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									                                         Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                   Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

                             The Shepherd’s Staff
                            Volume II, Issue 6                                                            Christmas 2010
    Your birth, O
   Christ our God,                                        V{Ü|áà |á UÉÜÇ4 ZÄÉÜ|yç [|Å4
dawned the light of
knowledge upon the                           Metropolitan Nicholas’ Message...
 earth. For by Your
   birth those who          Beloved Family in Christ,                                            windows into the almost
                                                                                                 unnoticed event that oc-
  adored stars, were
 taught by a star, to
  worship You, the
                            V      hristmas should be a
                            time for celebration, and yet
                                                                                                 curred two thousand years
                                                                                                 ago, the birth of our Savior.
                                                                                                 Our hymnology indicates
Sun of Justice and to       we often experience confu-                                           this same mystery: almost as
  know You, Orient          sion instead. Wherever we                                            if hidden and unknown,
   from on High. O          turn, Christmas festivities                                          Christ was born in cave. It
 Lord, glory to You.        have been commercialized                                             was the greatest event in
                            and secularized so that our                                          history, as the Creator en-
                            reason for joy is diluted past      found. It happens in that        tered into Creation. And
                            recognition. We no longer           simple smile we give to pass-    yet in the wisdom of God,
                            attend Christmas parties, but       ing strangers in the mad         divine grace was manifested
                            Holiday gatherings; what            shopping rush, acknowledg-       in the smallest way—in the
                            was formerly “Christmas             ing the camaraderie of our       form of a little child, in the
                            Vacation” is now “Winter            December anxieties and           person of a baby boy.
                            Break.” The quiet tenderness        joys. It happens in the heart-
                            of the Nativity Scene has           felt greetings we exchange       May our eyes be enlightened
                            been banished from our city         with family and friends, in      in this Christmas season to
                            squares in favor of pastel          words and gestures oft re-       notice those small things in
                            trees, blinking lights, and         peated yet made new by the       which God reveals His pres-
                            mechanical Santas. What             Season. It happens in our        ence and love. In Decem-
Inside this issue:          was once a season of melodi-        parish at the familiar worship   ber’s noise and commotion,
                            ous joy has become a ca-            services that echo for us the    may we experience for our-
                            cophonous gauntlet of soul-         ancient refrain of “Christ is    selves the peace and good-
Bishop’s Calendar     2                                                                          will proclaimed by the an-
                            less mirth and garish artifici-     Born!” That secret grace
Youth News            3     ality.                              comes upon us when we sit        gels. And so may we truly
                                                                in our homes on a cold win-      rejoice as we celebrate the
Philoptochos News     4     In most of life—and even                                             Nativity of our Lord Jesus.
                            more in this sacred season—         ter’s night and reflect on our
MEFGOX Article                                                  own Christmas experience
Featured Article      5
                            it is the small things that real-
                                                                of joy as children, young
                                                                                                  Christ is Born!
                            ly matter. Often unnoticed
Friends of Metropolis 6-8   but everywhere around us,           adults, parents, and grand-       Glorify Him!
                            little glimpses into life’s         parents.
Metropolis News       9     deeper meaning can be               These moments are small           ^Metropolitan Nicholas
     Page 2                                                                                  The Shepherd's Staff

                                       Bishop’s Schedule Highlights
                                                       DECEMBER 2010
11/27 - 4 Meeting of the Holy & Sacred Synod                       Ecumenical Patriarchate, Turkey
5             Pastoral Visit                                       Assumption Church - St. Clair Shores, MI
              St. Nicholas Great Vespers (6:00pm)                  St. Nicholas - Troy, MI
6             St. Nicholas Hierarchical Divine Liturgy             St. Nicholas Church - Ann Arbor, MI
8             Greater Detroit Philoptochos Christmas Party         Assumption Church - St. Clair Shores, MI
11            St. Spyridon Great Vespers & Reception               Metropolis Center Chapel - Troy, MI
12            Hierarchical Divine Liturgy & Open House             Metropolis Center Chapel - Troy, MI
18            Ordination to Diaconate of Mr. Pericles Kallis       Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church - Plymouth, MI
19            Pastoral Visit                                       Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church - Plymouth, MI
24            Nativity of Christ Vesperal Divine Liturgy (6:00pm) Holy Trinity Cathedral - Toledo, OH
25            Nativity of Christ Hierarchical Divine Liturgy       Annunciation Cathedral - Detroit, MI
26            Pastoral Visit                                       Sts. Constantine & Helen - Westland, MI

                                                         JANUARY 2011
6             Epiphany of the Lord Divine Liturgy                   Metropolitan Detroit
              St. John the Baptist Great Vespers                    St. John the Baptist Church - Sterling Heights, MI
7             St. John the Baptist Hierarchical Divine Liturgy      St. John the Baptist Church - Sterling Heights, MI
8 - 19        Meeting of the Holy & Sacred Synod                    Ecumenical Patriarchate, Turkey
22 - 23       Pastoral Visit - Hierarchical Divine Liturgy          Holy Trinity Church - Grand Rapids, MI
29 - 30       Pastoral Visit - Hierarchical Divine Liturgy          Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Church - Cincinnati, OH

                                       2010 ST. NICHOLAS GREAT VESPERS

                           Troy, MI - His Eminence Metropolitan
                           Nicholas has announced that His Excel-
                           lency Archbishop Allen Vigneron of the
                           Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit
                           will be a special guest at the celebration
                           of the Great Vespers for the Feast of St.
                           Nicholas this year in Troy, Michigan.
                           Archbishop Vigneron will be the featured
                           homilist at the evening service. Refresh-
                           ments will be offered by the St. Nicholas
                           community following the service ■
  Volume II, Issue 6                                                        Christmas 2010                           Page
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                                Youth News by Eva Kokinos
                    Youth Ministry News by Eva Kokinos                                                DID YOU KNOW??

