a certificate issued
                                                                                               to the owners of a construction machinery.
       !!.     "..-lOft.t'ch,,'C" "7ft.}. nl'1"}hTt.tJ"ii"} ooUf(,.,¥':f 1\"              4) "Identification Mark" means a l~tter or number or
               f"7.ftm"-': A."IA m"9° ch"'C m,,9'" lJ.ft1:9'" ~ID-::                           both affixed to the construction machinery.

 ~('"J~ CP;12.30                                                                                                                      ~;1(..1' ;1ILII) r...,.+.. 'ii';(fi
  Unit Price                                                                                                                          Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,00 1
                                                                      fh.Tf"kJ'            ~1..t.I\ce .ct'l"h/~C\.J'ce ~TlIl\.h
                                                                                                               -               -

              ~1o~A                                                                               ";J~:t ;JJtlf)
               FEDERAL                                                                 NEGARIT GAZETA
                                         OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

           h9"h"'~:          ~OD:" <h'PC t!{                                                                                                          51hYear No. 62
                                                                      nl\. :"V-k.f 4..Y..t.I\ceJl quht."".fce ~T111\.h                          ADDIS ABABA - 29thJune, 1999
       hJlh hn'l (a~t!1 +') Ii~f1.ii
                                                                               f th1'-fI .,.wt)v-:f 9"hc 11...,.m'I<I:~:" fWtJ)

                                               O?l&6fiJ.                                                                                    CONTENTS
h'P;(- <h'PC iiy.<:~/Hif11i                        ~'9'"                                                           Proclamation       No. 178/1999
                                                                                                                   Broadcasting       Proclamation                          Page 1119
   f11C'.('t)h"" h'P;(-                        "                                        1~ li7f.lifIil

                                  hCP;(- <h,,'C iiy.<:~/Ii1f1{i                                                                    PROCLAMATION          NO. 178/1999
                        ~,t) h:" h 1 /.\ "ll\"'''' f"7. ODt.n T'} , C~ T                                                A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
              ""'1 C'
                                /\OD1.'}1"l fWtJ) h'P;(-                                                            SYSTEMATIC MANAGEMENT OF BROADCASTING
                                          , .
        f11 C'.('t) h"" h 1 /.\ "I I\"'} ft.,'} C:C"I1i '} I T9"UC T'i                                                    WHEREAS, broadcasting service plays a big role in the
fOD1''i~ TC'''lt.9''         /\th1'11 nOY:'>l1) I\h,}1: h1C T/\i:t)ce=                                             political, economic and social development of the country by
",..,.M.ce'i      ,.d1'i"7..fce      iJ~'1'}' hc;:"'~    "7. 'I' f"7. 65AWT                                        providing     information,   education   and entertainment
nODlr~1                                                                                                            programmes to the public;

     w'h,} flJ"'C IHH' frr~w' ft..JlV- '1"11: nh"l"'"                                                                    WHEREAS, it is essential to ensure prop~r utilisation of
                                                                                                                   the limited radiowave wealth of the country;
I\~ OD'P/\',} Ulll:J1'P nOYilt,/\", I
                                                                        WHEREAS, it has been found essential to clearly define
           f11C'~'t)h'}' h1/.\"II\""" nODilmT , t. I\~ f"7.IPOY'" the rights and obligations of persons who undertake broad-
(a9':f')      OD1H'c.' "IY..:" n"l/.\~' ODW(a'} hilt.l\'llf'i                                  nOD11-l: I          casting service;

           nl\.'}'f'A'.r           4..Y..t.l\ce            .It quht,,,,,.fce          ~T-fll\.h          th1                 NOW, THEREFORE,         in accordance    with Article 55( I)
OD,}"l"""'"         h,}"'~'        9.?iliil ODIPI.'}' f"7.h.,./\w, ."'ID-~/.\                       II             of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic of Republic of
                                                                                                                   Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                                              h("~/.\ h '}1:
                                                    m :'>1\
                                                          1\                                                                                    PART ONE
Ii'      h6f!>C ciJil
                                                                                                                   1. Short Title
         ~U      hCP:~ "f-flC' ~.t)h'}'                      h"'~       <h1'C        lif<:~/Iilf1Ii"
                                                                                                                      This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Broadcasting
         "'1)1\" I\.m«l'h ~'.fl\/.\                  I:
                                                                                                                      proclamation No. 178/1999."
I'       ""c:~00t                                                                                                  2. Definitions
         f.4>/\, h','HI            1\.1\ 'h:"'9u             fOl/..f(amlD-          t)/.\Ir~     nh.,..,.C            In this Proclamation, unless the context reqUires
         lULU hCP:~ (o'il'"               I                                                                           otherwise:
                "ft..J;,f'          'I"',.~,:"       u.,,~.)-       n~/\9"          f-t;l\.f1tJD'~h.1i'}                I)    "Radio Wave" shall mean a radio wave assigned to
                OY'~nc ft..J;,f'              Y:HI (IDV.'I.')' "'m.4>",.                 /\"7..rlD-/\w<                       users for a specific ser",ice in accordance with the
                /\''''IJ(a~       h1/.\"II\"'}'           f"'ODy,n      ft...ltf'     qu1~' ~ID- I                            radio regulations of Internationl Telecommunication

     .(").C;.'p:J 4. 40                                                                                                                                   ~;Jt-1' ;JlLfIJ 7"""'11. 'U'~:f!
     Unit Price                                                                                                                                          Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
 11t   ~j'i~rt; t.._~nt..A~:J/.-)-:J/L"' 'I:'I'C: ~ IU.?;~ .,., Iv.f1ii ,-,..
                                                ~                                                          Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 62 29thJune, 1999-Page   1120

             ~.       "f-nr.'Y.'t]it-).        "1Aol/t<>T"               OO//\T '-"1'11 /\OO/it             2) "Broadcasting Service" shall mean a radio or
                      -f'u'/C: /\II'/lt(l):t> lIJf,'}" /\1I'/1'f)'f)'T f"'l.hf)'m')                           television transmission programme conducted to
                      ft...I;.f'mf,'}"        f-f;".in'f'}        P'C6J!oT "1/'\"'/\<>T ~m-I                  educate, inform or entertain the public;
             t.        "II/\~..<p.\~:" 1111/\_)' ULU "tp~ ,,'}.,.'" ?} ODlPlT
                                                        l                                                 3) "Licensee" shall mean a person licensed in ac-
                      ~._<P f-""'ImtD. (}tD. ~m- :
                             .r.'                                                                             cordance with Article 20 of this proclamation.
             ii.      "Tr.'°lt,.'}""           11'//\:,.
                                                           n~''}'''''      mf,'}" nit~/.\ mf,'}"          4) "Programme" shall mean voice or visual or audio-
                      nu."-f:         -""'~II1IC'         /\II'/ltm:t>: /\OO/it1'OO/C mf,'}"                  visual arrangement transmitted to inform, educate
                      /\111/1'  (i(i')' (l)f,'Ju U./\.'}'}" ht].,. f"'l."'C1I                foo-it-
                                                                                                              or entertain the public, or an all inclusive transmis-
                      T{:'c,lt,.'Ju enf,'Ju f-f'/\ f TC'..,t.'}" P'C6J!oT ~m-:                                sion of full or special programme.
                                                                                                          5) "Full Programme"shall mean radio or television
             ?i'       "00'/\' TC'°lt,.'Ju"              11'//\:,. nll'/ltm:t>: nOO/it1'OO/Cf)'
                       (1111/"WiC,'.).     I\f, .r.f.tl1. ft..Jtf' mf,'}" f1;t\.ii.".')                       programme intendedto inform,educate and entertain.
                                                                                                         6) "Special Programme" shall mean a radio or
                      T{:'''lt,.'Ju ~tD. :
                                                                                                              television programme that predominantly focuses
            k         "f-f'/\f        Tr.'olt..'Ju " II'//\T n".ntf~m'                    n1'm(}~
                      -,.P,fJ I\f, .r-"'l1.                                                                  on a particular subject.
                                                             ft..Jtf'       (l)f,'}" f1;t\.ii.:rf')      7) "Advertisement" shall mean a message transmitted
                      Tr.'''lt,.'Ju ~tD. :
                                                                                                             to publicise and promote sales of goods and
            1,        "1II/l'I;J'm<#:,f" IIII/\_} ~_<P'?'ff)' "1/'\"'/\<>"'1' ~'}Jt
                      ;J'mchc,' ~'}Jt1im' fOO/.-"I\/\tt: OD/.\~tJ'r ~m- :
                                                                                                         8) "Political Advertisement" shall mean a radio or
            1;,        "f,;l./\-,:t]       lI'/it;hlJ.t.f"            II'//\'r h'}t.: fT/\-ttJ
                                                                                                             television message conveyed by a political party or
                      :1'(:-': mf,'}" ~/,"); -f'(l)P'P'1. ~t.(}.'}f)' tt:I\''''-f;'}                         candidate to publicise himself and his aspirations.
                      /\u'/it'> 1'}".n nODtJ~./.\ mf,,},, /\ODtl4C./.\.4>/.\                        by paying or promising to pay for the announce-
                      n(IOO,,)-). nt..Jt f' lIJf,'Ju l)-t. t\. ii.:rf'} f"'l..f it ~"'lm-                    ment;
                      1II/{};hlJ<#:.r ~CD':                                                              9) "Sponsored Programme" shall mean a programme
         !j.         '"nit,;l''}(}C fOlJA'c-n TC'..,t.'Ju" II'//\T TC'..,                                    the transmission cost of which is paid directly or
                     t..lID'-}/\1I'/(}t..t.Ll.-}-n".n n.,.",;J' (l)f,'}" n1'''tptpl.                         indirectly or the payment of which is promised.
                     f-H.&./\fI.} mf,'Ju fh(':,r ,<P/.\f.f-11H1T TC'..,t.'}"                            10) "'Election Period" shall mean the period beginning
                      ~ID' :                                                                                 from the official opening day of campaign until 24
         ';.         "f'Juc",,/,       (l):t>.)-" 111//\.). '}"C6l8J.m- f,4- tllf~n-)..,.'}                  hours before the starting of voting day.
                     ~f.'J"r.' 'JUC,iJ'/'tD. hOlJ.~f.ODCn.). .,.'} ?}~ (}~T n~.:"
                                                                                                        II) "Person"shall mean a physical or juridical person.
            ,r/\CD' -tit ~(U' :                                                      3. Scope of Application
         Hi'         "(t(U." 11'//\.).         f"'~."'r.' (tm. mf,'}" n, , f(}m-~T                      This Proclamation shall be applicable on every private
                     OD-n,). f".(tmIU'                                                                  and government broadcasting service established within
                                                   "'1A ~CD' :
t.                                                                                                      Ethiopia.
        f"'~.KOIJ. H. 11J(t'}
                                                                                                                                PART TWO
        f,U "tp~(),: fI}',.'}f'A',r IU-it'" n"'!I:!l:OD nll'/'}t1CD''}'' f..,/.\f)'
                                                                                                                            Broadcasting Agency
        fOD'}OIp':" f-flr.'_r..t1it-)- "-'A°It\"T                        I\f, 1'~K"'I. f,lff)'/,\::
                                                                                                       4. Establishment
                                            t,(':A IJ'''-}                                                 I) The Ethiopian Broadcasting Agency (hereinafter
                                   f.n C' J~:'1it'}        h.~:,} /'t.
                                                                                                              "the Agency") is hereby established as an
!~.     OD*!I:'JU                                                                                             autonomous Federal Administrative Agency having
                                                                                                              its own legal personality.
       /i.         fh.-)-f'A',f          f-n{:'f:'1it-)'         h.~f.'}l1.       /tUlU        n:\1\
                                                                                                          2) The Agency shall be accountable to the Prime
                   "h.~~:'}(}.CD'" ~,f""I/\  f'-".., (tm'~T
                   ,f/\ID' t..(}.'} f:f./\ f&...e..t..A OOP'I.,f fLT Iftj lULU
                   "rp~~: "'<):'ho:l.A::                                                               5. Head Office
       ~.          h.~~:.}(t.(U. 'f'ml.~-':        /\m:t>l\f,      "'I.),it'r?- f,lff)'/'\    ::          The Agency shall have its head office in Addis Ababa
        rpf) OD                                                                                           and may establish branch offices elswhere as may be
f.'            P' /.,r n,.)'
        flb~~:.}(t.lIJ'rp(i (IO/n.:,. n"Jtit                  "n')lftj         ~,}f.hit~l\.t~-f;
        nlll/(i:':ID''ju      P'(.:t..     :t>C}""/,c,: /\. tj lCD' f,1'1\/.\                          6. Objectives
'k     (~I\11'/                                                                                           The objectives of the Agency shall be to ensure the
       fh.~~:'}(t.lIJ' ~I\II'/ "'1..-,: f-hnn.,.:                         "'/.\ffJ4- ~c; hit.,.           expansion of a high standard, prompt and reliable
       1II/1I'/"1lf(;' /\,;I'/\.,:t]cr.: /\II'/..,nt..«ef)                hJlli''''I..f«e ~f:1T           broadcasting service which can contribute to the
       "it'f'rp",.), f-nr.'_r.-'1it.). "1/.\ ..,,,<>.).~ ')Jti\4-4-                         polhical, social and economic development and to
       III/~'lol'" clO4'>Cl)mCf,lf'i/.\      ::
                                                                                                          control it thereof.
~.     p'/.\n)'}c,' ".olIIC                                                                            7. Powers and Duties
       h.~f.'}(}.(U. fOlJ.h'f'/\")' /,,'AffJ'}c; .f'''''1C'1' f,li'?-.+/.\ :                              The Agency shall have the following powers and duties:
                     ~_..l!pt..A ~;Jk1' ;JIL'" 'I:'I'C~!~ "1 ~~""
     '1K'?!i'I:?!~cf)?i                                                           Iiif1l! 'J'''''       Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 63 29thJune, 1999-Page   1131

              ~.    ,n:"('IP')'1 fDll.OD/\h": flUJ h'P~ 1:1;11.91':(- ~11.                              2)   With regard to printed matters, this proclamation
                    hO'IJf)' nDll'g:m'9u       ~.).~ mf.~    h~A     ~..,.~:                                 shall apply to the author, printer, publisher,
                    ,e.t..O.: h:'-DIl_: h":"DIl_: h')1(: hh4.4.f,'i" mh.A
                                                                                                             duplicator, distributor and agent of any print or gray
                    I\.e 'h'-~DIl. f,rr'j/\-::
     f:'    .h::iOll
                                                                                                    3. Definition
            f,cJ>/\. h',').n      1\.1\ .h:.,.9u     fD?.fomm-           ilAlf~      nil.,..,.c
            fUlU h'P:~" m'il1' :
                                                                                                        Unless the context reqUIres otherwise in this
             {i. H.e.'C:~')-" tIIJ/\.). fh.'}f-".f                                                      Proclamation:
                                                              .nch.I..'f o."'ODt,..,
                    :'ofj n."'OD~,n(':')'      .e.'C~"')- ~m' :
                                                                                                         I) "Agency" means the Ethiopian National Archives
             ~.  HOI/.Hl'I:C" IlJf.9" HtIIJ.~il'}C" tIIJ/\.} ~1'.:"'-~                                       and Library Agency;
                 "'h"'/\-      fOllil:"'lJ<l:.r'i"     'WA DIl_~il1:C wf,~                              2) "Ministry" or "Minister" means the Ministry and
                 DIl_~il'h: ~m-:                                                                             Minister of Information and Culture respectively;
             f:' HODt,OHH-" tIIJ/\.)- :"CO'1'i" ODA()h1: f"'1\/\~                                       3) "Archives" means regardless of their physical form
                 f)-)"} IJ'~:'- "f./\.e OD1°'P':}''f OD!o..y.if ~1-t1Jc~                                     or content, non-current records, either original or
                        fl:}"' f()/\:"    .,.()/\..,. f P' I.. ~ 1:" il.cJ>fI..f=fm-1                        copy, in the form of scripts, maps, graphs, audio and
                 ntllJ_.fh'jm'H)-)'      m:".} f'html'i"         hili'.&;1.I..'f ~1
                                                                                                             video recordings, photographs and other records of
                 :"il,cJ>(I,(D- iln.cJ> n:\1\ nODl;f 4:f.'&;~1: *D? 1'n.cJ>
                                                                                                             similar nature produced by government offices and
                    ~1~..e.lo,/\:" f"'ODlm tIIJ'i":t:m-~ nJ.c:('i"A~        In
                            £IDAh fDll_":~ ~, (Df,~ nilc;J-: n..,
                                                                                                            private persons in the course of conducting their day
I                   n:":~"
                                                                                                             to day affairs and selected for permanent
                    f""'/\~ (Df,9u n.e.'9"~-'i" np'()A: nc.:'''.., (Df.~
                    nUD"O/\ u'~Y: .f/\ /.tIC/.' ~(D. :                                                      preservation because of their information value;
             !~,    Hf ,h""') o."'OD~,n(':')'"        tIIJ/\.). nhAA hil.,..&;1.C                       4) "Public Library" means a library which serves the
                    mf,9u nh.,.tIIJ hil"'P'1.C P'C /\,01''') h.,A..,/\"""                                    general public under the auspices of regional or city
                       ..0'" 0.'" OD~'h(':'} ~(D- :                                                          administrations;
             (;,     H/.tIC.e.-" 011/\')' ODt.\()hi: f"'I\t\~fH-,                                            ,
                                                                            :"C~'i"                     5) 'Record" means a regardless of its physical form or
                    fODt.\()h1:1   qf,~')'    (f,,,..,.) "f,/\f.      nhOD1'''1.m-                          content, any letter, note, unbound text, bound
                    "'*9u (Df,9u o"''l..          '1.1-"" f"'~ml'i"   /\"'~m                            material, book, plan, map, sketch, figure, pictorial or
                    t.f)-)' 'lllS f1:" n(IDt.;f~'} t\."'C,,) fD?':(-A ~"C""
                                                                                                            graphic representation, photograph, film, microfilm
                    nODt.;f 4--f,.&;m- ,'-£1D1,tf'i" "'ODC(f1 w1. ")ch.I..'f
                                                                                                            microfiche, audio and video recording or elec-
                    n."-UDt,OH)'}'i" n."- OD~,ntt:"" J'A.,.t,Wl                (Df.~
                                                                                                            tronically recorded information produced by a
                    /\UD',mc n'l..e..} I\f, fDll_"~ tIIJ'i"=fm-~ l.-f1'&;o.:
                                                                                                            provenant in the course of conduct of day to day
                    0IIil:"m7": .f)-)-' ~',h.£':: 1'1..1': OD~,htt:: ():,./..:
                    ill::h       1.e.-£.:: :"C~-: p'()I\'f       (Df.~      "'I..~.h:                       affairs and which is in the process of transfer to or
                    (::.Y'°lt..£.:: ~.t.\9":    OI/.ehr: ~.t.\9"',' 7i:                       not yet transferred to the National Archives and
                    f.e.'9"~ /.\"1C/": ii.-tf'            ";T    mf,9u      nh.l\.h""C'~h                   Library inspite of its informative value at the time
                    f,"£ID".,n ODl;f ~m-:                                                                   when and at the place where it has been produced.
             'k     Hf:'-"'OD    ~,h.£':"   tIIJ/\"" nDll'i":t:(D-~ ODil~il'f                           6) "Published Document" means any book or part of a
                    mf,9" h.l\.h'}r:~il'f    "Y.. f;J-.,.OD OD~chtt: (Df,~                                  book, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, map, plan,
                    fOD~-,htt: htt:A : :JII.£I1 : OD~ch.:" : nl..1. (Dl.,."" :                              schedule, unbound print, table and other similar
                    ilc:"   :   ():,./.. : 01\.P. : .n:'-1 ~..,.~ : w1ml1f'i"               1\.1\           document printed by any mechanical or electronic
                    ,"£ID""f,      w~/.'   ~(D- :
             'I:    «'nh~.A        f;J-i'OD'   '(o'lof,    t\.""Io:t:C)'»     tIIJ/\"" A'1f'1-          7)   "Gray Literature" means any document with infor-
                    .n!': ntllJ'''DIl_.f n.') :,..)-qo fro-il1' ~,h.4. n;rWf
                    mf,9" f1t19u"[m..I'l: mf,9D nil1:1ilA .,..,.C~ f"")t'
                                                                                                             mative value and having a published cover and a
                    f£IDt.~- 4--f,P. .fi\llJ' oB': ~(D- :                                                    type or computerwritten or stencil-duplicated con-
             :j;.    Hf.,-,)"   ~-,h.(':" OI//\'} ntllJ"'DIl..r o..} "f,lf1                                  tent;
                    n:".f..T mf.9u fHI9u'C(D"N: nml"'''''          I\f. fi'OD:"                         8)   "Duplicated Document"           means any text with
                    IlJf,9u nil";1ilt.\ "'£ID')"" f,,,')t,'i" ff.h0Jt1')'    'P;1                            informative value constituting a type or computer
                     .ri\lD' ~-,h.(': ~ID' :                                                                 written or stencil-duplicated content;
             il'    HOIn.ilh/.T'}"         01//\')' n'),nl\'f    "Y.. f"''';1~                          9)   "Manuscript" means a written text prepared in a
                    :r/.il(p'   : I),nl\'f   IlJf.9u p'~1'n')'f    .e,,"" .f/\m-                             traditional way and which possesses historical,
                    ~. ,h.c.: ~(D' :
                                                                                                             cultural or artistic significance;
             ';.    H<I't.~ ,e.'~~" 11'1/\:" nh.l\.h""r:~hil      OD",/..r htllJil
                                                                                                       10)   "Audio Recording" means electronically recorded
                    :~~:,. n.e.'9u~. "-.,.c~ fDll.'''I\/\tt: ODl;f ~m- :
                                                                                                             and transmitted audio-information;
           :({i'    H<I't.~ 9uilt.\" 01//\:" nh.l\.h:"r:~hil      OD"'I..f htllJil
                    :~,,:,. n9uilt.\                                                                   II)   "Video Recording" means electronically recorded
                                     "-"'c~ fDll",'I\/\tt: ODl;f "(D. :
                    H.,.t.~ 9"P't.\'j                                                                        and transmitted image of film information;
           X~.                             ,f:9u~,"   tIIJ/\.). fUbl\.h""r:~hil
                    (IDO'il-.f }',OI/il:h:,'        ,f:9u~-'i"    9uP't.\1        ntllJ£I1ODC          12)   "Audio and Video Recording"             means elec-
                    fll'l."'1\/\£': UDt.~' "llJ' :                                                           tronically recorded and transmitted sound and
                                                                                                             image information;
1~ iiR.i!Y.t!)!{ ~Y..~.A             ~:J(.'''' :-'f/,fl' <h'PC:   ~r ft). ?t1.,.1     !P.f1l! 'J.9".         Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 63 29thJune, 1999-Page      1132

      If.'        "'hD';CJo}'"      111/,,0}' hh1~'     T(D'A1:     CD1-                               13)        "Tradition"   means the culture, custom, belief, history
                  ')'(D'A~' n.cJ>A f"'''''4S      fOlJ.".""l"~ fh11: ih1,l1                                    and other social values of a certain people or group of
                  CDfJ'Ju ,.,'1'10. ')vA : (IJOI: hlJD~T : :h~hCf' ",,,-"f                                     people in a locality which is orally handed down from
                  tPwn/..Cf. "(L"::;'1 ntl4.1 : (11'111/1..:n+lTCf' IJD.,,'"                                   generation to generation through songs, hymns,
                  hCf' n"'I\-"f         0011Y:')" hlll/'l~~T            f0lJ.1A~           P~    :PA           proverbs and other related means;
                   ~CD':                                                                               14)     "Oral History" means historical information collected
      n~'          "f.cJ>A ;J-(,h"             11'/".). n.cJ>A IJDAAll h{}OJ- f+11Cf'
                                                                                                               through interview and recorded on cassettes or trans-
                   n'l(L'}         f,,.4>l'"      CDSWu n~,h-tt:           "'1AlI(I1         f0lJ.1~           cribed on documents;
                   f:"(,h       ool~       ~CD':                                                       15)      "Provenant" means any person possessing informative
      )J;-         "f£/Ol~            h00161!>"         tP/"T              tfI01J.J'hCf'OJ-
                                                                                                               records produced in the course of conduct of day to day
                   1IH' 'I.IL fi;4.lIll              f£/Ol~ hIJD1'0}' .f"OJ- {}OJ-~OJ-:
      ));,         ",., "':"111/. ~'C~:""              11'/"T 1101(,-1: (D'll"l' f0lJ.1~
                                                                                                       16)     "Publisher" means any publisher in the country.
                  tPl');;:(O.'Ju h"':"tP/. .l'.'C~')' ~OJ- :
                                                                                                       17)     "Printer" means any person who prints or duplicates
      :r::k       "t,;"III/."     111/":" n'/O'l~'lA     ;'J~A                      n001.,.,...,.ll
                                                                                                               written texts, audio recordings, video recording and
                   "",h."::Y' : "'l'" .r:'Ju""Cf' 4>l'" IJDllA flll/.,fTIJD
                                                                                                               audio and video recordings by mechanical means;
                   CD ~'Ju f"7.,f /'.'1 (}CD'~CD':
              ,                                                                                        18)     "Printing Press" means any entity in the country
      1.:j;        "tPN'''7..f           0.,)."      11'/",). 1101(,-1: OJ-ll"l' f0lJ.1:t;
                                                                                                               carrying on printing activities;
                   f ih')'OO')' P /..'} f"7.,fhCf'CD'11:C~T                         ~OJ- :
                                                                                                       19)     "Book" means any published document which con-
      Iii'         "oo~",l"~"             111/",)' f(IJ:":"Cf.       1LCf'~,h-tt:          ,fAlnCf'
                   O.,f'}ll hC'1 tlm:~ },'; h'L,flJD n"~                                                       tains non-current news and consisting of not less than
                                                                                    1Y."f ,f"-T
                                                                                                               forty nine pages;
                   f:""'£/O         "",h.l"~ ~(O' :
                                                                                                       20)      "Documentary Heritage" means ancient parchment
        ?;"        "f Y.h"11')'           :"Cll"      tP/"0}'"I'1 :J-Cf. f,n/..Cf' ~ ,h-t::"f:
                   'I"} ;"(p'       ih')'OO":')"       : tP/Cf':':OJ-'Ju q,e.~T             hTIJDCf'
                                                                                                               texts, ancient prints, published and unpublished
                   },:"'J" ,rAI1'~ },'}.1tu.'Ju nh4.A f:"""IO' ~,h-c.:1' :                                     materials, gray literature and electronically recorded
                   nJ;,:&),::"A h.l\.h:I'l~~hll        c.:C'JU f"'4>l'"                                        audio, video and audio-video information and other
                   .r:'J"x:: 4>l'" 'JullA: .,.1.'" Y.:'Ju"",; 'JullA "'1\""f1JD                                documents of informative value which are worth-
                   nODI.:6,' ~,e.I\":}" n~'Cll~')'      "'m-fI.,.CD' "'}CD'AY.:                                preserving so as to be handed down from generation to
                   f"7."'''''4.  1J.,~y,:}"'} f"7.,fm.cJ>AA ~CD':                                              generation;
      ?;l!'        "(}.J;." 111/,,:" t1'J";rh,)' CD,e.1JD    J.-r'I:'lA J;.llh flr~                    21)     "CD" means compact or optical disk used in com-
                   },'; nf1'Ju,c(O',I'l: },Cf'1\.1\ .,.oo,..,..~ fh."'hTr.'~hll                                puters or other electronic devices to store text, data,
                    £/O"'1("r "",h.(~';     P,;" : 1:'JU""Cf' "'14>,...cJ>7i                                   audio recordings, video recordings and audio-video
                    'Jultl\..',}"1 11-I"r'mA (JJ~'Ju nlll/CPlJ~' ""7hlll/:t:T                                  recordings as well as to disseminate or transmit infor-
                   1,1J;.(J.'Ju 001.:6,'1 "11'/1,'/',(.1.\,')' CD~'Ju "III/ll+""tt:                            mation;
                   ""AoII\"')'    f"7.CD'A ~(D- :                                                      22)      "Printed Matter" means any published document, gray
      ?;~.         " ;11:"(lD,)."    (1,/" :,. f ;"'''00               "'. ,h.£~1      :     nh4.A             literature, audio recording, video recording, audio-
                   f ;""'(/0        "",h.(':'} ("ll..fJ i\.'}I..:':C1):"'1.'" .l'.''Ju''''1 :                  video recording and other recording on magnetic disk
                   "'1.1. 'J"llA 1 : "'1.1. .l'.''J'''''''; 'JullA 1 : hCf' nlll/'?~":h                        (Compact disk);
                   J;.ilh (f1'J";rh,)' J;.llh) f"''''I.'''.       ,n-}oo,y.':j'1,fm.cJ>
                                                                                                       23)      "Person" means any natural or juridical person.
      ?;j~'        "(}(IJ'" 111/,,')' (I,/'g:(O.'Ju f"'4."I'C:                   (O~IJD nih'?
                                                                                                                                    PART 1WO
                   f{}(IJ.~.). oo,n.} f"'{}m(IJ' ~(O. ::
                                                                                                                                The National Archives
                                                                                                                                And Library Agency
                                h(':A IJ'" .).
        ll"...n,",/..('~ n.,"ODJ,OI,n,)"; n.,,'oo~ih(':'}                      Y:C~:"                  4.    Establishment
!!'    l/OcJ:cJ:'Ju
                                                                                                             I)     The Nationl Archives and Library Agency (hereinaf-
      li.         f,.,.:,'r'A',r       ,n"I./..('~     n,,"(/oJ,oNI')'(;       n,"'OD1.ihl"'::"
                                                                                                                    ter referred to as "the Agency") is hereby es-
                  .l'.'C:(>:-:" (tULU n:..." ".l'.'C:c>''';'':'' hf"..Jt\                  f"7.m/..)
                                                                                                                    tablished as an autonomous body having its own
                  f,o"1      {}(D'~:" ,rl\(IJ. f(/O'}OIP"} £/Op("r 0.,). Irli
                                                                                                                    legal personality. Where found necessary, Archives
                  lULU hCP:~ ,"cJ:'I:",'I.A ::. n,'" £/Ot,ONI')'Cf' 0.".
                                                                                                                    and Library may be established separately and have
                  OD~,o(':'} hll4.1\'L l1'(j {}:l:~ "f'IEI: /.."':':(0'1 -:"'1\(0'
                                                                                                                    their respective autonomous body.
             i\.~"'~"'(ID' :Y'" ", ::
                                                                                                             2)     The Agency shall be accountable to the Ministry.
       ~.               "'m(,~": "III/,~ll'}?-
             .l'.'C:C>.";":                                        ~11'Cf'A ::
?i'    cPc,' D' l/OP' ("r n. .)
           (                                                                                           5.    Head Office
        f.l'.'C:c>''';'':'P'; (/Op'("rn':" nhJ;.ll hn'l Irli h1J'.hll4.1\
                                                                                                             The Agency shall have its head office in Addis Ababa and
       'L H: n",/';:':(IJ.'Ju P'l':/,. :"C'}""ll"': 00 P (,f.' 0..). III/cJ:cJ:1JD
                                                                                                             may have branch offices elsewhere as may be necessary.
       ,r;'}""A ::
                                                                                          ,       4\         ~


                                                                  ,,,-+r-lil       ~1.~"'£ -'l""h~lt.l'£ ~T""l\.h

                 ~1o~1A ~;Jt+ ;JltlfJ

              1\"l8"'~        ~OD.}- -II-re: ~p.                                                                                                  5th Year No. 64
                                                                 UJ't..}-V-A"J'   4..1.1..1\,£',£ ~T"Il\.h                    ADDIS ABABA - 29U' June, 1999
           I\Jll8I\U'I IU 1)1+, Iiif~i
                                                                      f .1I1H1 .,.mtW-T       9'11c    o..}- lI1'I<t~.}- fmlfJ

                                                lP/lD-Qi].                                                                          CONTENTS

    t.'P:Eoch-rc:Iif.;t!IP.f~i q.,..                                                                   Proclamation No. 180/1999
        f.1l"..1 -'lilt. i'0IJ.1i, 1IIJtJ:tJ:"'J \'P;Eo
                                               1                               1X-ii(ifc!)ii             Census Commission Establishment
                                                                                                         Proclamation                                                  Page 1139

                                         -II-rc Iif.;t!Iiini                                           PROCLAMATION NO. 180/1999
                 f .111,.,1 4'>1111..
                                   i'OIJ.'li"            1t1llJtJ:tJ:,.fmlfJ I\'P~                     A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                                                                                                       ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CENSUS COMMISSION
          f .111'''1'1 0...,. "'1111.. (I)'m..}- f .111'&' ~r." 1t1llJ?i'?i'
                                                                                                             WHEREAS, population and housing census results are
    1t0lJ.1.l1m' .111 OD''''P':J'ce 1\1.l)f1:.}-'lt7"It-tl1ce     P'Cqi:
                                                                                                       requisite for the constitutional organization and preparation
1'''':Eo'''' l\l8t.l\'ll8ltlr~              :                                                          of the political system targeted upon the improvement of the
                                                                                                       standard of living of the people;
              ''''hhlt~:m'')        f .111'''1 .fI",}, IIIJm:" UV1C I\+C;: m~"
    U'''dJ''~ fhAA 1\l8,,'P,1.c: "c:h, 1.l)f 1t0lJ.1.1.1'"C~SJJT                                              WHEREAS, ascertainment of actual population size is a
    t.t.~~"   1\l8"'IIIJIIIJ~
                            ODII'I.'}' UODlr~ :                                                        reliable basis for the execution of elections conducted at the
                                                                                                       national or at a certain regional adminstration level;
                                           ~,}. : l8~'}'
              f"'''''I-;."}   l\l8t.I\'l                     "'I dJol8"Il8"I~.}- UIIIJ1"'"-fI                WHEREAS,          the effecting of the constitutional
    f .111'''1 "'1111..t)",:Ii,            ",,.",.**,.           U.1I1OD''''P'i: f.,." ~1              provision on the establishment of a separate commission, in
1m" UP'I.. 1\.(', ItIllJ'PA 1'C1'C                              .11'" IIIJdJolfJ.}-t.l8l.l\'l          consideration of the necessity, extensiveness and complexity
flODlr~:                                                                                               of the task, calls for a legislation providing the details thereof;

          (li"1 OD')"'P'-I:"'.,.~. lift= ",.. ",.,.x- ~?i(Ii)                         ODlPl.}-               NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Articles 103
                                                                                                       and 55 (1) of the Constitution, it is hereby proclaimed as
    hlLtJ "',.",.h".It(l)' :J'(I)'~:A ::
    ii'      "~C         C"l8
                                                                                                       1. Short Title
             ~IJ "'P;(-                           t
                              "f .1I1'-fI 4'>1111.. llIIJ.1i'     1IIJtJ:tJ:",.,' 1\'P:Eo ch-rc
                                                                                                          This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Census
             Iif.;tlIt;f:ili"        ,,'..11\"l\.fll.,.l8 ~-:;'I\A ::                                     Commission Establishment Proclamation No. 180/
    I'        'h:=i"'L                                                                                    1999."
             f.4>It. 1\'l'l'fI 1\,1\ '}'C'I.9u flllJ.,'''lI1m. I1Alr~ fll8.,..,.C                      2.   Definitions
             (IIllJ "'P:~-:' (I)'l8lt' :                                                                    Unless the           context     reqUIres     otherwise,          in    this

                                                                                                                                               ~;Jl,.1' ;J tLllJ 7'.",. ell. il';f.?i
          .f1P,. ." ;J
                                                                                                                                               Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
          Unit Price 2JW
       1~' ?ij"C?ir~ &..J!D~.A'1;J/,..,. ;JfLa, <I:'I'C:!i!!
                                                                      "1 t!l+1    HilU      ~'9'".   Federal Negarit Gazet'l-       No. 64 29th June, 1999-Page   1140

                  ?i,        Uf ,n
                                  l' 11 4'>tnt.." tllJl\ ""IW1C h4>~ : IIhAA mf,cr                        1)     '-'Population census" means the collection, com-
                             111'm() '1 fhAA         hlt1-P,1..C "hch") "l\oy,,11m-
                                                                                                                pilation, evaluation and dissemination of statistical
                            tn:"/t/t f ,n1,.,1 .nt,"": f~:r : fiJY:tPJ. -: f ;J11:F -:                          data on population size, sex, age, malTiage,
                            f..,.tj°tJC""1..ljf : f()m- ;"Jf,A -:fp'~. 'if,'""-: f P't.                         educational level, manpower, types of occupation,
                            oolth: fA1.."": fqu..,.: ftt:A()""C; f\,/t°:f 1-aoltltf,                            occupational engagement, birth, death, migration
                                         kfl'iOlJ..rcc         ool~S":f"}     fao()l1ltl1      i
                                                                                                                as well as such other social and economic factors at
                           fUl/tnC;4>C I fao1lJD1lJDC; fDIJIP~.'L1."" 1-..,I1C '1m-;
                                                                                                                the national, regional, or at a certain regional
                                                                                                                administrationlevel;             .
              I"           uflL'}' 4'>tn~." tIIJ/t"" IIlJ1C h4>~ : IIhAA mf,lJD                       2)          "Housing census" means the collection, com-
                           111'm()' fhAA h"1-P,1..C "hch"} f0lJ.11m-"}                                           pilation, evaluation and dissemination of statistical
                           1It,.}.C; 'if,'""  : .r I\''''',,} A ~ A ~ h1A ..,/to.y.:f                            data on the number and type of houses, diverse
                          "h"}Jlu-lJD "/t1L"" u-)..+ Ib/t°:f tn:J>OIJ.ool~S":f"}                                 facilities thereof, as well as other useful data on
                          fao()'I1()l1 : fDIJtnC;.,.C : foo1lJD1crC; fDIJIP~"L1.""                              housing conditions at the national, regional, or at a
                          .,.o"IC '1m- ;
                                                                                                                certain regional administration level;
                                                                                                      3)         "Sample Survey" means the collection, com-
             r..          uf('iou,'C; 'PC;'}'" tIIJ/t"" lJ1t.1:,,} mf,lJDf1-m()'
                                                                                                                pilation, evaluation and dissemination of statistical
                          hAA"} llOIJ.mhA aoA h. IIC;oo-C;h1-aolm- hl1l1l1.                                     data on population size, sex, age, malTiage,
                          S":r.C; 1L1-(){1:f f ,n1,.,1 11t,"" : f~.+ : fiJY:lII :                               educational level, manpower, types of occupation,
                          f ;J.nY:      : f""tj°tJC'}'   J.'.ljf   : f()m.   ;"Jf,A:   fp'~.                    occupational engagement, birth, death, migration,
                          'i~''}':     fp'~.    oolth:   fAJ~"": fqu..,.: f~A()"":
                                                                                                                number and type of houses as well as on such other
                          flL:,' .nt,""c; 'if..''}' ~,"}JltrlJD f\,/t°:f 1-ooltltf,
                                                                                                                social and economic factors, based upon selected
                                                                                                                areas and families taken as representative of the
                         tIIJ'~nt..CCc;kfl'iD?.rcc      ooljfS":f"} fao()11()1h fDIJ
                                                                                                                nation or a certain Region;
                         tn('i.,.C : fOO1tj°"tj°ci ftllJlPt..'L1.""                                  4)         "Census Cartography Works" means the prior
                                                                      1-""IC '1m- ;
            !!.          uf4'>tn~. I1C:1-" tllJl\"" DIJ"}<;:m-lJD,,()m-Itf,cf.tnC                              delineation of area maps for enumeration and
                         "h"}.v,J!.."'C~,"}1..'Ltrtj° hh "}f.'1.'L II/tf, "h"}P,,.cf.tnC                       supervision to avoid omission and duplication of
                         /tUi/.f.'t.°' f4'>tn~.m' h"}cp). hoo~oo-r       Ilk"" fcf.tnt.
                                                                                                               census counts;
                                                                                                     5)        "House" means the House of Peoples' Represen-
                         {1:"ci fOO4'>lI}tnl..r {1:J. I1C:1-S":f DIJ";J~"" '1m- -:
                                                                                                               tatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of
           {i'           "tj"hC 1L""" tllJl\'}' fk ..,.t'-k.f &..1..~./tCC Jl qoh~.                            Ethiopia;
                         ()..rlp' I.T'n~h      f ,n1"11 .,.ml1t'-:f crhc 1L"" '1m- :                 6)        "Census" means both population and housing
           't..         u4'>II1~." tIIJ/t.}. f,n1,.,1C; flL'''' '1m- i                                 census;
           :k           "()m." tllJl\'}' f'I.t.''{~    ()m. '1m. ::                                  7)        "Person" means a natural person.
                                                                                             3. Establishment
  E'              00    <J: <J:

                                                                                                    I) The Population Census Commission (hereinafter
         (i. f ,n'l,.,1 4'>tn~. tlD?"ii1 (fUll' II~/t ufloy" "Ii~"
                                                                                                        refelTed to as "the Commission") is hereby es-
               ~,f'I"1I\ fD?tn~.) f ,no, ()m.'"" .fl\m-e; t.().") f:F1\                                 tablished as an autonomous Federal organ having
               f &..J!..~.A00 P' I..r II.'''' If'i UfttJ htp~ 1-<J:~":l.A::                             its own juridical personality.
        ~.     flD?:ii.,. 1-tnl.''I: I\tjuhc IL.,: f,lfe;A ::                                      2) The Commission shall be accountable to the
 Q 'i/tD?S":Y'                                                                                          House.
                                                                                            4. Objectives
     fflD?:ii.,. 1~/ttllJS":t" fD?h'I'I\"}'          f,lfe;l\~ :
        (i.    I\~, It'I'P,J.'.~.CC 'l.J;f':1'.e; I\lJDC"'"lS":f                                 The Commission shall have the following objectives:
                                                                               iJ:"Y: :            I) to collect, compile, evaluate and disseminate
              'JlO(~:'h        l\iJ:".f..' ht.~~lJD : h""""Ae;                   ..,lJD1D?             population and housing data which would be of use
              ~,1.~.trtju I\lJDCtjuC"oo- ,n1111e; 1L""") fOlJ.                                in the preparation of plans, the evaluation of plan
              ool\h'I: ooljfS":1""} oo()11()11 : tllJtne;4>c : oo1lJD                                  execution and follow up for administrative pur-
              1tj°li UI/()&.'L1.'}' :                                                                  poses, for c6nducting elections, as well as for
       ~.     f"n"JI'II"he; flL.,.:r.                                                                  research purpose;
                                           tj°1'"'1 lloo/t lJ11.1: "h"}Jl<J:<J:lJDe;              2) to undertake basic studies aimed at devising ways
             "h'}~.,p~.n.}' oo,Pt.:J'CC 'Pe;.y.:f"} ntllJl1tY: fOlJ.1..t.
                                                                                                       and means for the organization and realization of
             ~;II'}'''} oo"}1.f.' oo4>flt II                                                           records of population and housing registration.
?;. ffloy,,'ii.,. ~,II/t""                                                                  5. Members of the Commission
       ?i'   1I,n1oo"}",P''': ~,"}.,.~. ?irf. "}(h" h"}4>1t (I) 11+1..'1                          I) Pursuant to the provisions of Sub-Article (2) of
             TIm. ("IPlPt."', fflD?:ii.,. h'I/t"" IItn:"/tf, OIJ.~lt""-r                               Article 103 of the Constitution, members of the
             h:"t..n.'""        IWOhc: 11.'1: ~j"a'tllJl\' ::                                          Commission shall be appointed by the House upon
      !{. fflD?:ii'1. ().n It 11. fD?.lf'1m.                                                          the recommendation of the Prime Minister.
                                                             ~"IA IIlJDhc 0.1:                   2) The Chairman of the Commission shall be desig-
            'I'I\J!...', f,()ftllJA ::                                                                nated by the House ftom among the members of the
      j~" ffltllJ:ii'1. ?i',nt..}. n.'''' CPC;                  f.'lJD1t faoltm""                     Commission.
            (,1P.f)..,. Itf,'it.m.                      ~""~
                                            ft'D?:ii'1.     h'IAC;                               3) The Secretary General of the Secretariat of the
                                                                        ~""~          If'i
            ~'J.'t..A::                                                                               Commission shall function in the capacity of a non-
                                                                                                      voting member and secretary of the Commission.
~. fflD?:ii.,. f~,II/t..,. It.n'I'C:
                                                                                           6. Composition of MeLlbers
    fflDIJ:ii.,. hll/t.}. h"II1'~" hAI\°:f                  : h11ch.~.CC lJDC"'"l              The composition of members of the Commission shall be
    IICf.': h&"J!..~"Ii"} tjuhc IL'}'C; htllJiJh/tCC
                                                                      It:1'''''''-I:h''        from the nine Regions, National Electoral Board, House.
    111\p'Af'n         ooP't..r IL'}' f.,.m-lI}tn. f,lfC;l\. ::                                of the Federation and the Central Statistics Authority.
 1W liif.lifif%     t..,.,t.A   ~;Jt.). ;JILIIJ <h'l'C         I ..,.&;C
                                                                       ?;?;+, Iitf21 ,.,..           FederalNegarit Gazeta- No. 10     7111
                                                                                                                                         December, 1999-Page    1186

