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					                        Leadership Team Application
                               April 2008 – April 2009
                                     Due March 4, 2007

BCM Leadership Team Members Are To Be:
Committed to grow in personal walk with Jesus Christ – Colossians 2:6-7
Available for the Lord’s use in Ministry – Joshua 1:5-9
Committed to personal evangelism – Psalm 67:1-2, 1Peter 3:15
Supportive of the entire BCM program – Romans 12:10, Philippians 2:14
Supportive of the BCM leadership – Hebrews 13:17

Student Qualifications:
Born Again Christian
Student enrolled at UF or SFCC
Active participation in the local church

Regularly scheduled leadership meetings
Involvement with BCM activities
Leadership Planning Day: April 24, 2008
Student Week at Ridgecrest: August 2-7, 2008
State Collegiate Conference: Feb. 2009
                                 Brief Job Descriptions
Executive Team Descriptions

President: To provide spiritual leadership for the BCM and Leadership Team. Preside at team
meetings and stay in close communication with team members. Lead in calendar planning and
evaluation of ministry. Coordinate total programs and work closely with the director in carrying out
BCM activities. Handle any needs with the University that are required.

Vice President: Be responsible for taking minutes at weekly meetings and typing them for the
Leadership Team. Contact team members for any changes in meeting times. Design and
distribute BCM calendars for the Leadership Team each semester. Work closely with the
President in support of overall BCM ministry.

Treasurer: Assist President in club status, SG budget; detailed planning needed.

Gator Team Leader: Coordinate all aspects of the GATOR program (welcome / follow-up,
speakers, music, drama, technology, promotions, etc.). Work with BCM Director in developing
innovative ideas and topics for GATOR.

Outreach Team Leader: Give overall leadership to outreach team. Work closely with team
members in planning, implementation, and evaluation of their specific ministries.

Ministries Team Leader: Give overall leadership of ministries team. Work closely with team
members in planning, implementation, and evaluation of their specific ministries.

Freshmen Team Leader: Develop programs for freshmen such as Freshmen Bash, Fish Schools,
Freshmen Fridays, and the Freshmen Retreat. Coordinate tables at all previews in conjunction
with the Promotions Team. Work closely with Fish School Leaders.

Gator Team Descriptions

Multimedia Team: Coordinate the sound, lights, and computer systems for GATOR, practice, and
other BCM events. Maintain equipment and resolve any technical issues that occur. Coordinate
with the Gator Team Leader about the GATOR schedule each week. Work with promotions team
is developing flyers, website designs, e-mails, videos, and other multimedia formats.

Praise Band: Lead worship at GATOR. Attend scheduled practices. Come up with innovative
ideas for GATOR and work closely with the Gator and Multimedia Team Leaders. Be willing to
lead worship in church services, youth nights, etc. when the opportunity arises.

Promotions Team: Coordinate writing, distribution, and printing of all publications, flyers, and
promotional items at a professional level. This includes items such as T-shirts, videos, flyers for
first week’s activities, general information flyers, and posters at the BCM. Distribution includes
tables, campus mailboxes, and campus boards. Work with the Multimedia Team in updating the
BCM website with upcoming events and information.

Drama Team: Develop dramas / skits for GATOR that deal with the topic for that night or with an
upcoming event. Attend scheduled practices. Coordinate with the Gator and Promotions Team

Welcome / Follow-Up: Greeters to welcome students and guests for GATOR and other BCM
functions. Write letters, make phone calls, and email guests that attend GATOR and other BCM
Outreach Team Descriptions

Fellowships: Lead in planning and conducting fellowship activities throughout the year.
Fellowships includes activities such as first week activities, spring formal, etc.

Intramurals: Enlist students for intramural sports teams. Recruit coaches for teams. Enlist non-
believers through REC sports and friends of BCM students as a means of outreach. Keep
Christian witness before our teams and other teams while playing.

Missions: Develop and execute off-campus mission projects throughout the year. Encourage
students to participate in summer missions and local churches’ mission trips. Lead fundraising for
summer Missions such as Penny Wars and Beard-A-Thon.

Evangelism: Develop and promote evangelistic events. Coordinate evangelism training for
students. Schedule service activities within the community.

Later Growl: Responsible for homecoming week activities focusing on personal evangelism.
Organize the Later Growl activities at the BCM such as live bands and food to draw in non-
believers. Enlist other team members to assist in the different areas of the event.

Disciple Now: Work with area churches in providing them with student leaders.

Ministries Team Descriptions

Prayer: Develop a prayer ministry at the BCM. Prayer ministry includes prayer walking, prayer
groups, etc.

Fish School Leader: Lead freshmen Bible Studies. Coordinate with Freshman Team Leaders;
plan and attend freshmen events.

Men’s Ministries Team: Give leadership to men’s ministries. Work closely with team members in
planning and leading men’s fellowships and retreats. Lead a Bible Study for men during the

Women’s Ministries Team: Give leadership to women’s ministries. Work closely with team
members in planning and leading women’s fellowships and retreats. Lead a Bible Study for
women during the semester.

Transfer Student Ministry: Provide activities and Bible Studies specifically for transfer students.
                       Leadership Team Application
                                        General Information

Date of Birth:                                      Email:

Current Year:    Fr   So     Jr    Sr      Grad     Major:

                                         Local Information

City:                             State:          ZIP:              Phone: (   )

                                        Home Information

City:                             State:          ZIP:              Phone: (   )

                                         Other Information
Local Church Attending:

Any Previous Or Current Leadership Experience (Church, School, BCM, Etc):

Sports, Clubs, Hobbies, Professional Clubs:
The following is a list of areas of service within the BCM. Please choose three (3) areas in which
you would be interested in serving. Number them in order of preference. (1=most interested). If
there are any areas in which you would not like to serve, mark them with XX. Several positions
below may have more than one person for the same position.

              Gator                             Outreach                          Ministries

____ Gator Team Leader                ____ Outreach Team Leader        ____ Ministries Team Leader

____ Multimedia Team                  ____ Fellowships Leader          ____ Freshmen Leader

____ Praise Band Leader               ____ Fellowships                 ____ Freshmen Team

____ Promotions Team                  ____ Intramurals                 ____ Men’s Leader

____ Drama Leader                     ____ Missions                    ____ Men’s Team

____ Drama Team                       ____ Evangelism                  ____ Women’s Leader

____ Welcome / Follow-Up              ____ Disciple Now                ____ Women’s Team

____ Other                            ____ Later Growl                 ____ Prayer Team

                                      ____ Other                       ____ Transfer Student Ministry

                                                                       ____ Other

Are you interested in a special ministry not listed above? If so, what ministry would you create?

The Leadership Team is a team of servants. Sacrifices are made in both time and energy. A
person must be sure that he or she knows that it is part of God’s plan to serve because of the
time and energy commitments that are expected. We are excited that God has called you to
serve with us.

I understand the commitments expected of me, and I make a covenant with my fellow team
members to be faithful to the Lord, to live a life in pursuit of God’s desires, and fulfilling my
position to the best of my ability.

Signature                                                                          Date

_________________________________________________________                          ______________

Jun Wang Jun Wang Dr
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