                     Two Major Opportunities for College Students                                    The CrossRoad Pro-
                                                                                                        gram at HC/HC
Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), campus ministry organization for Orthodox Chris-                   now accepting
tian college students. OCF has announced new information regarding two major events!                      applications!
                     OCF has opened registration for their annual College Conference. Each                 Visit http://
                     year, during Christmas break, the OCF College Conferences are held in
                     four areas of the U.S. These conferences gather hundreds of young
                                                                                                     crossroad/about.html to
                     adults in a spirit of faith, fellowship, service and prayer. Registration is
                                                                                                    download the application.
                     now OPEN! For more information regarding the Conference, visit
                                                                                                    Applications must be post-
                                                                              marked by March 1, 2011.
The Real Break program provides alternatives to the                                                  2011 Orthodox Chris-
“traditional” Spring Break for college students. Each                                                tian Camp and Youth
Spring, over 100 students attend trips, both domestic                                                 Worker Conference
and international, to give to those less fortunate. Past                                            Make sure to save the date:
and current trips include: Mexico, Guatemala, Jeru-                                                 January 27-29, 2011. The
salem, Constantinople, Raphael House, St. Basil                                                     conference will be held in
Academy, Greece, Dominican Republic, El Salvador,                                                    Dallas, TX. More details
Romania, Buenos Aires, Alaska, and more. Registra-                                                    coming soon. Also visit
tion is open! Visit today!                                                    
                                                                                                      for the most up-to-date
                       ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM ORATORICAL FESTIVAL                                              information.
               Download this year’s topics, tips, and list of recommended resources for the ele-    2010 “Holiday Hoops”
                  mentary, junior, and senior divisions. Visit                    GOYA Basketball
                                archdiocese/departments/religioused/sjcof                                   Tournament
                                                                                                    Plans are underway for the
                     SAVE THE DATE!!! UPCOMING EVENTS FOR YOUTH!!!
                                                                                                       2010 “Holiday Hoops”
December 27-29, 2010                 “Holiday Hoops” GOYA Basketball Tournament                       Basketball Tournament,
                                          St. John the Baptist Church—Sterling Heights, MI          hosted by St. John the Bap-
                                                                                                       tist Church in Sterling
January 8, 2011                      Assumption GOYA Dance
                                                                                                     Heights, MI. If you have
                                          Assumption Church—St. Clair Shores, MI
                                                                                                    not sent in your team reg-
January 14-16, 2011                  St. Nicholas Summer Camp Reunion and Retreat                      istrations, please do so
                                          Holy Trinity Church—Nashville, TN                         ASAP. Email holidayhoop-
February 5, 2011                     Greek Folk Dance Workshop                            
                                          St. Nicholas Church—Troy, MI                                   with any questions!
February 18-20, 2011                 Dayton GOYA Basketball Tournament
                                          Annunciation Church—Dayton, OH
March 5, 2011                        MI Area GOYA Lenten Retreat
                                          St. Nicholas Church—Ann Arbor, MI
                                                                                                    The Metropolis Youth Office is
March 12, 2011                       NY Area GOYA Lenten Retreat                                    on FACEBOOK. If you are a
                                          Holy Spirit Church—Rochester, NY                          member of Facebook, you can
                                                                                                    check out events, pictures, and
April 1-3, 2011                      Fall Creek Falls GOYA Lenten Retreat                           more. Search for Greek Or-
                                              Holy Trinity Church—Nashville, TN                     thodox Metropolis of De-
            Visit for the most up-to-date event listing.                     troit—Youth and Young
  To add events to the Metropolis Youth Calendar, please email            Adult Ministries.
    Page 4                                                                                        The Shepherd's Staff

                                               Philoptochos News
By Eleni Zaferes                chapter in Sterling Heights       trips of our youth. Both            The Metropolis

