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According to a new survey, American families believe a college
education for their kids is important, but more than half of them
haven't started saving for it.

By the Numbers ...

      People with bachelor's degrees earn about 61% more over their
       40-year work life -- and actually enjoy better health.

      But 52% of parents haven't started saving for college.

      Over the last five years, the cost of a public four-year college
       education has risen 51%.

      86% of parents said they face obstacles in saving for college.

      50% said their greatest obstacle was the rising cost of food, gas
       and other daily necessities.

      42% of parents say the current state of the economy has
       affected their ability to save for their child's education. (But 44%
       did not say that their ability to take a vacation has been affected.)

      13% of parents say they aren't saving because the "cost seems
       too overwhelming."

Phone Topic: What is your most overwhelming financial problem these

Phone Topic: Ask young listeners in your audience how they expect
their college education to be paid for. How prepared are they for the
financial challenge? Is it something that they've talked about with their
parents? Or... Has nothing been done about it?

Phone Topic: Invite parents with college kids in the family to weigh in.
What advice do you have for younger families? What mistakes did you
make? What would you do if you could do it all over again?


For people who are either considering online dating or are already
doing it, lying is a big concern.

There are plenty of stories about first dates gone terribly wrong when
the other person showed up and it was obvious that they had lied on
their online profile.

It's an incredibly awkward situation to be in, and it almost never ends

Researchers from Cornell University actually studied the online
dating community to find out just how many people are lying in
their profiles -- and how big the lies are. Specifically, they
compared the participants on height, weight, and age.


The study found that 81% of the participants lied about at least one of
the three things in their profile.

Women lied the most about weight by understating it in their profiles --
and men lied most about their height by overstating it in their profiles.

Phoner: Study author Jeffrey Hancock -- Cornell University: (607) 255-
4452 or

By the Numbers...

Even though there were lots lies told, the average lie was actually quite

      Age -- The average lie about age was only .44 years higher or
       lower than the real number.
      Height -- The average lie about height was only .33 inches
       higher or lower than the real number.
      Weight -- The average lie about weight was 5.86 pounds higher
       or lower than the real number.

Phone Topic: What is the lie you most often tell? Has it gotten easier
and easier to tell this lie? Has the lie almost become the truth?

Phone Topic: Is there a dangerous lie that you've been telling many of
the people you love? Aren't you worried about getting found out? Do
you think you'll ever come clean on your own?
More Results ...

The study found that there were a few people who ignored the obvious
consequences and lied in a big way in their online profiles. Some lies

      Claiming to be 3 years younger.
      Claiming to be 1.75 inches taller.
      Claiming to be 35 pounds lighter.

Phone Topic: Invite your listeners to share their online dating horror
stories. What's the biggest surprise they ever had to deal with when
meeting a potential mate for the first time?


Men and women view money differently. In fact, marriage
counselors say that money problems are the root of most

Here are some ways men and women handle money differently
that might give you some insight into your relationship with
money -- and maybe even your marriage. How many of the
following statements ring true?

1. Women are taught to save money "just in case" something happens.
Men are encouraged to learn how to invest and make money grow.

2. Women use money to take care of others. Men use money to keep

3. Women tend to buy what they want. Men buy what they need.

4. Women use money to create a lifestyle right now. Men use money to
prepare for the future.

5. Women are cautious about investing money. Men take investment

6. Women spend money on those they care about. Men spend money
on themselves.

7. Women ask for what they think they deserve. Men ask for what they

8. Women view money in terms of relationships. Men view money

9. Women expect others to know more than they do. Men learn how to
be effective investors.

10. Women gravitate toward the helping professions (which don't pay
very well). Men tend to seek high-paying jobs.

11. Women want to be fair during tough financial times. Men advocate
for themselves during financial straits.

Phone Topic: Have you ever been able to pinpoint how you and your
husband view money differently? In what situations do those
differences pop up? What kinds of trouble do those differences cause?

Daughters ...

If you have a daughter, it's important to know the sorts of messages
that girls often hear about money. Are they the sorts of things you want
them to believe about money?

       "It's better to do good than be rich."
       "Girls just aren't good at math."
       "Men know more about money than you do."
       "It's just as easy to marry rich as it is to marry poor."
       "Money doesn't buy you happiness."


Where's The Beer?

