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					 The global online fashion leader to lead the times and changes for a new age

Global Online Fashion Leader
   TRICYCLE Company Introduction

                                                                                Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
ABOUT US   Tricycle is the leader of the fashion e-biz industry that combines fashion with IT

           Tricycle- the true center of the online fashion industry!

           Tricycle Co., Ltd. is a leading fashion company that was established in 2001 with joint investments by the nation‟s fashion powerhouses
           Deco, Daehyun, and Superior.
           Based on the many years of managerial experiences and expertise of those companies, “”, an online fashion shopping mall
           opened in 2001, now stands at the center of the nation‟s name-brand online shopping industry.

           Our success story as a leading Fashion Portal continues!

           Tricycle launched OGAGE and halfclub in 2006 and they have successfully secured the leading position in the industry in only one year
           since their establishment. Standing on this success story, Tricycle launched its own brand “Morris Coming Home” in March 2007 to
           maintain its leadership and help lead the development of the industry.

           Moving forward with our mission of becoming a truly global fashion leader!

           Tricycle aims to become a fashion company that creates and brings the nation‟s Fashion Values to the world.
           In partnership with numerous specialists in the fashion industry and based on its longtime experience, Tricycle now tries to advance to the
           world fashion markets to satisfy the needs of the customers of the world.
           Beginning with its first foreign-based corporation in China, Tricycle continues to grow to become a world-level fashion group.

                                                                                                                Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

           Company Name           Tricycle Co., Ltd.
           President & CEO        Choi Hyungsuk
           Location               (Head Office) 3rd fl. Sungboyeoksam bldg., 833-2, Yeoksam1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
                                  (Logistics center) 31-3 Seokhwa-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
           Phone [Switch board]   02-3014-8800; Fax 02-3014-8808~9
           Capital                KRW 2.6 billion
           Employees              127 (as of Jan. 2010, fulltime workers)
           Major shareholders     Tomboy Co., Ltd., Ssamzie Co., Ltd., Superior Co., Ltd., Daehyun Co., Ltd.
           Business Scope         E-commerce distribution business, fashion brand business
           Affiliated Companies   IEHOUSE, ADPLUS, STYLET, OGAGE China (Shanghai)
           Web Sites              Official web site of Tricycle (
                                  Fashion brand shopping mall „‟ (
                                  Fashion trend shopping mall „OGAGE‟ (
                                  Shopping mall for kids „BORIBORI‟ (
                                  Shopping mall for name brand products „Morris shop‟ (
                                  Fashion trend shopping mall „OGAGE China‟ (
                                  Overseas purchasing agent „IEHOUSE‟ (

                                                                                   Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
                                                                                  Dec. Achieved annual sales of KRW 100 billion
                                                                        20        Oct. Overseas shipping service begun

           Apr. boribori off-line shop opened                                     Mar. „MORRIS COMING HOME‟ launched

2010       Feb. halfclub off-line shop opened                           20   06   Dec. Achieved annual sales of KRW 60 billion

                                                                                  Mar. Fashion trend shopping mall “OGAGE” opened
           Dec. Achieved annual sales of KRW 220 billion
                                                                                  Dec. Achieved annual sales of KRW 35 billion
           Dec. „halfclub‟ was awarded the Web award Korea 2009 prize
                                                                        20   05   Oct. Korean Click joined Online Top 100 list
           Sep. Chosen as a management innovation company
                                                                                  Jul. Chosen as the 1st Hit Web site of 1st half of 2004
           Apr. Admitted as a laboratory affiliated with a company      2004
20   08   Dec. „halfclub‟ was awarded the Web award Korea 2008 prize
                                                                                  Dec. Chosen as the Top 10 shopping mall in 2003

                                                                                  Dec. Achieved annual sales of KRW 15 billion
          Apr. Shopping mall for kids „BORIBORI‟ opened                           Dec. Achieved annual sales of KRW 10 billion
          Apr. Fashion community „STYLET‟ opened
                                                                        2002      Dec. Daehyun and Superior became shareholders
          Feb. Construction of Anseong Logistics Center completed                 Apr. Company changed to Tricycle Co., Ltd.
          Jan. Acquired overseas purchasing agent „IEHOUSE‟             2001      Dec. Deco and Ssamzie became shareholders
          Jan. Chinese Web site of OGAGE “” opened                        Mar. Online shopping mall “” opened

                                                                                                   Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
Tricycle consists of three core divisions of Products/Services/IT Technologies, and this convergence-style
organization delivers differentiated competitive power.