                                had a bake sale and the           Eva Kokinos and Alexan-         Philoptochos Board will
           he Metropolis        president spoke about the         dra Crosson have received       host an exciting afternoon
           of      De tro i t   mission of Philoptochos.          support. Alexandra is cur-      with the famous First Lady
           Philoptochos         Brochures were also dis-          rently in Kayafungo, Ken-       of Greek Cuisine, Vefa on
           invites every-       tributed and health kits          ya. Her mission has been        Saturday, April 2nd at the
one to join them in the         were passed out for the           to educate the women on         Sommerset Inn in Troy,
celebration of St. Spyridon     parishioners to complete          cleanliness to reduce the       Michigan. Mark your cal-
on December 11th for Ves-       for the needy. At Holy            spread of disease. She es-      endars not to miss this
pers and Divine Liturgy on      Trinity-St. Nicholas in           tablished a soap making         fabulous afternoon. More
December 12th at the Me-        Cincinnati, Philoptochos          company whereby the             information will be com-
tropolis Chapel of St.          took part in Outreach             women learn to make             ing soon.
Spyridon. Philoptochos          Sunday by hosting a chili         soap. This endeavor has             We thank everyone for
will host receptions fol-       cook off and displaying           expanded into the school        their continued support of
lowing each service. We         their work for Philopto-          system. It is rewarding to      the mission of Philopto-
will also celebrate the         chos. The Syracuse chap-          know that our young
                                                                                                  chos. May God always
Name Day of our beloved         ter of St. Sophia’s has an        adults are actively helping
Metropolitan Nicholas on        ongoing “Great Closet             others to have a better life,   bless you and your fami-
Sunday, December 12th           Cleanout”. This project           a life we take for granted.     lies. On behalf of the Me-
from 1-5 pm.                    has been a tremendous             A $4,000 annual donation        tropolis Philoptochos
   Chapters held many           success and serviced sever-       is made to the Detroit          Board and all Philoptochos
celebrations for the Patron     al agencies and charities on      Rescue Mission and              chapters, we wish you a
Saints of Philoptochos, St.     the Syracuse area.                $2,000 annually is given to     very Merry Christmas and
Cosmas and Damianos, on             Philoptochos supports         the Friends of the Metrop-
                                                                                                  the very best in the New
November 1st. St. John’s        many charities and mission        olis Program.
                                                                                                  Year 2011! ■

                        St. Romanos the Melodist compiled by Barbara Minton

                                T            oday the Virgin
                                             gives birth to Him
                                             who is above all
                                             being, and the
                                earth offers a cave to Him
                                whom no man can approach.
                                The whole creation is made
                                                                  fest a young child, the pre-
                                                                  eternal God.
                                                                     This Kontakion of the
                                                                  Nativity of Christ was writ-
                                                                  ten by Saint Romanos, a
                                                                  prolific hymnographer who
                                                                  lived in the sixth century.
                                                                                                    It is said that Romanos
                                                                                                  was not at first considered
                                                                                                  to be either a talented read-
                                                                                                  er or singer. He was, how-
                                                                                                  ever, loved by the Patriarch
                                                                                                  of Constantinople because
                                                                                                  of his great humility. Once,
                                rich: let it rejoice and be of    Saint Romanos was born to       around the year 518, while
                                good cheer. The Master of all     a Jewish family in Damas-       serving in the Church of
                                has come to live with His serv-   cus. He was baptized as a       the Panagia, during the All-
                                ants, and from the bondage of     young boy and became a          Night Vigil for the Feast of
                                the enemy. He delivers us who     Christian. He later became      the Nativity of Christ, he
                                were made subject to corrup-      a deacon and moved to           was assigned to read the
St. Romanos the Melodist        tion. In swaddling clothes and    Constantinople where he         kathisma verses. He read so
                                lying in a manger, He is mani-    served at Agia Sophia.                         (Continued on page 5)
   Volume II, Issue 6                                                      Christmas 2010                          Page 5

                                  A Defense of the Feast of Christmas
By Fr. Irenaeus Cox*                       And although the sun might deter-         mas? Again we must look to the He-

                                           mine the change in seasons, a feast of    brew Calendar and the theology of
            he feast of the Lord's na-     the sun more often occurred in the        our faith. Jesus was crucified on the
            tivity is a much maligned      summer when the sun was brightest         eve of the Passover. This occurred
            yet time-honored com-          and the sun god was thought to be         near the Vernal Equinox, calculated
            memoration of the              more powerful. This was also true in      to be 25 March of that year. This is
Church. The attack on the purity of                                                  an important date to remember as
this celebration is based upon partial                                               we shall soon see. We believe that
truths and misinformation. Some say                                                  Christ is perfect man and perfect
we are perpetuating a pagan holiday                                                  God. As perfect, we should expect
that has been handed down to us                                                      His life to be a perfect round of the
from ancient cultures that were hos-                                                 seasons, so that the day of His cruci-
tile to the Old Testament faithful.                                                  fixion was also the same Calendar
Further they claim that the Church                                                   date as His conception. So if Christ
has become impure by accepting the-                                                  was conceived on 25 March, we
se non-Christian elements, but they                                                  should expect Him to be born exact-
fail to recognize that the very earliest                                             ly nine months later, that is, 25 De-
fathers who celebrated Christmas                                                     cember. This observation was writ-
also declared Church laws that ex-                                                   ten 31 years before the proclamation
communicated any of the faithful                                                     of Emperor Aurelius as mentioned
who celebrated pagan holidays.                                                       earlier. Rather than being an impuri-
    To answer these hostile accusa-                                                  ty to our Church, the feast of Christ-
tions we must turn our attention to        Rome where the feast of the sun was       mas is an annual reminder of the per-
the calendars of antiquity. These cal-     celebrated in the month of August. It     fection of our Savior as both God and
endars were primarily lunar, and so        was not until the year 274 A.D.           man, unifying His ministry from con-
according to our calendar their sea-       when Emperor Aurelius dedicated a         ception to resurrection. Amen ■
sonal commemorations seem movea-           temple to the sun-god on 25 Decem-
                                           ber, that this day became an official     _____________
ble. Consequently there was no                                                       *Rev. Fr. Irenaeus Cox serves as the Presiding
equivalent date on their calendar for      holiday on the pagan calendar.            Priest at the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox
the winter solstice on 25 December.           Why then do we celebrate Christ-       Church in Saginaw, MI.