Fargo, North Dakota ... Police arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly
stealing a beer truck, then abandoning the vehicle in the mud after
realizing there was no beer inside.

Police arrested the man on Monday on suspicion of felony theft of an
automobile. They were able to track down the suspect on a tip from his
"He'd stolen it thinking he'd get some beer, and it was completely
empty," Said a police spokesman.

Wedding Crasher

Tampa, Florida ... A woman crashed her ex-boyfriend's wedding
reception armed with a razor and a crowbar and injured the mother of
the groom.

Sheriff's deputies say Lisa Coker showed up uninvited at the wedding
reception hosted by the mother of the groom, Gail Hosey. Apparently,
Hosey refused to let Coker into the home where the reception was
being held. That's when Coker attacked her with a crowbar.

Hosey managed to get the crowbar away from her. But, according to
police, the fight ensued and Coker pulled a razor blade and slashed
Hosey on the arm.

Coker was charged with aggravated battery and taken to jail.

Hosey was rushed to the hospital for 16 stitches to close her wound.

For a mugshot click here.

Explosive Dogs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ... A bomb squad detonated three
suspicious packages outside the Philadelphia Phillies ballpark on
Wednesday night.

Those suspicious packages turned up to be hot dogs.

Hours before the Phillies-Atlanta Braves' game on Wednesday night, a
film crew shot a commercial of the Phillies mascot shooting heavily
wrapped hot dogs from a hot dog launcher.

But someone accidentally left three of the duct taped hot dogs
outside the ballpark, sparking security fears. Stadium employees
were evacuated and the bomb squad was called in. Only after the
packages were blown up did authorities realize they'd just exploded hot

"We saw something that looked suspicious," said Michael Stiles, Phillies
senior vice president, administration and operations. "We did the right
thing. It turned out to be nothing. We could have gone over and picked
it up and thrown it in the trash and been done with it. But if we had been
wrong, somebody might have lost an arm."

After the detonation, the game went on as scheduled.

"I'd rather them blow up some hot dogs or some ketchup and mustard
and relish than have it be a real bomb," reliever Chad Durbin said.
"Better safe than sorry."


Is Lindsay Lohan back on drugs? That's what Star is saying!
"Lindsay's been drinking, doing cocaine, and causing all-around
mayhem for the past few months," an "insider" told Star. "She quit going
to Alcoholics Anonymous and has absolutely never taken recovery
seriously. She's gotten progressively worse, and everyone in her life is
really scared." Well, seeing is believing, and, so far, so good for
Lindsay. We'll be watching, though...


So Britney's video for her song, "Womanizer" is turning out to be a
slutty little performance. Among the things Britney does in the video
[ reports]...

      Britney, wearing tight, black leather pants and fake tattoos on her
       arms, lies on a kitchen counter provocatively.
      She straddles and makes out with a man dressed in a business
      Britney sucks on cherries or dangles them around her mouth, all
       while straddling and crawling all over the man.

Oh, and then for some reason, Us added: "For lunch, she ate three
pieces of cheese pizza."

Well, it sounds like she worked up an appetite.


So the bad economy is affecting... the celebrity magazine world,
too. Clay Aiken should have gotten WAY more for his baby
pictures of son, Parker (he reportedly got around $500,000) --
especially because it was a double whammy story -- pictures of the
baby AND his coming out "party" -- so to speak. But, People had little
competition for the photos, and in turn, no one to drive the price up.

"Gone are the days when any celebrity gets millions of dollars for their
photos," says one magazine editor. "Economically, it doesn't make
sense ... People is the magazine that's most well-off, that has the
finances right now to take on these exclusives."


John McCain calls Barack Obama a "celebrity" -- but they're ALL
kind of getting their own attention in one way or another, aren't they?
And get this! Us Weekly reports McCain paid beauty-school grad
Tifanie White -- who's done makeup for people on American Idol --
$5,583.43 to get him camera ready! In fact, McCain spent over twice
as much touching up his face as Sarah Palin did on her Valentino
jacket, Page Six reports (which she wore during her acceptance speech
at the Republican National Convention). And ... SCENE!


Remember Ali Lohan's (Lindsay's sister) singing career? Me neither.
Just give it up! But it seems there is still a soul who believes in her ...
Johnny Wright, who manages the Jonas Brothers and Justin
Timberlake, has offered to help out Ali and guide her career. The
problem? [Mom] Dina Lohan. Seems she likes to have full control and
the full manager's fee for herself! No surprise there ...