                                       tJCJ:A h'}Y:
                                         m :'>1\ \
                                               1                                                                                 PART ONE
 (i.    h 6f.bC C iJit
        f,U htp:~:       "f&..~o/'.A        i'i/,'}    ,-~C.(. n."'1''}
                                                                                                 J. Short Title
                                                                             MI:9"    t\OYm
        e;hc fmfl' htp~ 4:'I'C ?i~'jr~/Iuf.j~                                                           This Proclamation may be cited as the "Federal Courts of
                                                                       " TlI"" t\.m"'''
        f,"fI\A::                                                                                       Sharia Consolidation Proclamation No.188/1999."
 ~. ""'C~"I                                                                                     2.      Definitions
        'UlU htp~ en."...:                                                                              In this Proclamation:
        Ii' ".cJ>Jt" fIIIt\:" ni'f/,fiCJ:(;.(' 0..,.1- cn-"... nf""'~cn-9"                              1) "Kadi" means ajudge appointed and sitting at any
              ~.I.'F,.,...'qu fflll.IP/,. p,;;: ~en':                                                          level of Courts of Sharia;
        ~. "tpc,' .cJ>J;."IIIt\:" f&..~o/'.A m:'>l\f, i'f~fi CJ:CY:    0."'"                           2)     "Chief Kadi" means head of the Federal Supreme
              f'll\f, mf,9" l111I\n. .cJ>J;.     ~cn-:                                                         Court or the presiding Kadi thereof;
       f.'    ""'m/,9'1'"      fIIIt\:" f&..Yvt..t\. htt:>t.~ if~fi tt:CY:                             3)     "Heads" means heads of the Federal First Instance
                n.'1.e; f&"Yco/,.t\'foo"f.oo/"f 1.1.'F,i'1~fi tt:CY: 0."'"
                                                                                                               and High Court of Sharia directing the activities of
                :~1\",9'1' Inen' ff'-~C.r.' n.''':F~:m''} r t.. fOf.oo~                                        their respective courts;
                                                                                                       4)     "Federal Courts of Sharia" include First Instance,
       9.'    "f&..~o/'.A i'f/,fi r~cy.: n."':)"" fIIIt\"'" foo"f.oo~,f                                        High and Supreme Courts of Sharia;
                ~.t.'F, if/'fi: fhr~".;;: i'f/,'} 'he; fm:'>l\f, if~fi tt:cY:
                                                                                                       5)     "Civil Procedure laws" means the Civil~rocedure
                0."'1' e;:fm.:
       ?;.    "fCJ:''''ch11ch.C r~            rCfi"'"      :tt.ff"    fIIIt\"'"                                Code of 1965 and include any. amendments made
                  nlj!~~% fmfIJcn-'} ffJ:-rchllch.C r~ rCfi"'" :tt..,e;
                  'hCl1',} t\fIII7i7iA nf'L' fenm-e; lD1.4.""'9"fOf.                              6)     "Federal Judicial Administration Commission' ,
                  mll1,'1''} f,'L1.9" /'.A:                                                                       means     the Commission      established    under
       }.    "f&..~o/'.A P,i'f1' h"-l-P,1.C .,.l}~" fIIIt\"'"nh'P~                                                proclamation No.24/1996.
               4:'I'C t}!~/Iuf.'jr~ f-l-**ooen, .,.fl~ ~cn-::                                   3. Establishment
f.' 00**9°                                                                                             The:
        -l-m~~:J':':en' t\&..Yv/,.t\. P,i'f1' h".,.JU'.C ".l}~ flf).:                                   I) Federal First Instance Court of Sharia,
       V) f&...~/'.A oo:f.oo/',f 1.1.'F,if~fi tt:C.(' 0.:":                                            2) Federal High Court of Sharia,
       t\) f &..~o/'.A htt:-l-;;: 1i/,fi fJ:CY:0.:": 'he;                                              3) Federal Supreme Court of Sharia,
       ch) f &..~o/'.A m:'>l\f, i'f~fi tt:CY: 0."'" "'*4:ootpA::                                       are hereby established, being accountable to the Federal
                                   tJ'-~A     (/ot\"'"                                                 Judicial Administration Commission.
               "t\,-~CY: 0."':-". faJA fP'~~"'" r!:\fIJ,)
                                                                                                                         PART TWO
9.'    OPIPI.i::
                                                                                                        Common Jurisdiction of the Federal Sharia Courts
       (i.   f &..~o/'.A i'i/,'} r~c.r..' n,'''1-               h'lU      n;J-1'   n-l-oot\
             h":.1' "'P'f':-". I\,{'.ofmA                   fP'~~"'"    rAfIJ'}      f,e: /,.   4.     Principle
             ~:tpA:                                                                                    I)    Federal    Courts    of Sharia   shall have common
             V)       fIIIC,':':CD"9uf,'),n!}::             ffJ:=f: f.,.t\o(l haJl\(t'}:'                    jurisdiction over the following matters:
                      hl1t\ oom').rAY.t.(t.      :tt'le;:" qu""L""'H. 'he;                                  (a) any question regarding marriage, divorce, main-
                      nn.".(t.n ,'.tl9u P. I\f, fOf. ~(t. 1'P'f'1-') h"'OP                                         tenance, guardianship of minors and family
                      At-J,,. 'I"rel: ,r"h'l-t\cn-       ;J11:F n'h"A9"e;                                          relationships; provided that the marriage to
                      'f,fllle:,.,. rcQ,1.    000'/.''''    f.,.t,Roo flr~                                         which the question relates was concluded, or the
                      'h'}Y.ln enf,9u flt\".JH":f. n'h"A9"e; 'f,fllle::,.
                                                                                                                   parties have consented to be adjudicated in
                      rCfi,1, t\00P,'f,1. t.:'>Y.en' tun:
                                                                                                                   accordance with Islamic law;
             t\)       fen:'>c~: f"cl1:" ('Lfl) fen.c"    aJf,9° f).tllL                                    (b)    any question regarding Wakf, gift/Hiba/, suc-
                      "'P'f':""'} ')oI'00t\h1'         hCD./,:n mf,9" "(0:1-
                                   mf,9u ,,'e;t'~',. OO'''1\.9u fin 'h'}1.ln                                       cession of wills; provided that the endower or
                      lIJ,r,9u 0.1()'.()fl",,'n,} (t'H. 00'''1\.9u Ire: fqu."                                      donor is a muslim or the deceased was a muslim
                      },'}Y.ln:                                                                                    at the time of his death;
             (II)      h'-~ ,n".. h(ll) },"h (t\) n"."t\R.'} ".p'\":)"I\f,                                  (c)    any question regarding payment of costs in-
                       nflll..,.cn' h(1',)'. ttl..,/,. ooOJ(t')"} ,)of.not\h'l-:                                curred in any suit relating to the aforementioned
       ~.    n:tt',oo')OIP"': h')"'''''                                                                         matters.
                                                      ~H!    '}o." h,}"'R' (?;) n-l-1
             t\Ren. oolJ'I.'} hr~ ,n".. ')of'1t\O"} "'P'f'1- I\f, CJ:/                                2)     The courts shall have jurisdiction over the aforemen-
             n.,y.:,; fp,:~~.1' rAr.)') fflll.e:/'.:,:en' '1"tlt..I1/, lD1e:1-                               tioned matters only where, Pursuant to the
             (}},"A9°e;en' 'f,OI/'f,} rcq:,.  t\oop,'~':" ..,A1\ nlf~                                        provisions of Article 34 Sub Article (5) of the
             oo'}',.(' nt..cJ>P,:,:en. OOCmen. f"'l.n.     tur~ O(I:F                                        Constitution, the parties thereof have expressly
             f,II'e; A::                                                                                     consented to be adjudicated under Islamic law.
                                                               f~:t-f"kl    A.."'t.~ce JlIfO"t.(\..fce ~T'l1ll.h

             ~Yo~A";JtT                                                                                                  ;JUlfJ

                                                                                                                                   6th Year No. 22                  I,
           il'Y:it.,.~: I~(IP"" -k1'C r;~
                                                               nh. ""f'~.f tC..f..&.I\ce -'t lfOh&.(a.yce tT-f1l\.h          ADDIS ABABA - 7'" March, 2000
     h-'tit hn'1 f'l,,;:r. r;~ .,., nl~1'-                         f ;"11-(1 .,.w'lf'~ M1C. (L"" m'1ct~""

                                         OIJ (&661
                                                                                             Proclamation       No. 194/2000
                              '~.9U'                                                              Geologic,¥ Survey of Etq.iopia Establishment
. htp~ -k'l'C {i~:m!I!if.1.'-
I                                                                                               IProclamatt on                     ;Page 12421
    fh. :r-f'~'.f:{"""'{'lA ftCii.f,d'fJ:~""_f                                                  !                      ;..J
    htp~                                   ,     ,...      ,                1W l!it~.,,-
                                                                                                             PROCLAMATION          NO. 19412000 I
                                htp~."'''C     {i~:m!I!if.1.'-                 ,

                                                                                                    A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
        f'". ""f'~.f :{"i\":{'lA           (\(:0.",                   fWtTJhtp~
                                                                                                   ESTABLISHMENT OF GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
          iti\IJ1t-1: (lPAho 'J"Y:C'i h(IP(.."" n:r~ itl\i\OJ- "'.L1'~                                          OF ETHIOPIA
    f JP~ 'J".f:C (lPl.;1,sP~' (IP(t.n.H1 i\h.,~it""t     : f\h. ~C:{lj"
                             (IP IP l.""lj" II)":~      n (IP Ir 't-#                  WHEREAS, the collection of earth science information
    i\ h C 1" (IP it 4- 4-:"
                                                                                 on the earth's surface and its interior is fundamental and
            fUlMY:'} IJ,n"", (lPt.i\'" : (IP(IPC(lPC : .1P/1'lj"""lj" decisive for the development of industry, energy and agricul-
    f:{"i\"),: (lP1.;1,£lD(t-f1(t-f1 i\rJ'Jkl: fh.ttlflP/. {).f:1"'" m:J>Dt ture;
    n(IP(r'I. :
                                                                                        WHEREAS, prospecting for, ~xploration and study of
                                                                                 mineral resources and collection of geological data is essen-
            UI/ci:,:w.'}9" fIJ1k':'}   f IJJ~ 'J".f:C (lPl.;1,9'~ (IP(t-(1(t-(1: tial for the economic development of the country;
    UI/it"'(IP'I"i       nl}i\(1.-1'~-1' (IP,f11 hitLI\1. n(IPlr't-:         '
                                                                                                           WHEREAS, it is essential to collect, deposit and
                                  (t.:r., 1~I\Ul/sP:-'".,..., I}&.ce i\UI/i; l..., fh.""
            hl\"        f 'hn'"                                                    .                 establish ownership on earth science information;
     f'~,f :{"i\":{'lA (tco.f.' UI/~r:*9°nlP/it.Li\7-:                                                     WHEREAS, in order to fulfill the above objectives, it
                                                                                                     has become necessary to establish the Geological Survey of
            1U'\,"1'f'~',f t"y..&.I\ce ~/'lJh&.(a..fce                 /.T-f1I\.h ;"1(IP'
     ",JP-1' h''''''''      ~f?;({i) (IP~'I.'1' flP/.h''''\~         :J'~~:A~:
                                                                                                            NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55 (1)
     {i. t, 61!" C C it  ()                                                                          of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                                                                    1P/cJ:cJ:Dt.f Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                   t,tp:~: "fh.:r'f'~',f             :{"i\":('lA     (tcii.f.':
           t,tp:~ -I:','C {i~:m!:m~:H{" 'I.,ni\" I\.m.,.it ,,:fl\A I:                                 1. Short Title
                                                                                                          This Proclamation may be cited as the. "Geological
      ~. 'h:=\"'L                                                                                          Survey of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No.
            lULU htp:~ w,it'r,                                                                             19412000" .

            {i. ""'~9"'1.:C" tl'ft\:r' 9"'1..'(;1: r.r.'c f'''1~I}I}~W''                              2. Definition
                       ~'H~"'1"'                                    w
                                     I n'J"l..'C1\"1,' n'J"l..'C. 'it1' f,thlj"w't-'r'
                                                                                                           In this Proclamation:
                       lI),f..9" n(IPh'.'II)'}          1\" .fi\' i\W'{I\1''}lj''       f\,i\"1"           1) "earth science" means the science which studies the
                       n(IP(..'}          w'it1'     flP/,'l't.",. f,"'t'l'~      'hit"''''1''                  earth, the rocks of which it is composed, the changes
                                                                                                                that have undergone or are undergoing and other
                       f'''.' '~f.,it U'ti n:("i\-:( : n:("kllhit                             :            natural phenomena occurring within the earth,
                        n:{"h.lP/,it'1'/. : h '-'tu-r                 nf\,r\-~'J" Jlf..9'1'
                                                                                .                               utilizing methods and techniques of geology,
                        n lID "'90               it" 'J",f.:C flP/.h'.'w 't- 1'lj"           .,.~,               geophysics and geochemistry and any other method
                        f..1.LI. 'J"  (,. A :                                                                    applicable for the study of the earth;
                                                                                                                                     .,:Jt,} ;Jfl.tIJ 7"""'~'   ,,~'j'i.~
        ,f') ,co,.":J
                 .       2.30                                                                                                        Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,00 I
        Unit Prict;
 'IX"lii1'.~f.~r.J..Yot..fA~;J(,'}' ;JILIlJ<h'l'C~g ft).r:"" ~~ .,., Iilf.U ,.,..,                              Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No.22 701
                                                                                                                                                   March, 2000-Page      1243

      ~.       "?" C00 t.."   ""II\;'J- ""IiJY:Cj;'J-'} 1\""1'" ;'J-Cj A ~ A ~                                    2)    "exploration" means to look for minerals as well as
                 fF"?"Y:C       oo~'fsP"f'}       l\ooltllltll     n:(1.I\-:(  :                                       collecting earth science information by applying
                  n:{1.~"ltlia : n:(1.h."?ia;'J-~: (Of,?" ntt.l\-"f 1\oo:r;                                            geological, geophysical, geochemical or any other
                  fp'''9uy:C   Uff,,}ia IIY..sP"f noom"'?"            f"?I1~Y:                                         suitable methods;
                 Ft..      ,,~::                                                                                  3)    "grade" means the concentration of mineral con-
      t.       "ia') :,."          ""11\:" tI.n.e.'1:             (0 f,?"        f,II1:       n;r(O"'Cj                tained in a given weight or volume of earth's crust or
                 IH.wlt"    f?"Y:C                    t,I1A       ~ia1'         f"?'l~        f""liJY:,}               part thereof;
                 oom'} ,,~:                                                                                      4)     "information"       means     all    geological     hy-
      !~       "oot.'f"         ""II\;'J-h:{1.I\":(I1A                   : hUf,Y:c.':(1."":(I1A:                       drogeological,       "geothermal,          geophysical,

                 h~),'''C''"IA:       i((1.k'll1A           h:(1.h."?I1A:                                              geochemical and drilling data and includes reports,
                 h<l:~(~Cj h"f1t...,.~ 1'Ij':" f-r'l"f. ""ICj:f~'}?" oo~'f                                             maps, photographs, plans, charts, graphs; sections,
                 sP'.)','} f"?.rm:PAA       Irlf ~;''}   : I1C;rsP"f'}:                                           logs, as well as mineral, rock and borehole samples
                 r.:.Y'°It..c.:i''}   : T" If"f'}: ;FC.f"f'}      : .,/..c.:"f'}:                                      and specimens of all kinds;
                                                                                                                 5)    "mineral" means any naturally occurring mineral
                 {J.tI'ii If"f'}: ",,',..i,'} h '}"to.?" f""liJY:Cj;'J- : f Y:'};1
                                                                                                                       substance of economic value forming part of or
                 f'''''"''}Ci f tt.,,""f 'iC1D'Cj~'} 0.1\- f.{;I.1.?"t..A:
                                                                                                                       found on or within the earth's crust;
               "lI'/iJ.e.''}'' ""II\;'J-""I'i~:':~?" 'P;1 .r,,~ f?"Y:C tltt:A
                                                                                                                 6)    "mineral deposit" means any concentration of
                  Irc;' n9uy:C "f, en"?,, n?"Y:c ~ia1' n-rL1'~
                                                                                                                       prospective mineral or group or minerals naturally
                  "'hill/""-',,, f""l.1~ "(0.:
                                                                                                                       accumulated (deposited) within a specific area of the
      :k       "fll'IM':'}          u.n""      tl9°:)"~""" ""I""" n1\'}Y: n-rwlt"
                                                                                                                       earth's crust and which has grade and quantity of
                 FCt.t..        nhc(19°,l':C                (O'ia1'        n1\I1'}n.~           h"?'l~
                                                                                                                       mineral in excess of its surrounding;
                 fll'/iJ,e.") ia,},)-ci t'/Om'} fl"f,                      nlr't o.),;rCj I\?"C;'J-              7)    "Minister" and' 'Ministry" means the Minister and
                 .n.t:".},      1\1\~;t.       .rl\(O' fl-rL1'~                  -rltlliaf1     f"?'l~
                                                                                                                       the Ministry of Mines and Energy respectively;
                 f1\,},e.' ""IiJY:,} enf.9u fia11ia11 ""IiJY:Cj;'J-tI?""f;'J-                                    8)    "remote sensing" means a method applied to collect
                 "                                                                                                     information from long distance, as from aircraft or
      :k       """I. t ia;'J- " h Cj """I. t ia'l;c" ""II\;'J-h '} 1":'-f.?" -r h-r
                            c                                                                                          from earth satellites for exploration purposes.
                 ,,:,:m. f""liJY:,}Cj t,.
                                           "C~: ""I.tia;'J-CCj ""I.tia-t-C "OJ- :
      ~.                      '
               "~{/\J:', {J.}It. '}ol" 111/1\:""?"Coot.. f"?~A              n1\~~                          3.    Establishment
                  T"'}Cj        nlt~        ltt.:ii        foo/..;'J-      l}.,."f.;'J- 1\""II1f,";'J-           I) The Geological Survey of Ethiopia (hereinafter
                  oot.~      I\oolt.nlt.n         f""l..ria"fA             f1'Cj;'J- IIY.. ,,~::                     called "the Survey") is hereby re-established as an
                                                                                                                     autonomous federal government organ having its
E'     oo<J:<J:9u
                                                                                                                     own juridical personality.
      fi'      ft,.:"f'~.r     ~:1.l\":{tlA ()Ciif, (h'lU It\" "()Ciif."                                         2) The Survey shall be accountable to the Ministry.
               M""'}I\ f"?mt..)          t..().'} f;FI\Cj f £It., ()~,,:,. .rl\~
               f&..J!ot..A oo'}oIF:"          OOF~.r ft..,. Irlf lULU 1\'P~
                                                                                                           4.    Head Office
               h,} .'-':,ci ,"<J:<I:"J,A::
                                                                                                                 The Survey shall have its Head Office in Addis Ababa
      ~,    ()Ciif. 'hn~"'f:                 1\000.tia'l:~ f,lrCjA::                                             and may have branch offices as appropriate.
11'   'PCj OOF~.r n,;'J-
      f()Ciif.       'PCi OOF~,r              n,,)- nt,"tia              1\fl'} Irlf h,}f.1\iaL"           5.    Objective of the Survey
      'l"1: :"C}6L1.t't. 00 F ~.r n,.Y.:)"'1\.1f~:" f.i'''A::                                                    The objective of the Survey shall be to undertake studies
?;.    fltCii.f. {~"lI'l                                                                                         and surveys about the earth's crust and mineral contained
       f()Ciif.   {~"lI'l flF"9u.e.'C    '.'Cj;'J- IIY..sP"f ial\?"Y:CCj                                         in it, applying earth science techniques and to prospect
       nm'iaiV. iaI\0I/.1'~" lI'liJ.e.'Cj.}. ?"C?"C ""II1~Y:Cj ""ICj:f                                           for, explore, and, as the case may be, estimate and
       m.'}?" f"'liJY:,} IHH. h9°""-';'J- OOLI\., : OOOOCOOC:                                                    delineate mineral deposits.
         '}f.1\ia~.I\ 'l't1:?" OO"OO""Ij'""IiJY:'1-f"? 'l~n;'J-'} Y:,} nc
      l\f,'" III/OOAh"" "m.::                                                                              6.    Powers and Duties of the Survey
J.'   f()Ciif. FAIfJ'}Cj .,.ol'}C                                                                                The Survey shall have the following powers and duties:
      ()Ciif. f""l.h-rl\~               FAIfJ'}'i'                          f.1f ~'PA:                           1) carry out geological mapping, prepare and publish
                                                                                                                     geological maps;
      fi'      f:{>'''''~: I1c;t. Ft..                00    F t.,;'J-:""III;1~;'J-Cj""I-rlJD:
      ~,       f1\fcci       foo/..;'J- :~)'~"ll1ACj                     f~qu;'J- {J.}(). '}., 1'Cj;'J-
                                                                                    '                            2) conduct ground and airborne geophysical surveys
               ""Ill ~.e.':                                                                                          and remote sensing studies;
                                                                                                                 3) carry out exploration and conduct studies on earth
      f.'                         f"P.:~ IIf,'rCj f-rL1'~        ;111 : f:(1.-r
                                                                                                                     and water bodies to collect basic information of
               C""IA:        fUf,Y:~~),l\"~:     hCj f1\. ,}:("~,}"    :(1.,,":(
                                                                                                                     minerals, oil and natural gas, hydrogeology en-
               OOIPt.:J'~           oo~;rsP:)"'}             l\oolt11lt11          nf11iaCj      nOJ-Y
                                                                                                                     gineering geology, and when the circumstances so
               1\11"'''' "f. "''i''rCj ?"C?"C ""II1~Y:: 1\iaL"'l      Ir'i
                                                                                                                     require, estimate and delineate mineral deposits;
               ().'l:~ ftllJDi'1:,} oom'} OO'loo;'J-Cj tI?""f1: f"? 'l~f}
               :':m''} '1Jtt:t.,sPi'          .f,;'}flC I\f,'" ""IOOAh;'J-:
                                                                                                                               .\                                                                                             \           "',                                                                                                      i ~~ ';-     (.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     h"'.                         t                       ~.c     ~        '\:.'                     <.'

                                                                                                                   '\                       /

                                                                      &~;~   ~._~,~~-,.y,.#,.                                                               :.;-~~.       ,,-~':'-\"'!!:'«~"~~~~                                    '!:'._.:~--,.~-_"A_~~,-<~'-~'!-:~-:.:~;~~~"-"-~"'~"~'r;.,'4':.".~

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ..                                                 ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                ,.. ~i~,\
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~.                                                                          ..~~ ~-

                                                                               , ,
                                                                                                             ~~"-                                                                          ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    r ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                       . ~.~

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            . I.,                               'f

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ; t;

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -c.>;'~ 'v:,


                                                                                                                                                                                         ~            ~             ",              \                     .' ~ ,"           ~,~,
                                                                                                                                       '>'-'~ >
                                                                                                                                                                                         ~-                                   '\"                                    \.                                               .\ \~
                                                                                                                                                                           "                                                                                                    "

                                                                                     ffi/"V"ky               ~~/~I\'e               .It 'fPht'fl.fce'~TtAl\.fi"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .,                                         q

              ~~.t-IA                                                                                           ~ ~~~?l:"ji't!I
                  FEDERAL.NEGARIT                                                                                                                                                       'G1\.ZE'~.A                                                                                             n,
                                           OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC                                                                              REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,        \


                                                                                                                                                                                                     .                                                       ,,'I                                                     ',',"
          {}.e.'{}"'~:      'l£ID'l'     'h'J'C       ?;'?;.           '                                                                                                                                        ,.        ""                                              Year                           No.                      25   .
      ~J;,{} ,.,11'1 fll'l:'l'          (!; ""} n!~:~~                            Ilh,'}f'A',f.            4.Yo/"I\lf          .It 'l"tM,ft.,f'e
                                                                                                                                              ~'T.nt\.b                                                                                         l'                                       ."                            ':' ~"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                'ADDIS ABABA-9Ih
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           March. 2000
                                                                                                f ita1111,"tDl1f'~           9"hC 11.,1'm'I'~H' f'tDff)                                                                       .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 t .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -               ~    ~

                                                  lP! lD-6bl,                                                                                                                                  ,CONT£NTS
                                                                                                                                       Proclamation No: 19112000'
",tp:~" <':'J'C       ~~:t/~/:o!~:~~ '}.9".                                                                                                 Ethiopian Water Resources' Management Procla-

      ft,.'}f'A',f         f(l)'" o,n'l' ~{}"'P',{',                                                 1;r fiif.~f.~                    mation                       :            ~:                   ::;..I                                                ;...:                                                            : Page t 250


                                 t,tp:~         <':'J'C          ~tt~/:OlY.:H~                                                                      PRQCLAMA TION,NO. 197{2000
                    f~,:"f'A',('          f(l)'"       o,n:"t,{}!"P'f,C                            ~tp:~                                    ETHIOPIAN WATER RES.OURCES, MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                                                                                                     PROCLAM~TION                                                                                          i
         f,.,.'}f'A',(' f(D'" lNI:" 1l,.,Ol'IW 'hn11.y.'i" f""10.W'                                                                                               "
,.,{}"'.V.,{',C P'C I"'i' l\,h'JI (1;': t\ 1\<I' III/,.,n/,.'P. ~,£,. h. i1tfOlJ.,flf                                                        WHEREAS, it.has"t)ec()me'hece~saryto     issue a water
                                                                                                                                       resources    management,   ''Protection    and     utilization
"':"9" ~\'}J;,w'A 1\1II/.e.'I.°' fW'" lNH' 'J'Il.p : "'m,p"'?,"'i"
                                                                                                                                       Proclamation to put the water resources of Ethiopia to the
                     III/W.ff):" nlll/{}&.I\'" :
t,{}""v..e.C t,I'J~£>.:
                                                                                                                                       highest social and economic benefit'for its people through
      nt,,:"f'A',('               &..J'../'.I\"~ ,~.'IPh/'.(U~lf                                     I.T'{)l\.h              ita1                                                                                                                                                                                                 ,                ,
                                                                                                                                       appropriate                ptot~ction                    and due man'agement;
uo'}Olp':" t,'H'",'               ~a; (~)(lD'J.'t;:",fOlJ.h"'l\lD'                                   :"W'![A            ::
                                                                                                                                            .NOW, THEREFORE, in accordarice with A~t.icle 55 ( I)
                                                h£~A t,Te.'                                                                                                    t
                                                                                                                                       of the Constitution '<,>fhe Federal Detriotdtic Repuhlic of
                                        (11:"1\ 1\ .e."} :J'l,~"f                                                                     Ethiopia, it is hereby ptodaimed as'fol1bws:                                                                                                                                                                          '

{i.      t, 6l!' C C 6 {}                                                                                                                                                                                       PART ONE
                                                                                                                                                                                                    GeneralPro visions                                                                                                    ,        ,
                                                                 ~tp:~ <h'J'C
         .(',U"\tp~£>." "ft,':"f'A',(' fw',/ lNI'l' ",{}"'p',{',C:                                                                                                                             .'

         ?!~:~i/(!!t~W'                ""nl\"      1\.(I1<"{},e;'}"I\A ::                                                              1:         Short         Title,
                                                                                                                                                  This Proclamation may be cited as the ~Eth.iopian Water                                                                                            .   '.

~.       :f'(:;~ 1111.
                                                                                                                                                  Resources Management Proc~qm~l!ion No. ,197/2000."\.      ,.,"'I,n      1\.1\ ."":,,,9"                    f°,/Yfllllw,                 I1t\lr~     n{}",.,.c
                                                                                                                                      2,          Definitions                                            ';.'
         (IILU ,.,I')~~"w.{}", :
                                                                                                                                                Unless the context         reqUires otherwise,    in this
         ~.   "fw." rlD£lDlj£ID'}" °'/1\,1' flflw. fl/,:li W~tJ" (""&.'J'
                  {~,,.,I'~ 9"h'},("}-            fw,,/               ",n,}- rIDlIl1 n,.,11.'                     f"'wfl~                                                        '

                                                                                                                                                J) "Depletion of water" meansa. decrease in the
                  w:":,,        flD,,.r,}-         h'll/:,'ltn.                  flD,{',Il~: ,e,l.1,            "f"'~fl                               quantity of w..ter,b~low its normallevd at a given
                  flDtJ"fIJ:" ~w. :                                                                                                                   season, whetherd1l6 to man-made-or IJatural causes;
         ~.       "f(V"      W'{}'J' °lA:Jl\"'}"  °,/1\,1, I\uo III'I' : 9"°111                                                                 2) "Domestic       use" means the US{i of, water for
                  1\0'J.(lflA : 1\"",(;:" w.(I,9" 1\1\,1\ fn"l' w'{}'J' P'I..                                                                         drinking, cool<ing, ~anitation, or other dornestic
                                                                                                                                                                                         , ,
                  o'/'PA ~w. :                                                                                                                        purpo:;es;                                                                                                                                                  ,

          .       "ht, <)'9" HI\,(I, fin ;",(I,A" Lf'/I\.l, Uh.,l'f'k.f                                           f£~,}dt
                                                                                                                                                3) "Force majeure" mean~aspet;ined int~ Civil Code
                                                                                                                                                      of Ethiopia.            .,,-    ,"
                  'n ,h,C Ih °, "'} f.'" ,e,~.,., w. ~W. :

 .("}.e 'p'J 4,40
     '," '.                                                                                                                                                                                                \'       ';
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                , '., ,? 1i"~'~"tl.IIf' p'.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            '"t. <#:.'iti[;i
 Umt Pnce                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Negarit a.p.O.Box                                                                                 80,00 I
     't.',\I:~Of:fh ~~y.i~:A~:jt.:":J,'~I'l":'t'(:                                                        ?;?; ft,.,;:"    i!.i''',) Iii ;:1ft>IF".,   ,
                                                                                                                                                           FederalNegaritGazeta - No.25 91h
                                                                                                                                                                                          March, 2000-Page           1251

                                           4'ftu:,.. "'f:(:fD'Y"I1'1A'}'bOP~'}'                                                      1S' n:J-:f              4)        "Groundwater" means water existing beneath the
                                          'fOl/.":5          fO."       ~(D'            I                                      ,                                      surface of the ground;
                                            "V~'~"'Y:e;t"''''                                    u-/A'}'fl.~                   lfJ"""fay.~.~                  5) "Surface water" means static or tlowing water on
                                            Ill'IP4!.:"I\.e.t'I!*I:':~(IJ.1~((J. I                                                                                    the surface of the ground;
                                           "fllJ"I"1H'"            "'",.). f"~IJ"'-'(; ~'; fheft ,'PY:e;                                                      6) "Water resource" means surface or ground water;
                                           (P'1ft.,,,,,,},,,,~,-.;.t ,",tp~
                                                                               ~1'f:~I/Ii!"'c?1    OPIPI.+                                                            however, it do~s not include mineral and geother-
                                          '''''111..:'') ,D''')''-'1(1)'N:.,,A        h"':Y'''':Y'1 ""t.Q.                                                            mal deposits as provided under proclamation
                                           IJ8e;9" I
                                           '('J,,"L'ltJ,lhtIA"                               fI'IA')' m6t4Af(l).'     U..l.}-'                                7) "Supervising body" means the Ministry where it
                                      ,    n~/.I(PAh'}' ~.~"'I:...                               (1I~tp'IUI.LlAq-:tJJ114>" ;~                                         pertain§ to water resources at central level, or any
                                                     b'''i\-'':'(~~'''I.')'                                           h~tAT~m'h~';                                   orgalfdelegated by the Ministry pursuant to Article

                                  :"f'f~lt,(\llJl'~..4.:~m..:                                     ,   ,
                                                                                                                          ,"                                          8 (2) of this Proclamation;
                    ~~, '~'('f(#P'}"il"~'                                    ,1tttA"             4t(\.).            ""~:IIJ'?"       f 4..Y../'.&\            8) "Public Authority" mean~ any organ ofthc Federal
                                       ~,f.P""f~.}i'~...'niJo'\At'JP(t'f~~"C ID"'P.fh~"                                                                              (1overnmenf or Regional 'Government or Addis
                                      ~1".t'l:(f'f~i".lif'.If~'e-: '",t,.. f*~.c;.I\""'-11.e;                                                                        Ababa CitY Council or Dire Dawa Administration
                                           ht.~~llt.                I               ,
                                                                                             -                  -
                                          n'I,11h'r. "~"'i:"I"JA')'~&.'}"       ,,"',IAII'/:" nA11.'                                                         9) ''Traditional irrigation" means peasant managed
                                          A.W)t: tiJ'''I'' ""')1.'1\..)0(:      ,.",.flAT      ~'11                                                                  irrigation that supplies water to land at a maximuJll
                                          nl"'lf...t't,f;,.t'J~'" "1\ 'hE:" "Y.f:' hh 11.' ~h :J'e;                                                                  rate of one orone liter ~r second(J .l/s) or not more
                                          f"'I,f,UtlV" '1P1..:"')f~..t'A".,n')"       n"e;" "1.f;                                                                    than one hectare ,of land per peasant for hislher
                          f~J.tI~Y.~~"t;          _~(D':                                                                                                            subsistence use;
                    :(, ,"~~i\'''I1'1A;''Il'l'm~(II.tpP      Hm(lte I nd/fli m~IJQ                                                                            10) "Waste" means any' harmful matter introduced.
                          n., ",")" (,#)iH,1P Ah"H!~'"~,';':m'9"     fm'1lJ... .}.
                                                                                   h taA                                                                            released or discharged into any water oody in any
                          fl"/,(.LI.(IPC; : fOwUW'p I()f,lf' flll/}",of.'I"~~ ~.,(; ~lJ)'1                                                                          solid, liquid or gaseous form;
            Hi' "frl'fUu\           10-,1" 1''11\;'' 't:/)"li',' hof..n",ta9'~'flll/.mtl'                                                                     II) "Polluted water" means sewage and industrical
             ,) ",,*i\"1t'm-~~18.LN'"           ""f:.19"IO'Y        ~tD. I                                                                                          effluents including toxiC water;
           :ril~:, "f(lt.~'tltl.~";         ~t\-1'Nt'~h             m,.IJ"h.,1 ~(:~~h                                                                         12) "Water Pollution" means harm caused as a result
           ";':;:141:" ',e4:(<("')~1t~'~}"~I'I~lIt+'IJu                  C,Jf..IJ" nw-1m-                                                                           of the pollution of water by using organic or
                              f~-r''''                      ,"m~)              "tlJ'1~1J"1j") ,(""'Ilt-'tO«                          (lOPflhA'                      inorganic matter or as a result of a change in the
                              A.h.if''''ftif/.'''f/.\rl'~                               .J.) lfJ' ~                                                                 temperature of the water;
            :(;:' nfnJ'?"'~""~"         IliJA.l.n~n,"A     :nh.tJi/.taA:    nlll/~h(~                                                                        13) "Water quality" mea,ns the description or the
                    Of'A,i1s:~IA ,In.ltttl:~f't\i:})~    ttA 'hl,'/..Il f'A"~: taA                                                                                 characteristics of water as defined qy its physical.
                    ~,,'":"""" W~'_;J,IJ)"'(I~tI".j'l. .).f{IJ,1 "I' /...}. OP""AMoA                                                                               chemical, microbiological, and radiological parameters;
                                                                                                                                                             14) "Water quality standards" means determination or
          ")J~'              "f""''II/.""'Y.~11'w~r"""YA:"hII.tJ                      II"" 0")0'"                                                                  quality oy identifying the requirements and permis-

                             t\')4'v-' :1]=fO'l8I'~h~I~ln"'(J':"",~':N"::;'          "1.,,,(' l\.1I1f1'h                                                           sible quality standards regarding the parameters
                             fflY.fiM.A "':"')'.'    f'''I..'',I''.'~d'')'' Y,I.'Ii?':}" (l0P1IJft1                                                                stated in Sub-Article 13 above;
                         '   f-"l..v.(."1 IIPl\t~,rf,'f'I'                                          0'/)11;) ~IO' :
                                                                                            /..:,. 11                                                        15) "Basin" means a geographical area, descrioed oy
           H":," "'4.(J it "0-;' ''''lIJ,v.It').~'i!p A hh 9".~./..p' ";PtlJIi'i.,
           ..,.                                                                                                                                                    the watershed limits of a water system including
                ,f";"I.".(}.f'I~~8 .~.t:';fhe:o       '/" .r~'c:10':'-'9"')"flll/,,('ta                                                                            surface and underground water /lowing into a
                     , AA.-l'                           ~,'1'1l1.       ~dJ'1
                                                                                                                                                                  common terminus;
           tk                "fllh'l t,t,tIt..,~ "U:!,:H I"M,"rhAA'     'h',"/cnf,IJ" c;.,..,:                                                               16) "Bank of water bodies" means land whose ooun-
                             n,,;.y."it'Mlo,    hltA'; 1t"/II,n "Aco. f(IJJ~)"II."}' h itA                                                                        dary andlor distance is determined              oy the
                             !,"'/tw,~:"                      fay.f~,(a') (1111..""','"Y',':':lIJ.IJ" fm'1                                ~,I.A                   Supervising body and by the relevant Puolic
                     ,       rtl1:1,,~t~n-l' '.'IJ~I.,~"I':
                                                                                                                                                                  authority and includes any area on which ~ater
           :':1:' "flll''/ 1101.:(" '''/A:'' clI'1 lJ.A'UL'IIf,lJu              "'M1."-                                                                           body exists;
                 'i'L fl'7. v.~.t""'f.,.t..,,(~.       IIIf,lJllfttIJ. ft/.:li III'}',,:                                                                    17) "Watercourse"          means natural or man-made river.
              ,'~:I.:" :,llf..(lJJWJ'tI"')~:(IJ'IJ"        fllJ'1 IlPlf"I.'Ii ~m' :                                                                               stream, canal or any waterway through which water
          ,X~~. 'f(I)'1 ,,~~,'J::p'       11'11\:"ftf).1IJ.n-l")      m"'''t;J'I\AtO«                                                                             tlowsat all times or part of the time;
                          ''''.,'It:A'''I''P''    f'''''' ~f).tll 'JIJ" fll'/." ~O''''';:':IO.IJ''                                                          I X) "Waterworks"          means any man-made work cons-
                          1)~I).ft~:li "'/..;9'~t., ft,"')' .r,LlIJ",,.."'"
                                                                                 '':1 ;(101 Y."11:                                                               tructed or to be constructed for the purpose or
                         ,t(Q"".(:'Jt",e.IJ"t'/IJI)(:ft(,:~.:       I'IJJ"'I.""): tIOOPC;IIPC1:                                                                  putting water to beneficial use, and includes diver-
                             ~"("tIlC:')                          : "'/"1/.;'1"')        I lIPA'l'''''}:    "'/:}~111:                                           sion, clearing, dam construction, drilling, clearing.
                             tlY""~"t\f~')                      ; (,~"IIJ' "A (I fII/.f.:I.,?') : ,..,;tt: (IOh" hJ"                                             investigation, regulation, purification, measure-
                             (/P'f)')r'''')'f:                     ,..ft..:)'. "'J'II,/:~',' fllPt'\ftA,p'l..sP:Y'1                                              ments, transportation, transmission, desalination.
                             "'Ih';aJ'}'J                    ,e (n.<JtA "AI                                                                                      dike construction and other related and similar
          :0;'         "fllJ-11111')'        ~,it."..t(...(:"    "'A')'                                                     fm'1    IJ'IJ.}"}                    works.
      '             ,iI'fA",/:"'.1    }'m."""98')         : IIP')hllh,U'.                                                     I IlPmnp'}','                 19) "Water resource management"              means activities
>< '"~"'.,:,,;j,:,~"""~I-:",f~J.,,..~t"I:'''''''tM.                                                            .).,    ,tltt.f'f'   ., 10' I


                                                                                                                                                                 that include          water   resources   development;

                                                                                                                                                                 utilization, conservation, protection and control.

'I~'   ?ii'l:!U~~H{ t,,,~,,/.'A   '1,"J(,:";JJ/.'"   ":'1'(: ?m f'1";:/' «!i'1" Ii!y.1K ,'?'"                    Ft;deral N~garitJJaze~a                                   -   NQ,25 9lh March, 20QO-Page.   1.252.