                                   St. Romanos the Melodist continued...
(Continued from page 4)         She commanded him to eat        the patriarch, the clergy,     significance of the com-
poorly that another reader      the scroll, and as soon as he   and the entire congregation    mand of the Theotokos for
had to take his place. Some     did so, he awoke. He imme-      were amazed at both the        him to swallow a scroll,
of the lesser clergy ridi-      diately received a blessing     profound theology of the       indicating that his composi-
culed Romanos for this,         from the Patriarch, mounted     hymn and Romanos' clear,       tions were by divine inspi-
and being humiliated he sat     the ambo and chanted ex-        sonorous voice as he sang.     ration.
down in one of the choir        temporaneously his famous       According to tradition, this      Saint Romanos the Melo-
stalls. Overcome by weari-      Kontakion of the Nativity,      was the very first kontakion   dist or the Hymnographer
ness and sorrow, he soon        "Today the Virgin gives         ever sung. The Greek word      is the patron saint of all
fell asleep. As he slept, the   birth to Him Who is above
                                                                "kontakion" (κοντάκιον)        who sing for the Church ■
Theotokos appeared to him       all being…"         refers to the shaft on which
with a scroll in her hand.       The emperor,         a scroll is wound, hence the
     Page 6                                                                                       The Shepherd's Staff

                       Friends of the Metropolis (as of November 30, 2010)
His Eminence                       Pefanis, Jerry and Athena      Boulmetis, Samuel               Heller Family
^Metropolitan Nicholas             Scouras, George                Caneris, Anthony and            Hountalas, Christos
                                   Tassy, Gust and Marion          Antoinette                     Kargilis, Alexander and Mary
Ann Arbor, MI                                                     Carumpalos, Constantine         Kourtakis, George and Audrey
St. Nicholas                       Carmel, IN - Holy Trinity      Galanes, George                 Krear, Elizabeth
St. Nicholas Parish                Holy Trinity Parish            In Memory of Al Jones           Liadis, John
St. Nicholas Philoptochos          Holy Trinity Philoptochos      In Memory of                    Malis, George and Annette
St. Nicholas GOYA                  Gounaris, Fr. Anastasios and    Marion Mavridoglou             Morris, Georgia
Kotsis, Fr. Nicolaos and           Presbytera Maria               Kapourales, Louis               Nuechterlein, Lanny & Andrica
 Presbytera Sandra                 Dickos, Theone                 Moraites, Dena                  Pesaros, Panayotis and Sonia
Paul, Presbytera Eva               Douvis, Harry                  Parsenios, Lewis                Rafaill, Chris and Lynn
Baldwin, James                     Eaton, Joseph and Florie       Perdikakis, Gus                 Shukla, Margarita
Bekiares, Penelope A.              Hershberger, Dawn              Raptis, James                   Stefanakis, George and Terrie
Chiatalas, Louis and Marguerite    Pappas, Vicki                  Zaferes, Patricia               Williams, Katherine
Daniels, Tony and Clevie           Payne, Martha
Fry, Jack D.                                                      Dayton, OH                      Fort Wayne, IN
Grias-Radwanskim Sophia            Chattanooga, TN                Annunciation                    Holy Trinity
Kales, Anthony and Joyce           Annunciation                   Annunciation Philoptochos       Holy Trinity Philoptochos
Kapetan, Michael and               Annunciation Parish            Emroll. Fr. Mark and            Doublas, Gregory
