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									                                              Bear Facts                                              May 7, 2009
                   Upcoming Events!
        5/8    Kindergarten Field Trip to Deanna Rose                                        5th & 6th Grade FUN!
               Children’s Farmstead                                       Join FUN activity afternoon on Wednesday, May 13 from 3:45 to
                4PM Site Council Meeting                          4:30 in Mrs. Abbott's room in the high school. We will meet at the front
                                                                  door of the elementary school and walk down together. Mrs. Abbott's
        5/11    7PM Board of Education Meeting                    students have activities planned. Parents MUST RSVP by calling Vicki
               PM VIP Field Trip to Oskaloosa Library             Scales at 785-393-9031 or 863-2414. Parents must pick their child up
               Kindergarten / 1st & 2nd Field Day                 at school at 4:30.
        5/12   3rd & 4th grades Field Day                                                   Come and have fun!!!!
        5/14   5th grade Dare Festival
               6:30PM-7:30PM OES Art Show                                                    First Grade Field Trip
                                                                         The First Graders will be visiting the Topeka Zoo on May 15th.
        5/15   AM VIP Field Trip to Oskaloosa Library
                                                                  They will be arriving at 10:00 am and will tour the zoo. Then they will be
               5th grade Field Day
                                                                  having a sack lunch picnic in Gage Park right across the street from the
               6th grade Field Trip to K.C. Zoo
                                                                  zoo. At 1:00 they will be attending a class on “Animals Around the
               1st grade Field Trip to Topeka Zoo
                                                                  World”. The cost for the field trip is $4.25 for kids and $5.00 for adults.
        5/18   EC PreSchool Field Trip to Oskaloosa
               Library and Park                                                               Library Books?.....
        5/19    3PM 5th grade Dare Graduation in MPR                                          Picture Money?.....
        5/25   Memorial Day - No School                                                       Lunch Money?.....
                                                                           Please remember that all accounts must be settled before the
        5/27   Last day of school for Kindergarten, EC            last day of school. Report cards, which include next year's class
               & VIP                                              placement, will be held until items are returned or paid for. (Check
               2PM Kindergarten Graduation                        those backpacks for low lunch money notices!!!)
        5/28    Last Day of School - End of 4th Quarter
                                                                                              Kindergarten Field Trip
                                                                            The Kindergarten classes are going on a field trip to the
                      THRILLING THURSDAY                          Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park on Friday, May 8,
          The following students moved up a club in               2009. Students will take a tour of the Farmstead which includes a
Accelerated Reader this week.                                     petting zoo, wagon ride, viewing of the garden area and mining for
                                                                  beautiful gems. The PTO is graciously sponsoring this field trip so
Jenna Pfau and Harlee Crossett entered the 50 point
                                                                  there is no cost to the students. A big thank you to the PTO. We
club!                                                             appreciate all you do.
Katelin Riggs and Jo Blevins went into the 100 point
club!                                                                                      A Celebration of the Arts
                                                                           Come join us on May 14th from 6:30-7:30 to view the spectacular
Scott Coates and Austin Coughlin moved into the 200
                                                                  artwork that has been created by the VIP through 8th grade students at
point club!                                                       Oskaloosa Elementary and Junior High. The Celebration of the Arts will
Byron Anderson zoomed into the 300 point club!                    be in the Elementary gym. Mrs. Wilson has also invited some guest
Christine Malsbury shuffled into the 400 point club!              artists to show their work. These artists will be present to showcase
Bree Brooks and Ben Harvey smashed into the 500                   their work and talk about the production of their form of art. Please
                                                                  come celebrate with us and show your support of the arts!
point club! Bree and Ben will be added to the plaque near
                                                                  (Refreshments will be served, thanks to the wonderful support of our
the office. Be sure to check it out!                              PTO!)
Jonah Sargent rammed into the 700 point club! Wow!
Brandon Wampler rushed into the 800 point club!                                              Artwork Needed!!
Amazing!                                                                  We are needing student artwork for next year's District Calendar.
Congratulations to these readers! Only three more                 Artwork should be a clear, black and white drawing, that can be easily
thrilling Thursdays left!                                         reproduced. Please submit your artwork to Mrs. Heard as soon as


                  May 11                   May 12               May 13            May 14              May 15
                  Ham Patty & Cinn Biscuit Gogurt & Muffin      Breakfast Pizza   French Toast &      Biscuits & Gravy
                  Chicken Strips &         Tacos with Rice &    Breaded Pollock & Bacon               Pizza & Salad
                  Mashed Potatoes          Beans                Potato Wedges     Beef Patty & Mashed

                                              It’s Great to be a Bear!

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