                                         President                                         Affiliated Companies

                Managing Director                                   Strategy &
                                                                  Planning Team                    IEHOUSE
                                                                Strategy & Planning

                                                                Affiliate marketing                ADPLUS


                                                                                                  (OGAGE China)
                                                       Development         General
Halfclub Division    OGAGE Division      Brand Team
                                                          Team           Affairs Team

       WMD                    MD

   Ops. Planning         Ops. Planning


                                                                                        Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
History of CEO: Hyung Suk Choi

                       2006 ~ as of now Tricycle Inc., inaugurated as the CEO
                       2004      Tomboy Inc., inaugurated as the vice-president
                                 (500‟s Road shop directed in Korea)
                       1997      Sung-do, inaugurated as the CEO
                       1996      Sung-do Textile, inaugurated as the CEO
                       1993      Sung-do apparel, inaugurated as the executive director
                       1985      Graduated Thunderbird graduate school in Arizona
                       1980      Graduated Han-Yang University in Korea

                                                              Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
 • Since 2001, sales increased by 50% annually , and has been playing a vital role in the fashion industry since.
 • In 2009, achieved a KRW 220 billion turnover, and is making efforts to achieve a goal of KRW 300 billion in 2010.

   (hundred million won)

1,000                                                                         1,000



 400                                                   330

 100                       100
             2001          2002   2003     2004        2005        2006        2007        2008        2009        2010 (년도)
                                                                                                Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

              01 Leader of Online Fashion Distribution Marketing that Creates Values
     VISION   02 World-class Company Pursuing Global Fashion Distribution Business
      2010    03 Pioneer in Fashion Business combining Fashion with IT Technology

                     Service                          Product

                Contents                              IT Technology

              01 Proving integrated & effective solutions to fashion distribution industry

    MISSION   02 Maximizing customer satisfaction thru new services and value creation
              03 Maximize shareholders’ value thru sound profits and growth

                                                                          Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
Global Integrated Fashion Communication Group

                                                                                        Global Integrated Fashion
                                                                                         Communication Group
                                                                                          Turnover KRW 1 trillion
                                                                   J&S EU


                                                                                                                            OGAGE JAPAN
                                                                                                          OGAGE CHINA
                                                            Global Fashion
                                                            Market leader
                                                       Turnover KRW 400 billion
              Online Fashion IT Company
               Turnover KRW 170 billion

                      2008                                    2010                                  2015
     •Complete large-sized logistics center      •Strengthen PB brand business                •Integrated Infra./Services
     •Introduce ERP                              •Securing new business                       •Overseas sourcing capability/overseas marketing
     •Cooperative & open-type organization       •Additional advances into overseas markets   •R&D/investment in new business

                                                                                                               Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
                        The #1 Online Fashion Shopping Mall-
                        • Opened in Mar. 2001, the number of members of
               now stands at 3.5 million! A 65% of them are
                        female members belonging to distinctive target segments,
                        contributing to its leading position in the nation‟s specialized
                        online fashion shopping mall.
                        • And a 35% of them are active buyers with high loyalty
                        whose repetitive purchasing rate is as high as 80%.
                        • The average daily visitors are 2500,000, raking first in the
                        fashion category in “” online survey.
                        •With more than 1,700 brands at the mall, it signed a contract
                        in 2007 with DHL to provide overseas shipping service in a
                        lower and faster manner.
                        • With the agent purchasing service by the affiliate company
                        „IEHOUSE‟, customers are now able to meet the new fashion
                        trends and products popular in the U.S.

                          Date opened                       Mar. 5, 2001

                          Number of Members                 3,500,000 members

                          Annual Buying / member             60%

                          Repetitive Buying                 80%

                          Average daily visitors            250,000

                          Number of Brands                  1,700 brands

                                                          Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

                 OGAGE- Fashion Trend Shopping Mall
                 • Opened in Mar. 2006, OGAGE now boasts of more than
                 2.1million members and average daily visitors of as high as 2
                 • With approx. 1,000 brands in the mall, they offer stylish,
                 young fashion trends in the lowest prices, and also provide
                 various services like Fashion DIY corner, Video Clips, Fashion
                 Coordination, etc.
                 • OGAGE also features products of newly emerging fashion
                 designers and of other special categories, and is currently
                 ranked #2 in the online fashion mall category.

                   Date Opened                 Mar. 31, 2006

                   Number of Members           2,100,000 members

                   Annual Buying / member 30%

                   Repetitive Buying           75%

                   Average daily visitors      200,000

                   Number of Brands            1,000 brands

                                                Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

                       Fashion Trend Shopping Mall “OGAGE China”

                       Having established its Chinese corporation in Shanghai in Aug. 2007,
                       Tricycle opened its first offline fashion shop „OGAGE China‟ in the city.
                       The shop is expected to play a pioneering role in Tricycle‟s efforts to
                       enter the huge Chinese fashion market.