 Karen Munson                      Annunciation Choir              Presbytera Ginny               Gogos, George
Kleanthous, Costas and Sylvia      Annunciation GOYA              Jannides, Michael               Hanewald, Thomas & Smaragtha
Pliakas, Vasilios and Kyriakoula   Ballas, Fr. Stavros and        Sempeles, Leigh                 Katsis, Maria
Raphael, Joan                       Presbytera Thea               Stathopoulos, Alex              Koulianos, Dionisis and Maria
Vlahadamis, Kosta                  Andrews, George                                                Maggos, El and Voula
Yates, Bill and Margaret           Berros, James and Susan        Detroit, MI                     Spirou, Arthur and Mary
                                   Bougdanos, Maria               Annunciation Cathedral          Turner, Christian
Bloomfield Hills, MI               Bouloukos, Dino                Annunciation Philoptochos
St. George                         Campa, Pedro                   Gaggos, George and Anna         Grand Blanc, MI
St. George Parish                  Cornea, Paul and Ana           Gaggos, James and Mary          Assumption
Pathenos, Fr. Nicholas             Dimopoulos, Barbara            Inempolidis, Evelyn             Assumption Parish
Iakovides, Dimitri                 Ellis, George and Betty        Papas, John and Rebecca         Chinonis, John and Linda
                                   Fairbanks, Bobby and Voula                                     Kaloydis, John and Karen
Buffalo, NY                        Fotiadis, Nicky                Elmira, NY                      Politis, George and Rita
Annunciation                       Gulas, Ani                     St. Athanasios
Annunciation Parish                Gulas, Marion                  Greven, Peter and Georgia       Grand Rapids, MI
Annunciation Philoptochos          Gulas, Venetia                 Vardakis, Paul                  Holy Trinity
Annunciation GOYA                  Hopper, Richard and Chrisi                                     Bogdan, Fr. James and
Annunciation Youth Council         Kosmidis, Alex and Cheryl      Farmington Hills, MI             Presbytera Joan
Christakis, Fr. Christos and       Mousourakis, John and Donna    Holy Cross                      Afendoulis, Chris and Phyllis
Presbytera Lisa                    Petros, John and Voula         Holy Cross Parish               Afendoulis, Clark and Katherine
Alethea’s Chocolates               Soufleris, Adam and Nickie     Holy Cross Philoptochos         Christopoulos, Peter and Maria
Blakeslee, Ronald and Maria        Swansbrough, Robert and Mary   Holy Cross GOYA                 Georgeson, Menas and Fronsene
Cervi, Vassilia                    Tingirou, Eleni                Hountalas, Fr. Dean and         Gray, Mark and Alexis
Danakas, George T.                 Trohanis, Jean                 Presbytera Olga                 Kalyvas, Tim and Lina
Gikas, Sam                         Zotos, Alex and Jennifer       Alexander, Milton and Helen     Koukios, Constantine
Kalambukas, Andrew and                                            Barr, Anthony                   Monoyios, Terry
Coleen                             Cincinnati, OH                 Blough, Michael and Catherine   Neil, Chad Dimopolous
King’s Court, Inc.                 Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas      Boudouris, Tino and Mary Jo     Nicholas, Jim and Georgia
Kouvoutsakis, Paul and Donna       HTSN Philoptochos              Casoglos, Thomas and Mary       Sarafis, Elizabeth
Kuvshinoff, Boris and Barbara      Apostolides, Vasso             Collias, Rosemary               Schel, Connie
Pavlakis, Peter and Elizabeth      Assaley, Lewis and Patricia    Fekaris, Steve and Bettie       Sellas, Deno
   Volume II, Issue 6                                                          Christmas 2010                     Page 7