          "(~,      "OI/.t{H;C"      (IJ,~'J" ."OI/.Ul'rC:" "?l\:" ~1Y.q.Y.'J"                                        '20) "Mini~try" Qf "Minister"means the Ministry and
                    'HH'I\' faJ''''NH'                                          :
                                              OI/.Hl'I;C:.CDf,'JDOI/.t{):"C ~.CD-                                          Minister of Water Resources respect~vely;
       "(~'~ '      "(1(1)'" 01/11.:"f'h'..'I'{~' (laJ- ,of,'J" n,n'" f(laJ-~:"                                       ,21) "Per~on" me~ns anynat,ural or jurid~cal person;
                    av,n:"(i ",,('..:". f"'(llI)aJ- :1',ilA ~.CD':                                                .        22), "S,erv\tude" shall.b,ave. thtuneaning                            gi¥en in Article
       "(~'~,       "f'H1I.'1'      k,/.\o,l\":,'" 01/11.:'-nc'::"ch,nch.C,n'"                                                        1359 of the Ethiopian Civil Code;
                    'I:'I'C ~i\:!~r~W aVII'{.:" f"'+I."nOvaJ-            f1111.'r                       3.                 PWpose
                    "",   A "l/\":" ~(I)'::
                                                                                                                           Tnepurpose of the Practamationis to ensure that the
(,       (~""I/                                                                                                            water resources of the country are protected and utilized
         f1',(P:~: (~"(/I/ f"",t.',:        fcu." 1111:". nh""lft         '''m11~                                          for the hig'hest sociar'and economicbeneflts of the people
         1\.1',.:"f'A',r ,.'n'JI,n 1\."", 'IY' 'h'i h.\'l'iOl/.J''P. '1'q.'J"                                        of Ethiopia, to follow up and supervise that they are duly
         av'PI\."} : 1101/:'(1 OIJ~lfHn £lIJh:""'A'i           pp""'tlJmC: f.CD-"                                          oonsetved, feitsurethat harmful effects of water are
         "o:{ " x,':"9J:)'.,} avh" h/.\ : 1,'}~.rr'JD fCU-" v1H. mq.""
                                                                                                                           prevented, andthat th~ management of water resources is
         i"{)"',V.,(I,C nOl/:,'l OIJil'/.,':.'} 0I/1.:J1'1' f,trc;~A ::                                                    carried out properly.
                                                                                                                            ~'>'t           ~
                                                                                                                                                    '-                 -
                            (1)(11                                                                  4.                     Scope ofAppJication
!!'      f1',&J~X'J"                                                                                                              .
                                                                                                                                            ;            ..
                                                                                                                                                                  ~.                 ~

         ,(',U 1','P:~: '{((}''''N1'}
                                                                                                           ,This PrQ~lamation $aU app~y with respect to water
                                          1',{)"',V.Y.C1 n'f'OiJlI.h.,. fli't.:,.f"k,t
         (I)' () 'I' 11000:':~ n"?'i:':(I)-'J"     '{aJ~" IH1'1' "f, "'LXOI/.~:"
                                                                                                            .resources managm.ent on,Jhe wat,erreso\Jrces that exist in
         ,~(:' I.'PA ::
                                                                                                        5. Public Ownership of Water Resources
?;' f(l)'" ",n:,' f ,n'JI,n {)l\avII",.
                                                                                                             All water resources of thecotintry are the common
         U'I\.''J'' f""'t.'J:          faJ'" ",tH. f£/o')"'tP:"'ifU-I\-9°                 fi't.:"           property of theEthiopiarrpeople 'and the state.
         \"1'.',(' r1,'J/,n f:)t,            INFI'   ~(D' ;:
                                                                                                        6.                 Fundamental principles
?~,      (IIJII'I.:"('~       aVCtr91',"',
                                                                                                                           I) The integrated Basin Master Plan Studies and Water
        ~.        f""I'{i:~: f",.,.(I{) 'I'I{)'N: T"1 '1''i.y.":J-' ~'i '{aJ-"                                                      Resources legislative frameowrk shall serve as a
                  ",n :" £1,"0',1" OIrF/(I).'J" '{.CD'" "11'1' 1\(}o(\O'J"fi't.:"                                                  point o(reference and ~nsure,thalany water resource
                  f'A',r rh',I-I. ho.I\''J'' 11.,,'" ~c: i't.\'l'iOl/..rre                                                is put to the highest social aQ.deconomic benefit of
                  '1'1'9" av'PI\."} f(T?,cIlJIJ'C":(,' f"'1Jt.;J"'m.      f,tr'il\.' ::                                             tpe people of Ethiopi~, .
        ~,        fOln~:(I)''J''   (leu. (II/''i    1',,\'l(rOY.,ree fA"?:"                                         ~) The social an,deCQnOlp~c          developmentprogrammes,
                  (IIJC"""'lf~"'1" : fi't:Hi{),1'0IJ1:"        ,,:t>,.-:;.'i faJ-" "11:"                                      ,     in\(est1Ilentplans ~ndpr9grammtrS and water resour-
                  A 01/:', P'  /.,911'. f 1',.,} f'A',r1 fcIJ'" "11:" i't{),NU'.C                                           .
                                                                                                                                    ces development activity of any Pt?rs.on,shall be
                  /'1\..(1, : 1',"'(1'fl'1'1' ,rl\:,:lD-1 f'''4-.(}{) "?().,.C T"1                                                  based on the country's Water ResQurtes Policy, the
                  '1'(i'Y':)" 1,'})to.'J"     f(l)'" ",n:" h{)''''&;y'C ;"""'-:;'1                                                  relevant Basin Master Pian' Studies and Water
                  f,HH'I\.'(i       OIJ,PI.:" ,r,(I.I.',.0IJIr1 i'tI\.'lTCD- ::                                                     Resources laws.
        !:-       ,,',Y.lI'{'J(.(I)' 1',11/.\ oln ~:aJ'9u flD-" "11,1. l\rrl\''j''                                         3) The SuperVising body shall ensure and administer
                  f 1',.:"f'A',r (h',,.,1 11.",,' OIr,nt''I!ci i't.\'lcrOl/..r'P. '1'q.'J"                                    . \ that the managment of any water resource is put to
                  {lV(pl\."} f1'\.'}f'A'.r f(l)'" ".n'1' i't{)"'.&;Y.C7'1\..(},1 :                                                  the highest social and economic benefits of the
                  f,"tf,(){) (11{)"'C T"'}           ,.,c.'.r:'''''1 ~'i fCD-" "11'1-                                               Ethiopian people in accotdance with the provisions
                  (h"o",)'.,} UV'.'I.:"     WI? .l':I..., .r 1.;J..,tJ} A : ,r{).,..&;                                              of the Eth10pianWater Resources Policy, Basin
                  J~:/.,A::                                                                                                         Master Plarf'S'tudies andVVaterResources laws.
        ii.       f1',.:"f'A'.r      fCJJ'" "'fl:" i't{).,.,IU'.C nt-oj> I; tPcq:,.          I\f,                          4) Management ofthe waterresoutces of Ethiopia shall
                  f"'{lV,.,I.'"       ,~tr(iA ::                                                                                    be in accordance with a premit system:                            <

                                                                                                        7.                 Preference Among Uses                           '

'1>      f"",AOl/\":,'            1>,r.:"'/..r {)1\£1IJ{)(I1'1'                                                            t) Domeitic use shaUhave priority over and above any
        ?i'       I\.n,:,' (I)' {)'I' ", A:J 1\...:,. fOl/.lD-A lD'" 11."'1\ 1\"7C;                                                'other water uses.
                  :':(1)'9" "'/'\:JI\.":,' h(II/.lD'A lD-""'f.'J":"~:"     f,tt I."A::                                     2) Without prejudice to theproyisions. of Sqb-Article
        ~,        fll.U 1','}"''''' '}(J.{) 1't""''''' (~)~1y''''mf1+                                                               (l) ofthis Article, pre-allocation of water resource to
                                                                                  tr'i :
                  flD'" INH: h{)"'.\':lf" I\n1~               lI."'fI)"'~ h1b\..,I\":"
                                                                                                                                    a given purpose oritsbeing planned, shall not give it
                  fl£IIJ'PI\.' fl)f..'J"1~'}J;.(O'A flOlJ:r"'~11:F        "'A;JI\"-I:1                                              priority over and above any other uses.
                  h"'I\...:f. f(D'" "'A:J.~'Y':"" rrl\' ,l\...f{)Hb\mCD- .CDf,f"                                                                                    PART TWO
                  fq. ,e..'(II/.,r0IJ11.1'A..J'(amm. hf,":f-A9" :1
                                             tJ(':/'\ 0.11..1.                                          8. PowerS and Duties of the SupervisingBody
                                       () II..bY. If) if}/. 1',il A                                           : ". ,,\\'
                                                                                                                                .   . ..'            .
                                                                                                           1) ,The Sl)pervising,body shall be r~sppnsible Jor the
~~,       fll\."..y.lI}{'J(.(O' 1',11A P' /.\ fln'i "'''''lc;
                                                                                                                planning, man,agement,-utiIization an1tPfote~tion of
                 .,..y.fI}fI}(.aJ. 1',11/.\ ()fI.(O'" 11..1
                                                                                                                w~t~r 'resources~ It, shAll also' have the necess~ry
         ~.                                                :""q.~th{)"''&;y'C             :
                                                                                                                power fQr the' execution of. its'duties under the

                 1'\(11,4>"'9" ~c,' 'I'fl,'" :~,,&. f,ir'iA      :i h1.ftrr9" nh.,:q:
                                                                                                                prov\sion's 'of ~is ProCiairl'ation:

                 av,.,I.:" P'(,.lD"}/{lIl/hcim1'          fOl/..r{)LA1aJoo P'AtlJ1
                                                                                                           '- ' Without limiti'ng the. gtimerality' of' the above
                 f,(:' I.'P/.\ :: tUlU 11"f, f''''1''~CD-hm.+''''               1\~;J1C                         statements, the Supervising' body 'shalt \ have the
                 ~,'},(I.'hl1fl'"      lY(j .".y.n}tlJt.aJ- hilA           f"7.,h.,.l\aJ-
                                                                                                                following powbrs anddtities:
                                           f,(j I.'PA:
                 P' A flJ'} (,' "'''I'lC
                                                  fh.Tf"kf     A..1ot-I\'e .Jt'fPtJt-t\.f'e     tTlIl\.tJ

             &o1o&.A                                              ., ;J~:"                                   ;JtLlIJ
                                   OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC                        REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA
          il~il"';;: qoP-r <kTC ri%                                                                                 61hYear No. 27
      hJtil hnll f'11:-r @ .,.'} Xily'j~
                                                  nh.-rf"k.f &...e..~,l'tce Jtqoh~,"".fce ~T-f.h.h                             M
                                                                                                              ADDIS ABABA - 9U1 arch, 2000
                                                      f ih11-fl"'m'1f"~ 9"hc o.-r mllct~-r fmll)

                                    0I/l&filiJ,                                                             CONTENTS
                                                                                Proclamation No. 199/2000
h'P~ <kTCliy.:m/Iilfj~ q.9°.                                                    Federal Courts Advocates Licensing and Registration
   f&...e..~,A tt:C~ o..,.~ mn.,.~ 4.:J>~                                       Proclamation                            Page 1264
   hl1ll)Ttj 9"111'. h'P~                                    1W liif.n:!9.

                      h 'P~ <k1f'Cliy'jillIil f.j ~                                              PROCLAMATION NO. 199/2000
             n&..YD~.Att:C~ o."'r ilt\OIJ.IP<;'     mn.,.~                               A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                ~..4> hl1ll)Ttj 90111'. fmll) h'P~
                    ~                                                                        LICENSING AND REGISTRATION OF
       fT-f.:"tj h1A..,t\°-r nihD' OO-.f flPt\m~tj 11~ A9"~                                        ADVOCATES PRACTICING
.ft\m-: ftt:C~ o.-r hlP~,C'} in'}:".,.": f :t'0I/~~-r;                                 BEFORE FEDERAL COURTS
                             oP'},} f.,.l'tnl1 11m-t\ih.., fnl't.e                     WHEREAS, advocacy is a profession wherein a
f:"'}~-rtj fhm'~"'~~-r
                                                                                     person trained and experienced in law, fully aware of
~-rtj t\tt:-rih oPil~ '} htt:'}ih h'1l't-r .,..'} nh;JY~-r     fOlJ.l1t\
                                                                                     judicial proceedings and dictated by the spirit of loyalty,
tt:n-r oo-.f noP(f~:                                                                 sincerity and genuinety and works in cooperation with
       n&...e..~,A tt:C~ o..y.'.)".t\oPP~'-r       fOlJ.~lt.- mn.,.~'}               the judicial organs for the rule of law and prevalence of
9"111'.tj ~:f>~ hl1ll)T v-);:t' n"'",A oPAh' nih.., oPf.'}1'"                        justice;
nOl/il~t\1-!                                                                               WHEREAS, it is deemed essential to regulate,
       fT-f.:"tj P~, fOlJ.IP<;' 119'~,} fOO-l -fl:f>-r f.~~                          exhaustively, the licensing and registration of advocates
hOlJ.l1ffic-r h1A..,i\°-r   ;JC f"'oPll)m~ i\0I/~~'" np~,m-                          practicing before federal courts;
i\oPIPOI/~'-r fOlJ..fit4.A1' oPit4.C"'~,} htt: OI/~~'" hit~l't1.
                                                                                           WHEREAS, it has become necessary to upgrade
                                                                                     the criteria required for practicing advocacy with a view
Iftf noP1j-f::                                                                       of harmonizing the professional competence of ad-
       nh.-rf"A'.f &...e..~,l'tceJt qoh~,""'ce      ~T-f.h.h ih1oP'}                 vocates with the services they render;
"'P-r h'}"'W 9.l;lliloPlP~:" fOlJ.h.,.i\m- :t'm-~A::                                       NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article
                                                                                     55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic
                                   htt:A h'}~                                        Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                                      m:" ItI't
                                                                                                                PART ONE
li'      h6f.l-C CiJil                                                                                           General
         .eO h'P~       "f&...e..~,A      tt:C~ o..,.~ mn.,.~         ~:f>~           1. Short Tide
         hl1ll)Ttj       9"111'.h'P~       <kTC lifjilIIilf.jg"     .,.-flf\o            This Proclamation may be cited as the "Federal
         h.m.,.il .e~I'tA::
                                                                                         Courts Advocates' Licensing and Registration
g.       -rC:-}"'L                                                                       Proclamation No. 199/2000."
         f.4>t\- h1fl.n i\.It -rC'1-9D fOlJ..fl1mm- '1A(r~ nit.,..,.c                 2.      Definitions
         nilO h'P~ m-ilT:                                                                     In this Procalation, unless the context requires
          li' «c,:c:~ o.-r» OI/t\-r f&...e..~,A tt:C~ o."'~'}tj oul1A                         otherwise:
                fJ;~~:" h'1I't-r'} .fm~4>A"A:                                                 1) "Court" means federal courts and quasi-
                                                                                                  judicial organs;

 .f1~ "';J 4,40                                                                                                     ~;J~T ;JfLtfJ 7'.Uf.<h. itif.?i
 Unit Price                                                                                                        Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
.,~ lijQlf~li ~Y.,~.A ~:M:" ;J1/.1lJ    tJ':;;rt"t.t:.}.w +, 7.iifU 'J.9".
                                   <1:1'1:                                   Federal Negarit Gazeta - No.27 9thMarch, 2000-Page        1265

    I.     «'P-{I.}>' h1A'"Il\oT» "7I\T f11,,11 h~, nOO+OA;
                                                                              2)      "Advocacy Service" means the preparation of
          mf,9" m1.~T f"t1~ +'P"'~ lDf,9"
                                                   +'P"'~ 'AI/''                     contracts, memorandum of association, documents
          'P.}>9" 1\"7'"11T l1.'IA mf,9" 't\h~,       ~/n.T 4.T
                                                                                     of amendment or dissolution, of same, or documents
          t\.+C-{1 f"t~A      "7'1Tm-19"          fm-A ()9"9'"'T;
                                           '''''T                                    to be adduced in court, litigation before courts on
          f~C~T        "7'k'k"t.f;  "77t'7j, mf,9" "7~l7j ()'~
          IDf,'j° t\~/n.T fDIJ."'C-{1()'~ "7f';J:(T1;      ,..().,.~                 behalf of third parties, and includes rendering any
          m1'f~1 nOOlDhAn~/n.T ~T "'cn ooh~.hc1                                      legal consultancy services for consideration or
                                                                      "'I            without consideration, or for direct or indirect future
          "7'1Tm-19""f,'T     fih'"l 9"hC h1A'"If\oT OO()mT1
          ,('m:J>A"A;                                                                consideration.
   r..    «mn.4»> "7t\T f'P-{I.}>' tJDc.fh1A'"If\oT t\OO()mT                  3)     "Advocate" means a lawyer whose name is regis-
          ()tJDcnOO1'1-{1f"'OOfl1n f ih'"l l)t\tJDc.f '1m-;                         tered in a register in order to render advocacy
   9.'    «f ihol1-~f, Rth~» "7t\T f ih'"l 9"hC'I h()'" 'fT1                        services.
          nOO()mT'I ih'"l 'I'" ()'"~1     n"7f1;J:(T mn:J>m-1                 4)     "Law Clerk" is a person who assists an advocate in
          f"t.f'"l1'  ()m- '1m-:                                                    the drawing up of legal documents and rendering of
   ?;. «fmn:J>          l~T»     "7t\T nmn:J>m- FC nOOI/'1                          legal advice;
           nm(},cJ>m-f.,.fI;J)f. fh() "7OOAh:F?J~1 t\~C~ n.T                  5)     "Advocate Assistant" means a person who, under
           n"7.}>l-{1 4-f,A f"t.f()h~T;      h~C~ n.T f"tlDtn-                      the guidance of an advocate, opens files of claims
           OO'P~.f?J~1       T"'1f1~1   "'I f~C~       '"IAI),,","~1               perpared by the advocate in the court of law and
           n"7m-ffJT t\"tOOt\h:t'Tm-       ()?J~ f"t'1.C()      ()m-                receives summons, orders and copies of judgments
           '1m-;                                                                    from courts and delivers same to the concerned
   :;;.   «1.1n~» "'It\T ()t\t.{). lDf,9" ()t\"''' ()m- 1-~.e.                     persons;
          "'I1~m-19" f'P-{I.}>' h1A'"Il\oT t\"'I'"I1T hmn:J>                 6)     "Client" means a person ,; ~.oenters into contracts
          ;JC f.,.Ip."t\ mf,9" f1~~f.1 ~I.. '1C t\mn:J> '()l~                      with an advocate to obtain advocacy services for
          ()m. '1m-;
                                                                                   himself or for a third party or who tells the facts of the
   ~.     «"t~()of;C» mf,'j° «"t~()TC»        "'It\T "'1..}>1.9"
                                                                                   case to an advocate;
          "'h.,.t\~ f~Tih "t~()of;C mf,9" "t~()TC '1m-;                      7)     "Ministry" or "Minister" means the Ministry or
   ~.     «OO1'1-{)» "'It\T mn~~        f"tOOfl1(NIT'i      O"t~
                                                                                   Minister of Justice repectively;
          ()of;-t-f"tmn.)> ~t'1C~ '1m-:
                                                                             8)     "Register" means a record wherein advocates are
   u.     «()m-» "'It\T f.,.4t'Pc.' ()m- lDf,9" nih'"l f()m-'T
          OO-{ITf"'()mm- hilA 'm-u
                                                                                   registered and kept by the Ministry;
                                                                             9)    "Person" means any natural or juridical person.
                          htt:A V-t\T
      ()t\4t.4>~ h()ffJ'P v-~:t'                                                        PART TWO
                                 "'I ()t\mn~~          9"1'11)
.  4t.4> ()t\"'I()4tt\1-
       ~                                                                 Licensing and Registration of Advocates
  lie f'P-{I.}>' h1A'"Il\oT t\oo()mT f"t4tA'"I "71~m-9"        3. Requirement of License
        ~ Tf'k.f'e f'P-{I.}>' 4t.4> t\. 'f lm- .e.11)Au
                                                                  1) Any Ethiopian who wishes to render advocacy
  I'   (}flU h1+X" 1(}o() h1+X" (li) f",oot\h.,.m- 0.'fC9"             services shall hold a license.
       f"th"'~T         ()?J:f .ft\'P-{I.}>' 4t:J> h1A '"If\oT
                                                 ~                2) Notwithstanding the provisions of Sub-Article (1) of
       OO()mT f,~"~:                                                   this Article the following persons may render, ad-
      u) ()t\t.{). 1-~f, f"tht.hc        ()m-;                         vocacy services without a license:
      t\) .ft\htt:.f t\T~C :}1.~ON t\m"~~; t\A~~; .                   (a) a person who pleads his own case;
             t\h.f.y.~; t\"Uof:: t\m1~tJDc "'.flV-9'" ""'"IllT        (b) a person who pleads, without payment the
             mf,9" hl)~~ t\I''t\T ()m- f"th~.hc ()m-;                        causes of his/her spouse, parents, children,
      th) hFt.m-           ;JC n+.f'fI       1-~f, f"th~.hC                  grandparents, sisters, brothers or of a person to
              fLf...t.A ,.4>0. ih'"l;                                       whom he is a tutor-or guardian;
      ~)       fOIA ~C~:"1 lD.e.9" h.I)'"          O~C~ n.T           (c) a federal prosecutor pleading in his official
              t\oomhA FAffJ1 "'()'P.y.T f~C~of:1 mf,9"                      capacity;
              fh.1)1 'm-1 '''~f-:y. O"tOOt\hT f"th~.hc               (d) a head or a shareholder or a partner of a private
              t1IJ1~m-9"f~'C:~T ~,,~ m.e.9" if~h;                           organization or company who pleads the cause
     w) foo1'"1FT            OOF~.f n.T1 lDf,9" fAO?T
                                                                            of the organization or company holding a power
             ~C~T*} n"tOOt\hT f"tht.hc               "'I1~m-9"              of attorney to represent such organization or
             fOO1'"1FT OOF~.f n.T mf,9'" fA"'IT ~C~T                        company in court;
             '1t\FAtI1'} lD.e.9"~,,~ 1Df,9" n"c{). f.,.mht\          (e) an official of a public body or a public enterprise
                                                                            or a person designated by him who pleads the
     l) t1IJ1~m-r fwt."'~ "'I'"Inc oo~ mf,9" "'I'"IO-t-
            fDIJ.mht\m- ()m.u                                               actions of such public body or public enterprise;
                                                                     (f) any trade union leader or a person designated by
                                                                           the union.
                                                                           ,\      ~        /
                                                                                 J'\ I
                                                      fh.Tr-kf t..1..t-I\CC Jl"oht-l\.fCC~T-oA.h

            ~Yo&-A   ",;Jt~  ;lUll)

                                                                                                                           6th Year No. 28
      il~il"'~ qoo'-" -kIf'C ?;"~
                                                      Ul\. '-"r-k.f 4..1..t.l\,£ Jl "",£ ~T1It\.tJ          ADDIS ABABA - 9thMarch, 2000
  "Jlil hll'l f'1i:'-" @ .,.1 IUf.1~
                                                            f ih1l1l "'fD'1f"~ 9"hc 0.'-" mflct~'-"ffDtJ)

                                                                                       Proclamation No. 200/2000
""';Eo -k1f'C~f./IUf.1~ q,,9'"                                                           Public Health Proclamation                            Page 1274
    fih1,o(l mS "mlln:" ""';Eo                                     lW liftn<:9.

                                                                                                       PROCLAMATION NO. 200/2000
                                ""';Eo -k1f'C ~f./lt1f.j~
                            f ih1loflm. c;' "mlln:" ""';Eo                                           PUBLIC HEALTH PROCLAMATION

                                                                                             WHEREAS, the active participation of the society in the
      UUlk':    ffDtJ)m-1 m.c.' /.t\.lt. I\OO"''''UC ,.'h1ll..,.l\ft1                  health sector has become necessary for the implementation of
Um.c;' "m.ltl:"   JlC~ h1Jl"'''~     lII/~l.'" UlII/ilt.I\'N                           the country's health policy;
       "1I~~m-       fm.c;' ~..,C               noowl.~'£         fm.c;'    tJ1I'10.        WHEREAS, it is believed that the attitudinal change of
fih1,ft1    il'1A(W'£ "ool\'1h''''              UOOl\fDlf' t\.t.~    h1f.."7.~A        the society through primary health care approach can solve
Uoo~oo'l-!                                                                             most of the health problems of the country;
                                                                                                             ,         .

           (lJltJ 9" h.., A 1 Wih c.' h 1 il.,. 'Hll. .,.l\R-          Uf f..l.)f m-         WHEREAS, the issuance of public health law is
m. c;'m-1 h 1Jlmo(l.}>c;' ffDf..tC,i:9" '-"m-A~ m. 'i"m- "'m1l~
                                                                                       believed to be an important step for the promotion of the
                                                                                       health of the society and for the .creation of healthy environ-
~I\~ '1-1:1h 1Jll.hO(l I\lII/il!FA f m. t; "mflU:" tJ..,1 oo:"l.W
                                                                                       ment for the future generation thereby enabling it assume its
Olll/ ilLI\?-:
      Ul\..-,.r-k.f 4..1..t.l\,£ Jl'l"£ ~T1It\.tJ ihl                             NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1)
001..,P''-'' "1.,.W 2?i (Ii) oowl.'-" f"7.h.,.I\m- ~m-~A== .                           of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                                                                       Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                                         tJlf:A "1~
                                                                                                                  PART ONE
                                            m:"1\1\                                                                 General
            6J.1" C iJ il
Ii'    "                                                                               1.       Short Title
       f.,.tJ    "';Eo "f ih 1'0(1 m. 'i" hm fln:"                 "";Eo      -k'l'C
               "                                                                                This Proclamation may be cited as the "Public Health
       ~f./n!f.:i~" "'0(11\"t\.m.,.il f.,.~"A:;                                                 Proclamation No. 20012000."
~.     .-,.C~"'L
                                                                                       2.       Definitions
       f:J>t\- ",'Hl      1\.1\ '-"C?-9" f"t.fl\mm-        '1AIf~ Uil.,..,.C
                                                                                                Unless the context     requires     otherwise,        in    this
       nr l tJ ""';Eo m-illf';                                                                  Proclamation:
                                      lII/1\:t n1l th.t. 'elf' nq 1\
       Ii' "f9'"..,-f1 If't.'-""                                    9"""'~                      1)   "Food quality" means a food that meets the
                f..l.)f 1\9"11111'rt.'-" ool\h..f~'-" f"'OOf..(t P'~                                 biological, chemical and, physical standards set
                ihf.,.fD:r,£= h.lII/.'1I\'£'i" ~'L'1I\'£ ooilt.C"'~1                                 nationally and internationally;
                  lII/ o.'/A'-" 'I m-:

  .f'}~ <p;J                                                                                                              ., ;Jt"" ;JJLIfJ 7'.",.4:.
       .  . .1.40
  U O1tP nee                                                                                                              Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
J~ li;(JtfC"~ t..1..t.l\ ~:Jt..}. :IlL'" ~1'C:tt':s rtJ1:T c!j+1 I;;l,.               't.,..   Federal Negarit Gazeta - No.28 9thMarch, 2000-Page        1275

     I'         "9'"..,11" "7A-1- "7')~lD-9'" Oh~A mf,'/" Ooo-A-                                2)      "Food" means any substance whether processed,
                  f ""I.? 1: m f,9'" n'l' t..~-t: Al1lD-'/".., ~-1-f"7..ID-A                           semi-processed or raw which is intended for human
                  ~1e:: ODm'l't f"7.:t""ftJ "7la-l;il ~').flu-'/" ,/"..,11')                           consumption and includes drinks, chewing gum and
                  A"?,..t':": A"?"''ine:: A,,?II;J1:-1-'i A"7h'/" hlaL"                                any substance which has been used in the manufac-
                  .t'''':    ..J-9'"fi"n -1- f :t"hA ') "7') ~ 1D-')9'" ')1' l         ~'C             ture, preparation or treatment of food, but it does not
                  ""?J'il-1--1- Irli -1-')l1lr')I I'1la'fP-I;tJla,)'i AOD                              include tobacco, cosmetics or substances used only
                  -1-~-1-'11fF f"7..f1A.., Ao A~ A~ ')'I'l~1C'~')
                                                                                                       as drugs;
     c.         "fmS         hml1n:t- 'IArAIIJ')"                     "?A-1- ~')~""'11'"        3)     "Public Health Authority" means the Ministry of
                  fm.'i      'I'f1:1" D7~tlai:e:mf,9'"                 f-ath.t.ce tJA",£               Health, or the Health Bureau of a Regional State or of
                  ODla"..c;.(-C mf,9'"              "'m&~-t:      A&..1.t.A- OD')..,r-1-               a City accountable to the Federal Government;
                  flr~.h"'D7            fmSo.C'         ~~;
                                                                                                4)      "Food Additive" means any substance added to
     9.'        "f9'"..,11 6J.WI7&""7A-1- 7t1~ , ,11 hilA "..f'l'C'                                    food to improve its taste, color, preservation or
                  9'"..,11') A"7I1JL1" A"7:"A,/,,' ltf,n" 1i AO?lI-f-1-'i                              appearance and which is considered to become a
                  A"?ltODe: fOl/.l.c; n9'"..,l1 "f,         fOl/.~ODC
                                                                                                       component of food;
                  "?')~ID-9'" ')'I'l ~1e: ~ID-:
          1:.                                                                                   5)     "Health" means not only the absence of diseases but
                 "m.'i" "?AT nn1i;t- hl\OD.fllllfF ltf,If') ~"'9'"
                  flr~.fhI1A: fhbrC'C; f"7""1nt.ce ~C' :'IJ')~""                                       also the complete physical, mental and social well
                  ~ID-:                                                                                being of an individual;
          j;.    "fp'l..    ~tJ m.'i hm'ln:""      "?A-1- nrt.    hl1l1o.                         6), "Occupational Health Care" means a SCIence
                   f"7.hl1-t: mf,'Ju hp't.     ;JC "'')J.~-1- J'''TID-                                 devoted to the application of scientific, tech-
                   h.""ceI 4.'lil",£'i  r~ ihf,m:t"'£ ''''"{: ')'I'l                              .nological and managerial principles to protect and
                   ~1C''f')     nODh"hA'i     nOD.fllJmC IPt.".7f"f                                    control workers' health by preventing or reducing
                   Ah~;J ~').c;f,;JAffl" n"7.(-l.., ..,f,')lt'£I i:tJliA-                              risks that may occur within working areas or
                    :(il'£'i h'la"'.c;~I..'£ 1IY.$P"f') nODm"'9'" flPt.'"                              relating to occupation due to chemical, physical or
                    7f1'') m. ')~-1- AODmn:" foiJ'la~A ..,f,,)la ~ID-;
                                                                                                       biological agents;
          %, "OI/.tla-1-c" mf,9'" "67.tlai:C"                      "?A-1- ~,)1.:"1.9'"
                     .,.h".A-         fm.'i       'I'n:l" " mf,9'" "7.tlai:C              7)    "Minister" or "Ministry" means the Minister or
                     ~ID-:                                                                              Ministry of Health, respectively;
          ~.     "f"'mlml"        "?A-1- f1ILtJ tJ.., n".l1m--1- .(-');J                          8)    "Suspected Person" means a person who is con-
                   'I.$P~ ODlPl-1- nmS hml1n:" I1ArAIIJIi~                                              sidered, by Health Authorities, as provided in this
                   hODhilh-1- A"'''''4.   n1i:t" ~,)1.'" ;JAm f"7.11-                                   Proclamation, as having been exposed to infection
                   me:'i .fAn-1-')n1i:t"   f"?la"'I\A~ ~A-:t" !hlD-                                     by a disease and is capable of communicating it;
                     () tIJ4 ~ ID-;
                                                                                                 9)      "Inspector' means any person qualified with
          ii'    "rAIIJ')              f".l1mlD-       ~"4."      "?AT     h..,l111 I1AID-
                    11D'.~n-t /J1D-.,.-1-.fAt1J4 Irli                OhCP:(. f".l1mlD-')
                                                                                                        relevant field of studies, and authorized, in writing,
                                                                                                        by the Ministry or by Regional Health Bureau to
                     "'''I'Ie: A"?h'iCD') O"7.tlai:?- mf,9'" nhAA fmS'
                     n.r.' n~I''''~ rAIIJ')     f".l1mlD- OIJ')~ID-'J" {}ID-                            perform the activities specified in the Proclamation;
                                                                                                10) "Building" means any kind of structure with wall
          !.     "tJ')""              "? l\ -1-    ".') :J>It:J>1i      n..,.~') ~'J"C'             and roof including any mobile structure made for
                    "?')~ID-9'"           1IJ1..'i ..,.(-..,.c;      J'AID- f1-1- CDf,9'"           shelter;

     Hi'         ".fA;J"hOD               ~lt1i      4'>1iif" "?l\-1- hh. ,)~la-1-&t            11) "Untreated liquid waste" means waste generated
                    h~e:if                           ~,)1. m.'i .(-C"{:-1-I -1-9'"tJc-1-            from industries, agricultural institutions, schools and
                              "'*"7-1- ~'i
                     n.-1-I ')..,.(- .(-C~-1-           hODltl1A- h1A..,A--1-          11""         commercial areas that undergo several changes due
                                         f,9'" or
                     'N':OIJ-1-n9'"c-1- CD                     I.. 'l.1.-1- OI1f'A-:{il'£'I         to biological and chemical reactions and which can
           "ce (I)'Ul.-1- 9'"tJ') .f-1-f"7.LmC'i      nl1lD-I                     affect the health of human beings, animals and plants
                                           -1-";e, f mS m '):,. (I)f,9'" ,..c;-1-
                     n~ ') laIt:f.'i 0 /JbCP                                                        when discharged, into water bodies, plants or soils,
                    ~').c;.flah-1-An"'l\.f~ ..,f, ')It'£ IIY.$P~ ltf,lIJt.                          before treatment;
                    n<l>'I':t" (1)1. (Do"! hilAI /J~CP-1- (l)f,'J" h,;"C
                    ~').flLla f".l.l1   ~lt1i "?l\-1- ~ID-;
                                                                                                                          gtll March, 2000-Page   1276
.,,. jiif.Jlf.(fj t."J!...&.fA:J/,,}. ;JILIfJ"~'I'C?!:Sft}'I:."f'«9.,., Iilfj~ ~.,...
                             ~                                                           Federal Negarit Gazeta - No.28

      II{'    "foP"'o..f (lJ~9" foPlD-Minc" ",/\:r- n10. (lJ~'I'"                            12) "Entrance or Exit port" means customs port or other
                 (lJ('L1. /J:f>9J"f: noP~~"r9J"f             (lJ~'I'" {}9J"f I\~                 places designated by the Minister for control of
                 ch~~c       fo?'1.l""ITlD-         f1-'I'"~h \b1\9J"f (lJ~'I'"                  goods, transportations or persons entering into or
                 nO?~h:r-~      fO?(lJ{)~ I\,/\.."f h~~-9J"f 'i:flD-!                            going out of the country;
                                              {}lD- (lJ~9" n ih.., f {}lD- :r-               13) "Person" means any physical or legal person.
      If'      " {}lD-" ", /\:r- f.,. L ~ r.'                            ~
                 oPil:r- f"'{}m(lJ- hilA "lD-::
                                                                                                                   PART TWO
                                     hC':A o-/\:r-                                                                Advisory Board
                                   h/\h",111, {1C~                         3. Establishment of Advisory Board
      fh",111, (1C~ ao!t!t9"                                                  There shall be established a Public Advisory Board
      ~tJ1 hCP:E-n"'10.lD- o-);:t' nl"'~- I\~ /\"''f'1A 7t1.\~A               (hereinafter called "the Board") at the Federal and
      h"''111 .t'/\lD-1 fm.'i hm'ln:"         '1/\I"'AIIJ1 f0?1",hC
                                                                              Regional level for the purpose of advising the appropriate
      n4..1..~-A'i" nhAA       fm.'i h",111, {1C~ (hlltJ n~1\                 health authority in the proper implementation of this
      "{1C~" 7tf.,.'1/\ fO?m~-) hilA ntLtJ h'f'~ "'~N~".tIA::                 Proclamation.
§-    f{1C~ I"'AIIJ1'i "'''''IC                                            4. Powers and Duties of the Board
       {1C~ fO?h.,.~:r- I"'AIIJ1'i "'''''1~-:r- ~Cj~:t'A!                     The Board shall have the following powers and duties:
                                                                              1) to advise the Health Authority on health matters
      ii' mLtJ h'f'~ n"'1iL~'i fm.'i" hm'1n:"1 n"'OD/\\'1i:
            1-J;f-"f I\~ fm.'i hm'W:" '1/\I"'AIIJ~11"'h~-A!                        specified in this Proclamation;
                                                                              2) to conduct studies and researches necessary for
      I{' fih1'il      m.'i" hm'ln:"       7t1:"h:J>C\9J"f1 fOt1"'"-
            ~'i,Y-"f1    h~1'"      /\m.'i     hm'ln:"     '1/\I"'AIIJ1            health activities and submit same to the public health
                                                                              3). to perform such other activities as may be assigned
      f- nm.'i hm'ln:" '1/\I"'AIIJ1 fO?{}m-:r-1                  I\,/\.."f
                                                                                    to it by the public health authority.
              "'''''lr.'"f .t'h'im-'iA::
 ~-     f{1C~ hil{}'l
                                                                                        5.   Me~tings of the Board
       Ii' {1C~ f~-"'" fitil""l I"'~r'C'''''1.1111(lJIIJA::                                  1) The Board shall issue its own rules of procedure of
       I{- hh'll\i: h..,,,,1i nl\~ l1.1"f. 9"A'". 1-'1'- ~Cj~-A::
                         lD-lt); nhilt'~lD- ~9"(J ~(lJ{}'iAt ~'I'""''I'"
       f'     f1-'I'-lD-                                                                     2) There shall be a quorum where more than half of the
              7th-1A /\7th-A f.,.hL/\       7t11.1f~ {}1Ilto.lD- (lJlt~
                      ~Cj l'f'A::
                                                                                                members are present.
                                                                                             3) Decisions shall be made by majority vote; in case of
       9.-    f{1C~ h'il\:r- fl"'~- lIoP1 V'h:r- 'oP:r- ~1f'i1A::
                                                                                                a tie, the chairperson shall have a casting vote.
                                                                                             4) The term of office of members of the Board shall be
                                        hCJ:A V'h:r-
                                                                                                three years.
                                       h /\ 1-4'>1IJIJI,
                                                                                                                PART THREE
 }.     "'4'>1IJIIJI, 9J"f h /\ oP 1i9"                                                                           Inspection
        fm.'i hm'lIl:"    '1/\I"'AIIJ"} flLtJ1 hCP~ ~1:J'I.9J"f'i
                                                                                     Appointment of Inspectors
        nm.'i hm'lIl:" I\~ f(lJm- I\,/\.."f ih',.."f1'i" oPoPI,19J"f1
                                                                                     The Public Health Authority shall appoint qualified and
        i\",hL1a9"    hhLI\1.     "f/\":t' 11\:flD-1 "'''lIJlIJt9J"f
                                                                                     capable inspectors to implement the provisions of this
                                                                                     Proclamation and other laws and directives related with
 1- f "'4'>1IJ tf'J I, lD- I'" A 1IJ1 'i"        '1 C
                                                                                     public health.
    "'''IIJIIJI,lD- fO?h"'~""             I"'AIIJ1'i "''''fl~-:r- ~Cj~:t'IA!
                                                                                  7. Powers and D'!ties of the Inspector
    ii- m.'i1 h1.;J I\~ /\.~IA fO?"f1A o-~:t' TL~~IA                                 The Inspector shall have the following powers and
            f"7..r{}~ net 9"h1.V.}- l1.CjllD- (lJ1. ""~lD-'I'" ..,0.
            (lJ~9" tJ1'1 ~1'IIAI ~.,.i[ .t'I1'l.J;lAt                                 1) to enter and inspect any premise which he has
    I{' ""4'>IIJIIJI,lD- 1171~lD-9" "'0.
                               (lJ1.                        n0?1fln:r- 1.11!
                                                                                          sufficient reason to' believe that there exists. a
             u)       ~l\k~i:1 hoP(lJlIJ:r-fO?1..,1.lD- "f..,C /\.LmC                     situation endangering public health;
                      ~"f1\1A fOt.t'{}~ 9"h11:r- l1.CjltD- "f..,~ 1                  2) any Inspector entering any premise shall;
                      /\oPhl\hlA        fO?"fA        f7'/\.h    ~~A     h1lC':r-         (a) request a police support if he has reason to
                      7t1.\ 1~ ~m~:J>IA!                                                        believe that there exists a situation obstructing
             /\) I"'1A1IJ1r""{}mtD- oP(r~1 fO?.t'lt~ oP:t'(lJctl                                the execution of his responsibility;
                      I17ltf:r- ~tjcn:t'lA:                                                (b) present his.identity card showing his authority;
     f- ih.." noP1alC f.,..L1aoP ~C1."" lD-m.:r- flf~ (lJ~'I'"                       3) to appropriate any article or material which is the
             ~C~1.i:1 /\oPL1a'Ju ~:"9"I\~ f'f'/\ (lJ~'I'"""~lD-'I'"                       result of any act committed contrary to law or used
             h~C'I.1: hL1a1a'Ju ;JC """f.~:r- .t'/\tD-1 oPPft1                            for the commission of the illegal act or has any
             (lJ~'Ju -klt-kh (lJ~'Ju /J.4> ~~t'lA!                                        connection with the commission of the illegal act;
.,~. jij'i.t((~~ / f!..('.A '1:1(',:" :JlI.('1 ":1'C: '!;?; "1111.)' ~i! .,,"}
                                                                               IiWH~ ~'9'"                       Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No.36 6th June, 2000-Page    131X

I'     .h:=itPJ.
                                                                                                           2.      Definitions
       f.cJ>t\. h','l.n    t\.I\ '}'CHlu fOl/.J'''m(l)'    ttA.f~ ni\.,..,.c
                                                                                                                   In this Proclamation,       unless the context reqUires
       UllO h'P'(): m'i\,,':
         (i.    "(..(:,~."      1IIJt\:" f-(1,.h.~,1f "iJ'P')- h.,}J;.i\'}'~                                       otherwise;
                                                                                                                    I) "Board" means the Board of the National Seed
                }..'e}". (IC,~' ~m':
         ~.    "i,::l>:'}"." OIIt\:" .(i,.h.~,'p' f"iJ'P')' IIC 1' '}.p,.i\'}'~                                           industry Agency;
               }..(\"}" ~(I)':                                                                                     2) "Agency"         means the National Seed Industry
            e.     "'iic.r;' 1IIJt\.}, flllJc,':,:m.'}u "iJ'P:" (1.'''''''1 .f'i':                                        Agency;
                   ht\./\.:.}'. 'uc.rsP:}" n"'A~ fOl/.t\f.n:" "'(I)~,~:ii                                          3) "Variety" means sub-division of any kind of plant
                   fIn clDt\.r 'lihc.r.}- ,rt\eD'Cj fU'C C;::~'J".f~ nt\,I\                                              species that can be clearly differentiated from other
                   OD'}",~' (}.'II, 'lihC,r.,:') fflllf.t\m-", f""'P:" IIC                                               varieties of that kind by heritable characters; and
                   ~m':                           .                                                                      that remain stable when reproduced sexually or
            !~,    "ue:"       1IIJt\:" hm''}           IIC: hh.~,:r:            """,c;::   .,.tJA;                      asexually.
                   fOIl'.' ""Ii\"~"Cj f=ic.' h:"tJA:"                      :r..,7f:r            (l)f.'J"           4) "Seed" means true seed, bulbs, tubers, cuttings,
                   t\"iJ'P')' IIIJ~"I'}' f"t.f1i\..,A          OI/Cj~m-'J" f.,.tJA                                       nursery plants offield and garden crops or any other
                   hC~A enf.'}u httA ~m':
                                                                                                                         plant material used for the propagation of plants;
            ?i'     "f'I-.{'. ~'11 IIC" 1IIJt\.}. f'lO h'P:Eo ~'} ;J1.9':r                                         5) "Prescribed Seed" means any seed to which the
                    'ht7.lIIJ,     fOl/.lfHI')'Cj     It.1:'}fl.(I).  n"tJ'(I)tl}m-
                    (1D(1D('..rfOl/.m"') IIC ~m':                                                                        provisions of this Proclamation are applicable and
            ?;,     "f",(/p"h~t\,),        IIC" 0I1t\:" nh1c (I)'i\",                                                    which are designated as such by directives to he
                   m,('J'}u my. 1',"C m'i\'I' f1'1 hi\t..I\'L9'~,)             fh.'}                                     issued by the Agency;
                   V'A'.r fllC Y,~'P,'sP:}"""clDi\t.C'Y.1' 1IIJ~.I\1: nlt.~                                        6) "Certified Seed" means a seed produced in
                   '}".m' mf.'}u f.UT} r~.              t\lIIJhCjm'} nlt.:~'}fl.(I).                                     Ethiopia or imported seed which has been certified,
                   (JrI'mht\        /\,1\ 1',11A f"'~;J1mt\').Cj            t\IIC~')'                                    by the Agency or other body delegated by the
                   fOl/,m'A IIC ~eD':                                                                                    Agency, for conforming to the standards established
              .    " ",.,.v,.t 1'101/..,; (II/t\ .n,.h. .If V 'P')- l' c.r
                                               :"     ~      1M                                                          and which is intended for planting;
        %                               "
                   h"")~'I~  1'101/..,;~m':                                                                        7) "Release Committee" means the National Variety
        ~~.                      1IIJt\,}-f.,.t.'I'(~'
                   ""m' "                              "m' enf.'}u nih", f"m'~:"                                        Release Committee;
                   OD.n:,' f"'''mm.           },11A ~eD':                                                          8) "Person" means any natural or juridical person;
        ;1'        "fllC CID~:6,'      OIMhA" OI/t\.), f'n,.h.~.1f ""'1':,. IIC
                                                                                                                  9)       'Seed Data Base" means the Seed Data Base of the
                   1',:}.':.i\:"~ h.:l>:'}". fllC CID~:6,'    (IIMhA ~m':
        'j.        "f1',,,)'V'A'.r      file; .(',I.'P,'sP:t." 1IIJt\')' nh.')'V'k.f                                    National Seed Industry Agency;
              ~                                                                                                  I0) "Ethiopian Seed Standards" means national seed
                  'I't.:'.,;     .~..~jf9).'}.. '1t\/Vt:\flJ'}      f(lJlllc      filiJtp,)..      lie;
                   y,I.:'fsP:}'. (":':eD':                                                                              standards issued by the Quality and Standards
                                                                                                                        Authority of Ethiopia;
      I(i'         "'I'~':""         OIIt\:" f"'.(', ~"1m' IIC t\IIC~')' .rt\(I).
                   .n.cJ>.)' ~eD':                                                                               II)     "Quality" means the planting value of the pres-
                   "m,,,,.11 fh~'}u ue:" "'/t\'}' UllO h'P:l'.: ,~''};J1.9'~''                                          cribed seed;
                   ODII'I.')' .,'t\f.'Y' f :J-(u,,' A f. fhl.,}u '(F':~: 1,c.r IIC                               12) "Objectionable Weed Seeds" means seeds of a
                   ~m':                                                                                                 specific variety of weed species identified pursuant
      Ir'          "'}uAh'}'"          OIIt\:" (II/c":':m.'}o nllc OD*m~.f I\f.                                         to the provisions of this Proclamation
                  fOl/,,(',I.'" mf.'}u f07..f.r1' mf.'J" hllc ;JC f"tm.f.'Cj                                    13) "Lebel" means any legend, symbol or design
                  fllc;.')      'I'~")'c,'       (10m') t\OD.,'t\~            fOl/..f1t\..,A                            applied or attached to package of any seed or which
                  OI/.n~,~.r '}oi\A mf.'}u '} f.'c;:: ~m':
                                                                                                                        goes' with the seed and indicates the quality and
     n~.                                 (
                   "fllC IIIJII;J:6,' 1:"" OI/t\')' t\IIC IIIJII;J~ h'}!.hiat..1\                                      quantity of seed;
                  'L H: t\1IIJ.'I."": fOllf.t.t\1'                ~1C:1''} hll~ (I)'ia",                        14) "Seed Processing Plant" means any premises
                  t\",/{)m1f.':            n(/Pm')            t\ODt\f:":        nOD~~t:"
                                                                                                                       which has adequate facilities for seed processing
                  t\C1Dt\enia:t\(II/'(i",: (I<I~        'II.,(~.}CjlllJhlllJ;F (1;1' .fi\m-
                                                                                                                       (drying, cleaning, grading, treating, bagging and
     :a;.         "f""'.(',n         IIC" ".",:"            m!. h,,)'V'A'.f h ').v,f.11}
                                                                                                                       labeling, as required) and storage,
                  m.('J'}uh1',,,)'V'A'.r ~,'}.v,f.mlll f"'ht\hi\                                                15) "Restricted Seed" means seed prohibited from
                  f"'.('.I.'UJ-}' IIC ~(IJ':                                                                           being imported into Ethiopia or exported from
     I'k          ".('.I.'P,' .rl\ 0.'/.1\ f '''''''P')' IIC" 0I1t\.}, fh.')'f'k.f'}                                   Ethiopia or seed put under restriction;
                  fllC     'I'~")'    Y.I.'P,"   (10
                                                       {)t.C'Y.1'   .fl\a:l.1\     IIIJ'}~(I).'J"               16) "Sub-Standard Seed" means any seed which does
                  f""''P')' IIC ~m':                                                                                   not conform to the quality requirements of the
     :(%.          "fllC h'}o~,":f',,, (II/t\:,. f"iJ'P:" IIC') f"t.fODC:"                                             Ethiopian Seed Standards;
                   "(lJ' ~m':                                                                                   17) "Seed Producer" means a person who produces
     J~~'          "fllC       1'''';J:l'.:'' (II1t\.)- fllC IIIJII;J~ OD"'~.f                                         seed;
                   n(lDm"''}u h ') y,1',{)tA'L H: IIC'} fOlJ..fI.C""; f"t.f                                     18) "Seed processor" means a person who dries,
                   n'I'c: .(',1.:6,'fOi/,"'I': nOD.f.;~t:" fOlJ.t\m-iaI hCj                                            cleans, grades, treats, bags and labels seed as
                   clDt\.r '}uAh')' n(lll,~'~'" f"t.f"ii.., "(I)' ~m-:
                                                                                                                       required by using seed processing machines;
     :m.           "1',:}ia'l:h'N:"          I''/t\')' 1IIJ'}~':(I).'}oIIC fh. :"r-k.f'}                        19) "Inspector"        means a person authorized by the
                  fllC 'I'~':" .(',I.'P,'sP:}'.') ODiat..C'Y.:}"ha:l.A.,. i\i\OD
                  ,,.f.,: nllc OII,}u                                                                                  Agency to inspect seed for conformity to Ethiopian
                                          1.:1::OIIII."J~: fIIIhflll;F: hCj n:Eo'J"I\Cj
                  n:}"C:I:('.: (/Djf...,.}. '(~~,sP:1. nOD1'f.}. h'}-'}mC
                                             P                                                                         Seed Standards and requirements by visiting seed
                  (}}..:l>:'}".m. FAlin                                                                               production, processing and storage premise as well
                                                     f"'''m(l)'   "(I)' ~(I).::
                                                                                                                      seed as wholesale and retail shops.

     o'~:.~~..i;/~1?~:~'~:!1J:~~.,:'!~~~~~1J'o)'"~,,t}                                                                                ;';I!r.'~+:r'~~,re<g,eral                ~e~rltG_~zet~ ::::T';,:'~lb,Jl!n~2000~p'~ge! 3!9

     i:'   f"'l..itry.      'I':,. 1M'"}                                                                                                            3.           Scope oiApplication
                            .'  "
                                  t      ..      ,-
                                          tb:~:"}{t.(IJ' H';'7.ml1.,w.
                                                                      '                -
                                                                                           .#"         ; 1 ! ,;;

                                                                                                           Utry"};;:W.9" fi-',                                   I)'
                                                                                                                                                                                       .     .