                          Tricycle CHINA
                          #3422, 508 West Nanjing Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai, PR CHINA
                          Tel : +86-21-5228-8680 / Fax : +86-21-5228-8682

                                                             Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

                    Online Shopping Mall for Kids “BORIBORI”

                    •The market size for clothes and products for kids is currently
                    estimated at about KRW 2 trillion, and continues to show a rapid
                    growth every year.
                    •Opened in 2008, BORIBORI is an online shopping mall for
                    clothes and products for kids. In anticipation of the age of small-
                    sized families with only 1 child, the mall offers a wide variety of
                    the products for kids ranging from luxury to reasonably priced
                    •Unlike the traditional children-oriented shopping malls, the mall
                    features various contents for kids in an effort to provide a
                    community where a range of information and contents on children
                    are exchanged.

                       Date Opened               Apr. 20, 2008

                       Members                   700,000 members

                       Number of Brands          500 brands

                       Average Daily             50,000
                       Product Line              Kids‟ clothes, products,
                                                 daily living products

                                                        Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
                     Overseas Purchasing Agent “IEHOUSE”

                     • Partnering with the overseas purchaing service provider
                     IEHOUSE in Jan. 2008, Tricycle has secured a business platform
                     with which to cover overseas as well as domestic fashion markets.
                     • By combining IEHOUSE‟s specialized know-how on overseas
                     outsourcing with the existing shopping mall networks of
                     “”, “OGAGE”, etc., Tricycle plans to create a
                     distribution mall specializing in fashion products that deals with a
                     wide variety of products from home and abroad.

                        Date Opened                Nov.1, 2002

                        No. of Members             500,000 members

                        Annual Buying/member 30%

                        Repetitive Buying          70%

                        Average Daily              50,000
                        Brands Handled             Famous brands like Polo,
                                                   Abercrombie, Ugg etc.

                                                         Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

                  Fashion Community for Own Fashion
                  Statement, “STYLET”
                  STYLET is an SNS (Social Network Service) Web 2.0-based
                  online community site where members can create their own
                  fashion style in the products of their interest by using the “pic tool”
                  the site provides.
                  Visitors can make their own shopping list, share it with others, or
                  have themselves rendered with the list.

                   STYLET‟s share in the fashion category (

                                                        Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
     SERVICE: PB(Private Brands)

                                       “Produce MORRIS‟COMING HOME, NOM in oneself and
                                            Create co-work ship with Offline cooperation basis of BLOUSON”

   Modern & Chic “Morris‟ coming home”
    Trend setting 25~35 ages target brand
    with Reasonable price and high quality

                                              Urban character casual that can satisfy fashionable
                                          Young men who like regard their fit and style as important
                                         A leading brand of modern look expressing urban sensibility

                                                                               Detail soft basic brand seeking after clam and elegant style
                                                                                       Prefer soft silhouette and comfortable texture

                                                                                                          Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
SERVICE: Off-line Halfclub

 ▣ Date opened: Feb. 5, 2010

 ▣ Location: 709-5 Sinhyeon-ri, Opo-eup, Kwangjoo City, Kyonggido

 ▣ Business hours: 10:30 am ~ 9:00 pm
              (Weekend 10:30 am ~ 9:30 pm)

 Merge the on-and off-line business to amplify the synergy

„‟ has been ranked No.1 in Fashion brand shopping mall group. By
this profitable condition, we advanced into off line and we have provided high-
quality customer service/ events/ discounts/ VIP service, etc under the identical

The effective Marketing & PR

 Maximizing the efficiency by linking powerful products to on-line and off-line,
 can offer a high customer service. In addition, we are doing efficiently a
 various Public relations exercise such as releasing articles about fashion
 trend and market situation analysis, etc.

                                                                                    Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
SERVICE: Off-line Boribori

▣ Date opened: April.3, 2010

▣ Location: I like dalki „boribori shop‟, Heyri Colony of aritsts,
1652 Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-shi, Kyonggido

▣ Business hours: 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
             (Weekend 10:00 am ~ 9:30 pm)

  Offer much better service than other & Creative shop environment

  We have encouraged Boribori on-line shopping mall‟s success and opened off-
 line shop „Bori store‟ in a place „ilikedalki‟ for kids in Apr.

 It provide a differentiated service such as rest area, shopping place,
 playgrounds. Bori store has an ideal condition for kids and mothers.