But Johnny Wright is even willing to be a co-manager, like he is with the
Jonas Brothers' father and Timberlake's mother, so we'll see. A rep for
Ali and Dina told the NY Post: "We are meeting with [Wright's] firm." Of
course they are! They're no fools! Well, when it comes to $$$$.


So first we hear Hugh Hefner's #1 girlfriend, Holly Madison, is
hooking up with Criss Angel. Then we hear Kendra Wilkinson is
seeing Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett. And NOW, comes word that
Bridget Marquardt, who's married to a man in her hometown, by
the way, has a man on the side!

A Page Six "tipster" said: "Bridget's been getting quite close with Nick
Carpenter, Marisa Tomei's ex-boyfriend. He directed her in a movie
recently and apparently they 'hang out' whenever she can escape the
mansion." And, well, there you have it. Where EVER will Hef find more
blonde girls who want to live in his mansion and travel in private jets
and go to ALL the Playboy parties? Ha!

And Speaking Of...

[ says] Hef's #1 girl, Holly Madison, is
simply using the oldest trick in the book to push Hugh Hefner into
marrying her -- she's trying to make him jealous with Criss Angel.
So far, though, Hef doesn't seem worried -- and when you think about it,
Holly would have a tough time leaving the luxurious Playboy mansion
life. Wonder if she'll do it. Time will tell ...


Old 90210 vs. New 90210... An E! Online poll asked: "Which 90210
characters do you prefer?"

      91.7% -- Original characters, including Kelly, Brenda, Brandon
       and Dylan
      8.3% -- New characters, including Annie, Dixon, Silver and Ethan



Don't think much of Drew Barrymore's make-out session with
[Gossip Girl's] Ed Westwick, 21. Page Six reports 33-year-old Drew is
just "playing the field" and is also hooking up with a waiter at the
Spotted Pig in L.A. Classy! But sounds FUN!


Did you hear what Joy Behar said to Paris Hilton yesterday
(Thursday) on The View? "Too bad you can't vote because you were
in the slammer ... My friend was in the slammer and couldn't vote." LOL!

Looking shocked, Paris said: "I can vote."

To which Joy asked: "Oh, it was just a misdemeanor?"

"Yes," Paris said. "I drove with a suspended license." So there! Still
funny though, seeing as how Paris HATES it when people mention her
time in jail (remember how irritated she got at David Letterman when he
wouldn't let up about her time in the pokey?). Apparently, Paris can't
take the heat ... What? Is it NOT hot?

Cameron Diaz's boyfriend, British model Paul Sculfor, recently
read for a part in a romantic comedy, but his girlfriend didn't pull
any strings or help him out like one would think ... "We don't speak
about that," Paul told Us Weekly. In the meantime, Paul will continue
modeling -- but not in his underwear... "I've got good legs, actually, but
I'm too old to do underwear now ... I'll leave that for David Beckham.
He's got a better body than me. But everything is fantastic. I'm a happy
lad right now." Let's PRAY he and Cammie get married. It's time.

                                                         --Briana Mordente

Sex and the City (R)
Four years after our favorite New York ladies departed the TV screen,
and the gals' return and are now available on DVD. Carrie (Sarah
Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon),
and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) negotiate their friendships, romances,
and careers plus juggle the big plans of Carrie's pending nuptials to Mr.
Big (Chris Noth)! All of our favorites return from Enid Frick (Candice
Bergen) to Magda and Smith Jarrod (Jason Lewis).

Leatherheads (PG-13)
George Clooney takes another turn at directing, and stars as an aging
football star trying to revive his team and legitimize professional football
in 1925. He finds he has more challenges than he expected when he
and the hot college star he's drafted (John Krasinski) compete for the
heart of a tenacious journalist (Rene Zellweger).

