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Hand in Homework Thursday 21 February

Melissa McDonald has just started a new job as an Assistant Programmer.
Her boss Geoffrey is quizzing her on different aspects of programming.

1. What is the only language that a computer understands?

2. What is the name of the language that we write all of our programs in?
(This language is English like)

3. Geoffrey has recently developed a program that is used to calculate
the wages of employees.

The main steps of the program can be seen below

1.   Get weekly hours worked
2.   Get pay per hour
3.   Calculate weekly wage
4.   Display weekly wage

(a) What is the name of the design notation above?

(b) Write the line of code that could be used to declare a variable to
store the hours worked (Give the variable a sensible name)

(c) Step 1 has been refined as follows

1.1 Do while weeklyhours < 1 or weeklyhours > 60
1.2 Display error message
1.3 Get weekly hours
1.4 End loop

What type of standard algorithm is this?

(d) What type of loop is represented in this refinement?
(e) Geoffrey uses the following data to test the program .

1     21    25     34    60     75

Suggest 2 numbers he should use to carry out exceptional tests

(f) What is an extreme test?

4. Geoffrey followed the software development process when creating
this program

(a) Give the 7 main steps in the software development process

(b) What is the document called that is produced at the Analysis stage?

(c) Give 2 pieces of documentation that are produced at the
Documentation stage

(d) Geoffrey asks Melissa about the 3 types of Maintenance that can be
carried out on a program. Describe these different types of Maintenance

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