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									Dr Ben Saunders BA, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon), FHEA                                   1 of 5

                                   Contact Details

Address: Room A82, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA,
Scotland, UK            Tel: 01786 467560        Email:

                             Interests and Competencies

Areas of Research Specialization
Political Philosophy (especially democracy and distributive justice)
Normative/Applied Ethics

Areas of Teaching Competence
History of Moral/Political Thought (particularly Plato and J. S. Mill)
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

                       Career (Employment and Education)

2010-          Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Stirling
Indefinite appointment. Responsible for research, teaching, and administration.

2008-10       Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford
Fixed term position. In association with Corpus Christi College (non-stipendiary
college lecturership). Responsible for organizing and delivering predominantly
undergraduate teaching and conducting my own research.

2005-08         D.Phil in Politics, Jesus College, Oxford
Thesis title: „Democracy-as-Fairness: Justice, Equal Chances and Lotteries‟
Supervisor: David Miller        Examiners: Adam Swift and David Estlund (Brown)

2003-05        M.Phil Politics (Theory): Distinction, Jesus College, Oxford
Taught papers: Political Theory; Contemporary Political Philosophy; Plato and
Aristotle; Moral Philosophy [B.Phil philosophy option]
Thesis: „Non-Majoritarian Democracy: Fairness, Lotteries and Equal Chances‟
Supervisor: David Miller

2000-03        BA PPE: 1st class, Jesus College, Oxford

                   Research and Publications (*=peer-reviewed)

Scholarly Research Articles (Journals and Book Chapters)
[F*] „Democracy, Political Equality, and Majority Rule‟ forthcoming in Ethics 120:1
      [Oct 2010].
[F*] „How to Teach Moral Theories in Applied Ethics‟ forthcoming in The Journal of
      Medical Ethics.
[11] „Estlund‟s Flight from Fairness‟ in Representation 46:1 [April 2010] pp. 5-17 in
      a symposium on David Estlund‟s Democratic Authority, with replies by David
      Estlund (pp. 53-67).
[10*] „J. S. Mill‟s Conception of Utility‟ in Utilitas 22:1 [March 2010] pp. 52-69.
Dr Ben Saunders BA, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon), FHEA                                 2 of 5

[9*] „Why Majority Rule Cannot be Based Only on Procedural Equality‟ in Ratio
      Juris 23:1 [March 2010] pp. 113-22.
[8*] „Increasing Turnout – A Compelling Case?‟ in Politics 30:1 [Feb 2010] pp. 70-7.
[7*] „Sex Discrimination, Gender Balance, Justice and Publicity in Admissions‟ in
      Journal of Applied Philosophy 27:1 [Feb 2010] pp. 59-71.
[6*] „Fairness between Competing Claims‟ in Res Publica 16:1 [Feb 2010] pp. 41-55.
[5*] „Normative Consent and Opt-Out Donation‟ in The Journal of Medical Ethics 36:
      2 [Feb 2010] pp. 84-7.
[4*] „A Defence of Weighted Lotteries in Life Saving Cases‟ in Ethical Theory and
      Moral Practice 12:3 [June 2009] pp. 279-90.
[3*] „Making Voting Pay‟ in Politics 29:2 [June 2009] pp. 130-6.
[2*] „Acts of Self-Harming Protest and the Definition of Terrorism‟ in Review
      Journal of Political Philosophy 6:1 (special issue on terrorism, torture and the
      uses of violence) [July 2008] pp. 175-80.
[1*] „The Equality of Lotteries‟ in Philosophy 83:3 [July 2008] pp. 359-72.

Other Pieces (Comments, Book Reviews, Replies, Popular Pieces, etc)
[F] Book review: Fabienne Peter Democratic Legitimacy in The Journal of Moral
     Philosophy [forthcoming].
[F] Book review: „Ambiguous Accountabilities‟ review of Valerie Sperling Altered
     States: The Globalization of Accountability for Review of Politics [forthcoming].
[F] Book review: Barbara Goodwin Justice by Lottery 2nd edition in The Journal of
     Value Inquiry [forthcoming].
[6] Popular Philosophy: „“It‟s a lottery!”: Penalties and the Meaning of Winning‟ in
     Ted Richards (ed.) Soccer and Philosophy (Open Court: Chicago and L Salle,
     Illinois), pp. 335-45.
[5] Introduction: „Introduction: Symposium on [David Estlund‟s] Democratic
     Authority‟ in Representation 46:1 [April 2010] pp. 1-3.
[4*] Book review: „Democracy After Deliberation‟ review of Robert E. Goodin
     Innovating Democracy: Democratic Theory and Practice After the Deliberative
     Turn in Res Publica 15:3 [Sept 2009] pp. 315-9.
[3] PhD Thesis Summary: „Democracy-as-Fairness: Justice, Equal Chances and
     Lotteries‟ in The Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 2:1 [Summer
     2009] pp. 154-6 [].
[2] Book review: Thomas Christiano The Constitution of Equality: Democratic
     Authority and its Limits in Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 59, No. 236 [July 2009]
     pp. 566-8.
[1] Book review: Cecile Fabre Whose Body is it Anyway?: Justice and the Integrity
     of the Person in Journal of Value Inquiry 41:2-4 [Dec 2007] pp. 375-9.