                                                                                                                                                                           This P~otIalTIatidn shall apply to any prescribed
           Ii'                                                                                              ,                                                                                                      .
                     ~'i', ,,£ "fJ "'4:"011, "'l'fJCi;~'                                                                                                             seed spedfledby the Agency.
           ~{.       \"11.;' t,')~""" ') ~"'}~ft. (li)~"}",'l'lnn.,.    1fti' flUJ                                                                          2)Wifuout     prejudl~eto Sub-Article (I) of this Article,
                     ~,q':~:y':'} :J",~',}'. n~":"h'.'"       'H'oo~'"     IIe:li 1\e:"                                                                              the ProviSionsot this Proclamation shall not apply
                     ~,,('.r: t\t\." ~,e:(I ~,',e: ntry.ltmrD' lie: "f. '''l.~01/.                                                                                   to a seed produced by a fanner. and sold directly to
                     ~,f.I1")?":: W'.'J" "n mrc: "liJ'iifJ' JP(.. I\t t\001P                                                                                         another fatrl'ter; However; this Proclmation shall
                     1111(..:,. I...') nt,ll"..cpdJ'"
                                I                     utry"}~:rD''J° 1\'J°('."'y, mf.9"                                                                              apply on any producer or farmer, processor, dis-
                     ~,e:(I ~,,(I.r:: },fl.~J:~"':M1'~,                                          :':C::f-t. ,,~                   f1\tp:(.                     tributor and retailor who advertised seed to engage
                     "'l.ftl"l. .,..,~ f".'tnflc" '1m.::                                                                                                             in a sale of seeds.

                     t\1U:" ki,*~)t\".1-
                                         '!,""   ",1'

                                               fli'1.m't\' "JAin

                                                                      flll,,'.,.e: flLtJ
                                                                                                                                                                 3) Unless the seed is used for planting purpose, the
                     ~,tp:~~ .f;') :J", lit\." 'I':"'J" flOI/.m.t\. fiJiJtp.y.-:;, IIC:-:;'                                                                          provisions of this Proclamation shall not apply to
                                                                                                                                                                     seeds of plants intended for other purposes.
                     "f. ,,",,-,,01/. ~,fJll")'J":: "
     jj.                                                                                                                                            4.           Approval, Naming, and Registration of Varieties
           °1U:.f9,"Y"J llh"'l""f;"':                       llt\c/D{tf9"li                       1l"ooOD1,.,11
                                                                                                                                                                 Without prejudice to the provisions of this Proclamation,
           flLtJ ~,tpl: ).'.:"}.n.9"'}" 1<)rf,'hnfl~         If~W' : ftryli:':w'9"
           iJiJtp.1' ~,)tll °l,'c;~rfl"/.fl.f;,"'(IJ' : fOl/~{tf~lIJ~ "'li fOl/.ooll
                                                                                                                                                                 anew variety of any plant species shall be approved,
                                                                                                                                                                 named and registered only when.such a variety conforms
           'lUel)' t,,,,'p'.1: t'OI/.'1; t)(IJ(JF':IIJ'~' hOl/..faul):':IIJ'                                                            1'C1'C                   to the terms and conditions prescribed and to be
           lJ.t.:h9"'Y' :Je: I\,IlJ.lfJ'JU'U:l: 'IeIJ'::                                                                                                 ;       prescribed by the Release Committee.
                                                   hC':A 1I.t\'}.
                                                                                                                                                                                            PART TWO
                                   1lt\,u.<J>.1.1I1/1.:J"l"'il.f'Jullhe:                                    ml..,..1'
                                                                                                                                                                                   Competence Assurance Certificate
     ?;.    f1J.<J>.1'"'II.:J.,,,,'"#. f'J"llhc:                          (lJ1..,.,1'hlll.l\1.                                '1.1'
                                                                                                                                                    5.           The Necessity of Competence Assurance Certificate
           OIn~:eIJ''Ju {t(IJ. 'llJiJtp..,. IU: 111/9"1.,1.,tryll;J:f.:", m'.1IJ.6f.I'                                                                           Any person, shall in order to engage in seed production,
           C/DI\h: m.(I.~,',e: m'll'I' tryll','J,1': tryh~t.A "'li OOTe::':e:                                                                                    proces,sing, import, export, wholesale and retail
           p' (.. "fJ t\C/DI#'try    (...1. h~b:~:"}{t.m. f11.cJ>:'~ "? ~;J"6liJ.                                                                                opep1ion possess a competence assurance certificate of
           f'Julltu: "'1..,.:,. III/"1")'.}-fJc.r:U:J'A::                                                                                                        thtlAgency.
     ~.    UiJiJtp.1' lie: P' (.. t\£/D'JtOI1(..:,. f"?,fU~                                                        "').:"91-:;'
                                                                                                  Conditions Enabling to Engage in the Seed Business6.
            ?!. "'I'g:(IJ.'Ju {tm. fMiJtp,}- lie: 111/9"'}-: "?";J:f. :", mfo
                                                                    l                             I) Any person, in order to engage in seed production,
                  ku: m'll'I' OIlll",,:,,ci m,. lIJoIjJ.1'              OOl\h, "?h~l,A               processing, import, export wholesale and retail
                  'Ni C/O:,:e::,:e: r(..             ,,~ t\ooIPlll/(.,'r         h.:f."}""IIJ'       operation, shall obtain competence assurance cer-
                  .rml'':':'IJ'')        c/olll.e:,r:.}',       1\o.',A.r.      hlt-:f."}""IIJ'      tificate from the Agency by fulfilling the
                  foiL"':" III/1.;J',h'i! f'Jullhe: 1IJ~""1'               III/",.r:,. f.ti'e:       requirements issued by the Agency:
                  n:"A::                                                                          2) Without prejudice to Sub-Article (I) of this Article a
            ~.    flLtJ 1\')"'",          '}{J'll 1\"}.,. (Ii) "'"}','''mn.,.
                                                            "'.                             I'ti'    person who required competence assurance cer-
                  f,U."'.1' 11111.:11"'101.     f'Jullhe: aJ~"'.1' fmf'"            (t1lJ.:          tificate shall have:
                   IJ)      fiJiJtp,1'     lie: f,,?.rooe:.1'      fl''1    "'"}fol''1 fU,e:          (a) qualified professional personnel who are direc-
                            '''I'Jul..1. p'(.. ,,~ fI.,...,:" f"?IP"?'"                  foo-.f             tly engage in production, the necessary farm
                            ,U.4>,1.e,' ~1'.t\":J' .rl\:':(D' ",'(...,.7f'f          : f"'cif               equipment, land and shall be 'able to catTy out
                            C/D''1 t.rS"',}'. "'c,' e/D~'1' .ft\.,h               "'"}-\0-9"                internal. quality control, where he is a seed
                            felJ'c)'I' '1'(.,.1, .h'I"I'.:t\III/I1th.,(,             fi-II;J:f.             producer.
                            C/DU"}f.c.e:U:J'A:                                                        (b) qualified professional personnel, who are
                   ")fiJiJ'I',1'             ur: 1\11.'J:l- fl''1          "'"}folf'1 fU,e:                 directly engaged in the seed processing, have
                            1I'I".'J:f..1' 1.'(.. I\f. n.,...,:" fO?"'''?... foo-.f                         the necessary equipment for cleaning, grading,
                            ,n.4>'1''''' ~Y''''':'' .rl\:':(D. 1P(..".7f-:;. "'li: "?nm
                                                                                                            treating, bagging the labeling, and appropriate
                  ,' "?"{h..r OOPft..f9'-:;' '" "}-\0-9" "?h"?:fo                            stores for seed storage, where he is a seed
                            elf);JIJli":f'. .1'"..1' C/DI'"} f.ti't:n:JoA::                                 processor.
                                                                                                      (c) personnel who have basic knowledge of seed
                   eh) fiJtJtp.1'ur: "ti: 1\trtlb'L1.: \ :':t::fot.
                                                                                                            and an appropriate storage, where he is a seed
                              fl'~ "'"}'.I''1 ll"iJiJtp,}, ur: oolPl:Jo«£                                   exporter, importer, wholesaler or retailer.
                             "'rD'''''}' .fl\:':rD' "t\oo'.f9'":f'li ,,"C "?.,,.f 7. Application for Competence Assurance Certificate
                              "'1l111/O? c/D:JII') .rt\IIJ' OOI'"} f.ti'Cn:JoAI
                                                                                                  I) An application to obtain competence assurance
     .:    t\,u.<J>.1."'II.:J.,,,,liJ.9"llhe: eDl.,..1' llt\O?.,.c:.O ,,?ooAh:fo                     certificate in accordance with Article 6 of this
                                                                                                     Proclamation shall be submitted to the Agency by
            Ii' UII,tJ 1\tp:l- 1\"}"''''' ~ C/DII'!.:" f-fI.cJ>,}. ?l;J.,6Iil,    "
                  9"llhr: elJl..,..1. t\1II1",.';.1."'Lo- .,...,,: "'"}'.fJP(..                      duly filling and signing in the form prepared by the
                  ur:4. flh.:f."}{t.rD'n''''I.~J:():IIJ-:'''''' "''I''A.y.Cj "-loe:'I"               Agency for each field of activity.
                                                                                                  2) Without prejudice to Sub-Article (I )of this Article, a
                  "h.:~:'}{t.rD' 00:"1.'" 1\",H."
                  fllLtJ 1\,,,,,,,, "}{J.ll 1\'J.,.,.. (Ii)f""', .,.,.,m. )."},..,.
                                                                                                     persQn who applies for competence assurance cer-
            H'                                                                                       tificate, shall. submit to the Agency try filling and
                  enn.,. ,"i : f.".4>.}. ""/';11-"1 f9"l1he: ml+:r.
..                                                                                                   signing in the form prepared for such purpose
                  fenf'" (t1lJ.,                                                                     indicatinlI:
 '/1.' ;ijf.j'j;;'.i~/; t..J'..I..A          't;J/.:"       ;J/l.fli ":'!'C .!.iii (}); ?,' ""}       :Oi~:H~ '}.9'"                    Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 39 27thJune, 2000-Page     1346

                 1I~,,''''f'A'J'            /...Y../..I\('~          .';"I"h/.,(U''Po I.T'IIA.h                          ~.,            NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55( I )
 fl"'}"I!"''''              ~,'H'X'         ~a;    (fi) fl"II'I.:" ftllJ.h'I't\OJ' :"OJ'~:A"                                      of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                                            t,f,:A ~,'H':                                                         Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                                                               m :" 1\1\
                                                                                                                                                               PART ONE
{!.         k'IN;            CMl                                                                                                                                 General
            J',II ~"P:~: "{}t\ :,'C{} 'I",':"'i                             ~\lnIHl:" f(IJn) ~,tp:~ <h'l'C                        I.      Short Title
            ~U:i!/Dn~H{"                    ""IIt\..        t\.m"'{}       J',:}"I\A ::                                                  This Proclamation m~y be cited. a~ the' 'Research and
~{.         (If)                                                                                                                         Conservation ,of Cultural Heritage., Proclamation No.
                     ~': ~t:9"
                                                                                                                                         209/2000, "
        {!.            f~\."}\"A'.r f:"Cft 'I"i:"'i        '1'11.4>11t\P'An)'} (iULU                                                                                            t~ .~
                                                                                                                                 2.      Establishment
                       11:",1\"11t\P'AI')~."     },f.,'IIt\ ftllJ.fIl/.') f~'" flOJ'~')'
                       .rt\m. fll"'}"'P':"    lI"p't..r 11,'''' IYfi '''!IN:DJ.A II                                                      I)   The A.uthority for 'Reseatc~ and C::onservation of
        ~{   .         1)t\!"Atr)~. "'mt.~.,:     NI'/{}:J-cIJ'I:.rl,'                                                                        Cultural Heritage (l1ereinMter referred to' as "the
                                                                         'IUA tIIJ.).ft'h:
                                                                                                                                              Authority") is hereby established as a government
                       J',/I"iA ::
                                                                                                                                              institution with a juridical pers,ona!ity.
!:-         :"C;~'I'I.                                                                                                                   2)   The Authority is accountable to the Minister of
           f:"t\.           1\'/1)'11 t\,1\ :"CH"                                                                                             Infonnation and Culture.
                                                                       f'Il}..('(lfllOJ' tlAIY~ II{}"',N:
           II 11.11 ~,Ip :~: m. {}'I' :                                                                                          3.       Definition
       ?i'             "{II/.'I,{}'}c;"            'I'/t\:"        ftl'I{}:J-cIJ'I:.r'i 'IUA                                              In this proclamation unless the context requIres
                       ~m' ::                                                                                                             otherwise:
       i~.             "1Jt\!"Atrn"                     tI'/t\:"       fULU ~,tp:~" ~,'}",""                   ~ f.,,!I.'                 I) "Minister" means the Minister of Information and
                                                                                                                                                                                     .          ,
                       ~':{IIJm' f:"C{} 'I"i:"'i                                                                                                Culture;
                                                                    '1'11.4> 'It\p'An)'}               ~OJ' I:                                                          .

       t.              ''(If)tI'ltu;:''           '1'1)1,," tI'/t\:" fULU ~,tp:~" 1\'}",X-
                                                                                                                                         2) "Authoriy" means the Authority for Research and
                       f,"(lf)t\iH'OJ.             f')'C{}         (lull'/hc,'"        .,.lllt,
                                                                                                                                                Conservation of Cultural Heritage established under
                                                                                                   ~OJ' II
       ii.                                                                                                                                      Article 2 of this Proclamation;
                      "'h;{}"    tI'/t\:" 1I'}'.t:.'(lU:"I.hl,' 1I:,.t.tI lluu'} fflOJ.                                                  3) "Advisory Council" means the Council referred to
                      A:~: f /..m/..c; f!" /.. },'}:"{}.4>11. J'If),,), fIn f.,,/..'I'c.'
                                                               O                                                                                in Article 8 of this Proclamation;
                      ff\m"I'           'lJ'.:"'} fll'l:'AX"i      ftllJ.("/ufltIc II"Y...'}{} :                                         4) "Cultural Heritage" means ahything tangible or
                      1I:I,         : lI'IUA : 1I!"~'I'II'Wi            IIM'.'I'fHl f,II":                                                 intangible which is the produ~t of creativit~ and
                      hf,>,,;;:                         lp;J .rf\OJ' iIIlf,':'" "1lI.r~~..,.                                             labour of man in the pre-history and rustory times,
                                      '''''-I\.t """'i
                      .rt\m.'; "1lI.f"~""', ft\,f\m. ~'IC ~OJ' ::                                                                              that describes and witnesses to the evolutiOll o'f
      (;.              ""III.f,:~:,.  ft\,t\m.    'h;{}" 'I'/t\:"                                                                              nflture and which has a majQr val\!ein.its scie.ntific,
                                                                                                  m<~" f\f"IDP'(a{}                            historical, cultural, artistic and h~ndicraft content;
                      f'I'/..r,I;"I:" ~.,c "n WW,'} (\ill/f')' : II:~{~' f\uufttllJ..,.
                                                                                                                                        5) "Intangible' Cultural Heritage" mea~s any Cultural
                      ftl,/.:I:A 'h:{} fI.l/"} f'II,'"C                         'lI,.h,                 Af..
                                                                                                                                               Heritage that cannot be felt by hands but can be seen
                      A\~        ,}c;",.:",'j           (,1,1,"':" : P'~,4>A                      : f'lf,iIIltj.).           I
                                                                                                                                               or heard and includes different kinds of performan~
                      f},9"~:"      : f;J'II:I: : f,.h".} P'~ p'c'H'                : (ID"L.4>I                                                ces and show, folklore, religious, belief, wedding
                      .(!:/.P'I'i   t\,t\..:t. "'(1"" "J', '1U1\'Po ~11..r.:}'. I OJ        "Ic,'                                              and moutning ceremonies, music, drama, lite'iature
                     A tI'I.t:...}J',I./,)'9"/..A ::                                                                                          and similar other cultural values, traditions and
      'k             ""III.f,:.,..,. .rf\m. 'h;I1"        iIIlf\')'                                                                           customs of nations, nationalities and peoples;
                                                                       II~:~" ftllJ.P'flfI- :
                     w~g:} fllll.:"f.. fllll:H''''''(      fill/J','}"''''''fI'    '1U1\'Por,                                       6) "Tangible Cultural Heritage"                means Cultural
                     :,.t.lll'~ OJJ',9" flm. (a/.:li 'h;,..:t..}                          J'"/..A:1                                 Heritage that tan be seen and felt' and includes
      ~i,                                                                                                                                     immovable or moveable historical, and man made
                     "f'l'/J':H''''''{}     'h;{}" II'/f\')' hfl:"my.  fl:" f\lI'J,}'"
                                                                                                                                              cultural heritage;
                     "",{} f'l'/J":':f\. : fill" "'1.:" ""rHN'(D.       !l.'iP/. iun.                                                  7) "Immovable Cultural Heritage" mttans Cultural
                     ~'ll~.:t. ;JC f,,'.rJ'II"i   hfl:" my. fl:" f\lI'J"OJC fiP/.:F
                                                                                                                                              Heritage attached to the ground with:a foundation' .
                     f\"       fltl,/f"~I.{} '11:': fI.ll'"} ftllJ,h"'f\")',}                      .rt)..,.:t-A     I:                    and which can be moved only by dislJlantli~g and
                      11) IIDtl~ :"C,..:t. f.,..n'.IFf:OJ' fl:"":-'-' : f7'A.~,}                                                              shall include:

                                 .r.t\..~: f:,.t.t,            ~ f:".(!:IID :,.t.tIr,                f1\ChJJJf\":{                           (a) sites where Cultural Hditage have been dr.,-
                                 P'f",:/..9J:t.         :                                                                                           covered, palaeontological historic and pre-hi~. .
                     f\)         II'}":        flID :"fllI..r            fl:"      : IhOJ'A')'          : fl,.,.uu'}                                toric archeological places.
                                                                                                                                             (b) buildings, memorial places, monuments and
                                                                                                                                                    palaces;                              '.   .
                     I")         f'I"}:'.lp'   iH.'I,/ ("~C{}/.:li : '1''}:'''Po                         fuu.4>11C                          (c) remains of ancient towns, burial pl~ces, cave
                                 fl:1-: ftpi'i P'~f\..:t"j  "",.h.t,:::.}'.:
                                                                                                                                                    paintings, and inscriptions;
                     lID)         1I.'Hlc{}.,:.r'}                 : ".';tj"        : lID{}.t.t:..        I OJf,l}"                                                                     .'.
                                                                                                                                            (d) church, monastery, mosque or any other places
                                  11,/'j:':(" fll'ltj"f\           h..r IJJf"~/.. ::                                                                                                           .
                 .                                                                                                                                  of worship.
   ~~.               "fllll:}",".,.ft              :"C{}"              11I1f\')' h!l.'iP/. ~.,r:i'                   ,;JC              8) "Movable Cultural Heritage"                means Cultu"ial
                     IIrID,J.'I.')' J'A""I~II"j    hfl:" OJY.fl:" .rf\l}"'}l}"                                                               Heritage not attached to the foundation and that can
                     1I.,.1\f\' A.'","",fI.     fiP/. :}"f\. h.)-tD'AX' "'1\ At,OJ'                                                          be moved from place to place easily and }Vhich are
                     fY.l.fI.'} :"c,..-:", Itlr~ fiP/.h''''''')''}   .rt)"",+A :                                                             handed down from the past generation and shall
"~~ ~:*~~..."'..&.t\"~'M;"                      ,"JW'" "~'I'r: I!m ...~?!...,.'} Ii!f.j~ ~'9'"                                   Federal Negarit Gazeta -    No. 39 27'h June, 2000-Page      1347

                    0)           NIt.'j       $'1'£':      :. f.f:'};Jf,     "f,   ?"V-b::-;'c.,~                                          (a)   parchment manuscripts, stone paintings and
                                 P'illt.:.}'.: f ,f:'}:J .I/Jallltl..f91"}" : hmc:" : h1)C:                                                      implements, sculptures and statues made of
                                                                                                                                                 gold, silver, bronze, iron, copper or of any
                              h",hil (l)YJ9"')' (fJf,9" hoPP'1) hl\.lt"1'
                                                                                                                                                 other mineral or wood, stone, inscriptions of
                              '}'I'I. "'U~".}'. h~'}t,I.}")- : h.r.''};Jf, : h.y.P, :
                                                                                                                                                 skin, ivory, horn, archaeological and bone or
                              h'''''''}     'I'CiI : h4>,}.r.' : hh'l''}')'C;           hht.C
                                                                                                                                                 earth or of any other material, and also
                              m,I/.9" hlt,It.:.}'. "'U~...}'.f.,.(}<;. :"C",:-;.C; 9"illt"1'                                                     Palaeontological remains;
                              },'}~.'H'"          f t,C\LsP It,,)),: ;
                                                                   C     f ;I' It..f',}'Y-It")),:                                          (b) written       and     graphic    documents        or
                              .).I..y.:)'. :                                                                                                      cinematographic        and        photographic
                    It)          K''''£':'jt'''l/..t.h    f.hoP'}')'                     mf,9° ff\.tfll/-f-"I                                     documents or sound and video recordings;
                                 ?,.t.',' f(.:.Y."1/..£': f.tJoP'}')-                    : fY.:9"'/\ mf,9"                                 (c) coins made of gold, silver, bronze, copper or
                                 fii..&;.f' :,.:(': f.twP'}.)- :                                                                                 of any other materials;
                     ,h)          hmc:":   : h",hil : hoPP'.f1 mf,9°                                                         (d) ethnographic implement, ornament or any
                                                                                                                                                  other cultural object of nations, nationalities
                                  hlt.It":}'. "'H~"'}"  f"'(}/., 'n".n :
                                                                                                                                                  and peoples.
                     £1(1)        NI,h.C:           .n,h.I.(}(1'.}'.",           ,n1f(Q',        oP1A1.f            .,.",
                                                                                                                                      9)    "Cultural Heritage Registration" means regis-
                                  (l)YJ9" IW""~            iI.'" ::                                                                         tration in the form prepared to collect wide
        ij'          "f.h:iI       9"'11',1)" "'/It:" :"Cil'} 1\£lIIl\f')- : ltoP.y.                                                        information of Cultural Heritage, which shall
                     n)mC:      I\"'/'I"j:,'    It.all'Htllh'f1C,'   1\t"lIIfl'I.n : 1\')-9"U                                               include photographing, recording in film or video,
                     C:"'j 1\£I11''''j;;:''  :,. t, '.,A ..lit".). ffll/,tD'It'n.)''}                                                       as appropriate, so as to put in place the means to
                     1\",/,/11:1::,:.), },'}~.:I:A        ill\ :"c(I. (It. oPl.P, Itfll/(I                                                  catalogue, inspect, study, protect and conserve
                     11(}.n          ()-f'U:J:(':    ')'K' ;11II£1II11111C;~ '} Y. hoP:':""':                                               cultural heritage and facilitate utilization of same
                                                                                                                                            for the purpose of recreation and education;
                     nl,:'Y'''1/..£'::              nt.A9"'j                   nilJtf'               oP:"I.K',}9"
                                                                                                                                     10)     "Conservation" means a general protection and
               y..l.1.1.9°/..A ::
                             (/8/,/\.). 'I"} :"'p' f,II.t:
                                                                                                                                            preservation activity carried on a Cultural Heritage
                                                                ltf,lttD,,' It :"C(t1'
        :':- ."""",'"                                                                                                                       without changing its antique content;
               ftl8/'y.I.'" t,fl'I."''',I/J  },'HI.nilO.c;     ,,'n.p "tD' ::
                                                                                                                                     II)     "Excavation"     means the activity of systematic
       Xfi'     "'M.l~'"      118/1\')- "'n;;:(I)'9"     h9°,\':C n:":-;' ffll/,1~'}                                                        digging up any Cultural Heritage situated under-
                     :"cil      1\"'itiJ.n):"'j     I\fI8/'I,/j.)-                 n(ltD'        ;"f,A         mf,9"                        ground with manpower or machine in order to
                     noPltl..t'      t"III<fot,C "tD' ::                                                                                    conduct a study on such Cultural Heritage;
       n{'           "pD""f..9"" fI8/1t.)-It.h:£~ f.,.!,:!,:t",?Y:C:~.)- .fA.,."                                                     12)     "Museum" means a non-profitable organization
                     :"C(t:}'..}           ftl8/.(lnil.n        :         ffll/.fl'I.n:"c;           ffll/,fl'I"n           :               which collects, preserves and repairs Cultural
                                                                                                                                            Heritage renders service to the public by preparing
                     1\9"C9"C l\'I"j.). : I\fI8/iI.,.fI8/t..fC; l\oP1'c.,';;:,,"" il1)iI
                     (t".},..tnfll/.11)                                                                                                     and organizing collections for their use in research,
                                          t'II:(~:'Y' NHI 1..,.(1 O. h1A"IIt"""
                                                                                                                                             study, education and entertainment.
                     ftl8/.(}'I' "'!':9° "(1)' ::
                                                                                                                                     13)     "Person" means a physical or juridical person.
       :':;:.       . H(I(I)." 118/1\')' f.,.t.'I'(~' (ltD' tDf,9"                             nth"l      f(ltD-"""
                      1~'fI:" f"'(}iIl(D' 'h 11A "tD. ::
                                                                                                                                4.   Objectives
                                                                                                                                     The Authority shall have the following objectives:
 !!.    f~          118/
                                                                                                                                     I) carry out a scientific registration and supervision of
        111\P'An)".ffll/Jl'I'I\':,'                     '~"118/9):)"           f,1i~:"A              :                                   Cultural Heritage so that, Cultural Heritage, as
                                                                                                                                         bearing witnesses to history, may be handed down
       fi' '. :"C(t:}'. fI:"l.tJ      9"ilhC":":':tD.                                         h.)-tD'A1.'           mY.
              :"(I)'A,r.' },'}.&;.'I'"1\4. ltf, '}ltCf                                   9D1'1')C;           ch'l''I'C                   from generation to genetation;
                                                                                                                                     2) protect Cultural Heritage against man-made and
                    "'/h'jm'} :
       ~,           :"C(t'.}'..} h(l(IJ, (I/.:/i'j \..,.t,,,'Cc' h1.;J911' oPh")1A:
                                                                                                                                         natural disasters;
                                                                                                                                     3) enable the benefits of Cultural Heritage assist in the
       t.           h:"C(t'.)'.    ffll/,1'f, 'I':"'II".}'. 1\1111."': h.tllifll/...fcr.C;
                                                                                                                                         economic and social development of the country;
                    "'/'~f1/.."~  AfI8/.y.:}'.~'III },.}Jt.fY.l:1' fll/ft:FA ~C;
       !!,          :,.C (t:)"'} fI8/dn' ')-'j "'/'1",'.)- ::                                                                        4) discover and study Cultural Heritage.
 ?;,     tp'j t"1II/UI..t'n.')-                                                                                                 5.   Head Office
         f'lt\/'"'An,',.                tplj £111/,",1..t'n.')- hJtil                         Mil)       If Ii ~,}f.                 The Authority shall have its head office in Addis Ababa
         hftt"'...".,:                'h:'}6"J.£~ t"1II/UI..t'O..f1-'} nfll/c;:ftD-9" n;t.                                           and may have branch offices elsewhere, as may be
         1\""!':*9"~e"}""A                  :::                                                                                      necessary .

        f'll\/"An,!,.                  /uAn)'}'j        "'''JllC                                                                6.   Powers and Duties of the Authority
                                                                                                                                     The Authority shall have the following powers and
         111\/uAn,',.                fOJ,h"'I\"}'       P'Anl'}C;               .,.DJII/...)- f,1i~:"A                 :
       fi'          t,""I.n          Ill\tD. hilA           :JC noP'I.IHIC; :"C(t1''} f,oPII                                         I) registers Cultural Heritage in cooperation with the
                    ""IA         :                                                                                                        appropriate body;
       ~.           :,.C(t:}"'}f,'}hIUl'IA        YJ.y.n'fl'I/..A ': ~'}Jtv-9" ill\:"                                                2) protects and supervises Cultural Heritage; collects
                    (:(t'.)'. l,ol.'!( f,(lnil'IA    : :"Cil oPlf'} .fl\oPrr~'}                                                           information on Cultural Heritage. define the nature
                    f,1\.t'A :1.1.1,9" .t'(I)nIA :                                                                                        and classify the standards of same.
       ;:.          ftl\:"CiI 9D'}).}. : '1':"9DC; hilll)n:"                                    : hftt."'ltD-'}                      3) give the necessary education and advice on the

                    '}'9uUC'}",'           9~tJC f,(ln)A              :                                                                   content, benefit and preservation of Cultural
 'IX- Ii;r.rn~   ~lolrA   ~~"J6:" ~"}'ltIJ4l1'C   ~ I'tk t)~ "'1 ItifU ,.,...       \   Federal Negarit Gazeta -    No. 40 4thJuly, 2000-Page        1357

                                   ()     h,) Y;
                               9" t-~                                                                        PART ONE
                             m:"I\I\  Y;,) ;J1.sP"f
                                                                                                         General Provisions
 (i.    hliJ.1>CC{)II                                                                        1. Short Title
        f,tJ hCP;E- "f11.'}'f-lif     f(}lIh'e      0011"" t1"7.7i') 1I'/**"7.f                  This Proclamation may be cited as the "Ethiopian
        hCP;E- ck1'C ~fI/Ii1£j~"                    .f'lIfr> fl.m+ll f,"fl\A.'                   Human Rights Commission Establishment Proclamation
                                                                                                 No. 21012000."
 I'     ""C=iOOL
                                                                                             2. Definitions
        f :1> "11111 "'1\ ""C,.9" t)I\ (}m (Do 0 II++C 0 U.tJ h 'P;E-
        (Do                                                                                      Unless the context requires otherwise, in this
         {i. "+ !( "7." 11'/1\"" 0 li.tJ h 'P;E- 00 IP l."" 09"/0.-1:
                                                                                                   1) "Appointee" means the Chief Commissioner for
                    f"7. 7'9" f (}1Ih'e 0011"" 'PC; t1"7. 7i ~C: 9"h""A 'PC;
                                                                                                       Human Rights, the Deputy Chief Commissioner or
                   t111'/.7i~C: fih"C;""C; f(J..,."f') ,.~f,                 f"7.h:t'+A                Commissioner heading the children and women
                   t111'/.7i~c : mf,9" O:"C,)661~ ~/n."" ~l.~ f"7.1"f.
                                                                                                       affairs, and commissioners at the level of branch
                   t1 11'/.7i ~ e"f 11'/1\"" ~ (Do;
                                                                                                       offices, appointed by the House, in accordance with
         ~. "1Pt-1'~"                                                      fA-
                                        11'/1\""h-"!(II'/.sP:t: (Do6f.h ft1"7.7i).                     this Proclamation;
                   oo9"tf          ~'~LsP"f'): 111\OD-         fsP"f')c; Y;;J~ (}tJJ.             2) "Staff' inclu~es department heads, professionals
                   1Pt-1.7f""f') ft)"";J'A;                                                            aqd other support staff of the Commission;
         r'        "n.'N,ooy;"tJ7I\""                  O11.""f-A'f ~""thllth.C ih..,              3) "Family Member" means a person of relation by
                   00 IP l.""      f P;J m f,9" f ;J1I:F 119"            ~.C; f 1\(Do (}(Do            consanguinity or affinity, in accordance with the
                   ~ (Do;                                                                              Civil Code of Ethiopia;
         !!. "9"hc 0...,." 11'/1\""f11.'~'f...t.                       fih1l1l +mt)f'"f           4) "House" means the House of Peoples' Represen-
                  9"hc n.-)- ~(Do;                                                                     tatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of
         ~.         "(}lIq'e 00'0""" 11'/1\""011.""f'lif ~t-I\'e                      JLIfO            Ethiopia;
                   ht-{}J'e          tTlIfl.h        ih1 oo')"'P"" 'hC;11.'}-f'A'f                5) "Human Right" includes fundamental rights and
                   O~f'+OI\:F:f(Do ql\9" h+~ lt9"9"~"'"f {)(Do:"c;                                     freedoms recognized under the Constitution of the
                   f+(}tfJT(Do') 001Pl.:t''e 001l.,."f')c; ~,~"'"f') fm                                Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and those
                   ."'AI\A;                                                                            enshrined in the international agreement ratified by
        ~. "(}(Do" 11'/1\""               1I'/,)~(Do9" f1'4C e (}(Do         mf,9" Oih..,
                                                                                                       the country;
                  f(}(Do~~)-0011"" f1'(}m(Do ht)A ~(Do;                                           6) "Person" means any natural or juridical person;
                                                                                                  7) "Region" means any of those speicified under
        ~.         "hAA "11'/1\"" O11.""f'A'f ~f..t-I\'e JLIfOht-(}'f'e
                                                                                                      Article 47 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal
                  tTlIfl.h          ih1 oo')"'P-)- h,)+~ ~~ ((i) I\f, foo+1\
                                                                                                      Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and, for the
                  h~"" 11'/1\"" (}.If') 1\Ii.tJ h 'P;E- h "-,,~ 9" (}.11                A
                                                                                                      purposes of this Proclamation,includes the Addis
                  fhJLll hOI1 h1-fIfJoolt~,.~~.C')C; f~'~'P                      hll-"~~              Ababa City Administration and the Dire Dawa
                  C,)9" f,1JJ.9"t-A;
                   "oo')..,p..,."            II'/I\')- f~f..t-A          mf,9" fhAA
        f'                                                                                       8) "Government" means the Federal, or a Regional
         !         00')'" P"" ~(Do;
         I                                                                                            Government;
        j'        "Y'll"'~          m1')" 11'/1\""h,)Y;,) ..,1\(}1I mf,9" O'Y;')                 9) "Third Party" means a deputy, an association or a
                  fll'/.mhA          fih1l1l +00t-6f.h mf,9" II'/tJOC mf,9"                           non-govrenmental organization representing an
                  oo')..,P:t''e          _rAfr~ Y;c;E-'}- 11'/1\"" ~(Do;                              individual or a group;
        ! . "(10M t " 11'/1\""f9"C 00t- P t- 'h') JLft)th.Y:                                      10) ','Investigator" means a staff assigned, by the
                  O'PC;t1"7.7iH. f"'oo~O 1Pt-+~ ~(Do"                                                          C
                                                                                                        <Chief ommissioner, to conduct investigation.
c.                                                                                          3. EstabliAhment
       ~**9"                                                                                      1) The Human Rights Commission of Ethiopia
        Ii.       f11.""f'A'f          f(}lI~'e       0011"" t1"7.7i') (hli.tJ O~I\
                                                                                                      (~ereinafter referred to as "the Commission") is
                  "t1"7. 7i)." 'hf+~1\ f"                   f ih.., (}(Do~"" fl\(Do
                  t-(}-') f:F1\ f~1..t-A                oo')"'P""      ht)A If':" Oli.tJ
                                                                                                      h~reby established as an autonomous organ of the
                                                                                                      F~deral Government having its own juridical per-
                 h'P;E- +*cko.1Ad
                 t1"7.7i). "'mt~~!              1\9"/0.-1: ~(DoII
                                              !                                                  2) The Commission shall be accountable to the
i'                    .
         .f'''- '11'/.~'I:     m(}')                                                                  House.
       !i' f,tJ h'P;E- OIl'/')~(Do9" hAA (Dolt... Oll'/."-~OD-4.                                Scope:
                 f(}lIh'e 001l.,."f ootfJll 1'~f'"f9" I\f, +"-1."7.~""                           1) This Proclamation shall also apply to violation of
                 f,'r l.'PA"                                                                          human rights committed in any Region.
       ~.         OILtJ h 'P;E- (Doll... Om') Y: ~:t' f+ ~ ~11(Do f(J.""')9"                     2) Provisions of this Proclamation set out in the
                 P;1' f,tn.9"t-A.'                                                                    masculine gender shall also apply to the feminine
'I~' hjr.i:V.:!i~~A..~../..A '1;M:" :J/' ":'1'(; ':ifi I'I~ ?!1: 'I',} IP'~j~                          ~'9'"         Federal    egarit Gazeta -   No. 41 4lhJuly, 2000-Page   1368

        ,e.U'}'" aocU i\1II/-)A n:"ci tai\~ol 1\m'l.'J.m' IrCj 1\ta"..c;                                                   WHE       AS, with a view to enhancing the principle
Y.I..ce nY.A ~,'M.eY,Cta fau~('JfIlt.,r     ~",t.,r     naulr'} hOl/.,r1i\                                           thereof, it is ound necessary to establish, and to determine the
°li\")'   ",*CPJ:}'. (/O'lhA 1\'),~ flnm,'}         fc"h1'...1 ~,}IJ fIllJ-I:                                                      1;
                                                                                                                     powers and uties of, the Office of Ombudsman, as one of the
                                                                                                                     parliamentary institutions instrumental in the control of the
"'*9°'} 1II/**9oci FAflJ",'}Ci ,"OI'J~.,} n~.., aum(a'} 1\tall\1.
IrCj nau1')"'I::                                                                                                     occurrence of maladministration;
        n1\.')'f'A',f     &..,epl..I\C'~ J;/IPnl..(a..rce t.T...1t\.n ~1
                                                                                                                           NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with of Article 55
au'}Ollv,),                                                                                                          (I) and (15) of the Constitution, it is hereby proclaimed as
                 t,'}<1'"" ~?; (?i) ~,Ci (H;) auv../..). fOl/.h".i\m-
:"(D';!),:A ::
                                                    9" ~ 1..1':' 1\'} ,f.:
                                                                                                                                               PART ONE
                                                 fIl""I\ 1\ ,~"} :J1.sP":i-
                                                                                                                                            General Provisions
?i'            1\ 61'>C C ~ ta
                                                                                 I.                                      Short Title
               .eu 1\CP:~" f ~1"'1 ~'}'I fIl'l.t ,,.*r III/**OI/.,r 1\CP).!-
                                                                                                                         This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Institution of
               <h'rc ~fC:?i/I!n:Hf" ".,ni\" t\.fIl.,.ta ,e."'Y-I\A::                                                     the Ombudsman          Establishment    Proclamation   No.
~.             ,).c~"'l                                                                                                  21112000. "
               f,4>i\- t",I),n 1\.1\ ,)-(:".9" flll/.,r(afllm' 'lAI'" nta,,...,c
      .        (JIlU 1\CP:~m.ta'r:-
                                                                                 2.                                      Definitions
                                                                                                                         Unless the context reqUires otherwise,              in this
              ?i'         """!J',III/." III/i\') CIIlU t,CP:~ au,P/")' nrnc        0.1:                                  I) "Appointee"        means the Chief Ombudsman, the
                          flll/."(i9" cpe; ~'}/I fIll)":: rn""A cpe; ~'}'1 fIl'1-1:
                                                                                                                             Deputy Chief Ombudsman or an Ombudsman, at the
                          ClJfJ9" n""c'}6b].C':'",'ut.')' n.')- Y./.jf flll/.1~                                          level of a branch office or who follows up the affairs
                          fU"li')"}C,' fit,':,}'.,} ",,v,,fJ flll/.h:"'''A ~'}'1 fIl'1-1:                                    of children and women appointed in accordance with
                        111/i\ :"    'I ClJ.::                                                                               this Proclamation;
              ~.        "110'1..".;;:11III/i\:" f"'!I:{JD. (/09°t.,f ;",I\t.sP":i-'): '1i\00-                           2) "Staff" includes department heads, professionals
                        ,rsP',y,'}c,' ,~';J(':' (a61'>'l'I.",.?f":i-') ,e.f.lJ.r I.,A:                                       and the support staff of the Institution;
          e'            "n.'''''c/O y':" III/i\:" nt,.')'f-A',r c':")'ch...1ch.C ~..,                                   3) "Family Member" means a person of relation by
                        au'I'~')' f F,'J m,e.9"f:J,n!J: 1,ry:e; ,ri\m- (am- '1m-:                                            consanguinity or affinity, in accordance with the
          !!.           "9°tJ(: n.')'" III/i\')' fh.:)'f-A',r &..Yot.I\ce .it'l"nt.                                          Civil Code of Ethiopia;
                        (a.,rce t.., 1t\.n fJh'II"'1 '1'cIJ'lf-:r- rnc 0."" '1m.:                                       4) "House" means the House of Peoples' represen-
          ?;,           "f1\ta",,v,y,C 'r'f-')'" III/i\')' III/e;:t:m.'}r f1\ta"..c;y,C                                      tatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                        ~on        ClJ,e.9° ft,'1't.{,' '1'1.,"';;: '".c;,e. ~"I,} co,e.r
                                                                                                                        5) "Maladministration"         includes acts committed, or
                        "."..:}', 1\ta',.,v,,{',C'h c"h-):}",}nau'la:         nau,}"IF""
                                                                                                                             decisions given, by executive government organs, in
                        1\tat.?I11/, t,tl1\:"        flll/,t.Rno' y.:C1.,y.":i-'} co,e.r
                                                                                                                             contravention of administrative laws, the labour law
                        flll/,(afll' (D'l)).sP:}',,} fJl.I.l.9" t.A:                                                         or other laws relating to administration;
          ,;.           "'1i\P'AflJ'}"    III/i\')' fc"h1"n ".aul.,6J!' m,e.r fau'}                                     6) "Official" means an elected representative or an
                        "llv:" t,tat.?I11/, t,tlA "'!(111/,m,e.r ;"JI\t. 'co,:                                   I
                                                                                                                             appointee or offi<;ial of an executive government
          't.           "(am." o.,i\')' lI'/'};;:m'9" f".t.'rr.' (aco, co,e.r n~..,                                          organ;
                        f(a(IJ.':"       au,n""       fh'(afll(D'      1\'lA         '1m-:                              7) "Person" means any natural or juridical person;
          ~.             "nAA"             III/i\') (b,,')'f*,r              &..Y..t.I\ce .it'l"nt.(a.,rce              8) "Region" means any of those specified under
                        t.T,nt\.n ~1 au'}"Uv"', 1\,}"'''                             '!i% (Ii) I\,e. f".aui\                 Article 47(1) of the Constitution of the Federal
                        h"::" III/i\')' (') i\'lU 1\CP).!- \t.~Rr
                                                             1            (a.IJA f1\.itta
                                                                                                                             Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and, for the
                                                                                                                             pruposes of this Proclamation, includes the Addis
                        1\n'l     11'1'111/auta".,v,y.:c'}e; f,f.:t...c;CP 1\ta"..c;~C')
                                                                                                                             Ababa City Administration and the Dire Dawa
          Ii'       .   "c/O'}"UV'}"                  O.,i\:,'      f&..,e..t,A              co,e.r     fnAA            9) "Government"         means the Federal, or a Regional
                        1~'}"IP':" '1m.:                                                                   .                  G vernment;
          :C:. "f(IP'}"',v,}                       fAIII/,}
                                                        .~'c:~"'-"       III/i\"" nau'}"IF""                            10) "ublic        Enterprise"    means a production, dis-
                        'Ii\n,:,''''','   IVC ft"',T~ flll/r/.:F:           flll/h'f.l.,r:  1\1A                               t ibution, service rendering or other enterprise,
                        ..",..:,. (a61'> ,e.9"
                                          ClJ          (~.e 'I ,). ~'C:~"'- '1m-:                                              u der the ownership of the Federal or a Regional
                           "fI/O'}"'p',),     (~/n':""       III/i\')' lII/.tta1:C: i'0I/.'li'}:                                 overnment;
                           '1i\/vAfI)'}:        {,,:~:'}(a.:          '}ta1;""f,.""        co,e.r                        11)   "overnment Office" means a Ministry, a Com-
                          III/li:,:m.r 1\.1\ fF'}OIF')'           auFt.,r       0."" '1m-:                                     ission, an Authority, an Agency, an Institute or
            'e           "(/OC°.,t."             1II/i\,1. f9°Caul..          Fl.,     ~'}.it,r'l'lY:    ncpe;               a yother government office;