                         Friends of the Metropolis (as of November 30, 2010)
Zarafonetis, Stratton          Panagia Pantovasilissa           Philoptochos                     Botsaris, Chris
                               Panagia Pantovasilissa Parish                                     Carden, Kathryn
Hot Springs, AR                Hostetter, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas   Muskegon, MI                     Demetry, Willodene
Zoodochos Peghe                Kiriacopoulos, Ken and Kate      Annunciation                     Duncan, Angelia
Delfos, Fr. Pierre and         Pandaru, Andronica               Annunciation Parish              Harman, Todd and Dawn
Presbytera Harriet                                              Annunciation Philoptochos        Kirk, Benedict
Fotioo, Peter                  Little Rock, AR                  Mot, Fr. Catalin and             Lamberson, Lambert and Helen
McCrary, Stella                Annunciation                      Presbytera Felicia              Mooney, Sonny
                               Annunciation GOYA                Yankopoulos, Presbytera Ann      Rogers, Helen and
Indianapolis, IN               Verdaris, Fr. Nicholas and       Achterhoff, Christina            Lawrence Kamm
Holy Apostles                   Presbytera Maria                Afendoulis, Alexander            Taras, Nick and Donna
Holy Apostles Parish           Alley, Sam and Janet             Afendoulis, Magdalene
Karozos, Gus                   Roy, Frederick                   Afendulis, James                 Nashville, TN - St. John
Stevens, Georgia               Sargent, David and Eva           Afendulis, Phyllis G.            Chrysostom Mission
                               Tyler, Gordon and Martha         Afendulis, Theodore              Turner, Fr. Parthenios and
Ithaca, NY - St. Catherine     Verdaris, John and Marlene       Anton, Ted and Francine          Presbytera Marion
Bantuvanis, George and Ann     Vratsinas, Gus and Irene         Baker, Georgia                   Demmas, Constance
Bezirganian, John                                               Baldas, Voula                    Marchetti, John and Linda
Stratakos - In Memory of Fr.   Louisville, KY                   Bati, John                       Wagner, Charles and Edith
Efstathios Metallinos          Assumption                       Bouth, Mike                      Williams, Heath
                               Wingenbach, Fr. Gregory          Clark, Ken and Nicci
Jamestown, NY                  Adams, Sam and Thelma            Danigelis, George                New Buffalo, MI
St. Nicholas                   Geromes, Nancy                   Davros, Nickolas J. and Family   Annunciation/St.Paraskevi
Zervos, Fr. James and          Vonallmen, Penny                 Douville, Farrell and Mary       Martin, Fr. Paul and
 Presbytera Anne                                                Dreleozis, George                Presbytera Nikki
                               Memphis, TN                      Encelewski, Christine D.         Anton, Gust
Lansing, MI                    Annunciation                     Hoopes, Kenneth and Maria        Govatos, Patsy
Holy Trinity                   Annunciation Philoptochos        Karis, Othon and Kristi          Hahn, Herbert and Elizabeth
Holy Trinity Parish            Order of Ahepa - Memphis         Ladas, Paul and Patricia         Polymeris, Spiros and Donna
Holy Trinity Philoptochos      Christy, Fr. Paul and            Lutz, Helen Innis
Sietsema, Fr. Mark and          Presbytera Mary                 McNutt, Angela C.                Plymouth, MI
 Presbytera Katherine          Anaston, Zoe                     Micheil, Rich and Teresa         Nativity of the Virgin Mary
Brown, Alex and Mary           Buring, Jacob and Michele        Nace, Doru                       Nativity of the Virgin Mary
Colovos, Nicholas              Farrell, Richard and Linda       Oravitan, Ionut                   Parish
Economy, George and Stella     Gallagher, Evangelia             Pallas, Tom                      Govostes, Fr. Sean and
Gavrilides Management          Graves, William and Renee        Paris, John and Patricia          Presbytera Pamela
Heos, Pamela                   Grayes, Theodore                 Peliotes, Gust and Ethel         Sarelis, Fr. Charles and
Joseph, Yvonne                 Meng, James and Susan            Riekse, Max and Nelly             Presbytera Angela
Malvetis, Anastasios           Morrison, Robert and Kathryn     Roldan, Martha                   Estate of Fr. Efstathios
Morrow, Heather and Family     Obradovic, Milan                 Soimar, Michael and Corina       Metallinos
Pascalenos, Olga               Poplos, Theodore and             Stathas, Nick and Rita           Bazakis, James and Maria
Perentesis, Stephanie           Stephanie Storgion                                               Demetriou, Cleo
Pogoncheff, Carl               Semos, Vasili and Liane          Nashville, TN                    Kheir, Angela
Pridnia, David and Liana       Sinis, Harry and Magda           Holy Trinity                     Zervos, George and Lisa
Skorich, Dan and Cathy         Taras, Dimitri and               Hohnholt, Fr. Gregory and
Smith, Richard L.               Mary Katherine                   Presbytera Sofia                Rochester, NY
Sweeney, Evie Zois             Taras, Kosta and Loretta         Vaporis, Fr. George and          Annunciation
Vlahakis, Louis and Mary                                         Presbytera Kalliopi             Gines, George Family
Zachos, Terri                  Middletown, OH                   Sfikas, Presbytera Stella        Markakis, Kathryn
                               Sts. Constantine and Helen       Andrews, Chris and Julia         Stefanou, Gus and Florence
Lexington, KY                  Sts. Constantine and Helen       Billo, John and Jennie
       Page 8                                                                                     The Shepherd's Staff