Brief / Less Academic Book Reviews and Notes
[F] Ludvig Beckman The Frontiers of Democracy in Political Studies Review
[F] Raf Geenens and Ronald Tinnevelt (eds.) Does Truth Matter? Democracy and
     Public Space in Political Studies Review [forthcoming].
[13] Jon Elster Reason & Rationality in Political Studies Review 8:1 [Jan 2010] p.76.
[12] Tal Ben-Shahar The Pursuit of Perfect for Metapsychology Online 13:39 [22nd
     Sept 2009] [].
[11] Nader Chokr Unlearning or How NOT to be Governed? for Metapsychology
     Online 13:30 [21st July 2009] [].
Dr Ben Saunders BA, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon), FHEA                               3 of 5

[10] Thomas Gataker The Nature and Uses of Lotteries (ed. Conall Boyle) in
     Political Studies Review 7:2 [May 2009] p.270.
[9] Thom Brooks (ed.) The Global Justice Reader in Political Studies Review 7:2
     [May 2009] pp.242-3.
[8] Malcolm Schofield Plato: Political Philosophy in Political Studies Review 7:1
     [Jan 2009] p.108.
[7] Jack Lively Democracy in Political Studies Review 6:2 [May 2008] p.216.
[6] Ruth Lane The Game of Justice: A Theory of Individual Self-Government in
     Political Studies Review 6:2 [May 2008] p.215.
[5] David van Mill Deliberation, Social Choice and Absolutist Democracy in
     Political Studies Review 5:3 [Sept 2007] p.411.
[4] Andrew Rehfeld The Concept of Constituency: Political Representation,
     Democratic Legitimacy, and Institutional Design in Political Studies Review 5:3
     [Sept 2007] p.408.
[3] Michel Regenwetter, Bernard Grofman, A.A.J. Marley & Ilia M. Tsetlin
     Behavioral Social Choice: Probabilistic Models, Statistical Inference, and
     Applications in Political Studies Review 5:2 [May 2007] p.267.
[2] Stephen Parsons Rational Choice and Politics: A Critical Introduction in
     Political Studies Review 4:1 [Jan 2006] pp.66-7.
[1] Bernard Crick Democracy: A Very Short Introduction in Philosophy Today
     16:42 [Jan 2003] pp.8-9.

Selected Conferences and Presentations (Oxford, unless otherwise specified)
02/06/08 Fairness, Democracy and Lotteries Moral Philosophy Seminar
11/09/08 Lotteries and Voting Workshops in Political Theory (Manchester Met.)
20/11/08 Democracy by Lottery Cerberus, Balliol PPE Society
02/02/09 Defining Democracy & the Market Nuffield Political Theory Workshop
01-03/09 Issues in Democratic Theory (five papers for my graduate research seminar)
10/03/09 Democracy by Lottery Corpus Christi Philosophy Society
30/04/09 Discrimination and Gender Balancing PEAK, University of Keele
18/05/09 Defining the Demos Philosophy Faculty Doctoral Thesis Seminar
28/05/09 Penalties and Lotteries Corpus Christi MCR-SCR lunchtime seminar
18/06/09 Normative Consent and Donation Moral Reasoning Seminar
27/06/09 Defining the Demos Society for Applied Philosophy (Leeds)
04/07/09 Defining the Demos Association for Legal & Social Philosophy (Edinburgh)
28/07/09 Democracy and Majority Rule University of Manchester
04/08/09 Democracy and Majority Rule University of York
19/10/09 The Moral Basis of Mill’s Liberalism Nuffield Political Theory Workshop
19/03/10 Democracy & Non-Voting University of Kent
25/03/10 Democracy & Non-Voting University of Cambridge
08/04/10 Democracy & Non-Voting Assoc. for Legal & Social Philosophy (So‟ton)
05/05/10 A Relativized Definition of Democracy University of Warwick
06/05/10 Defining the Demos University of Stirling
10/05/10 Animals and World Ownership CSSJ lunchtime seminar
03/07/10 The Moral Basis of Mill’s Liberalism Society for Applied Philosophy (Ox)
08/07/10 Fairness between Competing Claims British Society for Ethical Theory
Dr Ben Saunders BA, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon), FHEA                                  4 of 5