                         ~'}'I fIl'1.tco. f,,'auy,n '1'1..''';;: 'co' :                                                  12) "nvestigator" means a staff assigned, by the Chief
          Ie.            "1\tat.~I11/. 1\'lA"          lI'/i\')   fau'}..,p'''''   au F t.,r
                                                                                                                               mbudsman, to conduct an investigation;
                         f1':V}:       ClJ,e.9" f(/O'}OIF""          fAIII/"" Y:C).!-""'}
                                                                                                                         13) "xecutive Organ" includes a government office
                                                                                                                                a public enterprise as well as organs rendering
                         ~'},t;.lJ'9" n,v,:~''} (a61'>    ClJ,e.9°nc"h°l 1\m-l.l.l,CO'1\'lA
                                                                                                                               ministrative or related services within the
                         (lJ.ta'I' f1\ta".,v,,{'.C ClJfJ9" f1\ta"..c;y.c 'In 1\1A"Ii\"""
                                                                                                                               diciary or the legislature;
                         flll/,(a'I' 1\'lA ') .el.1.l.9°I.,A:
                                                                                                                                aw" includes the Constitution of the Federal
          :r:!i'         "cn"I"        III/i\')' ft,.,)'f'A',r   &..Yol..I\ce .it'l"nl..(a.,rce                              Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Constitution
                         t.T'flt\.h      c"h" c/O'}"IP")''}: fnAA ~1 au'}..,F""'}:                                           of a Region as well as federal or regional laws and
                         ft..,e..I..A         (lJfJ9"       fhAA     ~-)":i.'}e;      Y.')(l",f'}                            regulations.
                         fJC.I.).9" I..A::

'lA'   fi;Q:r~f~;;!t..."..t..A 't.?/.-}' :J'LffJ 'I:'I'C ijli I'Ik ~ .,., Ii,"',                          Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 41 4lhJuly, 2000-Page     1369

;:.      £/O**S'''                                                                                            3. Establishment
        fi'  f,.n'lI.n ~,,}11 ml1.t "'*S'u (tUlU n:\(\ ""'*tJDc"                                                  I) The Institution of the Ombudsman (hereinafter
             ~f,"I)t\     fOl/.ml..) f,.nol f\(J}'~.}- ,ft\lD- I..(}.,} f:Ft\                                           referred to as' 'the Institution") is hereby established
             f~.4!..I..A     00')011"':"   M1A        Irtj    flilU    h'P:Eo                                           as an autonomous organ of the federal Government
             "'*'ho.'I.A::                                                                                              having its own juridical personality.
        g.   "'*l/D' "'m/. ~-,: t\S'''tJC n.'1: y,rrc; A::                                                       2) The Institution shall be accountable to tile House.
9.'      f.,.t-'~OI/.         ~.}. (J}f\'}                   .
                                                                                                              4. Scope
        Ii'       flilU h'P:Eo n(J},}J': J':" f"'f.~11lD-                               f(t,.}-'}SI'" J';1-       I) The Provisions of this Proclamation set out in the
                  Y,C.L}.S'''I..A::                                                                                     masculine gender shall also apply to the feminine
        ~.         .BU 1',If':Eo ntJAA           oo'}oIP.}-   hl1t.KOIJ. hill\.}-C;                                     gender.
                   l}l\p'AnJtj:F:':(J}'      nOl/.t.~tJDc fhl1'''~!.C     1'~.y.:fSl'"                           2) This Proclamation shall also apply to maladminis-
                   I\.B "'''.KOI/. ~:,. fJtj I. If'A::                                                                  tration committed by the executive organs, and
.f           (~I\11'/                                                                                                   officials thereof, of a Regional Government.
             f"'*l/D'       t~I\1I'/ nihol f"',V. ~1'" f'L1:f         ooofl.y.:y. ~C;                         5. Objective
             'I':"""'"'}" n1',l1".KOI/.(J}' hill\'''' oohnl..:':(J}''}    nOl/I.;J 1'1' =                         The objective of the Institution shall be to see to bringing
             fihol      fnl\.B~.}-'}   00''''1.-}. ,f!.1.1      1'1...}-: :"A'I'~C;C;                             about good governance that is of high quality, efficient
             DJAK'~:" ,ft\lD- OOAilS'u foo'}DJP:"                  hl1"'~f.C     ~'}.It                           and transparent, and are based on the rule of law, by way
             f\~,} II'/Y:I.DJ .BlrC;A::                                                                           of ensuring that citizens' rights and benefits provided for
}.       PAnnI','      '''DJllC                                                                                   by law are respected by organs of the executive.
         ,"*tJDc fOl/.h.,.I\'.}- PAlIJ'}C; "'DJI1I...}- .Btj~;1-A;                                            6. Powers and Duties
        Ii'   hl1t.KOI/. hill\.}- fOl/.,f(J}tp.TlD- hl1"'~f.l..-e       0000/.                                   The Institution shall have the powers and duties to:
              ,f?J:Y' : fOlJ.f\fp":':(J}' cb.l});S":Y'C; hlPl..r::FTlD-                                           I) supervise that administrative directives issued, and
              fIL1"'}"''} ih1-oo'}DJP:t--e      ooofl.y.:f'}C; ih1:f'} fOl/.B                                           decisions given, by executive organs and the prac-
              .4>I.). oolrC;T(J}''} t1D~lIJmC;                                                                          tices thereof do not contravene the constitutional
        ~.    hl1,,'P,J'.I..-e   1'~:"')   hl1OOAtJ.y. fOl/."'C~ :"10;1-                                                rights of citizens and the law as well;
              ?J:Y''} foo.,.nAC; fooooCooCI                                                                      2) receive and investigate complaints in respect of
        f'    hl1t.KOI/.lD- hilA PI..(J}.'} nihDJ 001P1..}- fOlJ.,fh                                                    maladministration;
              C;(J}.') £/Orr).'} t\O>/1.;J1'1'C;hl1"'~f.l..-e   1'~.y.:f ~'}~                                    3) conduct supervision, with a view to ensuring that the
                  .Bt.~OD' t\oohl\hA       <h'I"I'C fOl/Y:I.DJ:                                                         executive carries out its functions in accordance with
        9.'       hl1"'P',l' 'I'~':"     oot.OtJDc'} ,foo~n.}-                                hlr~                the law and to preventing maladministration;
                  fooc,:,},~ Yl}ofl foo?i'}:                                                                     4) seek remedies in case where it believes that malad-
        ?;.       hl1"'P,!     1'~-y."'}" fOlJ.?i?it\.n.}-'} 11-);;1-fO?1'C;.}-C;                                 ministration has occurred;
                  Yl}ofl fll'/:"I.,n:                                                                            5) undertake studies and research on ways and means of
        }.        f.,.?it\ foo'}DJP'}' hl1"'P'!.C'} 1\1I'/1117''}- ~I1C ih1:f                                           curbing maladministration;
                  m.BS''' 1',IPI..r::Y. (I).BS''' ooOO/.,f?J:f       ~'}.It?j?j~:                                6) make recommendations for the revision of existing
                  hP,P,.'" ih 1:f ~ '}P,.(I)m. OJ.BSI'" t\. f'1.S":f ~ '}.It .,.f (}.
                                                        T                                                               laws, practices or directives and for the enactment of
                  fO?l}f\,n          =
                                                                                                                        new laws and fQrmulation of policies, with a view to
        %.        hl}I\O>/(J}' ;JC fll'/,nJlIJlID- t\.t\..:f '''DJ'lr::f'} fO?h                                         bringing about better governance;
                  C;a)')::                                                                                       7) perform such other functions as are related to its
%.       f PAn)'}                 "f.,n                                                                                 objective.
          "'*00':-                                                                                            7. Limitation of Power
        .,      nih',H)              S'''C6l>l f"'**oo,       S'utJC f1.,,.:y. nihDJ hlD-6J.h~                   The Institution shall have no power to investigate:
                :t-:':(D.           fOl/.f\fll.:':(D. (l)l}).?J:f'}  (J}.BSI"'I                                  I) decisions, given by Councils established by election,
        ~.        nll'/'};;:(J}'S'u ~C.r.' n.')' nf.}-;;:lD-SI'"
                                                               f.l.}f noo;1-f.}-                                        in their legislative capcity;
                  I\.B ,f t\. "'P'f':f'}          (I)
                                                          .BSI"'=               .                       .        2) cases pending in courts of Law of any level;
        f'        nlf'c; "P,.'''C          OOP/.,f           f1.:,. noo;1-f.}- I\.B ,ft\'1-~f':f'}               3) matters under investigation by the Office of the
                  (J)                                                                                                   Auditor-General; or
        9.' no",:,. :'J.Bt\..:fc; n£/Ohl\h,f IPI..-e.}- tJ~t\":f fOlJ.f\m-                                       4) decisions given by Security Forces and units of the
             f01':"    In.BSI'" fU1C oohl\hA      1.~r':f'}    nOlJ.oot\h.}-                                          . Defence Forces, in respect of m~tters of national

             f 01/.f\m' (J}.l});?J:y.'} :                                                                               security or defence.
        foooocooC      P'AlIJ'} fl\(J}.S'''::                                                                 8. Organization of the Institution
~.           f.,.*oo'        1',*S'u                                                                             The Institution shall have:
          "'*l/D':-                                                                                              I) a Council o~e Ombudsman
        j).    fb'}l)             ml1't    ".Ill}.:                                                              2) (a) a Chief Oqibudsman;
        ~.        U)         1',')J'.: 'PC; b'}llml).t:                                                                 (b) a Deputy (;~hiefOmbudsman;
                  t\)        1',') .f: S'utJ'}'A If'I'j b,}11 mll't:                                                    (c) an Ombud~'an heading the children and
                  ,.h)        f ih IIC;.}-Ii'f(t,.y.".}".'}".P,.B fOlJ.ool.. b,}l1. mll't;                                    women affairs;
                  00)          f:"C'}6l>llJ: ~'/n..Y:'}"' b'}ll mll't?J:f:      'hC;                             (d) Ombudsmen heading branch offices; and
                  'v)     hl1t.l\'l          fIn.          ''''I.,'''7f:f                                        (e) the necessary staff.
                  .Btj~.:J'A::                                                                                9. Head Office
ii'      'PC; 00 P ~,f f1..}-                                                                                    The Institution shall have its Head Office in Addis Ababa
         f.,.*oo'   1f'C; 00!f1..}- h.ltl1 "nIl Irtj Sl"'tJCI f1.rf: n"1-(J}                                     and it may have branch offices in other places to be
         11 ~(J)' nll'/c;:t:lD-SI'" P' If;I.. :"C6liJ.lf; K' f1.Ft- t\. tj 4lD-     I                            determined by the House.
         .B:fl\ A::                                   \
            .,R-   fIl ~;J~-1-;JJI,II) .'I'C ii fl1-1;-1- +1 1iifit~ '.9". ',N~garit
                                                       ?;                                                                                     F
                                                                                                                             Gazeta - No.9 13th ebruary1996- Page 116

            jf.    l\9"9"H: l\" OUR-I..                                                                  2. RMiiicationof theAgreement
                   Oh.-1-,.kl fii..,..,c OU1"'P'-1-'iO-htJlJ ~T.()«\.h                                                                                             of
                                                                                                                   The Trade Agreement signed in Tunis on the 3n1day
                            ool1h~""-"fD-1- +1 1iffl-hU.h+"7""
                                           fi                                                                      Nove~r, 1994betweentheTransitionalGovernmentof
                   f",~~ouID- f1..,.(- l\9"9"~-1-fJ'(-*~           II                                                        and
                                                                                                                   Et1.Uopia the Governmentof the Republic of Tunisia
            C' ""',(-'1' fh.1~l\-1-~ "\-I:CP'~1I)1                                                  3. Power of theMinistry of TradeandIndustry
\                  f1..,.(-'i fh.1~l\-1-~\-I:C l\9"9"~-h OP'~                              ",.               The Ministryof Trade andIndustryis herebyempowered
                   7-1J;.ID-~ M'(-~'" P'~1I)1 01l.1Ih'P~ "'''''I'''';I-~                    II    .c               to ~plement the Agreement.

            i.     h'P:( f"7..&'iO-1- 1.JI.                                    ' ,.                      4. Effective Date
                              .     .'"                                                                                                            ','"         ,.'5'.               "
                                                                                                                   Th1sProcI~tionshall                          enter into force as of the 13* day
                   ,.11    h'P~ hfl1-1;~A +, 1iifit~ '.9"1.9"1: rfJtj"1f~f.\1I.                                    ofFebruary~ 1996:                                 .           ~
                                                                                                                                                                                         "       ',.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 eo ",

                              hJ;.l\ hOIl fl1-1;-1- +1 1ifit~ '.9".                                                "        Do~e at Addis Ababa,..this13*day of February, 1996.

    I                                      "Ic ~;J(8
                                                   1.J;J;                                                                                  "
                                                                                                                                               NEGJ\SO GIDADA (DR.)
                                                                                                                                       c       -                         -
                                      .u.~"~JL""h~""'ce                     ~T-ol\.h                                     PRESIDENTOF THE FEDERALDEMOCRATIC
                                               T ~1I.J;1-1-                                                                      REPUBUC OFE'qIIOPIA;'"

                                                                                                            COUNCILOF MINISTERSREGULATIONSNo. 1/1996
                                        fDhc 0.-1-1.1~ .'I'C i/1iifit~
        I                 l\"ouCh11 M.,II flDlI)f"\-1-C'T9"hC 0.-1-                                      COUNCILOF MINI.S~S REGULATIONSTO
                                                                                                              PROVIDEFOR THE REGISTRATIONOF SHIPS
        I                                         1.1-0
        I            f"\-1-C'T9"hC o.-1-fh.-1-,.kl .u.~"ce J;."           These Regulationsare issued by the Council of Minis-
              jce ~T-ol\.h hl\4C.~"7..hl1"-1-1 P'~1I)1tj '.,...,IIC "OOID""
                                                                             ters pursuant to' ArtiCle5 of the Defmition of Powers and
                                                                             Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic
            OIDII)ID- h'P~ .'I'C i/1iifft   h'+R- ~ OUiP~-1-      ,.1111.111 Republicof EthiopiaProclamationNo. 4/l995.                                                                                      ..

        I   hlD-'l':I:~ II
                                                                             1. Short Tide
        I   ji.    h6f.bC Cc)l\
                                                                                                            These Regulationsmay be cited as the "Registration of
                   ,.111.111 "fooch11 ,..".,11 f"\~CO~ 9"hC 0.-1-1.111
                                                                                                            ShipsCouncilof MinistersRegulationsNo 1/1996"
                   ~'I'C jil1ifit~"  "'-oA-l\.m+.~ ""f"~ III.
                                                                                                         2. Definition
            jf. -1-C~1
                                                                                                                   In these Regulatio~sthe term "Ship" includesvesselsas
                   '01l.1I1.111 m.-l\'I' "ouCh-o" "7A;+ OIlIlC ih.., h1+R- 1                                       defined under ArtiCleI of the'Maritime Code as well as
                    ",. o.,.oul\ti.,.cD- -1-C~1 f"tif4C.~-1-1 7-1J;.v-fD 01\.,C                             s~ps and motor~ats used for'inland water transport.
                                                                                                            ..                     ,

                   m-l\'I' ID-:}9»T "..J.~.., :;.~1h7-C-1-f"t!.,,,..,l\-                                 3. Registration..
                   ou~hflT1'i       O"...,.C f"tiP"- 1.~II"T1               "{,D.9"~1A1l
                                                                                                            The Ministry of Transport and;,'.)Coll1Q.1unicationsshall
            c.     ,..".,11                               ..   3                                            carry 'out the ,.registration of ships jU1~ other ~1ated
                   f-1-~1la7c-1-tj oo.,tj~ "7..tlf-tCfOuCh-o, ,.,lItj hll.v-                                activities.                              ."

                   ;JC ,f""1tf- "''''IIC'T1lhtjID-tj~~                                                   4. Place of Registration
                                                                                                              "'                                            '

            !l. f,..".,11 (1;1-                    ~.                                                              Addis A\>~a or other ~opian town~designatedby the
                                                                                                                   appropria~ body,sllall serve ,as a'place(s) port(s)-'of
                                                                                                                          .,               ",                       ..
                   1\J;.l\ 1\011 1D"9" f"?ODA~"'1IJe 1\11~ ~~"'P'7:fID-                                            registration.                                         <                                            ' .."
                   IbA-Tfh.-1-r-tilb~T                             (rc-1- "~~~l\-1-
                                                       f,.".,q (1;1-
                   ~ 111) If~-- ,.,,,..,,,ir     II'                          ....                       5~ Effective Date                                                   .
                                                                                                                   These Regulations shall come into force on the date.. f
            ~. 1.111-f1.,KliO-1-1.JI.
                                                                                                                   their publicationin the NegaritGazeta.
                   "111.1-0 0~;J~-1- ;JJI,II);1-:""" hIDII)O-1- 11."C'                      fSt;                                                                                             ,                    ,

                   "lftj~ III               ;'                                                                                                      day
                                                                                                                       Done at Addis Ababa, this 131b of F~bruary, 1996
                              1\J;.l\ 1\011 fl1-1;-1-~ +1 1il1"1,.,..                                                                                     MELESZENAWI                                    ~

                                               oo"l\ JI.'ice                                                PRIME MINISTER OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC
                                                                                                                       REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA
                           ~h.-1-"kl ~~ce              J;.""h~().J't tT-ol\.h
                                          18"'''''"\-1-C                           .

                                                                                            SFLAM      PRINTING
                                                                                                        u        ""I!+       ,
                                                f h.:"r- taf '("1..~" ce -'l"..h ~ftJ'ce &r11t\.h

        ~Yo/r.A                                                ., ;JtT ;JltllJ
                        ;FEDERALNEGARIT GAZETA
                                   OF THE FEpERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBUC OF ETIllOPIA

        0-1\+;;: 'JOD-r *"c II:                                                                                 2ndYear No. 13
 A.ltl\ Anf) - ft}-t+%+, Iitfif~                   Oh.""r-kf t..Y..t-l\'e -'L'fDht-(}J'e ~T-f1iLh      ADDIS ABABA      - 15th February,    1996
                                                   f ,'h1l-f1+lOt}r-'f 9"hC 0."" mf1cf:~""flOtI)

                                oym-6Ii                                                          CONTENTS
 hCP~ ~1'C l1?;!njfif(i; ~'9'"                                              Proclamation No. 25/1996
  f'("1..~fA CJ:C.(- ..,.~ htp~                               1;t lifiJit       Federal Courts Proclamation                     Page 129.

                        hCP~ <k1'CiJ?;!Iitfif(i;                                          PROCLAMATION NO. 25/ 1996

                      f'("1..t-fA CJ:C.(- ..,.~ htp:E-                                   FEDERAL COURTS' PROCLAMATION
        nh.:,.r-taf '("1..~"ce-'l""h~ft.fce         &r11t\.h f~~~:"         WHEREAS, in the Federal Democratic Republic of
P'fAlJ)"} n'("1..~fA oP"}"'P'1:li nhfAho~          f+h4-~t\            Ethiopia,judical power is vested in both the Federal Govern-
                                                                OoPlf)' I
       ih7' oP'J..,)P1:"} 'oPu.Z:"      OO?.(-l.., f'("1..t-fA CJ:C.(- ment and the Regions;
o..,.~"} P'fAtfJ"} oPlD(r} 'hra~"1.. Iftj OoP1)"1: I                        WHEREAS, it is found necessary to determine the
       Oh.:,.r-A-r ~~"ce           -'l""h~""fce &r11t\.h ih1 jurisdiction of the. Federal Courts on the basis of the
oP"}"'P'T h"}+;t 2?;(Ii) oPlPl.:"f"th+t\OJ- ;J-OJ-l(fA         ::
                                                                            NOW,THEREFORE,in accordancewith Article 55 (1)
                            hCJ:fA h"}.(-                              of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                              ,m:""'''                                 Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimedas follows:
Ii' h6f.l>C'C6h                                                                                     PART ONE
    iUh,p~         "f'("1..~fA CJ:C.(-o..,.~ htp~             <k~C iJ?;!
    ,afT;:" ~"'.' +<11t\-\.m+ra f."f"fA ::
    ~~.~ ~               t '. ' . .                                         1. Short Title
If' TC=i"l                                                                      This Proclamationmay be cited as the' 'Federal Courts
                                                                                ProclamationNo. 25/1996."
    OtUJ hCP~ OJ-ra1'I                                            I 2 Definitions

        Ii' "f'("1..~fA oP"}"'P':"qt\P'fAtI)tj~" t1I/t\:"f;h1f11 .
              +lD"r-~ 9"hc o.:"li f~1..t.7i") 9"hC 0.:"               In this Proclamation:
                                                                      1) "Officials of the Federal Government" means
              hqt\-~: h"t~raTC f.l.~ O"f. flf). f'("Y-o~fA
                                                                            members of the House of Peoples' Representatives
              OD"}"'P'1:flt\P'fAlJ)tj~ f "tth:"C'~ f f'("1..~A              and of the House of the Federation, officials of the
              m:""f.CJ:C~ 0.:" ~~~. hliOi-'UPVlVlf. f.l~ "f.                Federal Governmentabove ministerialrank, minis-
              f"t7~ f'("1..t-ir oP"}"'P':" l}t\P'fAlJ)tj~ li¥OJ-I           ters,judges of the Federal SupremeCourt and other
        Ifr "f l..1..~fA oP"}"'P':" IP~"'~~~'       O?t\:" OILtJ            officials of the Federal Government of equivalent
             h"}+;t "}o-rah"}+;t(~)OJ-ra1' h+m+(}c:" OJ-6f.b                rank;
                                                                      2) "Employees of the Federal Gpvernment" includes
             fir tM..1..~&\oPi"U~:" P'~ "f. f+(}O?~IP~+                    all employees,otherthan thosereferredto under sub'"
             ~~"} u-'lr fm,4>fA"fA I            .                         Article (1) hereof, engaged in the activities of the
                                                                          Federal Government;
n~";J             I                                                                                             ~;Jt"" ;JtLlIJr...,.4l. ititl!
Unit Price}   3.451                                                                                             Negarit G.P.O.Box 80.001
1K"   lif~ ~;J6-r ;JUI1) ~'I'C Ic fta1;-r 1: .,.'} Iilfitt                         'l'9".NegaritGazeta-No.13-15IhFebruary           1996-    Page 130
      C'     "f&..1o?/.\ oP,}"'P'-r ilt1:f" O'//\-r ilt1 oP'}"'P'-f:'}
                                                                                           3) "Laws-oftheFederalGovernment" includesall previous
             f°'l~:pl.'1-c; nilt1 oP'}"'P'i: ,,~ f+m"'''''-r'} n&..1o?/.\                     laws in force which are not inconsistent with the
             oP'}"'P'i: P'/.\I1)'} n/.\/.\ P'C fir .,.~\'-:f'} f"7.oP/\hi:                    Constitution and relating to matter.sthat fall'within the
             nP'?"~       fir ~llC ilt1:f'} ~(,Q,9"?/.\ !                                     competenceof theFederalGovernihentas specifiedin the
      ~.     "&..1o?/.\ tt:c.(' n..y.:f" O'//\-r f &..1o?/.\ m.p,,~ tt:c.('                   Constitution;
             n.-r -: f &..1o?/.\ htt:+;;: tt:c.(' n.-rc; f &..1o?/.\ foP"f.                4) "Federal Courts" meansthe FederalSupremeCourt, the
          oP6f f.l.n tt:c.(' n.-r c;:f(J}o!                                                   FederalHigh Court and the FederalFirst Instance Court;
      ?;. "(&m-" O'//\-r f+tC.'I'~ (&m- ~9" nilt.., f(&m-~-r oP11-r
                                         m                                                 5) "Person" means a naturalor juridical person.
             f+(&mm- hta/.\ ~m- ::                                                                            .'

                                     ntt:/.\ rr/\-r                                                             PART TWO
             it/\ &..1o?/.\ tt:c.(' n..y.:f fm/.\ f~~~-r P'/,\I1)'}                                  Common Jurisdiction of Federal Courts

C.    oPlPl.i:
                                                                                           3. Principle
      f &..1o?/.\ tt:c.(' n..y.:f!
                                                                                              Federal Courtsshall havejurisdictionover:
       li'    ilt1 oP')"'P'i:,} I f 2..f...&-/.\oP'}"'P'i:,} ilt1:f. q/\9"                    1) cases arising under the Constitution, Federal Laws
              h"'tt: it9"9" ~.y.:f'} db IPl. -r flO'/~ l..., n "7.~w.,.J.; \'-:f!                 and InternationalTreaties;
       ~. n&..1o?/.\ oP'}"'P'i: iIt.., +1/.\Rm- n+m(&'1-ll/\.,.~\'-:f !                       2) partiesspecifiedin FederalLaws;
       C' n~?/.\     oP'}"'P'i: ilt1 oP'}"lP'-r m~9" nilt.., n+1/\R-                          3) places specified in the Constitution or in Federal
          (1;r9':f                                                                                Laws.
             ,,~ f~~~-r ~/'\11)'} ~tj ?:ftp/.\::                                           4. CriminalJurisdiction
~. fm'}"f./.\ f~~~-r P'/.\I1)'}                                                    Federal Courtsshall havejurisdictionover the following
      f &..1o?/.\ tt:C.(' n..y.:f n"7.t.'t+Ir-r fm'}"f./.\ .,.~\'-:f ,,~           criminalcases:
      f~~~-r P'/,\I1)'} ~tj?:ftp/.\ !                                              1) offences against the Constitutionalorder or against
      li' nilt1 oP,}"'p';rlf P'Cqi:c; noP,}"'p'-r fU1C m-it'l'
                                                                                       the internalsecurityof the state;
                                                                                   2) offencesagainstforeign states;
            fJ'I';r ,,~ n"7.LRtJDom'}"f.f\o:f !
                                                                                   3) offencesagainstthe law of nations;
      ~. nm-6Jl' U1C i,}"'P'-r         ,,~ n"7.LRoo- m'}"f.f\o:f !                 4) offencesagainstthe fiscal and economic interestsof
      C' n(&m-/.\~:f QP11-r ,,~ n"7.UtJDo m'}"f.f\o:f !                                the FederalGovernment;
      ~. n&..1o?/.\ P'}"'P'i:f.,.l.'I'c;f..,i1C1n.r:f I nm.p                       5) offencesregardingcounterfeitcurrency;
            "" f1'}U11 'I'.pqo:f ,,~ n"7.LRtJDom'}"f.f\o:f!                        6) offences regarding forgery of instruments of the
      ?;. f dt(&-r 1'}U11'} n"7.oP/\h1: ",,'}"f.f\o:f!                                  FederalGovernment;
      }. n~?/.\          oP,}"'P'-r (&~,,:f ,,~ fdt(&-r it? noPp'?-r               7) offences regarding the security and freedom of
            n"7.LRtJDom'}"f.f\o:f !                                                     communicationservicesoperatingwithin more than
      1:' hh,}.(' n/.\/.\ n"~ .m~9" nq/\9" h"'tt: f.l.n 1\1/'\'"                        one Region or at the internationallevel;
            f\o-r n"7.(&m- oP1c;;;:9':f fJ'I';rc; ~R~-r ,,~ n"7.LRtJDo             8) offencesagainstthe safetyof aviation;
            m'}"f.f\o:f !                                                          9) offencesregardingforeign nationals;
      t. fnl.? f.u'}H-'}n"toPt\hi: m1"f.f\o:f!                                   10) offences regarding illicit trafficking of dangerous
      iI' fm-6Jl' U1C U1:fJ O"7.O!'/\hi: m'}">:f !
                                                                                 11) offences falling under the jurisdiction of courts of
      I' fhf.1;;:c; hf.'}tf". M.:f ilt1-m'l' 1fm-m-c') n"7.oP/\hi:
                                                                                       differentRegionsor underthejurisdictionof both the
           m'}"f.f\o:f !
                                                                                       Federal and Regional Courts as well as concurrent
       Ili' fI+/\f~ n/.\f\o:f m~9" nL'1o?/.\C; nn/.\/.\ tt:c.(' n..y.:f                 offences;
             fp'/.\I1)'} h/.\/.\ P'C n"7.m.('~c; n+ff",           m'}"f.f\o:f!    12) offencescommittedby officialsand employeesof the
       I~'       f&..1o?/.\    oP,}"'~i:       ll/\P'/,\l1)tj:fc;   1P?+?'f:f          Federal Governmentin connectionwith their official
                 nP'?:fm- m~9" n~"k~;r:fm- 9"h'}'-r +mfct                              responsibilitiesor duties.
                 n"7.If'1-11:fm- fm'}"f./.\ .,.~\'-:f ::                       5. Civil Jurisdiction
~. ftt:-rdt 11dt.Cf~~~-r P'/.\I1)'}                                                            Federal Courts shall havejurisdictionover the following
      f &..1o?/.\tt:c.(' n..f.:f O~tt+Ir"" ftt:-rdt 11dt.C~\'-:f ,,~                           civil cases:
      f~~~-r P'/.\I1)'} ~tj&-:ftp/.\ !                                                                                                 o
                                                                                               1) casesto whicha FederalGQvernment rg~ is a party;
      ji. f&..1ot./.\ oP'}<?P'i:hta~,+h~l}4 nlf~n-r ~~!                                        2) suits between persons permanently residing in
      ~. oPf.fI~ ~tp6~;r:fm- (1+/\,~.h/.\f\o:f m-(1'1' lf'1- (&9':f
                                                          n                                          differentRegions;
          oPtahA 0"7.~"'"hCh~:f !
                                                                                               3) casesregardingthe liabilityof officialsor employees
                                                                                                   of the Federal Governmentin connectionwith their
      C. f&..1o?/.\     oP'}"'P'i:      ll/\P'/,\l1)tj:fc;   1P?+?'f:f      flP'?:fm-
                                                                                                   officialresponsibilitiesor duties;
          m~9" n~"k~;r:fm- 9"h'}'-r +mfct                                n"7.If'1-11:fm-
                                                                                               4) cases to which a foreign national is a party;   ,
          .,.~\'-:f !
       ~. fm-6Jl'U1C it;J +h?ta6 nrf~fI-r .,.~~!
                                         f1\.+r-*1   .u'-..t-I\CC.'L'fPht-.tJ'CC ~T1Il\.h

      ~lot-A                                         '1;JtT                                 ;JUlI)
                       FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                 OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETIllOPIA

        0-1\+'1 'too+ <liTeIii                                                                              2adYear No. 19
h.tlll hOIl - '11-1:+Ii .,., Iiiffl        Ok.-1-r-A'1.u'..t-I\'f Jl'fPht-.t1'f ~T1IA.h              tDIS ABABA      -   22ad February,   199

                                           fib,,11 -tlDttr-'f ,..he f1.-1-mq-t~-1-flDlIJ

                              oym-6Ii                                                       CONTENTS

 hCP~ ck'l'C 0i/!ifit~ 'i.fD.                                        Proclamation No. 31/1996
  00~t- f-U1~+ 1\1-IlI\Dl/.UOO-(l)11:A-T f(l)lI)                       OffencesAgainstthe Safetyof Aviation
  h cP~                                          1Jt f~§                ProclaIIlation           ,                             Page 164

                     h"~ ck'l'C 0i/!ifit~                                    PROCLAMATION NO. 31/1996
             00~t- f-U1~+ 1\1-IlI\Dl/.UOO-(l)1~                                      TO
                                                                      A PROCLAMATION PROVIDEFOR OFFENCES
                                                                          AGAINST THE SAFElY OF AVIATION
                          f(l)lI) h"~
       00~t- f-U1~+ 1\1- fDl/.4.S00- (l)11:A-T hll1.'i fl1fDo        WHEREAS, realizing that offences against the safety of
th1-(I)+'i 111l+ Oh~+~ hf-;J I\1-fDl/.'I'I\- 001T'i:ffDo1     aviation greatly endanger life and property, international conven-
00011011 A~tLU), th1 (1)'1'1:C1.-fT 1\009:*fD 'il\fDh+~       tions of which Ethiopia is one of the signatory states have been
                                                              adopted to suppress such offences;
llfDfD~-fT f(l)m-'i 1\.+r-*1 llfDfD~-Hi1 h4.~OO- h1~T
h1.t:... OoolT!!:I                                                   WHEREAS, in order to implement the conventions
                                                              ratified by Ethiopia, iris necessary to promulgate a law forming
       1\.+r-*1 1Sf-+~:ftD-1 'il\fDh+~ llfDfD~-fT (l)f-
                                                              an integralpart of thePenalCode;          ,   ,

.,...,QC 1\00+C1fD f1\.+r-*1 f(l)11:A th.., hl1A flT~ th..,
"7fDoII)+hll4.I\1. 1Tq"0001"-1:1                                     NOW, THEREFORE, in accordan2e with Article 55(1) of
                                                              the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,
        01\.+r-*1  4..1..t-I\'£ .'L'fPht-.t1CC tT1tl\.h   th1
                                                              it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
001..,P'+ h1+Jt 2~ (i) ODIP~+ fDl/.h+l\m- :f"fDo~AII
                                                                    1. Sholt title
i.   hlif.l"Ccbll
                                                                       This Proclamation may be cited as the "Offences Against the
     ".,U h"~ " 00~t- f-U1~+ 1\1- IlI\Dl/.UOO- (l)11:A-T               Safety of Aviation Proclamation No. 31/1996."
     f(l)lI) hCP~ -k'l'C 0i/!ifit~" +-i}A- l\.m+ll 1-TI\A==         2. Definitions
I. +C~'"                                                               In this Proclamation:
     OtLOhCP~ m-ll'l'I                                                 1) "an aircraft in flight" refers to the period from the
     i. "00~t- 1\1-11\ h1-t'1"I\1" "71\+ fh1-C',.I\). f(Dolif.l"          moment when all the external doors of an aircraft are
        OC'T h+o""O+ 1.fI. 1:fD~ O~ AllhDl/.h4.+ 1:~1l                    closed following embarkation until the moment when any
        Il\fDo11.fI. fDl/.ool\h+ .t1T1 h1-~"I\)' +1p..1~4.                such door is opened for disembarkation; and includes, in
        A1f-1T~ 1-U 1.fI. h1-t'1"1\)'1'i OfDollm- 11\-+1                  case of forced landing, the time until the aircraft as well as
        l1SJJT'i111~-I:1 00-1\-,000-""1\"7111\+'"fDl/.(I)llf-fDo1         the persons and property on board are released;

 rJlf. ";J                                                                                                                   ;r...,."'. TiLl!
                                                                                                                ~;J~+ ;JII.IIJ
 Unit Price   }                                                                                                 Negarit a.p,D.Box 80,001
     1K" f:s?;       t..f../rA ~:MT ;JtLtIJ~'I'C Iit ftti:T I1!+, Iitfif~ q.,...                      Federal" Negarit Gazeta -            No. 19 2200February 1996-    Page 165

          ~.          "Oh1A..,I\-"" Itf. fit h~t:TIt'i                    ", 67itT)Xf)'d~i:               2) "an aircraft in service" refers to the period starting
                      ..,.~ "}WC"" OJ~9" fh~C'TIt"} 1P~"'7f>"f it"'(JJ(i~                                      from the time of the preflight preparation of the
                      O~~ hDIJJ~C"''''' :"1:00 11"'1:"" :l9"t:h~C'TIt~                                         aircraft by ground personnel or by the crew for a
                      t}~&. O~It hhh tl'!! (}~..,. 1:~h fitw-1 iA' ~~oo                                        specific flight until twenty-four hours after any
                      ith..,. ft.1f")' 067'i:fw-9" 11-~:1'hlltl Olt~ oi~h                                     ,landing; but it shall not, in any event, be less than the
                                                                                                        .      entire period during which the aircraft is in flight as
                      h"}"'~ (ii) Oo~~ Itf. fit h~t:Tlt1 h"t(fCj:~w- 1.11.
                      f~(} h~If"}9"::                                                                          defined in sub-Article (1) of this Article.
                                                                                                      3. Unlawful Seizure or Control of an Aircraft
    ,C-   h~t:TIt"} hitoo-pitCj:
                                                                                                          Whosoever intentionally and unlawfully seizes or exer-
          67"}9"(}w-If")111\- ib.., 0Jdi.bO~~A rt.                                    f olJEF OJ~9"
                                                                                                          cises cortrol of an aircraft in service by violence or threats
          0/\.1\ 067"}~W-9" f"'1h&.~tf                        n1.. 0,~1A"'I\-.}            Itf. fit       thereof or by any other form of intimidation is punishable
         h~C'TIt"}"}rfn OJ~9"Ock1'1'Crc fTit h,}~If~ hI~                                                  with rigorous imprisonment from fifteen to twenty-five
         hhh ti~~~..,. O"7$Ch ~~ hr~"" ~+iifA::                                                           years.
                                                                                                             d,        '       ,:,   j<,        ".
     !!- OO~~,,~ titih~C'TA"} "hh1. ~~;J- ft~::hit'QpllJA
                                        ","            ,
                                                                                                      4.   En~-4f!gerin~.1ill:!-1tcr4ft
                                                                                                                                 in FJight                             ;,
          ii.         67-f9" (}w- ri:fA"'~~""                OO~~ It~ l}it h~t:TIt")
                                                                                                           1), Whosoever negl!gentl5' performs all act of violence
                      w-h-r O(}W- Itl- r~f.A r~        hLKOO'i 1{c,~i:                                        ,against 3:~rson on board ';m aircraft in flight, which
                      rh~C'TIt~"} ~tI"}~""Ah1.,p;.~:1' I\~ fDt-rA flf~                                         act[is likely to endanger of that aircraft, is
                      h"}f.lf~ h~ hhh I~ '00"". ODt~cil '~~ hP'~""'~                                           punishable with rigorous imprisonment from five to
                      ,             -              ,                                                           fifteen years.
          ~-                it If"}. "'1\- OO~~ It~ l}it hf.C'TIt'}w-h-r
                      67"}9" ,
                             ",                               , ,."..
                      O(}m-' t,. r~f>A'r t- hLKOO'l 1:C'Li: fh~eTIt~ '}
                           I                                                                               2) Whosoever intentionally performs an act of violence
                      ~tlJ~"'" h'lt1. ~~:J:'I\~ f"tyA                  f""~ 't"}~u:~ h!~                      against a person on board 'an aircaft in flight, which
                                                                                                              act is likely to endanger the safety of that aircraft, is

              hhh ti~ ~OO..,.O~C~           ~~ hr t-"" ~"'lIJA::                                                      punishable with rigorous'imprisonmentfrom fifteen
     ~-    Oh1A..,I\-"" "f. l1it 1\';t:-rlt"} It~ h~~ hit671:l.h
                                                                                                                      to twenty-fiveyears.
          ii- 67"}9" (}w- OTA.,.~~..,.rih1'A..,{\o* I\~ IA") h~~
              Tit"} fOJf.o;io'f I\0~t- 11" ~"}~~If"} f"~1 OJ~9"
                                                                      5. DamageJo anAircraftin Service
              fO~~ Itf. ~tI"}~i: ith~~ h1Jt~it1'          I\671:l...,    1) Whosoevernegligentlydestroys an aircraftin service
                                                                                                              or causes damagewhich rendersit incapableof flight
                      fDt":fA ~..,. f~l.~ h11.1f~ h~ hilh I~ ~oot
                      O""J.kCh W~ hilt-"" ~+lIJA ::                                                           or which is likely to endanger its safety in flight, is
                                                                                                              punishable with,rigorous imprisonmentfrom five to
          ~- 6719", ()~ 1f1111\-.0~1A"'I\-"" I\~ fit1 h~t:T'"                                                 fifteen years.
             fOJ~oo t itO~t- l1ck h1~J.!.1f1 f1.?1 OJf.9" fOl.~
             I\~ ~tl1~i:1 ith~~ h1Jt~it-r itolf1:~'" fDt":fA                                               2) Whosoever intentionally destroys an aircraft in
                      ~..,. 1~t:.(}h1~1f~ hI~ hilh ti~ ~oo+ ODt~Ch                                             serviceor causesdamagewhichrenders it incapable
                      ~..,. hr~""~+tfJA::                    ,'.   '
                                                                                                               of flight or which is likely to en~angerits safety in
                                                                                                                       flig4t~is punishablewi~hrigorous imprisonment
I i-       Oh1A..,I\-.}-,,~,                                    i
                                                  hY;C'1':I\!.? fOU1.Cil                                     from fifteen to twenty-fivey~ars.
I          oo",tf          OJ~9" /J? hit67h+oo.p                                  ,

                                                                                                      6. Placinga Device or Substanceon an Aricraftin Ser,vice
i         li-         "719" (}w- OrA:+~~-r Oh1~"it8""'''';                                fDt1~1         1) ',Whosoevernegligentlyplaces or causes to be placed
                      h~t:TI\1 it67w-~9" OJ~9".itt1?t. l1ckh1~~1f1
                      OJ~9" fO~t- ~tl1~i:1ith~~         h1Jt~I\-r it671:~'"                                   on ~ airCfaftin seryice,by ~y means whatsoever,a
                      fDt":f1A'00"''(,1 OJ~9'"/J? 067'tTW-9" ,n1.. Ohf.C'
                                                                                                              device or substance which is likely to~estroy that
                      '1''' ~ m-il,. fii+oo;niD~tj- ~1'.}}(+00-r!~~1 flf~
                                                                                                              aircraft or to cause damage to it which renders it
                                                                                                             'incapableof flightodo endaDgerits safetyin flight,is
                      h1~1f~ h~ hilh it;.~~..,. ri"t~Ch' "1t~"hitt-~
                                                                                                              punishable with rigorous imprisonmentfrom five'to
                                                                                                              fifteen years.
          ~"           67'}cr (lID" ir1'iltfo    Oh1/.\..,I\-.}- "~f"7.1~1
                                                                                                         2) Whosoeverintentionallyplacesorcausesto be placed
                       h~eTI\1      it67m-Y:", m~9" itO~~ l1ckh1~~1f1
                                                                                                             on an'aircraft in service,by any means whatsoever,a
                       OJ~9" fO~~ ~tl1~i:1ith~~          h1Jt~it1':"CJlf1:~'"
                                                                                                             device or substance which is likely to destroy.that
                       f"7.":f/.\ oo",tf OJ~9" /J? O¥!Y'iTm-9"n1.. 01\f.t:                                    aircraft or to cause damage to it which renders it
                       Tit);>;m-h,-, l,il+f!'ftn OJf.1]"~1Jt+(ID-rf~~1                                       incapable,offlightor to endangerits safetyin flight,is
                       ftr~th'1$~:      hI~r?,"h~l;    \~oo.}- O~il        ~~                              , puni,shablewith rigorous imprisonmentfrom fifteen
                       hil~:" 1-+tfJ/.\,lI,        ' ,
                                                                                                                      to twentY~fiveyears.
     i"" I\O~t- 1.1J1~"" f"t11A.,tt-i+*IfD":f1                         OJf;9" t1D",'tf~":f1
          ilitolf(t'ih/.\'          .         ,        . .          7.' Damageto Air Navigation'Facilitiesor Equipment
                                                                            ','              ,

          lie 6719" (am- OT/.\"'~~.f I\O~t- itl1~.}- f"7.!1it..,tr      1) Whosoever negligently destroys or damages air
               .,.*IfD":f1OJ~9"00",tf91":f1 fOJ1.oo . fOlt(f OJ~9"         navigationfacilitiesor equipment,or interfereswith
               h(a~~TW-1it67(a'ihA lIJ/.\? f1l} h11.1f~'i 1:C1.i:          their operation, which act is likely to endanger the
             " OO~t. "~"fCJt1~1 h~eT'"          ith1.~ f"7.! ~/.\-r
                                                                           safety of an aircraft in flight, is punishable with
              :flf~ h11."~ hll hilh If; ~oo..,.O"tf.Cil ~~ hilt-""
                                                                           rigorous imprisonmentfrom five to fifteen years.