                                                                                Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
SERVICE: Off-line Ogage china

                   “Achieved 300% selling growth over a span of just every year”

                     On the fast track since December in 2008
                     Aim for 2009 hundred million won in 2009
                     Predicted 500 hundred million won in 2010

                                                                  (hundred million won)                       500




                                                                                     2008        2009         2010
                                                                                   Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
  SERVICE: ADDPLUS: Logistics Center

                                                                                      3PL Fashion Logistics Center “ADDPLUS”

                                                                                      • Having expertise on specialized online distributions, ADDPLUS has
                                                                                      grown with and introduced an extensive range of
                                                                                      technologies and equipment including the bar-code system, DPS,
                                                                                      DAS, etc., delivering the most accurate and promptest logistics
                                                                                      • In 2008, the Company established a 3000 pyeong-sized logistics
                                                                                      center in Anseong and also secured skilled personnel to leap forward
                                                                                      as the logistics company specializing in fashion products.

                                                                                         Location: San 31-3 Seokhwa-ri, Yangseong-myeon,
                                                                                                   Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
                                                                                         Area    : Site- 3000 pyeong
                                                                                                   Building site- 770 pyeong
                                                                                         Equipped: Temp-controlled warehouse
                                                                                                   Elevators and conveyors

       Fl.         Floorage(m²)   Space(Pyeong)         Purpose                Dock             Canopy

 subbasement          135.54           41         Machine, electric room          -                -

1st basement Fl.     1,708.28        516.75          Storage, office              -                -

     1st Fl.         2,620.12        792.58              Storage                27M                1

     2nd Fl.         2,630.45        792.68              Storage                  -                -

                                                                   *1 pyeong equals 3.3 square meters

                                                                                                                        Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
SERVICE: J&S: Logistics Center
                                    Global SCM Company “J&S, INC.”
                                    J&S, Tricycle‟s US branch, is a global SCM company that, with its
                                    procurement expertise and under contracts with the nation‟s
                                    companies on purchasing services, helps provide a stable supply
                                    to the companies by purchasing products either online or offline in
                                    the States.

                                    Global SCM Service
                                    -Global Sourcing / Planning Consulting Service
                                     Global product outsourcing and consulting services
                                    -On / Offline Service / Order Management Service
                                     Offering prompt product purchasing service thru online or offline
                                    -Warehousing Service/Checking-Packing Service
                                     Product inspection and repacking service assisted by optimized
                                    -In/Out Bound Wholesale Delivery Service Prompt and safe
                                      delivery services

                                      Date Opened        Feb. 2006

                                      Location           568 Bergen Blvd. Ridgefield, NJ 07657
    [J&S US Branch]
                                      Major              International Courier & Cargo Import/Export
                                      Services           Goods Sourcing
                                                         Internet Shopping Trading
                      [J&S STORE]
                                      Authorized         USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, Han Jin
                                      Outlet Center:

                                                                       Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

• ( ranked Tricycle‟s brands in the top places in the respective categories
•Tricycle has a 30% share of the nation‟s online fashion shopping markets.

   Ranks of Name-Brand Online Shopping Malls (‟s Jan. 2010 data)

          Ranks              Web Sites             Shares             Daily Visitors   Daily Pages Viewed

            1                17.04%               170,000            4,500,000

            2                 OGAGE                15.72%               160,000            2,800,000

            3               Fashionplus             9.61%                94,000            3,400,000

   Ranks of Children‟s Clothes Online Shopping Malls (‟s Jan. 2010 data)

          Ranks              Web Sites             Shares             Daily Visitors   Daily Pages Viewed

            1               BORIBORI               24.34%                24,700             590,000

            2               Cookie house           12.61%                15,000             134,500

            3                ZIZIPAPA               5.54%                 6,665              43,000

   Ranks of Children‟s Fashion & Beauty Community (‟s Jan. 2010 data)

          Ranks              Web Sites             Shares             Daily Visitors   Daily Pages Viewed

            1                  Stylet              49.14%                35,020             357,000

            2                Hippoper              12.73%                10,500             196,000

            3                 Musinsa               9.57%                 6,700             170,000

                                                                                       Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:
Through strategic cooperation with the nation‟s portal service providers and large-sized shopping malls,
Tricycle continues to maintain its leadership in the online fashion distribution industry.

Online                                                         Brand

                                                                                             Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

TRICYCLE- THE RIGHT PARTNER that ensures the growth and success of your business

Location    (Head Office) 3rd Fl. Seongboyeoksam Bldg. 833-2 Yeoksam1-dong,
                     Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-933)
           (Logistics Center) 31-3 Seokhwa-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si,
                         Gyeonggi-do (456-934)
Phone       Tel 02-3014-8800 Fax 02-3014-8808~9

                                                                              Global Online Fashion Leader TRICYCLE:

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