University of Stirling
Research Methods (PY5103)                    Compulsory M.Litt seminar

Philosophy – What‟s it all about? (PHI911)   2 lectures on „Philosophy and Life.‟
From Plato to Existentialism (PHI 913)       4 lectures on Mill On Liberty.
Political Philosophy (PHI94R)                Module convenor. 20 lectures.
Elective (PHI9XB)                            Reading group on Plato‟s Republic.

University of Oxford
Issues in Democratic Theory                  Research Seminar
D.Phil Supervision (2009-10) Jens Ziska      Ownership of Natural Resources

Theory of Politics (Phil 114/Pol 203)        Tutorials, Lectures
Aesthetics (Phil 109)                        Tutorials, Lectures
Ethics (Phil 103)                            Tutorials
Plato‟s Republic (Phil 115)                  Tutorials
Mill‟s Utilitarianism                        Tutorials
Theorizing Democracy (Politics)              Tutorials

Courses designed and offered for visiting students (tutorials):
Egalitarian Theory; International Justice; History of Political Thought; Models of
Democracy; Civil Liberties; Education and Equality; Human Nature in Hobbes,
Locke and Rousseau; The Ethics of Human Enhancement.

Related Duties:
Admissions Interviews         PPE and PPP (Corpus Christi: 2008, 2009)
                              Philosophy & Theology (Jesus: 2005, 2006, 2007)
                              Lit. Hum. (St Hilda‟s: 2006)
Examining                     Theory of Politics (2009, 2010)
                              Aesthetics (2010)
                              M.St Women‟s Studies extended essays (2010)

Selected Training and Qualifications
17/03/10      Supervising D.Phil Students
10/02/10      „Developing Academic Practice‟ Teaching Portfolio
              (Entitles me to Fellowship of the HEA, ref 33474)
TT 07         „Developing Learning and Teaching‟ Portfolio
              (Entitles me to Associate status of the HEA, ref 33474)

            Other Professional-Related Duties, Experience, and Awards

Selected Prizes and Awards:
* Humanities Division Merit Award (non-recurrent salary point) (2009).
* Jesus College Graduate Scholarship (2006-07).
Dr Ben Saunders BA, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon), FHEA                                 5 of 5

* Oxford University Vice Chancellor‟s Fund (2007).
* AHRC Doctoral funding (2005-07).
* AHRB Masters funding (2003-05).
* Gibbs Prize (best Philosophy mark in PPE Finals) (2003).
* D. G. Ritchie prize in PPE (2002).
* Jesus College open scholarship (2001-03).
* Jesus College Bahram Dehqani-Tafti scholarship (2001-02).

Professional Service:
* Review Board for Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics (2009-). Reviews: 6.
* Referee for Political Studies (2010); Contemporary Political Theory (2010); Ethical
Theory and Moral Practice (2010); Representation (2010); Ethics (2009); Philosophy
and Phenomenological Research (2009); European Journal of Political Theory
(2009); Philosophical Studies (2009); Journal of Philosophical Research (2008);
Oxford University Philosophy Faculty Graduate Conference (2006).

* Standing Committee for Philosophy & Modern Languages (2008-10).
* Jesus College Graduate Common Room Secretary (2006-07).
* Administrative assistant with Oxford University Card Office, Wellington Square
(summer 2005). Involved in creating and updating student records.
* Administrative assistant with Colchester Borough Council (summer 2002 and
2003). In charge of payroll, sick records, accident reports, etc.
* College representative on Politics Undergraduate Joint Consultative Committee

Research Assistantships:
* For Dr Pavel Ovseiko (D.Phil, Social Policy, Oxford) Sept 2008.
* For Dr Marc Stears (Fellow in Politics, University College, Oxford) Dec 2007.
* For Nkiruka Ahiauzu (Lecturer in Law, Aberystwyth) June-Aug 2005.

Professional Affiliations:
* Fellow: Higher Education Academy (ref 33474), 2010-.
* Member: Association for Legal and Social Philosophy, 2009-.
* Member: Society for Applied Philosophy, 2009-.
* Member: British Society for Ethical Theory, 2010-.
* Associate Member: Centre for the Study of Social Justice (Oxford), 2009-10.

                                                  Last updated: 13th September 2010

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