                             .'                                f h/t'r-k 1 4C..1..t-" 'e .AtfPh t-f\I'e
                                                                                           '                  &TlI t\. h

              ~Yo &./A                                                      ",;J ~:,. ,;J It ff)
                                   FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZET A
                                              OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETIlIOPIA

               Y''''''';;: ~OOT <h'l'C e                                                                                                 3rt! Year No.3'" Ml/l - 'r:"9"T ?!!i +1 Ii/f'ii'!!                  {)h. Tf-A-f '("1..~''''e "t "..tI~.ftf'e ~TlIt\.tI
                                                                                                                               ADDIS ABABA - 31st October. 1996
                                                                      1111 .,.mtaf-1- ,..tlc {).T ml)~~T flDlI)
                                                                 f ..'h

I     1\tp~    <l:1'C      ~;?;/:m£'ifii q.9'".                                                    Proclamation No. 47/1996
        fODlP~;J'ce'0~:J.1I~.).t; it.1:(~&1'" it.1J;.il:"& 1a.1:1f\                                  Basic Metals and Engineering Industry Agency Es-
       D7tJ:tJ:tPJ.1                                                      11\                        tablishment Proclamation                Page 268
                                                                                I£:E~                                              ,

                                  htp~   <l:TC ~?;/IU£YU
     fODlP~;J'ce 'O~:J. 1I~:"t; it.1:(~&1'" it.1J;.il:"& 1a.1:1f\ 1                                         PROCLAMATION No. 47/1996
                        ,,0;tJ:*9'" flOlI) 1\tp~                                                      A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
                                                                                                    ESTABLISHMENT OF THE BASIC METALS AND
           fODlP~:J.ce 1I~:J.1I~:"t;              fh.1:(~&1'" h.1J;.il:"t nctt:
      1.At.,.." 1I:"t; "hm~ ",e. fit               'itPJ. 'hY:1:" Y:;J£t. 'h1.AtftT
                                                                                                         ENGINEERING INDUSTRY AGENCY
    117Y:~'" OD7il~".,. I
                                                                                                    WHEREAS, it is necessary to promote the basic metal
          Oit.:"r-kl "--1..t-"'e .AtlfPht-f\I'e    &TlI/lh                          ih1       and engineering industries to make the sub-sector contribute
    oo1"'F:" 1\1+1\ jl;(Ii) ODlP~:" ftPJ.h"'''lD- :J.lD-~A::                                  to overall economic development;
                                                                                                   NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55 (1)
    ji. h6J.l'c Cilia
                                                                                              of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
       ,e.tJ 1\tp~ «fODlP~:J.ce 1I~:J. 1I~:"t; h.1:(~&1'"                        h.1J;.       Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
       il:"& 1a.1:1f\ D7tJ:tJ:tPJ.1
                                  h1'~ <l:TC ~/IUfYW)                            .,.111\-         1. Short Title
       t\.m+il ,e.'f"A::
                                                                                                    This Proclamation may be cited as the '.'Basic Metals and
    I' :"c:}~                                                                                       Engineering Industry Agency Establishment Proclamation
: fltLtJ 1\tp~ lD-ilT ;                                                                            No.4 7/1996. "

        «fODlP~:J.ce 1I~:J.1I~:" h.1J;.tt:"&» OIJ":" fD7iJ1:t;:"      2. Definitions
. Ii'
                                                                        In this Proclamation:
       lD-m:" flf). f"''',,- 1I~.'" 1I~"''f1 "ft.Ir-'f h.1J;.il:"
       &9''f 0tPJ.11"..,l\-O:" u-).:J.f"Y.ln;J~ h.1J;.tt:"& ~lD-'           1) "Basic Metal Industry" means an industry engaged
                                                                              in the processing of metallic ores to be used as raw
  !l' «fh.1:(~&1'"     h.1J;.il:"&» OIJ":" f"'''''-   fh.1:(~&1'"             materials by other industries;
      lD-m:" flf). 001A11 <l:lt<l:t''ft; fl11::J.A iJ~9''f                 2) "Engineering Industry" means an industry engaged
      ftPJ.I°OC:" h.1J;.il:"& ~lD- ;                                          in the manufacturing of various engineering products
  r. « lD-.'; t 1I~:J. 11~:,.» D7":" h 1A.., 1\-:" f07 ,e.ftm- 1I~:J.
             c                                                                and capital goods;
      1I~:" ~h fooh"hl       lO,e.r fftiiA OfJUf&I9''ft; fOfJUf&           3) "Scrap Metal" means unusable military or civil
      !9''f 1\11,,:"t; OO"1'lOlili9''f f\IT). h~IlU-;JC f"',I1t'               equipment made of metals arid their accessories and
      1I~:J.1I~:" IAIT)' 1\11":"1 ,e.aJ.9'"t-A::                               spare-parts including non-metallic parts thereof.

 .("~ 'I' ;J
!Unit Price     }   1.60                                                                                                              ~;J&+ ;JrLlfJ;r...,.~. T7(li
                                                                                                                                      Negarit G.P.O.Box 80.001
                                                                                          ,\.       .-

                                                                   f"-**1 ~1..?'\'e Jt'l"h?ltl'e ~Tl1t\.h

                ~1o/ra1A                                                           ";J~T                                   ;JUflJ
                                  FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZET A
                                                 OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                Y'~'''~ 'J-:"     -Ir'l'C f.                                                                                              3rdYear No.5
          ~.Il~ MI'I - ..,.-;c   Iii +'1 Iilf'iff!                  f1h"",,.k.r t..1..&.l\ce -'t'l"h&.lI..rce &1'-I1l\.h       ADDIS ABABA      - 28'h November,        1996
                                                                     f..'h1l-l1 .,.mt),.:r- 9'"he: f).'''' mlJctH' fmflj

         h"'~ ch'l'C~i/lififi              ,.,...
                                                                                                         Proclamation No. 49/1996
          f'l:l\tloo-~h.1i1 h"'~                                             11\    nG'Q                  Telecommunication Proclamation                  Page 274

                                 hCP~ ch'l'C        ~i!/!ifiti!
                                                                                                               PROCLAMATION NO. 49/1996
                       /a" '1:I\.tloo-~h."Ii')fmtIJ h'P~                                                  A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE
            f'l:l\.tloo-~h.1i') l\1A..,l\-:'- "U1~-I: f"-tl'iDttj                                         REGULATION OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS
     OJtJn(,.'e A07:" ht;:.,.;;: h/a.,.". 1\"       m- noo(J").;
                                                '"                                                   WHEREAS, telecommunication service performs an
            f'l:l\.t)oo-~h.1i1 h1A..,l\-:"') ,e,nA'I' +AtlJ4-tj hil.,.                          essential role in the Country's economic and social develop-
     OJOJ~"OJ1.:!.'" fch'l''I'C
                                     "'''''lC fDtlhtjm-') httA h1A..,                           ment;
     """:') hOJ_(amm-I:C~:'- ",e,.y.OJI.?"!.:"tj ch'l''I'~ fDttt~
     Yo-n.}-') -~:J- 001.')1.., h/a.l_'\1. (J"fi noo111: ;
               v                                                                                      WHEREAS, the establishment of a separate regulatory
                                                                                                organ other than the operator and the prescription of regulatory
                0"-:""*1         ~1..?'\'e       Jt'l"h?la.l'e        ~Tl1t\.h ih1              provisions are found necessary to make the telecommunication
    OD')..,pI.). h')+1\          Yf;I~1 OOIPI.:,.       fDth.,."m-       :J'm-~:A    II         service more efficient and reliable;
                                       ht;:A h11:                                                    NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1)
                                           mc}>,\,\                                             of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                                                                                Ethiopia, it is hereby Proclaimed as follows:
    ji'     h""'C C6/a
                                                                                                                           PART ONE
           ,e,1Jh"'~  "f'l:l\.tloo-~h.'li')            hCP~ ch'l'C .;i/lififi"                                              General
           "-111\- Itm+/a ,e,"f'\A II
                                                                                                I. Short Title
    I'     '}-C~""1                                                                                This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'telecommunication
           f.+"- h"'ll1 1\.'\ '}.C1-,.. fIl7..f(amm- ttA(J"~ O/a.,.+c                              Proclamation No. 49/1996."
           O'llJ hCP~ m-/a'l' j                                                                 2. Definitions
          ji.    "'l:l\.tloo-~h.1i')" "7":"1.-,.1\             I   rAh:" '1\d..lj:1                In this Proclamation, 'unless the context requires otherwise:
                 ,../aA m~r "7tj=fm-,. ,,e,~:,. 1\.1\ODI.)fOhol\.h                                  1) "telecommunication" means the emission, transmis-
                 '}-~h m,e,,.. Ohol\.h'}.r.-""/..,k-th;),e,A h"7"',e,~:,.                                sion or reception, through the agency of electricity or
                                                                                                        electromagnetism, of any sounds, signs, signals,


'n""":J o
    .             )
f Unit Pr Ice     j                                                                                                                  ~:M'}' ;Jtll1J ?""','I!. .t7f.ii
                                                                                                                                     Ncgarit G.P.O.Box 80,00]

                                                                                                                   ,,-,.-       FederalNegarit Gazeta - No.5 28thNovember 1996 - Page 275
    n<:?i ~1.t-A ~.?~T .?,ltllJ ~'rC?i, ~~C Iii +1 HilTii
r                        AhAh        1ipt    At..Jtf"
                                                      f, 01o'f-t'1A    OJ.e,.9!t.{'OA.J\
                         h.l\.h..,.C' OI/..,t.-tb hA""   tP(lPtoQ;1,"" f"~MJ\Att:                                                        writing, images or intelligence of any nature by wire,
                         OJ~,/", ~~OAlLtI'1           OOl/IP~Q;1,i: t ~hmI}Af.                                                           radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems

                        OJf,'/" O~~Ol\-     '1.1."" 1:'/"1.- t 9"Abi:;1 ('-m.f.t                                                        ,whether or not such signs, signals, writing, images,
                     ,  ffltA- OJ~'/" 00 l.~ OJ-~ 11.1e; 00 i:OJ ~fP,'nl\.l\                                                       sounds or intelligence have been subjected to
                     ;; 4,iilt1: AOJ-'r f.,.1.l.10""     ".t1'~Af."'-" ttIOOll)'/";;                                                     rearrangement, computation or other processes by
       I-            '~-I:I\.f100.ta 1i1 oohooC" OI/A'-"h-l:l\ 1i1                                                               any means in the course of their transmission,
                      {\.h.,.2" ;JC/\""'"      tt1A..,tr'-"  f«P/\ OJ~'/"                                                                 emission or reception;
                         ~1JtOJ-A f:J-+1. fhAh 1iP f t\.oOAf                                          ;b6JCt~"''-'''f
                                                                                                                                      2) "telecommunication line" means apy wire, cable,
                         tt1-f:e; ..,/,,(t{\ OJ~'/" OI/e;TOJ-'/"l\.J\",'-"tobTC OJ~'/"                                                    tower, mast, antenna, pole or any other structure or
                         ooUft,I"OJ- ;                                                                                                     equipment used or intended to be used in connection

                         "~lPl:J-~t                        fWI\\.1i1 tt1A..,tr'-"'~",IPft\:r:                                      with -atelerommunication system;
                                                                    b      1
                         f -f:1\.';:1 tf -f:1\...,to'/" ~ ~'/" f 1:A> h 11:1It ,tr""

                         ., OJ- j                                                                                                     3)            "basic telecommunication service" means telephone,
                         "f-f:I\.\100.ta 1i1 QQUf61"~II.'JI\'-"/\-f:l\.two-ta 1i1                                                                   telegram or telex service;
                         tt1&\..,tr"" f«P/\ OJ~'/"', ibm-A f:J-+1. '471~OJ-'/"                                                        4)            "telecommunication equipment" inciudes any ap-
           ."qo.Uf?I" (&.1f1 "f(1DUft,IOJ-1 "'111}0IJ. M1A                                                                                          pliance, apparatus or accessory used oririferi'dedto
             ~~'/" ~A ;                                                                                                                         \   00 \Ised for telecommunication services;
        b- "1:ii.-i\C-1o."OI/(\""..," c' 04i:J\~'-" N'''I1~'''-''
                   .., .:.,:.~.',',."       ~ . 't.                                                                                   5)            "TVRO" means an apparatus used only for the
        -      "J'~
           ",Mtt:,f                 t\.ii.~1 ,t:'C6Jt"";" AaptJ\A, ,.o;F. fOlJ.11                                                                   reception of satellite television broadcasts;
             /\..,A ooUf{,I,~OJ- ;
                                                                                                                                       6)           "call-back service" means the use of dial tone of a
        i-   """'ACth tt1A..,tr'-"" 0'//\'-"fV1C OJ-h'r f-l:A.f100.
             ta 1i11:.C~'-" 41OJ-~"" f l\.fa, .1Qfi;,A.~a   V                   1i1                                                                 foreign telecommunication operator for" mter-
                                                                        .."1-.,,-,,                                                                 national connections withounbe knowledge of the
             1:C~'-"                  t'1't, .,."     Att.1-PC91ifJA
                             00 (11+'/"           ., OJ- ;                                                                                          domesticrelecommunication operator;
                             "~th -f:C" ~ e; " .-,.C" 01/ \.-,. ~ 11.:"1. '/"                                                    7)           "Ministry" and Minister" means the Ministry and
                             .,.h'" I\- f'-" to1h;r c.-,.e; oo1e;~ ~                                                                     Minister',of Transport'and communication, respec-
                             01/.. h""C
                                      ~            ~ID-                                                                                             tively;
                             "(tm."               'f'!/\'-'" f"'~'rC',"'ID-w~fO.                       ,Oth.." f(tOJ-"'-"
                         ,   001\""           f"'.~mID-                   ,hilA     'lOJ-   II                                         8)            ~'person"means'anatural   ora'juridical person.

                                                                    .~)J~         ,itA""                                                                            PART'1WO
                                                                                                                                                          The 'Telecommunication Agency
                                                  fi;.t\                       ~~1lL
                                                                                                                                    3. Establishment
 ,c- }1!J,*,*,,/,,                                                                                                                      I) The Ethiopian Telecommunication Agency (hereinaf-
        'ji-                 fJ\.~f"JiI  ;t.'A>~~~~1i1 ,1i.1:1lL Om.., 0:\1\                                                               ter "the ,agency") is hereby established, as an
                                                                  lt~.,..,. .1/\ID-
                             "~1:1f\,0J1" hfrl"OA.fOl(.(Jl6-)fa.~                                                                          aut?nomous federal agency having its own legal
                              ~1fjFA,~,~UA't1P~~                                                 ~0.'-" tI'~; lULU
                                                                                                                        ,   h'P:~
                              ,           ,               "                         ,
                                                                                                                                       2) The Agency shall be accountable to the Ministry-
            1.h.J:1{\.~                                   7f7~t,"i:/\"¥..~h-l:~ ,,,"C;/A ::
    ,~- ~C;.~r't,J,o.if-                                                                                                            4. HeadOffice
        fh.J:1lL~ cp,e; ~r{,!o.'-"OttJth                                                               11:0fl tI''i ~11.,              The Agency shall have its head office in Addis Ababa and
        ML,I\ ,i: ,oo,Je;~~,/" rtt:6-                                 ,                             :"C1~tt:i\.rr            lID-      may have branch offices elsewhere as may be necessary.

                     i ~:                                                                                                           5. Objectives

       ..........-....                                                                                                                 The objectives of the Agency shall be toprOn1Ote the
                                                                                                          I ,hh~~                      develGplDOOtof bigh qtWl'l;ty,efficient, reliable and
                U~"f.1~1/t i'th:'ff!.T,~1f,rtmP"" 'tJ.\'R~
                ~$::f.r~ 'IF') ':lf1W~~~"41 ,~1~'1lt-t ~1"'A4.4.                                                                       affordable tclecommunication services-
                ~J::~1 ~1F!i~                              II

                                                                                                                                    6. Powers and Duties
; i.            fP~1J1S- ~~qC
                                                                          ;                                                             The Agency shall have the following powers and duties:
                ~:(1lLOJ- rOl/..I1.,.I\-""P'A1IJ1fi .,.,CtC'T "1~~/:\                                                                   1) to ensure that telecommunication services are
                '~- r-f:A."'~tt\.1i1       i\1(A..,1\-"" AfJ1?i: fi\.f1rroys
                                                                                                                                            operated in a manner that will best serve arid
                      D7,10~~ ~1:1"" "'1(lID-1 ttlt"',:t1o        i\.10th""
                                                                                                                                            contribute to the Country's economic and social
                      '1'lItfA tI,D,(AtJ.0011~~11l;J"'II}A      ;
                                                                      7*       ~,~

                                                             fh,'}f'A',f     &..J'u/.,I\~ )t 'lJtJ/...I\.!~    &T'fltt,tJ

              &o~lraA                                                        '1;JtT ;JtL"J
                   FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZET A
                                            OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

            Y'{I'/'?': f~a";" 'h'I'£: :Oi                                                                                             3'd Year No. 14
     ~\)UI ~\IIIJ  -   ;J"',"'P' :( '1"} :O!hh!                M,,')'\'"A",(' &"Yot.I}'f .&;.'I"ht.(l.,(''f /.T'nt\.h           ADDIS ABABA - 19'hDec. 1996
                                                               f ;""''''(1 .,.OJiW':}"9uhc: n.:" II\IN~~')- froffJ

                                        11'1 lD.6h1.
     ~,ln': ":'I'C ~n! Xi!hi'i! 1~'9'"                                                          Proclamation No. 57/1996
       f~,,'}\)'A',(' &..J',,/..f\le llU'}"IP':'-         f1.f.C,"}/'I     ~,/'I,,-,v,f-C         Federal Government of Ethiopia Financial
      ~,q):C':                                                             '/~' ~f.:i~;           Administration Proclamation              Page 298

                            ~,"':C': <':'I'C ~'.i,/:wr.'n'i!                                                     PROCLAMATION      No. 57/1996
  f~,,:'-f'A",(' &..,l',,/..f\~ CIU'}"lr:,' f1.,ec,"}/'I h/'l"',v,,\',C h",:p.-
                                                                                                                FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                                              PROCLAMATION OF THE FEDERAL
       lID'}"lr:,' ;'JI\&,'''':'} fH-ht'A ooOJ(/):'- ~ '})t :}"'Alloo'r'~                                        GOVERNMENT OF ETHIOPIA
~,C; <"A(')1. f1..r.c;'}/'I ~,/'I"-.(L\'-C pClH'     00 IIC,'J ,). !MH-
nooln,     :                                                                                        WHEREAS, a modem and efficient financial adminis-
                                                                                             tration system is essential to a well-functioning government;
       f~,.'}f'A',('  &"J'u/..I\l'~ ClD'}"IP"} f1.,ec;'}/'I h/'l1,,v,f.C
fOlJ.(ID/..n:,,'} IID/J'I.;J-lp' X-'Ut yt),n : OOCU~,'r' 'PC;",C; ".,v,f':}"'                       WHEREAS, it has become necessary to set out the basic
                                                                                             concepts, principles and elements which govern the
oom(\'} ~,/'I&.I\'1. If':' n(ID,,.f,,: :
                                                                                             management of financial resources in the Federal Govern-
       flh,'}f'A',('&..,l',,/..f\~       )t 'lJh/..f1,,('~ &T,nt\.tJ   :it"                  ment of Ethiopia;
oo'}"lp:,-     ~,'}<"X- ~?";(?i) (ID",I.:'- fOlJ,h,I-t\OJ' ;J-m-~:A ::
                                                                                                    NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55 (I)
                                                                                             of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                      t, (,: A ~,'}.(':                                      Ethiopia, it is:hereby proclaimed as follows.
                                          m <)'1\ \
                                                                                                                              PART ONE
ii.     ~,LiIN: C" /'I
        g.u ~''''X','' "fh,'}f'A',('      &..,l',,/..I\~ oo'}"lP')';'}/'I
        ~,/'I"-,(L\',C ~,,,,:c>..: <':'I'C ~'.i,/:w f.'U'W' ""Ot\° t\.1Il"''''               I. Short Title
        ,e:}"'I\A::                                                                              This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Federal Govern-
                                                                                                 ment of Ethiopia Financial Administration Proclamation
~-      :,.C:}OIJ,
                                                                                                 No. 57/1 996."
        flII,tJ ~"'):C': OJ'/'I'I':
                                                                                             2. Definitions
        ii'      "fllH'.~,}       f,Htm          M:,v,;J'"     OIJI\')'     f&..Y../..A
                                                                                                 In this Proclamation:
                 (IU'}"lr:"       h'nll'fI      1\.1\ n/),4> OJ,e9" fU,1A"1f\o,).               I) "Aid in kind" means any assistance received by the
                 lIDA~' flu-I\'} m,r.9" fl/}f\'flII' OJ'n /'I9"9"~,} m.e9"
                                                                                                     Federal Government under a bilateral or multilateral
                 hll.Il';'}"' 9U'}(,"~:}"'flll/A'nI\OJ' OIJci:'~m-9"~c,v,;J- ~m-:                    agreement, or from other sources, that is received in
        ~.       "lIf)(,:<",(':" OIJt\,} h'hn.4>t\I\m-       &.,}J.'.:I\,e t\ootJ&.A                 the form of goods or services or any other form other
                 fOi/..('/'I:}"-A fll),',,.,l    "'OJt1f'~"- 9"tJc 0.')- fOlJJt't'                   than money,
                 OIJc;:'~OJ-9u   PA(')'}      ~OJ' :                                           2) "Appropriation"        means any authorization of the
                                                                                                     council of Peoples' Representatives to pay money out
                                                                                                     of the Consolidated Fund,
                   ::;,15                                                                                                              ~;J6')' ;.J/Lnl ;"'''I'''~' 'iti'(i'i
 Unit Price                                                                                                                            Negarit   G.P.O.Box         80,001
                                    .                                                         .
rr.' !!(W    I.,J',,(..t:\', :)(.-/-         :m.(/I        /
                                                          ':"'(;                  .                ,             .
                                                                         -'.!! + 1''' '1'' .i. /",I "i.ii y."'i.i.'i.I 'HI".
                                                                                                    . ..             ,'          Fcderal    Ne g arit   Gazeta   -   No. 14 \9'h December 1996 -   Page 299

     !:-     "\Jlrl::h~             (1)(".1." "'/1\.:,. tJ:0I/.lJ.n:" 1\.000c~/,..')OJ"'}"                                             3)     "Capital Expenditure"    means an outlay for the
             1\.°'J'li'liA          (1)(,'.1. f/ll/..r.I. '" ~.'JI.n (t.I''') : l\.'}"hC                                                      acquisition of or improvements to fixed assets, and
             ~,'IA"'I\.":" f"'I.,r.I.',m0                           (In,.). "(,1.1.9"/,./;\ :                                                 includes expenditures     made for consultancy
     ti,     "f'hn,<1'1\.1\.                 /.:H-':"          "'/1\.:,. fHl,U ~\«f':~ ooIJ'I.')                                              services;
             llo'/I,':':m''J"                 fIlD'} "'1":"                  oo/n.:"               il'}"         n'I'}',.,1            4)      "Consolidated Fund" means all public moneys that
             o'I.IJ1'I:C fH'h/..,"m'                          ff1'H, 'i"I.n (I}'il'l' '1f1. f'I".\'.I.'I                                      are on deposit at the credit of any public body where
             fll"';"'r''''           'I'}JI'1l : fllD')",r.}                               rlD/n..y:.}', I\hc~J'                             the bank account has been opened by the Ministry
             ~,Vtm'A                WI'/.. 'I'}JI.n f,('''':''                          h.}JtlJ.'}" f1'~,.~.).
                                                                                                                                              under this Proclamation; all public moneys held in
             f.".n'        ~,O~:" ~(I)' :
                                                                                                                                             cash by any public body pending disbursement; and
     ?;'     ""1.('..:,."           0111\.:" n(l}'A       : nil9",},,~:f' OJf..'}" 0,0",
                                                                                                                                             all aid in kind;
             f "'(/1) I\.h"::"                                       f
                                              (}'~:"9)")" (t.".'1.1\.' O'/./..lIlC :~I\/..~.)                                          5)     "Commitment" means an obligation that becomes a
             ',(1)'    :
                                                                                                                                              liability if and when the terms of existing contracts,
     7;'     "tll,:.r"    "'/1\.:" n'hn.<1>I\.I\.m- /..'}.r.' m-il'l' f-"''''oo                                                               agreements or laws are met;
             lJl(l}"; faD'}",p':,'     'I'}JI.n (lnf,), 0'/.r.'1.'" ~m- :
                                                                                                                                       6)     Disbursement"     means the release of any public
     ?~,     "f/...Y../,.A aD'}",p,:,,"        0'/1\.:,. fh,'}V'A,',f !...1o/,..I\tr,                                                         money from the consolidated Fund;
             IIIJ'}'" 1',:,.        ~m' :                                                                                              7)      "Federal Government"means        the Federal Govern-
     ~,>      "fll~~::"         1~11D:""             '''/1\.:,.     hrh9"1\..            f! 1,ilh (t~ I!) .,.'}                               ment of Ethiopia;
             .(JI\.(I)' '1./1. ~m' :
                                                                                                                                       8)      "Fiscal Year" means the period beginning Hamle
     j!'     "f'.h:':"      '1./1." 0'/1\.:,. 1)1\./..(1}' fn:~:.}' '~oo.} chhn'                                                               Ist and ending Sene 30th;
             1\."'/,J/,rJlJ /).<1' ~,I,' 1\..,.(tlJl ,""IA"'I\.":"    '11\./..m- fn:f.'}'                                              9)      "Grace Period" means the thirty (30) days im-
             '~IIIJ:" m'il'l'      f<I'l.nm.        fhc~.(' '1,,('<1: '11\./..(1}' ~oo.},
                                                                                                                                              mediately following Sene 30thduring which invoices
             Il~~>'" 1\J'. fOl/.h/..An:"                           hM.            r!] ""}   :~:'}"r: ,fl\.m- fr!}                             received in the previous fiscal year for goods and
             "'1,':', '1./1. ~(I)' :
                                                                                                                                              services received in that year shall be paid from the
               "11";"1.''''''            1',/1\.:" m(,',1. 1\.0'/.r.'1.'" f".(tlllm-                                 /..,<1>1:               previous fiscal year's appropriation;
             o'I-IH:.<' '1./1. ~m' :                                                                                                   10)       "Lapse" means termination of spending approval;
     ni'       "o'I.I.f1.'n:            ~,I,' 1I'I.~il'I.'C"           0'/1\.:,. 1, '} .v.:" ,v.'}" -"h-"I\.'                          II)       "Minister or Ministry" means the Minister of
               f'1'}II'1l       "'/.~il'h:               >,1,' f'I'}",n      (II/,~il'f;C ~(I)' :
                                                                                                                                                Finance or the Ministry of Finance respectively.
     :(!{,     "II,"""')"           .1'("'I"n.                 "i"I(J".}',"            O'/I\.'}'       h"N1C             1,e;
                                                                                                                                       12)       "Other Receivables" means any amount owing to
               111''',''6bJ.         nil,""'C                 1\./"'1,,/'.A             CID'}",p"}               I\.h/../;\                     the Federal Government other than a tax or penalty;
               f°'l.VI         ''1c,':':m''J''           'I'} ".n         ~(D' :
                                                                                                                                       13      "Public Body" means any organ of the Federal
     :0:'      "ff/IJ'} "'1',:,.                 IIDp'/..<'               n.')"          O'/"'}            0'/'}~m-9"
                                                                                                                                               Government which is partly or wholly financed by
               nh/..A          OJf..9" 00'1\.' nO!)'I\.' noo'}",/,",:,.
                       t .. 1 /. l' uCI' ,~\
                                        ~.A       l/D'    }
                                                                   ,,:   ,. '
                                                                                      '"'/..(' n,.) ~m- :
                                                                                                       n:f.')'       fO'/,-"

                                                                                                                                               Government allocated budget;
                                                                                                                                                 "public Money" means all money belonging to the
     n!'       "\JIID'}",p,:,.                   'I'}JI,n"                O'/"'}            O'/.~il'}'';' OJf..'}"
                                                                                                                                                Federal Government received or collected (or
               o,/';"':m'9"             f!      l',,/'.A llD'}"lI~':" '11\.F'Ann                                     OJ"'}"                     receivable) by the Minister or by any official of the
              °'l'} "':m.'J"        n/...,l',,/'.A     rID'}"'F"}'      il'}" 'J'}JI,n                                                          Federal Government or by any person authorized to
               I\.IID.I>(1AmfJ9" I\.I/D(t,n(t.n P'AfIJ'} f,,'(tlll(l}' (t(l).
                                                                                                                                                receive and collect such money on behalf of the
               f ,,,,,'n I\.OJ' m ,r.'J" f (t n (t nm- (OJ.rJ')" fH.(t,n "n. ~,}.                                                               Federal Government and includes;
               f.fllm.)        O,/I,':':,I).'J" f/"'.l'../'.A   oo'}",p,:,.    'J'}II,n
                                                                                                                                             (a) special funds of the Federal Government and
               ().I1") f"'/Jl'I'I\."""} J'J(,1.1. /'.A :
                                                      9"                                                                                            the income and revenue from them;
              0)       f/.",l'../'.A l/D'}",r'}                         h
                                                         Af. ~.'JI(J".}', e; h1\~",(}.                                                       (b)     revenues of the Federal Government;
                   f"':A       '1f1. :                                                                                                       (c)    money raised by the Federal Government by the
              I\)  f / l'../'.A l/D'}",p,:,. 'In,?':}" :                                                                                       issuance and sale of securities;
              (11) f / l'../'.A (II)'}"'1',:" f«f'il'}c,' flH':')"'} nO'/(I}.
                                                                                                                                         (d) money received by the Federal Government or
                    £1):',1,'naoj'i'I' f"'I.flniln(l}'    'fiJl,n :
                                                                                                                                               any public body as loans or as assistance under
              II")   f &...l'../'.A lID'}'" 1" :,. m f.'}" O'/r,':':m-'}" f oo'}
                                                                                                                                               bilateral or multilateral agreements or from
                    "'1'.:,. rID/I).:" n'1I\.lJ'I\.:,' (wl'} OJf..'}" nlJl\.,n",
                                                                                                                                               other sources; and
                    (wI')       il'J"'J"~:"    OJ" 9" hI\.I\0:1' '}"'}, '.}",                                                            (e) aid in kind.
                           (J'n,v:c           (II .r,'J"      nM:,v,:,' fO'/..("")'(I)' 'J'}II'f) :                                  15) "Public Property" means all property, except public
            /I')      (lItrJ~') f"'l:I:~ 1,c,v,:J' ::
                                                                                                                                         money and land, belonging to the Federal Govern-
     :r:?;"  "f{lp'}",p,:,-      '}01110:"" 0'/1\,1' hno'}",p"}'     'J'}JI.n hc,'                                                       ment;
                 I..:" I) il"""l:     f / l'../'.('\ rID'}"II'""}' u"H' f"~                                                          16) "Remission" means the discharge or release from
             lI'II,':':(D'9" '}.nl.:" ~(D' :
                                                                                                                                         taxes, penalties or other receivables due to the
     X'k       "'J"U I. ,)" °,/1\.,'" "NI C'} : rlDlf>6b},'} f.')" 1\.1\.°'1'.
                                                          (lJ                                                                            Federal Government;
               .,"().n"n.           'i""]"'}"'} llDO'/C (IJ"')" ~., 0'/.f.:1.'" ~(I). :
1~' r.~ Aof.o&.t\ ";1(';')' :J"PJ              'h'rC::Oi      :,.tJ"IP'):   ",") :O!~'ii'!! '}.9".   Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 14 19thDecember 1996 -   Page 300

      fk          "~p, 00/Pl.1'"             11'/".), f&..Y..lrA oo'}"'F')'          "'(Hlltfl,           17) "Write-off"        means the cancellation from the
                  'I.'~l(f~"','} :     ",Y..;"5P'..,.,'}mf,l}"              ff,'I'1~A       1'!<I:               books of accounts, of receivables or obligations due
              $P")"'} h'l. Uf'fl OO'II'Nl 00/Pl.1' '1w- :                                                        to the Federal Government or any claims by the
      :':~/;' "ftpfl.).C; ftH':" 11'/":,, ftS.f,c;'}fI :pA tLP,'} OJf.?"                                         Federal Government;
              fti.f.C;'}fI ",Y..;V} "aO&:"?,, fll'/,ft1' mf,?" fOlJ..r'u                                  18)    "Security" means something given or pledged to
              '11C ft,(r'} : f"'?"~' n,.} ft'1.f.''} : f,"fltS- ft'1.f.''}';                                     secure a financial promise or a financial obligation
                   (I'H~:,) f,{'L1.?"IrA              :
                                                                                                                 and includes a treasury bill, a note or a bond;
      :m,         "f1'~:"     &.'} .f.: (ft:HL'}'" &,')Y:)" 11'/":,, fll.~"?" 'l.ll.                      19)    "Sinking Fund" means a fund invested to repay a
                  },.}Jtoo"fI     f"'OJf1.\','} .n.f.'C "ooh&,A : 9:0IJ, '},nl.
                                                                                                                 long-term debt, replace fixed assets or for any other
                  .r:."','} "00""1:"         OJf,9" fll'/,~fI'h~"''''' ?"hC n,:"
                                                                                                                 public purpose determined by regulations issued by
                  n°,/..raJf'JeU' .V:H) "1I'/.OJfI'1W'       1I'/C;:':W-9"'}"OIJ
                                                        "'''                                                     the Council of Ministers;
                  },'}.I;,W'A h,'}ii.fI:" fOlJ,Y.I.'" 'nu.n '1w- :
                                                                                                         20)     "Budget Subsidy" means the annual budgetary
      ?}"  "fn:~::" .V.:;1'''''' 11'/":,, f&..,e..lrA oo'}"'F'}      "hAA
                                                                                                                 amount provided by the Federal Government to a
           oofl."P'.V:C fOlJ,ftmcJ}- ,},/O :"'P. ffl:e.'} .f.:;1'''' '1cu, :
                                                                                                                 Regional Government;
      r!~' "'UW'W-C" 11'/,,:,. hi','H~: i',C~fI:": '}o,fI hC~fI'}                                        21 )    "Transfer" means the authorized movement of
             CJtf~!(~,f'l.""fl aO,V,.n OJ.V,          fOlJ,.V,I.'" f'J-&,"'.V,
                                                 "'''                                                            funds in an approved budget from one head.
             fn:~:.} 'JlW'W'C '1OJ' :
                                                                                                                 subhead, or item to another;
      r;'!{,       "f"'''f     '}"II'/"   °,/":"  nTh'" ')-l'ftm      FAil)'}
                                                                                                         22)     "Special Purpose" means an activity of the Federal
                   '/011'1.:" "'M'A, n°,/,J"U fOO'}"'F:"        'nU'fl fOlJ,h
                   C;CIJ'} f&..Y..I..A ao'}"'p',}  "''''I)C '1w, ::                                              Government which in accordance with legislative
                                                                                                                 authority is carried out by earmarked public money.
I:'   f",&,?tll'/.',:"          OJft'}
      ~.        f,tI    i','r:~: ",&,7tI''l. fOlJ.l1"1w- noo'}",p':,'                   ooFt!        3. Scope of Application
                {l,.r:.)', f,(I"; A             :                                                        I)     This Proclamation applies to public bodies.
      !{.       fOlJ,~fI:"r."''''' 9"hc     n.:" i',tp~: fOlJ,ooMl;";':w-'}                              2)     The Council of Ministers may from time to time.
                ,/Op't.r    n,.y:.)'. 'UC'UC nf'l./I,w, .fOJIIIA ::                                             issue the list of public bodies to be governed by this
!!.   ;~"&. '1.), },'; "'m,f":'1:"
      f}"f'}W}.V" foo'}"'I":"       ao/n.:" fn"f. ;~,,&, fll,tI i',tp:!-';                           4. Responsibility     and Accountability
      ni',tp~', (/O",I.') fOll,OJm.:" .V:HI:)" J':'} :n5P")" fl;~"&. 'I'}                                The head of every public body is accountable to the
      flOll,OOl.,W' (/O/n,.} w'fI'I' ,,0.", noo-",'; .H"U1.W' 00'}1J':                                   Council of Ministers for the responsibility to ensure that
      "''''f)/r'P.      110(J'C;:':w-'} n°'/I.:)'11'           I.'I.V: "0I1,~fI'}r."')" ?"hc
                                                                                                         the provisions of this Proclamation and of Regulations
      n.')' "'m.N:'1'} h"n:,'                   ::
                                                                                                         made under it are fully and properly implemented by the
                                                                                                         public body for which he or she is responsible.
                                         t,C,;A IJ''''}
                                                                                                                              PART TWO
            f (/0 '} '" p,.}     1'}' 1-1) fI
                                                (/0 ft.n ft 'n C;                  I
                                                                  '1fl, fI" 11'/.V.:. '"
                                              "                                                                  Collection and Deposit of Public Money
?i'   f"'m.p""             &:} .f.:
                                                                                                     S. Consolidated Fund
      ~,    fl"'''f            rJ'k"     },'}.I;A'(IO'I' nl''''''' t1'l'&A'Y."')'      nfl"''''c
                foo'}"',..,.':" 'nu.n               u,,,, 'H1. fOlJ,.V.I."IIH'i','}.v: f'hn
                          &:}.V: f,'j'/rA::
                                                                                                          I)    There shall be one consolidated Fund into which all
      !{,       ()l}f,',:" f,,'ftm        M:J~:"            OIl,~"':"-:' hOll,ooMl:":':cu,                      public money shall be paid except that otherwise
                foo'}"I1~':"       (/O/I1..r,:"" fOlJ,.f',-rw,'} ool.;f 0011'1.:"                               allowed by law.
                nll'/ J~'I.'" n°'/,OJfI'1w' tp.'J 0011'1.:" n'hn."'''''        &:}.f.:                   2)     Aid in kind shall be recorded in the Consolidated
                w'fI'I' ,(',0011'1 A ::
                                    I)                                                                          Fund at a value to be determined by the Ministry.
                1"l,~fI'I.'-:, f'hn."'''''w'')         &:} .f.: f,f,/IA    : .ffl"'P'                    3)     The Consolidated Fund shall be maintained and
                .V:I.,A::                                                                                       administered by the Ministry.
      Ii.       OIJ,~fI'l;-:, nll'/,};;:w'9" foo'}",!'""}        ooFt.f     n,,} fl9"                    4)     The Ministry may open. in the name of any public
                fOO'} "II"')'       'nu.n       flJll.1'001,.H,       ffnh     'I.""n                           body. bank accounts for the deposit of public money
                "-hC,;.), f,")""A :: fll.tI'}f,.,.,:?"               ffnh      'i.""') f'hn.p                   and such accounts shall form part of the Con-
                ""w, &,'},V: i','IA f.(J'C;A ::                                                                 solidated Fund.

'h' foo'}'U":,'                'nu.n i',ftf)ft.n                                                     6. Collections
      ~,         nl''''''' 'JA&,"""Y, nfl,"'N: 0IJC;:':W',}9" '{OO'}"'I"'}                                I)    No public money shall be collected except when
                'nu.n a°ft,nft.n i',.r,:J:t.\~.1"::                                                             authorized by law.
      !{.       l"l',':':W'9" foo'}"'p':"     'nu.n  .f"lJlUfI'l;-:. ;,,:)"~                             2)     No public money shall be collected without the use
                Y,l.ft;~ ,,-ftnft.n MI,:}"-A9" ::
                                                                                                                of the official receipts of the Ministry.
                                                                                       ~            .It'l"hMt..I''£
                                                                                       "-.1-'..&.1\'£                 tTl1tLh

                    ~Y-o~A                                                                   ";J~T                              ;Jttll1
                    FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                             OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC                                        REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                                                                                                                                           3'. Year No. 54
         v-1I+1;' ~oP-t ~'1'C :19-
                                                                         lIt...Tr-k.l' "".e..t."'f .It'l"tlMl..f'f tTlIl\.tI         ADDIS ABABA - 7th July 1997
   h.ltll hnq - M. o!j"',} Ii!f.itii
                                                                          fihllll +1II11r-"f?"tlc /l.-t ml1oJ:H flllff!

                                                                                                          Proclamation No. 89/1997
h'l';E- 4!'I'C if!t/Ii!~it!i                 ~.\I'"
   ft I-'..&.A D,}"lr'-r
             O                           f1mC          OD~-r      M,..,..I\F.C
                                                                                                            Federal Rural Land Administration
                                                                                                            Proclamation                                         Page 628
   h'l';E- ..........................................................                  1R'   i~?it

                               M'1: ~'1'C iti!/!i!f1'i!
                                                                                                                        PROCLAMATION          NO. 89/1997
                           ft tr-k.l' "".I-'..t."'f oP'}..,,..-t
                                                                                                                     RURAL LAND ADMINISTRATION
                            f1mC oP~-t hll+.I\f.C h'l'1:
                                                                                                                    PROCLAMATION          OF THE FEDERAL
                    ft...-tr-kf 1I.h.C'"f , lI.h.~flf1"f'lihllf1r l1u.,..-t                                             GOVERNMENT         OF ETIDOPIA
ODt.1r -t..,A foP/o-t 11l\/l.-t.,-t ODlI-t foP'}..,,..-t'l fihllll 1I:f                                            WHEREAS, as a result of the bitter struggle waged
      lIt...-tr-k.f t I-'..Ir"'f .It'l"ht-fl..f'f tTlIl\.tI ih1OD'}..,,..-t
01111'),                                                                                                  by the Nations, Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, it is
I1OD~;111J1-I                                                                                             confirmed in the Constitution of the Federal Democratic
        oPt.-t'l                  IJ-IH'} l\"'1l1+.I\f.C l\tlAI\-"f       f+flmlll-                       Republic of Ethiopia that the right to ownership of land is
,..AtI)'} /1,..1..         f"'l.III-l\1II- f"".e..Mr     OD'}..,,..-t /1"'l.fllltl)lII-                   exculsively vested in the State and in the People;
                     "1-                                                                                         WHEREAS,       Article 52(2)(d) of the Constitution
ih.., ODIPI.-t ODII').'} fih1OD'}"'''''''                        (g) (011) M"'1..f..,
                                                                                                          provides that Regional Governments are empowered to
                                                                                                           administer land and other natural resources in accordance
           f1:');11.111- +..,I1Ir'f.,-t             hm:l'''1-1-U-t           fl\1II- 1I''f 110-1\-?"
                                                                                                           with Federal laws;
                                                   tj ~111-f1mC           ODt.-t hll+.I\f.C       ih..,
 hAI\-r      U'}~ "''''2\'''1...,-t          f"'1..                                                              WHEREAS,       the implementation    of said provision
 "7l11-tI)-t'} M "'1..m1-.}>!                                                                              calls for the promulgation of a rural land administration law
                                                                                     ih1OD'}..,,..-t       that is of a general scope and consequent identical ap-
           /1h.-tr-kf        "".I-'..t."'f    .It'l"ht-fl..f'£         tTlIl\.tI
                                                                                                           plication to all Regions;
 h'}"'~        :I~(Ii) OOIP~-t         f"'1..I1+1\1II-      :"'1II-1(A"
                                                                                                                  NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55
                                                                                                           (I) of the Constitution, it is hereby proclaimed as follows.
                                              tI~A h,}~
                                                 m.}>""                                                                            PART ONE
 Ii' h~C            C611
                                                                                                           1. Short Title
                                                oo'}..,,..-t       f1mC ODt.-t hll+.I\f.C
       1-1J M'1:            "f"".I-'..IrA                                                                     This Proclamation may be cited as the "Federal Rural
       M'1: ~'1'C Ti!/!i!fiti!"                       +-111\-I\.m.,.lI f,"f"A            "                    Land Administration Proclamation NO. 89/1997."
  j!. -tc~"'L
                                                                                                           2. Definitions
                                                                                                              Unless the context otherwise requires, in this
          f:l'l\-   h11111 1\." -tC1-?"               f"'1..fflmlll-      I1AII''' 1111+"'C'                  Proclamation:
          M'1:       1II-1I'1'!
                                                                                                                                               ).?&T .?/l.fl/               -j"1f..i
   J''}.'J.'I'.?                                                                                                                               Negarit G.P.O.Box SO,OOl
    Unit Price
                                                                                                                   Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No. 54 7'" July 1997-Page   629
'IX'     :,;j'r~!! t,,!t,,/..(:\ ~;)/.:" ;)/1.'" '/:'1'1: 'm /'I). o!j.,,') Iiif.!ti! 'HI".