                          Friends of the Metropolis (as of November 30, 2010)

(Continued from page 7)         Springfield, OH                  Panarites, William and Kaliope   Yanoulaki, Peter
Rochester, NY                   Assumption                       Theodore, Dorothea
Holy Spirit                     Assumption Parish                Theodore, Eleanor                Vestal, NY – Annunciation
Holy Spirit Philoptochos                                                                          Annunciation Parish
Cowles, Fr. Patrick and         St. Clair Shores, MI             Toledo, OH                       Bahlatzis, Fr. Michael and
 Presbytera Mary                Assumption                       Holy Trinity Cathedral            Presbytera Kimberly
Chilas, Diane                   Varlamos, Fr. Michael and        Damaskos, Fr.Aristotle and       Michalopulos, Presbytera
Gesell, Melody                   Presbytera Tina                  Presbytera Debbie                Magdalena
Ginis, Panos                    Bournias, James and Evangeline   Anagnos, Joyce                   Abdo, Moufid and Anita
Kouides, Peter and Ruth         Campbell, Delphine               Ballas, Constantine              Bahlatzis, Danny and Gail
Sexton, Katherine L.            Christopher, John and Alethea    Melonakos, Anthony and Paula     Demetry, Helen
                                Gaggos, George and Anna          Proestou, Maria                  Gianakouros, Dino and Mary
Saginaw, MI                     Genematas, Toula                 Sieben, Paul                     Gianakouros, Harry
St. Demetrios                   Gianoplos, Georgia                                                Griswold, Richard and Hrisanthi
St. Demetrios Philoptochos      Giftos, James and Patricia       Traverse City, MI                Ivan, James and Lynda
Cox, Fr. Irenaeus and           Gust, George and Georgiana       Archangel Gabriel                Karedes, Louis
 Presbytera Alexandra           Harlaftis, Panagiotis            Olechnowicz, Fr. Iakovos and     Laskaris, Joseph
Ahejew, Petro and Samdra        Niforos, Theodore and Anna       Presbytera Joleen                Markatos, Nicholas
Bazakis, Andrew and Ann         Pangalos, Despo                  Ealy, Ray and Martha             Meagher, CeCelia
Caldwell, Larry and Peggy       Petrouleas, George               Kaly, Anthony and Barbara        Skiadas, Ernest
Kookootsedes, Gust and Mary     Phillips, Peter and Toula        Olechnowicz, Rebekah             Summerlee, James
Ostler, Dennis and Soula        Ribble, Effie                    Psaros, John and Donna           Stoenescu, Caterina
                                Samaras, Robert and Marietta     Underwood, Robert & Theresa      Tzivanis, Thomas and Florence
Sault Ste. Marie, MI            Vlahantones, Louis
                                                                                                  Watertown, NY
St. George                      Yanoulaki, Katherine            Troy, MI
                                                                                                  St. Vasilios
Gianakura, Peter and Georgia                                    St. Nicholas
                                                                                                  St. Vasilios Parish
                                Sterling Heights, MI            St. Nicholas Parish
Southgate, MI - St. George      St. John                        St. Nicholas Philoptochos         Westland, MI
St. George Philoptochos         St. John Parish                 Dorozenski, Fr. Stratton and      Sts. Constantine & Helen
Karamanos, Fr. Philemon and     St. John Choir                   Presbytera Denise                Sts. Constantine and Helen
 Presbytera Helen               St. John GOYA                   Asher, Mike and Joyce              Parish
Anonymous                       Kyritses, Fr. Nicholas          Athans, John and Aristea          Sts. Constantine and Helen
Bass, John and Panagiota        Burdalas, Peter and Chrisy      Carson, James and Paula           Choir
Constantakis, Clarence          Karamanos, Peter and Mary       Crosson, Patrick and Cindy        Balaskas, Dorthe
Cranford, Joanne                Kotsis, Andrew and Itene        Deligianis, Leo                   Charalambopoulos, Elaine
Galanis, Sam                    Kotsis, Harry and Katherine     Deligianis, William               Chuey, Mark and Jean
Karamanos, Peter and Mary       Lazaris Peter                   Demery, Beck                      Kasotakis, Paul and Nanette
Kircos, Angelo and Sophia       Lionas, James and Helene        Feles, Gust and Anne              Katsarelas, Sophie
Kircos, John and Violet         Salonikas Georgios and Nicoleta Feles, Paul                       Skouberdis, John
Kircos, Louis and Paula         Spyros and Katina Patouhas      Hourdakis, Andreas                Stavropoulos, Gus and Maria
Kontos, Chris and Francis       Souris, Bernice                 Korstanje, Ingmar and Marlo       Stavropoulos, Peter and Marie
Kontos, John and Marika         Tangalos, Philip and Alexandra Lafter, Mary
Kozaitis, Mina                  Tangalos, Theodore and Mary     Lavrakas, John and Catherine      Other Friends
Minton, Barbara                                                 Liakonis, Chris and Labrini       Ahepa – Chapter #374
Minton, Charles                 Syracuse, NY                    Papp, Gregory and Martha          Northville, MI
Minton, Nicholas                St. Sophia                      Pervolarakis, Calliope            Ban, Alice
Nanos, Vasiliki                 St. Sophia Parish               Simon, Basil and Evey             Bartz, Fr. Bill and Presbytera
Papalas, Mary                   Smith, Fr. David and            Smith, William                    Emily, Dumfries, VA
Pappas, Barbara                  Presbytera Donna               Spounias, Christopher and Maria   Bartz, Presbytera Zafera
Tassis, James                   Anagnost, Basil                 Tsiatalas, George                 Metropolis of Detroit
                                Nicholas, James                 Xydas, Spiros                     Philoptochos ■
  Volume II, Issue 6                                                         Christmas 2010                     Page 9

                                                  Metropolis News

               The Importance of the Greek Language and Culture Schools
By Kathryn Z. Kittides, Ed.D                American Education/Culture. Dr.            Students/Texts/Materials - with Par-