Run Fatboy Run (PG-13)
Years after leaving his fiance (Thandie Newton) at the altar, a man
(Simon Pegg) preps for a real-life marathon in an attempt to redeem
himself in the eyes of their son and her new fiance. Run, Fatboy, Run
marks the feature directing debut of David Schwimmer and is written by
Michael Ian Black (Stella) and Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the

Deception (R)
The work of a corporate auditor (Ewan McGregor) is his entire life. But
a chance meeting with a charismatic corporate lawyer (Hugh Jackman)
will change his life forever.An introduction to an elite upper crust "sex
club" of sorts will come with a price tag of betrayal treachery and
5 Reasons You Should Go On A Date!
In our bonus Relationship News section we have 5 reasons NOT to
go on a date. Well before you get discouraged here are 5 reasons
you SHOULD go on a date:

  1. You’re Starving: Why should you sit home and eat Mac and
     cheese when there’s someone willing to pay for a 5 course

  2. You’re Horny: No need to watch Spank-o-vision you can get
     the real thing and did I mention a free meal?

  3. Movies Are Expensive: It’s like $10 bucks to go see a movie
     now days, so save that ten dollars for the high gas price
     increase and go see a movie with a date. Its not like you have
     to talk to him/her for at least hour and a half

  4. You’re Ugly: They say if you’re desperate you shouldn’t go on
     a date. I disagree, if you’re hideous and someone asks you or
     says yes to your invitation even if you don’t like them, go for it!
     Remember dating is like interviewing, it’s always good to
     practice even if you’re not seriously considering taking the

  5. Excuse to Shop: If there’s a dress or shirt that you wanted to
     buy but didn’t have a good reason, just say yes to going on a
     date and convince yourself that you need to wear something
     nice out.
Blondes Have More Fun: Study Reveals Women with Lighter
Hair More Confident

Scientists claim their research shows that bleaching hair does
wonders for a woman's self-image.

They feel more attractive, more likely to ask someone out on a date
and become more adventurous in the bedroom.

This increased confidence does not just affect a woman's love life.
They find it easier to summon the courage to approach their boss and
ask for a pay rise after coloring their hair blonde.

Bottle blondes are also more likely to complain at unfair treatment
and more inclined to put their foot down with friends and relatives,
according to the study into the effects of hair dyeing on mood.

While lighter locks lifted mood the most, other changes of hair color
also gave women a boost.

The good news for redheads is that they apparently have the best
sex lives. A study of hundreds of German women found those with
red hair had more partners and had sex more often.
Top Ten Reasons Women Date Jailbirds

10. Locked up is better than on the loose.
There’s none of that, “Where were you last night?” or “So you like the
intern at your office better than me?” or “Why are you staring at that
girl? You think her butt is perkier than mine, don’t you?” Tall walls and
armed guards mean he’s totally devoted to you.

9. Nothing like a prison project!
Some women say they like bad boys because they can change
them—you know, give him a new attitude, a new conscience, maybe
even a makeover. If your guy’s incarcerated, you’ve got your work cut
out for you. But then again, there’s nowhere to go but up.

8. Jailbirds come in flocks.
Out in the free world, if your relationship falls apart it can take months
to find a replacement beau. If you’re into prisoners, there’s plenty to
go around. And you know exactly where to find them. Of course, if
you don’t want to cause any riots you should probably find a guy at
another location.

7. Your mailbox is always full.
If it weren’t for prisoner-groupie relationships, the epistolary-style
would be a lost art. While the rest of us deal with the daily
disappointing trip to the mailbox (great, more bills), those who date
men in prison receive long, romantic letters.

6. He’s doing time, not pestering you to do “it.”
If you actually marry your prisoner (ah, Mrs. Inmate #4544328) you
can have sex on your own time. That’s the beauty of the conjugal
visit! He won’t paw at you when you have a headache or expect it just
because it’s his birthday. Sure, when you do have sex it has to be in
a prison but it seemed to work just fine for Gabrielle on Desperate
5. Exercise yard = fabulous body.
The Prison Break guys may not exist in real life, but the exercise yard
sure does. And what other guy has as much time to work on his abs
and quads? You may not get to enjoy them much, but when you do
it’s enough to last you for another week.

4. The remote is all yours.
So he hates America’s Next Top Model. And he wishes you’d stop
listening to country music on road trips. It no longer matters. Crank up
that stereo, girl, because the only thing he’s listening to is his roomie
snoring in that bunk bed.

3. Nobody’s scarier than a gangster’s moll.
Looking for instant street credibility? An unofficial insurance policy?
Dating the ultimate bad guy means that no one will mess with you.