                      "h/.\./.\." '''III:'' llih'I(/O')"'P"/:          h')</'7\' ~1(ji) f'f-(iP1I                         1)  "Region" means a Region specified; under Ar-
                             f},.,}\"A',r "...~../..I\'I~ -'t 'I"h(..(I..I"P. ~"'11I1.tJ M/.\.                               ticle 47 of the Constitution, as a member of the
                      h'"                                                                                                    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and
                      fll'~ )I/'\'/'\' (Un:           f},.<;.iI "'111 M' fY.;(..P,,/, oPiI+.I\.I'.'C:
                                                                                                                             includes the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa Ad-
                      ")"'1"'''              (
                                 .l',I,LI..,."../.\.:                                                                        ministrations;
          !{-         "f'lIn!:     {IPI..:"" '''III:'' "'/II;J~ 1I':f- h,"**oPlI-r          0I1>'/"                      2) "rural land" means all land outside the boun-
                      f)I/.\.II' "'''h!: 11,:" },",I"II 111101'hI]/.\. ;JC lIoPoPl]hC                                        daries of a municipality or outside an area which
                      11"1""/-1111"h"'l.(\,[',(/o(ll' },1]11I1. ID'''C' ,I'll
                                                                                  oP(..;r. ~OI"                              the respective Regional Council, in consultation
                                                                                                                             with the appropriate body, designates as a town;
          t.          "f.lW:"        (/O'II:/'" "'III:" "'11;;'(11'''''' hi:... h.l'.C f1mC
                                                                                                                         3) "holding right" means the right any peasant shall
                      {lPt..:" II"...IC'; "'''''I!:        II"''I'/.\.' 1I"'Iht..f;r.<; 1>1';"W'                              have to use rural land for agricultural purposes as
                      X')of-I'III,H'VL          1!'.h";I' 1\11,"'1'tI1. h'IA ""'I(II'/:iI f"'l.'1                             well as to le.ase and, while the right remains in
                      1.(II'l1o'Il'} (\.11"):'11-(..",          111>II'I.AII'f'(II1>'/" 1111l1l1'                             effect, bequeath it to his family member; and
                      1'111.:" '''I{':(..:''')'; ,[';1'0',..,." -71'"" oPlI/IJ'I'<; "'IID'lil1  .                             includes the right to acquire property thereon, by
                      1>~Ll..,...t../.\.:                        .'                                                           his labour or capital, and to sell, exchange and
           .                                                                                                                  bequeath same;
          !~          "f1>I':V"/i",,/i")"          "'/11:" f1>JI;" oP'lI-r r,:;'P. IIln<;
                                                                                                                         4) "distribution of holdings" means' a rural land
                      (H(/PtI'm~           (/O')'I.~: ),1-'tP'lil<;                       II;J(..
                                                                        nC'" n"C"f                                            allocation measure taken at intervals, upon de-
                      f"'l.III"'''o,O')'(/o(..:,'       "'111>'" >t1-'thll/.\. 11"'11:/:"1 m'/'                               cision of the community, with a view to assigning
                      (.(11' ,'h',Hl I'N'I). IrUL III,V."l.1Lf"'l.h<;011 f1mC oP(..;r.                                        holding rights in a fair and proportionate manner
                      .~:/.\.Y.II "'''/11/: "(11"                                                                             as well as to demarcating land for communal use
                      "fl1."'(\-Il      nll/.\." "'III'} f1>II;" '111-11":1 oP+.III.(.,r                                      by peasants;
          ?i'                                                                                                            5) "family member" means anyone permanently
                      '/0. 11  {IP:J/..:" M.""I.~:" n'lIe:' f...,.'i'C "'I1'1'/1»''}'' (II»'
                                                                                                                              living with a person having holding rights, by way
                      "ID':                                                                                                   of sharing the means of livelihood of the latter;
          ';,-        "f{IP(..'}        },iI"'?'.I'.!:"          "'III')'    f1>I';I'    (IP'II;r. nID"U'I,)<;
                                                                                                                         6) "land administration" means the a~signment of
                      f1>I';I'     '/i"r/i")    },,,.xx"'''        "111'::                                                    holding rights and the execution of distribution of
  e. fJ':" n'lIlIlX'
                                                                                                                      3. General Reference
          hlUJ },,/,:I.'..: (II'iI'"             11(11').\': ~:I'           t'-/'Y."'I'II»'   f(J.-r')'/"   ~;I'         The provisions of this Proclamation set out in the
          .1'1];r.;J-/.\.::                                                                                              masculine gender shall also apply to the feminine
                                                                                                                                                 PART TWO
                                                       '':/'\'                                                                            General Provisions on Land
               f-/.,')'        nll"'p'.I'.C')      f"'I.-1I1I1:                             ;J'J.9'"f
                                                                            nm;l>lI1> .I'.."}                                                   Administration
  !!.     (lPtVl.'"          '1"11                                                                                    4. Principle
          -/.,,).   f"'I1>7I'", f"'1>II(II'I' f},..)of'k,r                        11th.C-.y.; ofIth./:(I(1"f<;           Land is a common property of the Nations,
                      f:)(..1-1'I.')'   "111'::                                                                          Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia shall not be
                                                                                                                         subject to sale or to other means of exchange.
   f,'         fOO/,,')' hll"'?'.I'.C           (l1I"'1.'IP(.,IH' (H;"
                                                                                                                      5. Conditions of Land Administration
                A'        "'1');;'1»'''''' h/.\.A f'/mC oot",} f"'lJlIofo.ll1:/:1JIo lULU                                I) Any Region shall administer rural land in accor-
                                                                                                     oP,..                    dance with the general provisions of this
                          n'/':~ l»'iI'I' IH'{.II'lIh.,:.l'       nm;l>/l1>.I'.'"};J'J.9'"f
                          /:,1' 1>lr<;/.\.::                                                                                  Proclamation.
                ~.        IIILU}, 1.""" ')o'll n'Hx'             (ji) .I'.'"};J'J. nl.."'''',/" >t.r"}.11                2) For purposes of implementation of the provisions
                          1,1',. fh/.\./.\.                                                    ,r/IJ"!A::
                                                                                                                              of sub-Article (1) of this Article, each Regional
                                            "'''hc 11,:" f'IP(..;r. nll'f-.II.I'.C '-""1                                      Council shall enact a law on land administration.
               [.         fhAA        foo/"'l' nlJo!'?'Y,C           fnl]l1O, 'l'1I;I>"} nlloPA                          3) The land administration law of a Region shall be in
                          h." IlIlIm','h')""}" .I':'}:)'),!"':J'. .~C f'f-"!"!oo              >t<; f4.1-                      conformity with the provisions oflaws on environ-
                          (../.\. (IIJ'}")P")' f(/o(..'l'      nll1;1>.,..,." 7'lLI'I.") ,r1<;lIlI                            mental protection and shall observe the Federal
                          -II"}     nIlIH'::                                                                                  land utilization policies.
               !!.        fh/.\./.\. f'lPt..:'.    ),iI"'?'Y.C      tIt"l oP(..-r') lloom"''/'"
                                                                                                                         4) The land administration law of a Region shall
                                               11,,.,.y.fllmC: 1,"}-'tlt-'/" f1>JI.'" (iP11-r')                               confirm the equal rights of women in respect of the'
                          1I"'lI"'P,.I'.C','                                                                                  use, administration and control ofland as well as in
                          1I"'lI-J'/III {':';   1I"'III'-/:iI    /:',Y: fl\..,.-.y-"} f>.h'A~-r                               respect of transferring and bequeathing holding
                                                        (lPlr.,. t.1l1I;r.~                                                   rights.
                          00-1"'" f"'I..I'I.:)U"I'
  j.           foo/"'l'       ),lI"'P'Y.C: '-"") foll')-                                                               6 Contents of a Land Administration Law
                                                                                                                         A land administration law enacted by each Regional
               ffhAI\'           .,."hc: 11.-)' f"'I..l'fllflllD' foP(..;r. nil-l'.II~C: '-""1;
                                                                                                                         Council, shall:
                ji'       hJ';I' n,t':/,\,'}' fM f1>II;J. oP1H' IInC'" nl.?o<; 1\1,/1                                     I) ensure free assignment of holding rights both to
                          'j'".)". m" "'1M')'.).')           f"'l.N.;J"I'"        1."')llt-'/" ntr~II'                        peasants and nomads, without differentiation of the
                          "''')1(: 11.-)' (D'''); (I"tVl.')' IItJAII' nll1;1>/l1> 0I1>'/"                                     sexes; as well as secure against eviction and
                          IIh"./.\. II'''I.Y./:''' f<l°/p')'          'li""li") '/"tJ'),r;r.    I]A""                         displacement from holdings on any grounds other
                                                                                       h1>ll;t- oP-IH'                        than total or partial distribution of holdings effec-
                          1I1I"''''C 1111.1\ 1I'''n;;'(U.,/"            '/"tJ1.N'
                                                                                                                               ted pursuant to decision by the Regional Council,
                          ),11<1"""'/.\.',' ),lIiloIIS"'/'\'            ') f"'l..l'lIh1IC!

                                                              fh.Tt*'4..1..t.I\'£          .';.lJPht.ill'£ ~Tl1A.h

         ~Fot.A                                                           ., ,;J~T                                   ,;JUff)
                              FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                            OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

              1.11.'11 'Jou"" ck'l'C il                                                                                          1stYear No.9
  1.JlIl 1.0"1-       ~thl1.It .,., IilIn                       Oh.""f"kf tJ.,t-ft'f .c;.lfPht-l\f'f tTflt\.h            ADDIS ABABA    - 24thAugust,    1995
                                                                f ih1l1\'!"'tDt)f"~ 9"hC 0."" mqct~"" ftDlI)

                                          "7(l}c66J.                                                                 CONTENTS
 1\'P:E- h'l'Cii/Xiifiti '.9".
       <                                                                                     ProclamationNo. 9/1995          . .

      f1\l]flo. '1'0'+ fll\P'AtIJ"} 00/9:9:"'1.1                                                Environmental Protection Authority Establishment
      1\'P~            '"                         ...~..                        1W {f           Proclamation                            Page 70

                              1\'P:E- <h'l'C ii/Xiifiti                                                    PROCLAMATION NO. 9/1995

         f1\l]flo. '1'0'+ fll\P'AtlJTJ              l\00/9:9:9" flDtIJ 1\'P:E-                    A PROCLAMATIONTO PROVIDEFOR THE
                                                                                                 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL
    f1\l]flo.           '1'0'+     fll\P'AtIJ"}"}          00/9:9:9" hilLI\1.       If'i                 PROTECTION AUTHORITY
                                                                                                   WHEREAS, it has become necessary to establish the
    Oh.Tf"kl    4..1..t.I\'£ .';.lJPht.ill'£ ~Tl1A.h                               ~1
                                                                                             Environmental Protection Authority;
OD"}"'P'T Oh"}+W 2~(1i) DIPI.T f"7..h+l\~ '+~~A
                           O                                                      ::               NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1)
Ii.      1\6f.bCC6il                                                                         of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                                                                             Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
         ~tJ h'P:E-~~.f1\l]flo.'1'0'+ fll\P'AtIJ"} 00/9:9:"7..1'P:E-
                                                                                             1. Short Title
         ck'l'C iiiXiifiti" +111\'> A.m+il ~"fl\A ::
                                                                                               This Proclamation may be cited as the "Environmental
g.       TC~OJL
                                                                                               Protection Authority Establishment Proclamation No.9/.
         OlltJ 1\'P:E-~il'l'!                                                                  1995."
         Ii. "hl]flo." OO/f\TO+L'I'C'h'£ fJ-~.+:r:~ 1D~9"                 2. Definitions
               O"'~ hOO/I]f.~T+if1il\~ lD~9" +l\~m~                          In this Proclamation:
               f"7..1"f. U-o.,."f h"}.';.fJ-9" ~lltJ"} Ul1.,."f 'I't-T :
                                                                              1) "Environment" means the totality of all resources
               OPm"}'i f"'~ 1A:E-1.IJ"}~T        f"7..~.h-~65l.'£ fJ-~:l'         whether in their natural state or as modified or changed
               9'if-'i +W61i9'"f 1:9"C ~~ !                                       by man as well as the external conditions and impacts
         g.    "fhl]flo. '1'0'+" OO/f\T     f"'~ A:E-"}   la9"C' fOO/"}~          which affect the quality and quantity of said resources
               ~"}9" hl]lA ~~IDT h'i M':1T f"7..lDil~ fOD&.T:                     and the welfare of human beings;
               f~" : fhfC'i fOD"''''/\- ft.1\'>"f hl]flo. Ul1.,."f :          2) "Environmental Protection" means the protection of
               hil+.,."f'i fJ-~:l'9'"f '1'0'+ ~~ !                                land, water, air and similar other environmental resour-
         f'    "fhl]flo. OO/~:E-OD"}T"      OO/f\Thl]flo."} Om:"I\I\              ces, factors and conditions which affect the life and
               OO/'I''iT; ODmO:"'i OD"}hflhl1h"}.';.fJ-9"hm.+                     development of all organisms including human beings;
               +OO-"}   OD4\tlJmC~~ !                                         3) "Environmental Management" means the study,
         §. "...~" OO/l\T       f+L'I'C' ...~ 1D"9"O~'" f"'~~T                    protection and conservation as well as the control of
                                                                                   the utilization of the environment in general;
               OD-o+f"''''m~ 1\I]A~~ ::
                                                                              4) "Person" means any natural or juridical person.

 nlJ. cP                                                                                                                                     ;r.",.4!. itif.~
                                                                                                                                ~:Jt:" ;l1L1IJ
 Unit Price      } 1'60                                                                                                         Negarit a.p.O.Box 80,001
            ?;r.(f?; &..yo(..t:\ ~;Jt'1' ;J/Lf', '~'I'C: I?; flt,,;.1' I~ <I''}Iilfj fl.,... Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 16 1901 ebruary, I998-Page
r                                                                                                                               F                                              675

                .-,.                                                                                                  2.        Definition
    !I'                C =\

                (}fUJ htp~                m'i\",     "1o~i\:"t..C"           IP/l\:" nlP/,e.'}.,.".,.i\                         In this Proclamation' 'Registrar" means in the case
                ,}1I~'-"1\,e. ,fl\ oPlI:'-')                 n'f-oPl\hof-    flP/f. '}.,.".,.i\     ,}1I~'-"                    of mortgage, a Regional or City organ responsible
                foPoP1'1-f1              ~I\.c.":'- ,fl\m.         fhAA       m,e.9" fhof-IP/ htaA
                                                                                                                                for registering an immovable property or in the
                m,e.9" nlP/.'}.,.".,.i\  ,}-fI~:" I\,e. ,fl\ oPlI'-"'} nof-oPl\hof-                                             case of pledge, an organ with the power to witness
                f i\ 9"9"" 1: '} oP L~ 9" flP/.,f ~;1"1 m m-C;i\9"9" .,.,:'} fDtf
                                                                                                                                the signing of a contract of pledge and deposit
                i\"'9"mm.      fhAA m,e.'}o fh'f'lP/ htaA
    f.'         flP/,e.'}.,.".,.i\ m,e.9" fOlf.'}.,.".,.i\
                ,}-fI~:" flP.f"r i\9"9°"')-                                                                           3.        Contract of Mortgage or Pledge
                fIi!~=tg fr.::'-thllth.C ~"l h'}"''' !Iif.:!:~2li "C; h'}"'''                                                   Notwithstanding   the provisions   of Articles 2851
                !:if.:f Y:'} ;11. n. 'iC'}o: fOlI,e.}.,.".,.i\ mf.9" fDt '}.,.".,.i\                                            and 3060 of the Civil Code, an agreement
                ,}1I~:'- ntpi\'-"c; f f" 11l\1'}"11 '1'}h fOO/..c.A "~m'
                                                                              .,.C;.-,.                                         authorizing a creditor bank with which a property
                "'}-'th.c.A nof-lD(}"ID'1.IL",e.h.c.l\m- O..,.C hIPI\"
                                                                                                                                has been mortgaged or pledged and whose claim is
                ,fl\"(} IP/i\m'}.,.ctf        l\'Il\~~ID' noPi\m'-"       noP f..r
                                                                                                                                not paid within the time stipulated in the contract,
                 f.f"ID''}             foo/f.'}.,.".,.i\         1D,e.9" fDt'}.,.".,.i\               ,}1I~'-"
                 ntht..~               l\oP7I1'C; f'1l\n.:'-":'-              oPlI1:,}9" l\11Cm-                                to sell the said property by auction upon giving a
                 l\lP/t,IDC 10,e.9" l\(/ol\'f'~: l.IL nlDlfJ f~t..~                         1P/i\;t-lDctf                       prior notice of at least 30 days to the debtor and to
                 oPIP~')-             ',:-"r taA.,.~n          ,}-fI~":,}     nll'('c      ID-l\-         lD'i\1'               transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer,
                  n(}.c.~m'            ftp;1 '19":,. oPlJ'!.')'         l\oPlD'(}.(-C; f'1l\n.'-""'-"                           shall be valid.
                  oP-fl1:            ni\oo.      "'}-'tt,IDCl\:"      l\1P/i:~"I h'1l\~~ID'                   ;JC
                  fOO/.,ff.C11D' i\9"9""'-"                            .,:,- f.'i ~tpA;:
                                                             'f'.c.~OO/.                                              4.        Claim on Mortgaged or Pledged Property
      9.'              nlP/,e.'}.,.".,.i\          1D,e.9" nOO/.'}.,.".,.i\         ,}1I~'-"        I\,e. fl\                   A creditor bank which, prior the effective date of
                       foP ,f"r oPlI'-"                                                                                         this Proclamation, has a claim on property mort-
                       ,e.U "tpJ~' hoP"C;1: n.c.:" flP/,e.'}.,.".,.i\ 1D,e.9"fDt'}'"                                            gaged or pledged with it, may sell the property by
                       ".,.i\ ,}1I~'-" noP,f"r                  f,f"C; ~~m- "'}-'thLA                      nof-ID                auction UpODgiving a prior notice of at least 30
                       (}"ID' 'lIL JJAof-h.c.l\CD' 11l\1'},,11 '1'}h l\'1l\~~m-                                                  days and transfer the ownership of the property to
                       hIPI\" .,.C;.-,.J'I\.,() tllJi\m'}.,.ctf noPi\m'-" noPf"r                                                 the buyer.
                       f ,f" CD''} ftIIJ,e.'}.,.".,. i\ ID,e.9" f 00/.}.,.".,. i\ '}11~
                       (Itht..~    l\oP7I1'C; flll\n.')'''1:,}9''        oPlI:" l\11CID'
                                                                                              5.                                 Relationship between the Bank and the Debtor
                       l\lP/t,IDC 1D,e.9" l\(/ol\"'~    1.,L flDlfJ ftht..~OO/i\;t-lDctf
                       oPIP~')' 11C taA.,.~n '},n~1:,} nll'('c 1D'l\- m-i\",                                                     The sale made in accordance with Article 3 and 4 of
                       n(}L~ID' ftp;1 '19"'-" oPIP~'-" l\oPm-(}f;C; f'1l\n.'-""'-"                                               this Proclamation shall be deemed to have been
                       oP-01: ni\oo' "'}-'tt,IDCl\:" l\1P/f;~"I ,e.'fI\AII                                                       executed on behalf of the debtor.
       ?;,             n'1'}hC; n'1l\~~m- oPtahA i\l\Dt'iC "ITf."'-"
                                                                                                                       6.        Application of the Civil Procedure code to Auction
                       mLU "tp~ "'}.,.,, f."c; ~oPIP~'-"n'1'}h fof-1.~11if6J.l'
                       '1l\~~CD''} noPlDhA               "'}f..f'.c.2\oP      ,                                      The Provisions of Article 394-449 of the Civil
       ,;,                                                                                                                       procedure"!Code shall, mutatis mutandis, be ap-
                       ntht..~          'li,f6J.1'I\,e. fr.:,).thllthoC r.,                rc'i'-"            ~"I
                       .f' .c.~ 0If. ., .).
                                                                                                                                 plicable while the Bank is exercising its power of
                                                                                                                                 selling the mortgaged or pledged property by
                        '1'}h        noP ,f"r      f JJ"ID''} ftllJ,e.'}.,.".,.i\                   '}.,.
                                                                                         1D,e.9" fOO/.
                        ".,.i\       ,}-fI~')'     ntht..~         foP7I1'     rAIfJ'}            nrt..        I\f.
                        nOO/.J'ID'An.-,. n~:,.thllthoC r., rc'i'-" ~"I
                                                                                                                           7.    Liability of the Bank
                        h+.1'C f.~~m-!!f.~i! f,t-oPl\h-t:'-"Y:'};J1."'f ",}1.""I
                        '111., ;J':r:ID' of-.c.~Dt .,:,. ,e.'i t..T'P A II                                                       The Bank shall be liable for any damage it causes to
           ~,                         m,f ct., .-,.
                       i\ l\ '1'} h of-                                                                                          the debtor in the process of selling by auction in
                                                                                                                                 violation of the relevant provisions of the Civil
                       '1'}h (}fLUh'P~ h'}"''' 1 f,t-m+"''-''') h"l'1-o fl\TID-'}
                                                                                                                                 Procedure Code specified under Article 6 of this
                       y...'};11."';f- noP-tl\l\r.: 1i.f'U;,} OoP.c.2\tJOon'1l\~~ID'I\f.
                       l\00/.,ff-C(}CD'1'~'-" n:'JI\.c..,,-,, .t-mfct ,e.11'C;AII                                                                       \
.,~.   %hit / I!D/.'A.'1:J/.-} :1/1.(/1'I1'1'C):~~f\1'I:'} n{ .,.'} H!r.1 ~.,...                                                                                     Federal Negarit Gazeta - No. 18 19thFebruary, I998-Page 683

~,'h:~O'l                                                                                                                                                                2.     Definitions
        lULu htp:(>.:(I).it'1':                                                                                                                                                 In this Proclamation:
        ~.              "6.4>             nO'I.''''1.1U'}         'UI.      (I).it 'I' fO'JJ''1'                   tp;J              "               111//\')'                  I)        "FOB" means selling price of coffee quoted at the port
                        m,.:"\"~...f             'UJ1./..(I~ WHI fO.I!,"" n.c; I\h.?Ji'                                  h(O.61" h1C                                                      of loading, agreed between the Coffee exporter and his
                        ,1!:}(}7,~:J::':OJ' (}O'I./.$c/D")' OJ'A f-I.itO'J{1D.n.}.
                                         :Jl:                                fOlJ~                                                                                                        customer and approved by the National Bank of
                         :~.w; fc/D,r..'}                O)l;'.1JJ)'.}'. .fA""l"'.':n'}                 n'C;(I}' (Of. (O'6f.1'
                                                                                                                                                                                          Ethiopia, from which freight and insurance costs are
                         ""e          /\ClDI\h U"'''''1. 'I (}:" 'Ln f'''''Im                     tp;J '1(1).:
                                                                                                                                                                                2)        "Tax" means the tax payable on Coffee exported in
        ~.              ":"hit"                0'1I\'} (1),('.W'''1.b h1C                  nOlJ.I\h n.c," I\f. lULU
                                                                                                                                                                                          accordance with this Proclamation.
                        htp:~ (/D,I'I.'} fOlJ.h/..A :1.tJit '1(1)' ::
                                                                                                                                                                         3.      Basis or Computation of Tax
!:.      f:,.tll'l'              itl\,:" C/D,I-'t..}                                                                                                                             The FOB price of the coffee exported shall be the basis for
                             f°'1.I'II\n:,'              tp,'{ 6,pm,         nO'J."7>1.'HH' 'L,t fOlJ.I'I-r tp:}.
                                                                                                     "'c       '                                                                                    .
                                                                                                                                                                                 th,~compu!ation of t~ tax,                '.
                                                                                                                                                                         4, Rate of theTax,                     ,          '              ,

ii.      f :,.tll'l. tI'lith/.. f AtJ"                                                                                                                                           the rateof the Tax shall be 6.5$0 (sii'a~d poi'~ffive per cent)
        f:"nl'l' tI'lith/...f Ah O,PiP- nO'!-","nn.)' 'LiLfov.lt1~ 'Pp },?;                                                                                                      of the FOB price.                                                '
        (;,~(it.l!:it:" '1'1"11
                              htj"it.:" ncf"'f.) f."c,"A::                                              .L                                                               S.      <Eollectiollofthe Tax      '

?;.     \' :,.t,l'I' )',1)I)l'I.n,I                                                                                                                                              The Tax on Coffee exported shall be computed and collected
        m.l!. (I)'''I,b UO'J.I\h o.c; I\.l'~ fO'J.h/../\w- :,.tJit                                                                   n1"9"~tJ                                    by the Customs Authority.
        l)"rAI')'}                         },f"'I'II\ .l',I'InI'lI}A::                                                                                                    6,     Payment of the Tax
   .      f :"hl'l. Mltf./..A                                                                                                                    .                               1) The Tax shall be paid at the Customs Station where the
                                                                                                                                                                                      Coffee is declared for export.
         ~.                                          h
                          :"hl'l' n.c;1 m.l!.OJ'''#!, 'lC/\ODI\tJ -\bl\/..I'IJ~'1 nlll/...,.c
                          .n(}:'~f.,.tj"~.tJ nUl..f f.h/..I\A ::                                                                                                                 ~)       If the C;offee is ~ot export~d on the ga~eon which it,shall
                                                                                                                                                                                          have been exported and in the meantime the Council of
         i{.              n.lJ'OJ..(',I\'lA '/:'IIt\" n:"l'In(l)' 'Ln "f.I\tJ "'C1"
                                                                                                                                                                                          Ministers increased the rate of the Tax, the exporter shall
                          fo'Uit'h:".f                   9"hc n,:,' IlILU htp:~ IH'l'Im(l}' P'AlIJ1
                                                                                                                                                                                     pay the difference between the increased rate and the
                          liD/PI."" f:"hl'l',} Ah h~t ,r?f.I." }/) I\t~(O. tutU                                                                                                  rate that has actually been paid,
                          ,".I!,9" hC':"":" mnl.CD' :"tJitc,' ',tr~ ODtJ~,.A,.nOlJ.'f                                                                                     7.     Refund
                          en:,' 1/DllhA .f"w,'} Af.'1'} fODtJ/..A °1y":I' h/\n.}' ::                                                                                             No refund to Tax once paid will be made.
 1,.         \"/'\1/.." :"hit fO'If>CID"itit/\ODln.                                                                                                                       8,     Power to Issue Regulations
         :,.t,l'l' ,,'H',~'Ln h'H)/../\ "'~I\'li                                        hf.tr1tj"                 ::                                                             The Council of Ministers.ishereby.   empowered to issue
 ~~.       ,1!:H1ftl'/w.n]<1' ~Ann       ;                                                                                       "                                                regulatiQns amending the rate, of the Tax specified under
          fO'I.~it'h:".r'.9"tJC(l,.} mf. OJ.,,1"
                                               h1C fD'J.I\h(D-,n-lJ'ODm1                                                                                                          Article 4 of this Proclamation following fluctuations in the
         hlJ'/mf.9" fn.c; tp:J,r;P                                       tr};:J'(D.1 n;Pc.n hf+h:1""/\                                                                       quantity and price of Coffee exp?rted.
          lULU htp:(>:h1"''''- !! f"'OD/\h,,:w-1                                            f:1'nl'l'1 OIJith/..J' AtJ                                                    9.         Dpty to Cooperf1,te
                                                                                                                                                                                     I) Any~person or org~nization, has,the duty to co-op'erate
          /\tI'(lji'jA 'fO''.f'A,.I!:}~nfO'/~~fl}.}' P',Afl}1.+I'I'-rt:t',A::                                                                                  :
                                                                                                                                                                                         with the Customs Authority in the implementatio~ of
  !!.         fC/D.,-I)()C                  "1.l'..:I'                                              ,         ,                              '                       .
                                                                                                                                                                          ,..              this Proclamation,          \         "   ;,       .       '

          ?!.              O'n~:(I).tj"                C
                                                     1'1 D' (l)JM" ,f:C:~')'                 f.U1 :'hcr:i!-W''1it/'.{1D'
                                                                                                                                                                                  2)       The National Bank otJ~thjopia h~s ttw duty to cooIJerate
                            1.1.f; h"'9"~.h                 I)I\P' Afl}1 :J(:'fm1ij:tHl'c: "'10:1- h/\n""~::
                                                                                   .'                     ),           ,";               ,
                                      ,                     '
                                                                                                                                                                                           with,the C;rn;tomsAqthor.ity i,nthe sl}pply of infonnation
             f..           f', :"\,,~,, f .nJ,,/..(p' WHf n'c;'(I). N-jf mlf:r'1<t1
             ..                  ..                               -','                       ",         ,',                                      , : f(l}'A '
                                                                                                                                                                                           regarding ,the sales date,of the G9ffee. contractyumger,
                           '~'I'C : fl\ h.w'~} M"c,; )"r.,/,,""'fQ.;'.c;jQ,1'l, qPm)li                                                                     'P;J :
                                                                                                                                                                                           the name and address of, the exporter, the qU"ant~ty. and
                   .        nO'/}'/D"hr1~ NI,tj"*-h                        ,1l't\P'Afl}?} hltiQ\1.tD'1                                                     out.j1,
                                                                                                                                                                                      p~i~e of the C?ffee.
                            nODl'\in.Ffoo+IH1C                           "If,,:"    ht\n.}"~:                                                        0'
                                                                                                                                                                              10. Formalities       .,;'      . ' '.             '
  X'          fh/..~?9"                     .r..'}')'I.?J',}',                                                               "                       ,.,             I            The provisions concerning customs formalities of export
             f",tj"{.h                    q "P' Ann'}            },'} ,I!,1C;/\O'I<J:'k9"li "lP/.:~                              1,(\~tDI'I1                                      merchandise under the Re-Establishment and MQd~.rn,i~ation
             nmfl}OJ'                     ~,cp:<,: ~'I'C:t/:(!!L~'!!~!!             iCpJ'. ,iP'~f.b                    h'lI;                 lll\'O'J.I\h'                        of Customs,Authority '.
                                                                                                                                                                                              ,          '.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            procl,amation Np. 60/1997 sha~fapply
                                                                                                                                                                                                                '     .,"     .'      "   "
             b,pS""}"                 f"''(', '11~",)'(lJLU.NP~                         OD'P!:')'        /\f'l.h/.;.t\(lJo'                                :,.tJit                 to T?payal;>le, in acc:g~dance ~ith this P~oclamation.
             "'/'.7,0'1.              .l',JI'c,' ". ::                                                                                                                         11. Repeals
   X?!,                f-I''''''{,        ;"'I""}"                                                                                                                                 The following laws are hereby repealed:
              tllW             nY'}"- f"'//l.//{.:"                  (n'I"',)'. ,,"lil.tpA          :                                                                                I)     Transaction Tax Proclamation No. 205/1963;
              ~. . f:,'/.:}IIh'li'}                        .:l~llit )',cP:(>:<~'1'C~~?;/n!Y.~?;:
                                                 fh. Tr-k f t...e..t--I\'E -'lqutJt--lLf'E ~Tllf\.tJ

             ~Yo/raA                                              ., ;J~:"                                  ;JtLlIJ

          1\t.+'j= qoP"" cf!-rc    2~                                                                                4th Year No. 57
                                   IiIj       01\.""f"k1 ~1..t./t'e JLIfOht.f\1'e tT-ol\.h
        1\JLIa 1\Ot1-{}~ t!J +'}                                                                               ADDIS ABABA - 7th July, 1998
                                              f ih,,-o   +lDl1f"T 9"hC 0."" mt1ct~"" flDlfJ

                                 IP/lD-1iIi                                                               CONTENTS
   fOIU.Ia""C'T   9"hC 0."" ~'}-o cJ:-rc ~/Iifj     q.9"                      Council of Ministers Regulations No. 40/1998
      f mS    1\m t10:" ""9"tJc"" tlIJ~ hA tlIJcJ:cJ:t1IJ.1
                                                         fOlJ.),fa""C'T         Health Education Center Establishment
      9"hc    0."" ~'}-o                                         1K'   ~fl      Council of Ministers Regulations           Page 802

              fOlJ.),Ia""C'T 9"hc 0."" ~,}11 cf!-rc ifJ/ IiIj                            COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS No. 40/1998
                    f mS 1\m t10:" ""9"tJc"" tlIJ  ~hA '}                                    COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS TO
                         flDlI) fOlJ.),')""C'T 9"hC 0."" ~,}11
             "tlIJcJ:cJ:9"                                                                     PROVIDE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF
                                                                                                     HEALTH EDUCATION CENTER
           fOlJ.),Ia""C'T 9"hc 0."" f1\.""f"k1 ~1..t./t'e                       JLlfOht.     These Regulations are issued by the Council of Minis-
    (\fee t T-ol\.h      1\ lat.~ OIJ. 1\ 11/t""') P' A lfJ'} '1 +.., t1C "oP lD{}'} ters pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and
    OlDlfJID-1\":E- cJ:-rC !!/Iifft
                                                1\'}+K' ~ oPlPl."" f.tJ'} ~'}-o Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic
    1\ID-\I':tA::                                                                        Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995.
    {i.                                                                                  1. Short Title
              ~~        ufmS         1\mt10:" ""9"tJC"" tlIJ~hA tlIJcJ:cJ:0IJ.1             These Regulations may be cited as the "Health
           fOlJ.),Ia..,.C':f 9"hC 0."" ~ ,}11 cJ:-rC ifJ fj" +-0(\0  /Ii                    Education Center Establishment Council of Ministers
           I\.m+1a f.TlrfA::                                                                Regulations NoAO/1998."
    I'    ""C:}OI!                                                                       2. Definition
          OfltJ ~,}l1ID-Ia-rI                                                               In these Regulations:
    {i. Ufm.'1 1\mt10:" ""9"tJc"""                    tlIJ""" f{}9'T'} t1ihtf.'1            1) "Health Education" means an educationally orien-
          1\S:S:c "m.'1tl1J~"" 1\oP:t; lD~lf~                 oPAh-        O""9"tJc""            ted process of change, of behaviours or life styles
          oP+f CI t1iht f.ID-9" +11)f.         ~..,. h,} JLl;"I.ID- tlIJf: I..., I {}9'T         that affect people's health, that helps people to be
         ht."'TID-'}'1       f1\t)t1o.1TID-'}       ~'Pt9'T      m. '}~..,. "oPmO:"              responsible for their health and that of others and to
         ~/tL~"" h '}JL(}tlIJTID- OtllJf:1..., m:J>OIJ. ""C1-9" t1"ID-
                                                                                                 make active participation in fruitful and useful
         P't. f oP"'+(j: -o:J>;f"TID-'} tlIJ1A 0"" ~ID-l                                         activity;
"I'      uOIJ.), Ia-l:C"        lDf.9"    uOIJ.),Ia""C"        tlIJ   ..,. h '}~:,.
                                                                                            2) "Ministry" or "Minister" means the Ministry or
                                                                   "                             Minister of Health respectively.
         +h+t\-      fm.'1 -r0:J> OIJ.).Ia-l:ClDf.9" OIJ.),Ia""C ~ID-::

   I'M. tp;J                                                                                                          ~;J t""           iti(li
                                                                                                                                ;J H.III;r..,. 4r.
   Unit Price 2.30                                                                                                   Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
                 ~Yo /ra1A
                                                                           .c..1..t."'e -'llJPht.f\.f'e &Tofltth

                                                                           ",;J t,                                   ,;J1t fl)
                                  FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZET A
                                                    OF TIIE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                 Y'll+~   ~ODo}- <Il1'C 3':t
                                                                                                                               3rdYear No. 27-
      "Jlll Mlf) -        f"-to}- 3':t +1 Iilf'itJi            0"-.:"r-k I t..J'..t.ltce .ItIJDht.fl.1ce tTlIilh         ADDIS ABABA - 6thMarcl~1997
                                                                f ih1fll +ml-er-:r- 9"hC II.:" ml}<t~:" fmflj

       fOlJ.tia""C'r rhe        0."" 1.'}ofl ch1'e I~/nUifu    q.r.                         Council of Ministers Regulations No. 12/1997        : f"~"'+O;: 'hCj f1\. ,}~"'''''&f'e    '}X"ft:
                                                                                              Inventions. Minor Inventions and Industrial
       ftlf.~"'''''er    9"'hC 0."" Yo'}'O                 11\                                Designs Council of Ministers
                                                                                              Regulations                             '''' Page 392
                  fOlJ.tia""C'r rhe 0."" 1.'}-o~.~                                                                                  .
                                                      I~/Iufifu                              COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULA nONS No. 12/1997
         : f"~ia+~ Lmt. 'h~ f1\.'}~ia""&f'e
                                                                                           INVENTIONS, MINOR INVENTIONS AND INDUSTRIAL
                        '}X"tt:fOlJ.ia ""C'r rhe 0."" Yo,}1I
                                                                                           DESIGNS COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS
       ftlf.~"'''''er 9"'hC-lL~ fh.~r-kf    .c..1..t."'e -'llJPht.
f\.f'e &Tofltth hiat.~tlf. htJ"""'} rAfI}'}Cj +'?I}C t\uPOJlI1           These Regulations are issued by the Council of Minis-
nOJfI}CD-                                                          ters pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and
            h'P~ 'h1'C !!/IUfit'~ h1"'1\ f; 'hCj fh~ Duties of the Executive organs of the Federal Democratic
"'+0; f1\.1~ia""&f'e '}X'ft:h'P~ 'h1'C lif?;r/IUfit'~
                                                                   Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995 and Article
                                      hCD-1';tA II
nh,}"'1\ yr (li) uPlP{,"" f.tJ,} Yo'}ofl
                                                                                         53(1) of the Inventions, Minor Inventions                 & Industrial
                                      9"' iJt.ft:    h,} X'                              Designs, Proclamation No. 123/1995
                                                                                                                   CHAPTER ONE
li'      h6f!-C CiJia
         f.tJ Yo "f             : f h ~...+o; 'hCjf1\. 1~"':"&!.'e
                                                                            1. Short Title
         '}X'ft: ftlf.~"':"er          9"'hC 0.:" Yo  '}ofl
                                                                                These Regulations may be cited as "Inventions, Minor
                                                            'h1'C II/Ii1fit'fl. '"
     +ofllt-ttm.,.ia f.r"A II                                                   Inventions and Industrial Designs Council of
~. :"C:}"l                                                                      Ministers Regulations No. 12/1997."
    f:J>/r h11}ofl 1\." :"C~9"' 'h1-'lllmCD- 11""'t.t\1 n...+.,.C 2. Definitions
    n H. tJ Yo'}.n CD-ia1';                                                    In these Regulations, unless the - context otherwise
    li' "11OIJ.               t
                    7i'}" OIJ\ :,. f 1\.:"r- k f itf. 1... Cj -I:h If /\oj{    reqUires:
           11tlf.'li'} ~~ ;                                                    1) "Commission" shall mean the Ethiopian Science
    I. " uPCO? " "'it\:" t\;r +1:" : t\ '? A;J /\0:" IJP                           and Technology Commission;
                                                                     1.. A
           lIC+k11.:" OJf.9"' t\1\.'}~ia:"&f'e          1X'ft: 9"'1111}       2) "Examiner" shall mean a person designated by the
           lIC+ k 11.:" ftlf. "'Cofl1 "'i uPA h;F 'h1 -'luP{,                      Commission to examine an application for a patent,
           nl1tlf. 7i). f+lIfuP I}t\oo-f ~CD-   ;                                  utility model certificate or certificate of registration
   r' "I} t\ ;r+1"""             OIJ :,. f;r +1:" OJ
                                   t\                   f.9"' f h ia1n.            of an industrial design;
          ;r +'}:,. I}t\ 0.:" ~CD-  ;                                         3) "Patentee" shall mean the owner of a patent or a
   !!. "h'P~" "'it\:" : fh~"'+O;: 'hCj                               patent of introduction;
          f1\.'}~"'''''&f'e '}X'ft: h'P~ <k1'C lif?;r/Ii1fit'~                4) "Proclamation" shall mean the Proclamation Con-
          ~CD- II                                                                 cerning Inventions, Minor Inventions and Industrial
                                                                                  Designs, proclamation No. 123/1995.

11.1;.    tp;J
                                                                                                                            ~;J~'''' ;JJ/,ff/ ;r...,.oh. itif.ti
Unit price20.00
                                                                                                                            Negarit a.p.O.Box            80,001
                                                       f1\.:"""'1 d...e..~"4f.JtqotJ~().,ce 6Tllt\.tJ

                   ~Yo&.A   ., ;Jt:" ;JJtll)
                   FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                    .~                OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

              "".,.'1 CJ-+     C tt~                                                                                             3nJ Year - No. 28
       It...,. Itnq rtt-t+ Ii +, IDf1"i                     ..It.'}'''A'f ~1..t..t\«f. ~.'I"n t..{).f«f. tT1)l\.n         ADDIS ABABA, 8thMarch, 1997
                                                            ~1h11-o "'m""'~'"       9"hc: n.'}' tnll(~~.}-fmtl)     ,

                                      fill (D.6J!                                                                       CONTENTS
        f".th+C"~ Mlc It.}-~:!-n ofz'1'C        IC/!ilf"fD                    Council of Ministers Regulations No. 13-1997
        fl...1-..~A --,..,,.,,}. f''''.t.. r11,flr; 4.:1"1: f"7.tll.}'C':Y'     Federal Government Commercial Registration
        rhC      a.,}""",                                      .,It !!V.c!Ji~  and Licencing Council of Ministers
                                                                                            Regulations                                                     Page 433

         '«',"'t.>:f rhC        0.:"1.1.., -tr'PC!~                                   COUNCIL OF MINISlERS REGULATIONS No> 13-1997
                             f~                 ,.,..,~+                                             FEDERAL GOVERNMENT
          ,..-rt:- ,.,.,qr; ~1: Mtn~¥"                                                     COMMERCIAL REGISTRATION AND LICENCING
                                                           f"1tc 0.-1- 'HI
                                                                                              COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS
                                            I...Y..t.t\'e.At 'l"tlt."'.
           '''tt.V''C'~ rhcn.'}' ,It.'}-f"A'.'
  1-Pot'r"'A.h I\nLX..,. 1\'11\:"1,.'AtfJ1r; ,"..,fICt\(1D(lJit') These Regulations are issued by the Council of Ministers
  fllD"I. It.,~ -tr...c!/:r]~r.'R"1 '+X-?i 'hr; 0''''1.' """,')r;
                                  A                               pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties
  L~~.. It..~ tft'PC ~/H;f'i'ii ,.r. l\'+Jr ~ tJU'I-'l'}' of the Executive' Organs of the Federal Democratic
  f,U1 I.'''' "cu-r:tA         II
                                                                                         Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995 and Article
                                                                                         47 of the Commercial Registration and Licencing
                                                                                         Proclamation No. 67/1997.
                                    h~A "., ~.
                                     t"'~I\4\                                                                           PART ONE
  Ii' l\~C C6lt                                                                                                           General
         "U I.,... ~~'~A               tID""",,,,, ".,1: "",,',r;            4.?~
         M.tlt-1-t.":f r1tc              I.,... ofI-rc~:r./Ilifiil"        -MIA-         I. Short Title
         A.nt+lt "~A      II                                                                These Regulations. may be cited as the "Federal
[ I'     '1"C~-&                                                                            Government Commercial Registratiol} and Licencing
                                                                                            Council of Ministers Regulations N0.13-1997..
         Oil" I..,...
         i' uA.,;(-" -YA-1'
                              f'.,;(." ra".."               UI...
                                                                    A'~ "'PC
                                                                                         2. Definitions
              ?:'i/IDffi~.              :                                                   In these Regulations:
                                                                                            I) "Proclamation" means the Commercial Regis-
                                                                                                 tration and Licencing Proclamation No. 67/1997;

   ."~ . 1';1                                                                                                                ~."J~''t- ."JfLlIJ ?""I'<'~.    .u'n:ti
   Unit Price 8'30                                                                                                           NegaritG.P.O.Box               gO,OOl

    1A" if0i                            4!1'Cft fttof;+ III .,., Itlf1"11OJ.".
                    L1.t-A ";J~+ ;Jtl.1IJ                                                                       Federal Negarit Gazeta -:-No. 2~ 81hMarch 1997   Page 434

                                                                                                         2) "Business Licence" means any business licence
    I.        "f")..,.(- JPt. ~.(-" "71\:r-O"'P~ "")4"1\ t(1) ODlPl:r-
                                                                                                            issued for any of the activities enumerated in the
              h"'P~ ;JC + l~tI O""l.    11m- "qt h+UlU~:r- f")"',(-
              JP(,.I}J"f m-h-r I\f:r-~m-r f""l.{t-r f")"''(- JP(,. Lftt.(-                                  Appendix to the Proclamation.
              "71\:r- ~ m- !                                                                             3) The terms. "Commercial code," "busines~ per-
                                                                                                            son," "busine$s," "serv~e," "domestic trad~,"
    r         "n..,.(- ih..," -: "~;JIu"              -: "n..,.(-    JP(,." i ""1A..,
                                                                                                             "foreign trade," "goods," "commercial represen-
              he:r-" -: "f"1C           m-h-r ")..,.(-"          -: "fm-.".           ")..,.(-" I
          "n..,.(- "fttl}J"f" 1"n..,.(- 7\")~(,.I\" 1"n..,.(- h9""1                                         tative," "trade name," "valid business licence,"
                                                                                                             "industry," "Ministry," "Region," "Bureau,"
          "f8'i f")"''(- JPt. Lftt.(-" 1 ''It. ")~h:r-t" i """
                                                                                                             "person," "agricultural development," "principal
          1:C" 1 "hAA" 1 "ftC''' i "(tm-" "f..,-oc'i A"7:r-" -:                                                           ,
                                                                                                             registration' and ' 's~mmary registration' shall
          "'PtJ' 9"1I1q" 1 "f".".C fttA 9"1I1q" f""l.h-:r- "'P~
                                                              O                                              have the meaning assigned to them under Article 2 of
          "")+1\ 1 f+{tlll:fm-") :r-c:}""!~~"h- ::
                                                                                                             the Proclamation.
                                          h§:A        11-1\:r-
                                                                                                                                 PART TWO
                                        hit ")..,.(- ""'1 q                                                                 "Commercial Registration
    r.        0")"''(- OD1I1-o hl\OOOD1I1-o                                                         3) Regi#£ation.inthe COfllJl1eriqJ1  Register
                                                                 JP(,.I}J"f ,,~
              Ii.     ""l.th1:~,~.(-     O""l.f\-rq:f(i)o f1",(-                                        1) Any, PerSon en~aged in business for which the
                      f""l.lP"7t. "71"'1m-9" (tm- OflU ~")-o n.,.oIJl\h.,.m-
                                                                                                           ,Ministry issues a licence shall be registered by the
                      ,,\\~") O""l.th1:~ OD0D1I1-o"I\o:r- It
                                                                                                            Ministry pursuant to these Regulations.
              I.      OflU "")4"1\ ")o-h "")4"1\ (Ii) ODlPl:r- I\""l.~l'" 'P'i
                                                                                                        2) Application (or principal registrati'on pursuant to
                      ""'1q "7ooAh!f= f""l.4"COm. htlU ~")-o ;JC ""~fI
                                                                                                            sub-Article (1) of this Artic~eshall be submitted by
                      O""l.11m- 1P")lOl1r "1\" f+ODl\h+m-") "..,q-o
                                                                                                            completing in two copies the appropriate form in

