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									                          Health care Reform: Pain or gain for Employers?

                                 January 25, Tuesday 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

Why Should You Attend:

The Affordable care Act has had an immediate impact on all sizes of employers. There are five major points that
employers must keep in mind: The tax credit, the “grandfathered” plan decision; the insurance product reform; ex-
changes; and the "play or pay" mandates. Also, employers must understand the term “FTE”.

Attend this webinar to learn what FTE means and why it is important in determining "your obligations". In depth analysis
of the tax credit and its impact on certain employers will be discussed. In addition, the factors for employers to con-
sider in deciding whether to maintain “grandfathered” plan. The seminar will provide focus on the insurance product
reforms and the so called “patient bill of rights" that have been passed. Finally, the creation of health care insurance
exchanges and the interplay between these exchanges and employer coverage mandates will be thoroughly ex-

Date: January 25, Tuesday 2010
Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 75 Min
Instructor: Scott Silverman
Location: Your office or conference room (no need to travel!)

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                                                                                                          Scott Silverman

Learning Objectives:

•    Categories of Employers under Health Care Reform
•    Impact of Health Care Reform on Each Category
•    Steps to take now to stay current and to be ready for upcoming implementation dates

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

•    Healthcare Tax Credit.
•    “Grandfathered” Plan.
•    Insurance Product Reform.
•    “Patient Bill of Rights”.
•     Shop Exchanges
•     Employer Mandates
  Who Will Benefit:

  •    Clinical Nurses
  •    Case Managers
  •    CEOs
  •    CFOs
  •    Billing Personnel
  •    Clinical Documentation Specialists
  •    Skilled Nursing Administrators
  •    Rehabilitation Directors
  •    Coders
  •    Compliance Officers
  •    Medical Directors
  •    Medical Providers
  •    Office Nurses
  •    Risk Managers
  •    Physicians
  •    Registered Nurses
  •    Quality Management Professionals
  •    Safety Officers

  Instructor Profile:
                 Scott Silverman has counseled management in all aspects of labor and employment for over 15 years. Scott's broad
                 range of experience includes representation of employers in administrative proceedings, federal and state court
                 litigation, and arbitrations. Although he has handled a range of labor and employment issues in his career, Scott's
                 practice has emphasized labor management relations, employment discrimination, non-compete/trade secret, wage
                 and hour, and workers' compensation retaliation claims. As a complement to his litigation practice, Scott advises
                 employers on day-to-day employment issues and drafts manuals and contracts for his clients. Scott frequently lectures
                 and publishes articles on current developments in labor and employment law.

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