AASA Seattle Summit- Leadership for the Future

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					       AASA Seattle Summit- Leadership for the Future
                                                 July 16-19, 2009
                                         Hyatt at Olive 8 - Seattle, Wash.
                 Register on the web at www.aasa.org or fax this form to AASA at 703-841-1543.
Registration Information:                                                  AASA GRADUATE STUDENT /
______________      Mr.     Mrs.     Ms.     Dr.    Other                      PROFESSOR RATE
AASA ID Number

_______________________________________ ______________
First Name                              M.I.                             Special Graduate Student /                       $249.00 = __________
______________________________________________________                Professor Rate
Last Name

Name for Badge (First)


______________________________________________________                Guest Registration and Optional Ticketed Events:
School District or Institution

______________________________________________________                   Guest/Spouse Registration:                          $159.00 = __________
                                                                      Name __________________________________________________
_____________________________ ________ ______________
City                          State    Zip Code                       Tour tickets are available to paid registrants only.
________________________ ____________________________
                                                                         Boeing Tour: Fri. 1:00- 4:30 PM (1 ticket max.) = __________
Phone                    Fax
                                                                         Are you a US Citizen? Yes     No
E-mail Address                                                           Microsoft Tour: Fri. 1:00- 4:30 PM (1 ticket max.) = ________

Accommodations:                                                       Payment Information:
Hyatt at Olive 8
1635 8th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101                                         Add $25 PO processing fee if applicable = _________________
Group Rate: $179 Single, Double Occupancy                             * PO fees will not be refunded for cancellations.
Reservation Phone Number: (206) 695 1234
Be sure to mention "AASA or American Association of School            PO # ______________ enclosed.
Administrators" to receive the AASA discounted rate.                                                                       Total = _______________
                                                                      Charge above total to:
Reservation Deadline: Sunday, June 16, 2009 – Please be sure
                                                                         Visa       Discover Card         MasterCard         American Express
to secure your housing accommodations quickly. Reservations
are based on availability after June 16.                              Credit Card # ________________________________________

AASA address: 801 N. Quincy St. Suite700, Arlington, VA               Exp. Date ____________
22203 Phone: (703) 875-0765, Email: jsmat@aasa.org
                                                                      Name on Credit Card __________________________________
AASA Cancellation Policy: All registration cancellations must         Cardholder’s Signature: ________________________________
be received in writing no later than July1, 2009 for a refund. A
$75 processing fee applies to all cancellations. No refunds will be
provided after July1, 2009.

Meeting Cancellation Policy: AASA reserves the right to
cancel the meeting at any time due to low enrollment. Should
AASA be required to cancel this event, AASA will inform all
registrants in writing and will reimburse registration fees within
60 days. NOTE: AASA will not be responsible for refunds of
travel costs incurred. (Meeting Code: SLI09)