                                            Gus Demas, Dr. Kathryn Z. Kitti-           ents, Church Hierarchy, Community,
            he Greek Language and           des, as Education Co-directors, assist-    Marketing/PR efforts;
            Culture, as foundations of      ed by Teacher Elli Patouhas, devel-             •FUTURE PLANS for 2011 to be
            Western Culture and Civi-       oped programs and materials from           developed by Dr. Demas and Dr. Kit-
            lization, verify the institu-   1999 to 2010; they include:                tides include:
tions important for Democratic socie-            •Creation of an in depth Greek             •To develop Technology/
ties; illuminate the English Language       Language/Culture Book; Preschool-          Professional Development Seminars
and academic curricula; improve stu-        Grade 8 Greek Language/Culture             for Greek Language/Culture Teach-
dent learning potential across disci-       Curriculum;                                ers;
plines; and transmit the Holy Words              •Comprehensive Teacher Surveys             •To link with High Schools/
and Rituals of the Greek Orthodox           to address: Teacher Background/            Universities for Greek School Students
Church. It is important for the Greek       Interests/Needs/Education; Teaching        to receive High School/University
Language and Culture to be fully val-       Methods; Texts/Materials; Student          credit;
ued and preserved so that their historic    Needs; School Structure Harmoniza-              •To develop with a University -
achievements will be learned and car-       tion; Community/Marketing Involve-         the Master of Arts in Teaching-MAT-
ried by the Youth, who will contribute      ment                                       Degree program for Teachers of
the beauty and wisdom of Greek Lan-              •University-level Professional        Greek who have a Bachelor of Arts/
guage and Culture to the World and          Development Seminars included: His-        Science/Education Degree, pass the
American Culture.                           tory of Language/Learning; Teaching/       University Greek Proficiency Test,
     Metropolitan Nicholas called upon      Learning Methods; Classroom Texts          complete the target Education Courses
the Greek Educational Community to          and Materials; Teacher Presentations/      for the degree, and acquire the Michi-
develop a Committee to address the          Classroom Methods; Educational Op-         gan Teacher Certification in Greek
structure and needs of the Greek            portunities.                               Language for the Public Schools of
Schools, Teachers and Students. This             •Meetings and Updates for ongo-       Michigan ■
was established by Father Varlamos to       ing plans to address all elements of the
address specific aspects of Greek-          Greek School Structure for Teachers,

                                                                        Pillows to Help Flood Victims

                                                                          The Greek Orthodox communities of the
                                                                          Holy Trinity and St. John Chrysostom of
                                                                          Nashville, TN collected more than 150
                                                                          pillows that were donated through the
                                                                          Catholic Charities Flood Relief Center in
                                                                          Bellevue, TN to the local flood victims.
                                                                          Fr. Gregory Hohnholt and Presbytera So-
                                                                          fia, Donna Bacon, Nashville Philoptochos
                                                                          President and Russell Massey from the
                                                                          Catholic Charities were pictured in an arti-
                                                                          cle appeared in the local newspaper the
                                                                          Tennessean ■
                                            The Shepherd's Staff

                                                                     Friends of the Metropolis

                                                 What Does Friends of the Metropolis Support?
                                 General: Fully fund the expenses of the Metrop- Outreach/Missions: Create opportunities to
                                 olis offices, programs and travels.               introduce our faith to society, participate in inter
                                                                                   -Christian and inter-faith activities as well as
                                 Education: Enhance scholarships and adult ed- provide quick responses to national disasters.
2560 Crooks Road                 ucation programs, as well as support the Me-
                                                                                   Hellenism: Develop programs for Hellenic Cul-
 Troy, MI 48084                  tropolis students at Hellenic College/Holy Cross.
                                                                                   tural Outreach, including language, history and
 Phone: (248) 823-2400           Support: Develop and provide educational and
   Fax: (248) 823-2401           instructional seminars and services to clergy and Leadership: Organize Metropolis Clergy-Laity        parishes.                                         Conferences, Oratorical Festivals, Christmas
                                                                                   Pageants and Adult Education Programs.
                                 Youth: Maintain and support the youth office
                                                                                   Special Programs: Website development, hos-
                                 and activities of a full-time Youth and Young
                                                                                   pitality to visiting dignitaries and guests, Charity
                                 Adult Ministries Director.
                                                                                   and Philanthropy.

The Shepherd’s Staff                                            Dear Friends of the Metropolis:
                                 Dear Friends of the Metropolis:                    program, ministries and programs are implement-
           Editor:                                                                  ed on a Metropolis-wide basis which strengthen
                                 God has called us to do mighty deeds for the glory
     Alex Radulescu                                                                 and enhance our faith and our joint ministry of
                                 of His name and for the love of His people.
 Phone: (248) 823-2414                                                              service.
         E-mail:                 You are called upon to join in this reality of “faith If you have not yet become part of the Metropolis-       working through love” as we continue to manifest wide effort, I would like to invite you to join forces
                                 the love of God for His Church and His people.        with the faithful throughout our Metropolis in sup-
     To subscribe to the                                                               port of the ministries which are part of the Office
 Shepherd’s Staff e-mail list,   When you support the Friends of the Metropolis
                                                                                       of the Metropolitan.
 please send us an e-mail at     campaign, you are part of a greater outreach that       proclaims with one universal voice that God is truly Thanking you for your kind and generous response,
                                 our hope and our rock of salvation.                   I remain, with paternal blessing and prayers,
  typing in the subject line:
NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE             Because of your devotion and help to the Friends
                                                                                       Metropolitan Of Detroit

                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                           I am pleased to support the work of Metropolitan Nicholas and the        Send this card in an envelope to:
                                                                                                                    The Metropolis of Detroit
                                           Metropolis through the Annual Metropolis Stewardship “Friends” Program   2560 Crooks Road, Troy, MI 48084

                                     $25               $50               $100              $250              $500           $1000          Other

                                 Name__________________________________Parish Affiliation:______________________
                                 Phone _______________________________Email_________________________________

                                     Check Enclosed (payable to the Metropolis of Detroit)
     St. Nicholas
        December 6                   Please Charge My Credit Card                        Visa            MasterCard
                                  Account # ___________________Exp.__________Signature_______________Date__________

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