2. Their dating profiles don’t look half bad.
“34-year-old agricultural salesman from California. Widower.
Resembles Dean Cain.” When’s the last time you found that on Now realize that Scott Peterson may not be everybody’s
dream guy, but if you’re looking for a homicidal hunk, there are plenty
to go around.

1. Breaking out is never boring.
Perhaps he wants you to help him plot his escape. Oh, the hours the
two of you will spend drawing up maps of the prison, finding
disguises. Even if you prefer to do something more conventional like
lobby the parole board…that could still keep you pretty busy.
5 Reasons NOT To Go On A Date

1. You're Lonely: You'd think that going out when you're feeling all
alone would be an excellent idea. I mean, how better to get over it
than to spend time with a potential new boyfriend, right? Wrong.
Loneliness can cloud a girl's judgment and make her do things like
consider a 40-year-old virgin who still lives with his parents a viable
dating option. Don't ask me how I know this.

2. You're Desperate: This is what loneliness turns into if left
untreated. And by "untreated," I don't mean that this is what happens
when you're single for a while. Not at all. There are plenty of cheerful
single women who are neither desperate nor lonely. Desperation will
cause you to do things like drunk-dial the 40-year-old basement-
dwelling virgin and beg him for another chance. Once again, don't
ask how I know this.

3. You're Infectious: Nasal drip, hacking, and/or phlegm are not
acceptable date accessories. If you're sick, stay home. Seriously. At
best you'll give him your cold (not cool) and at worst, you could end
up zonked out on Nyquil with some dork's hand sliding its way up
your knee as you're suddenly hit with an attack of the sneezes.

4. You're Not-Over-Him: What a jerk. Who does he think he is --
leaving you for the baby-talking twit who lives next door? What does
she have that you don't? Well, for one thing, HIM. For another, her
dignity. If you're still pining away for the one who got away, don't
inflict yourself on a new guy. You're not going to have a good time
because he's not him. He's not going to have any fun because you,
my friend, are a basket-case and should be back home, boring your
girlfriends with your sob stories and stuffing your face with Ben &
Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice-cream.
5. You're Drunk: If you need more than one cocktail to get you into a
date state, you should take off your fancy shoes, plop yourself back
down onto the sofa, and text your regrets to the gentleman on his
way to pick you up.
'Grey's,' 'Survivor' and 'Office' premiere ratings drop

UPDATED: Every season premiere Thursday night drew a lower rating than
last fall, as returning favorites such as ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," CBS'
"Survivor" and NBC's "The Office" tripped across the board.

ABC firmly won the night, as expected. Its two-hour fifth season premiere of
"Grey's Anatomy" (18.5 million viewers, 7.4 national adults 18 to 49 rating and
an 18 share) was the evening's highest-rated and most-watched show, with
each half hour growing in the Nielsens. Yet "Grey's" was down 17% from last
fall’s one-hour opener. Lead-in "Ugly Betty" (9.8 million, 3.3/9) slipped 15%,
marking its lowest-rated debut to date.

Despite being the only network to air a repeat in its Thursday lineup, CBS
managed to place second for the night. The network ran the first-ever HD
edition of "Survivor" in the show's first-ever two-hour debut (13.1 million,
4.5/11). "Survivor" fell 10% from last fall to a new premiere low, but won 8
p.m. By pushing "Survivor" into 9 p.m., the most intensely competitive hour of
the week, CBS created a new DVR-busting dilemma for viewers, forcing
some to make a tough call and vote one of their returning favorites off their
duel-tuner TiVos.*

What's impressive about "Survivor" is the reality series held its entire demo
rating through its second hour as it went from the 8 p.m. frying pan into the 9
p.m. fire. At 10 p.m., CBS aired a "CSI" encore.

NBC was third, airing one-hour editions of "My Name Is Earl" (6.4 million,
2.7/8, down 29%) and "The Office" (9.3 million, 4.9/12, down 4%). Note "Earl"
dropped the most of all the returning shows and "The Office" dropped the
least. At 10 p.m., NBC aired the final season premiere of "ER" (8 million,
3.3/8, down 20% to a new premiere low).

Fox was fourth with two episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares" (4.2 million, 1.9/5
and 4.5 million, 2.1/5). In fifth, the CW had the second-week airings of
"Smallville" (4.2 million, 1.7/5), dropping only slightly from last week, and
"Supernatural" (3.2 million, 1.3/3), which fell more steeply (-23%).

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