Aarkstore Enterprise Research Report of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009

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					 Aarkstore Enterprise Research Report of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009

The valves are devices used to make the medium (liquid, gas and powder) in the pipes or
equipments flow, stop and enable to control the flow volumes, indispensable fluid control
devices in the national economic departments, such as petroleum, chemical industry,
power plants, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various low
temperature engineering, space navigation and marine oil.

America is the largest valve provider in the world. According to the statistics from
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry, there are more
than 110 valves enterprises with the annual output values exceeding 4 billion USD. With
the intensification of the globalization of American enterprises, American valve
enterprises begin to merge the local and other enterprises in the world so as to expand the
market shares and strengthen the competitiveness. Due to the increasing acquisitions
among the enterprises, American valve enterprises have been a part of some large
multinational company.

In recent years, with the fiercer and fiercer competitions in the global valve market, many
international outstanding valve manufacturers have closed down their factories in North
America, Europe and Japan and shifted their factories to China, India, South Korea and
Middle Europe with the purposes of cutting down the manufacturing costs and gaining
more sales profits.

With the intensification of the exploitation and utilization of the oil and gas in China,
Chinese valve market will be increased sharply, making most valve manufacturers set up
the factories in China and the speed-up of the demands for the valves in China. Recently,
China is striving to narrow the gap with the US. With several years of development, the
number of the value enterprises in China stands the first place in the world, which is
about 6000 large and small valve enterprises, enabling to provide 3,500 varieties in 40
thousand specifications. In 2008, the scale of Chinese valve market reached 7 billion
USD. With the influences of international financial crisis, the growth speed of the valve
market was cut down, but still up by 10% compared with is predicted that China
is expected to surpass America and become the largest valve market in the world in 2010.

From the aspect of the products, Chinese valve industry have had the ability of producing
more than a dozen category products, such as gate valves, cut-off valves, ball valves,
adjusting valves, safety valves, check valves, throttle valves, plug valves, pressure release
valves, diaphragm valves, draining valves and emergency cut-off valves etc with the
highest and lowest temperatures between 570Ž and -196Ž, at the highest pressure of
600 Mpa and in the largest latus rectum of 5.35 thousand millimeters.

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