                      11\ m- :,. 1\ 11-1\:r-:":Eo 0 OD"...,,:r- ~tf'i            A It
                                                                                                            schedule' 'B" of these Regulations.
     §. O..,I\{t-o~;J1u ,,~ hl\""l.~l'" 'P'i ""'1q
                                                                                                    4.         Principal Registration of,a Sole Business Pczson
              Ii.     "ODAta~ ..,I\{t-o ~;J1u O""")o:r-1.11.t                                             I) Where the applicant isa sole business pe),1son, e     h
                       0)    f:"C-o 1.tI. .,.C.(- ,;:"''''(,.f.")~;
                                                                                                                       shall submit, in two .copies, together with the
                       1\)   "tal\ OOtn") '''~l{t      ittf") "..,q-o ql\m- ('OD1
                             ..,JP:r- OD tl
                                        JP               n.:r-   ('+ l;J1       m fn..,.UOD .(-                        application:
                             .,.q~      Lftt.(-       OJ~9" "7ooAh!f=iIJe f+lQm-
                                                                                                                 (a) his recent passport size photograph;
                                                                                                                 (b) proof o( authorization of the family council
                              0""'" fl :r-ittr1             ""..,fl:r-~'I: f.,.l;J1 tn O:r-                            which is duely authenthicated by the appropriate
                              f§:C'(-   n.:r- m-Ufk:
                       th)     4"~9" itA frf-{tm f")..,.(-'i f",t. Lftt.(-tal\                                         government institution in case he is a minor, or

                               Lftt~") ;                                                                               where the application. is submitted by a tutor a
                       00)     "7ODAh!f=m- f+LlODm-           omh,A      htr~                                          court decis~ongranting the tutoriship.
                            f m-h A'i ", A III")"7l;J11iliJ,.i
                                                                                                                 (c) a prior business and operating licence, if any;
                     h"7ODAh!f=m- ;JC "'~fI           011-1\:r- :":Eo "7:"l-o                                    (d) a power of attorney, where the application is

                     "1\0:r- ::                                                                                        signed by an agent;
               I. "OOAta~ 7\")~ "1C m-h-r ql\O-o:r- f""l."'mC f~                                              2) Where the applicant is a foreigner considered as a
                                                ;                                                                      domestic investor, he shall, together with the
                  "'1C tI.;J O""")O:r- 1.tL
                       0)     f:" C-O1.tI. .,.C.(- ,;:.,....,(,.f.")                                                    application submit, in two copies:
                       1\)    "7'n":1       f""l. 1Ab'i     Oih;Jce 00")1.(-       OJ~                            (a) his recent passport size photograph;
                              It.:r-f"*1    OD..,q'l:") r""l.IODl\h'l: f;rh7C'I:")                                (b) a photocopy of the pages of his passport which
                              1'" "f c:..,.. 1'11::                                                                     identify him and indicate his legal entry into the
                        th)    flt.") Ii h:r-oo"):r- Lftt.(- ;                                                          country;
                        OD) f oo'i tl Lftt.(- ,;:.,.. h, 1: ;                                                     (c) investment permit;
                        h"7ODAh!f=m-         ;JC "'~fI        011-1\:r- :":Eo "7:"l-o
                                                                                  .                               (d) photocopy of his residence permit:
                        "I\o:r-   ::                                                                           j) Where the applicant is a foreign investor he shall,
                r.     "ODAta~ fm-.". "1C ql\O-o:r- O""")o:r-1.tI. OflU                                        together with the application, submit, in two copies,
                       "")+1\ ")o-h "")4"1\ (I) (0) . (1\) 7\'1' (th) f"'ODl\h
                                                                                                                   the particulars referred to under sub-Article (2) (a);
                       'I::r-") ODl~I}J"f h"7ODAh!f=m- ;JC "'~tI
                                                                                                                   (b) and (c) of this Ariticle.
                       :":Eo "7 :"l-o    ,,1\ o:r- ::
                                                                     5. Prinicpal Registration of a Commerical Partnership and a
         ~.         01..,.(- 7ich'i ""'"fOC7\'1' Oih-ol:r- ",(,. "7'"fOC,,~
                                                                         Cooperative Society
                    hl\""l.~l'" 'P'i ""'1q                               1) Where the applicant is a commericial partnership,:
                   Ii. "ODAta~f")"''(- 7ich'i "7'"fOC               1
                                                        O""")o:r- .tI. (a) a notice published in a newspaper pursuant to
                         0) O"'P~ "")4"1\ ~ O+ODl\h+m- ODlPl:r-                 Article 8 of the Proclamation;
                            0;Jtl.1II :1":r-"" fOJIII "7h:1"OJ't1 f
                                                                           (b) a power of attorney where the. application is
                        1\) fDYooAh!f=m-:"1\ OOJh,A f.,.Lloo O""
                                                                                 signed by an agent;
                            10:r- ".tL fm-hA'im- ",A1II1 "7~:J",", I
                                                                           .\        .I


                                                        f>t.Tf"kf ~1..t-I\'e .«l1Dht-f\.f'e ~T1Il\.h

                      toFo/raA                                            ";J /,:,. ;J It ff)
                        FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                        OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

              Y'il+~ '}OUT <k'PC ~I                                                                                             3rd Year No. 46
         ~"lil ~tlll - ()~ ?t~ .,., Iilfitit
                                                            tlh.Tf"kf ~.e..t'''if "l'l"ht.ft.f'f        ~TlI~h            ADDIS ABABA - }'\ July, 1997
                                                            f ih1l1l +tDl1f"1-- 9"hc 0."" mll<l:~"" ftDffJ
                                        01/~1i5J.                                                                    CONTENTS
    f"'Lti'lTC'~ SJ"hc f1+ "'H1 ck'l'C 1?;/IDfitfi I}.SJ".                                I
                                                                                              Council of Iv'.ini
                                                                                                               stersR6g11lat16n!f 111".17/1997
       f"tHI+r.'T 9"hC f1+ f~~tj')it                                                            Council'of Ministers Financi,,!
       1.1ft                                          ., w ~f~~                                 Regulations                                         Page 544

              ft1lJ.t(Vt.C'~ 9"hC 11+ 1.111 4r'l'C~
                                                                                                COUNCIL OF MINISTERS         REGULATIONS         No. 1711997      ,

                                                                                                    COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS
           t&fltoS!ot.fA OD')"'P'~ rtf-,e.tj1il hil+"S"C ftD~
                                                                                                                ON THE FINANCIAL
                       fOlJ.til:"'C'T fOhC It:'" f,.111
                                                                                               ADMINISTRA     110N OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT
            f"'Lth~'r.'~ 9"hC t1.Tf>t.Tf"kf A..1..t-I\'e "lcr'ht.(}.
                                                                                              These Regulations are issued by the Council of Ministers
    f'e,~T1Il\.n 11iM."OIJ.11111\T1FAtfJ1'i +'"1f1C-'ODm{}')
                                                                                              pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties
    llmtfJm- i\1f'~ <h1'C ~/Ii!;; 111+W ?; h'i n>t.Tf"kf
                                                                                              of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic
    t..~t-I\q: OD1"'P"T f4.~'i"'iI 11i1+~1.C "If'~ <h1'C9.:;;/
                                                                                              of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995, and Article 68 of the
    'fUy'wit h'}"'~ xx OOlP{.T f,01'.111 hW-1':tA:I
           ""'''~               "..".                                                         Federal Government of Ethiopia Financial Administration
                                                                                              Proclamation No. 57/1997.
                                         h~A    h'}~
                                                                                                                      PART ONE
    ii.     h 6J!>C   C t'J(1
                                                                                              1. Short title
            f,0 1.111 ufOlJ.tilTc.'~ SJ"hC f1~' f4.~fj1i1 '.1'"
                                                                                                 These Regulations may be cited as the "Council of
            <h'f'CI~lIi!f.itj!" +1Itto l\.m+iI ~~I\A:I
                                                                                                 Ministers Financial Regulations No.17 /1997."
    ~.      ""C:}OJt                                                                          2. Definitions
                                                                                                 In these Regulations:
            mUJ 1.111 ,m-il1'I
                                                                                                 1) "Advance" means a payment for which there is no
           ii.      "f:"~OIJ.f h~!" Dfli\Tflf':1 Am'm-'P fA+1.l.1
                                                                                                      exchange of value and that is to be accounted for
                    nT ).s +"'ln~ h+m,n 1.H.n:\1\ f"tfmt-Cf.m-
                                                                                                      by the recipient at some later date and does not
                    htt:f ""11'11 m-A 1 OOlPl.T nDfl.f.-1.<1(1t&i\'                       I

                                                                                                      include a progress payment made on account
                    f+OOi\h~m- "'''...,+ hoomC;++' OL:'" nry.l~w-                         I
                                                                                                      of,but before the completion of a contract.
                    f61.1.1."" h~fh~t;I)'SJ"CSJ" ;
                                                                                                 2) "Bid security" means a bid bond or security
           ~.       "fl.L1.I.;J- Dflhhnt,f" Dfli\T f,.,., t- + !I: I""); (,L1.l;J-
                                                                                                      deposit given by a contractor to the Federal
                    m-1"i1r~ m-t\-") fOlJ.~C9" t\OOIf~ tfil:t-C,'
                                                                                                      Government of Ethiopia to guarantee entry into a
~                   h1.ct11'1 i\t\.:rf'kf     t..1..t-I\~ 001°1,.,.,.1' fOlJ.{}
                                                                                                      contract if the contract is awarded to that contract-
                    mm' f(;L1.I.;J- (11i." (IJ~SJ"f'Ptt..,.r; 00f1(' ~m- ;
    .f')~ .,.;J                                                                                                                  ~;J~T ;JtLffJ;""'I.'h. ifjf.{i
    Unit Price                                                                                                                   Negarit G.P.O. Box 80,001
    .,Y\ HPi2;., ~f..t..A
         ., ,...              ~;Jt"', ;JtLfIJ '~'I'C Pi" IU. ~o <1>1 , .. ..
                                                     .. }    .. ,.  Hiv1rii ~'9'"'          Federal Negarit Gazeta - No, 46 Ist July 1997 - Page 545

    f'     "ft]1::rA mm." "71\:";                                                                 3.  "Capital Expenditure" means:
           U) OD'}1,,:f'} :CII,}~9':f'} m~'r "-fte:f "''}C}79':f'}                                    (a) the acquisition, reclamation, enhancement or
                  "'~t."'rC          ODI..:"'} I\ODf11= ODA(t I\ODf1t:            1\..,7i                    laying out of land exclusive of roads, buil-
               7iA m~'r l\"7U;11::";                                                                         dings or other structures;
           1\) OD'}1P.:f'}: CII,}~9':f'} m~'r "-fte:f "''}C}79':f'}                                   (b) The acquisition, construction, preparation,
               I\ODJ'11: I\ODP'I,.:": 1\"711;11::"m~'r 1\"77i?'iA:                                           enhancement or replacement of roads, buil-
           th) +'}.,. Uf:P7i m ~'r f"7 ~ '}.,. Uf'" T 1\'}.y.:f'}: ODUf                                      dings and other structures;
                                                       ""                                             (c) the acquisition, installation or replacement of
                ~JJ9':f'}:    OD1A1J'9':f'}         : +7ihCt]~9':f'}     "hli
                ODchfl:f'} 1\lID  _fll: I\OD:"hA m~'r I\OD+t]:"i
                                                                                                             movable or immovable plant, machinery and
           OD) hlltJ Ol\~ h'}
                                                                                                             apparatus, vehicles and vessels;
                                           n'}"''''   U-th f+lIlll"":"'}                              (d) the making of advances, grants or other
                I\ODt.?t'r m~'r fn. '}OilTOD'}:" P'1,.9':f'} I\OD
                                                                                                              financial assistance to any person towards
                _f1' 1\+'.l1      m~'r       1\"7.1.l'" CDm. "h'})lm-A                                        expenditure incurred or to be incurred by
                 l\"7li:fCD--'r (\CD-- ':"7.f htt:f: ,)C.';7 (IJ~'r                                           himlher on the matters mentioned In
                    "-1\ l}~~:" f1'}U.o ':;1lJ". ODillll:":                                                   paragraphs (a) to (c) above or In the
           tV)     f CIllO'        O-f'(\II):fm- f,}"'.(' .('C~.y.:f CD--il1'
                           (\CD--~:"                                                                          acquisition of investments; and
                   fnhl"t.f",) 1.'c1i t]'C;rA m~'r f.o.('C t]1:7A                                     (e) the acquisition of share capital or loan capital
                 0c}1\n.:"~:" I\ODf11:                                                                       in any body corporate.
           l)   hlltJ Ol\~ h+Jll"""'~' ;1C 1\+ffll                   f'rhC      n1A..,                (t) Any associated consultancy costs of the
                fte'~.: f+1.l1 mt.Ll ~CD--::                                                                 above.
            "CD--A" "71\:" "7,};;: CD--'r f OD'}'"P':"     OD ~f 0.:"                             4) "Contract" includes:
    Q'                                                        ",
                                                                                                      (a) a construction contract;
            On.:"f'A',f t..Yo/,.I\ce OD'}..,P':" il'r f"7.f1.C1m-'};
                                                                                                       (b) a goods contract;
           U) fi',} i1:"I,.h7i'} P'I,.:
                                                                                                       (c) a service contract~ or
           1\) f/J:P n:"Cfl:":
                                                                                                       (d) a lease
           th) fn1A"lfte:":        m~'r
                                                                                                      entered into on behalf of the Federal Government
           OD) fh.I,.~ m-A'} ~t.L1.'rI,.A::
                                                                                                      of Ethiopia by a public body.
    ?;,    "fCD--A"7ilhO~f" "71\:",                                                               5) "Contract security" means
                                                  1 t.?t
                                       1\- tVl:" C}\OD 00- 'rh'}
           U) f P' ". ,,.* 1,.t.L1;0 CD-- OD                                                           (a) a payment bond or a performance bond given
                  f'~' f"7.1.C(\CD--'} "..';:" l\"7il+t]hA         OP't. +*                                   on behalf of a contractor to the Federal
                  1,.t.L1;l'r 1\n.:"f'A"f t..J.'.../,."ce OD'}"lP':" f"7.(\1'i                                Government of Ethiopia to make good on
                 ji. fn.:"f'Wf        t..J.'.../,.I\ce OD'}cJ1P':" f1.l(\O:"'}                                any default by the contractor under the
                        "..';:" I\ODt]il:m~'r                                                                 contract by:
                 ~.      OhlJ".f fl,}~ m~'r Ont.~?t'r fl,}~ O+ODl\h                                          (i) compensating the Federal Government
                        'f::" :Pfte:fli U').79':f ODtVl:" fCD--l\-,}    nt.~                                        of Ethiopia therefore, or
                                                                                                             (ii) completing the performance of the con-
                        ?t'r 1\"7IIIli .,.:,. f"7.CD--AfhlJ".f fl'}.(' m ~'r
                        fnt.~?t'r     fl'}.(': m~'r
                                                                                                                   tract to the extent required by the terms
                                                                                                                   and conditions of the payment bond or
           1\)    0 CD-- .., J.'...7 0+1 C} }:fCD-- fte:fli
                      l\-                 C      :P                 Uo).79':f       ODtV
                                                                                                                   performance bond, or
                  l:" f"7.t.O'r I\ODlr~ 'Pil:"li "h'})ltr'} fP't.                                      (b) a security deposit given by the contractor to
                            I\n.    f
                  +* 1,.t.L1; :"f' W t..~/,.I\ ce OD'}..,
                                                       P':" f"7.(\                                             the Federal Government of Ethiopia to
,                 1IlCD- f'Pil:"li       OD,f'l"    ~CD--::                                                    secure the performance of the contract to the
I   ~

    :/!'   "f1'O:P          ~I\k~:""       "7I\T      OOD'}..,,,,:" ODp'~f           0.:"                      extent required by the terms and conditions
           fO"~ ~I\k       m~'r      ~I\t.m- omhl\m- f",t.             OD~i                                    of the contract.
           fOD'}"'p"r '}.ol:" "hilh"7.m1.(' m~'r hOD1I1.o "hilh                                   6) "Custodial Responsibility", means the respon-
           "7.II-'l1' m~'r 0"-1\ 11-'1,.-,.;;:m~'r ODp'~f 0.:" 1'O:P                                   sibility conferred on a government employee by
           "'c. "h'})ldJ.A "hilh"7. "'1\1\"-': .'lil fOD'}"'",:"'} '}.ol:"
                                             1                                                         the head of a public body or his or her delegated
           I\OD I\ODIIlO:": I\n'} 1.' fOD'}..,P':" tVl,.+;;: f"7.                                manager to protect and maintain public property,
           (\1' ~I\t.~:" ~m-:: ~tJ'r ~I\"'~:" h1'}JI.o "7.~il:"C                                       until either its disposal or deletion or its transfer to
           n"7.mll)     ODOD~_f O-f'ODl\h-f'm-           ODtVl.-}' OD1'1-f1 rOD f1'                    the custody of another employee or organization.
           :~I\t")-),'}'r      A.~'rC       ~":('I\A:
                                                                                                       This reponsibility may also include the record
                                                                                                       keeping required under the directi ves of the Minis-
           "/J,cs')   "7il-,.I\I\"-':"     "71\-)'    /J.';,} fODht.A        ~I\t.~-).'}
                                                                                                       ter of Finance;
           hn'}1.'     (\m- : 1.'c:(-')' m~'r            n1C m,."-"      "7il+I\I\C': .-           7) "Debt assignment" means the transfer of the
           I"'}: nI11\/J,cssP":('m~'r          nC}1\1'}lIfl":(' ODt]hA f"7.1.l1
                                                                                                       responsibility for a debt from one person, or-
           ID-'} ..,il-,'I\I\C':     f"7.ODl\h-}''} ~":('I\A:                                 ganization or country to another. It may refer to a
                                                                                                       transfer from one debtor to another or one creditor
                                                                                                       to another;
 1K" ?;f~       4..1.t./A'1;J(.:t-     ;JlLIIJ 4I"'C   ~       ilk fg .,., Ilifitii .,.9"'.               Federal Negarit Gazeta-No.   46 11\1 1997 - Page546

 ~.     "OPlPl1l"              ",I\T       fiflD")"'P'T")      ")-tllT         "'I' 'P;JfD-")
        hOP1I1-o "")Jl()l1l ",I:l.., ~(Do;                                                           8)     "Deletion" means the removal ~f public property and
 U.     "",ltw11:""'{\T    fOP")"'P'T") 'HllT                              n1if~ W~'r                      its value from the records;
        n1'ID:'(DoC""",, W1") ",lti'''I\ti: w~'r                                      I
                                                                           "")-\m4- IP/ :            9)   "Disposal" means the sale or transfer of public
        l.., ~(Doj                                                                                        property to another party or scrap of public property;
 I     "hltTt.\~" IP/I\TI\.:J'()~ flP/~"fi\- f"",n- lJ-)':l'sP"f                                     10) "Emergency" means an unforeseen combinfjtion of
       W~'r "C9'"jf OP(Do()I:")    f"tm~:t- ",~fllJ-                                            circumstances or the resulting state that calls for
       (Do(f).T ~tD-;
                                                                                                         immediate action;
 I1i'''ftJ~'i       fh1A..,lt-T h~I"    ",,,..-,. "iJ~ h.}oC{1T:
                                                                                                     11) "Fees and Charges" means a payment made by users
        h1A..,f\oT /t1P/'?"fT "'I' nOP1A11sP"f I\OPm+'r i'm
                                                                                                         to public bodies for the supply of goods, rendering of
        :1»"7.9'-:'"\OP")"'P'T OPP't.1 n..,."f fOUf..C1-T hti:1
                                                                                                         serVices and use of facilities; and does not include
        ""IT") OPcfo'"i.")
                                                                                                         fines and penalties;
 II'   "*"7. ")illT" "71\:" ..,n-4-ce VA9'T 11\(Do'ifi''imA
       'P;J(Do11C ~f. "'I' htLI n"~ fIT~ hh")1: 'ODT n"~                                             12) "Fixed Asset" means tangibl~ asset costing Birr 200
       l\(r~ 1.lL h.ttlf"t1'P. m+""1:l' f"7. ':"l(Do"'I' h1A'?f\oT                                       or more that is in operational use and that has a useful
                                                                                                         economic life of more than one year, such asfurniture,
       nOPltmT ,,~ f"7.1~ ")-olT ""IT1: "")f.. fn.C" iJ?:
                                                                                                         computers, heavy equipment, vehicles, ships and
       tt9'""[(Do"'C: hilI: OP~t.I:                 i'1ihCI1t.:           ODch1li h(DoC"
       T""): ih")';            OP")11.' = fr,:"'1i OPltopc: I:AI:~:                                      aircraft, buildings, roads, sewers, bridges, irrigation
                                                                                                         systems, dam;
       "'I' "11.'11 fOP"'()"":"") ~t;Q.'r t..A;
'Ic'   "f4-~'i1lt    iJ:"I:" f"7,hi',,"T")    ~~'rt..A;                                              13) "Fiscal Plan" includes:
        v)    h"7hC""''''.I'P.    '?'rT ;JC ni'ti)tf)OP                              lJ-).:l'             (a)   Revenue forecasts at existing rates of
                    0")'" 1ll\(Do f"l11C "7lthLI   9'"tf)). OPlPlT                     ~()n()                        trocationconsistent with the macroeconomic
                    IlA i'11f\o f:1'()n(Do") fOP")'?P'T     10.1                                                     aSsumptions;
        l\)         f7'1\.""     l\(Do1' 1ll\'J-',l1nT              lJ-).:1' n"7..lPt..      flP/
                                                                                                               (b)   Forecast of non-tax revenues (surplus of
                    hc.'':""7..1'P.     iJ:t-1.' :l'hi1        I1AIT)'     fOP")'?JUT
                                                                                                                     public enterprises, fees, user charges, etc.)
                    1n.9'"f     (hou")"IP':"        fAIP/TJUI,.               l.'C:E-.,."f fH                        based on macroeconomic projections but
                    +m TCti:: hh~I9'"f:      hi'm~"7..9'"f   h"7..()n()11                                            without any changes in policy;
                    'P;J w.H.i') ~()n()IlA T11lt- f:l'()n(Do") 10.;
                                                                                                               (c)   Estimation of additional revenues which
        th)          hr':'J-~ f"l11C 'rtf)). nOPtf)A: fi'l\f      f"l11C
                                                                                                                     may be mobilized by, for example, higher
                    P'C'T        nOPtlC;JT tIJ~'r n..,11C h()Il()11 l11:
                                                                                                                     tax rates, a different tax structure, or ins-
            f1'*'r  W~'l" f~lti'-'Sf..C OPCP:"C1P/7f7f1nIP/I:
                                                                                                                     titutional and administrative reforms in tax
            l"l ni'~"7t.~:"        il()n()11 f"7.."fl\(Do") f1n.
        OP) nOP")"lP'T fA"7:" P't.. f:C:E-.,."f frl\."" lP/iJ                                                  (d)   Estimation for additional income resulting
                                                                                                                     from changes in the policy framework for
                     +"''::    nOP")"'P'T         hti:I\':""7..           f'P;J      TOP'i
                                                                                                                     public enterprises, public sector priCing
                     7'1\.""= nor.n/,.'P.   h1A..,f\o.,."T hti:I9'"f  ,,~
                     I\(Do1'nOPf..l1' 'rh") IT ~1r; A i'11lt- f"7..:1'()n                                            policy charges in the social sectors, etc;
                     m-") i'Q;I."7 t. 1 no;                                                                    (e)   Estimates of resources available from
              IP)       hh1C (Dolt1' hw-1,bh1C 'r")~"f n11f:C                                                        domes,tic and external borrowing and grants.
                "'I' n"c-'S:l' I\.1~ ,,"f"A i'11f\o f"7..:1'()n(Do")                                           (f)   Projections df current development expen-
                10,;                                                                                                 diture.
          l) fOP'.n~ "'I' fA"7T W"t") "''rT::                                                             14) "Internal Audit' ' means a systematic, independent
 H!' "f(Doi11' h-\T" "7ftT f+tll1' f<k1'1'C JUc,.,."f") "'I'                                                  and appraisal of all operations, including adminis-
     f P' I,. h")CP)'9'"f1 n"7..OP"hT 'rhC I\OPi1mT "")-\11                                                   trative activities, for purposes of advising
     I\"IA f"7,**'r        i'hil",-'Sf..CI ""):"lt~""9'"f") ","'rC"
                                                                ,                                             management practices and controls;
     IP/'iT(Do")'r f P'I,. h")(Do")nThhA C;"7.."'ice~'1:")nm
       n+ P'C'T'i tll. hIP/1~(Do'rlJ-).:l'~, IT~ fdfJ1'r1'r
       i'..,IlC ~w-;
                                                                       .,., !:!!ht!! ~'9'"       Federal Negarit Gazeta        - No. 46 1 July 1997
                                                                                                                                                              -   Page 547
11}~?;Y.~f!: to.Yo!.-&\. ~:Jt."',       :m.nJ       'h're:   ~ M. 7!!~
in:. "fID-i\'r 'h'r1'C" lPf/\.}. foo'}o,, }.'} U11'} h1'~:"                                                     15} Internal Control' ' means the plan of organization and
     /\oohi\hA: f"l...,11 081.~9':Y''} (J):":"ce~~: ""'.hh/\~~~'                                                      all the coordinated method,sandmeasures adopted by
     'he; hi\"'lPflPf~~'} /\lPfl.;J11": f, /.. h1ID-'}'} 11.4>'}-                                                     management to safegu¥d asset, ensure the timeliness,
      /\OIJtaf.o, ~,c,- f.'} {1:Y'~,'.' ooOOI"f,,:y,'} oohO/,.:t:(J)<'}                                                accuracy and reliabilitY of accounting data, promote
     lPfl.;J1'r f, /.. hOO/'.';, fll7Jw'/\(J)< fhf,l)O!:"tj" r, I,.                                                    operational efficiency and maintain adherence to
;     h~.~~9" piCq..,. ~w.:
                                                                                                                       regulations and directives;
                                                                                                                 /6) ''LifeLTime ApproachH means the effective
!'t'£' "f ,"ftf,CI)'} IIOD'} p'c'H'''II7/\'}-                            htlO,}-''''''''''''11l:''
r"" .~c f"'~f,ftf. "'°J:llr.':Y' 'he; (J)'L1JJJ:Y'') "'I/\'}''r f"'l+ f.-:                                             management and control of public property by taking
         fllP,f11 :foolh'O:                     fOO111''''r:          f1'1'.':    rr.:.)::"       (J)~'r
                                                                                                                       into account all associated activities and costs.
                                                                                                                       namely, planning, acquis~on, receipt, use, maintenan-
         flPfi\w1Y: ~~)~'r hoo'1I111 fOOIPl11 ".o'l1I,.,}-'}h..,'r'}
                                                                                                                       ce, consumption or disposal or deletion of public
         w.i\'r         nlPfi\1l1'}' fOO'}o,, ,} ,}11l'}                          hi\"-~f,C          'h'.'
                                                                                              ~(J)<:                   property;
         ,h'r'rc         'n:~~' {l/\w.bB1', ,f.: 'h'})tOo/'. "'I f.'l'"                                         '/7) ~'Negotiable security" means a financial instrument
  I?:' "flPf.,,'I\/\£':            f1'}'Nl         (1H~'" lPf/\'}' 'rAh'}'                  O"'lf.'lo,
                                                                                                                        which is transferable from one person to another by
          wJ.wo ,f/\9°Ah'1'                     hh'},f.: (1(J)< CPf, ""1\                000.,.1\/\4.
                                                                                                                        being delivered with or without endorsement so that
          'rhO) .f'} f\"'I\/\A,/\'}'(1to,                 fll/\{l.-}-~'}' 0011'}' rlPf"fi\1~                            the title passes to the transferee;
          f'I1t1~n (1~f: ~ID-:                                                                                    /8) "Progresspaymeot' 'means a payment made by or on
                                    flPf.f~lo,         h£.:f"        "'1/\:,. fm'/\~ hA.2\~'r
  :<:S' "nff,l.~co'                                                                                                     behalf of the Federal Governemnt of Ethiopia under
           00-/\. noo-/\. hooillc.'.,.<h                       OA.:" OhA.A /\"-A.OOO(J)<                                the terms of a contract after $e performance of the
           f(D'/\' hl':A ow-/\'                  :1>/\o',y,OOlPl'}' Oh..}f"A'IAo1../.,                                  part of the contract in respect of which the payment is
           I\CP. OO,)..,, ,}. m~9" nh,'}'f'A'~f AoY..I,.I\ce oo'}..,,                                                    made but before the performance of the whole
            i\9" flPf.~.09" h~,f ~tD-:                                                                                   contract;
   ..,,, "fUIJ ...f'lI '1')1111" lPf/\'} nID-/\' OOIPI.'}' O, I,.,,.*I,.,L\;
   "iij,                                                                                                           /9) "Retention" means'a portion of the progress billings
           h07.iIlf<l'ID< nff,/.j{co.                    flPf.f.lo,        h£':f (J)<i\1' f(J)</\'                       called for under the terms of a contract that is not
          ),,(.2\"'9" oi\~lPf,iIlci"':" 'he; ''''1,. "'*I,.t.L\; /\'}o'i\ , 1,.                                          payable to the contractor until the contract has been
           "'*/..,..10',)'. h£':.f 00~,000- 'hi\t)o,.l.~11'                            J.J:I.i\ /\, /.,                  completed and .all subcontractors have been paid by
            .,.* /..f.L1: ta~hA,A f"7.JI> ~ ~."f11                      ~(J).::                                          the contractor.
   ~,        "fq-i\.1.c,' IID,f'''''' "'I/\-,}.: '                                                                 20) "Security deposit" means:
                0)        fOq-I\ (1H~' Irlf
                                                                                                                               (a) a bill of exchange
                                                                 f"7.hA.A : 'h'.'
                                                                                                                                  (i) 'that is payable to the Ministry of Finance,
                    " ~,        /\,,1'HllPf.ti\.J;{:
                       ~,       (1:1"m'" 1',,.HI11 "'*'r                 f"'l;J1i1l         m~'r 0:"
                                                                                                                                   (ii) that is certified by an approved financial
                               .(1)'''Co., \"I1~I'n "'*9" 0/.,(1, i\9" \,CPtl):
                          nllD')~',,,,,,,,}' q-i\,}e; \,,"(1(OO'}' (\'}Y: m~'r
                                                                                                                                          institution or drawn by an approved
                /\)                                                                          ,

                                                                                                                                          financial institution on itself,
                ,h)        nllP'}O), 1' OD,.., t,f o..}. "'+l1~~'}'                             A.~ l(J)<
                                                                                                                                (b) a government guranteed bond, or
                           ft17:')"/I.'h'." (1,,.w,n lPf,ti\'I:C fOf.+ ""1\ ,"00'"
                                                             ,,'                                                                (c) such other security as may be deemed
                           ." f, q-h,},e;        ~lo.'::
                                                                                                                                       appropriate by the public body and approved
    ~'~, "hl\.~ /J:J'" lPf/\,}. h*"7. /J,+ m-t;L). f(r~ lPf'.':t:(J)<9"                                                                by the Ministry of Finance.
              fl/ll'}"'P"}'           ').nl.'1' (1.1"): OJUJ(,m. h"'1110')' 1.IL                                         21) "Supplies" means all public property other than
              :f:9"r.' /\t,') Yo- oo.}. 'rc»>9"I\~ \'''7.tD<A 'h'.' 'P
                                        q                                                                                      fixed assets. It includes, all as~ets that will be used
              ~r.   n:";)', f"~1 '},nl.'}' ~,L),9"I,.A:                                                                        within one year of purchase and costing less than
                                                                      o','}u..n lPf.ti\'I:C m~'r                               Birr 200.
     -n~' "fh:"/..fU"'''l1IC1IC''"7I\')~
              n,,"1\ P'AII)'}                O.,.(1i1llo., foo'}o"..,,).                lID, l"f o.,}'                    22) "Suppliers' list" means a list that is established
                                  -hc,' f"7.iIln:J'            fOD'}o"..,,}        00, 1,1 o.":'f
              f"7.**9"                                                                                                          and maintained by the Ministry of Finance or by
               (It.L1.I.:'' 'NlJP,.P,t~'}. /\. ,,.o/\.q-:t:m, flPf.:')"'/\u),'} h :"1,.0,                                     " another authorized public body which sets out the

               9':1- h9" 'he; hYo.I,.ViflPf.~111IC11C:                          ~(J)<:I                                         names and addresses of suppliers from whom
                                                                                                                                public bodies may solicit bids,
                                    ,             hC':A 0./\.1'
                                           f~~f.I,;"Ji\       :~I\'(. ~,}.                                                                        PART TWO
                                                                                                                                     FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                                                     3. Responsibilities of the Minister of Finance
      i:' f'1')II.n "7.~i\,~.t: :~,,~. ~'1'
               f'nll.n '''I.~i\'}'C::           '                                                   ;                    The Minister of Finance shall:
             ~,       nllU f,'}'O n11CllC h'Jf.,""'IIPIIlCD<                                (loo'}o,,       ,},            I) Formulate and distribute Directives that detail the
                      f~_,')i\        ,.., /..9",y. (}'/\' fOD'}"'''''''')'')              f~~'.',}i\                        Governments financial policies in all areas of the
                      ,,'/\.(1.9"')"' f"7.'IP/\h":                  11C11C i/llODI,.f9"')"''} ,ffD
                                                                                                                                 Government finances as detailed in these
                      II)A: ,fll-'I,.6"1.A:
                                                                 fh.Tf"kf     '('1..?l\'f Jt quh?f1.f'f ~T1Ift.h

                    ~Y-ot.1A                                                        ";Jt+                               ;JUlI)
                    FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                          OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETmOPIA

           ht:."'~ qoo"" +'1'Cb                                                                                                       4thYear No. 1
                                                                  Oh.""Y'kJ' 4,.1..M\'£ -'t'l"n~ltJ''£ &T11l\.h                                 October, 1997
                                                                                                                               ADDIS ABABA - 20111
      h-'t" hllfl-4>""r"" I "'')-Ulf1 I,
                                                                  f ;It11 "'tDt)f-:f rnc o.-r mfl<t.,,,,,ftDllJ

fOlJ.~"""e:f SJ"hc IL"" 1.')11 +'1'C                  ti/nifj      q.SJ".                     Council of Ministers Regulations No. 20/1997
       fh.""f-kJ' f,)"lY: OI/".,.fllI&J'fJfODlj{ AlD-tD-1' I/ohA
                                                         O                                      Ethiopian Trade Point Establishment Council of
      0I/'k'k0lJ.J'fOlJ.~"""e:f SJ"hc n."" l.')-fI                            11r ifc8:t        Ministers Regulations                     Page 637

                 foU"..,.C':fSlonc           0."" 1.')11 +'1'c?!'/Ii!f1                            COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS No. 20/1997
                                                                                                      COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS TO
       fh.""f-kJ'    f')"lY: 01f".,.fI41&J'lf fool)f             AlD-lD-1' O1f"hA')
                                                                                                     PROVIDE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE
                fl.01f'k'kr ftDllJ fo'U."..,.C':f         rllc     0."" 1.')11
                                                                                                                  ETHIOPIAN TRADE POINT
          f"'l.t":"C':f rnc 0."" fh.""f-kJ' 4,.1..t:./t,£'t'l"n~ltJ''£
~T11l\.n        h"L~"'l.      ht)/t-r')    P"AIlJ'}lf "'''lflC fl.ootD(t') fltDllJtD-              These Regulations are issued by the Council of Ministers

htp~       +'1'C !!/Ii!fit% h')"''''' ?; OOlPl"" f.tJ') 1.')11 htD-1'j:A::
                                                                                              pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the
                                                                                              Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of
{i.            clJ"
                                                                                              Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995.
         ,l'.tJ 1.')11 "fh.-rf-kJ'        f,)"lY: O1f""'fln~J'lf fool)f          AlD-lD-1'
                                                                                              1. Short Title
         O1flJhA lI'lcJ:<J:"'l.f "'l.)'''''''C'".f'
                               f                      rnc         0."" 1.')11 +'1'C     r;I
                                                                                                    These Regulations may be cited as the "Ethiopian Trade
         Ii!f1" .,.-nfl.°\.m"'''
                        l                 ,l'.".f'I\A::
                                                                                                    Point Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No.
~. -).c~t11L                                                                                        20/1997."
         f .4'1'\. h11111 fI.,I\:"C1.r       f01f.J'(tmtD- t)AIf., n".,..,.c        ntLtJ
                                                                                              2.    Definitions
         f. ')11 tD."",::
                                                                                                    In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:
          {i.    ""'l.)' ia1;c' ~ tD,l'.r      ""'l.)''' ""c"        f
                                                                   01fl."" "')1.    :"1.1'"
                 -th.,.lI.- f')"lY:lf i"~
                                        ,)~"-r~           "'l.),ia1;C tD,l'.r "'l.)'''')-c          1)   "Ministry" or "Minister" means the Ministry or the
                 "CD':                                                                                   Minister of Trade and Industry, respectively.
          ~.    "fll'/lJhA "''':ht9>".f'''    O1ffl..)-f.tD-6J.1"')..,~ ') "'):"f)                  2)   "Trade Point Participants" means government and
                ,4>(1. n01fOO:FT'r I.")Y: hr,:.,.~ "'l.lf f"'l.""Lwi: OO')"'P"                           private organizations which playa major role in
                ;J-,£Cjf"lA Y:c~.y.:f                  "
                                               O1ffl..)- tD-::                                           facilitating foreign trade activities.
f'       oo<J:<J:r                                                                            3. Establishment
          {i.    fi"~-rf-kf     f')",Y: O1f".,.'UMJ'lf fOOI.)f AtD-tD-1' O1flJ
                                                                                                    1) There is hereby established the Ethiopian Trade Point
                 hA (htLtJ n:\/t           "01flJhll.-~' M.,.nfl.      f"'   f;lt"l
                                                                                                       (hereinafter "the Trade Point") as an autonomous
                 (tw'''-r ffl.(J)<t:.(t.') f:FfI. fOO,)"lP'-r OOp"~f o.-r IfCj
                                                                                                         government institution having its own legal personality.
                 flILtJ J'.')rfl .,.<J:+'''J..A::
          ~. fll'/lJhfl.' "'m~ '1-). fI.O'J,),"""?-,l'.'flf fA ::                                   2) . The Trade Point shall be accountable to the Minister.

     J'")P,.<P;J 2.30                                                                                                                                                        7""'.-h.
                                                                                                                                                                '1;MT ;Jtl.CIJ
     Unit Price                                                                                                                                                 Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
                                                                   ffi':"f"kf t..fot.-I\'e .&t'l"nt.-l1.f'etTllt\.n

                             &oYu/raA ~ ;Jt~.                                                                            ;J ItllJ
                                 FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA
                                                     OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                    t,(.,'f'~:   quP.'}'   <h'l'C    I                                                                                  4thYear No. 10
                                                                    nkTf-A"1 ~J.'..(.."-£
                                                                                        .ltqutJ(..I\I-£ tTl1lLtJ                ADDIS ABABA - 20'h December, 1997
           t, MIll :J'u'~1'"'Hi .,.'} WJ:1.                      f ~1'11 +wttf-~ 9"tJC (top mll<tH' fwtI]

                                                     fP/l&'DfiJ.                                                          CONTENTS
      f°'l.'1.ilTC:'1' 9"t.C o.T .l'.'}11<I:'I'C~'9./Ii!fj ~'9'"                              Council of Ministers Regulations No. 24/1997
          f"'9"~tJ uP;J"') il(.. ~.:J> .:fD?ll'l'nft
                                        Y                  lJo).;- ltuPW(a'} fWtI]              Customs wa{ehouse License ISsuance Council of Ministers
            'fD?'1.ilTr.".1'9"tJC o..'}',.'}.n                                   1~   ift       Regulations..                                 Page 660

                     fD?''}'r.':r. "tJC o..'}''.'}11 <h'l'C r!9./Ii!fj
                                      9                                                             COUNCIL OF MINIS1ERS REGULATIONS NO. 24/1997
             f"'9"~.tJ aD:)"'} 1'"'(,.~.:J>':fD'/.(}'I'nft lJo).;J-ltOoW(a'}                  COUNCIL OF MINISTERS REGULATIONS Tp PROVIDEFOR
                          fmn) fD?''r.'1' 9"hC o.T '.'}11                               1HE ISSUANCE OF CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE LICENSE
              fD?''h~':1' 9"tJC 0..1' ft,. Tf-A"1 ~J.'..(.."-£.ItqutJ(..I't.!-£
                                                                                              These Regulations are issued by the Council of Ministers pursuant to
      t,T'lllLh t,il~.'I.(II/. tt".'}.'} ilAn),}'i"',...,IlC ltuPW(a'}nWtI](D'h'P~
                                                                                              Article 5 of the Definition of powers and Duties of the Executive \
      "~'I'C !~/n!f.'fi';f: h,}"'?t. ?; '1,'i' f1'9°~h 'lltP'AtI]'}'} h ,}.l'.1Ci             Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation
                    t,(a(..~.'} ltuPm(a'} nmn)(D. h'P~ <h'l'Ctiff!! h'}"'~ ?j
      lttl'lcJ:cJ:9"Ci                                                                        No. 4/1995 and Articles 40 (4) and 84 of the Re-Establishment and
      (!~) Cih,}"'?t. 'fi'!!uPlPt.T f.U'} '.'}11 h(D""~A ::                                   Modernization of Customs Authority proclamation No. 60/1997.
      ji'     t,61N: ciJil                                                                    1. Short Tide
              J.'~u ,t'.}.n "f1'9~~tJ uP;J"'} il(.. U 1: fD'/.(a'l'nT'} lJo).;J-                  These Regulations may be cited as "Customs warehouse License
              ltuPOJ(a'}f(lJtI] fD7..''}{~'1'
                                               9°hc o..'}'.l'.'}11<h'l'C~'9./I!!fj"               Issuance Council of Ministers Regulations No. 24/1997"
               'Nlf\'; lLm'f>i'
                             f.~"A                  ::                                        2. Definitions'
      «.       :"C=iait                                                                           In these Regulations:
               lULU.(':Hl (IJ'M',                                                                  1) "Licensed CustomsWareho).l;;e" .Shal1mean a general or
              ji. "f.,.t."'.('. f1'9"~h uP,.'),,')" 07ltT f"9"~tJl'"'~P'C~.'}'                         private Customs Warehouse «stablished by the approval of
                   .fA'hWuPlI:f(D' iJ:J>9'1'h'}.ltt1"7=J:n:" n"9"~tJ IlItP'A                           Customs Authority for the deposit of dutiable goods;
                                f          fm:""" (Df.9" f..,A iJ:J>OO.'1II') w.;
                                                                            ~                     2) "License" shall mean a license given to establish customs
                                                                                                "        warehouse;
              ~. "1..:1>1.'" 07lt:" (lilt' '.'}11 OOIPt.:" f"9"~tJ 00.'111'
                                                                                                    3)   "General Customs Warehouse" shall mean a customs
                      f\tJllcJ:cJ:9° fD7..(a'l' ~.:1>1: ~(D' ;
                                                                                                         w,arehouseestablished for the storag~ of goods of different
              !:."fm:",," iJ:J>    f"9°~tJ 00.'1II')" 07lt:" f.,.ltff. hilOO(J;}.                        importers or exporters until the accomplishment of customs
                 9':1. mf.9° "h.9'";f iJ:J> f1'9"~tJ I'"'~ I'"'~:" hilhD7..L?t                           formalities;
                 9"(1-1''llt fD?"'oomn:,. 00.'1'" ~w.;                                       4)   "Private Customs warehouse" shall mean a customs
             !~. "folA iJ:J>   f1.9°~h 00:J,,'}" 07lt:"lP/'}~w.9" (aw. nil"'"                            warehouse to be used only for the warehousing of goods
                 f\D?..filrllJtI]TW. (DJ!.9°ltD'/.AttTW. iJ:J>9'~f1-9"~tJ I'"'~                          imported or exported by a licensee until it accomplished
                 I'"'Cq.}. hilhD'/.mCi"':"t\.'}. fD'/.t1"7=J:nT00.'1II'}~w.!                      customs formalities;

       .n.':. II';J 2..10                                                                                                                            7'."',~, ;tit/i
                                                                                                                                       '1;Jt-r ;JtLffJ
       Unit Price                                                                                                                      Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001
     "IX"   j;~~~       t..1o/"A. ~;J~'''' ;J'LIII ~-rc              I :l"U"'''' Hi +"J Iiil' 'J.~.                         Federal Negarit Gazeta -   No.1 0 20thDecember, 1997-Page 661

             ?;.       "(\(0'" "he;"'lAP'AIIJ"J" "7A-r f.,.,..",tJ qAP'AIIJ")"),                                             5)  "Person" and "Authority" shall have the meanings
                       "h"J."e; A"7**,..e;
                          f                                hlPt-"'") AODdJit")RmllJm- hCP:E-                                     given to them under the Re-Establishment and Moder-
                       +''''C ~I~hrii f+ltllJ:fro-                -rC~~     ~If t-:fCPA II                                       nization of Customs Authority ProClamationNo. 60/97
     f:'      nt..4>.r.' "0'/.**00- foo ;J,,") 'J~""':f                                                                   3. Kinds of Warehouse
             ji.       n'lAitAIIJ~ t.:J>1: fD7.**'"                   f.,.,..",tJ OD;JU")                    1) CustOJllS warehouse that may be established by a license
                       n',.A.t~~ itsP:f it,.. fODIIJ")dJ~'" fD7.i\tJ") iJ:J>
                                                                           A"7b"7                                               given from the Authority shall be-classifiedas a General
                       :,::,. fO'/.,f.,A"A f m